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Published: 5 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 5 months ago

1, 949, 176 views

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Fuck the ocean... just fuck the ocean so hard... it's so damn scary...
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'Markiplier' 5 months ago
Every single "giveaway" is a scam. Don't click links in the comments. This is what a real comment from me looks like. GIVEAWAYS ARE FAKE AND DUMB AND SO AM I <--- that's how you know it's really me!
Jack Norton
'Jack Norton' 2 days ago
I lost my seamoth to this wall breach glitch
Sitano Moto
'Sitano Moto' 2 days ago
"Bumblebutt, BUMBLEBUTT!!! BUMBLEBUTT! BuMbLeBUtT!!!!! BUMBLYBUTT!!!" I'm practically peeing myself!!! XD
Eraser PlayZ
'Eraser PlayZ' 3 days ago
Eraser PlayZ
'Eraser PlayZ' 3 days ago
Make a cyclops
T Bryan
'T Bryan' 7 days ago
I feel like resent updates have made the warpers WAY MORE active
Marco Terni
'Marco Terni' 1 week ago
did he say bengazi for what to expose Hillary trump supporter yayyy
Elly K.
'Elly K.' 1 week ago
13:12 PDA (dunno if he got it in a future episode or not since I'm catching up on this series). Anyway, I probably would've gotten myself killed following the trail of whatever left that impression in the sand/ground. xD
Adi Wadi
'Adi Wadi' 1 week ago
Mark should stab a warper one day
Adi Wadi
'Adi Wadi' 1 week ago
Who else noticed the pda in the wreck that mark missed
Reaper Gt500
'Reaper Gt500' 2 weeks ago
Yes. Yes you are an idiot, and we all love you very much for it... :D
Super CayCay
'Super CayCay' 2 weeks ago
David Hanford
'David Hanford' 2 weeks ago
mark at 5:56 you found a squid crab
David Hanford
'David Hanford' 2 weeks ago
mark there is a squid crab in there
The Gaming Kid
'The Gaming Kid' 2 weeks ago
in a life pod there's a doll of u I think it's life pod 17 u can't pick it up but scan it and u can build it
'Ray' 2 weeks ago
"This particular wreck is the best wreck I've ever found" -my friend referencing me
DJ-Mystique RER
'DJ-Mystique RER' 3 weeks ago
OMFG I cant catch my damn breath from laughing... omfg you are HILARIOUS.... LOVE watching you play these games....
Marilyn Gomez
'Marilyn Gomez' 3 weeks ago
u just unknowingly made a Hufflepuff sea moth
i love doritos
'i love doritos' 3 weeks ago
where's the scariest moment?
mark suace
'mark suace' 3 weeks ago
its really fun watching you to death markiplier
Adam Pitt
'Adam Pitt' 4 weeks ago
Was it just me, or was there a hidden base at 1:50?
Gabriel Luck
'Gabriel Luck' 4 weeks ago
oh it's so cute but it's ugly on the inside what's on the inside counts the most right so is it ugly or cute
Kayleigh Miller
'Kayleigh Miller' 4 weeks ago
transmoth: the obsession between a human and seamoth XD
nine tales
'nine tales' 4 weeks ago
you are ready you Will not die
nine tales
'nine tales' 4 weeks ago
Daniel McCombs
'Daniel McCombs' 4 weeks ago
you are an idiot. but we love you nonetheless
Jesus Montecalvo
'Jesus Montecalvo' 1 month ago
Mark there is a pda in the wreck
Cade ForChrist
'Cade ForChrist' 1 month ago
Demented Cope
'Demented Cope' 1 month ago
I remember I got stuck in a wall just like that but in a place with 2 warpers and those SOBs actually saved me
ARG! the pirate
'ARG! the pirate' 1 month ago
Got some nuclear yes, here. 👍
Nomophobia Pause
'Nomophobia Pause' 1 month ago
I love how if you put captions on at 16:04 they refer to Dm's as Dank Memes..
William B
'William B' 1 month ago
the base was in view 2 minutes in.
Jaxcraft 28
'Jaxcraft 28' 1 month ago
Hey Mark, make the inside of Bumblebutt black or dark grey, it would really match the yellow color.
Jaxcraft 28
'Jaxcraft 28' 1 month ago
6:26: This episode is TERRIFYING!
Jaxcraft 28
'Jaxcraft 28' 1 month ago
5:51:The water is infested eh, interesting, where is he right now?
Jaden Plays
'Jaden Plays' 1 month ago
mark try putting a hatch on your base there
Dan Theman
'Dan Theman' 1 month ago
Markiplier you should store some food and water in your sea moth and prawn suit
diverse joker
'diverse joker' 1 month ago
no he wasn't ready
BudderBronyFox77 :3
'BudderBronyFox77 :3' 1 month ago
Am I the only one here?
Lucas Gaeta
'Lucas Gaeta' 1 month ago
>Wonders where the Base is near his newest base is >1:53 RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM >Needs titatanium to fix/build stuff >Can deconstruct solar panels for 2 titanium (6 total) which aren't doing shit for his base about 300m under water >Instead finishes solar panel. COME ON MARKIPLIER.....
'bbb462cid' 1 month ago
Been watching this for days. It's better than anything on that horrible television cable hole.
'MrGreendot' 1 month ago
I think Mark needs a few lessons in color theory...
Emma Navarro
'Emma Navarro' 1 month ago
when he was smart at taking desition
'Yomchy' 1 month ago
5:08 XD
Brainstorm Surge
'Brainstorm Surge' 1 month ago
Should probably just punch whatever is attacking you. Also a knife works for them to go away. They chase if you run.
'SwagGuardian' 1 month ago
@Rick and Morty Let me out Let me out this is not a dance Im begging for help I'm begging for help LET ME OUT
Moelin Liner
'Moelin Liner' 1 month ago
I was betting the water would get to mark first
Mästare Kalk
'Mästare Kalk' 1 month ago
titanium is like subnautica's the escapists version of duct tape to jacksepticeye thats a fucking mouthful
Sheaon Thirteen
'Sheaon Thirteen' 1 month ago
+markiplier you know I was expecting a nice calm and quiet playthrouhh till the stupid scary warper appeared and made my heart race. Scariest thing ever!!!!!
'TanukiP' 1 month ago
It is funny that you keep making the interior of vehicles the same color the streaks in my hair normal are. Have you ever thought of going electric purple if you ever dye your hair colors again?
Annalise Montgomery
'Annalise Montgomery' 1 month ago
At 1:51 directly in front of you on top of the rock formation it looks like there is a base of some sort. Not sure if you have scoped that out yet
'LifeSoNothing' 2 months ago
i laugh at marks failure
Andre Stoll
'Andre Stoll' 2 months ago
You're ugly on the inside, and thats all that matters
Nexus Lights
'Nexus Lights' 2 months ago
Leon S. Kennedy
'Leon S. Kennedy' 2 months ago
'SoulxCross' 2 months ago
I did not think he could freak out any harder after 30 ep. or so, once again... i was totally wrong, and for anyone reading this who hasn't watched this yet.... HEADPHONE WARNING!!!, i was at 50% still can't hear things.... also you left a bunch of resources in the storage of your mech suit, on the back.
Fox King
'Fox King' 2 months ago
hy mark u left a pda in that reckage
Dakota Kilpatrick
'Dakota Kilpatrick' 2 months ago
man i love you mark but your pain at the moment when you got stuck in the wall brought me to tears
lil uzi vert
'lil uzi vert' 2 months ago
who else thinks there should be a update that you can tame the reeper and then be able to ride it and catch/fiht other fish
Skip Kruitwagen
'Skip Kruitwagen' 2 months ago
LET ME GO! LET ME GOOO! #let it go #frozen
Brooke Linder
'Brooke Linder' 2 months ago
Those little fuckers, (CrabSquids), I think were attacking you because your hideous piss yellow prawn burned their retinas.
Jacob Wolf
'Jacob Wolf' 2 months ago
mark did u know that you can build a beacon and put it on your base so you know where its at?
'KaiH2008' 2 months ago
Sherida Parkinson
'Sherida Parkinson' 2 months ago
for the sake of science mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ayson Blayne
'Ayson Blayne' 2 months ago
I named my Prawn suit bumblebee, and coloured it yellow and black, i found it felt more like the autobot than the seamoth.
'ChibiFuzzyFox' 2 months ago
They really did an amazing job on the sound effects
TC 47
'TC 47' 2 months ago
Who replayed the farting noise after getting in the sea moth... I now I did😂😂😂😂
ioax123 Bilbo Mcswaggin
he slid into the wrong DMs
Ethan Heisler
'Ethan Heisler' 2 months ago
I laughed when m arkiplier was looking for titanium but he was focusing on talking about his seamoth and passes lime stone without noticing
Dominic Genari
'Dominic Genari' 2 months ago
Why don't you just drown yourself when your @ your moonpool and rooms, put your stuff in lockers first and then you'll respawn with full health and everything
Lily Leclercq
'Lily Leclercq' 2 months ago
Iraqi click block tragedy potential briefly small amid intensity.
Dæmon Græyson
'Dæmon Græyson' 2 months ago
He's so Fucking loud
karis samsul
'karis samsul' 2 months ago
killed by glitch XD
Jacob Britten
'Jacob Britten' 2 months ago
BUMBLE BUTT to the rescue !
thecrazysniper321 maws
and you need to get a guy from the company who made the arora on headset so they will help you
thecrazysniper321 maws
you really need to get some better water tanks
Kailob Moore
'Kailob Moore' 2 months ago
Anyone hear the music in the sparse reef say China? XD
fiber snipe
'fiber snipe' 2 months ago
I love this searease
Brendan Stevens
'Brendan Stevens' 2 months ago
the what the fuck was that made laugh alot
Anthony James Barbosa
Taylor Alexandria
'Taylor Alexandria' 2 months ago
'BurningVortex' 2 months ago
When you slide into them DM's but you slide to far into a wall.
'GamerCat' 2 months ago
Mark: My plate is full Me: Pass it over I'm starvin' over here
'ThePat0010' 2 months ago
Jesus Christ.. I'd love to watch your videos but I can't listen to someone screaming like their testicles are getting eaten by scorpions.
Donald McDonald
'Donald McDonald' 3 months ago
you can use death to meet a alion
'Aki' 3 months ago
Don't get dehydrated!!!! Carry water with you, Markimuuuuu!
Annie Ha
'Annie Ha' 3 months ago
i can't believe i'm already almost all caught up :| i binged so much i need to pace my self ... or mark needs to make longer episodes heh
Tyler Cooper
'Tyler Cooper' 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure the base Mark was looking for was right next to those creepy things he found. 1:50
Camila Molinary
'Camila Molinary' 3 months ago
The_nerd_named _Emma
'The_nerd_named _Emma' 3 months ago
At 2:55 when he goes "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I thought of "Krusty Kraaaaaaaaaaaaab pizza"
Kayotic Productions
'Kayotic Productions' 3 months ago
Bumble not bumbl but your videos are awesome🙃
Bryton Loomis
'Bryton Loomis' 3 months ago
stop crying and shut up
GTA Freak!!!
'GTA Freak!!!' 3 months ago
'vw.wander' 3 months ago
13:06 when yo mom asks if u want a cookie
thebeast99 everywhere
I don't want to contain ailment
'Skolby5' 3 months ago
And thus bumble-butt became a meme I mean thing
Jon Edwards
'Jon Edwards' 3 months ago
12:00 Get it? Wreak-onize? eh eh?
Alberich Van Peterhausen
the "Oh, is so cute!! Ugh, ugly on the inside... But, Oh, so cute!" cranks me everytime love you Mark
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