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Published: 2 weeks ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Fuck the ocean... just fuck the ocean so hard... it's so damn scary...
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'KayleeKakes' 11 hours ago
4:25 markiplier is alpha 5
'Chi-Bowl' 12 hours ago
According to all known laws of aqua dynamics, the Bumblebutt should not be able to swim. It's short stubby thruster is too small to get its fat little hull of the sea floor. The Bumblebutt swims anyways, because the Bumblebutt doesn't care what humans think are impossible.
Magic Bagel
'Magic Bagel' 14 hours ago
2:01 the base you were talking about that was built by the other people is RIGHT FUCKING THERE
Rubric: Nerds Unite
'Rubric: Nerds Unite' 16 hours ago
If Mark makes the cyclops he should name is S.S Fuck the Warper
'ViniP1ott0' 1 day ago
Where you where scared about the spider-thing , you passed near the old base
Snatchy Clover
'Snatchy Clover' 1 day ago
Mark u passed that secret base when u were in Prawn and were running from the creepy monster and warper. U missed it
Itsamegamer 435
'Itsamegamer 435' 1 day ago
him exploring the upright reckouge made me dizzy.
'SLAYER97501' 1 day ago
11:20 The birth of Markiplier. First words: " What the fuck was that??"
'Firedragon392' 2 days ago
Mark. I just found the Seadragon Leviathan. You will know when he is there trust me! Just stay calm and stay below him and he will leave you alone...He has amazing sounds now!
John Paul
'John Paul' 2 days ago
If you turned on CC and added a G at 8:15...
Elliot Murray
'Elliot Murray' 2 days ago
once you get a steady power supply, you should build a second moonpool so that you have one for Mr. fister and one for bumblebutt
'N_ferrior' 2 days ago
the wrecks are from the sun beam
Dose my name frighten you.
Lyle Bruh
'Lyle Bruh' 2 days ago
Watching this epiaode made me thirsty ;D
'vsGoliath' 2 days ago
10:12 According to all known laws of aquatic dynamics, a bee should not be able to swim...
Joseph Bauyon
'Joseph Bauyon' 2 days ago
that last part triggered me like he reached the pinnacle of retardation like wtf why would he risk it when he has 10% hydration and he can just remember where it was and just go back when he is ok ughhh triggered
TacTech Gamer
'TacTech Gamer' 2 days ago
Most of this episode i just wanted to scream: MARK!!! CHILL!! OUT!!!
Charles TCM
'Charles TCM' 2 days ago
So Bad for Markiplier.
Charles TCM
'Charles TCM' 2 days ago
The Death Depth of Sabnautica Caught in YouTube and Seen by the Man who is scared in the water ocean Markiplier Caught the Warper the giant alien looking Crab the Ghost Face.
Anthony Mitchem
'Anthony Mitchem' 2 days ago
Maxii Mike
'Maxii Mike' 3 days ago
Hello everybody! My name is [Name] and welcome to [game]
'Cole' 3 days ago
That warper scared the crap out of me- lol
Ty Edwards
'Ty Edwards' 3 days ago
there will be a big creature at the Lost River bigger then the sea emperor
Timothy the lombax
did he glitched?
Whey Hem
'Whey Hem' 3 days ago
That may be a sunbeam fragment
David Elias
'David Elias' 3 days ago
did he just say he was looking for Benghazi ?? XD
Jake A
'Jake A' 3 days ago
haven't made it past this Subnautica ep yet, but if no one pointed it out, Mark missed a PDA in the wreckage.
Henrik Østergaard (hostergaard)
>That coloring of the prawn DAILY DOSE! THANKS, DOC!
Alex Castillo
'Alex Castillo' 3 days ago
Alex Castillo
'Alex Castillo' 3 days ago
He passed the nuclear teacher like 5 times it was right above him
Alex Adinolfi
'Alex Adinolfi' 3 days ago
What's with the new way of editing the video where it jumps around for no reason? Am I the only one who noticed and is bugged by it?
EpicFace 640
'EpicFace 640' 4 days ago
Ya see, this is why you should be PREPARED before you do something like a faraway, long trip
Charlie Lyons
'Charlie Lyons' 4 days ago
Hey mark please answer if you can please I need advice what to do when I start the game for the first time today or tommrow any info to watch out for any alien creeps that may attack
Cringey Nicky
'Cringey Nicky' 4 days ago
Henry Ramos
'Henry Ramos' 4 days ago
at 0:35 when he said " here ye here ye, im comming the fuck down " I was dying of laughter XD XD XD
Zoe Lycan
'Zoe Lycan' 4 days ago
Mark you need to park your suit inside your submarine, and make your submarine a basic "health/food" base with the suit
Eli GBell
'Eli GBell' 4 days ago
Mark if you can save anywhere why don't you save when your're fucking up so you don't loose everything and have a second chance to save your sorry self from dying by everything?
'TemptedGaming' 4 days ago
we understand mark
Jeffy Li
'Jeffy Li' 4 days ago
Wait what does dying do???
Fn Last
'Fn Last' 4 days ago
He said it right the first time
'Rascal' 4 days ago
what was the scariest moment?
'JuicyGamer' 5 days ago
You should go to the kelp forest to find titanium there is a lot there.
Jonathan Gonzalez
'Jonathan Gonzalez' 5 days ago
purpleblossom 33
'purpleblossom 33' 5 days ago
what if at the very end the warper just flew out of the water and teleported him back into the cage he died in
PapryusThe HotDog Master 6002911
lol you make a LOT of people laugh 😝😝
Haley Denner
'Haley Denner' 5 days ago
I asked a Markiplier I actually found out there is a thing called a ghost a ghost Leviathan and that it is more likely to be in the bones of that thing you found way way deep down.
xXNightmare xNightcoreXx
why was he screaming "OHHH NOOOOO!!!" After he respawned???
Creeper4231 Gaming
warmers don't hurt u
Colin Chase
'Colin Chase' 5 days ago
do not go to the lava zone with the cyclops water will start getting in then it all comes out then you fall into some lava and thats the end of your hole game you will have to restart
Pheabe Prather
'Pheabe Prather' 5 days ago
Lol Mark you're a little baby XD
'Pigsley' 5 days ago
pigsley is the partying pig🐽🐷🐖 and I really appreciating you taking your time to play the game and having fun with it and making us all laugh
Rūshī Doragoneneru
Um... how is there a river beneath the ocean?!? and Ok Mark we know who is who and I think we are pretty smart (unlike you) [love you]
'JonteBallnte' 5 days ago
there's a base here btw 1:50
Brooke Corbyn
'Brooke Corbyn' 5 days ago
mark I bet if you took some beacons with you it'll encourage you not to be a dumbass. You'll be able to find your spot again if you release one
Brooke Corbyn
'Brooke Corbyn' 5 days ago
I bet you regret insulting the warper now that you need him XD he's had enough of your shit
Irish and proud! 788
12:32 What is that music? I love it! It gives me chills.
francis lopez
'francis lopez' 5 days ago
Mark it's so annoying that you haven't make a tank for air. Like seriously you wouldn't have to go for air as often. Also you should add storage to your bumblebutt to make up for the space you'd be losing in your personal inventory!!! Just a suggestion lol keep up the good videos 💖
'Ripper' 5 days ago
Markiplier! You should wait to go in the lost sea till you have weapons. There are plenty of scary things down there that will actually grab you and pull you in, there about as annoying as the warpers. Also there is very little light down there so make sure you bring a flashlight, and there is should be a giant skeleton, I don't know if there's anything in it but do with information what you will. if you even see it! Anyways love what you do! Thank you for everything you do, and I'll see you in the next video!! BYE!!
Faran Butt
'Faran Butt' 5 days ago
'CopperTalon' 5 days ago
Mark, i noticed on Subnautica's wikia that there's a Markiplier doll (actually 2 dolls) for inside the bases, in addition to Jack's Septic Tank. Is there a code for that doll? Jack gave everyone the code for the tank, which still works.
XxArayaxX :3
'XxArayaxX :3' 5 days ago
Markipoo you promised to build a base on one of the ... big blue whatcha call it. I've been wanting you to do that for so long (if possible)
Brennan Bennett
'Brennan Bennett' 5 days ago
MARK STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOCKER!!!! It can kill you with one shock of electricity!!!!
'BeatchBall' 5 days ago
I'm pretty sure you found the deal underwater base at 1:50. You just didn't see it because of the crabsquid.
'TehNavySeal' 6 days ago
Give Mr. Fister a grappling arm so he can pull him towards you to do his "job"
criscpe dog legs
'criscpe dog legs' 6 days ago
there was a log in the wreckage that he didnt see
Nasru King
'Nasru King' 6 days ago
will you ever make the cyclops
'ravenvanwolfie' 6 days ago
you should not be here you should not be about you not be here when the Warper is out
Hojangles 123
'Hojangles 123' 6 days ago
Mark ur so stupid in a funny way😂😂
Robbie Rotten
'Robbie Rotten' 6 days ago
"This is way off the beaten path". No mark, it's the only beaten path in the entire game. It's called the Sea Treaders Path for a reason.
Martrevious Gray
'Martrevious Gray' 6 days ago
Markiplier your the funniest YouTuber I know and I think you should stop thinking so negative about yourself because to me your the greatest YouTuber
Deadshot Kitty
'Deadshot Kitty' 6 days ago
Hey Mark, I've watched you for about 6 years now and I've loved nothing more than watching you suffer through your worst fear. So which do you hate more, mannequins or the ocean?
Star Gazer2
'Star Gazer2' 6 days ago
Mark, a good backup site for water could be your first place powered by solar panels. The water filtration unit can be placed there without worry. Like I said, it could be a backup, optional.
'musicredsubaru' 6 days ago
Long live Bumble Butt! 🐝
John Youhess
'John Youhess' 6 days ago
My wife and I are rooting for you. Keep going, you're doing good. And if a Reaper Leviathan gives you a a hard time while you're in the Prawn Suit, give it a drill arm enema.
DJ BigSexy
'DJ BigSexy' 6 days ago
Hey Mark! Love your videos! just a word of advice. Have you considered using beacons as a marker for bases and other points of interest? I do myself and it helps a lot.
Siloni Palu
'Siloni Palu' 6 days ago
Guy anyone else see the base at 2:00 cause I think I did
C4LL m3 A b34st
'C4LL m3 A b34st' 6 days ago
Oh silly markimoo the warpers can't hurt you😄
Lord Redmoon
'Lord Redmoon' 6 days ago
Markiplier why don't you make a beacon and leave it at your base so you can always find it? it only takes copper wire and 1 titanium
'HeySoI'mEmily' 6 days ago
I'm super sick in bed and I just want you to know that you're really helping me get through my day. Thank you, mark.
Jade Cornett
'Jade Cornett' 6 days ago
Okay but isn't the wreck the sunbeam? or whatever it was called.
Izzy Hatake
'Izzy Hatake' 6 days ago
I just binge watched the whole entire series within a couple days. I dunno if I should feel proud....or disappointed. 😂 Either way you made me feel better when I was upset so who cares?
Bradley stringer
'Bradley stringer' 6 days ago
By the way Mark the PRAWN suit can be docked into a cyclops xD
Alexandra Inglis
'Alexandra Inglis' 6 days ago
the warpers probably watching your struggle for dear life and laughing his butt off
Rebecca Keenan
'Rebecca Keenan' 6 days ago
Episode 2 of Subnautica- "Sure is handy that this ocean is chock full of titanium" Now- 6:25 "Is that titanium? I think that might be titanium!...Fucking where'd it go? Oh, no-LEAD?! Fucking fuck off"
dakota mitchell
'dakota mitchell' 6 days ago
now if only bumblebutt had a stinger
Sam van der Beek
'Sam van der Beek' 6 days ago
close your eyes at 13:08
'Pekka' 6 days ago
where is that ship you found the nuclear reactor exactly what location??
Michael Cirasole
'Michael Cirasole' 6 days ago
16:15 welcome to interstellar
Righteous Arts Productions
you missed a PDA in the wreck
Roger Werthmann
'Roger Werthmann' 6 days ago
When he first ran into the warper and went deeper
Roger Werthmann
'Roger Werthmann' 6 days ago
I don't know if anybody else has said anything but he passed the other base when he was being chased by the warper
'akatsukileader6' 6 days ago
10:10 whenever i see the pokemon mimikyu
Kitty The Gamer
'Kitty The Gamer' 6 days ago
Mark i'm pretty sure you SAW the base in this episode. at 2:00 you can see the outline of the base...
Patricia Potato
'Patricia Potato' 6 days ago
Mark plz try to find the precursor DROID!!!!🙀
Leslie Bailey
'Leslie Bailey' 6 days ago
hey mark, i just wanted to tell you a little fun fact, did you know you can build your underwater base on top of a reefback? so you can have a traveling sancho base!!!
Kolljak Gaming&Music
@Markiplier Tho spidercrabs are agro'ed to light turning off your light will deagro them.
Jay Jay
'Jay Jay' 6 days ago
mark the thermal plant gave u 425 power when u take it off it gave u 375 power
Shaine Allerton
'Shaine Allerton' 6 days ago
Mark, if you can find the terraformer you might be able to increase the structural integrity of your base!
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