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Published: 5 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 5 months ago

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10 cool life hacks and edible tricks with eggs you should know!

hole - 1st drill press channel
Eggstraordinary eggsperiments! Eggscellent!
gerard barcena
'gerard barcena' 2 hours ago
Rohini Edunuri
'Rohini Edunuri' 3 hours ago
excellent, super
Jotaro Kujo
'Jotaro Kujo' 3 hours ago
Green eggs and ham motherfucker
Norma Guardado
'Norma Guardado' 4 hours ago
can someone please say something to me
Norma Guardado
'Norma Guardado' 4 hours ago
Hey caca
Zalbig Ganji
'Zalbig Ganji' 6 hours ago
clash royale
'clash royale' 7 hours ago
раньше все на русском было щас дичь английская
'TOTAL HOW TO'S' 9 hours ago
Darvesh K
'Darvesh K' 9 hours ago
Murtuja Shaikh
'Murtuja Shaikh' 9 hours ago
Poonam Thakur
'Poonam Thakur' 10 hours ago
you are a very nice cook
Mary Grace Anthony
'Mary Grace Anthony' 15 hours ago
Eggy egg egg!
binh tran
'binh tran' 19 hours ago
nice 😇😇😇😇😀😀😀😘😘😘
'YANG ZHANG' 1 day ago
I like how practical the videos are
Ramiz Krasnic
'Ramiz Krasnic' 1 day ago
you are gay 👌👈👎 diss like mofuga
Mitsu Sweet
'Mitsu Sweet' 1 day ago
1:36 NO NO NO Now I'm HUNGRY!!! ;(
Sunny Daksh
'Sunny Daksh' 2 days ago
nice magic
saif khan
'saif khan' 2 days ago
Зай ЧикTM
'Зай ЧикTM' 2 days ago
кто русский плюсани)
Wajeeha Ayaz
'Wajeeha Ayaz' 2 days ago
The Wandering Dovahkiin
I honestly hate runny yolks
Techanical Hacker
'Techanical Hacker' 2 days ago
for entertainment pls watch this video
Ricardo Martinelli
Sumit Nirwal
'Sumit Nirwal' 2 days ago
Kishore Mohanty
'Kishore Mohanty' 2 days ago
ayeasha murray
'ayeasha murray' 2 days ago
those eggs look raw I don't know how you can eat that
'Markrypto' 2 days ago
who ever cringed and looked at their penis at 2:32 is a weirdo!😁
Schnibs Lp
'Schnibs Lp' 2 days ago
3:30 egg explodes if in for 10 more seconds cunt
Lucienne Smeets
'Lucienne Smeets' 2 days ago
'Tillamook' 3 days ago
I'm so lit watching this
Luthfi Arifin
'Luthfi Arifin' 3 days ago
Hello mr hacker i want to ask, what is the name of the song or sound?
Leo Heupel
'Leo Heupel' 4 days ago
best food lifehack video I have ever seen 🔝👌
خۆشترین گۆرانی
'Zes' 4 days ago
ts not amazingx, fools
Shri Kant Gupta
'Shri Kant Gupta' 4 days ago
good idea
Syed baji
'Syed baji' 4 days ago
jffgfigi fghfh
Ramy Mohy
'Ramy Mohy' 4 days ago
They look nice tbh even tho ive never had an egg in my life probably never will
'Kanochoo' 4 days ago
aaaand you stole some content
'Boruto_Uzimaki114' 4 days ago
who else got hungry
Towhid Same 3
'Towhid Same 3' 5 days ago
Game Player
'Game Player' 5 days ago
Mr hacker makes the best life hack vids!
Huyên Nguyễn Danh
I watch this before lunch, and my iPod is full of saliva...
Shine Ch
'Shine Ch' 5 days ago
o chory kacha anda khara
'DustyKnapsack' 5 days ago
I want eggs now.
Pronoy Nath
'Pronoy Nath' 5 days ago
Edwin Fernández
'Edwin Fernández' 5 days ago
I don't eat animals but this is good for Valentin's day.
'Imag2000' 5 days ago
u realy like puting eggs in holes
Zamiyah Young
'Zamiyah Young' 5 days ago
that stuff is raw lol🤒🤒🤒
Imran Afridi
'Imran Afridi' 6 days ago
its very easy and very nice thankyou sir
This-is Felix
'This-is Felix' 6 days ago
Man ,your videos are awesome!!!!!!!!!
Hitu Dhairya
'Hitu Dhairya' 6 days ago
hello Mr hacker I am your fan and my question is what is your name
Faze Mins
'Faze Mins' 6 days ago
HowToMakeSushi copied you
Govardhan Bandal
'Govardhan Bandal' 6 days ago
fghjjggfxcbuscbjyew will weep stop
William Slappy
'William Slappy' 6 days ago
Thanks so much I needed that
'Julliean' 6 days ago
Very creative
Samp_ Mods
'Samp_ Mods' 7 days ago
кто от Марка?😃😃
'flyingobject128' 7 days ago
3:56 When u run out of paint
'WORLD MANIAC' 7 days ago
you have a voice for a reason
'Ignacius' 7 days ago
Do more related posts
Vitalstatistix Stats
what the actual fuck?? do people really have time to make these things everyday?
be creative
'be creative' 7 days ago
this is amaizing...
karan the gamer
'karan the gamer' 7 days ago
pls subscribe me'
bkn ghalan
'bkn ghalan' 7 days ago
Dr.Mahendra Tanty
'Dr.Mahendra Tanty' 7 days ago
that' great I like it 😃😃😃
Gyanendra Singha
'Gyanendra Singha' 7 days ago
Mamta Upadhyay
'Mamta Upadhyay' 7 days ago
dangal hindhi
I can
this made me super hungry
John Jeanjacques
'John Jeanjacques' 1 week ago
cannot cook eewwww
RageHunter Gaming
'RageHunter Gaming' 1 week ago
this way more awesome than Mr. gear!
Nataliya Davis
'Nataliya Davis' 1 week ago
he can cook too!??! omg marry me? 💕😝🙈
Eli Horne
'Eli Horne' 1 week ago
when i grow up im going to be just like u
james ross
'james ross' 1 week ago
very eggccelent
Psychrolutes marcidus
Many homunculuses died to bring us these tips.
Biswanath Kumar
'Biswanath Kumar' 1 week ago
it is so amazing. I love it. 😘😘
gamer girl
'gamer girl' 1 week ago
its rude to watch people eat and he was starring at us when he was eating, he dont have to show us him eating, if you'd like a watch h eat it at 1:36
Olivia Willis
'Olivia Willis' 1 week ago
TopTrick TV
'TopTrick TV' 1 week ago
woow nice ang creations
P Joseph
'P Joseph' 1 week ago
Amazing channel. Subscribed immediately
Maria Hernandez
'Maria Hernandez' 1 week ago
youl I mean
Maria Hernandez
'Maria Hernandez' 1 week ago
if yol play roblox but don't in 2 years or you will be banned from roblox or get hack >:)
Laura Moreno
'Laura Moreno' 1 week ago
Why don't you talk Mr.Hacker
LPSKawaii CraftWorld
When he turned the boiled egg slices into hearts I decided I'd have to make that hearty meal!
The Super Cs
'The Super Cs' 1 week ago
Dakota Smith
'Dakota Smith' 1 week ago
That was a eggcellent video
MoHamsters -тнєνιρєѕ
BTW the poached egg one is bullshit I tried it a few times each time it blew the door off my microwave and I had to buy new one of the times........... don't do it.
Lucas Steinbrecher
Did anyone else watch the video but never do it/make it.
Julia Sample
'Julia Sample' 1 week ago
'Thisbro707' 1 week ago
On the omelet one is that milk thanks for telling us btw
Furious Juices
'Furious Juices' 1 week ago
Eggs are still raw bad for health I'm never gonna go those the yoke still not fully cooked
Mr. Negmex
'Mr. Negmex' 1 week ago
watching my channel
sania nadeem
'sania nadeem' 1 week ago
is he missy sue's husband ?please reply if you know
Jammiedodger787 150
the one with the egg in the bread is very popular in the UK. it is called egg in the window. i only realised this ehrn i watched it as i didnt know how to make it so thanks!
Jupidrt Ter
'Jupidrt Ter' 1 week ago
No egg🙏
Michael Dundenstein
HowToBasics Favorite Video.
Rafandra Gifarrel
'Rafandra Gifarrel' 1 week ago
shahal BRO VIDEO
'shahal BRO VIDEO' 1 week ago
This is the 'The Best Video Ever' you are really really awesome amigo
MickMick five nights at treasure island
yummy and tasty eggs
santosh kumar
'santosh kumar' 1 week ago
Good nice
jahid hussain
'jahid hussain' 1 week ago
Guys I swear I just got.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *_freeppalmon xyz_
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