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Published: 2 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 2 months ago

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10 cool life hacks and edible tricks with eggs you should know!

bunda fitri
'bunda fitri' 21 hours ago
awesome :-)
'DIGITAL STUDENTS' 23 hours ago
Plzzz tell how you edit your videos
'EdgarBeast646' 1 day ago
the second one my mom told me that trick before
Maya The pug
'Maya The pug' 1 day ago
Who got hungry during this Plus hate puns,sorry
Toti Sihite
'Toti Sihite' 1 day ago
He's Good At Cooking :)
Lucie Liebscherová
so best
dien tran
'dien tran' 2 days ago
Ghen. B b. B. K
Jason Lanase
'Jason Lanase' 2 days ago
i subscribe,nice video 🖒
all guru tech
'all guru tech' 2 days ago
this channel need more subscribers
'Ash' 2 days ago
I am very hungry
Nikassia Bärtsch
'Nikassia Bärtsch' 2 days ago
puza bhusal
'puza bhusal' 2 days ago
amazing , superb
marwan tube
'marwan tube' 2 days ago
Love u
Deepali Date
'Deepali Date' 2 days ago
i like this vido
جوري الشمري
شباب صبايا اشتركو بقناتي وراح اردها بس اكتبولي تم
Mr Bill
'Mr Bill' 3 days ago
Xem tôi đốt quả trứng nhé
surya vamsi
'surya vamsi' 3 days ago
how watermelon separate neatly not shown repeat once from cover
'skullriper21' 3 days ago
love it
Prayash Bhandari
'Prayash Bhandari' 3 days ago
Candela Candela
'Candela Candela' 3 days ago
sos un jenio me encanta todo lo que ases
briewithcats and dogs
oml these do work
Adriana Morais
'Adriana Morais' 3 days ago
انس الكحلوت
Sid Wakudkar
'Sid Wakudkar' 5 days ago
Nice one
Maria Dimou
'Maria Dimou' 5 days ago
Was Technica
'Was Technica' 5 days ago
Shiledar Abhiraj
'Shiledar Abhiraj' 6 days ago
Fauzi Uthman
'Fauzi Uthman' 6 days ago
jp nc
'jp nc' 7 days ago
Dcry 100
'Dcry 100' 1 week ago
thank you so much dude I learn a lot for just one video wow this is amazing in school for about 5 hours you'll only learn a little bit but this I learn a lot thanks 1 sub for you :D
step up records
'step up records' 1 week ago
subscribe to my channel and watch my video
Muntarwati Endang
'Muntarwati Endang' 1 week ago
ana Lopez
'ana Lopez' 1 week ago
mr. hacker knows me so well eggs and bread with the yolk is really good
'AidenPLAYZ' 1 week ago
I only like scrambled eggs
angga pratama
'angga pratama' 1 week ago
amazing trick
angga pratama
'angga pratama' 1 week ago
amazing trick
ebu desai
'ebu desai' 1 week ago
Jignesh Suratwala
'Jignesh Suratwala' 1 week ago
Very very original and perfect experiments. Thanks for sharing
Laura Krimi
'Laura Krimi' 1 week ago
Amoghavarsha Nripatunga
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Rommel Braylynn cruz
the egg in the bread is called a one eyed Ryly dude. you didn't invent it.
Frank Oesterheld
'Frank Oesterheld' 1 week ago
Those tricks are making me hungry
'GirlsGaming231' 1 week ago
A chickens life Me: -eats egg- Chicken: ... NOOOOOO Me: What Chicken: MY BABY Me: -Shows is this video- Chicken: ... -faints-
'MattGaming+' 1 week ago
'MattGaming+' 1 week ago
Look at thumbnail of the video That's his rape face
Marta Tomaszewski
'Marta Tomaszewski' 1 week ago
Egg toast is good | backwards now | doog si tsaot ggE
Saša CZ
'Saša CZ' 1 week ago
wow very good live hacks
NeymarSkillZ ت
'NeymarSkillZ ت' 1 week ago
Kratsy russian hakser
Mo Gamer
'Mo Gamer' 1 week ago
wow bro 😵
alvin raffa
'alvin raffa' 1 week ago
Shahzad Khan
'Shahzad Khan' 1 week ago
Dinesh Haldankar
'Dinesh Haldankar' 1 week ago
I try this is very ta
Lester Mauro
'Lester Mauro' 1 week ago
Can anyone tell me what's his real name? Please😂
JesterTheScaryGoat #GOATS
My sister thinks your handsome xD I. Like your gay
Alejandro Elizalde
at 1:30 when bae says she likes romantic foods but your broke.
The Onion Lads
'The Onion Lads' 1 week ago
Omg this guy knows about cowboy eggs!
Flash jurado
'Flash jurado' 1 week ago
eggscelent job with dem eggs
Aci vlogs
'Aci vlogs' 1 week ago
With what a.e you filming?
Noah Supple
'Noah Supple' 1 week ago
I'm hungry
Aaliyan Danish
'Aaliyan Danish' 1 week ago
easy and coooool good job
Fl4iping The Tables
4:55 that would be good for valentines day
Lim Chun Xuan
'Lim Chun Xuan' 1 week ago
Anyone what knows the two of the musics in the video pls comment down below...@_@ Thx 😊😊😊😊
Qayyum Qusyairi
'Qayyum Qusyairi' 1 week ago
that make me hungry
Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee
I never thought about cooking eggs in such innovative ways!
'Ghostriderfan290' 1 week ago
he ruined eggs for me
Priyansh The Randomizer
Eggcellent eggxactly
'SHUBHAM GUPTA' 1 week ago
hello please subscribe my channel help me to promote my channel please thank you so much
evan cohen
'evan cohen' 1 week ago
2:28 the lord has cursed us
Veronica Acevedo
'Veronica Acevedo' 1 week ago
soon that silver button will become gold
Omega Flowerey
'Omega Flowerey' 1 week ago
Omega Flowerey
'Omega Flowerey' 1 week ago
cuz wow that really cracks! me up!!!
Omega Flowerey
'Omega Flowerey' 1 week ago
lol hole 1st drill press channel!!! I love it EGGSCELLENT!!! EGGCIDING TO SEE!!!
Craft Studio
'Craft Studio' 1 week ago
subscribe my channeo than i sub yours
'TheMarvilMaps' 1 week ago
ну ты даешь мистер хакер
'Chewinternet' 2 weeks ago
this video was so useful thanks really appreciated
what is inside
'what is inside' 2 weeks ago
Great video ! What type of camera you use?
denise mihajlovic
'denise mihajlovic' 2 weeks ago
Lilly Morgan
'Lilly Morgan' 2 weeks ago
the keep mark guy lol 😏
Queen N
'Queen N' 2 weeks ago
Raw egg 🍳 yok
novak Trifkovic
'novak Trifkovic' 2 weeks ago
Rade Sabo
'Rade Sabo' 2 weeks ago
Mannu Vlogib
'Mannu Vlogib' 2 weeks ago
I did this with bread.. So yummy! 🍞🍳
rafli Kesat
'rafli Kesat' 2 weeks ago
Alpha Killer
'Alpha Killer' 2 weeks ago
Just mind blowing :o
Isis Zepeda
'Isis Zepeda' 2 weeks ago
Boy:will you ever leave me? Girl:Never! Boy:Do you love me? Girl:Yes and i will always. Boy:Have you ever cheated on me? Girl:NO NEVER WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS Boy:Wil you ever kiss me? Girl:i mean i could Boy:Will you ever hit me? Girl:Are you crazy i would not Boy:Can I trust you? Girl:Yes? Boy:Darling now read it backwards from here
Naile Perovic
'Naile Perovic' 2 weeks ago
I was eating eggs
Lace Playz
'Lace Playz' 2 weeks ago
comuouselfow Then I dont nead Love
alvin y las ardillas
creative corner
'creative corner' 2 weeks ago
*I also love your way*
mohammed aqeel
'mohammed aqeel' 2 weeks ago
wow yummy dishes made with eggs
Sarah Bouazza
'Sarah Bouazza' 2 weeks ago
Sarah Bouazza
'Sarah Bouazza' 2 weeks ago
Lucy Weischadle
'Lucy Weischadle' 2 weeks ago
binodon net
'binodon net' 2 weeks ago
Nice video
Samual Fernandes
'Samual Fernandes' 2 weeks ago
Stop good
Jay Singh
'Jay Singh' 2 weeks ago
Which paper did he use to cool down egg?? 😅😅
Ingrid Ghiorghiu
'Ingrid Ghiorghiu' 2 weeks ago
cetare cum ai reuşit::-D:O
Bella Smith
'Bella Smith' 2 weeks ago
your amazing
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