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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 1 year ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 1 year ago

1, 586, 332 views

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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Zachary Lumbera
'Zachary Lumbera' 8 hours ago
It's not about the weapon, it's about how you use it.
Jace Miller
'Jace Miller' 12 hours ago
What about a machine gun.
bekosim batman
'bekosim batman' 2 days ago
carry glock 17's. Less jams huge capacity lightweight easy to clean and accurate. Also 9mm means more common ammo and also lightweight. Best use a .22.
GyanwanG Gyantaba
'GyanwanG Gyantaba' 3 days ago
Bullshit!! that guy doesn't know how to play. Hand me the gun, i'll show u how Guns r far bettr than using an axe.
Joshua Rañola
'Joshua Rañola' 3 days ago
i might bring a xbow, shotgun, or harpoon it might get 2 zombies at a time
'Bagels211' 3 days ago
I think it's kinda unfair as Jamie moved around and got stuck on the bodies even though in reality you could just walk on them.
Christoper Antonio Johan
for the gun why just dont use minigun or else???
Gilbert Medina
'Gilbert Medina' 3 days ago
I think if they put a squib in there then the gun count would be even less haha but clearing jams takes a split second with someone who practices with a gun
Kevyn Barnhart
'Kevyn Barnhart' 3 days ago
It would depend on what gun you were using. If you had a Saw machine gun you could have exterminated all of them them.
'SeanDaNerd' 4 days ago
This looks like so much fun. I'd pay to play this.
eugene lim
'eugene lim' 4 days ago
is this real zombie?
Patrick Warnars
'Patrick Warnars' 4 days ago
Adam: *uses BAMF Halberd* Jamie: *legit just straps 6 shotguns to body*
Posese Pulu
'Posese Pulu' 4 days ago
These guys could really use some Juggernog
Lawrence Chen
'Lawrence Chen' 5 days ago
This is not realistic because if you swing an ax into a human being's skull, you still have to prive your ax out of the head, which takes precious time off of you
'Poodleinacan' 6 days ago
0:30 ..... This is just a regular wood-chopping axe..... Not an axe to kill people (or zombies)..... And his fantasy axe is even less appropriate.
hardcorekid gaming
no axe lose always
Dorian Winkelmüller
heavier ax kills easier, doesn't it?
'SnakeVenom' 1 week ago
just bring a mini-gun jetpack ;D
'PRO-SELF- OFFENSE' 1 week ago
Such a dumb test,what about what would actually be used,a ak-47 with 30 rounds that almost never jams and a new 30 round clip is 3 seconds away.Just TRULLY TRULLY ask who would TRULLY...use a axe on a horde of zombies over even a pistol.nobody.
'kingofwar' 1 week ago
what the point both dead in the end
Rambo Piggy
'Rambo Piggy' 1 week ago
Those were pump action what about semi auto or full auto
Robert Jones
'Robert Jones' 1 week ago
eh forget sharp weapons. maces/bats :)
USS Wolf 501
'USS Wolf 501' 1 week ago
The answer: Just use both :) Win-Win-Lose The lose is for the zombies
Toxic Gronk
'Toxic Gronk' 1 week ago
usually a person who uses guns has a backup weapon
Daniel Meltzer
'Daniel Meltzer' 1 week ago
An axe that is made out of steel is much heavier and harder to swing
Nips Comeoff
'Nips Comeoff' 2 weeks ago
no...murica has fully auto...murica is right...murica is op
Powerful Bacon
'Powerful Bacon' 2 weeks ago
Love me an ax
Revend Artoshi
'Revend Artoshi' 2 weeks ago
Deniz Atasoyu
'Deniz Atasoyu' 2 weeks ago
you can use a minigun next time or a m4
Tenno Alpha
'Tenno Alpha' 2 weeks ago
Where them automatics
Matthew Kelley
'Matthew Kelley' 2 weeks ago
As long as your mobile you can survive, running in circles and using obstacles is key
Rising Wolf
'Rising Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Yeah but he still has to pull the axe out of the zombies head
'It's Marco 30' 2 weeks ago
are the zombies real
Angelo Jensen
'Angelo Jensen' 2 weeks ago
i personally have my belt which has a single mag holderand a cheat rig with 4 15 rd magazines for my glock 27 and plus a "holder" for my crossbow bolts and will be adding a multiple(not sure how many yet but i have 2 30rd mags as of right now) holder for my 300 blackout AR. if i dont even use my shotgun which hold 5+1 plus 5 more on the stock then i can conceivably take out 140 zombies. im reasonably certain i can reload my glock and unload all the rounds in a few minutes and thats after i use my AR first for the distance shots.
'Pascotam' 2 weeks ago
That's a relatively more scientific simulation for zombie apocalypse (than most zombie movies). Try a sword/machete/kukri/tomahawk next time :)
Jake Turner
'Jake Turner' 2 weeks ago
a lot of people don't realize the idea that if zombies did exist as in human zombies, it would be very easy to kill and escape them. if they are anything like in the shows, their muscles are too destroyed to do anything. if they are all torn up like in the show, even if they have full muscle potential, with that much damage to the muscle it is practically useless. Plus, with no filter on the brain, muscle potential would be maxed out l, and as a result their muscles would be ABSOLUTELY ripped and shredded within minutes of no filter. The zombie might be able to infect or corrupt another human before it becomes useless, the same thing would happen. People can seriously damage their muscles from using their full potential for just seconds. Zombies ad humans would have no chance of destroying the human race.
Cool gamer
'Cool gamer' 2 weeks ago
i think those are just zombies that are robots... right?
Cool gamer
'Cool gamer' 2 weeks ago
are those zombies real or there just robots ? because it creeped me out a bit
FandomRuler IsDead
'FandomRuler IsDead' 2 weeks ago
would it be easier like combined weapons and things
'Laila' 2 weeks ago
i see that he is not hitting them
Elwood Blues
'Elwood Blues' 2 weeks ago
Did they paid every zombie?
Jordan Hill
'Jordan Hill' 2 weeks ago
Zombie apocalypse,,, I'll take a fully automatic ar over a fucking ax
Amirul Shazwan
'Amirul Shazwan' 2 weeks ago
i will run with single handed sword and a gun.. if sword n gun not available, i will go with dual kitchen knife..
MobileGamer101 D
'MobileGamer101 D' 2 weeks ago
It would take time too take the axe out of the head of the zombies
usama bangash
'usama bangash' 2 weeks ago
maybe they,should try adding the weight of metal and removing of axe from skull on the handle and add a form on the end ...
sss Ppp
'sss Ppp' 2 weeks ago
I have a axe but no zombies
Manuel Avalos
'Manuel Avalos' 2 weeks ago
the new mionjir 😂
Sean Spiteri
'Sean Spiteri' 2 weeks ago
what if the axe got stuck in their heads though?
Nick The Canadian Gamer
To bad Adam dosent know how to use an axe. There's a proper way to swing, and he dosent know it.
'Captain-Admiral' 3 weeks ago
Automatics? No?
Xerya Kirie
'Xerya Kirie' 3 weeks ago
axe is better or with infinite ammo gun
'FragranceConsultant' 3 weeks ago
At that range, an experienced shooter could pull off a couple headshots per second, reload in 2 seconds, plus keep a safe distance. I'll take a handgun every time.
Trevor Pietruszka
'Trevor Pietruszka' 3 weeks ago
no one has an axe that damn big
Drake uploader2
'Drake uploader2' 3 weeks ago
Spelt AXE* wrong
Fran2iik Gössel
'Fran2iik Gössel' 3 weeks ago
Christoper Antonio Johan
why you just not spin it
'BM_FamouS' 3 weeks ago
next episode using the ray-gun
The Derp Dude
'The Derp Dude' 3 weeks ago
but we have to take into accout the fact that guns attract more.
Pingping 1998
'Pingping 1998' 3 weeks ago
If the walking dead had taught me anything , melee always unless shooting is needed , or just run if you can..
Arvidya Dana
'Arvidya Dana' 3 weeks ago
with axe, maybe you can do like twister(like tornado) coz the axe so huge and you cant kill one bye one
Rique vb
'Rique vb' 3 weeks ago
reasons why you bring an ak to a zombie fight, plus a shotgun, and a katana
Nap God
'Nap God' 3 weeks ago
axe because you can use it for other things and not have to worry about ammo
Names Nos
'Names Nos' 3 weeks ago
Hoe about hammer? Better than the ax?
'cancer' 3 weeks ago
He looks like a blond negan
conan deer
'conan deer' 3 weeks ago
it would help if he knew how to swing an axe
Soren Garcia
'Soren Garcia' 3 weeks ago
this made me want to watch a zombie movie.
Black White Guy In America
don't bring an axe to a zombie apocalypse. period.
Flying Aligator
'Flying Aligator' 3 weeks ago
'Spacemeat' 3 weeks ago
Fawz Copter
'Fawz Copter' 3 weeks ago
But in both case, we still gonna die. Haha
'CreepyFussel' 3 weeks ago
If its not the same person its not the same condition
'g' 3 weeks ago
But if that was real he would have had to pull the ax out and real guns are better than paintball guns.
'VINCE V' 3 weeks ago
Cause you suck with guns
'DoesFireBurn?' 3 weeks ago
you can cut the kills in half when he had a real heavy axe plus the force to take the axe out of the skulls
Sean Mikhail
'Sean Mikhail' 3 weeks ago
i think u shuld swing the axe around u if you keep doing that u must be out of energie
John Mart
'John Mart' 3 weeks ago
Conclusion : BRING BOTH ! lol
Pony Power
'Pony Power' 3 weeks ago
Axe beats gun unless you have an ar-15
Axeman #Iron head order 00001
4:46 Of course an AXE is better.
Rift WaIker
'Rift WaIker' 3 weeks ago
you put 2 old people have this tested ....
Royal gamer
'Royal gamer' 3 weeks ago
'XxDelanoxX' 3 weeks ago
Not sure why this is recommended to me but hey, I'm not complaining. Beside it was entertaining and full of knowledge ;)
Pvt. Victoria
This was an unnecessary test...common sense ffs Axe is slower and will get stuck more Gun is unlikely to jam that frequently
Dread_ Souls
'Dread_ Souls' 3 weeks ago
What about katana vs axe
Florin Costea
'Florin Costea' 3 weeks ago
I chose the gun couse i love gun like If you agreed
Aelyn Jacobs
'Aelyn Jacobs' 3 weeks ago
I completely understand that they can't actually wack people in the head with an axe but if you think about it the force of an axe has to quick and strong and the human skull is really strong so it could get stuck I don't think that an axe would be better than a gun but I also don't think a gun is good either
Keaton Van Arkel
'Keaton Van Arkel' 3 weeks ago
why is the word "axe" spelled as "ax"?
Cameron McCarter
'Cameron McCarter' 3 weeks ago
4:30 Jamie shoots the lady in her shoulder lmao
Sir Iodine
'Sir Iodine' 3 weeks ago
You can try using a smaller axe with a Long handle so that it would be more efficient. Also you can use both gun and axe
Keithvann Lusabe
'Keithvann Lusabe' 3 weeks ago
yeah axe win but what about machine guns
Tang Haowen
'Tang Haowen' 3 weeks ago
but the gun ur shooting is not real so its not fair. if the gun ur shooting is real,u would kill more zombies
Diamond ToastFan
'Diamond ToastFan' 3 weeks ago
If you do that you just Like a zombie Why not use axe and swing it lol You can win At least you swing the axe
Daithi N
'Daithi N' 3 weeks ago
Now do it with an ax that's would actually simulate the weight needed.
Jason Le Thế anh GamingChannel
Wait.. are those real people that acts??
FaZe Beast
'FaZe Beast' 3 weeks ago
U only used a shotgun get 2 assault rifles and 1 12 gage shotgun and u get a lot more from a axe
Kavish Odit
'Kavish Odit' 3 weeks ago
just run 😏😏😓
Primo Lim
'Primo Lim' 3 weeks ago
i think a katana can do better thank the axe
Bazz B
'Bazz B' 3 weeks ago
Negan's Grandfather? ???
Frank Alcala
'Frank Alcala' 3 weeks ago
The axe didn't get stuck on the dummy soooo....
Fedex Xus
'Fedex Xus' 3 weeks ago
Axe will worn down too
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