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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 2 years ago

2, 611, 385 views

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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'The ENTP' 1 day ago
Really determines on the user.
nick green
'nick green' 1 day ago
Bullets go through people and hit other people sometimes
Like Wise
'Like Wise' 3 days ago
How many people did they hire?
SaneCosine50540 -
'SaneCosine50540 -' 4 days ago
They dont take into consideration decayed skulls, bones, etc.
'whiskers' 4 days ago
like anyone has that amount of stamina to chop zombies at that kind of pace continuesly xD with that size axe or any fire axe
'Marko' 5 days ago
Are you telling me that they've missed an opportunity to write "don't open dead inside"
Radioactive Lemon
'Radioactive Lemon' 5 days ago
But with a weighted axe you have the momentum that could swing and not wear you out as much
Stephen Channon
'Stephen Channon' 6 days ago
what fuck is it with people and fucking zombies!!! Fucking grow up! They don't exist
Headless genie
'Headless genie' 6 days ago
An axe can get supplies like wood and break down blockades in a survival scenario
Ramen Noodles
'Ramen Noodles' 7 days ago
Hmm I'll just probably slice off their neck. Swing it horizontally Edit: or maybe a baseball bat
Enduro Shiv
'Enduro Shiv' 7 days ago
With the axe I would just spin around with it hanging out and killing everyone
Savior Of Noobs
'Savior Of Noobs' 1 week ago
There's so many ignored factors in this "test" that it could hardly be called such.
'NOVe' 1 week ago
Jamie would have walked over those corpses if it were a real zombie scenario, and lived a little longer.
Kenny McBoats
'Kenny McBoats' 1 week ago
Just hide under a dumpster
Smeevil Clinton
'Smeevil Clinton' 1 week ago
Or a semi automatic rifle with a few 30 round mags...
'jzimmerman1229' 1 week ago
I wonder if they'll ever do a "Once you go black you'll never go back" episode of mythbusters.
'RamboCreativity' 1 week ago
This makes me think about alot of shit.
Penny Dobbins
'Penny Dobbins' 1 week ago
Ues but gun makes alot of sound attracting more zombies
'TBZN' 2 weeks ago
Is it suppose to say "Ax" in the title or did they misspell Axe?
EL Rage Entity
'EL Rage Entity' 2 weeks ago
Everyone is complaining about the axe not getting stuck so it's not fair, they didn't account for bullet penetration, 1 bullet would be able to kill multiple zombies, especially a shotgun shell
Julien Roy
'Julien Roy' 2 weeks ago
Use a shovel, don't swing it but 'push' it to the neck. Works every time :)
RockingDyde! plays games
Adam swings the axe not so realistically and also I doubt that they counted the weight of the axe at all. Of course you'll be able to swing light foam axe faster and harder for a longer period of time than what you'd be able to swing a real axe and especially bigger ones weights a lot so you will get tired in seconds. And if an axe gets stuck in the body you are also wasting a lot of energy pulling it out. So I think 67 kills is far too much of a hopeful dreaming and being a gun master is far more succesful.
'Techy' 2 weeks ago
If you have a Long stick and a Large Axehead ... and a Good Counterweight on the other side of the Axe all you had to to is rotate realy fast. Its like a Lawnmower just a bit more Manual and less Green. And any good Survivor knows that being Undergroud, having a Water and Air Purifier alongside a Hydoponics for all year round Food and maybe a long way of Countiously working Anti-Zombie traps infront of the entrance is the best way.
Incognito Anonymous
'Incognito Anonymous' 2 weeks ago
Deadpool's aresnal would just cut it, katana and handguns, with that kind of ordnance I think one may go above the 100's
daniel junius
'daniel junius' 2 weeks ago
instead of axe why not a long sword, or a japanese sword since long sword is heavy
xlDelphinus Flarelx
'xlDelphinus Flarelx' 2 weeks ago
Bullets will run out
'KnightCaster' 2 weeks ago
So take both.
daetaapretiguudaa fuqinretard
I hope someone noticed that Axe is misspelled.. as Ax.
Cheeki Breeki
'Cheeki Breeki' 2 weeks ago
They are both old men though...
Nate & Dave
'Nate & Dave' 2 weeks ago
This project all depends on how decayed the skull is, since zombies decay inside AND out, so they were sort of using.
Ran Ng
'Ran Ng' 2 weeks ago
Well it's combo of guns and melee that will be the best method to kill a group of zombies. If a zombie gets to close while reloading, kick them back or melee them in the head with the butt end of the gun.
Andrea Rico
'Andrea Rico' 3 weeks ago
We watch Myth busters in class the episode was tanker crush
Heriberta Lozano
'Heriberta Lozano' 3 weeks ago
There just dress up as zombies cool
'ALHADIS YOUTUBER' 3 weeks ago
Pake kentut aja.. Para zombienya nanti cepet mati
Jordan Scott
'Jordan Scott' 3 weeks ago
In reality, you could probably use the gun as a sort of club to kill zombies. For obvious reasons they couldn't do that, but if you're out of ammo and don't have anything else, I'm swinging my gun like a baseball bat.
Jdjdjdjdhdh Djdjdjdjdjd
Is that real Zombie?
Badass Dan
'Badass Dan' 3 weeks ago
Better yet, have an axe...and a gun! UNSTOPPABLE!!!!
'Jothan's Stuff' 3 weeks ago
I rather use the mini-gun from the fish in the barrel 😀
Imelda Luzon
'Imelda Luzon' 3 weeks ago
fake killings ans zombies
Jaby Nator
'Jaby Nator' 3 weeks ago
who needs guns n' axes when u have katanas and flamethrowers?
John Robertson
'John Robertson' 3 weeks ago
That looks like fun, I want to try that myself
'Artistian' 3 weeks ago
this is shit
'GamingProdigy' 3 weeks ago
Can a pineapple break through a standard window
'aPairOfSocks' 3 weeks ago
What about the weight of the axe???
A mean old guy
'A mean old guy' 4 weeks ago
More like dead rising
Audrey McMace
'Audrey McMace' 4 weeks ago
not saying i could do better with a gun but if you gave me a semi auto rifle, like an m1 garand and a couple of clips, like 3 or 4, and 3 sidearms, (all handguns) i could take that whole mob. just gotta start from far away, and have a good control but keep the speed, once you run out of big ammo you pull a sidearm, fast reload, easy to aim
GD Born2
'GD Born2' 4 weeks ago
Don't forget guns require bullets
Harry Vaughan
'Harry Vaughan' 1 month ago
But if you had like an AR 15 and a deagle the guns would win easily
Daniel Felipe
'Daniel Felipe' 1 month ago
Flawed or not, this looks like so much fun!
XxJ4T1NxX 00
'XxJ4T1NxX 00' 1 month ago
And why dont you just have both of them?
'LightsOut' 1 month ago
You have a lot of friends to be able to act out like 500 zombies xD
'Atillias' 1 month ago
Didn't take into account the weight of the axe Also bullets can penetrate Some heads (Shotgun shells)
Game Sec
'Game Sec' 1 month ago
Rip mythbusters
Handbuilt Weapons
'Handbuilt Weapons' 1 month ago
Yes but guns do not jam that Much and if that was a real axe your energy would deplete way faster
'SuperSneakySniper' 1 month ago
Heyyyyo don't forget bullets going thru bodies and getting a zombie or two on the other side :p Even handgun rounds can go thru plenty of zombies :D But ya, Jamie being kind enough not to step on the actors was the cause of his demise XD Guns do run outa bullets, but axes do get dull, and grabbed, sometimes stuck.
Muhamad Rafli
'Muhamad Rafli' 1 month ago
Soo funn!
Grisha Patel
'Grisha Patel' 1 month ago
Leave this to Zombie Go Boom. Thanks but good video
James Guarino
'James Guarino' 1 month ago
At 2:51 two people went down with one swing. Dayum that must be powerful.
White Shadoow
'White Shadoow' 1 month ago
AWong B
'AWong B' 1 month ago
Why do i feel like in tf2 every time the axe is swung down and the bell sound plays?
Chezta Ahmad
'Chezta Ahmad' 1 month ago
axe better than M249? or is M249 too heavy? Maybe P90 is your answer.
McSnurtle ,
'McSnurtle ,' 1 month ago
the gun is always better for special infected :o
Devonté Cooper
'Devonté Cooper' 1 month ago
This is why you always need both. Case and point, The Walking Dead.
Giraffe Man
'Giraffe Man' 1 month ago
You'd need to pull the axe out of the skull as well as axes aren't made out of foam therefore they are heavyweight and take a lot of strength to swing
GreenPhantom Gaming
'GreenPhantom Gaming' 1 month ago
1:you can't count the zombies that are dead they are already dead 2: the zombies slow, stupid and deaf wouldn't reach you before u were out of there 3: dogs and cats would hunt them 4:we would evacuate the human and nuke the zombies 5:
Gabriel Chapman
'Gabriel Chapman' 1 month ago
he can't swing the axe properly because he can't actually hit the zombies. a proper swing would entail the hand closer to the axe head sliding down to his other hand as he his swinging. I wish they were more honest about those kinds of details
'Voidwalker' 1 month ago
And that's why you carry a mixture of the two to not get tired.
'hebneh' 1 month ago
This test assumes that every axe strike, and every bullet, would stop every zombie. In fact you could not realistically achieve a kill every single time, and all it would take is just one zombie knocking you down (or biting you) to get you, especially if there were a lot of them.
knightz zoss
'knightz zoss' 1 month ago
if it was me with buster sword i may kill over 300 zombie and run out energy quick they eat me up how it work force weight + weapon weight - energy = totally one zombies i force weight mean moving weapon around buster sword is 115lb but to me feel like 40 or 45lb and i move sword around feel like 20 or 35lb somehow pend where move it so test be like 30lb + 50lb - 25 = 55 on one zombies attack add then to 300 be like 16,500 totally over limit energy is 14,600 - 16500 = 1900 im died "passout" or worst out cant move
Nikko Sarmiento
'Nikko Sarmiento' 1 month ago
You have to train them around
'PICKLE RICK' 1 month ago
Didn't take into account that it would be harder to swing a real axe that rapidly because of the weight
Hugo Lännholm
'Hugo Lännholm' 1 month ago
question zomies are counted as dead and that should still make them decay making the body much more soft and you wouldnt need as much force
gaming Prince
'gaming Prince' 1 month ago
Isaac Zheng
'Isaac Zheng' 1 month ago
I would chhose a gun so I could kill myself because in real life situation I would not want to be in a zombie apocalypse. Anyone with me
'Jex' 1 month ago
as fakke as hell
A lonely Potato
'A lonely Potato' 1 month ago
The ax would be better since the only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain.
Dannie 826
'Dannie 826' 1 month ago
Jamie shouldn't have been so close to the fence with the gun, it is a medium-long range weapon
'thearticulategrunt' 1 month ago
I'm sorry, 1st off, you have to pull the ax out of each kill; 2nd, using paint ball guns is not as reliable, they jam more than real guns as well as what looked like all pump guns? Semi-auto mag fed pistols and rifles, higher rate of fire, more reliable, faster to reload and you can shoot through the fence to take out those that would be feeding into your original gap before they got the chance to come through. Please test again. Use tagging lasers it you have to, there is some great stuff out there.
Danny Oh
'Danny Oh' 1 month ago
Zombies is not real
Mihyar Islam
'Mihyar Islam' 2 months ago
Please, just use a katana like Michonne, easy.
Darkstone _OFFICIAL_
'Darkstone _OFFICIAL_' 2 months ago
What about Axe vs Hatchet? Could you continuously throw pitcher like shots at zombies with a miniature axe better than swinging your typical firemans axe? Only time will tell :3
'Cs91' 2 months ago
I would take a katana any day over an axe. Just slice the head off with a swing.
Guns N Galore 2001
'Guns N Galore 2001' 2 months ago
It's better to just run
'killerlukosker' 2 months ago
What about the axe force required to pull out an axe and the spread of a shotgun buckshot that would most likely take out more than one zombie.
Black VS White Ahmad shailful alwi
Ok that is fake
Black VS White Ahmad shailful alwi
I hope that is fake zombie
Laiser Fish
'Laiser Fish' 2 months ago
But axe doesn't beat SMG >:3
'ChiefCrayn' 2 months ago
Should of went duel wield when the fence breached
Grim Roten
'Grim Roten' 2 months ago
Id pay to do something like this
A. Ayush
'A. Ayush' 2 months ago
Why not use a chainsaw and cut then into half?? Lmao
Vincent Reyes
'Vincent Reyes' 2 months ago
To those of you who r saying that they didn't consider the act of pulling out the axe, well it is technically there; you see him giving enough force to his swing in order to break through the skull and stops it right before he hits the actors, therefore we can say that the amount of force he's giving is what his arms is taking instead of the zombie actor's skull in which would sum up to the amount of force needed to take the axe out of the skull. Another thing is that, it is more unlikely to an axe to get stuck on the skull than swords because axes are both blunt and edged weapon that when it hits the skull it creates multiple skull fracture and crushes it contrary to the bladed weapons getting stucked because of edge alignments and not having enough weight to deal a destructive blow. Also also, axes are used to kill medieval knights who are covered in plate armors and helms, so skulls are not a problem to double handed axes. Here are some lists of bladed weapons which are most likely to get stucked on human bones: Machetes (especially low class ones), knives(it might not even get through if it has low quality), hatchets, katana (excluding high class and originally made), combat knives, etc...
'SadisticSarcasm' 2 months ago
Why does everyone think an axe would get stuck in the head? Axes are made to cut, not to be lodged in something. With the way an axe is designed plus the lubrication that comes from rotten flesh and blood, there's no freaking way that an axe would get stuck. I'm pretty sure the test swing backs it up, the axe did not get stuck in between the skull, and that was a deep cut.
FPG Motorsports
'FPG Motorsports' 2 months ago
3:25 "Jamie counts the dead..." They were ALL dead already.
Anakin Skywalker
'Anakin Skywalker' 2 months ago
It also doesnt take into account his awful fucking gun composure and handling and complete disregard for his surroundings
Electro GT
'Electro GT' 2 months ago
Plus a gun attracted zombies.
gaming Till
'gaming Till' 2 months ago
4:10 he shot the guy in green but the guy never went down (cheater)
Chris R
'Chris R' 2 months ago
Katana beats axe
Ra ra Rasputin
'Ra ra Rasputin' 2 months ago
Just get a minigun up in that bitch
Ulric letholdus
'Ulric letholdus' 2 months ago
one of the things that many people commenting here seem to either not know or forget is that ammunition cannot be stockpiled indefinitely until needed and with the breakdown of the supply chain their won't be any more made either, in the short term the range from fire arms will reign like now but over time outside of 17-18th century black powder style weapons blades and bows will be the only option for most survivors after a while
daniel osorio
'daniel osorio' 2 months ago
You didn't take in account the weight of a real ax vs the foam one.
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