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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 11 months ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 11 months ago

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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'0GKRAYY KRAYY' 7 hours ago
that was me pff cod my whole life
apple bomb
'apple bomb' 4 days ago
does spinning count?
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 6 days ago
For people saying Guns are better, you have to take into account that there are numerous problems with guns over a melee weapon: Guns make a lot more noise which intern attracts more zombies to your location Guns need ammunition, with that many zombies you would soon run out of bullets and then you are stuck with a lump of metal. Also Guns are heavy and even if you have a lot of guns on you and lots of ammunition that is going to slow you down a lot. Even if you have a bunch of ammunition thats not gonna last you long in the Zombie Apocalypse, yeah it will help you a couple times when there are hordes of zombies but when a whole population has been infected it won't take long for you to run out. Finally Where are you going to get all these guns from? Now before you say " I live in america and we have easy access to guns or I own a gun" Remember that there will be a lot of like minded people who's first instinct is to get to a gunshot or police station. Most likely all of the Ammunition stores will be raided during the first couple days of the apocalypse when everyone is panicking. And if you own a gun thats great but as stated above you will eventually run out of ammo and the sound will draw more zombies to your location. Guns can be great short term but a melee weapons doesn't need ammunition and is silent. You are better of having a bunch of belle weapons that a bunch of guns. But the Choice is yours...
'tbirum' 7 days ago
Not perfect but it was a shit ton better then their first zombie episode,, this was a great deal more realistic,, still some flaws, but a great deal more accurate.
Calvin Lippert
'Calvin Lippert' 1 week ago
1) axes take force to pull out of a head 2) axes deteriorate more than guns do 3) Glocks, xd's, 1911's (modern), ppq's, and most h&k's have tests where thousands of rounds are put through them without "jams" so I hardly find it necessary to take them into account in this test. Especially with the shotgun 4) what did you test this once? sounds like a 5th grade science fair conclusion from what evidence you have
Robert Petties
'Robert Petties' 1 week ago
what about removing the ax from the heads?. that uses a bit of stamina and time
ThresholdSeven Gaming
A gun is always better, no question, until it jams or runs out of bullets, then you better have a good melee weapon. Hasn't anyone ever played a zombie game?... or wonder why they stopped using swords and axes in war when guns were invented? This was a fun test as a "game" but it in no way proved anything conclusively. How can anyone even argue that a melee weapon is better than a gun in the first place? Melee immediately becomes a backup weapon when guns are available. When stealth is needed may be an exception but that's a whole different story. Source: Omniscience
Edbert Khovey
'Edbert Khovey' 1 week ago
just use a negev
'jeffiek' 1 week ago
Meh. Regardless of weapon, less than 58 zombies and you live. More than 67 zombies and you die. What are the chances of there being between 58 and 67 zombies?
'Lyric' 2 weeks ago
He should just have Bladestormed everyone
'errorproxy' 2 weeks ago
He has to stop his swing too. That's wasted energy.
Eden Marty
'Eden Marty' 2 weeks ago
Hi ! Omfg setting It is truly perfect $!strong ..
TrippyJay Graal
'TrippyJay Graal' 2 weeks ago
chainsaws anyone?
wyeybe9yuve HD
'wyeybe9yuve HD' 2 weeks ago
加都 sangluo
'加都 sangluo' 2 weeks ago
its so fake
Hadinhhuy Ha
'Hadinhhuy Ha' 3 weeks ago
'UltraJolt' 3 weeks ago
Adam kinda looks like Negan or is it just me? :)
caleb washburn
'caleb washburn' 3 weeks ago
whats up with the dress Jamie lol
Charlotte Jorgensen
'Charlotte Jorgensen' 4 weeks ago
Yeah, with a lightened handle and a foam head it's easy to swing that around for a few minutes. Try doing that with a 10lb axe head and see how quickly you become tired.
Samuel Piña
'Samuel Piña' 4 weeks ago
give him two glock 17 with a one hundred round mag each gun and a arsenal ak 47 and he be alright..
Isaac W
'Isaac W' 4 weeks ago
Or. Longsword/any long blade. Quick swing and behead. Go back and destroy the heads after. Or.. RUN!
FaZe Alden808
'FaZe Alden808' 4 weeks ago
are those real zombies
Khup Mang
'Khup Mang' 4 weeks ago
Is it real zombies??!!!
Khup Mang
'Khup Mang' 4 weeks ago
Is it real zombies??!!!
Varchol Plays
'Varchol Plays' 4 weeks ago
Also he's not using real guns. he's using paintball guns that are made significantly shittier than a normal gun. Even with a standard 22 from any manufacturer will be more reliable than a paintball. not to mention if you use a spreadshot, you have a chance of getting two with one shot. Also You may get penetration kills with some of the more powerful rounds. These tests do not prove that melee is better than firearms
'3agl' 4 weeks ago
A lesson I learned in left 4 dead 2- You don't need to reload an ax.
Joseph Yamzon
'Joseph Yamzon' 1 month ago
I think it's more tiring to stop the speed/force applied on the axe than let it hit a flesh/ head. yknow :)
Tamay Bayseçkin
'Tamay Bayseçkin' 1 month ago
Thats why you use Katana instead of fucking heavy axe you NOOB.
'Elomarjc' 1 month ago
Wouldn't it be easier if you went for the neck instead of the head?
Lava Hound
'Lava Hound' 1 month ago
sword is best than axe because sword is lighter so you can slash faster without being tired quickly
TheLast Life (TheSkyMiner)
Welcome to the comment section in where 99% of it is people talking about the axe getting stuck, and the 1% other random things about guns and axes
Caylyn Melton
'Caylyn Melton' 1 month ago
Sport but this doesn't convince me. 1 that axe would get stuck, 2 most modern sporting rifles 30+1 magazine capacity standard. 3 a experienced rifle man can clear a malfunction of reload in a flash. 4 an experienced rifle man would be consistently hitting zombies at over 100 hards way. And last but not least modern firearms do not jam nearly as often as toy gun. Give me a glock 19 and a ar-15 anyway over any melee tool
James Reyes
'James Reyes' 1 month ago
This experiment doesn't prove anything, most people uses semi-automatic handguns which is more faster to take zombies and it has higher capacity than a pump-action shotguns. Plus, we all know that nobody dies or could die in this experiment. You can't compare this in real life fear in real time.
'Mycroz' 1 month ago
Why not both
Paulo De Oliveira
'Paulo De Oliveira' 2 months ago
It takes more energy to miss (or to fake hit) than to hit the target. This has been confirmed with boxing as well.
'Wingstar212' 2 months ago
Are those real or fake
My Word is Gospel:
'My Word is Gospel:' 2 months ago
'GttiqwT' 2 months ago
So in a nut shell, use the axe until you're tired then use weapons.
Eli Cusick
'Eli Cusick' 2 months ago
wouldn't a shotgun bullet go right through someones head?
Ari L
'Ari L' 2 months ago
I would kill the most zombies
Sly Dumpling
'Sly Dumpling' 2 months ago
Anyone think this could be the new "laser tag" ?
Jason Jeff
'Jason Jeff' 2 months ago
Weight of the axe? you would get tired pretty quick... also miss swings could take off your leg....
Syriss Pvp
'Syriss Pvp' 2 months ago
But what about a bat? hehe
'shorgoth' 2 months ago
My weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse is a full plate with spikes on the joints of my gauntlets and a good war pic. It would be hard to die with that. The only thing that could really get me is suffocation under the zombies I killed. Of course, I'd use a bow as a way to start the fight. Nothing in these jams and I'd be curious to get swarmed see how they will bite my ass. That or I get some of my friends and we form a halberd formations with range weapons in the back and shields bearer in front with short swords.... with that bye bye zombie apocalypse, here come the cleaning crew.
Kratos God of War
'Kratos God of War' 2 months ago
there's strategic advantages and disadvantages to both weapons. it depends on the environment, the size of the zombie horde, whether u're protecting innocents and non-combatants or have a team to help or u're alone. every situation is different. it's all about strategy. strategy is key.
'Rigbot' 2 months ago
The reason why he got tired quick is because of the way he holds it
cet 96
'cet 96' 2 months ago
not really a fair test as you dont take into account thee possibility your axe gets stuck
Carbon Scythe
'Carbon Scythe' 2 months ago
I'm more interested in how many kills they could get together, Adam dies after 2 minutes 11 seconds, does anyone know how long time it took for Jamie to die?
'JAWneS' 2 months ago
if the axe got stuck in the zombis head ur dead
mr.mario gamer
'mr.mario gamer' 2 months ago
'catsndogs98' 2 months ago
Use both get 124 kills
Quoc Nguyen
'Quoc Nguyen' 2 months ago
Kids, this is why you shouldn't go to TOYS R US to get a Nerf: Zombie Strike gun in a zombie apocalypse
'Bane' 2 months ago
Man Jamie's jacket is cool
'h31212' 2 months ago
Id like to see for the same scenario axe vs PANZERWERFER!!!
'azschalter' 2 months ago
I'd rather use something like Lucile. Some day after the Zombie apocalypse you will run out of ammunition and have to resort to weapons like swords, baseball bats and such anyway.
David Stewart
'David Stewart' 2 months ago
The greatest factor that screwed up this one is the pile of zombies as they came through the original breach was live people so they fell away from each other and not on top of each other. They would pile up tighter at the gap giving more time to shoot!
Nur Syazwina
'Nur Syazwina' 2 months ago
steve ducell
'steve ducell' 2 months ago
Greek Spear.................enuf said
Kimberly Davalos
'Kimberly Davalos' 2 months ago
are they real
Aaron Patterson
'Aaron Patterson' 3 months ago
Saw this on TV an it's stupid I thought they were smart he got fatigue swinging that light thing an a real would get stuck in them an be hard af to pull out.. an Jamie is the slowest with a damn gun then my granny..
Shotgun Jack Turner 21
I think guns win well lots of reasons
Richard Odenbach
'Richard Odenbach' 3 months ago
guns have few shoots
Den Yuan
'Den Yuan' 3 months ago
What if they run?
Felipe De Anda
'Felipe De Anda' 3 months ago
any of those swings would get stuck in the skull
Andre Balian
'Andre Balian' 3 months ago
With a regular axe he could swing with the back of the blade and bludgeon their heads, thereby avoiding the need to withdraw the axe head out after each blow. Also, instead of the typical overhead axe chop he would get more done by rotating the body and using horizontal attacks. Rotational force is more efficient against multiple opponents.
Lego Gaming Boss
'Lego Gaming Boss' 3 months ago
you forgot that sharp things get duller and duller over time
'Dweebix' 3 months ago
Guy in green at 4:11 was shot but at 4:13 he was still going? Hmmm.
1123581321 Genius
'1123581321 Genius' 3 months ago
The biggest problem that I have is when they tested the minimum speed for the swing, they only used one res
'NMSUbanwagon' 3 months ago
AR-15 with a 100 round drum magazine?
Brian K Tran
'Brian K Tran' 3 months ago
LOL 4:32
'TypetwoAbsolute' 3 months ago
They forgot to test the best weapons for a zombie apocalypse: sawed off shotgun and chainsaw. Groovy.
crack head
'crack head' 3 months ago
you don't have to keep constantly swinging with force you could also just use the weight of the axe to your advantage ... remember work smart not hard
Funk Enstein
'Funk Enstein' 3 months ago
Neither of them won. They both got eaten.
'SomeDudeOnline' 3 months ago
paintball guns tend to jam a lot more than real guns don't they? In any case, I think it would be best to have a 9 mm with a ton of pre-loaded clips and a machete (more accurate, I think) in a zombie apocalypse.
Barry Soetorro
'Barry Soetorro' 3 months ago
Kill zone. Problem solved.
Mawifinator 11
'Mawifinator 11' 3 months ago
If he is shooting a shotgun they can kill more then one at a time with buckshot.
Jss Wlch
'Jss Wlch' 3 months ago
This was very interesting. On one hand, I side with the ax as it's a silent weapon that can be used as a tool (one that could help you fashion a bow, another silent weapon). On the other hand, the ax requires you to be up close and risk being attacked. While the ax might have the ability to take out multiple targets, it's very unlikely and extremely tiring. Once you tire out, you are dead. With a gun, you won't tire out as fast and can retreat while minimizing a threat more effectively than an ax. I think if you were going to go tools, a sword is a better way to go offering you more options in terms of how to attack, it's lighter and has a wider/longer zone of effectiveness, and you can wield a gun while holding one (a heavier gun if you go with a machete). I wouldn't choose an ax in this case and wouldn't choose a gun either. If I had to pick, I would go ax or a hatchet. If the zombie are toxic to the touch, a gun or ranged weapon is the only safe way to engage them.
Josiah Trigg
'Josiah Trigg' 3 months ago
use axe when there isnt so many walkers and gun to kill alot fast with no effort
Isaiah Macias
'Isaiah Macias' 3 months ago
that's why you swing the axe towards the neck
'DanIsTheName' 3 months ago
plus guns need ammo
Roblox King
'Roblox King' 3 months ago
you should have switched wepons to see if it was skill or it was the wepons
'd2dak87' 3 months ago
I'd take a Katana over an axe. along with an m4 and a mossberg 500 drum mag. Bring on zombitches.
'Jon' 3 months ago
You need a bayonet on your shotgun.
Peter van Lubeek (Misterkami)
Like some people said; the axe can get stuck in a body pretty easily. Also; the gun would be able to take out zombies behind the fence so he might be able to slow them down by trying to block the entrances with bodies
'bangmeister2012' 3 months ago
You dont really have to worry about jams with glocks. Also you can use 32 rd magazines
Wes Tolson
'Wes Tolson' 3 months ago
Katana is the way to go, man.
'pandaland1' 3 months ago
4:20 is that a pregnant chick with the bright pink shirt? Lol
'pandaland1' 3 months ago
It but why didn't he use whirlwind or bladestorm? Nobody popped bloodlust?
'I'm Done' 3 months ago
fuck the axe just use a katana and slice them easy
'azrin14' 3 months ago
with a proper abraham lincon axe swinging skill you survive zombiapocolip hahaha
Camden Sorter
'Camden Sorter' 3 months ago
the zombies would be becaying so it would take a lot less force. Thats the tricky part though
'mpoll1016' 3 months ago
Adam can't swing an axe that many times
GRAM Channel
'GRAM Channel' 3 months ago
Why not both
Rafael Umana
'Rafael Umana' 3 months ago
ok things would be a lot different if it were a real case scenario. their adrenaline would be so hi up, getting tired won't effect them as quick
Zionic Ravenous
'Zionic Ravenous' 3 months ago
What about a saiga 12 with 20 rounds drums ??? Or even a saiga 410 with 30 drums loaded with slugs ???
Masta An
'Masta An' 3 months ago
katana beats all. more precise. very light. more sharp and you dont have to worry about getting it jammed in the skull like an axe or having to reload like a gun. you can literally just swing it around for hours until you get tired. and with a good quality katana you rarely have to do any maintenance cause it is very durable and you dont have to worry about breaking it or sharpening it all that much.
Ey Boss
'Ey Boss' 3 months ago
I Watched This On Delta Airlines Economy Class. You Fools Could Have Seen Full Episodes Of Bitchbusters. <3
Nick James
'Nick James' 3 months ago
gun beat's ax
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