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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 1 year ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 1 year ago

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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abukar imani
'abukar imani' 12 hours ago
if i had a choice i would pick the axe because a gun can run out of ammo and it is loud it can attract the zombies
'Korica' 13 hours ago
When it comes to the post-apocalypse, I've always said: blades don't run out of ammo.
Brandi Mullins
'Brandi Mullins' 17 hours ago
I think it depends on how close you want to get to the zombies. i.e. do you have the balls to stare them in the face, or do you plan to run like hell and shoot behind you?
Robby Reese #1
'Robby Reese #1' 1 day ago
this is stupid b/c realistically an Axe of that size would be too heavy to carry around for survival, a Katana would be more efficient, there's no need to get into a qcb match with zombies, just wasting energy
Zechariah Bardwell
He was holding the gun wrong
'Death' 1 day ago
Remember the episode of the walking dead where the walkers break through the initial gate of the prison than Rick and Caaaaarrrrrlll grab AK-47 or M-16 and defeat a horde of about 200 hundred zombies together? Well, that could easily be done by one person and taking an axe to that horde would be terrible and would lead to you only being able to take out 1 or 2 zombies without dying.
Crowley King of Hell
The best way to kill a zombie, though, is a clean head-off slice, not a potentially-ineffective skull crack. Imagine, your axe doesn't really get into the brain (control center). The beast is still moving, it's not really dying. But that only means that the axe is even more efficient, if you can't get your hands on something with a longer blade (or if the longer blade is too weak to slice through the spine). Decapitation. Works on everything except werepires, demons, and angels.
Christopher Wong
'Christopher Wong' 3 days ago
survive the zombie apocalypse? invest in a flamethrower.
'AwesomeFaceMe' 4 days ago
Should've duel wielded
'Maniac742' 4 days ago
Choice of firearm was somewhat poor. Why choose shotguns that take forever to reload? Take a semi-auto rifle, like an AR15, AK47, or some other modern combat rifle and you'll see zombie kills go up. Reloads are fast, 30+ rounds per mag, and shooter accuracy will increase over pistols.
Pirate Bearing
'Pirate Bearing' 4 days ago
well if you have a AK 47 you can shoot alot faster and it's easier to reload than a shotgun.
'LOOK ITS A LENNY' 1 week ago
Why not both?
'Sh33p' 1 week ago
ChintyaLimawan Roblox & more
Did that real zombie
Amazing Gamer
'Amazing Gamer' 1 week ago
His is my favorite show but now it's over so the new myth busters will never have the same touch as the original myth busters
Kessler Tharp
'Kessler Tharp' 2 weeks ago
Why not use a ar15 or a AK with many mags?
Dave Kelly
'Dave Kelly' 2 weeks ago
Well when you factor in California magazine capacity laws and the inability to reload without a tool, good luck.
fox2468 sustashe
'fox2468 sustashe' 2 weeks ago
thats fake
Generation Z
'Generation Z' 2 weeks ago
didn't account for automatic weapons.
Renee Ludwig
'Renee Ludwig' 2 weeks ago
he's pretending to hit them with the axe
Amina Muhammad
'Amina Muhammad' 3 weeks ago
David Biemond
'David Biemond' 3 weeks ago
what if you swing your axe around so you hit them in the stomach
Scripted YT
'Scripted YT' 3 weeks ago
It also depends on how old the zombies are if they are 1 month after turning their skull is weak and rotting
blaizen Eye
'blaizen Eye' 3 weeks ago
John Crutchfield
'John Crutchfield' 3 weeks ago
Unless your John Wick
'SwagInPvP' 3 weeks ago
I like the way i am more on discovery than high graphics games or something... i like the way i am more learning a lot about zombies,volcanos,and more and more.. i had been watching discoverys for months... i am more genius now than before... Discoverys are awsome.. games are awsome too but discoverys is like a game learning on it.. and game is learning too.. they are both cool
'R'Mani Nauta' 3 weeks ago
1 Word Collateral
The Spoon
'The Spoon' 3 weeks ago
No harmless zombie was hurt in this video
〈〈-〉〈〈Obside Scribe〉〉〈+〉〉
or you can just carry a gun and an axe....
'MellowMarsh' 4 weeks ago
Have an Axe and guns haha
'Swagwan' 4 weeks ago
"You remember this Ax don't you? It's Dharok's Greataxe."
'BrandFlip' 4 weeks ago
Jamie looks so bad ass.
T.R.O. Aero
'T.R.O. Aero' 4 weeks ago
If these guys were to like working together again and had all of their funding back...they would be able to make the greatest zombie movie ever.
Samantha Bayley
'Samantha Bayley' 4 weeks ago
It's interesting that everyone's talking about having to pull the axe out but they're not asking "What happens if it's a glancing blow?" That would be my biggest concern if I was trying to kill a zombie.
'Benjaman2000' 4 weeks ago
jamie was going with the good old running circles strat from cod zombies lol
Peter Smythe
'Peter Smythe' 4 weeks ago
Well, it depends on your axe, gun, shelter, and skill. The other thing of course is that axes are pretty much dependable, whereas how cavalier you can afford to be with a gun is dependent on your available ammunition.
Jacob Byrd
'Jacob Byrd' 4 weeks ago
This doesn't factor in pulling the axe out of a body. I think a sword sharp enough to cut through a body is a better option.
'KPOP ALister NOW' 4 weeks ago
Gun, and sword. Or knife
Fausto Rodriguez
'Fausto Rodriguez' 1 month ago
what about rapid fire guns. troykas and Minnie guns
Spicy Potato
'Spicy Potato' 1 month ago
You're all big dumbs. If you want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse you obviously need a katana
John Salvaje
'John Salvaje' 1 month ago
I think I'd prefer a spear or a sword over an axe.
jay real
'jay real' 1 month ago
also lets not forget, gun choice bc choosing the wrong guns and the right guns matter. ex pump action shotgun: wrong choice it does give the guarantee power and damage, bc of the pump action it has a chance of jamming . handguns and semi auto: goodchoice it may not give the damage expected based on gun but bc it has a longer range and easily reloadable it makes living easy. and we can all agree. how he was firing them wasnt really fair either
\m/ Jack The Ripper \m/
what about a chain saw, or a flamethrower
PyroSanical _
'PyroSanical _' 1 month ago
I don't think they know how to spell axe
Julian Stavik
'Julian Stavik' 1 month ago
what if he had an LMG
mr space bros
'mr space bros' 1 month ago
they also didn't point out if you do kill all the zombies there the guns noise might attract more while the axe wouldn't
Ellie Vee
'Ellie Vee' 1 month ago
Best melee weapon has to be a crowbar, no? Can use either end, one as a bludgeon and the other as more of a stabbing tool. Plus you can use it to get into places/things too. I may have put a lot of thought into this in the past...
Fabulous Unnie
'Fabulous Unnie' 1 month ago
So I see people saying about the problem of not stepping on people and getting the axe stuck, And while I agree stepping on corpses would be difficult anyway and could have thrown him off balance, resulting in his death in this scenario. The axe is a definite problem though... In the video, they only calibrated one swing, one that could have been more powerful than what was required, it could be that they used an average of more but even then it would be hard to find a LEAST amount of energy required for a kill hit. A rig to find this would have been better but that's just a nit pick of mine.
XxxoverlordxxX 34444
They spelled axe wrong
Christian Caisley
'Christian Caisley' 1 month ago
0:40 No, there's only one axe.
Undertale oyuncusu
'Undertale oyuncusu' 1 month ago
3.00 zombie tuco salamanca
Lincoln Zwolensky
'Lincoln Zwolensky' 1 month ago
zombiez gamer
'zombiez gamer' 1 month ago
swing the axe like a valkyrie from clash of clans
Rias Gremory
'Rias Gremory' 1 month ago
- Gohan -
'- Gohan -' 1 month ago
4:10 that little cheater
'Virideon' 2 months ago
Something else to consider is that with a gun, you can fire from the top of a building, behind a barricade or from some other place of relative safety. With an axe you have to be right next to your targets. Personally, I'd use a gun and keep the axe in reserve. Still a fun experiment though.
solomon 873
'solomon 873' 2 months ago
these people are smart!
Dan Parritte
'Dan Parritte' 2 months ago
clearly guns win in real life. but i have both
'Julio' 2 months ago
El Chapulin Colorado anyone?????
'8888stealth' 2 months ago
Simple. Get a ghn of choice that can fit some sort of DIY chainsaw. Chainsaw won't get stuck in skull. Best of both worlds.
'Siebevanderven' 2 months ago
A heavy machine gun with lots of ammo beats axe for sure
'robinchwan' 2 months ago
is it heavy enough? some of the swings seems to be wierd angle
'Lowe' 2 months ago
An axe or any melee weapon needs no ammo but sharpening. A gun needs ammo and in the apocalypse, you barely find ammo.
'William' 2 months ago
As per L4D and Walking Dead noise attracts zombies.
'Angel' 2 months ago
how bout....... let's just die..... if the zombie apocalypse comes?
'motti15' 2 months ago
A couple of things.. The axe might get stuck sometimes, it would be heavier than what he was swinging as well. As for the guns, he's also using a paintball gun which doesn't reload the same way as a real firearm. If you're using a handgun or rifle, usually clips are pretty easy to load and you can get multiple shots off and can kill more zombies faster than an axe.
Leon Mauersberger
'Leon Mauersberger' 2 months ago
I wonder how much money The actors get (i guess The Are not doing IT for free)
El Andru
'El Andru' 2 months ago
Get a sword, or a sharp machete
Assassin X
'Assassin X' 2 months ago
and the katana would beat the axe!
'Checkone' 2 months ago
What about a machine gun?
Tariq Shafi
'Tariq Shafi' 2 months ago
thinknoodels was watching this!!!
Daniel Arciniega
'Daniel Arciniega' 2 months ago
he couldn't even lift a real axe that size
Leander Parkin
'Leander Parkin' 2 months ago
no it wouldnt since you would have to pull the axe out of the Skull wich would cost time
J Ascend
'J Ascend' 2 months ago
I'd rather a knife like if you agree
Hugo Solorzano
'Hugo Solorzano' 2 months ago
It should be Plausible because most likely the axe will get stuck on the zombies head & he'll need the time to pull it out
'Crow's Nest' 2 months ago
didn't he get over hundred kills 4:09 lol
Sergio Vergara
'Sergio Vergara' 2 months ago
You gotta train with your guns folks.
Erick Rueda
'Erick Rueda' 2 months ago
they should do the zombie killing swords
Michael Norris
'Michael Norris' 2 months ago
'DisneyMagicDreamer85' 2 months ago
Seems like most of the comments are arguing about the axe getting stuck in a skull, vs, the gun jamming when you shoot. Blah blah guys, those are not the variables that are going to save your life. Here is the REAL argument between an axe, vs, a gun. In order to use an axe to kill a zombie, you have to be right there next to that zombie, and where there is one zombie, there are usually a lot of zombies. If the axe is your weapon of choice, you are always putting yourself within zombie reach. But a gun can be fired from far off, from a high up sniper's position or any other safe zone where the horde cannot reach you. With the gun as your weapon, you are more likely to survive because you can remain in a safe location and still shoot down zombies. So, the axe for clearing an escape route to a nearby safe zone and the gun for taking down the majority of the horde.... As long as you have enough ammo.
Konoyaro Gaming
'Konoyaro Gaming' 2 months ago
The axe being stuck in the head isn't a 'huge' concern because if you saw, his axe didn't impail or get stuck in the head when he smashed it. Sure a few might but if you yank it down or pull up as the zombie falls, more than likely you will be able to pull it out.
Jacob Kleinsasser
'Jacob Kleinsasser' 2 months ago
If you are in that situation where Zombies are bearing down on you and you have no way to run away, it would likely be better to just used the weapon on yourself. Make your end as painless as possible over the alternative. Though if you have no way to escape you are a fool. Always make sure you have an exit strategy.
'Eclipse' 2 months ago
Just bullshit
'Vandel212' 2 months ago
So is the foam axe supposed to weight as much as the normal metal one?
Tim Hardy
'Tim Hardy' 2 months ago
and shot gun spread so u can possibly kill 2 or if u use slugs u can get colaterals
Blake Miller
'Blake Miller' 2 months ago
i have a question if you embed the axe into the head wont it get stuck causing you to have to use force to pull it out before you can swing again therefore slowing you down and making you more tired quicker is this true?
'redeye117' 2 months ago
Odd question but i felt a fully automatic weapon would fare better than the shotgun or pistol.
Uchiha イタチ
'Uchiha イタチ' 2 months ago
Zombie itself is a myth
Yin Lee
'Yin Lee' 2 months ago
Im not gay but id let Jamie Hyneman touch me.
Marcelo Silveira
'Marcelo Silveira' 2 months ago
even better if you have both guns and axes, start with guns to prevent exaustion, change to axes when they start to get close, run and change back to gun when your arms start to tire, repeat
'Aaron' 2 months ago
Except they didn't use AA12s for the guns.
'Youtubedoctor' 2 months ago
Fucking *axe
Asa Ackerman-Leist
'Asa Ackerman-Leist' 2 months ago
The axe wasn't the same weight, either. Not cool.
Eric Ling
'Eric Ling' 2 months ago
A sword or something like a naginata or some such might be better than an axe. You don't necessarily have to destroy a zombie, just disable it from chasing you, so a sword slicing out their leg muscles or tendons and such would be easier than swinging an axe at the head. With guns and zombies, it's questionable if shooting them in the torso would even stop them, as I would think they aren't really relying on their main organs too much supposedly, you have to get a good headshot in.
Bradley Bailey
'Bradley Bailey' 2 months ago
well the axe technique was poor as well a person who knew how to swing an axe correctly would do better
Harambe YT
'Harambe YT' 2 months ago
What about an RPG?
Dark Riddeth
'Dark Riddeth' 2 months ago
I guess u could say he didn't pull out 😏
Emerge Legendz
'Emerge Legendz' 2 months ago
what about bullet penetration and the shotgun shell spreading?
Eric SA
'Eric SA' 2 months ago
What if you spin around holding the ax
Neil Whitmore
'Neil Whitmore' 2 months ago
my problem is that he is not using the ax correctly
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