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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 2 years ago

2, 811, 214 views

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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Samuel Masoud
'Samuel Masoud' 2 days ago
Sword trumps all
Lord Flufflebuns
'Lord Flufflebuns' 2 days ago
This is stupid. Completely stupid. For people who make videos that use advanced mathematics and physics, I can't believe they actually thought that using a toy, foam ax is an equal representation of a real ax. First off, the weight an strength required to swing a real ax is, obviously, far greater than a foam toy ax. There is no way he would be able to swing a real ax as rapidly as he was, and especially for as long as he was. Maybe have him test how long he can keep swinging an ax at a block of wood or something for the duration of the time that he survived in this game, and then use that number as his actual kill count. But even THAT wouldn't be accurate, because you guys don't even compensate for the fact of (which everyone has already pointed out) the ax getting stuck in the skull of a zombie. This will use up not only time, but also strength as he has to then pull the ax out. Sure, using only guns is a terrible idea for the reasons stated: Noise, Ammo, Reloading, Accuracy (if you aren't a good shot), potential jamming, weight, etc. But just using melee weapons can also have its downsides: Fatigue, distance needed for kills, weapon damage, disadvantage against humans WITH weapons, and then the disadvantages unique to specific melee weapons (sledgehammers are sure to kill, but EXTREMELY bulky and exhausting, while knives are much harder to kill with, but take little strength). Best bet: Use both, given the situation.
'It's CHIEF DARREN' 3 days ago
Are those zombies real?
GO bananas
'GO bananas' 6 days ago
rage central
'rage central' 7 days ago
This is why you have big cars and a fortified position.
Cashy 1
'Cashy 1' 7 days ago
Adam couldve spun in a circle like a tornado if this was real and jamie would most likely have a real gun that wouldnt jam is much as a crappy paintball gun Also jamie lost because he had to watch his step getting over the 'zombies' he shot, if this were real he could just run over them stepping on them and not worrying so he coulda got another 10 or so if it were real life
Cody Gaydon
'Cody Gaydon' 1 week ago
he has to stop the axe from moving if he didnt we would be good?
John Black
'John Black' 1 week ago
Errmmm what about machine gun?
Eray Özer
'Eray Özer' 1 week ago
use smaller axe.
Marius Catalin
'Marius Catalin' 2 weeks ago
FUCK THE AXE take a WARHAMMER in a hand and pistol in anther or a sword and a pistol
yuki abang gta
'yuki abang gta' 2 weeks ago
Joshua Wang
'Joshua Wang' 2 weeks ago
it takes strength to stop the axe in mid air
Tou Xic vong
'Tou Xic vong' 2 weeks ago
Axe are heavy. In this case a sword would be your best weapon for a mob of zombies.
'Saurav' 2 weeks ago
Sword and Gun combo is the best.
David Kim
'David Kim' 2 weeks ago
A trained person would be capable of taking better aim and reloading faster so I’d still go with guns, also they are good for long range the only downsides are reloading, need for ammo and it’s very loud bangs
irraa mew
'irraa mew' 3 weeks ago
Axe beats gun in tuis scenario. But when axe embeds into a skull it could take a bit of force take it out again.
Umar G Rally
'Umar G Rally' 3 weeks ago
I think a metal baseball bat would do the trick. Much lighter and you won't have to worry about it getting stuck in a zombies head. Plus the weight distribution is much more even, making it easier to wield.
meri Tauzi
'meri Tauzi' 3 weeks ago
Coldsun Knight
'Coldsun Knight' 3 weeks ago
Flamethrower, problem solved.
'L3AF' 3 weeks ago
Dual welding pistols might be better than shotgun xD
'Fladegaron' 3 weeks ago
Best way to kill a zombie -use a damn fucking machine gun with 10 ammos in all of its sides
Ben Zzz
'Ben Zzz' 3 weeks ago
a broadsword would be best
'TheDarnight' 3 weeks ago
Use a mini gun or rpg
Great Man
'Great Man' 3 weeks ago
Daniel Samson
'Daniel Samson' 3 weeks ago
Could he like with the axe just spin around with it
David Rodriguez
'David Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
But did they factor in how badass Hyneman looked?
Isaiah Herrera
'Isaiah Herrera' 3 weeks ago
why not both? and a knife
'CubNeb' 3 weeks ago
Michael Farrell
'Michael Farrell' 3 weeks ago
Green Tshirt guy is a cheating motherfucker.... Prob voted for Trump
Hans Mater
'Hans Mater' 3 weeks ago
i would just run lol
Sean McGovern
'Sean McGovern' 3 weeks ago
H e could’ve gotten more kills if he had jug, quick revive, and if he pack-a-punched :/
Amir Amzar
'Amir Amzar' 3 weeks ago
Why the axe look like balmond axe from mobile lagends
'Everything_Nerdy' 3 weeks ago
How do i put the cheese in the oven?
Jamie looks like a middle aged school shooter
Pasindu Perera
'Pasindu Perera' 4 weeks ago
get a better gun ?. Axe could stuck inside a zumbie they forgot that . Get a samurai sward
Khourn Chhel
'Khourn Chhel' 4 weeks ago
Filippo Cortese
'Filippo Cortese' 4 weeks ago
It is much easier and you don't get tired that fast if you keep the ax swing going (through some kind of fancy ax swinging way) at a more or less constant velocity, because the force needed to maintain the velocity is less than the force needed to accelerate the axe from 0mph to Xmph.
'evlogan' 4 weeks ago
Should’ve put a count of how many times he killed a zombie.
Acronical GT
'Acronical GT' 4 weeks ago
i guess if this happen miniguns will get duplicate and be 100% legal to any people
Mitchell Hannam
'Mitchell Hannam' 4 weeks ago
In any case for which is going to be more effective in a single encounter. Blades will still win out because in a zombie survival scenario you need to think about the future as well. Guns run out of ammo. Blades or blunt weapons don't...
Solomon45711 s
'Solomon45711 s' 4 weeks ago
Gun why? So I can suicide EZ no pain death
South West Lunker Hunters Swlunkerhunters
It helps a lot more if you know how to use a gun.
'Jarred42501' 4 weeks ago
Why a axe? just use a chainsaw and instantly cut through them!
MasterManDeluxe Plays
Zombies... a.k.a Humans
Travis Williams
'Travis Williams' 4 weeks ago
If you had a semiautomatic 22 rifle with a 50 round drum magazine and you could reload fast enough that's an instant dead 100 zombies there
Nike Molan
'Nike Molan' 1 month ago
Didn't factor in; spread from shotgun shells either, or bullets passing through multiple zombies. One thing is for sure, don't use a paintball gun.
Siris Mcgee
'Siris Mcgee' 1 month ago
ax vs gun but if he had say 2 umps he would have ez beat him cus a few shotguns and 2 pistols how like very few bullets and they dont jam that often
Nick Miller
'Nick Miller' 1 month ago
Adams number could have been greatly improved if he was more accustomed to chopping wood
Harry Akira Eaton
'Harry Akira Eaton' 1 month ago
Not to mention if you escape to the wilderness you can accomplish more tasks with the axe, sure you can hunt easier with a gun, but chopping firewood for cooking, shelter building and other stuff is hard without one.
'dodo828' 1 month ago
Just get a ray gun and form a cluster of zombies then shoot them in the feet. It's that easy.
The Jack of Spades
'The Jack of Spades' 1 month ago
Axe: Pro: silent and deadly...multiple uses...lightweight and easy to store in a backpack Con: fatigue...might take multiple swings...short range Gun: Pro: lightweight and easy to store...kills zombies in seconds...depending on the gun, long range Con: not-so-silent...reload time...requires maintenance...requires ammunition Answer:take the axe...
Lorcan Burndrett
'Lorcan Burndrett' 1 month ago
Zombies cant come to life. Realisticly if a dead person was to come to life they would have to unbarey 6 feet of dirt
'Agung' 1 month ago
is that a real zombies
'MIKE REACTS' 1 month ago
Yeah well in a zombie apocalypse we are going to have Clips ready that are loaded setting aside ready to drop and reload
estúpid...huevon culeao
NERD Incorporated
'NERD Incorporated' 1 month ago
shadow venom71
'shadow venom71' 1 month ago
or use a machine gun
shadow venom71
'shadow venom71' 1 month ago
use a bazooka
Attila Princz
'Attila Princz' 1 month ago
Btw Adam was swinging with a foam axe, with a normal axe it would have been way more exhausting plus you can use guns at long range
TheImpossible ChickenMafia
Would u not get tired ?
Monte Wolf
'Monte Wolf' 1 month ago
They didn't account bullets passing through and probably killing more. Axe is heavy and there is a lot of hit or miss and zombie can grab him while he tries to swing it right. Also, while holding guns, walrus didn't run too much due to people on ground.
'TheGoldenGolem' 1 month ago
The axe won but a real axe would way more yes?
'THE THIN. G Fait' 1 month ago
I would go alien x
'JookaBits' 1 month ago
chainsaw or a motorized hedge saw, would proably be the best, however you'd need to refuel
t355dgHMnzv 232312
't355dgHMnzv 232312' 1 month ago
Except getting zombie blood in your eyes, open wound, ect would infect you. with an axe, this way more likely.
Andrew Sabater
'Andrew Sabater' 1 month ago
Now if Jamie had a Glock he wouldn't have any gun problems lol.
jake mumbles
'jake mumbles' 1 month ago
What about just a sledge? It would not get stuck.
'jamesip28' 1 month ago
SuperBoy HD17
'SuperBoy HD17' 1 month ago
the zombie real i am so creepy :(
Trevor Jones
'Trevor Jones' 2 months ago
You wouldn't have to worry about killing them, if you hit them with enough force with a bat or something they'd fall over and give you more time to escape (considering how slow they are.  Also if they're rotting bodies a bat could knock their limbs off
'THE BOTTOM ofTHE sea' 2 months ago
He is not hitting the zombies
Lin Yen Chin
'Lin Yen Chin' 2 months ago
I rather see a Gunslinger and an actual martial artist competing, but these two old guys, or, people of relatively "normal" body condition and coordination, are more accurate for you whom are not trained nor naturally gifted in martial skill. I want them to rig this test up again, with beginner level marksmen v.s beginner martial artists, then intermediate and finally the advanced equivalent, just to see how much more those trained individuals can optimize the efficiency or "efficacy"(redundant trash word) of their combat skills to take down more zombies than Adam and Jamie. Wouldn't you all like to see a proportional relationship between all 4 groups, to see how much conditioning~training can enhance your odds of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?
Curtis Gingue
'Curtis Gingue' 2 months ago
but paint ball guns are less accurate. a lot easier to jam, and with something like a shot gun u can get more then just one kill with one shot un like the paintball gun
Asjad Ali
'Asjad Ali' 2 months ago
but you're dead anyway
'The ENTP' 2 months ago
Really determines on the user.
nick green
'nick green' 2 months ago
Bullets go through people and hit other people sometimes
Like Wise
'Like Wise' 2 months ago
How many people did they hire?
SaneCosine50540 -
'SaneCosine50540 -' 2 months ago
They dont take into consideration decayed skulls, bones, etc.
'whiskers' 2 months ago
like anyone has that amount of stamina to chop zombies at that kind of pace continuesly xD with that size axe or any fire axe
'Marko' 2 months ago
Are you telling me that they've missed an opportunity to write "don't open dead inside"
Radioactive Lemon
'Radioactive Lemon' 2 months ago
But with a weighted axe you have the momentum that could swing and not wear you out as much
Stephen Channon
'Stephen Channon' 2 months ago
what fuck is it with people and fucking zombies!!! Fucking grow up! They don't exist
Headless genie
'Headless genie' 2 months ago
An axe can get supplies like wood and break down blockades in a survival scenario
Ramen Noodles
'Ramen Noodles' 2 months ago
Hmm I'll just probably slice off their neck. Swing it horizontally Edit: or maybe a baseball bat
Enduro Shiv
'Enduro Shiv' 2 months ago
With the axe I would just spin around with it hanging out and killing everyone
Savior Of Noobs
'Savior Of Noobs' 2 months ago
There's so many ignored factors in this "test" that it could hardly be called such.
'NOVe' 2 months ago
Jamie would have walked over those corpses if it were a real zombie scenario, and lived a little longer.
Kenny McBoats
'Kenny McBoats' 2 months ago
Just hide under a dumpster
Smeevil Clinton
'Smeevil Clinton' 2 months ago
Or a semi automatic rifle with a few 30 round mags...
'jzimmerman1229' 2 months ago
I wonder if they'll ever do a "Once you go black you'll never go back" episode of mythbusters.
'RamboCreativity' 2 months ago
This makes me think about alot of shit.
Penny Dobbins
'Penny Dobbins' 2 months ago
Ues but gun makes alot of sound attracting more zombies
'TBZN' 2 months ago
Is it suppose to say "Ax" in the title or did they misspell Axe?
EL Rage Entity
'EL Rage Entity' 2 months ago
Everyone is complaining about the axe not getting stuck so it's not fair, they didn't account for bullet penetration, 1 bullet would be able to kill multiple zombies, especially a shotgun shell
Julien Roy
'Julien Roy' 2 months ago
Use a shovel, don't swing it but 'push' it to the neck. Works every time :)
RockingDyde! plays games
Adam swings the axe not so realistically and also I doubt that they counted the weight of the axe at all. Of course you'll be able to swing light foam axe faster and harder for a longer period of time than what you'd be able to swing a real axe and especially bigger ones weights a lot so you will get tired in seconds. And if an axe gets stuck in the body you are also wasting a lot of energy pulling it out. So I think 67 kills is far too much of a hopeful dreaming and being a gun master is far more succesful.
'Techy' 2 months ago
If you have a Long stick and a Large Axehead ... and a Good Counterweight on the other side of the Axe all you had to to is rotate realy fast. Its like a Lawnmower just a bit more Manual and less Green. And any good Survivor knows that being Undergroud, having a Water and Air Purifier alongside a Hydoponics for all year round Food and maybe a long way of Countiously working Anti-Zombie traps infront of the entrance is the best way.
Incognito Anonymous
'Incognito Anonymous' 2 months ago
Deadpool's aresnal would just cut it, katana and handguns, with that kind of ordnance I think one may go above the 100's
daniel junius
'daniel junius' 2 months ago
instead of axe why not a long sword, or a japanese sword since long sword is heavy
The Plug
'The Plug' 2 months ago
Bullets will run out
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