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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 2 years ago

3, 030, 899 views

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During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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Zachary Carter
'Zachary Carter' 13 hours ago
You're not just gonna find ammo laying around in the event of a zombie apocalypse, so once you run out there's not much of a choice.
Phillip Cowell
'Phillip Cowell' 15 hours ago
It's fatigue in the end that gets Adam as much as anything, and that axe, unless I missed something, is a small fraction of the weight as a real axe.
Blackout Lol
'Blackout Lol' 1 day ago
Oh man I love this episode!
Grey Jedi
'Grey Jedi' 1 day ago
axe vs gunSSSSS if it was 1 gun vs the axe it would be intresting also the axe size is a joke
Deserted Tiger boy
Are those real zombies
Critical Vix
'Critical Vix' 5 days ago
There actually is a bunch of different factors to consider when it comes down to this. One of the many is how heavy the weapon is, how sharp the axe is...and how large the blade and handle is. When it comes to the gun, there are again a bunch of different things. One is the overall accuracy of the gun. The second is the bullet capacity, third is the guns fire rate. And forth is how many there are
The Mantis Shrimp
'The Mantis Shrimp' 6 days ago
It's Axe
Lil Cumstain
'Lil Cumstain' 1 week ago
-heavy -could potentially stuck in the skull -blood everywhere (could get you infected) -if you dont work out this would be hard because it will drain your stamina and now you cant run (well done) - could get you bitten if youre not strong enough or if you didnt put enough force
Josiah Torkelson
'Josiah Torkelson' 1 week ago
You need to use the force of pulling it out of an object
extreme Gamer
'extreme Gamer' 2 weeks ago
What about zombie and the axe together
yolo Perkins
'yolo Perkins' 2 weeks ago
Simple to survive this. Don't get stuck in the apoclypse
'Weeb' 2 weeks ago
gabriel gochev
'gabriel gochev' 2 weeks ago
this wont work axe can get stuck also swinging so much gonna have some hand shock unless your some crazy lumberjack whos been cutting trees his whle life like a motherfucker
Joshua Gabriel
'Joshua Gabriel' 2 weeks ago
Did they take in the fact that the dummy ia a replicatir of a HUMAN and not a ZOMBIE? Remember the zombie skin is rotted and soft!
'jakeJellyfish' 2 weeks ago
Yeah but they forgot getting an axe stuck in a skull and having to pull it out also the axe he used is foam so its not as heavy
Amy Rhed
'Amy Rhed' 3 weeks ago
Amy Rhed
'Amy Rhed' 3 weeks ago
Adam and Jamie
Keslin Davids
'Keslin Davids' 3 weeks ago
They didnt consider that possibility of zombies actually running at you at full pace which is more likely. If you are stronger and fast an axe would be perfect if you are facing a bunch of walking sloths. But imagine 50+ running at you at full chance with an axe, guns will get you through that
rj white
'rj white' 3 weeks ago
they just ran out of myths to do. cause this one was lame af
Sarah Santos
'Sarah Santos' 3 weeks ago
Omg just zombies is not true Ples just stop it its chese ok AND FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂 AND THE SAND IS FUNNY I LIKE IT😂😂😂😂😂 I FEEL I WANT TO GO THEIR
The Rust Admin
'The Rust Admin' 1 month ago
You spelt axe wrong.
Aaron Lycan
'Aaron Lycan' 1 month ago
But wouldn’t the bullets go though multiple zombies
Edward Butcher
'Edward Butcher' 1 month ago
The axe can get stuck
'Noteamaasime' 1 month ago
Let me just use c4 more efficient or just nuke bomb or atom a city...
'Ben' 1 month ago
Prince Dinero
'Prince Dinero' 1 month ago
Zombie is not real
SupBro Vang
'SupBro Vang' 1 month ago
Doesn't matter about which weapon is better to use in a zombie battle, it depends on the person using it, again the weapon doesn't use u, u use the weapon.
'DangerousPie03' 1 month ago
But what if you have an ax and a gun?
Ben Elliott
'Ben Elliott' 1 month ago
nuke beats all
'DarthDragon007' 1 month ago
I have yet to see a comment on this, but it seems they haven't factored in an Axe's weight. Especially one the size of what Adam is using, that thing would be heavy. Easily in the 50 pound range.
Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.
Pistol < axe <
Undead Gaming97
'Undead Gaming97' 2 months ago
Axe not ax
teleasha goodey
'teleasha goodey' 2 months ago
why dont u just get both
Brendan Evans
'Brendan Evans' 2 months ago
This is why I got a katana
'scottyCZ' 2 months ago
He only touched their heads. Axe would be slow and impractical in zombie apocalypse and it would get stuck in zombie's head.
Cieran Kavanagh
'Cieran Kavanagh' 2 months ago
They should have done it with an ar15 type weapon bearing in mind you can get 50 round mags or bigger for them
Glowing Aleks
'Glowing Aleks' 2 months ago
If they partnered.
BlazingTank 578
'BlazingTank 578' 2 months ago
Zomebies can run so fast and kill you or infect you. You need a gun or big wepon to kill a zombie!
Richard Mattingly
'Richard Mattingly' 2 months ago
What bull..... the problem of course was two fold and the most glaring was Adam was credited with never missing unlike his 1-3 times he failed during testing. So at best he'd might get 2-3 kills while swinging and the test was flawed because the force would have to be greater on a shorter blow parallel at head height than the one hitting downward at or below chest level. For Jaime it was firing at same distance Adam was swinging and had he gone closer he could of popped the zombies just before clearing the gate one by one plus a double kill with a single bullet hitting a pair nicely lined up like bowling pins. After the fence opened a bit of a retreat was in order since the distance meant reloading would have an advantage and he didn't fire with both hands that would increase the rate of fire. By the way a pair of 3LB hand sledges would be better if only cracking the skull was required and a blow to the side or forehead can be done with two arms like beating on a set of drums......:)
Declan Stewart
'Declan Stewart' 2 months ago
I think i'll stick to my 870 and 1911
Christian Renz Pueyo
'Christian Renz Pueyo' 2 months ago
shotgun shells speads
Kung Fu Panda
'Kung Fu Panda' 2 months ago
How about a mini gun?
Kyle Frinkle
'Kyle Frinkle' 2 months ago
Revive me I have Raygun
Turner Bate
'Turner Bate' 2 months ago
Tactical reload
Andy Bee
'Andy Bee' 2 months ago
I would still prefer Michonnes katana.
Anas Ahmad
'Anas Ahmad' 2 months ago
I would simply join the zombies by letting them eat me.....I will then live forever! XD
'Goronzrus' 2 months ago
An axe is not a hammer. Have you ever swung one? You it will get stuck and you will have to pry it out. In all likelihood you would kill one zombie, have to drop the zombie to the floor, then try and wedge the axe out of its skull
'Hakunushi' 2 months ago
I see a big problem. the axe can get stuck on the skull of a zombie, forcing you to use your legs to pull out
pewdie bhai
'pewdie bhai' 2 months ago
me: ohh fuck so many zombies centereing me ,duck some one help me!!!!!!! valkiri: hold my beer......
Bo-jivan Parker
'Bo-jivan Parker' 2 months ago
myth not busted the axe isn't weighted to be like an actual axe. and you could easily get it stuck
'Titanic' 2 months ago
What about Gun VS Pickaxe or Kitchen Knife?
'Titanic' 2 months ago
What if I start spinning around? Also try to keep doing hard hits while you are tired.
Jon Broadway
'Jon Broadway' 2 months ago
Some needs show him how to use a firearm and why would you pick a 12 gauge punp with only 5 to 7 rounds why not use a AR with a 60 round mag or hell even a hundred round mag. I call bullshit
A zap
'A zap' 2 months ago
Not real👀👀👀
Rob gaming 2
'Rob gaming 2' 2 months ago
Swingggggggg ittttt
Mark what
'Mark what' 2 months ago
How do they forget that sometimes a bullet can go through multiple people. Especially a high caliber gun.
Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More
The gun should be semi automatic
Abdul-Rhman Saad
'Abdul-Rhman Saad' 2 months ago
except if you're deadshot
prc12 gang Gang
'prc12 gang Gang' 2 months ago
Axis is better that guns
'Aussieroth7' 2 months ago
... I'll still take a sword over an axe any day.
zombiez gamer
'zombiez gamer' 2 months ago
If they could move out of the circle they would last longer
jim Morrison
'jim Morrison' 2 months ago
This is too flawed of an experiment and too small of a sample size to be conclusive. Many variables are not accounted for. For example how physically fit you are will affect how well you are able to avoid zombies. How much skill and experience with guns or axes you have is also a factor. How much the axe weighs and how Sharp it is yet another factor. You should have at the very least run the test multiple times with different people and accounted for axe weight.
CT Spoder
'CT Spoder' 2 months ago
Shotgun pellets spread and with no choke or reduced choke they go everywhere
CT Spoder
'CT Spoder' 2 months ago
No one would use an axe with his strength
Happy Hours
'Happy Hours' 2 months ago
Storm Bierre
'Storm Bierre' 2 months ago
funny x number of viewers complain that a gun would be better ,or this or that. yet does any one stop to think about one thing? ammo, I mean you only have so much, before you have to use other items in a fight. One would be force to persevered one's ammo just like you would food and other items. plus certain guns are extremely inconvenient anyway. Ex: some guns if you are not care full would knock you down, thus giving the "zombies" a small opening. I tried to shoot a gun in my high school class, the teacher was teaching us hunting skills, and had us shoot a gun. And it is not easy to get a bullseye. Not every one is going to be able to shot one, let alone weld one. not every one is skilled to use one. Let me ask which is easier to hit an non-moving target or a moving target? And which would be the hardest? Also let me also ask if a Zombie apocalypse was to happen tomorrow, regardless if one is impossible, what would you do when you are out of ammo : whip them with the gun, or use other means? A Ax or a gun that has very little ammo in it still against a hoard?
Maestro Rage
'Maestro Rage' 2 months ago
now the only thing i coulda wished to see is the fact of adam swinging with one hand in a action movie sense.
ultor europae
'ultor europae' 2 months ago
Machine gun belt fed, Prestige
Jordan Lottalaughs
'Jordan Lottalaughs' 2 months ago
An m4 with any tactical experience wins
kenneth morris
'kenneth morris' 2 months ago
all he needed was a flame thrower
Ian McClintock
'Ian McClintock' 2 months ago
Perhaps if he conserved momentum work the ax he would come out better, using it's weight instead of actually swinging it.
Zaco the Wacko
'Zaco the Wacko' 3 months ago
The time pulling the axe from the skull. Also why would you get close to a zombie with a gun
Mike Montague
'Mike Montague' 3 months ago
never seen the ax being made. is it as heavy as a real ax?
'ThatOneGinger' 3 months ago
If it was made of metal it would be heavier therefore lowering the kills because of fatigue
russ coffey
'russ coffey' 3 months ago
Should have used a shotgun axe
'bilbobagpipe' 3 months ago
What if the axe gets stuck in the head?
'MrBeftackel' 3 months ago
Jeez this one is boring, i like all the others!
'XxBigDAWG22xX' 3 months ago
Test is super flawed. The axe isn’t just gonna bounce off. Hitting the spot you intent to with a axe over and over is extremely hard. And guns doesn’t jam near as much as paintball guns. Multiple zombies could be killed with one round. The ability to kill food and to kill yourself instead of suffering a ridiculous dead of being ripped apart by zombies.
Name starts with N
'Name starts with N' 3 months ago
R.I.P Ammo
Kevin Johnson
'Kevin Johnson' 3 months ago
Im also pretty sure that having to jump over the zombies instead of just walking on them slowed down Jamie and Adam lol
0987654321 1234567890
Hacks actors
Christopher Mark
'Christopher Mark' 3 months ago
Get outta here not real, 30 round or 10 round mags & plenty of them,
Raa 666
'Raa 666' 3 months ago
You didnt add the calculation of time needed to take the axe back out of zombie head wich would have reduced the number of dead Zombies with half atleast
Sea Oh
'Sea Oh' 3 months ago
Id say the best melee weapon is a spear
datoverwatchnoob lol
'datoverwatchnoob lol' 3 months ago
Wtf is an ax do you mean axe?
Weston Promotions
'Weston Promotions' 3 months ago
It also depends on if you have cover or not
Lawanna Hays Gardner
'Lawanna Hays Gardner' 3 months ago
Spicy Meat Balls
'Spicy Meat Balls' 3 months ago
They should modifie them and sell them as kids toys
Jackson Wagner
'Jackson Wagner' 3 months ago
Don't forget bullet penetration
Chubby Nuggs
'Chubby Nuggs' 3 months ago
What about a gun that shoots axes
MrNimetu GT
'MrNimetu GT' 3 months ago
shaen frum bozzfed
'shaen frum bozzfed' 3 months ago
but you wouldnt need to stop the ax suddenly and then quickly pull away. The ax would also get stuck in their heads.
Johan Johansson
'Johan Johansson' 3 months ago
Skallagrim should have showed Adam how to wield an axe properly, and also showed him that that axe is way too big to swing around continuously.
Joe Vazquez
'Joe Vazquez' 3 months ago
He's using pump actions. What if you had full autos with drum magazines???? Interesting but still a Stupid test
RandomTurtle Streams
'RandomTurtle Streams' 3 months ago
I mean, it's not how efficient the weapon it, it's really about HOW you use the weapon
RandomTurtle Streams
'RandomTurtle Streams' 3 months ago
Jack Bragdon
'Jack Bragdon' 3 months ago
How much make up did they have to buy🤔
Kill The U
'Kill The U' 3 months ago
Remember Don't try this at home with your real zombies kids
james carter
'james carter' 3 months ago
axes doll down after a few zombies it doesn't stay sharp
Shoaib Yusuf Mukadam
'Shoaib Yusuf Mukadam' 4 months ago
Use a grenade
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