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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 1 year ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 1 year ago

2, 365, 674 views

14, 239 Likes   920 Dislikes

During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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Skull Strider
'Skull Strider' 20 hours ago
I hope this will never happen or I will Lol 😂
hidden contractor
Raid kills zombies dead.
Jacob Logan
'Jacob Logan' 1 day ago
Another problem w this test is several times Adam gets no where even close to the head with his giant axe therefor he is always much further out of ranger than he would realistically be Additionally if i recall correctly Jaime had some kind of paint ball gun that was not near the reliability and function of modern firearms so there is that as well
Neil Kennan
'Neil Kennan' 1 day ago
japanese sword would work well
claud de guzman
'claud de guzman' 3 days ago
Does anyone think of Dead rising while watching?
Jeff the crazy 1
'Jeff the crazy 1' 3 days ago
What about a fully automatic weapon lol
James 2005
'James 2005' 4 days ago
Axe does not beat a machine guns so people, when there's a zombie apocalypse, use a machine gun not a axe
loveme 23
'loveme 23' 5 days ago
an ax can kill zombies fast but people on the apocalypse they are enemies to sooo gun does make the count for protection
Harvey Weller
'Harvey Weller' 5 days ago
The gun should have recoil
PartyPlace 15
'PartyPlace 15' 6 days ago
But guns can shoot through shit. Gotta get them collats
Stefan Korica
'Stefan Korica' 6 days ago
That is why use semi-auto and fully-auto guns , not pump action jezuuus. . .
sam stoddard
'sam stoddard' 6 days ago
Something people are forgetting when they say the axe will get stuck, in a scenario like this you'd most likely be using a felling axe, which is meant to split and push out wood. It would work similarly for skulls presumably, it would split it, and push it outward, making a hole much large than the size of the axe head
'QualityMemer' 1 week ago
Can't you just pistol whip them in the head
Winson L
'Winson L' 1 week ago
How do you even use zombies
Gabriel Perez
'Gabriel Perez' 2 weeks ago
The zombies were going way faster for the gun guy
'iiKill' 2 weeks ago
I'd choose a axe because the ammo will run out at some point
Theo Spence
'Theo Spence' 2 weeks ago
Are the zombies real? 🤔😟
Skinny Dugan
'Skinny Dugan' 2 weeks ago
Hes using so much energy to stop the ax u usually wouldn't do that
Ethan Scanlon
'Ethan Scanlon' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else think Jamie looked like a badass killing those zombies?
'J J' 2 weeks ago
What if the axe got stuck in the zombie's head?
Nathan Jay
'Nathan Jay' 2 weeks ago
Axe better because it's sllient
abram gs
'abram gs' 2 weeks ago
fake zombie
Hoyt Brunner
'Hoyt Brunner' 2 weeks ago
The shotgun can shoot more than one pellet, and you didn't take into account if the bullet could have penetrated them
dFuZe FledglingAlloy
The reasons the guns jammed as often are those are paintball guns a real shotgun could take multiple due to spread then the penetration of the shot same thing with the pistol it would of gone through zombies and if all shot in the head it would take down more than expected he also kept dodging the actors and actresses
'FilthyCasualGaming' 2 weeks ago
did we find the slowest possible force it takes with a real axe? Maybe he used more force than needed to crack the fake skull and now are expecting the fake axe to use more energy that is really needed...i would have tried and tried until we got the minimum force needed.
James Reed
'James Reed' 2 weeks ago
nothing about the noise caused by the guns firing drawing more zombies....but hey there's silencers...which you are less likely to find.
Jimmy Hopkins
'Jimmy Hopkins' 2 weeks ago
Steelers Fan
'Steelers Fan' 3 weeks ago
Gun would win
Isaac Lee
'Isaac Lee' 3 weeks ago
This is the most inaccurate test ever: A) every swing with the axe needs a minimum amount if force and not just a slight touch B) every time a zombie is killed with the axe a minimum amount of force is also needed to pull the axe out C) sometimes the axe can get stuck so he'll need extra time to get it out Finally (the biggest flaw) D) the gun wasn't allowed to immediately start shooting and instead had to wait for the zombies to come into the zone like the axe. This contradicts/takes away the guns main advantage which is its range and how you can attack from afar without having to get close to them
Mr .D
'Mr .D' 3 weeks ago
why didnt u swing that axe bro
'Lemonfaic' 3 weeks ago
Better to get an axe and gun.
Suzuki Uchiha
'Suzuki Uchiha' 3 weeks ago
Jamie should have 1 or 2 guns only, a pistol and a rifle or shot gun and multiple magazines. As emptying a magazine and reloading is much better den say switch guns and reloading.
Secret Zexyula
'Secret Zexyula' 3 weeks ago
ooh I want to play!
JlFSI 890
'JlFSI 890' 3 weeks ago
Dave Mejia
'Dave Mejia' 3 weeks ago
Is that real zombie?
My name is Basic
'My name is Basic' 3 weeks ago
Ax or axe? Lol nice title
'AIZRO CHAOTIC' 3 weeks ago
This is a stupid thing to do and it's a good waste of time too
'ImABread' 3 weeks ago
Just swing it like a valkyrie
'Lafter_' 3 weeks ago
I think the best option is for you to have and an axe and a pistol. (In my opinion, plz no hate)
Michael Soriano
'Michael Soriano' 3 weeks ago
If that was a real gun, wouldn't the bullets from a real gun pass through the head of a zombie and possibly killing another, so 1 bullet could've killed 3
Zac Reese vlogs
'Zac Reese vlogs' 3 weeks ago
Aren't they real
'Tycoonmaster460' 3 weeks ago
Id bring a few guns and a axe for a zombie apocalypse
'FirstBallers' 3 weeks ago
'Unknown' 4 weeks ago
for long range killing gun is better but for cqc axe is better and also the gun has magazines
vuong quoc nghia
'vuong quoc nghia' 4 weeks ago
I want that axe
Randy Herlambang
'Randy Herlambang' 4 weeks ago
nahh this is just for fun, in reality gun will always better in every situation. real axe is heavy, need to swing at close range, stuck in skull, and if you miss the head in that close range you are dead.
'FryBoys' 4 weeks ago
Didn't take into account the weight of the real axe compared to the foam one
erin green
'erin green' 4 weeks ago
229 wat belt clips u using
Bradley Minehan
'Bradley Minehan' 4 weeks ago
Lenin Rob
'Lenin Rob' 4 weeks ago
They didn't take in account that that was a foam axe not a real axe with weight to it
XxPummell xX
'XxPummell xX' 4 weeks ago
The title is spelt axe wrong
'Acerious' 4 weeks ago
So fake
Mavic Relayson
'Mavic Relayson' 4 weeks ago
DemoRanch should do this ;)
Lil Boricua
'Lil Boricua' 4 weeks ago
what about a baseball bat hmmmmmmmmm??
Ethan Twombly
'Ethan Twombly' 4 weeks ago
You have to pull the axe out of the heads though, that would slow him down.
DREW Algaraitti
'DREW Algaraitti' 4 weeks ago
They also dont factor that when shooting real guns bullets will past through and hit more then one zombie. An AR15 bullet a 556 can past through steel easily. I bet it can pass throught 3 or more zombies. If you take an AR with a 60 rd drum mag you could kill more then the 67 zombie that the axe did.
Matt Maur
'Matt Maur' 4 weeks ago
Well first off the gun wasn't accurate cause bullets can travel threw objects depending on the fps of the gun and the range and the axe isn't accurate because because the zombies don't even attempt to grab the axe which they most likely would
Infamous Justice
'Infamous Justice' 4 weeks ago
Looks like they don't know how to swing axes...
Blackpink,twice,gfriend and apink only
ummm Is it real?Zombie can exist?Wait....That's impossible😱
MokuraSoji Thailand
'MokuraSoji Thailand' 4 weeks ago
The axe is good to be melee weapon but in fact if their blood spill to your mouth or eye,you will infect.
Anthony None
'Anthony None' 4 weeks ago
When you have a gun you also don't have to be that close where as with a axe a zombie could jump at you.
Dante Cortez
'Dante Cortez' 4 weeks ago
The good mix would be two people: one with mainly guns and maybe a small sword and the other to have a spear or axe, with a pistol or something
Blenn Plays Games
'Blenn Plays Games' 4 weeks ago
Athipat Reakatanan
'Athipat Reakatanan' 4 weeks ago
Is the zombie real
Ice wight
'Ice wight' 4 weeks ago
how about putting a bayonet at the end of a gun. stab first then start shooting. ten maybe stab some more
'krazykarrot' 4 weeks ago
He didn't use a auto gun or it would have won
Josef Smythe
'Josef Smythe' 4 weeks ago
and that is why a bow or sling shots are better
Orange Banana246
'Orange Banana246' 4 weeks ago
4:10 cod training
Marco Rust
'Marco Rust' 4 weeks ago
In 4:16 thats me when i get stuck in a circle of dead zombies and get eaten by one.
cara de nerd
'cara de nerd' 1 month ago
I prefer zombie go bum
jamie Roen
'jamie Roen' 1 month ago
I'm a zombie aaaaaaagghhghhhhahgghjk,l
micheal huertas
'micheal huertas' 1 month ago
hmm i can see the axe winning a mile away but if they had real fire arms they would have taking more zombies. axe would win if you know how to use it. axe getting stuck wouldnt be a issue since well a skull isnt as hard as a knit in wood and blood would act as a grease to loosen it but it will also loosing your grip. tactics is key on this one. a axe you can use your wood end to push back to give you room to swing, footing will be key and if you use the bodies of the dead you can slow down other zombies or trip them. guns you can do the same but you will worry about positioning more, you dont want to do damage on the fence your hiding behind tearing it apart so more can come in.
Archer Boss
'Archer Boss' 1 month ago
Wouldn't the bullets penetrate?
Tomas Pont
'Tomas Pont' 1 month ago
are they real zombies?
Broseph Gibster
'Broseph Gibster' 1 month ago
How about a shotgun axe?
TheFancySquid97 xd
'TheFancySquid97 xd' 1 month ago
saw dis in VR
Presley Kraus
'Presley Kraus' 1 month ago
I'm going with an axe, a gun could run out of ammo, and it would take too long to reload, and it would be fun to cut zombie heads off
Slim Tony
'Slim Tony' 1 month ago
the energy needed to slow down the axe in this test is propably comparable to the amount of energy used in pulling out the odd stuck axe out of a skull
Cath Copaway
'Cath Copaway' 1 month ago
i would use balmonds 2nd skill if the axe was my weapon
darkgames 111
'darkgames 111' 1 month ago
real zombies?
J Jay
'J Jay' 1 month ago
is that real zombies
Toby Vlogs
'Toby Vlogs' 1 month ago
axe not ax like if im right
'Revealinghalo' 1 month ago
if i used a gun i would have gone more strategic
Poop Scoop
'Poop Scoop' 1 month ago
a real ax is much heavier than a foam ax
a person
'a person' 1 month ago
it would take time to get the axe out of the head
nathan YANG
'nathan YANG' 1 month ago
Which zombie would be more accurate? World War Z or Walking Dead?
'FlamesofWar1234' 1 month ago
It's also better to have a combo of ranged and melee
Bahaa alamry
'Bahaa alamry' 1 month ago
And when the ax is swinging and u are surrounded u can swing the ax sideways. It's less likely to get stuck and it kills more efficiently. Also I think if ur getting surrounded by zombies most parole are going to go guns a blazing and wast all amount of ammunition.
Shels Gt
'Shels Gt' 1 month ago
Thats Real
Payton Raber
'Payton Raber' 1 month ago
The problem is weight of a real axe will make you more tired
'DeathWind343' 1 month ago
Axe body spray would kill all teen zombies
James Ryderal
'James Ryderal' 1 month ago
I think it would be hard to take out the axe after smashing the axe into the zombies head it probably fatigue the user more by trying to take it out of the zombies head
Bernie Consalvo
'Bernie Consalvo' 1 month ago
Ok you take your axe I'll take my ak47 and my mp5 with my desert eagle any day. Lol
Gavin OConnell
'Gavin OConnell' 1 month ago
They didn't factor in recoil from the gun.
Darth Annoyance
'Darth Annoyance' 1 month ago
Paintball guns are a terrible approximation of real weapons for this scenario - they carry fewer rounds, shoot less accurately, and jam more frequently. A better option would have been airsoft guns, possibly using 6mm paintballs. The absolute best option would have been 9 mm paint rounds fired from real guns. These function just like live rounds without the threat of serious injury, and still leave paint marks.
Timmy Bronco
'Timmy Bronco' 1 month ago
The axe could get stuck.
Daniel Quesada
'Daniel Quesada' 1 month ago
Yeah but this has nothing to do with the weapons but different skill levels. There are better ways to swing aj axe and there are better shooters.
'nawipave' 1 month ago
I almost kill myself when i fart maybe it'll work on them
cory Rumpster
'cory Rumpster' 1 month ago
Why doesn't he just swing the axe in a circular motion
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