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Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Ax vs. Gun | MythBusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 2 years ago

2, 959, 367 views

18, 202 Likes   1, 143 Dislikes

During a zombie apocalypse, is it better to kill a zombie with a gun or an axe? With guns loaded, Adam and Jamie work to find the best method to kill a group of zombies and survive... maybe!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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pewdie bhai
'pewdie bhai' 18 hours ago
me: ohh fuck so many zombies centereing me ,duck some one help me!!!!!!! valkiri: hold my beer......
Bo-jivan Parker
'Bo-jivan Parker' 2 days ago
myth not busted the axe isn't weighted to be like an actual axe. and you could easily get it stuck
'Titanic' 2 days ago
What about Gun VS Pickaxe or Kitchen Knife?
'Titanic' 2 days ago
What if I start spinning around? Also try to keep doing hard hits while you are tired.
Jon Broadway
'Jon Broadway' 2 days ago
Some needs show him how to use a firearm and why would you pick a 12 gauge punp with only 5 to 7 rounds why not use a AR with a 60 round mag or hell even a hundred round mag. I call bullshit
A zap
'A zap' 3 days ago
Not real👀👀👀
Rob gaming 2
'Rob gaming 2' 4 days ago
Swingggggggg ittttt
Mark Gabel
'Mark Gabel' 4 days ago
How do they forget that sometimes a bullet can go through multiple people. Especially a high caliber gun.
Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More
The gun should be semi automatic
Abdul-Rhman Saad
'Abdul-Rhman Saad' 6 days ago
except if you're deadshot
prc12 gang Gang
'prc12 gang Gang' 6 days ago
Axis is better that guns
'Aussieroth7' 6 days ago
... I'll still take a sword over an axe any day.
zombiez gamer
'zombiez gamer' 6 days ago
If they could move out of the circle they would last longer
jim Morrison
'jim Morrison' 6 days ago
This is too flawed of an experiment and too small of a sample size to be conclusive. Many variables are not accounted for. For example how physically fit you are will affect how well you are able to avoid zombies. How much skill and experience with guns or axes you have is also a factor. How much the axe weighs and how Sharp it is yet another factor. You should have at the very least run the test multiple times with different people and accounted for axe weight.
CT Spoder
'CT Spoder' 6 days ago
Shotgun pellets spread and with no choke or reduced choke they go everywhere
CT Spoder
'CT Spoder' 6 days ago
No one would use an axe with his strength
Happy Hours
'Happy Hours' 6 days ago
Storm Bierre
'Storm Bierre' 7 days ago
funny x number of viewers complain that a gun would be better ,or this or that. yet does any one stop to think about one thing? ammo, I mean you only have so much, before you have to use other items in a fight. One would be force to persevered one's ammo just like you would food and other items. plus certain guns are extremely inconvenient anyway. Ex: some guns if you are not care full would knock you down, thus giving the "zombies" a small opening. I tried to shoot a gun in my high school class, the teacher was teaching us hunting skills, and had us shoot a gun. And it is not easy to get a bullseye. Not every one is going to be able to shot one, let alone weld one. not every one is skilled to use one. Let me ask which is easier to hit an non-moving target or a moving target? And which would be the hardest? Also let me also ask if a Zombie apocalypse was to happen tomorrow, regardless if one is impossible, what would you do when you are out of ammo : whip them with the gun, or use other means? A Ax or a gun that has very little ammo in it still against a hoard?
Maestro Rage
'Maestro Rage' 1 week ago
now the only thing i coulda wished to see is the fact of adam swinging with one hand in a action movie sense.
ultor europae
'ultor europae' 1 week ago
Machine gun belt fed, Prestige
lifestyle gaming
'lifestyle gaming' 2 weeks ago
An m4 with any tactical experience wins
kenneth morris
'kenneth morris' 2 weeks ago
all he needed was a flame thrower
Ian McClintock
'Ian McClintock' 2 weeks ago
Perhaps if he conserved momentum work the ax he would come out better, using it's weight instead of actually swinging it.
Zaco the Wacko
'Zaco the Wacko' 3 weeks ago
The time pulling the axe from the skull. Also why would you get close to a zombie with a gun
Mike Montague
'Mike Montague' 3 weeks ago
never seen the ax being made. is it as heavy as a real ax?
'ThatOneGinger' 3 weeks ago
If it was made of metal it would be heavier therefore lowering the kills because of fatigue
russ coffey
'russ coffey' 3 weeks ago
Should have used a shotgun axe
'bilbobagpipe' 3 weeks ago
What if the axe gets stuck in the head?
'MrBeftackel' 3 weeks ago
Jeez this one is boring, i like all the others!
'XxBigDAWG22xX' 4 weeks ago
Test is super flawed. The axe isn’t just gonna bounce off. Hitting the spot you intent to with a axe over and over is extremely hard. And guns doesn’t jam near as much as paintball guns. Multiple zombies could be killed with one round. The ability to kill food and to kill yourself instead of suffering a ridiculous dead of being ripped apart by zombies.
Name starts with N
'Name starts with N' 4 weeks ago
R.I.P Ammo
Kevin Johnson
'Kevin Johnson' 4 weeks ago
Im also pretty sure that having to jump over the zombies instead of just walking on them slowed down Jamie and Adam lol
0987654321 1234567890
Hacks actors
Christopher Mark
'Christopher Mark' 1 month ago
Get outta here not real, 30 round or 10 round mags & plenty of them,
Raa 666
'Raa 666' 1 month ago
You didnt add the calculation of time needed to take the axe back out of zombie head wich would have reduced the number of dead Zombies with half atleast
Sea Oh
'Sea Oh' 1 month ago
Id say the best melee weapon is a spear
datoverwatchnoob lol
Wtf is an ax do you mean axe?
'Therealweston' 1 month ago
It also depends on if you have cover or not
Lawanna Hays Gardner
Spicey Meat Balls
'Spicey Meat Balls' 1 month ago
They should modifie them and sell them as kids toys
Jackson Wagner
'Jackson Wagner' 1 month ago
Don't forget bullet penetration
Chubby Nuggs
'Chubby Nuggs' 1 month ago
What about a gun that shoots axes
MrNimetu GT
'MrNimetu GT' 1 month ago
shaen frum bozzfed
'shaen frum bozzfed' 1 month ago
but you wouldnt need to stop the ax suddenly and then quickly pull away. The ax would also get stuck in their heads.
Johan Johansson
'Johan Johansson' 1 month ago
Skallagrim should have showed Adam how to wield an axe properly, and also showed him that that axe is way too big to swing around continuously.
Joe Vazquez
'Joe Vazquez' 1 month ago
He's using pump actions. What if you had full autos with drum magazines???? Interesting but still a Stupid test
RandomTurtle Streams
'RandomTurtle Streams' 2 months ago
I mean, it's not how efficient the weapon it, it's really about HOW you use the weapon
RandomTurtle Streams
'RandomTurtle Streams' 2 months ago
Jack Bragdon
'Jack Bragdon' 2 months ago
How much make up did they have to buy🤔
Kill The U
'Kill The U' 2 months ago
Remember Don't try this at home with your real zombies kids
james carter
'james carter' 2 months ago
axes doll down after a few zombies it doesn't stay sharp
Shoaib Yusuf Mukadam
'Shoaib Yusuf Mukadam' 2 months ago
Use a grenade
Mega Bondagemon
'Mega Bondagemon' 2 months ago
You need to consider the fact that an axe could get lodged into the zombie and will take some force to pull out.
'Xanadu172' 2 months ago
Adam’s accuracy was way off and when you do penetrate the skull, there will be times where the axe is stuck and that takes off a lot from your time. A mace or other blunt weapon would be more useful. But it would take much more effort to swing and tire the person out quicker. Plus a shotgun can take out two or more zombies if they are close to each other. Best case is to have both types of weapons blunt and firearms.
'Boge' 2 months ago
Worse test ever. You need more swing to penetrate the head, thus slowing the axe down. It will often get stuck as well. Terrible comparison.
Victor QuyUy
'Victor QuyUy' 2 months ago
Please test the "Eco cooler" :D
Landen Nipper
'Landen Nipper' 2 months ago
Idk I think it should be measured on who survived longer
Moistified Taco
'Moistified Taco' 2 months ago
This would be on amazon definitely
John Jones
'John Jones' 2 months ago
Most experiments on this show aren't thought out very well. Yeah, range has never been important in warfare. You have to enter the danger zone to swing an axe (against a human or zombie). People aren't gorging themselves in an apocalypse. Energy is limited. Take your well fed ass into your backyard and swing an axe 100 times. Now, pull a trigger 100 times. What did you learn? There's no way his axe was the correct weight, either. You can't stop an axe swing that quickly. What the hell is that mustached idiot talking about with reloads and malfunctions? He's basically making the argument that an untrained virgin who's never shot a gun shouldn't take a Taurus into the end of the world... In that regard, I maybe agree. The "zombies will hear you" argument is complete nonsense. Decomposition would destroy or plug important parts of the auditory system fairly quickly. With fixed ears, living humans aren't even very well-adapted to pinpointing sound to begin with. The ONLY advantage to an axe is the lack of ammo, though there are people out there with tens of thousands of rounds and the machines to reload them. If you ever run low on ammo, just shoot a guy with an axe and your problem is solved.
Princeton Hiraprayoonpong
Ax because a gun needs ammo if you ran out of ammo you die
Awsumb 123
'Awsumb 123' 2 months ago
Lynx Leader76
'Lynx Leader76' 2 months ago
Spear with an ax on it 😏
alexander sartin
'alexander sartin' 2 months ago
to bad this show is done for... i want to see what would happen with a simple spear. just jab and stab.
Robloxer DanTDM
'Robloxer DanTDM' 2 months ago
Robloxer DanTDM
'Robloxer DanTDM' 2 months ago
Kalea The Goblin
'Kalea The Goblin' 2 months ago
The way he holds the axe...
Jaden Pearce
'Jaden Pearce' 2 months ago
Axe force was taken into account but botched the pulling out of one and most calibers especially rifles go through things the shotgun should have spread unless you use slugs but then it would penetrate at least 2 heads this was cool but needs a little more science imo
'FTWJohnV' 2 months ago
Lessons 1. bring auto rifle with extend mag. 2. Grenades 3.dual auto pistol and run around. lol
Brett Stringer
'Brett Stringer' 2 months ago
Is 100 steps forward really equal to 1000 steps backward plz answer this myth
Shazam !
'Shazam !' 2 months ago
Jamie shouldn't have lost because if they were real dead zombies he could have just run over them.
Mohd Muzamel
'Mohd Muzamel' 2 months ago
Use LMG and Grenade..axe for close range..why science cant think bout this..
Coffee G
'Coffee G' 2 months ago
I always wonder how many kill that dual dagger does
The steam kid
'The steam kid' 2 months ago
Use an assault rifle
Danzig Rulze
'Danzig Rulze' 2 months ago
All you have to do it not attack the head..   Sever the neck, if you can hit the back of the neck where it meets the head for maximum effectiveness.
Aniket Narvekar
'Aniket Narvekar' 2 months ago
why can't we use a katana
Samuel Masoud
'Samuel Masoud' 2 months ago
Sword trumps all
Lord Flufflebuns
'Lord Flufflebuns' 2 months ago
This is stupid. Completely stupid. For people who make videos that use advanced mathematics and physics, I can't believe they actually thought that using a toy, foam ax is an equal representation of a real ax. First off, the weight an strength required to swing a real ax is, obviously, far greater than a foam toy ax. There is no way he would be able to swing a real ax as rapidly as he was, and especially for as long as he was. Maybe have him test how long he can keep swinging an ax at a block of wood or something for the duration of the time that he survived in this game, and then use that number as his actual kill count. But even THAT wouldn't be accurate, because you guys don't even compensate for the fact of (which everyone has already pointed out) the ax getting stuck in the skull of a zombie. This will use up not only time, but also strength as he has to then pull the ax out. Sure, using only guns is a terrible idea for the reasons stated: Noise, Ammo, Reloading, Accuracy (if you aren't a good shot), potential jamming, weight, etc. But just using melee weapons can also have its downsides: Fatigue, distance needed for kills, weapon damage, disadvantage against humans WITH weapons, and then the disadvantages unique to specific melee weapons (sledgehammers are sure to kill, but EXTREMELY bulky and exhausting, while knives are much harder to kill with, but take little strength). Best bet: Use both, given the situation.
'It's CHIEF DARREN' 2 months ago
Are those zombies real?
GO bananas
'GO bananas' 3 months ago
Black Viper Official
'Black Viper Official' 3 months ago
This is why you have big cars and a fortified position.
Cashy 1
'Cashy 1' 3 months ago
Adam couldve spun in a circle like a tornado if this was real and jamie would most likely have a real gun that wouldnt jam is much as a crappy paintball gun Also jamie lost because he had to watch his step getting over the 'zombies' he shot, if this were real he could just run over them stepping on them and not worrying so he coulda got another 10 or so if it were real life
Cody Gaydon
'Cody Gaydon' 3 months ago
he has to stop the axe from moving if he didnt we would be good?
John Black
'John Black' 3 months ago
Errmmm what about machine gun?
Eray Özer
'Eray Özer' 3 months ago
use smaller axe.
Marius Catalin
'Marius Catalin' 3 months ago
FUCK THE AXE take a WARHAMMER in a hand and pistol in anther or a sword and a pistol
yuki trio saputra
'yuki trio saputra' 3 months ago
Joshua Wang
'Joshua Wang' 3 months ago
it takes strength to stop the axe in mid air
Tou Xic vong
'Tou Xic vong' 3 months ago
Axe are heavy. In this case a sword would be your best weapon for a mob of zombies.
'Saurav' 3 months ago
Sword and Gun combo is the best.
TheIronWolf2018 Z
'TheIronWolf2018 Z' 3 months ago
A trained person would be capable of taking better aim and reloading faster so I’d still go with guns, also they are good for long range the only downsides are reloading, need for ammo and it’s very loud bangs
irraa mew
'irraa mew' 3 months ago
Axe beats gun in tuis scenario. But when axe embeds into a skull it could take a bit of force take it out again.
Umar G Rally
'Umar G Rally' 3 months ago
I think a metal baseball bat would do the trick. Much lighter and you won't have to worry about it getting stuck in a zombies head. Plus the weight distribution is much more even, making it easier to wield.
meri Tauzi
'meri Tauzi' 3 months ago
Coldsun Knight
'Coldsun Knight' 3 months ago
Flamethrower, problem solved.
'L3AF' 3 months ago
Dual welding pistols might be better than shotgun xD
'Fladegaron' 3 months ago
Best way to kill a zombie -use a damn fucking machine gun with 10 ammos in all of its sides
Ben Zzz
'Ben Zzz' 3 months ago
a broadsword would be best
'TheDarnight' 3 months ago
Use a mini gun or rpg
Great Man
'Great Man' 3 months ago
Daniel Samson
'Daniel Samson' 3 months ago
Could he like with the axe just spin around with it
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