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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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Laila Mohiuddin
'Laila Mohiuddin' 24 hours ago
Okay so as a Muslim girl if one of my fav Kpop idols reached for a hug, I would hug back but not a hard one. Just a quick one and pull away. They don't know that they aren't supposed to touch us and it would just be straight up rude to say no. Unless you want to be more strict and just stick to a hand shake or a head nod instead
'ajsuflena' 2 days ago
they're children
'ajsuflena' 2 days ago
they need to calm down. its a hug
Farrad Mohammed
'Farrad Mohammed' 2 days ago
its fine they hve crushes they can enjoy life
'Zainab' 4 days ago
Im a muslim and i understand it not the korean groups fault the muslim girls should have said something. They should have said i cannot hug you but they didnt say anything so they prceeded and how where the korean group supposed to know any better.
Jayang Wangdue
'Jayang Wangdue' 4 days ago
Wonder what the headline would have had the boys not even touched them
Shafizhee 1234
'Shafizhee 1234' 5 days ago
in Malaysia we are with mazhab imam syafie in mazhab imam syafie the guy and the girls cant touch each other before getting married first and Islam had a 4 mazhab and these 4 mazhab was different that's why all Malaysian critism that girls(sorry for my bad English)
berfin karaçöl
'berfin karaçöl' 6 days ago
I'm a muslim too but this is too stupid.
Siham Afrah
'Siham Afrah' 6 days ago
am also a muslim girl yes it is not allowed in our religoun to be hugged by a man but they didnt know the laws of islam so it was not their fault
feels like flying
'feels like flying' 6 days ago
lol this is absurd. how is it possible for the band to know how the culture is like. the girls are not to blame as well, they probably didn't know how to act with the heat of the moment or some muslims don't mind hugs etc. just leave both parties alone lol
Alev Orgiy
'Alev Orgiy' 1 week ago
retarded muslim biogarbage. 3 noble prizes, no art, no science.... no, no, no. China+AI+others will erase it.
Mona S
'Mona S' 1 week ago
I consider myself muslim and I’ve hugged all my guy friends countless times lmao what
short af
'short af' 1 week ago
as a hijabi myself, i would not have blamed the idols. they literally did not know about this & so how can you blame them?
jane zaray
'jane zaray' 1 week ago
This is utter bullshit and that girl is way too young, so stfu. This is completely okay.
'PASTEL LOL' 2 weeks ago
I heard about the news a couple of years ago and almost everybody was completely mad. I have to say, it was their fault for even doing it although they know well it's wrong. B1A4 didn't know about it and the negative things shouldn't be pointed towards them. Sure, they've should've known about the religion but tell me, do they have time for that while rehearsing for the concert or anything else? The girl should've told that she can't be touched by a man.
Kpop_ Lovers
'Kpop_ Lovers' 2 weeks ago
I think the muslim fans should avoid themselves and the idols too. I feel pity for the idols :( they just want their fans happy the fans are also enjoying lol
suga theassman
'suga theassman' 2 weeks ago
molesting my ass
Ah Ha
'Ah Ha' 2 weeks ago
Whats wrong with hugging...with loving others and celebrating life...whats wrong with islam. Is islam full of has no spiritual journey i see...rubbish.
Emma love you
'Emma love you' 2 weeks ago
why are you talking about Muslim people
rashida manalugan
'rashida manalugan' 2 weeks ago
idol Kim [email protected]😉😉😉
Fatima Aden
'Fatima Aden' 2 weeks ago
"They're children." Okay but whether they're children or not they need to know what's right and wrong and in our religion it's wrong. You need to blame the girls for being irresponsible. But you know what? I also kind of understand since it's a celebrity and it's a one in a lifetime chance. Sure It's not acceptable but yeah. And anyways there are females who claim they're Muslim that do much worse.
Average NiyaYT
'Average NiyaYT' 2 weeks ago
Ok now i have second thoughs on going to korea
69 Vide0S
'69 Vide0S' 3 weeks ago
i now avoid hugging my cousins too. Whether they are religious or not. at first it was like they are like my sisters and im not seeing them as any random stranger but after learning a bit about it i guess its good to avoid this. Its not easy and if someone dont know, there is not a crime in it. People learn and slowly get used to it.
Sana Ajmeri
'Sana Ajmeri' 3 weeks ago
I'm also Muslim. And i know all Muslim law. But it's time to forward.😊😊😊
牧雲 Muyun
'牧雲 Muyun' 3 weeks ago
Why can't They hug?I think real God agrees us to Do it!
Hot News USA
'Hot News USA' 4 weeks ago
*This is ridiculous. Y'all, I'm muslim and if I ever meet one of my kpop idols I'm gonna hug the shit out of him. What? You're offended? You think Allah will send me to Hell over a freaking hug??*
Alex John
'Alex John' 4 weeks ago
Without husband and parents huge is prohibited in Islam. Islam means peace and you must be a modest people's if you are a Muslim.... today k-pop is hit but tomorrow will be vanished like gun and rose brand or others... so don't make decisions fool..pray more 4 you're sin
William Cunningham
'William Cunningham' 4 weeks ago
Guess Mutilating your girls is not keeping them from hugging guys huh! All artists should stop going to Malaysia until FGM is banned by the government!
Pumpkin apple
'Pumpkin apple' 4 weeks ago
lol i dont even call that s hug, if i were her id kiss the shit out of my kpop idol
Rejoicing TornadoBuns
Pfft, I wish being molested was just a hug. I find this insulting as a fan and victim of molestation.
Anith Anwariah
'Anith Anwariah' 1 month ago
Don't blamed the Kpop idol,blame the other girl.....who ask them to go at the stage and hug the kpop idol.......of course the know they are MUSLIM,but did they know that their GOD didn't allow them to do it,if they have been period they their have to make sure that all of their SIN, they need to bear the SIN themselves,they know it already,but they still want to do it,so blame the girls not the idol,I know because I'm MUSLIM to
Emma love you
'Emma love you' 1 month ago
'NB' 1 month ago
Mollayo Mollayo
'Mollayo Mollayo' 1 month ago
I am a Muslim girl.. You know what ? I don't mind even kissing them as I am a human and I too have emotions. Hugging, kissing is a warm emotion for me.. so this is totally absurd
I am lit fam lol
'I am lit fam lol' 1 month ago
Lol this is weird I am a muslim and if I had a Chance to give a hug to my favorite people on stage I would totally hug them so there is nothing wrong with this the group didn't know about Islam so it's not their problem
h hansol
'h hansol' 1 month ago
Btw im really happy that im not the only muslim girl who thinks like that and would hug my biases no matter what anyone else says Atleast i dont feel like a burden :')
h hansol
'h hansol' 1 month ago
I myself am muslim and I personally dont see anything wrong with that Calling it MOLESTING is really overexagerrating Thats just unfair for us muslims Also its not just media We muslim fans (atleast me and a friend of mine who is muslim and also a fan) get pressured a lot JUST for being a fan? Like we get judged and told that its haram??? Thats just really unfair. My parents dont have anything against me being a (hardcore) fan and they let me buy merchandise (and im very thankful) But for example, once i had some buttons on my bag of yugyeom and bambam and an elderly muslim woman (whom i know, kinda) came up to me and lectured me saying stuff like: you're not allowed to look at boys, thats really haram, you will end up in hell And seriously, thats when i really started questioning about staying muslim like cant i live as a normal teenage girl? Is it really haram to fucking enjoy music and liking the persons who make the music? Sorry for my low quality english btw
Sabrina Damia
'Sabrina Damia' 1 month ago
True blame the girl
sanny sama
'sanny sama' 1 month ago
I would touch him tooooooo
Hoseok lovely
'Hoseok lovely' 1 month ago
I'm muslim and I neither hug boys or girls cause I don't like touching people noor people touching me, peace c:
'BTS FOR LIFEU' 1 month ago
They were not molested, Im pretty sure they loved going up on the same stage with BTS! Who said that Our babies sexually harass people? They were just teasing them, and i think that is very cute!
Imene crime
'Imene crime' 1 month ago
why all these complications i'll hug them all and idc <3 <3
Nooria Khan
'Nooria Khan' 1 month ago
I am a Muslim and I hate people talking about them
Nooria Khan
'Nooria Khan' 1 month ago
I also don't blame them
abdul majeed
'abdul majeed' 1 month ago
OK that molesting word is not the word!!! It was just a HUG..... This is wayyyy 2 MuChhhh!!!!!
'Blurryink' 1 month ago
Man this is ridiculous, like first of all molestation is such an inappropriate and disrespectful thing to say on a subject taken wayyyy out of context. Second the the k stars don't know anything about Malay culture or just Muslim culture so it was innocent, they do it with other fans so they thought it'd be okay to do it to them too. Also everyone loves to point Fingers and blame each other, blaming the girls or the media or k pop or the k pop stars etc... mistakes happen man, chill out, the girls are young they get excited so they end up making mistakes but everyone is acting as if they killed someone, it was their choice and only Allah can judge them on it.
'4DZX K' 1 month ago
WELL What can you expect but the BBC turning a small story into a Huge issue as usual.... retarded fucks
Kpop fan
'Kpop fan's' 1 month ago
they are fans of this kpop band they doens't do anythung wrong
Kpop fan
'Kpop fan's' 1 month ago
what is wrong with people to say that they doesn't do anything wrong why people say that just stoop ..
'Mochismochi' 1 month ago
2 sene olmuş ama kimse hiçbirşey araştırmadan bir Din hakkında atıp tutmuş ve siktir olup gitmiş. Acınası
Kim Tae Hyeong
'Kim Tae Hyeong' 2 months ago
If it was Muslim boys who had hug to Korean girls, no one would have said anything.
Basic Multi Fandom hoe
It's just a HUG. y'all go too overboard.... It's not like you don't want to hug your Idols too right?? Tbh I'm a Muslim myself and I think it is OK coz it's just a *HUG* . I've seen Muslim students from my school who hug each other too theubwere dating tho ((:
Dhuha Bariysa
'Dhuha Bariysa' 2 months ago
I just wanted to say to all the non-Muslims and muslims alike reading this that they ARE teenage girls. They have hormines and can do things without thinking such as consent to being hugged by the love of their life even though it would piss off alot of ppl. But, WE DON'T FRICKIN KNOW THEM! and to all the non-Muslims reading this, yeah I feel bad for the guys too but don't think islam is stupid in forbidding things like this. We see love as a very precious and pure thing. That's why we go out of our way to attain modesty.
Raisa Ilyas
'Raisa Ilyas' 2 months ago
I think they need Malaysia just needs to calm down. If it was so wrong, then why are they allowing KPOP bands to tour in Malaysia...why are they allowing girls to attend these concerts? CALM DOWN, MALAYSIA. Music is haraam anyways, full stop. So look at the basics and get your facts right, mALaySiA. pahahahaha EXOL HEREEEEEE!!!!
'Samira' 2 months ago
fucking koreaboos
Hakiki Türk
'Hakiki Türk' 2 months ago
I am müslims
Lan Todak
'Lan Todak' 2 months ago
Shut up all kafir all jews all christian you shit all like a pig Xd
'asdf' 2 months ago
Fundamentalist troglodyte shits
Army Hidden kard
'Army Hidden kard' 2 months ago
I m a Muslim but then I wouldn't really mind hugging them after all its once in a life chance and if the girls in the vid didn't want to hug them then y did the go on the stage in the first place
Nudar Naower
'Nudar Naower' 2 months ago
I am also a Muslim and I know we can't hug but BTS members didn't know that so that's no one's fault .
Aida Ali
'Aida Ali' 2 months ago
I'm a Muslim girl and I'm sorry I do not know who's that Kpop band but it's no their fault. They were obviously trying to be nice to their fans and showing how much they love them. If you have to blame someone blame the girls because why would they go on stage in the first place or why didn't they tell them that they can't hug them because its disrespectful in Islam or to them or whatever. I'm positive that that boy band didn't mean to be disrespectful to anyone.
Oromiya Kadir
'Oromiya Kadir' 2 months ago
I think she's at fault she should have said no
randam stuff
'randam stuff' 2 months ago
I am indian through not muslim i am very conservative i don't hug boys but if some celebrity hug me i won't mind
NLK Challenges
'NLK Challenges' 2 months ago
Getting hugs is the warmest way to cool your madness and sadness. Why do they not like hugs????????????
'koreanmarco' 2 months ago
This muslams they kill , rape in groups , they sell n buy women behind the curtain , but when it comes to " others" meaning not muslams , they are as sensitive as womens clitoris.
Mohd.shahril Rasid
'Mohd.shahril Rasid' 2 months ago
dont blame islam
Ahmad Izzat
'Ahmad Izzat' 2 months ago
In malaysian we are strongest muslim relegion country even we have indian and chinese but please don't B1A4 their really did know about islamic and before you visit your country fans you must know that malaysia have muslim and i know that girl really nervous or else please look foward to bts respect they muslim fans
Siti Amirah Basar
'Siti Amirah Basar' 2 months ago
Menggatal tho
xX Anime Xx
'xX Anime Xx' 2 months ago
As a muslim girl i feel bad for both the Muslim girls and B1a4
xiumin kpopzico
'xiumin kpopzico' 2 months ago
what do the people with the girls have the headscarf to do the should not worry about their things not the sache of the other people and the kpop idol are not synonymous darn they are not muslime but that is not bad when the go there then that is clear that the idol embrace so please do not worry about your things not to the things of the other load the girls do what they want😉😠😧😢❤❤ hijab girls fighting ❤kpop idols fighting❤
ice cream
'ice cream' 2 months ago
Let be they have dreams that came true
Rukiye E
'Rukiye E' 2 months ago
İt is not islam!!
Bumbel Bee
'Bumbel Bee' 2 months ago
Muslim deserves to do it too ,there is no problem of doing that once in your life But I think people who tweets those massages are only jealous 😏
'asianz1011' 2 months ago
what so good about kpop? kpop music sucks with no sense of taste. Lame lyrics with no meaning.
What do you mean
'What do you mean' 2 months ago
Molested is too much.. like oh come on
sumiko labra
'sumiko labra' 2 months ago
Those saying " they're overreacting, it's just a hug !?" Need to respect , whatever their laws and beliefs are , need to be respected . B1A4 wether they new or not the law , it's the girls responsibility as well to state if they are uncomfortable or to stop anyone and address their beliefs , it wasn't fair for B1A4
My 이여나
'My 이여나' 2 months ago
I don't think understand the girl bcoz they didn't know neither English or Malay. Did the girl have to learn Korean bcoz to talk with them? Absolutely N.O
dorra chatti
'dorra chatti' 2 months ago
What's wrong with hugging them !! All of the girls are still too young for these rules ! Whaat's haram in that !? No hate please I just don't understand what's wrong with that !! They didn't kiss each others nor did bad things !??? They only hugged, these hyungs are like uncles for these girls !!! The Quran didn't say something like that I think ? PLEASE NO HATE, NO BAD WORDS, We're just talking not hating each other guys :) Aid Mubarak to all the muslims
Yeo Wool
'Yeo Wool' 2 months ago
Why she went to stage then?
lail ak
'lail ak' 2 months ago
Stop blaming them . I am not a b1a4 fan but it's not their fault if they don't know much about the Muslim community and Islamic laws . I think they r also blaming the girls am I right?
Sarah Gabriella
'Sarah Gabriella' 2 months ago
Insfires man!!
'Insfires man!!' 2 months ago
As a Muslim girl(who doesn't hug other guys) it's not the guys fault and they weren't molesting them in anyway, the girls didn't show any sign of refusing the hug they did it with consent and it's them who should deal with the consequences not the idols
Arisha A.J
'Arisha A.J' 2 months ago
I hope I'm gonna be there some day 😢😢😢😔😔
Army Has No Jams
'Army Has No Jams' 3 months ago
I'm Muslim but I wouldn't mind if they hugged me...
bunso ali
'bunso ali' 3 months ago
Malaysia 🇲🇾 shame on you
'E X O' 3 months ago
it's their fault right? they should say something to not touch them. Maybe b1a4 member don't know they can't touch muslim girl.
Northern Light
'Northern Light' 3 months ago
Islam is poisonous. They make big deal about innocent stuff.
Fatema Sheta
'Fatema Sheta' 3 months ago
The Idols did nothing wrong but in the same time the girls didnt do anything wrong either I am a muslim k-pop fan too but if I had the chance to hug a k-pop Idol I like then of course I will hug the Idol so please just stop everyone can themselves decide what to do if the girls really didn't want that then they could just have said no it's no one's fault so please don't blame either the Idols or the girls
exolarmy V.I.P
'exolarmy V.I.P' 3 months ago
I think it's not a good image.
Waeng Waeng got me weak
I wonder what their parents did to them :(
U Win Maw
'U Win Maw' 3 months ago
Toemie Z.
'Toemie Z.' 3 months ago
i am an islamatic young girl AND THIS IS BULLSHIT Y'ALL JUST SAYINN..i have friends that are boys and i hug them as friends CAN I LIVE ?!?!?!
rah man
'rah man' 3 months ago
Why the kpop man hug that muslim girl
'laxj' 3 months ago
يختي افصخي الحجاب بس لاتشوهين سمعتنا ستغفرالله ومستانسه بعد لو أني بدالها عطيته كف والله لو أنه البايس في حدود 🌚✋
Well I'm a Muslim and I don't think it's big of a deal. Like come on, like all the other girls I too have my favourites in kpop. And hugging isn't that wrong because if the girls said 'no' then they wouldn't have done it right? If i got to hug my bias I'd die on spot. xD
'EXO L' 3 months ago
Hugging is not molestation come on the idols were just being kind to fans
Negara Korea
'Negara Korea' 3 months ago
I don't understand haterz Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
Elif Demir
'Elif Demir' 3 months ago
Yok taciz etmislerde bilmem nede ne tacizi arkadasim fanlari onlar hayranlari tabikide oyle davranicaklar ayrica kizlarinda hosuna gitmiyo degil oteki mutluluktan hopluyodu az daha hoplasa bacaklari kirilicak
Elif Demir
'Elif Demir' 3 months ago
Yarim yamalak anladim ama, kizlarda suc var arkadasim cikmasaymis sahneye dokunmasaymis cocuga onlarin ne kabahati var ayirmiyolar iste ne guzel acik fanlariyla kapali fanlarini off ya yemin ediyorum rezil olduk.
john son
'john son' 3 months ago
im malay and this is actually really like when she got hugs
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