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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 2 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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'GirlWhoSoldTheWorld1' 16 hours ago
com'on ppl get real ...They are being hugged in front of thousands . plus Islam also said that Music is forbidden so why the double standards???
budak baik
'budak baik' 2 days ago
they should know Islamic culture.
Taehyungie Jiminie
I am young but not muslim😢...... When do i get to see my kpop idol... maybe never😂😢😭
The succ
'The succ' 5 days ago
This is so upsetting
'HULL GRAFFITI' 5 days ago
How come all these K-pop chick's always have such low voices ?
سهل وسريع عبدو
مهما كان حبهم من المشاهير لا يسمح لرجل اجنبى عنها ان يلمسها او يقبلها
Heidi NafNaf
'Heidi NafNaf' 6 days ago
Eventough this is an old story,I'm still not satisfied with the Non-Kpop fans saying that B1A4 is being over the muslims limit.They are Koreanzz!!How tf should they know what is HARAM😂😂 *well maybe if they heard the word haram,they might tought of Harambe🐵🐵
sabrina gh
'sabrina gh' 6 days ago
هههه والله مافهمت حاجة 😟بصح مليح لفيديو 😘😍😍
Crazyy things we do!!! RI
I would only give them a handshake or give them a highfive
KingingitwithGOT7 Trash
Whuttt? That's absurd. That's called fan service not molestation dayum these people. I respect the rule of the islam. But let's not blame the boys for that. They are unaware of the situation. They are just showing love to their fans. This BBC people do know how to make news like that. #disappointed And seriously feminine looking??? Go kill your self
Hanna Sophia
'Hanna Sophia' 6 days ago
Look, im muslim and I would have rejected it too.But like honestly who would not want to hug theyre fave idol like thats our thing we cant touch boys who are not related or married to us unless they are family!!! Even for young girls like them! BTW They were probably picked out by them(B1A4)or they came out by themselves! Like how and I mean HOW can we muslims reject the offer we cant just leave them hangging on stage till someone comes up on stage!!!?? So we cant blame the girls,B1A4 or muslims cause its basicly no ones fault. Cause the girls were just doing theyre job as a muslim. B1A4 is innocent because they dont know anything about theyre culture!!! SO BANA DO NOT BE OFFENDED!!!
Creamypiememes :3
'Creamypiememes :3' 7 days ago
Lmao who said that it's illegal for Muslim girls to hug men's
'heystobit' 7 days ago
molested? my boys b1a4 did nothing wrong its only part of the fanservice anyway, what a joke, like let's be real what if your bias come to hug you? you'd hug him too right, cause he/she is someone who you adore and if my bias come to hug me istg i'll do more than hug and yes god please forgive me you can roast me later when im dead
June Flo
'June Flo' 1 week ago
Oh My God.. What's with the, "I'm a muslim and when i meet them, i'll probably just hug them. or am I going to hell just because a hug?". You guys are like a country who doesn't appreciate it's own culture. I'm ARMY, and someday if I get to meet BTS, I'll tell them proudly and respectfully that I'm a muslim, so please respect my religion and believes. I think as a human being, they won't do anything that hurt me as a muslim. And guys.. if you treat your own religion that way, how can you hope for non-muslims to like your religion? Even you, yourselves don't like your religion.
Erica William
'Erica William' 1 week ago
Hot Taehyung
'Hot Taehyung' 1 week ago
Tuan Hamba
'Tuan Hamba' 2 weeks ago
its over.. things r already happen.. let all of that teach us to be a better person now and future..
King Taehyung
'King Taehyung' 2 weeks ago
if they don't want to be hugged then they shouldn't go to their fanmeeting lmao or they parents should take care of their kids
Motomiya Mao
'Motomiya Mao' 2 weeks ago
No one is at fault here. You can't blame the guys or the girls. The B1A4 guys didn't know about how we muslim girls couldn't touch a dude and I'm pretty sure that the girls were just excited and couldn't do anything else but to just stand still and got star-strucked by the gorgeous beings. Think about it, those girls were probably chosen to get up on the stage. It wouldn't be polite if they suddenly try to avoid them or distancing them selves from the guys. We girls are all the same, muslim or not. So don't you guys critisize both of the said people. Everybody makes mistakes.
desirée rodriguez
'desirée rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
... mmmh???
Myriam Skhiri
'Myriam Skhiri' 2 weeks ago
what the hell are you talking about. i am a muslim person since i was born and i studied islam from junior school until high school and guess what quran did never say that girls can't hug non-muslim guys so stop spreading lies about my religions.😡
Myriam Skhiri
'Myriam Skhiri' 2 weeks ago
what the heck. what are you talking about. i am muslim and islam did never say that we can not hug each other. unstead it says that we should love and care about each other. i am seriously despointed adout the way muslim in other countries think. i want all the people to know that the quran did never say that hugging non muslim guys is forbidden. and also wearing the hijab is not essential it's as your belief.
MO the Super
'MO the Super' 2 weeks ago
there was no molestation here and it was not the boys fault a sister should know how to behave sisters who are saying i would have done the same fear Allah why would you hug and jear for a guy who disbelieved and yet doing devils work music atleast hug s1 who does good for humanity who you love to look up to not a lost kids
Mrs. P
'Mrs. P' 2 weeks ago
Don't give ur own opinion abt this issue....this is related to Islam...our religion....if u want too... talk based on Quran n hadith. ..wallahuallam....thts why Islam taught us to control our nafs.... strength our Imaan...
'신부정준영' 2 weeks ago
this happen in my country..we cannot blame the idol and those girls actually.we should blame the fucking lunatic that said those girl being could it call molested when those girls enjoy it..haha..well I guess the person's want to be kiss and hug by them sad.
beqrawi Mohammed anwur
Fake news
'Nana' 2 weeks ago
What the hell is this. I also had hugged members of my bias group. Like if it was tae, gosh who knows what happened 😂 I had hugged him until he squeezes (yes, joke for everyone who takes this serious). I'm a Muslim & even I can totally understand why they hugged them omg. I swear if I had hugged one boy, even on a stage with 73883 ppl watching us my mum would be sooo mad omg but, maybe that was a last chance to do it so, I'm sorry mum I'm not that innocent as you think.
Arisa Chan
'Arisa Chan' 2 weeks ago
I'm not kpop fans but in this issue we should blame the MUSLIM girls, not the boys! I even don't know who the boys are, but they KNOW NOTHING about Islam, the girls who ARE ISLAM should be AVOID.
'Cookie_Dough_Steph' 3 weeks ago
Islamically, sorry boys but listen to this, girl are allowed to hug boys if they have not started their period if they havent passed puberty and as u can see those girl they look quite young so im sure they havent started bit if they did they did step a bit back but still im sure they knew but B1A4 dont know the islamic law so u cant blame them :))
ten__ ys
'ten__ ys' 3 weeks ago
eleh artis malaysia terpeluk sana terpeluk sini tak pulak korang panggil kena cabul
Aisha Hassan
'Aisha Hassan' 3 weeks ago
Im sorry. What? This is the most ridicolous thing ive ever heard. So apparently if a muslim girl hugs a kpop artist its called molestation? What is wrong with people these days? Meeting a kpop idol is one of the rarest things that international fans get to do, i would have hugged the bts members if they were there. Its not you who would be able to tell me or muslims where we will be after we die. Only allah. So please dont act like you know everything.
'heavyDuty113' 3 weeks ago
melayu babi pelok babi
Anne Shine
'Anne Shine' 3 weeks ago
في الإسلام لأنه تبعد المسلم و المسلمه عن ربهم و عن ذكره و الصلاه و عبادته إعقلن!!! إقرأن القرآن!!
Anne Shine
'Anne Shine' 3 weeks ago
أصلاً الأغاني و العزف على الموسيقى حرام
Anne Shine
'Anne Shine' 3 weeks ago
استغفر الله هكذا الفتيات المسلِمات أصبحن؟ عيب!!! هنالك حدود بين الفتاة و الرجل الغريب عنها وضعها الله حتى لا يحدث الزنا و الفاحشة و من أجل عرض الفتاة!! من أن تعلن!!
جود المري
'جود المري' 3 weeks ago
اخ يا قلبي
hbegum 01
'hbegum 01' 3 weeks ago
I'm Muslim myself and I swear this whole thing is sooo stupid, you can clearly see that the girl is young and so what? there's nothing wrong with a fuckin hug like wtf. Theyre just innocent fans. if bts came for a concert to the UK then 100% I'll go try and give them a hug. whats wrong with that? there are so many ignorant people nowadays its unbelievable and 'molest' seriously??? They just have to make a mountain out of a molehill😒😑...
Fasha Shahrul
'Fasha Shahrul' 4 weeks ago
I dont get why hugging them is so wrong...... I'm a muslim and I most definetly do not see anything wrong with it
Rola Saleh
'Rola Saleh' 4 weeks ago
you guys are to much its once in a life time.
Eli Boo
'Eli Boo' 4 weeks ago
thats sick!!!no part i saw anything bad like cud they say this!!??she was just a fan..and the boyband have no idea about our religion and its its not their fault...i guess this thing is highly exagerated!!
Sabbu Fuchhee
'Sabbu Fuchhee' 4 weeks ago
Muslim girls cannot touch any guy...its harram..Muslim girl know this all but she do that.its not good in muslim culture
Iffah Chee
'Iffah Chee' 4 weeks ago
minah tudung bangang.
Ron Allenor
'Ron Allenor' 4 weeks ago
Muslim laws be like Allah will punish you for every kind of contact with the opp sex. Please. I'm sure Allah is not crazy.
EXO Qiela Haniy
'EXO Qiela Haniy' 4 weeks ago
memalukan!! aq pun minat kpop juga.. tapi tak ada la over gedabak cam tu... merenyang gi naik atas stage tu dah nape.. nasib baik tu bukan EXO & EXO bukan macam grup yg lain...suka suki cium & peluk anak orang.. EXO wlaupn bkn Islam.. dorang tahu batas.. 😑 korang yg gatal dok naik atas stage tu.. tk tahu batas ke? and one more thing.. not all kpop boyband like that..
Erdem Kose
'Erdem Kose' 4 weeks ago
what a cancer comment section. lol ''if a muslim girl hugs a boy . she will go to the hell" lol That's ALLAH's desicion not yours.
chocomint elf
'chocomint elf' 1 month ago
The title should be 'K-Pop hugs attract critism to Malaysian- typical-hater-kpop' those years korean waves are not big in Malaysia. I hope the one that creates the molested topic regret this really bad.AND stop puttin blame on muslim because this is all Malay culture which you can't hugs random man. And I'm sorry on behalf of Malaysian to all muslim all over the world to cause the fuss.
Anna Jane
'Anna Jane' 1 month ago
tbh my opinion is....... yes it haram in islam, but why the organiser let it happened? B1A4 didnt know about it. YES it is the girls fault too. Arent the malay actor and actress.... are muslim too? why they are touching each other on drama? interesting right? netizens keep saying bad about kpop ok then.. what are going on with malaysia music industry..? singers wear a sexy gown? dyed their hair? wait why the goverment didnt do anything? in drama they are hugging?? come on.. dont blame peoples.... open you eyes widely and compare... Maybe kpop artist didnt do any activities anymore cuz of this. kpop artist are not muslim so yeah they can wear sexy gown dyed their hair.. touching even kissing in drama. why keep blaming kpop?
Kawaaiii Desu
'Kawaaiii Desu' 1 month ago
it isnt BIA4s fault. they hugged. i agine if they were 13 yr old girls meeting thier idols. why wouldnt they want a hug
Alina Orey
'Alina Orey' 1 month ago
I'm a Muslim girl too and if I was on that stage or even meet one of my favourite kpop bands I would hug them all. let's be real which girl would ignore hugging their favourite artists.
Alina Orey
'Alina Orey' 1 month ago
I'm a Muslim girl too and if I was on that stage or even meet one of my favourite kpop bands I would hug them all.
shahad 33
'shahad 33' 1 month ago
ابغ أفهم وش فيده الحجاب اجل ؟؟؟؟؟؟ اذا قعده تخم رجال؟ 💔
Miriam Felt
'Miriam Felt' 1 month ago
Oh so if you're a muslim but don't wear a headscarf you can hug em? This is so overdramatic, a good friend of mine wears a headscarf and she said she would hug the hell out of them.
Shing Yung
'Shing Yung' 1 month ago
Noor Kashmiry
'Noor Kashmiry' 1 month ago
to be honest. ...all those tweets look like tweeted by some non kpopers.... cuz kpopers die for that opportunity. ..
'sofia' 1 month ago
it wasn't their fault tho, they didn't knew, I think it was the girls who needed to say that they can't hug them it was their choice to not tell them
hello there
'hello there' 1 month ago
becouse they love you guys okay I am a muslim gril and I love to see you guys
mh sicz
'mh sicz' 1 month ago
just excident. i know that..
'ruffgook' 1 month ago
there are so many hookers in malaysia, 2 faced idiots
'Northwestvietkieu' 1 month ago
Perhaps Kpop groups should boycott Malaysia? The countries are unfortunately influenced by those wahabbi saudi dogs that wants to turn it to the next Syria. Come to Vietnam instead. Forget about Indonesia or Maylaysia. Nothing in common anyway.
Yasu Al Masih
'Yasu Al Masih' 1 month ago
Hope Korean culture will change Malaysian youth culture. Islam is backwards and they need to give freedom to women. Muhammad had like 13 wives and one of them was Aisha, the 6 year old bride of Muhammad. If Muhammad had 13 wives and dozens of sex slaves, why can't these Malaysian muslim girls simply hug kpop singers? The hypocrisy of Muslim men is just unbearable.
Azranur Doğan
'Azranur Doğan' 1 month ago
bir musluman asla bir erkeğe sarilamaz
NurElyda Elysha
'NurElyda Elysha' 1 month ago
Haha.... I'm speechless with malaysian people Every day you watch malay drama And they were huged, kising ,and touched And yet this kind of things want to viral... Idiot
Hendra Gunawan
'Hendra Gunawan' 1 month ago
the girl look happy and not reject hahah
'alylove' 1 month ago
I get what they mean about respecting their culture and stuff but if they got the Islamic girls consent then their is no argument. I don't care what your religion is, they are fully capable of managing their own bodies and should be able to choose whether or not they can be hugged. it is their body, not anyone else's, let them be
James Ultron
'James Ultron' 1 month ago
i'm sorry , malysia doesn't allow that , plus he didn't even sexually touch the girls Islam goes by intention , not everything that was very cute and he made her happy GOD loves who makes people happy without bad consequences and they made them fully happy without anything sexual NOW please , may u show a thing that proves me wrong ? i'd like to hear some evidence if there was
Jia Ee
'Jia Ee' 1 month ago
'hümeyra' 1 month ago
'hümeyra' 1 month ago
oh lord, i'm muslim myself but this is so extremely ignorant. IT'S JUST A HUG. DON'T WORRY, THEY AIN'T TAKING YOUR VIRGINITY OR SOMETHING. DAAAAMNNN...
Violeta V
'Violeta V' 1 month ago
Fact - the k pop you know wouldnt exist if everyone was muslim...second alah, jesus or hannah montana have no right to tell you what to do or punish you! Men and women are equal remember it!!! Dont let rules that tell you that your something less to dominate your life... I am not a maid or a cooking machine i want a carrer and a single life but everyone around who are muslim look at me like am crazy!
maryam siddiqui
'maryam siddiqui' 2 months ago
Okay but where does it say muslim girls can hug??? "no, we cannot hug" excuse me, Allah never forbid us to do that?
Babydilla Shahrom
'Babydilla Shahrom' 2 months ago
belakon peluk2 tu xnak banned plak huhuhuhu
fanta light
'fanta light' 2 months ago
sebenarnye dua dua salah. fan tu kena lah elak dari kena peluk. dan b1a4 kena lah tau pasal benda tu jugak.
althea luna
'althea luna' 2 months ago
jfc, muslims are so critical of each other. if she wasn't wearing a headscarf literally no one woukd have said anything. they all consented and nothing sexual happened at all. why would they're management condone fucking rape on stage.
가사 시나리오 작가/프로판 늑대 하나님
Aishah Farah
'Aishah Farah' 2 months ago
Seriously I watched this video so many times and tbh there taking it a bit too far
Muhammad Aimanhaziq
'Muhammad Aimanhaziq' 2 months ago
Chilll ja gadis melayu memang murah
hell조선 씹선비
'hell조선 씹선비' 2 months ago
stupid religion
'carbon748' 2 months ago
musilims...... backward
shim &chanyeol
'shim &chanyeol' 2 months ago
ياحضهم لو مكانهم جاني صرع
Batrisyia Putri
'Batrisyia Putri' 2 months ago
she is a muslim and she must know that the muslim girls cannot touch a men.. it is a sin for a muslim girls..
Batrisyia Putri
'Batrisyia Putri' 2 months ago
she is a muslim and she must know that the muslim girls cannot touch a men.. it is a sin for a muslim girls..
Bint e Hawa
'Bint e Hawa' 2 months ago
I'm a Muslim too and I'll never do that.
زهره النرجس
انا مش فاهمه حاجه ايه ده؟
Forever Kim Seok Jin
'Forever Kim Seok Jin' 2 months ago
Lmao thats funny
Daisey Star
'Daisey Star' 2 months ago
TP Gaming Studios™
'TP Gaming Studios™' 2 months ago
those stupid fucking bitch girls should have said no
Sura 0
'Sura 0' 2 months ago
مفتهمت شي من الفيديو اكو عربي هنا يفهمني
Carlos Santana
'Carlos Santana' 2 months ago
Lmfao Why Does Every K-pop Boy Bands Have Faggot Haircuts #KpopGay
Kthv Mimi
'Kthv Mimi' 2 months ago
i am so done with the comment section
Kthv Mimi
'Kthv Mimi' 2 months ago
i think it is the girl fault because she would have told the guy from b1a4 that not to hug her.i feel pity for b1a4 because the of girl b1a4 was critisiced.😠
'Nayeon' 2 months ago
i didnt know hugging was banned in malaysia
chzh han
'chzh han' 2 months ago
As a Muslim I had always wondered "Is it wrong for me to love kpop and the boy groups?" But I have met so many Muslim girls who love kpop just as much as I do There is nothing wrong with listening to kpop and following these groups We are not selling ourselves to them so we are doing no wrong It's probably a once in a lifetime chance for them to be able to do that so there is no point in criticising them The only person who can criticise us and these girls is Allah
Myungie Latte
'Myungie Latte' 2 months ago
Damn, saying B1A4 molested the girl is way too much. They are from korea for god's sake, of course they doesn't know the culture and the religion rules. They only gave her a fanservice hug. Since the girl know that it is forbidden then its the girl job to say no. The girl can just say "no, I can't touch a male" or refuse to go up the stage
oreos are life
'oreos are life' 2 months ago
I know myself that I'm not a great muslim but even I won't agree to go up on stage if there was skinship involved no matter who much I love my bias. I even said no to hold hands with my crush for my dance assignment. And I was 11 at the time, these girls are probably around their teens to mid 20s. So don't blame B1A4, don't blame Islam, *blame the immature muslim girls*.
Elite Accord
'Elite Accord' 2 months ago
Its 2017, people still stuck in last century.
Sera JanDi
'Sera JanDi' 2 months ago
tbh there overreacting its not that deep I didnt know hugging was considered sexually like get a life
Mr Sellowool
'Mr Sellowool' 2 months ago
melayu kan...semua benda nak judge...biasalah malaysian ni pemikiran cetek , judge bagai dia lah Tuhan...pale buto dia
capital Nadia
'capital Nadia' 2 months ago
I'm Muslim and I Dont like koreans
'BmC21' 2 months ago
" molested " .... are You fkg kidding me ? woa I Dont know how did I end up here but this video really made me feel so mad . that's affection not molestation . . . wtf o.o
Annisa kjr
'Annisa kjr' 2 months ago
just listen to their music and all about them in YouTube, twitter ,etc its enough for me. its important to control himself as muslim women,im muslim and like music kpop...
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