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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 2 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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Sera JanDi
'Sera JanDi' 13 hours ago
tbh there overreacting its not that deep I didnt know hugging was considered sexually like get a life
Mr Sellowool
'Mr Sellowool' 20 hours ago
melayu kan...semua benda nak judge...biasalah malaysian ni pemikiran cetek , judge bagai dia lah Tuhan...pale buto dia
capital Nadia
'capital Nadia' 1 day ago
I'm Muslim and I Dont like koreans
'BmC21' 2 days ago
" molested " .... are You fkg kidding me ? woa I Dont know how did I end up here but this video really made me feel so mad . that's affection not molestation . . . wtf o.o
Annisa kjr
'Annisa kjr' 4 days ago
just listen to their music and all about them in YouTube, twitter ,etc its enough for me. its important to control himself as muslim women,im muslim and like music kpop...
chen chanyeol
'chen chanyeol' 5 days ago
people always judging don't know how to shut their mouths. And myob
Connie Choi
'Connie Choi' 5 days ago
I would love to hug them, it's just a hug, duh
Tayishsweet Smallworlds
im muslim, and i feel like because of my religion i cant really show my love to kpop idols. and im really planning to meet them, but im really scared.
'Baby's,love olaa' 6 days ago
omg the girl did wrong but since she is fan ofc i would have done the same but the kissing on the forehead woww
Śťäř łïğhț
وين العييب هون !!! شو عملت ؟؟ لو كان حضن حقيقي حتى بففففقفف يا للجهل ..... يا الهي الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام ... و ليس المسلمين ما في بعقولهم و لا ذرة اسلام ..... من حبة يعملوا قبة
Shielapearl Tolentin
i wish i can be like here meeting my kpop idol the bts:( :(
aissam lm
'aissam lm' 1 week ago
islam is great religons great laws don't huds girls and boys just your wife his laws so perfect for good sociale and i love islam so much and if you read the sms think god he invited you in islam and keep all of you search all abut real islam not islam of media and realy belive me then you reste pyscologie and your live be right live
sidhu singh
'sidhu singh' 2 weeks ago
stupid girl why she doesn't said that in their religion it's not good to hugg b1A4 doesn't know other religions why don't you said
syifaa cute
'syifaa cute' 2 weeks ago
wow amazing ba14 thats my idol
'duwang' 2 weeks ago
wtf is this shit
elli lover
'elli lover' 2 weeks ago
bangang . artis melayu peluk laki pompuan takde pon sampai artikel2 gini HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA OTAK LTK MANA
Noura B
'Noura B' 2 weeks ago
Bitch, I grew up as muslim. I would've hugged the,, even I'm not a fan of b1a4. If it was BTS... I don't know man, I would've hugged the shit out of them. XD!
Vibs Loves the World
This is what is going to happen in Europe and America soon, and i wanna blow up all the liberals first before blowing up the muslims. Because the country is in chaos because of the liberals who have failed to protect he land and its culture.
black Boss
'black Boss' 3 weeks ago
although I'm a Muslim thats just stupid
That Watermelon
'That Watermelon' 3 weeks ago
When I saw the thumbnail I quietly fangirled because it was so cute. Those girls are so lucky! Let them do what they want!
fluffy yjaybaby
'fluffy yjaybaby' 3 weeks ago
i'm a muslim and i know its haram to hug people who is opposites gender but who are you to judge B1A4 and these girls? Are you Allah? Humans makes mistakes.Please, these girls have their own decision to hug them or what, The boys even asked is it okay to hug them.
Deliah Bard
'Deliah Bard' 3 weeks ago
Seriously since when is hugging an idol a sin ??! I'am a muslim too and i'd love to hug every single member of bts
Mahleej Bahadur
'Mahleej Bahadur' 3 weeks ago
this would leave the girls thinking that the freedom of their choice was taken away
Anak Daa
'Anak Daa' 3 weeks ago
I think the muslim girl fault not b1a4
Ryan De Hoedt
'Ryan De Hoedt' 3 weeks ago
Dear Muslim Brothers and sisters, As a Muslim, i read in the Holy Bible, John 8:1-11, A Woman Caught in Adultery. Since then I never stopped running to the Throne of Mercy = Jesus (Yeshua) 8 Jesus returned to the Mount of Olives, 2 but early the next morning he was back again at the Temple. A crowd soon gathered, and he sat down and taught them. 3 As he was speaking, the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery. They put her in front of the crowd. 4 “Teacher,” they said to Jesus, “this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say?” 6 They were trying to trap him into saying something they could use against him, but Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with his finger. 7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” 8 Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust. 9 When the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest, until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman. 10 Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” 11 “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”
دانه الدوسري
اتوقع بعد لان الكوريين مره معجبين مع الملامح "ألعربيه" فا اي ثينك انهم خقو وبس ههخخ
Ryan De Hoedt
'Ryan De Hoedt' 3 weeks ago
LoL, According to the Holy Qur'an", Muhammad was 54 years old when he Married 6 Year Old Girl" Ayesha and Muhammad married his daughter-in law, Zaynab. Read the crimes of Muhammad.
Aisha Taehyung
'Aisha Taehyung' 3 weeks ago
look I am a muslim too but they are just showing their love towards all their fans and tbh I would hug them too if I got the chance.
Azrul Razilan
'Azrul Razilan' 4 weeks ago
Because this B1A4 dont popular likes any idols
all i can say is thats one lucky girl
lemons fuji
'lemons fuji' 4 weeks ago
Such is Islam that an act of violence is less a sin than to hug an individual of the opposite gender who is not your husband or wife.
Mahleej Bahadur
'Mahleej Bahadur' 4 weeks ago
come on guyz people make mistakes not religion so I think there is no mistake of the Boyz and not even the girls. cuz there are many girls from different regions they were never criticized for doing something like this so why Muslim girls. plzzzzz. try to be happy when others are happy I swear to God that you will feel better.dont judge people nor they'll do to you
Mahleej Bahadur
'Mahleej Bahadur' 4 weeks ago
OMG I feel so sorry about the girl.she was so young.
Mahleej Bahadur
'Mahleej Bahadur' 4 weeks ago
I don't know why only Muslim girls are considered bad doing something certain. Though the whole world has boyfriends and the girl was so small l. this would leave people thinking that Muslim girls can not be a fan of any guy. islam is that strick at all
Mahleej Bahadur
'Mahleej Bahadur' 4 weeks ago
I don't know why only Muslim girls are considered bad doing something certain. Though the whole world has boyfriends and the girl was so small l. this would leave people thinking that Muslim girls can not be a fan of any guy. islam is that strick at all
Julius Red
'Julius Red' 4 weeks ago
I think its time for Malaysia to start a revolution to separate religion and politics. These girls don't deserve to go to court for something so trivial.
oh comon !!! im mouslim, and if they re girls dont want to be touch or molest they re should not up on the stage! and if i dont i do not i think is not the fault of the band in my opinion... peace
'oberdamujigae' 4 weeks ago
molested omg all they did was a friendly hug abd not that tight (at least from what I see here) though the girl that let them kiss her forehead, no not good. for me honestly I won't want a hug, grabbing each other's hands would be plentiful enough
Avison Charm
'Avison Charm' 4 weeks ago
This is really stupid??? If the girls gave their consent then they didn't do anything wrong. Nobody did anything wrong here except the conservative Muslims hating on these girls' decisions. I'm sure God didn't ban friendship or intimacy between any gender. As a religious, practicing Muslim I would give my Kpop idols a hug because it's friendly and there's no bad intention so what's wrong?
Haby 2611
'Haby 2611' 4 weeks ago
They were just treating their Muslim fans the same way they treat their other fans. What if they didn't hug them, people would have been so upset and would have called them racist or islamophobic. That's not their fault.
dalila manchester
'dalila manchester' 1 month ago
OK guys this is not cool... it's not the band's fault for anything... If the girls didn't like it or if it was bad in their culture (which by the way I'm a Muslim) they shouldn't have went on the stage. and the members didn't harm any of them... the fact that not even the girls reported that, Is what's so cruel and unfair.. pipe down ppl.. if you think about it, it's actually the girls faults for going up on stage.
Mate these people should be happy kpop ifols come to their country. LEGIT NO ONE HAS COME TO THE UNITED KINGDOM. I WASNT EVEN AN EXO FAN WHEN THEY CAME A FEW YEARS AGO😭😭😭
'Riptide880' 1 month ago
wow.. being molested? I'm Muslim and Malaysian too, but these girls have to stay in our religion lane. We can't touch other men that aren't related to us. it's wrong to do so. But saying they were molested by B1A4??? Malaysians, please stay in your lane, they did nothing wrong. The girls could've just said no.. ain't going to the fan meeting enough?
'Ayo' 1 month ago
this only in Malaysia but a lot of arabic contrys thay can't say anything ( and arab are Islam! ) if the girl said okay then no problem ( not all arabic contrys )
VIXX Doctor
'VIXX Doctor' 1 month ago
stupid bitch female
Sunaina Ali
'Sunaina Ali' 1 month ago
Nylo Xyloto
'Nylo Xyloto' 1 month ago
lol it's not those Koreans mistake, they just didn't know about Islamic laws. I'm sure they would have been wary if they knew it. xD
Nihal Nari
'Nihal Nari' 1 month ago
girls should say "i cant hug" to b1a4.. it is not b1a4's mistake
ابوجيس بوجيس
ابوجيس بوجيس
Choi_ Seung_Hyun
'Choi_ Seung_Hyun' 1 month ago
Semua yg kt concert tuh serious blur,bodoh ,bangang yg ad kt concert tuh bkn nk bash , babi kimak hanjing
ARMYBTS vkookjm
'ARMYBTS vkookjm' 1 month ago
if the girl is me ..i'm very happy but just on earth..if we die we will get so hurt...i'm muslim..those girl make me very sad..malu orng islam korang buat mcm tu..
Jaeyong Shipper
'Jaeyong Shipper' 1 month ago
Kpop boys that are FEMININE LOOKING?!?! That is way out of hand BITCH go back to your whole 🙄😑😑
jikook too real to be real
Aha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KOREAN MEN=PALE SKINNY AND FEMININE?! Wtf these stereotypes are killing me
'3doosa' 1 month ago
First of all it's not their fault since that they don't know much about muslim culture Second , If I were her I would tell them that it's wrong to touch a muslim girl (especially if she was wearing a hijab) because of the Islamic Religion rules
Fans of Kpop
'Fans of Kpop' 1 month ago
For me,B1A4 didn't do anything wrong......The one that is wrong was those girls.......Why don't they tell them that they can't hug each other........
'jyunus07' 1 month ago
im a muslim girl and that did not look like molestation just fans fangirling. plus like if it were bts or big bang i wouldnt turn a hug down
'M A R U' 1 month ago
muslims are so fucking hooked on their religion. a religion that makes their own kill their own all for nothing. would've made this tiny, minor situation up to behead or bash the poor girl for all of her life just for hugging a fucking idol? what a joke. honestly...
Amelia F. Jones
'Amelia F. Jones' 1 month ago
Nobody molested anybody..For Christ sake..=_=..It was a HUG. A HUG. Geez..people these days(I'm from Malaysia btw)
'코코' 1 month ago
I don't understand why malaysian people are making a big fuss on this when their dramas involves WAY more touching & nobody even commented anything about it?
ina mish
'ina mish' 1 month ago
you can't hug the girl like that !! she's a muslim .. that's forbidden for her
Mohdsafik Mohdsalleh
Astaghfirullahalazim .. sungguh memalukan :-(
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 month ago
kpork gay ...
Wiam Afifi
'Wiam Afifi' 1 month ago
it's obviously the girl's fault..
'MFDZ' 2 months ago
Stupid girl
'੭ुDIANA _ RU코' 2 months ago
☪️☪️☪️ According to our Islamic law, it is a shame! Shame and these guys, because they afford to behave like a Muslim, and girls too shame for having allowed them to do so over a! This is disgusting!!!! And the organizers of shame for what allowed this to happen on stage!
Rameesha. Qureshi
'Rameesha. Qureshi' 2 months ago
im a muslim and im a hardcore ARMY😍 wud love to goof around with BTS... is that a bad thing😯
Fatima B
'Fatima B' 2 months ago
these girls should not be criticized it is their choice
Aina Sofea
'Aina Sofea' 2 months ago
And 1 more thing!!!Not Korean people fault OK...That's that girls fault..They could have said "we can't hold hands or hug or whatever"..Please blame that girls..
Aina Sofea
'Aina Sofea' 2 months ago
No!!!Hug is haram cuz we are Muslim even with boy know even hold hand we can't!!Do you understand???!!!
hasimah shima
'hasimah shima' 2 months ago
orang malaysia memang ceni salah sikit pon takleh grrr
sunny M
'sunny M' 2 months ago
im muslim and if i see one my idols i'll practically hug the shit out of him, allah is the one to judge me not you or any other human
David Green
'David Green' 2 months ago
Malayisia? Isn't female circumcision like really popular there? You cut their clitoris and steal their feminity from them, and now they can't even hug someone they admire? Damn... Islam is a pain in the ass everywhere you look.
Fyy Cen
'Fyy Cen' 2 months ago
So, there is this certain law only exist in Malaysia. When a non-muslim man specificlly KPOP IDOLS hugs a Muslim woman = HARAM When a Muslim man hugs a Muslim woman = SWEET, ITS OKAY, SO ADORABLE, I SHIP 😧😧 Yes, of course having any SKINSHIP with NON MAHRAM is HARAM but that doesnt apply in Malaysia tho. Many of the Malaysian's quite dislike the Korean cultures that's growing quickly in the country. I understand that we have our own culture and if some cannot accept the changes, it's fine. But, I cant accept if anyone didn't complaint when the Muslims themselves hugging, holding hands or KISSING each other foreheads. The girls hugged by B1A4 were given counselling if I'm correct. So, why not our local actors and actresses, who were completely STRANGERS , hugs and holding hands, acting like everything is OKAY? Shouldn't these actors will be given any counsellings too? Okay, maybe it looks like I want to protect MY KPOP IDOLS but I'm saying the truth here. Whenever we, the FANGIRLS, try to protect our idols, we would receive all kinds of hatred and curses. Most of us were already used to it but some are not. The thing is WE ARE NOT STUPID. WE KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG TO DO IN ISLAM. THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICES BUT THERE'S NO NEED FOR THE CURSES. (sorry for my grammar)
Kamran khan
'Kamran khan' 2 months ago
Its our fault that they have done this if we spread the islam more succefully they will never be able to do stuff like that....... if they have to do that kind of things than they shouldn't wear those scarf or hijab.... may ALLAH forgive us and all the muslims....
NaZack // HQ
'NaZack // HQ' 2 months ago
at Malaysia the Muslim women that their don't wear hijab they just can do whatever they like! Malaysian drama they do rape scene to Muslim don't do hijab , pretty weird 😒
n.a. Allyn
'n.a. Allyn' 2 months ago
i no the k pop cannot do like that but they don't know nothing about Islam please forgive them
Venus Orenji 파르하나
Kiana _love
'Kiana _love' 2 months ago
they may not have known about the religion and it's stupid ass rules so you can't be made about them, the girls also knew that's most of the K Dramas had a hugging part so no one is really to blame. people are just immature and stupid
Livia Reyna
'Livia Reyna' 2 months ago
so they cant hug anybody
Yusuf all
'Yusuf all' 2 months ago
This is stupid I think being a Muslim myself we have a problem with judging too quickly this isn't right. They go they shamed Islam but realistically they shamed Islam by creating something out of nothing
Bleh Bleck
'Bleh Bleck' 2 months ago
hugging is not sexual when have hugging anyone became sexual bruh, thats a form of action taken for friendship , personally feel this is stupid poor k-pop stars and girls
Farzana Ahmed
'Farzana Ahmed' 2 months ago
I love the fact they treated them like any other fan. Respect
Raven Alraeea
'Raven Alraeea' 2 months ago
من عربي هنا =3
royyy 9825
'royyy 9825' 2 months ago
that's why i love Big Bang..they are sensitive to Malaysian culture during fan meeting in KL last October and maybe their team do research before come to any country..Compared to FM in Singapore the lucky fan got hugged by GD,Taeyang,Daesung & Seungri but in KL this session where cut off....
rania Luangco
'rania Luangco' 2 months ago
true many Muslim have fans in Korea kpop.....
Lee Shin Young
'Lee Shin Young' 2 months ago
이 여짜는! 바보니까?? ㅋㅋ~
luna li
'luna li' 2 months ago
I'm muslim and they overreacted, first of all she can do whatever she wants why are other muslims telling her/them what she should do?
NaZack // HQ
'NaZack // HQ' 2 months ago
I'm Muslim and if I'm meet my idol I would just greet them and sign my book and yeah, if they want to hug me I better back off
shsho koreangirl
'shsho koreangirl' 2 months ago
lets be modern about this shall we and leave it be don go and stick religion and stuff like that were it not even related they are children with parent who are responsible for them so let it be
exo blackpink
'exo blackpink' 2 months ago
As a Muslim if that was exo i would kiss them
Dee Dee
'Dee Dee' 2 months ago this kind of thing isn't only happened in my country tho. I can't imagine if it happens here ? Or it's already happened and didn't get so much exposure ?
'약속' 3 months ago
i had no idea hugging was bad, cuz im muslim but born in america, so like hugging is a normal thing u do, if it really is haram, can someone tell me, so i can refrain from hugging my friends that are boys
Sk Boy
'Sk Boy' 3 months ago
Ugh people these days uhhhhh they dont have brains -_-
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