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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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Venus Shpagin
'Venus Shpagin' 6 hours ago
Gosh, you terrorists are so Dirty no one wants to Touch you. you are basically following a pedophile rapist religion. disgrace for kpop fans. shove your Dirty rags up your goatfucker ass.
Zozan Akpolat
'Zozan Akpolat' 4 days ago
bende türkiyede yaşayan bir müslümanım ve kpop fanları çok .korelileri seviyoruz
little Red Shit
'little Red Shit' 5 days ago
Go to wear hijab xD No i'm kidding i'm muslim
Potatoe Fat
'Potatoe Fat' 5 days ago
they are just hugging. If they didnt they would be cries of racism. my friends a muslim she wouldve hugged them too. Its just a hug,the laws are way too much. If it was kissing then reasonable like back off
Yanti Putri
'Yanti Putri' 5 days ago
Kpoop faggot dajjal will burn in hell
the thing is... 1. they are just hugging the shoulder not embracing and kissing or whatever so its not molesting 2. the title 'young muslim girl molested by kpop boys' is too harsh. 3. they do not understand some of the islam laws so they dont know whats wrg and whats ok 4. its the girl's fault. she should have said that we cant hug or something. 5. im too mad JDJSJXNJS
Ariya MCPE
'Ariya MCPE' 1 week ago
This is why I want to be an Atheist
Jasmine Muhammad
'Jasmine Muhammad' 1 week ago
Why I’m laughing so hard (btw I’m Muslim too and I hug boys lol)
phyro 61
'phyro 61' 1 week ago
Malah kpop nya yg disalahin. Padahal kan fans nya jg salah, knp g blg aja kli tdk diperbolehkan
Zahra Kazmi
'Zahra Kazmi' 1 week ago
Really I like kpop boy bands a lot, they are really cool but we have restrictions as hijabis. Guys aren’t allowed to touch girls like that unless they are a relative...
Jiha Japanese123
'Jiha Japanese123' 2 weeks ago
I know that B1A4 actually didn't know about Muslim fans in Malaysia but it's not their fault. It's the girl fault because she could've said no we cannot hug instead of just being quiet.I know we cannot judge people but no matter who we like so much , we cannot break the Islam rules. This is just my opinion so please don't get mad 😁😁
perem pempem
'perem pempem' 2 weeks ago
Bae suzy trying to use hijab that she got from fans when fan sign
adinda jongin
'adinda jongin' 2 weeks ago
Sabar ya mau di cium 😣😐
Tasnim bradai
'Tasnim bradai' 2 weeks ago
I love bts 😍😍from tunisia
Hamna Babar
'Hamna Babar' 2 weeks ago
and stop the hate from muslims😝😝😝😝😭😭😢😢😢😢
Hamna Babar
'Hamna Babar' 2 weeks ago
first of all only Allah is there to judge me and i am a muslim i dont care what would people say about that..and yes i am proud to be a muslim and i really dont care what hindus say or malaysian .... i just love bts band
'Black_psycho123' 2 weeks ago
zina itu namanya. ZINA
Leonard Damned
'Leonard Damned' 2 weeks ago
haram haram
'Lunar' 3 weeks ago
Bruh. These peeps.
kim hyung min
'kim hyung min' 3 weeks ago
malaysia..biasa la..
Jimin 4 life
'Jimin 4 life' 3 weeks ago
I don't think any kpop idols should say sorry they didn't know anything and I know it's haram but there just exaggerating in my opinion I don't think that it would be a bad thing to hug them its not like there sleeping with them
Shenni Triyana
'Shenni Triyana' 3 weeks ago
Apasi kok cabul? najis gajelas. heran gwa
Rahim AzeTURAN
'Rahim AzeTURAN' 3 weeks ago
Hmmm...ııııııı.ee--. OK I can't say anything.
Jiminie helpumee
'Jiminie helpumee' 3 weeks ago
Ok idk why im here cause im not muslim but i think those boys group don't really know about muslim so they just treated them like others fans. You know... Fan service... Ok whatever it's 2018 and i just discovered this things. Ok bye
'Rosinante' 3 weeks ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Tadaaaaaaaa ! this is why Muslim are violent !
Taha Ashfaq
'Taha Ashfaq' 3 weeks ago
That was just for fun and I felt nothing like the girls were molested
Aneesa Bibi
'Aneesa Bibi' 3 weeks ago
But muslim can like someone or having an idol. Maybe her parents lets her to hug. We can't judge them......
Siddiqa Ahmad
'Siddiqa Ahmad' 3 weeks ago
I'm a muslim and I blame the fans. The artists did nothing wrong. They were just being friendly to their fans
zahra alvi
'zahra alvi' 3 weeks ago
Its not fault of the girls bcz they expect them to respect their religion just like bts di! Most oeople know about muslims....hiw come they dont know!! Was it a coincidence that bts knew about it! Yewh but I agree molested took it too far! Yeah and maybe they werent exposed to muslim's religion ever but I hope that this kind of thing doesnt happen again! I think its no one's fault! Not the girl nor the kpop grp
Sunshine Sid
'Sunshine Sid' 3 weeks ago
Seriously why are people being like this if there girls had no issue with it then it shouldnt concern anyone there just picking on the poor kpop group
Wawan Amelinda
'Wawan Amelinda' 3 weeks ago
Siti Nuraqilah B
'Siti Nuraqilah B' 4 weeks ago
Just speechless. Bangang la ih
KiRaTries YT
'KiRaTries YT' 4 weeks ago
Don't blame them it was a mistake. Kpop idols don't really know a lot about Muslims
Queen ZirconSu
'Queen ZirconSu' 4 weeks ago
I know this bad but I'm muslim and hugging is haram in our religion,I see people comment said"I'm muslim too but I would have hug them!"Another one is "I search,hugging is not haram.If you search in google,they can be false or true but if you search in Al quran its true.And one more thing if you want hug them so much and touch hand and stuff,you already forgot Allah.I'm saying this to protect my religion.And make sure they remember their god.Its not BTS fault.I also big fan of BTS.Its the girl fault.
Suga Oppa
'Suga Oppa' 4 weeks ago
But some kpop bands well don't know the rules of Hijabs so yeah but like BTS well they know because J-Hope warn his band members so that's good :) but yeah it's no one's fault
Najeebah Hussain
'Najeebah Hussain' 4 weeks ago
Well the girls weren't molested and you can't just say it was simply a hug. I mean, if u understand where I come from getting a hug from a guy would be a BIG issue since my parents a hella strict and plus I go to an Islamic school. SO, like how the hell am I supposed to go to a fan meet?! My parents will kill me. But, I'll put my religion and belief first. BTW, I don't even have to money to go to Korea or a fan meet. Lol
Rezza Danial
'Rezza Danial' 4 weeks ago
kpop = plastic justien bieber = original
Rezza Danial
'Rezza Danial' 4 weeks ago
bro it just kpop boy group i wonder what it would be if justin bieber there
Syifa Indira
'Syifa Indira' 4 weeks ago
Then why the girls not saying NO to them (the boys) the girls just act to much if u understand wht i say i will say "lebay" and that mean act to much,korean is not problem and if touching muslim girls and muslim is not their tradition so they're don't know about touching muslim girl,so why u guys judge korean and not the girls? Sorry but if i be that girl i just say no to the boys cuz im muslim to,so please don't just look at the boy,take your eyes to the girls please :)
dream gaming
'dream gaming' 4 weeks ago
Muhammet Şadan Kuzgun
Allah gives clever and idea hers.
'yoongi's wifeu' 4 weeks ago
Nabillah Journey
'Nabillah Journey' 1 month ago
Bts just treat their muslims fans
Nabillah Journey
'Nabillah Journey' 1 month ago
I also muslims
Nabillah Journey
'Nabillah Journey' 1 month ago
Its not true
'Don't reply pls Tq' 1 month ago
I'm Chinese (lol I know I don't have much to do with this) but I lived in an Islamic country my whole life (smh people thought it would be filled with terrorists) and they're nice people :( I didn't know YouTube would be so rude to Muslims... As a _chink_ (I don't come from china tho, does it count ?) I sincerely relate to them. And to every islamphobic (?) person, look at the comments, most Muslims don't see it as molestation, they still support bts.
Mohd Izwan
'Mohd Izwan' 1 month ago
hey you kpop if you come here in muslim country todo whatever you want follow your freedom life like atheis , better you out of my country.
Mohd Izwan
'Mohd Izwan' 1 month ago
hey you kpop if you come here in muslim country todo whatever you want follow your freedom life like atheis , better you out of my country.
Pah 밯Chan 찬
'Pah 밯Chan 찬' 1 month ago
Hum i'm muslim girl ...but really no one do all things like what found in his religion ... I didn't hug a boy in my life.... But we have to respect others ...this job of parents ..and k-pop idols don't know that hugging is Haram ⭐
Abigail Kabita Balan
I wish i could hug them right now
Abigail Kabita Balan
This is to much
فَازَا هَوْناَ
Bagaimana jika ada orang laki-laki bersorban putih berpakaian putih panjang dan semuanya Arab, jumlahnya 7 orang trus Jalan bareng-bareng Kemana-mana, belanja bareng, terus background nya putih, dan foto-foto Ala boyband Korea....
Mastura Haji Jamil
'Mastura Haji Jamil' 1 month ago
the k pop artis not make any fault but our girls have to say no if they ask to hugs , coz our girls know what will happen after they do, so in my opinion this is fist case in Malaysia for K pop artis, but now all around world now how to respect other culture and all army and fans have to control their self when they meet their K pop artis please care about all people around , we whan our artis and fan have a good time and memories ...................for me make it as one of k all music , love song...and peace..tq
Bob gigs
'Bob gigs' 1 month ago
Why don't these people mind their on business
Jude K
'Jude K' 1 month ago
ITS NOT THE CELEBRITIES’ FAULT! THEY ARE JUST DOING WHAT THEY USUALLY DO, So it’s the fans’ fault if something they don’t accept happens to them, they should take responsibility
is nur
'is nur' 1 month ago
B1a4 not wrong.the girls were wrong.they can say"we cant touch"
Mawar Puteh
'Mawar Puteh' 1 month ago
Riya da Oreo
'Riya da Oreo' 2 months ago
I’m Muslim!
'Smol' 2 months ago
Im Muslim. Idc what they're gonna say to me if I got to hug my oppa. Its like choosing heaven and hell. You would choose heaven right? Its the same with the hug. So please respect the boys a bit.
Zulaikah Baffic
'Zulaikah Baffic' 2 months ago
WTFFF they just treated them normally like everybody it's not their fault ... AND I'm a Muslim too, and i would probably give them a hug too and I think that they overreacted ....well some of them maybe don't like it but some like it so I don't understand why there a big problem for giving a hug to someone you like ... and the girl seemed not bothered so why are you people always like this ....
Mutayyaba Siddiqui
'Mutayyaba Siddiqui' 2 months ago
This is the fans fault. I am Muslim to and I know the limits.
'Luj' 2 months ago
I'm a muslim and I'd hug them
Mathew Rodriguez
'Mathew Rodriguez' 2 months ago
Islam is different than any other religions. Dont make fun with Muslims.
Golden ModeM
'Golden ModeM' 2 months ago
Religions that don't belong in Asia...why do my Asian people let religion tear them apart from each other, it's sad...there's already enough hatred that exists between Asian countries...And why is India considered Asian? Why is Middle East considered Asian? Asian people are so lost and confused...too many outside influences convoluting their minds and separating them from their true origins...
Golden ModeM
'Golden ModeM' 2 months ago
Don't let religion tear Asian people apart, there should be more Asian couples out there. There's nothing wrong with Asian people hugging each people, where did this religion come from?
chong joshua
'chong joshua' 2 months ago
When hypocrites gets TRIGGERED
Ahah ._.
'Ahah ._.' 2 months ago
The fish..retis melayu pegang situ pegang sini takde lak nk kecoh..pehal bangang sngat manusia ni?
Alifia Ananda
'Alifia Ananda' 2 months ago
La amante de la música
😭😭😭and me?
suhairi Kpop
'suhairi Kpop' 2 months ago
korea kpop join me
Кира Мишель
Maybe I am ignorant, but I see no issue. It was a friendly, welcoming hug. Such as a hug you would give a friend. It was a sexual or romantic gesture. These are men, those are teenage girls. I doubt either of them saw it in an inappropriate way. They were not treated as if they had a contagious illness, they were treated as happy, excited fans as they'd hold be. Using the world "molestation" is going much too far. I can understand a strict environment where a girl hugging a boy may not be allowed, but saying that the girl was molested...too far. At best, this is a cultural misunderstanding
Javier Strive !!!
'Javier Strive !!!' 2 months ago
Malay girls
Angel Malak
'Angel Malak' 2 months ago
I think that it depends on how strong of a muslim you are and what you want to do also not everyones perfect . This is a bit like when people talk about muslim girls wearing a scarf or not.
'Nazzila' 2 months ago
hug isnt a crime. islam is a strict religion as im muslim but i would even hug a hater bc i want to show some love and respect. so idk why this people say its forbidden. we muslims can do anything we want. if u love something go for it. dont let other muslims or muslim parents control u into becoming to religouse person and not to interact with a guy. we are all equal and we will share our love towards anyone
-Mòon Nìght
'-Mòon Nìght' 2 months ago
Ken PlaysMC
'Ken PlaysMC' 2 months ago
Muslims cant hug stupid kpop nub
Salma Nabila
'Salma Nabila' 2 months ago
Who is more innocence here? B1A4 is the answer, cz the girls I'm sure that they're actually know what they can and cannot do.
Salma Nabila
'Salma Nabila' 2 months ago
For hugging, I think it's rather normal. But, for kissing..why the girl accepted Baro's permission? That's really weird. She had supposed to reject kissing scene even though it was just on forehead.
sahana begum
'sahana begum' 2 months ago
I'm muslim but tbh if I went on that stage all hell would break loose 😂 I don't usually hug GUYS but who wouldn't hug someone so innocent and is ur idol But God knows what I would've done if it was bts and I was on stage But seriously B1a4 didn't do anythign wrong. They're pure innocent
Ahmed Yassin
'Ahmed Yassin' 2 months ago
That's not molesting
Ahmed Yassin
'Ahmed Yassin' 2 months ago
'LawakLawakPeace' 2 months ago
Tanda tanda kiamat e.e
hafsa bakari
'hafsa bakari' 2 months ago
I am Muslim and I hug boys cause I am not that religious and why are people saying its haram and all that its their choice so leave the girls alone
'Scythegenram' 2 months ago
B14a dont know that kind of thing. It was that muslim girl fault. Why that girl let b14a hugs her
Rosa indica
'Rosa indica' 2 months ago
If the girls were really good Muslims they would have never stepped on stage. I am a Muslim and I think it was a wrong move on the part of those girls.
Tess Gella
'Tess Gella' 2 months ago
Wow! They weren't molested. The group treated the girls same way as the others. And the group could have been told before hand. The girls were just enjoying their time.
'MıNyOoNgİ OPPA' 2 months ago
yaa bendee
Assia negotagam
'Assia negotagam' 2 months ago
extremists basicaly
'العُـنقود' 2 months ago
_Religion of peace & tolerance eh_
Islam Forever
'Islam Forever' 2 months ago
corruption starts from early ages . they are children yes , and thats why we control them not to do such sick dirty things until they grow up. Look at Koreans after their children lived the western style how corrupted they became . ever saw traditional Korean women clothes ? not an inch of her is revealed.
Asma Noori
'Asma Noori' 2 months ago
Awww rn I'm crying!!😭😭😭😭😭 This is so cuteee
Sallie Andrea
'Sallie Andrea' 2 months ago
Uhmm excuse me they didn’t force themselves on the girls. Ofcourse I understand their laws but I think it is extremely unfair. In my eyes it isn’t B1A4 or the girls fault but (it ain’t my business)
Halima Gapor
'Halima Gapor' 2 months ago
Kpop thier is no faulth just only muslim girl fauth to allowed them to hug muslim girl too ang i love much korean ...but plsss stay in ur dignity as muslim lady cos any action can affect other ....
Emaan M
'Emaan M' 2 months ago
Salam I'm Muslim toooo, it's not their fault they're young girls. So stop blaming them!
'SATISFYING Republic' 2 months ago
I am a muslim and it is not bad for a guy to hug a girl. Like most of you guys said, if it were BTS I would hug them for TWO DAYS STRIAGHT PPLS! I just don't want ppl thinking that Muslims are so strict and all that everyone is different. Some are strict and some aren't. PLZ don't keep saying that it is bad for Kpop idols to just show that they love their Muslim fans. CUZ WHEN I ( IF I ) GO ON STAGE, OH FOR SURE I WANT BTS TO HUG ME!
Indah Tasya
'Indah Tasya' 2 months ago
You can say "i can't you hug"
'hppypill' 2 months ago
its was those girls fault cuz b1a4 is non muslim so they probably dont know about haram and islamic stuff. the girl should have said "sorry , no hug" or something
Qistina Puteri
'Qistina Puteri' 2 months ago
Bila pulak kene cabul bodoh
Faria Mohamed
'Faria Mohamed' 2 months ago
I am Muslim and my kids wore hijabs and go to music concerts which is considered Haram. The Korean pop stars want to show their friendly appreciation for their fans. It was a mistake on the girls part to allow that hugging and touching and yes it does look bad on our Ummah. They should know better how to behave. However to say it's molestation is completely unacceptable and an injustice to the Korean pop stars. Having said that the Korean pop stars could have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the Indonesian culture and practice so as not to offend anyone. I am clearly saying no fault of the Korean pop stars. All of us will get excited over movie stars and pop stars. We all make mistakes.
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