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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 2 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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abdul mannan
'abdul mannan' 18 minutes ago
That girl was lucky she acc got to meet them tho so
'J C' 1 hour ago
that so crazy I would like to be that girls I like b1a4
Dibidibidis My Name Is Yehet
I'm a muslim and think this is totally over the top. It's ridiculous. The girls 'didn't know how to react' because they were SHY. If that was me with my favourite group, I'd be so shy as well omfg 🙄
Noor Shamanta Jahan
'Noor Shamanta Jahan' 4 hours ago
Saying that they were molested is just over exaggerating it. If the girls are uncomfortable interacting with someone of their opposite gender, why do they even go there the first place. No matter what you say everyone has their own faiths, so telling them to do this and that would nit be fair.
GOT tungshi
'GOT tungshi' 8 hours ago
man because that's I leave Islam- sorry family and friends not just this there's a lots of things I can't handle *We're humans*
So, I feel everyone coming to the comments are either confused or mad so here, clarifications: yes, saying they molested the girls was too much. BUT, Islam does say that girls may not touch boys and boys may not touch girls. UNLESS they are family. ok, Muslim guys can ONLY marry "people of the book" meaning just Jewish or Christian or Muslim girls. Muslim girls can marry Muslim guys. the girls may be young enough for the rules not to apply to them, BUT IF NOT it was still their choice, no need to punish them.
really .
Golden Maknae
'Golden Maknae' 14 hours ago
Oh cmon now ur calling us feminine? we are just more good looking than u thats all -not trying to be offending I am korean thats why-
that chicken who had alien as parents
to be honest. that kpop band did nothing wrong. they didnt know the Malay culture. this case happened long ago. just close it up.
Gold Emblem
'Gold Emblem' 17 hours ago
muslims r too much
CallMe Miss Right
'CallMe Miss Right' 18 hours ago
*"This is molesting!"* *Me: "Bitch sit down and get your facts right! They consented! and wanted to join in their activities so zip it* 🤐
alma idah
'alma idah' 1 day ago
mereka ga cabul kali, alay bat, dikasih kesempatan bisa ama bias malah kaya gitu, sok bat.
6ar8o شهوده
'6ar8o شهوده' 1 day ago
كبر جنها بقره واتكمز شيكولولن علينا الدول البقيه
Jsjsjsj Djdmkd
'Jsjsjsj Djdmkd' 1 day ago
Stop kissing muslims asses, they're sick and kpop idols shouldn't even interact with them
twinkle shine
'twinkle shine' 1 day ago
omg seriously 😒
ZZzZ zz
'ZZzZ zz' 1 day ago
Mashallah im a muslim but according to me we have no right to critisize either the band members or muslim girls the thing on which we should focus is getting a lesson from this but instead of that i read many commens in which many muslim girls mentions that they are muslims and also say tthat if they get a chance than they suerly will hug there idols ... well i personally stan BTS and would love to meet them but as being a muslim i will keep in mind my limitations and values and norms of islam that prophet and Allah taught us even i love them(IDOLS) but still in every way withoutu nikah any physical contact with a na mehram is haram in islam either a hug or even a handshake but in our present social circle we think this is too much or we are very backward people but this is islam and this is the religion that we has to represent in front off world and allah we have forgotten the true meaning of islam in these lights ..... i didnt wanted to critiseze anyone just wanna clear
'arabella' 1 day ago
oh yeah, the genre itself hugged the girl
Šøßœ Śęhüøñ
بالله عليكم كم عربي دخل المقطع م̷ـــِْن گد. الفضول😂😎✌🏻🌚
jojo siwa
'jojo siwa' 2 days ago
OMG the Muslim's is so stupid where the problem of this video I'm Muslim but my think is not like this ياربيييي العرب مزودينها حييل لييش يعني هم معجبين مو شي تاني وهم كمان ما عملو شي سيئ متى سيفهمون العرب الاغبياء #we love the K-pop "😢
'tadabae' 2 days ago
Ugh I just wanna scream bc this is going to cause more people to believe stereotypes about Islam and cause more people to be racist or whatever. As a Muslim, I've never agreed with the idea of sharia law since Islam actually prohibits enforcing religion, but people who care about power more than religion have twisted the meaning over time ;-;
'tadabae' 2 days ago
Bruh.....I'm Muslim and if I ever got to to meet my fave kpop group, I'd be hugging them and crying with happiness. Clearly these people don't know what molestation means, and calling this molesting is not only offensive to B1A4 but also to actual victims of sexual abuse.....I'm sure Malaysia has a different culture than Korea, and in many places certain acts seem more "scandalous" that in others, but I don't think the media or the authorities should be judging B1A4 or the girls either :/
Joy_M Fullday
'Joy_M Fullday' 2 days ago
And that's not molesting
Joy_M Fullday
'Joy_M Fullday' 2 days ago
I'm sorry 😂😂I laughed
Lauren Sky
'Lauren Sky' 2 days ago
Wtf!! They're don't know the islam
Shaima Alawlqi
'Shaima Alawlqi' 2 days ago
Well it's back to the girls I mean if they want to get hugged they should take off the hijab
'kawaiinerd4ever' 2 days ago
ughhh they are children their parents know what they are doing they know what they are doing going to the concert the ppl that comment stuff like that need to calm down
Mehibel Aïcha
'Mehibel Aïcha' 2 days ago
muslim girls don't listen to music Muslim girls don't go to the stages Muslim girls if they don't want a hug they don't go to places like that those girl are not Muslim ....duuuh ! my opinion :')
'catallena' 2 days ago
whatever malaysia they can hug me instead
Hadjer Ben-lag
'Hadjer Ben-lag' 2 days ago
اييي😢 و انا ليش حظي هيك 😭😭😭 I hate my life😱 😩😩😷😭
Lyna Senfoura
'Lyna Senfoura' 2 days ago
Is going to a concert even allowed in Islam?
Meral Hamarat
'Meral Hamarat' 2 days ago
Islamic religion, aims to protect girls. Not just the girls,Men too...Exaggeration is not the issue. If you are not married you can not kiss someone outside the family.And you kiss that person..I think this is the future equanimity infidelity.
oppa جونغ كوك
the girl who writes
douigo soundous
'douigo soundous' 4 days ago
المسلمين العرب اين انتم😊😊
dat_ kimchi
'dat_ kimchi' 4 days ago
Ugh this is why I'm an atheist. everyone is blaming the boys but the "better people" say to blame the girls but I think that's bullshit too and you should blame the dumbass that created the religion or religion in general bc hugging with consent is not molestation.
'What's In A Name' 4 days ago
Here we go again.........
'kookie's wife!!!' 4 days ago
OK 1) the idols didn't know they weren't supposed to do that 2) unless my idol is doing something unbelievably inappropriate I wouldn't mind (sorry I'm not Muslim but it still stands for these girls) 3) "molest" really?!?!?
'ajimin' 4 days ago
I'm Muslim and I don't give a shit about people hugging me or touching me regardless of gender
Rinku Eun Sera
'Rinku Eun Sera' 5 days ago
Well, I am a muslim girl and I find those girls had exagerated their reactions or the media here exagerated it, I mean yes we are not supposed to be that close to guys, but why did they go on stage then? I mean take your responsabilities and don't blame those guys. I am not a fan of B1A4, but I listen to kpop a lot. As a muslim girl, I wouldn't have hugged them or gone on stage (well I am not like those girls cuz I am from another country that is more open minded). I will probably watch them from afar and enjoy the show and not blame boys because of their innocence. Those girls shouldn't have been on stage if they wanted to preserve their culture. I am sorry for those girls, but I don't like seeing facts like this one that can disgrace my religion or put people wrongly in the wrong. (Sorry my english)
Lost Paradise
'Lost Paradise' 5 days ago
well stop forcing religion on them and such mess won't happen for your "holy religion" stfu and let them be the way they want to be
Stephanie Davis
'Stephanie Davis' 5 days ago
okay but I think they both are innocent . can we just close the topic
Sarah vergas
'Sarah vergas' 6 days ago
hi I'm a Muslim and a fan too. eat your saying is right but a Muslim hugging a man who can marry her is haram.
بارك جونغ مين
والله فشله لعد شكو لابسه حجاب اذا تلزم الولد وتحضنهم شوهت سمعت المسلمين والاسلام
c. lince
'c. lince' 7 days ago
they shouldnt have gone to muslim countries following sharia law
Cy Park
'Cy Park' 1 week ago
A Kkkk
'A Kkkk' 1 week ago
Wtf Muslim don't go to where normal people go and leave normal people alone
ßts-love bts- Life
I'm muslim n seriously this is so stupid....
Lily Lilium
'Lily Lilium' 2 weeks ago
I did not know that the malaysian are that conservative, I am from a muslim country and what the girls have done is quite normal in my country, I am not Muslim but even for the Muslims it is not a disaster a quite normal behavior here.
'Jimin's fluffy hair' 2 weeks ago
I'm a muslim girl but if I meet my stan or my fav group and they let me hug them, I wouldn't want to let go. I wouldn't care if it's haraam at the moment because it'd make me happy. I wouldn't let such an occasion pass ( I'm such a haraami omg) On a more serious note: For this video, neither the group nor the girls were at fault. In all honesty I think the girls were just not used to being hugged by male strangers. I don't think they were offended though or else they wouldn't have gone to the session in the first place. But molestation is a strong word. I don't understand why they made such an issue out of a hug. Peace x *warm bear hug to the whole world*
Sa Ka
'Sa Ka' 2 weeks ago
the boys didnt know about the prohibition of hugging and stuff but the girls knew. It's not the boys' fault tho
Bella Rose
'Bella Rose' 2 weeks ago
قولو الله يزوجنا الاوبا حقنا عشان ماناخد ذنوب ومره وحده نكمل نص ديننا...♡♡♡
Hanna Anne
'Hanna Anne' 2 weeks ago
'أمل' 2 weeks ago
وآناه طيب؟💔
Abir Ben Ahmed
'Abir Ben Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
WTF wrong with you guy's because of hug you've atacked these girls what did they did wrong a hug please if there is any one can jugde then it's god non other than god the one and the only you have no right to judge no the band and neither the girl they're responsible towards god only and towards no one else please try to understand this and stop acting like you're so perfect nobody is perfect except god SO please stop i'm not a fan of k-pop music and all this but this is really too much
Yuri Plisetsky
'Yuri Plisetsky' 2 weeks ago
If you can't hug, then don't go on stage
'xSchoolgamesx' 2 weeks ago
well molested is not the correct term and the sin is on the girl not the Kpop singer she accepted the hug even Korean boy or girls refuse to hug Idols when they have girlfriend or boyfriend
EXO and Super Junior Love
عربيات مصدوم ههه الفيديو روعة حقأ م 😄😄💕💕
'ROOZ MANS' 3 weeks ago
يعني حرام اذا مسلمة ضمت كيبوب كوري يا عالم😩
Nashadyr Saladin
'Nashadyr Saladin' 3 weeks ago
And maybe because of this kpop idols don't do this anymore :-(
nik izzat
'nik izzat' 3 weeks ago
go ahead who care
'HolaItsMimi' 3 weeks ago
Dude molestation is a bit to much like srsly I'm Muslim and if I was on stage with my k idol I would hug them lol
'Intaenet' 3 weeks ago
and im just amazed that this actually made the bbc news. i mean k-pop bbc england tf is this it doesnt add up
maha eltom
'maha eltom' 4 weeks ago
I blame the girls ... yeh Girls stay in your chairs and enjoy the show. be away from these Shubha. They are k-pop and yoj definitly know what their fans can get from them .. look how girls are shy. Don't let your desires to be stronge than you. And what I know one hug could lead to 10 as said the begining of Rain is drop.
ahraz hassan
'ahraz hassan' 4 weeks ago
just a hug
mr Tuhau
'mr Tuhau' 1 month ago
melayu bodoh,.
kainath rasool
'kainath rasool' 1 month ago
i dont get why us muslins are not allowed to hug boys especially if ure fans of them. and its not really molestation kissing them on their forehead
'amaama' 1 month ago
be respectful to the hijab and islam
enass hama
'enass hama' 1 month ago
what why girl why you hung him you're Islam oh this is so embarrassing 😨 I'm muslim
Sana Lababidi
'Sana Lababidi' 1 month ago
These girls can do what they want because i can't judge them because i don't know them ! I let Allah to judge because he's the only one who has this right !! Personally, I'm muslim, and never, i will let my favorite artiste to give me a hug ! Like I'm a BTS fan, but i'm also muslim, and Islam is way more important for me than a Boys band ! I can understand that girls like them so much, but consider them more important than islam ? It's how i see all the comments of muslim in this video ! One other time, I'm not talking about the girls of the video ! Like, I really don't understand the people who are like "I'm muslim and if it was BTS i'll do the same", "I'm muslim and if it was EXO i'll kiss them" ! Guys, it's my opinion, but in the islam religion we can't have contact, like really, with a boy (for a girl) and girl (for a boy) ! So why you don't want to respect the "rules" ? Okay, Allah is merciful, but, that's doesn't mean that you can do what's you want and then always apologize and say that "Allah is merciful", it's a no sense ! And the world don't work like that ! Maybe you don't care, but you can't go to paradise with this state of mind ! In my school there is always guys who are trying to make hug with me, they are my classmates, sometimes my friends, but that's not mean that i will let them do what they want ! I just push them away ! And all muslims there should do that ! And if you do that, there is no reason to hug some person (your favorite group) and to not hug some other person (in my case : my classmates) ! So you shouldn't hug your favorite artist ! It's my point of view ! And you just can say to them, I really like you, your personality and your music, but I'm sorry, I'm muslim and can't accept to make a hug, because it's inappropriate ! PS : that's my point of view of muslim of the new generation, (16 yo), and i can understand that some people are not O.K. with me !
Dime Enzion
'Dime Enzion' 1 month ago
This is so stupid.gosh
Anne Shine
'Anne Shine' 1 month ago
They did not have to do this Originally music is haram in Islam The Prophet forbade listening to songs because it is the work of Satan
fatma hassan
'fatma hassan' 1 month ago
This is haraam and because they want a kiss and They want to mimic the West why Wearing hijab
'M110' 1 month ago
I wonder how Taeyang would feel or those girls saw Taeyang? LOL
Jen P
'Jen P' 1 month ago
Glad I'm not Muslim. I have nothing against them, but I wouldn't be able to deal with this religion.
Mystical Bluestone
'Mystical Bluestone' 1 month ago
I'm Muslim, and seriously I understand it may be against Islam to hug a stranger that is a boy, but seriously calm down they don't know that, and B1A4 don't know this, the girls should have told them. Come on man. I would have like, did these cool traditional greeting in most Asian places with bowing down I like that because I think it's cool. These girls should have done that.
'MAYSM MORAD' 1 month ago
ولاكن هذا الشيئ حرام لانها مسلمة وفي الدين الاسلامي لا يسمح للفتاه المسلمة بأن تعانق رجل غير والدها او اخوها لان هذا غير مسموح في الدين الاسلامي شكرا
Nida Zshan
'Nida Zshan' 1 month ago
I usually don't hug boys or guys , but kpop idols are different from guys and boys , I don't even talk to them . but kpop is life and their really cool and hot and who wouldn't hug them
rafhgad sarya
'rafhgad sarya' 1 month ago
If she was a kid she can hug mih because he is like his big brother But if it was a adult girl she can't hug him it's haram
maral fatima
'maral fatima' 1 month ago
She is so little girl
Rabie linda
'Rabie linda' 2 months ago
where is the probleme..?? the kpops stars are try'ing to be nice and be near from thier fans with or without hijab............i like thier efforts because they also have another thoghts but still they acts nicely with the fans .........
Jimin You Got No Jams A Novel By Rapmon
gosh!! leave us fangirling and fanboying alone 😤
Choco lat
'Choco lat' 2 months ago
Such a small thing taken out of proportion. I wonder why. Well at least the boys learned to never hug muslim girls. Bye 👋👋
Daniel Zha
'Daniel Zha' 2 months ago
If you read the Qu'ran these women are committing a great sin against Allah and should face punishment such as stoning or lashes.
Rümeysa Özdemir
'Rümeysa Özdemir' 2 months ago
Guys one hug is not just nothing Don't you trust İslam and islams laws?? one hug is nothing? i'm muslim and mistakes just bring the other mistakes.. please be respectfull to your religion
Astrid Jackson
'Astrid Jackson' 2 months ago
OK hold up. It is the Muslim girl's choice if she hugged the Korean idol right? _she_ doesn't look like she's complaining. Don't go blaming the Koreans for hugging them when those girls had no problem with it.
Mimi Miyuee
'Mimi Miyuee' 2 months ago
they didn't attack her bcoz she's muslim Lol it was bcoz they were jealous of her they r all kpoppers that's why they were jealous it's not a big deal BBC stop overreacting
عاشقة اكسو و ملك الراب تشانيول
والله هو ده الاسلام والمسلمين الصح هما متعودين المسلمين يقبلوهم من راسهم او أيديهم حتي الحضن ما بينفع انا مصرية وكيبوبية مين معي
4eversupersonicgirl *
this is not molestation.... radical muslims as expected
Fatima Tanveer
'Fatima Tanveer' 2 months ago
I think the girls could have refused and I also agree I am a fan of k pop but I can't forget my religion to just touch them or to meet them and the Christians or any other religion doesn't know very well about muslim rules so how can it be the fault of kpop stars
YY Yow
'YY Yow' 2 months ago
YY Yow
'YY Yow' 2 months ago
'Taetae's Wife' 2 months ago
What the hell I'm muslim too and I live in an arabic country, I hug all of my male friends, what's the wrong with that? Seriously, If i've got the choice to meet a Kpop Idol I would definetly hug him and cry like a shit
'taehyunginfiresme' 2 months ago
LMAO BYE, if theyre korean idc im hugging them
'luzie72' 2 months ago
???!!!?? lol I'm Muslim Arab and wearing a hijab and that's not that bad. They totally overreacting. If he KISSED the girls yeah it would make a difference but it's only a *hug* what the fuxk
lee taehyung
'lee taehyung' 2 months ago
If your Muslim or Kristin I didn't say that I heat you, if you heat me why will I'm going to heat you. Stay happy and smile do not give up for something stupid like that ;)
lee taehyung
'lee taehyung' 2 months ago
I'm actually a Muslim girl and I love kpop Soo much than is this bad :(
'GirlWhoSoldTheWorld1' 2 months ago
com'on ppl get real ...They are being hugged in front of thousands . plus Islam also said that Music is forbidden so why the double standards???
budak baik
'budak baik' 2 months ago
they should know Islamic culture.
Taehyungie Jiminie
'Taehyungie Jiminie' 2 months ago
I am young but not muslim😢...... When do i get to see my kpop idol... maybe never😂😢😭
Eggins McFucktruck !!
This is so upsetting
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