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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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my name is jaehyo
'my name is jaehyo' 3 days ago
It’s honestly not the boys’ fault. Those girls should have told them it was against their religion, or backed away while they could. Islam is a sick religion for shaming those girls for hugging the boys and calling it molestation, it’s a mockery to people who have been molested and raped.
Hawo Abdi
'Hawo Abdi' 3 days ago
just because their Muslim doesn't mean that they can't HUG PEOPLE
HoneyN Strawberrys
this really posses me off I am a Muslim and a kpop fan no one can stop that and a tell me what us right and wrong (appart from my god) even that no one should break a littel girls heart. why can boys do everything but not girls this is sexist no one should be treated this way.😤😡😠
Aysha Shams
'Aysha Shams' 4 days ago
Only Allah (SWT) can decide if girls can hug men. If I was there I would be so happy! These outdated rules are sickening!
'ellezc' 6 days ago
Things like this make me question religion.
Lindà ELF
'Lindà ELF' 6 days ago
This is stupid
Doni Hendarto
'Doni Hendarto' 6 days ago
Alhamdulillah Para artis Korea Jarang ke Indonesia dan tidak pernah ada yg seperti begitu. semoga terus2an deh para artis korea ke Indonesia. mending ke Malaysia lagi dan kita lihat wanita muslimah Malaysia menyentuh Artis Pria Korea. dibalik jarangnya artis korea keindonesia ada hikmah yg didapatkan. 😙
interovert21 interovert21
What do you expect from a Muslim majority country. No wonder the Chinese are leaving in droves.
Romaan Musa
'Romaan Musa' 1 week ago
This is the reason why music is forbidden you will not be able to control yourself that's because we idolized wrong people and make norms exceptions Iam a Muslim woman and Iam about to be a graduate and trust me I got exposed to all kinds of people in my diverse university I have seen many Muslim girls hugging men but being Allah's favourite Allah always controlled me and kept me away from such sins and its fact I work with different men and women in my classes but they all know my standard no handshake no hug they are a lot of girls who will offer that not me Alhamdullilah Islam is the righ religion if u follow it but As long as you are pleasing Allah its all worth it stay away from music girls better spend your money on doing charity works and looking after your family and yourself live yourself enough to walk away from such things.
Ck Fadhil
'Ck Fadhil' 1 week ago
You know him name know he live where he you girlfriend your wife if Don know that & he is no you girlfriend or wife Don kiss he & Don kiss Muslim girl if he no you wife easy okay i m just I4 year I can do that you can do that
maryann smk
'maryann smk' 2 weeks ago
just leave them alone you f \\
Jéssica Ribeiro
'Jéssica Ribeiro' 2 weeks ago
Sorry but I have to say this... muslims are so freaking annoying... Korea and muslim countries are very different it wasnt his intention. Stop being so toxic.
lilith Maeno
'lilith Maeno' 2 weeks ago
why can't I get this hug XDD just why
'AydenSkye' 2 weeks ago
No one really talks about malay movies and dramas where hugging and even forehead kissing has becoming trend nowadays.. sighh
ji eun
'ji eun' 2 weeks ago
Did they forget the most common word in the whole damn World "NO !"? They could've just said "No". In my Point of view it seemed that they weren't insulted but rather honored to receive the hugs ...and I know at least a thousand people agree with me...The Idols probably didn't know about Islamic Laws since it ain't very common in their country...they just casually gave them a hug ?!? let's not judge Islam,The Idols or the Girls but just the people who made a little hug , a big bug ! #fighting #ainttheirfault #womenrights #feminism
Soleha Rinani Geprin
hancur generasi muda...
Alejandro Garca
'Alejandro Garca' 3 weeks ago
And I though my country was insane, compared to these countries, my country is a Paradise 😘
Akram Mohammed Drman Hassan 8A Skolen i Midten
If Muslim girl there are not hugging a boys so how dare be a marriage and how they can have baby ? Muslim girl can hug a guy but not sex if she is not married right?😂😂❤️💙👍
Nur Athirah
'Nur Athirah' 3 weeks ago
dalam hal ni , perempuan tu salah...dia patut ckp "tidak" bukan biarkan
Mr Kann8
'Mr Kann8' 3 weeks ago
why are they making this video went viral when in malaysian drama's mostly has hug scenes and kissing on the forehead ? cakapla wei kalau nak bash peminat kpop
Sherah BlackBerry
'Sherah BlackBerry' 3 weeks ago
huge okey but only huge
Violet Luna
'Violet Luna' 4 weeks ago
B1A4 just wanted to make them feel happy
Minho Kim
'Minho Kim' 4 weeks ago
I'm confused. You're not even allowed to touch them? I thought Muslims prohibit sex before marriage, not every physical contact with a man ever before marriage.
'TAE NİN KARISI' 4 weeks ago
bu kadar şanslı olamazlar
taylor xo
'taylor xo' 4 weeks ago
okay listen now they've ruined it for us muslim girls they probably wont ever hug a muslim girl again .. maybe its haram but its a hug of one sec from your idol...
Rim Chafik
'Rim Chafik' 4 weeks ago
Wow it's a big problem... For god's sake people ..Stop saying whathever about Islam and what to do or not and stop inventing stupid rules. Seriously stop speaking on behalf of all Muslims. It is between the Muslim and god and it's none of your buisness if she hugs with a k pop idol or not. This topic is stupid.Stop imposing your rules on others. Everyone is free and you don't have do right to say to others what to do or not. Our religion is a religion of freedom not addiction. I am muslim myself and it's between me and god and I do whathever I want. and if you're a real muslim you should'nt blame others for something u consider as haram. Do what you want and let people do what they want. Bye
Ameen Campano
'Ameen Campano' 4 weeks ago
From a (male) muslim point of view, those are haraam (prohibited). I think the haraam in a concert is about listening to music, shouting for girls as they want to get a boy's attention (girls should act modestly ) and sisters please avoid contacts with non mahram.
Nira Xo
'Nira Xo' 1 month ago
it's not molestation what the eff
San Handles
'San Handles' 1 month ago
Always the Moslems ,,,,,
Raven Rhorer
'Raven Rhorer' 1 month ago
chill it was a hug .its not like they had a make out session.
'TheChimBooty' 1 month ago
this is why i don't have a religion i used to be Catholic but i honestly hate it, its so restricting to obey some guy who could be fake, or not real, im not hating on religion its just not for me
'TheChimBooty' 1 month ago
this was so dumb, the biggest over reaction ever in kpop history
Saara Simjee
'Saara Simjee' 1 month ago
I'm a Muslim... I hug people all the time (if I like them that is)
Violeta V
'Violeta V' 1 month ago
I dont see anything wrong ... people are so dumb :\
'where's the food' 1 month ago
molestered ??? tf ?
'Flora7678' 1 month ago
This is so dumb Leave it to the human race to make everybody feel bad over a polite gesture
Ameir Just Like This
There's nobody to blame except the girls itself..why did they hug those k-pop bullshits..Just say no..I'm so disappointed with these girls that they are attracted to kpop and they forget about the muslim law..The koreans shouldn't be blamed because they might not know about blame the girls for not saying no
Sharja Jihan ineedhelp
Bruh wtf
lilith Maeno
'lilith Maeno' 1 month ago
so cutee ;--;
Anne Storm
'Anne Storm' 1 month ago
annnnndddd this is why Islam is Bullshit
F-ARMYBTS international
dont think that all of guy who dark and tall is 'lelaki sejati ' . just respect each other . btw i love bts members :) Army from malaysia
RIE Dragneel
'RIE Dragneel' 1 month ago
I am Muslim and this word molesting went too far and they have no ryt telling wat to do and not Muslims guls also have ryt to idol some one and people dont ryt to say anything this was wrong and I am very against this the only thing the did was touch hug wats wrong in that plz tell me plz dont make up ur own rules Islam is gud but most Muslims are little minded and I am proud to be Muslim but the rule which make guls restrict very thing and boy can do anything rule is wrong and I am against it 😤😡
Excuse meee, Where my Jams at??
Molested is kinda extreme. damn. it was clearly done with consent.. and it was just a side hug still a hug but a side hug. U know what I'm talking about.
artemis chen
'artemis chen' 1 month ago
if they think That is harassing, then they prbly will think American r all like rapers
Mustaffa Hamid
'Mustaffa Hamid' 1 month ago
They freak out and can't say anything that time
jjang cookie
'jjang cookie' 1 month ago
yo, it aint that deep
'•••' 1 month ago
Leave the poor girls alone omg
Pat Ebehiwalu
'Pat Ebehiwalu' 1 month ago
The girls shouldn't be receiving hate . They gave their consent and are probably not the ones complaining.
Lena. A Spencer
'Lena. A Spencer' 1 month ago
haram is haram no matter what
Sofea Ra
'Sofea Ra'isah' 1 month ago
ok listen here, the girls are young, and Islam is actually really a peaceful religion :/ ugh this is why I cannot stand society
Sofea Ra
'Sofea Ra'isah' 1 month ago
'geeetube' 1 month ago
The love of Islam is here!!!!!!! The same as it is in Europe and the rest of the world. Find these girls and stone them or whip them... let ISlam show its love!
'A.R.M.Y VERON FUONG' 1 month ago
Don't the muslim girls know they can't skinship with koreans?? This in my country is known as "haram"/"dosa" I'm a Chinese in Malaysia btw (sorry if I have some mistakes in my English)
toni toni
'toni toni' 1 month ago
They should just leave Islam it's a bad religion anyway~
Carter Johnson
'Carter Johnson' 1 month ago
It's just a hug come down people
Sara Aion
'Sara Aion' 1 month ago
That is absolute bullshit! I am muslim and there is no such thing Wth?
'Miyankochan' 2 months ago
This is nothing compared to actual molestation, please don't use this word so carelessly! It disregards the meaning of molestation.
Fiona Fazbear
'Fiona Fazbear' 2 months ago
MOLESTED!? MY ASS! (BULLSHIT!) they did NOT say no, and what's so bad about a hug, A HUG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It's not like they kissed or anything, geez, that's it, I have lost ALL hope in humanity if they call a hug with the girls permission "molesting." Like if you agree
'Potteto' 2 months ago
molested is a little bit too harsh. maybe the kpop group didn't know about muslim laws and those ppl who are so triggered by this are dumb af. i wouldn't say the muslim girls are 100% guilty but- if you're a muslim and knows about the laws, just fcking do it. on side note, if i was there and have a chance to hug your idol, i would do the same haha xD (not a muslim tho)
Tanya Shaban
'Tanya Shaban' 2 months ago
Chill out its just a fanmeet smh the drama
Razzy 223
'Razzy 223' 2 months ago
Yeah, for a Muslim girl to hug a guy who she's not married to is bad, but it's about the intention. And to say he MOLESTED her?!? I don't even know where to begin.
'Shmaples' 2 months ago
Sigh.. I just.. I can't even believe this. Isn't there more serious things to worry about in your country than THIS?! Like for goodness sake.. LET PEOPLE LIVE..LET PEOPLE BREATHE.. To come down on these girls or to use a word like MOLESTATION is just ridiculous.. RE-DIC-U-LOUS.. I am sad for anyone living in a country that would make a HUGE deal out of something as innocent as this. SAD.
Anime Central
'Anime Central' 2 months ago
Seriously?! I would LOVE to be hugged by a korean boy! They are so cute lol. I do understand that they have their own faiths.
NuNs Batoy
'NuNs Batoy' 2 months ago
It was a hug that the girl allowed, isn't Allah forgiving? He will forgive these "sins". God is everything and everyone and everywhere.
'_/[ '-' ]\_ idunknow' 2 months ago
Those were such an innocent hugs! I'm Muslim and I know that its just fine because there was no bad intention behind it. Some people just ruined it for the girl by calling it a bad thing. It was a special moment for her to meet a celeb!
GemsGoddess Plays Growtopia
'LISAH' 2 months ago
They said the idols "molested" the girls. Meanwhile these fucking degenerated retards pray to a pedophile who raped a nine year old girl!!
انا ن
'انا ن' 2 months ago
the girles shoudnt do that because they are muslem
Suga in the name of sweet holy turtle
I call these people narrow-minded and trust me I'm surrounded by them....despite being in a country like England....shit happens and ppl are unfair especially when they use religion to attack u. I REALLY wish I could change the way they think.
'ピーター' 2 months ago
Another reason to hate islam, thanks BBC
'EA' 2 months ago
These accusations were clearly made for publicity and the people responsible should be ashamed of using the religion and ethnicity of 2 billion people, just to make money. Disgusting.
TY track Twice
'TY track Twice' 2 months ago
Islam man, why do people still defend this ideology
'EllaTheSavageSpade' 2 months ago
Okay this is just fluffed up I mean I get it different cultures how would the boy band know? Korean and Islamic cultures are very different and that may be the only chance in their lifetime to hug them so they should be happy a bunch of damn bull Skittles
'pandabear_57' 2 months ago
molested indeed I would have been dead
Anime Oz
'Anime Oz' 2 months ago
It is safe to say that the root of a lot of evil in this world is religion. "good people do good things, bad people do bad things, but to make a good person do a bad thing, you need religion"
Army 아미
'Army 아미' 2 months ago
Monbebe Forever
'Monbebe Forever' 2 months ago
lmaoo tbh if a kpop idol hugged me I would die because of excitiment wth 😂😂😂😂 like molested? 😂😂
vybl08 MSP
'vybl08 MSP' 2 months ago
BBC u just lost 43 of ur suscribers, my family and friends, and now that some of my friends that are going to spread it around plus b1a4 fans and about my whole grade in my school, its okay its only about 2k or 3k suscribers and dislikes on ur videos, BITCH U DESERVE IT A HUG IS MOLLESTING FUCKING BITCH ASS, GO BACK TO SCHOOL UGLY ASSES THAT ARE FUCKING DUMB, PRICKS!
'jei' 2 months ago
Ok so now God will punish them for spreading innocent love. Cool :)
kookie moster
'kookie moster' 2 months ago
I'm Muslim and this is ridiculous its culture difference they didn't know it's very rude to accuse them of molesting her I hope this doesn't give you the wrong aspect of islam just because some people are stupid
Aisyah Busri
'Aisyah Busri' 2 months ago
I'm a malay muslim girl who also likes B1A4 and I may have an explanation or the outrage. I may not live in my homeland so I might not be as familiar with the culture but I visit at least three times a year and speak with family members everyday, enough to be familiar with the culture so I know that generally the older generation in Malaysia often criticise the younger generation for liking the Korean boy groups so I just see this as the older generation taking this to social media and therefore becoming viral.
zunaira ehsan
'zunaira ehsan' 2 months ago
what a stupid religious laws they have 😡
Semanur Aksoy
'Semanur Aksoy' 2 months ago
vay canına 😍 keşke müslümanlar la evlenseler yani benimle😂
'Gaisho' 2 months ago
F*cking stupid. Don't blame B1A4, don't blame those girls, blame the fucked up people who treat a hug as a criminal offence. Who cares if it's "against the religion", if it's against the religion treat it as a religious matter don't try and make it a governmental issue.
bts army
'bts army' 2 months ago
English people don't know fan service , before publishing anything please do research and then work ur big mouth
'TiffanyTheWizard' 2 months ago
muslims can date any man they want they said the same thing with black people and you see my black ass still listening to kpop and thinking im going to marry one
'Emily' 2 months ago
um molestation? lmao i think not
Safi A
'Safi A' 2 months ago
this makes me feel terrible while watching this. muslims are way to overlooked. the girls did not have bad intentions and neither did B1A4. as a muslim, I feel that bashing these people is very rude and small minded. we live in a different age, wake up. my family isn't the most religious, but we pray, read quran, refrain from cursing, fast, etc. let them be.
Angela Playz
'Angela Playz' 2 months ago
I think people saying that they molested the girls is too much. It's just a fucking hug, like C'mon!
His Jams
'His Jams' 2 months ago
jore rand
'jore rand' 2 months ago
Selma Kim
'Selma Kim' 2 months ago
I know this is old but I have something to say .. I'm not one to judge or anything being a Muslim myself but listening to music is Haram as well , going to concert where there is loud music and people dancing is Haram , so if these girls are already doing both I don't see why they wouldn't hug or hug back their idols , No one should be blamed but themselves..
Oreoluwa Yakubu
'Oreoluwa Yakubu' 2 months ago
Honestly I think all parties here were misinformed, but this is something that regularly happens in fan meets all around the world. I get how this could be offensive to a parent especially for one coming from a strict Muslim background and with the girls being so young, however musicians hugging fans shouldn't be called molestation
'Jinimori' 2 months ago
How would something like this be called molestation. I'm outraged.
'JungShook_Noodles' 2 months ago
im a muslim and so do i, i dont really see something wrong with a hugg. T_T like there is just no molested the girl (sry if my english is bad ;-; its not my first language tho)
Tsu Tsu
'Tsu Tsu' 2 months ago
This so fucked up, like hugging and molesting isn't the same but they could tell them that this is something Muslim cannot do
Dashing Dragons
'Dashing Dragons' 2 months ago
One word: Ugh.
Litzy Maldonado
'Litzy Maldonado' 2 months ago
it's just a hug. K-pop fans are just fans not the law. this is fucken shit guys.
Khadija Exo
'Khadija Exo' 2 months ago
They are so lucky
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