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K-Pop hugs attract criticism for young Muslim fans -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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A video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behaviour of young Muslim women in the country.
Several girls, giggling and sometimes hesitant, can be seen acting out scenes from Korean dramas with different members of the band, all of which end in friendly hugs. A band member also kisses one girl on the top of her head.
Islamic authorities for Kuala Lumpur, where the meeting took place, have said they will investigate the incident for possible violations of Sharia law, and have called on the girls involved to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

The original video of K-pop band B1A4 -

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My Kawaii World
'My Kawaii World' 14 hours ago
I and müslim but müslims are human too
A Jerica
'A Jerica' 18 hours ago
Don't blame the celebrities or those girls. Blamed who made this viral. And that is Malay male. They just super jealous to them (boy band and fans).
Shaymonti Islam
'Shaymonti Islam' 19 hours ago
when i just saw the comments my head was aching.
Shaymonti Islam
'Shaymonti Islam' 19 hours ago
i don't blame the girl and i also don't blame the kpop idols.if the kpop idols were bts and the girl were me i would be so happy that i would start dancing there with fulll of happiness.and if someone tries to make stupid news i would just slap him.
summerella 19
'summerella 19' 2 days ago
lol they need to chill it was just a hug! they are overeacting using the word 'molested' )))~ so Muslims can't have hugs!!!!? 😕k
Gmzz Krc
'Gmzz Krc' 3 days ago
They are ironing? Bad really...
izzat haikal
'izzat haikal' 3 days ago
sepatutnya wanita yg dipeluk harus katakan tidak apabila ahli b1a4 ingin memeluk dia
A fry
'A fry' 3 days ago
that's just ridiculous. they just got one hug from their favourite artist! it's no big deal, plus the girls aren't even married so why can't they hug them? that's how they treat their fans all the time! it's not like the girls got sexually harassed and molested. IT'S. JUST. A. DAMN. HUG.
Zahra Ali
'Zahra Ali' 3 days ago
Yeah but in 1:37 she took it too for I will just shake there hand take a allot of pic and say thank you byeeeee
Zahra Ali
'Zahra Ali' 3 days ago
This is not true if you want to hugg you hugg I mean that's her responsibility and the people that said they can't hugg bro it's 2018 you chill you will do it too I mean stop lieing I mean I hugged too " it's just a hugg I won't kill you " people are crazy man
fly Stop
'fly Stop' 4 days ago
this girl muslim? a muslim girl does not hold the hand of another man
Hadjajalila Mangondato
Its not bad at all.. They can't blame their self as a Fan
Dr ThugLife
'Dr ThugLife' 5 days ago
Lmao this hilarious race
penyez cak
'penyez cak' 6 days ago
Oncelikle ilk ve son yorumum acaba o bas ortulu maymun ne yapmaya calisiyo sanirim basindaki ortunun ne anlama geldigini bilmeden takmis lekelemek icin onca sempazelik hakaret ediyorum cunki gordugumde cok ofkelendim onceki zamanlarda bayanlar o kadar fedakarlik ve zorluklar cekti basindaki ortu icin ama kime anlatiyorum zaten siz anca yakissin veya bir aybiniz varsa ortsun diye takiyorsunuz sozde muslumansiniz ama eser yok muslumanlikta ..ooooluyup alkislasinlar diye opuyor anlindan kpopcular🤔sayenizde butun ortululeri siz gibi saniyorlar......!!!!!!!????dininizi biraz arastirip ogrenin yahuuuu
All of idols during fanmeeting are doing their best to give fans the best fanservice, just like BTS, i saw a video like a roleplaying with their fans they're also doing that thing (hugging, leaning closer) that's a part of fan meeting and sometimes we don't know other cultures and the girl should stop the member if she doesn't want to be touch..
Pixel Cutie
'Pixel Cutie' 7 days ago
It's not the bands fault,she could've easily said 'sorry I don't hug'
atiqa nazir
'atiqa nazir' 7 days ago
It's the fault of the girl no their
Putri J Arityakuza
Malay too farrr, its not "cabul" its different okay!
chimi w
'chimi w' 1 week ago
I'm a Muslim girl as well and I don't know what would I do if my idols came to here. It's their choice, yeah it's forbidden to hug a guy unless you're married but it's a choice. I'm a Muslim yes but I'm not perfect, we all have sins. Sometimes you can't control your will, and nobody can blame them, it's just not anyone's job. Please respect.
Teenat khan
'Teenat khan' 1 week ago
maybe they have first asked for the permition to hug...who knows🤔
Salma Issa
'Salma Issa' 1 week ago
If they wanna hug them let them hug them its their own choice
King Khan
'King Khan' 1 week ago
A hug is not molestation. Simple common sense.
ruhina ghassan
'ruhina ghassan' 2 weeks ago
This is so disgusting.. I'm a Muslim too. and besides that, I wear hijab too.. But If we react maturely it was not a crime or sin or anything. atleast in my eyes.. Because It was just a praising and innocent hug anyone can get from their Idols. So it wasn't idol's or that girl's Mistake.. even I saw that with a smile. That's ridiculous though :3
ayesha farrukh
'ayesha farrukh' 2 weeks ago
They simply treated them as other fans All are equal But as a Muslim I should say should have shaken hands instead of hugging but when it's a human being unintentionally activated mind that When you happen to see the people you love from your heart or things automatically we either would hug cry shout or become aggressive to get it Same case here We are Muslims but the first thing is that we are human too just like you The difference is the religion not the body parts or we are not aliens Come on it's not an issue Your mind completely switched off when the things you don't expect happens so It's not an issue Let them do what they want Plus enjoy life and let others enjoy too
Ailee Georsua
'Ailee Georsua' 2 weeks ago
Being a K-pop fan and a Muslim are so contradictory to one another. Muslims are really weird
'SkeletoonOfTheNight' 2 weeks ago
I am not judging. They decide themselves. But that's actually a triple haram: 1) making an idol other than Allah 2) hugging a strange guy 3) that is a gayish guy Be I that girls and made that mistake, I'd take punishment graciously. Because I need to pay for this.
Ainne Dar
'Ainne Dar' 2 weeks ago
HUGGING=MOLESTATION i think they are in a dire need of a dictionary 😫😫😫😫
Muhd Nur Azry Muhd Nur Azry
Kpop is dajjal
XxAyesha GamingxX
'XxAyesha GamingxX' 2 weeks ago
I really want to hug kookie:3 but it's OK I don't to embarrass my family... I'm still a kid(I'm a Muslim)
Alishba Zehra
'Alishba Zehra' 2 weeks ago
We should really not blame the Koreans they don’t know about the islamic law
Chippy Kumi
'Chippy Kumi' 2 weeks ago
That not fair! I wanna hugs bts too T-T
Jem Tham
'Jem Tham' 3 weeks ago
The Gory demon 101
'The Gory demon 101' 3 weeks ago
I’m Muslim and I would’ve hugged them. Lmao probably jumped on them. My parents wouldn’t have cared tbh what’s a hug gonna fo
Zaya and Kudoo
'Zaya and Kudoo' 3 weeks ago
bts does not know anything about islamic law so chill people ya all are just trying to let them down cause they are getting hella famous lol
Zaya and Kudoo
'Zaya and Kudoo' 3 weeks ago
jealous much?
BlackBlack Pink
'BlackBlack Pink' 3 weeks ago
from both sides Wrong behavior...
allysonne lablache
'allysonne lablache' 3 weeks ago
What is wrong with this country the girls are free to do what they want to do it is not some governments that is going to tell them if they can hug someone or not!!!is malaysia one of those countries where women dont have the same rights as men??remember girls whatever happens you are human beings first therefore you should fight for rights being a muslim or a non muslim does not give other people the right to tell you what you should do or how you should behave you are free and you have the right to do whatever you want with your body and mind,dont let some stupid religion ,man ,race or creed tell you what you have to do !!life is to short to be dictated
13 carrots for only 17 dollar
B1a4 Omg I feel sad both for B1A4 and the girls.. Well okay they both have fault, hugging was ok but they did go far and the girls whould have been said they're not allowed to. But I kinda feel sorry for muslim kpop fans ;-;
Ttsh 950615
'Ttsh 950615' 3 weeks ago
Norak, kalau nggak mau yaudah. Jangan ke panggung toh. Susah!!!!
Siti Nur Firjannah
'Siti Nur Firjannah' 3 weeks ago
Hey is not that they touch her private part or any part just a hug you guys should not blame the idols there are not wrong she could have say " no we cannot hug is muslim rule" so dont blame the kpop idols maybe when they ask who want to come up on stage they say they want when they know that is not good to hug people around so better wat h this carefuĺly before saying that the kpop idols is wrong. Is not that i like the kpop idols so i let them win. this is just that you need to use your brain i am malay so i know and the part where people say they molested, oh hell no.domt. acusse people any how
Yasmin Seroja
'Yasmin Seroja' 3 weeks ago
The muslim girls is so stupid
Fabiha Tabassum
'Fabiha Tabassum' 3 weeks ago
No! They can't always blame the muslim girl nor the k-pop stars like how would the muslim know he would hug her and she might've been too shy to say anything 👎🏽
Cheesecake Puffy Draws
What?? Like srsly what?? I'm a Muslim myself, and it was an honest mistake. I feel so bad for the Kpop group shown here. They didn't know! Also, the girls being hesitant or giggling are them just fangirling! The kiss on the forehead could have been avoided if the girl said no, and again, B1A4 just made an honest mistake! If the people just stopped being so harsh on a KOREAN group (cough, not MALAYSIAN), they would just learn to be less touchy with the girls and go on with their lives. And this is called being molested? They are OVERREACTING!! *breathes heavily* I feel so bad for B1A4 and the girls featured. This didn't have to be so harsh.
vergil Yamato
'vergil Yamato' 4 weeks ago
China Korea japan . Our God teach us not to talk to Muslim . because they are Devil that why our ancestor Ghengkhis Khan Kill Million of Muslim Scum LOL
vergil Yamato
'vergil Yamato' 4 weeks ago
Muslim men can touch Other race woman . and molest them . but when other people hug their woman they call it molest ? LOL Muslim Scum Muslim men pay for sex with white skin woman . then All muslim should die because they molest other woman
vergil Yamato
'vergil Yamato' 4 weeks ago
Muslim are very Extreme who dont agree with them . they will kill Religion of peace my ass . Everyone hate Dark skin Muslim Scum
Marriam Naru
'Marriam Naru' 4 weeks ago
Cmon there is nothing wrong in hugging the guys I mean they are celebrity and as a fan u can show admiration to the celebrity... I mean u can't take these hugs wrongly and one who thinks that way is the sinner not these girls or the Kpop who just hugged there fans... plz think before u tweet or comment becuz it might hurt someone for no reason... If I was there I would have hugged the Kpop star tighter becuz  I know I m hugging a celebrity who is famous and renown becuz of its hard work. These girls weren't molested actually they were comforted by these hugs.... I wish Kpop visits Malaysia again and this I really wanna hug them... At least once in a lifetime I would be able to experience that joy not just by hugging but feeling the singers inner emotion while singing and admiring there hard work at least they deserve a beautiful hug from there fans don't they so plz don't bring religion in these kind of things please I m begging you please
Otaku Fatimah
'Otaku Fatimah' 4 weeks ago
I'm a muslim girl and my parents have told me that it's ok to hug😊
Yani Minho
'Yani Minho' 4 weeks ago
Fitry Anne
'Fitry Anne' 4 weeks ago
Are they r malay girls?? Wow, as long as i know, malay keep mocking foreigner who work in their country, but what i saw is making me speechless lol
'INAMULMANAN WANI' 4 weeks ago
shame on malaysian girls.. Malaysia is now following western culture
'barbarbarbar2' 4 weeks ago
Religion back off. Shame on you.
white bear
'white bear' 4 weeks ago
Ok, I’m a Muslim. Even though I really want to hug them, I can’t. Well, of course we muslim won’t get treated the same way non-muslim get but what can we do? Everything that happens has it’s own benefits and non-benefits. So, if I’m the one who is on stage, I would nicely tell them that we can’t hug or not. That makes things better. I’m sure they will understand. 😊
Takadoshika Anime
'Takadoshika Anime' 4 weeks ago
The purpose: To keep away from sexual harrasment,to care and respect women,to prevent problems such as forbidden relative sex and there's much more. [Yet,someone who don't know Islam deeply says,Islam didn't care about women 😐]
'KittyScout8910' 4 weeks ago
Oh come on! Different cultures can't even hug anymore?! We need friendliness like that! People are just over reacting now
Jeon Kookie
'Jeon Kookie' 4 weeks ago
They are still young and if they wanted to hug just give them a hug. is there a choice not even they are old yet Then why dont you guys care about the drama if they haven't married but hugging a older boy and they are older girl do you say anything? no right so dont try to make the kpop fan more mad
Lentera Nusantara
'Lentera Nusantara' 4 weeks ago
Pino Kio
'Pino Kio' 4 weeks ago
malay men are tall dark and handsome???hahahaha malay men are shorter than my pinky finger ugly like a jungle monkey and dark like gorrilla hahahah they are jelous their girls prefer east asian men
blue pencilcase
'blue pencilcase' 4 weeks ago
Those girls dont know how to take of themself.. no b1a4.. got malaysia's name worst..
'Thira' 4 weeks ago
Ok honestly it was just a HUG. I Dont think that girl even take it as such a big deal.
Yoongi Burned Hong Kong With His Tongue Technology
So if they think hugging is bad and the girls don't like it ,Y the hell they listen to songs, they r not allowed in the islamic religion..
Madihah_ ABD
'Madihah_ ABD' 4 weeks ago
I live in Malaysia...But...Im not a fan of this group...Im a fan Of BTS.If they ever come here...I would have even hug them(oh god...).
Nafeesa Mf
'Nafeesa Mf' 1 month ago
Muslim girls are not afraid of hugging. Our god, Allah is the only thing we should be afraid of. Our Religion Islam, doesnt allow us to hug boys/men which ia not our family member (Same goes to the male). We just love our religion's rules because we all know that every rules have the benefits behind them. Well I can say that its not the kpop Idols fault that they hug the girls.. For me its the girls fault. They could have said "No, sorry i cant hug u" or "sorry, i cant touch u" or whatever. Maybe they are too excited+obsessed to B1A4 but whatever it is. The past is the past
Munia Mahi
'Munia Mahi' 1 month ago
Hugging is a sign of appreciation, as a Muslim I see no problem with it, I don’t like people who take religion to far
'IceBloodKing' 1 month ago
Such a racist sports minister
Davi sandy
'Davi sandy' 1 month ago
This is just misunderstand,.. they just do not understand the rules of Muslims for women
adinda irawan
'adinda irawan' 1 month ago
Maasa Waseem
'Maasa Waseem' 1 month ago
what the hell??? dont create such kinds of rumors. just bcx they are cristians that doesnt mean that we muslims cant hug them. im a muslim too. and to be honest...if i EVER MEET BTS or any other KPOP IDOLS. i will run and hug them. its one of my drms btw.
'Taethestic' 1 month ago
I'm Malaysian, Im a girl wears hijab, and I love B1A4, but 'molested' seems too much for me.
eva alam
'eva alam' 1 month ago
I am a Muslim and seriously this bs ... Pure BS
'RAT WAK' 1 month ago
Cidem Bulut
'Cidem Bulut' 1 month ago
Turkler seviyor sizleri 😀
Hanim Minim
'Hanim Minim' 1 month ago
There's one way to avoid this thing from happened. Im a Muslim and truthfully i hate this kind of thing like hugging man who were not legal for you to touch. Its forbidden in Islam. And yeah, who wouldnt want to be hugged by their idol btw? The conclusion is, if you want to go to your idol concert, dont wearing hijab. Im not saying this to encouraged you to open hijab but, wearing hijab is like you have carry Islam name on you, and it would dirty the Islam name if you expected to have this kind of affection. And the idol also need to know basic about a country before they held a concert there. Im not being rude but isnt it a must thing to do before all of us go to a country? Am i not right? Please comment if my statements are not true. After all, this is just my opinion
Azwana Alya
'Azwana Alya' 1 month ago
Ehhhhh bukan muhrim😅😅
Panda Khan
'Panda Khan' 1 month ago
This isn't wrong of singer this is wrong of that ladies
Zufarani Anha
'Zufarani Anha' 1 month ago
Malu maluin Agama Islam banget...Mereka kan Bukan Mukhrim
Blue Tiger
'Blue Tiger' 1 month ago
This actually proves Islam is not compatible with today's era. If 4th century old rules are followed in 21st century this type of shit happens.
Suri Razak
'Suri Razak' 1 month ago
actually in my opinion,not anyone wrong in this situation..but misunderstanding and less knowledge or responsible.even i'm muslim,l love music too & for me its not wrong if u know how to behave yourself & not over whatever you like or not a girl dont care whatever your religion are,u should know behave yourself.coz celebrity also human.they same like us.not too much exraordinary..but more special coz their talent or physically.i had meet many celebrity face to face,but not really excited,just smile n shake hands.n for celebrity,u should spend little time to gain knowledge about other country before make any presentation.
Mohamad Husaini
'Mohamad Husaini' 1 month ago
Perempuan tu yang bodoh, naik atas stage dengan muka tak malu, pastu bila nak dipeluk bknnya nak dihalang, malah menggalakkan lagi.... Mak pak tak ajar agama ka? Dok salahkan artis kpop yg taktau tentang undang-undang islam watpe? Lain kali fikir la otak... Otak letak kat mane, kat lutut, FIKIR SKIT
Jo A.
'Jo A.' 1 month ago
I will hug all of them 😊
Wing Wong
'Wing Wong' 1 month ago
Islamic laws. Explained. Chinese stepped on Hong Kong law. Chinese can't stop invading Hong Kong.
Wing Wong
'Wing Wong' 1 month ago
Why does Chinese rape Hong Kong area?
Mini Wolf
'Mini Wolf' 1 month ago
If the girl KNOWS that it is AGAINST her religion/culture why did she go up? Like BITCH what? I hope she learns from this cause we all KNOW how the news media is.
Maryam Moiz
'Maryam Moiz' 2 months ago
It's obviously girls' fault for sure 😑 and not.islams or Koreans. they got the mouth to actually say no.
'C U T I E P I E' 2 months ago
lol I would hug them too, and I am a moslem.
The bts life
'The bts life' 2 months ago
I am Muslim and let's be real I know every fan would hug there Favorite Kpop group 😏
bts is my life
'bts is my life' 2 months ago
I am muslim i would hug them if they would hug me
Ramzi Alsharif
'Ramzi Alsharif' 2 months ago
Arshiya Rana
'Arshiya Rana' 2 months ago
I m also muslim i also want to meet all kpop spical ikon i wish i meet them 😢😢😢😢
Ram Bin
'Ram Bin' 2 months ago
They didn't know any rules of Muslim girls What can you see in the video is the girls, they also happy
Ram Bin
'Ram Bin' 2 months ago
Its not their fault mygad
Ariana Gamer roblox
'Ariana Gamer roblox' 2 months ago
that girl should not go up if she does not want to get hug....i think the young girl never hug any kpop band b4
Sadin Korlaelci
'Sadin Korlaelci' 2 months ago
1 number munafik hijab muslim girl munafik girl munafik hijab girl
Elizabeth Lim
'Elizabeth Lim' 2 months ago
Seriously? People who got offended over this need to take a chill pill because they're over reacting :/ SEXUAL HARRASSMENT? MOLESTATION?! Don't make me laugh. The girls AGREED to it and b1a4 would probably lack knowledge about the Islamic religion. If anything, the Organizers, who are LOCALS, should understand the Islamic religion and should have thought of a better program :/ I'm honestly disappointed in netizens and all those crappy news websites, who blew up over this and actually put the blame on b1a4. Like wtf seriously? Just because you have no news to publish doesn't mean you can spread IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM?! I feel like most of the people blaming b1a4 do not even bother looking up what actually happened. I didn't see so many of you pissed or getting hyped up when Lee Se young and the female staff of SNL Korea actually MOLESTED B1A4? I didn''t see any of these news sites posting videos or articles criticising her when there was ACTUAL evidence of her having touched them in inappropriate places in public!? She obviously didn't get b1a4's permission before she touched their crotch, but that's okay??? Shouldn't this be a bigger news to report on?? Why are people are so triggered and offended by such a small issue and not triggered over an actual case of sexual harassment???
Mahmuda Hasan
'Mahmuda Hasan' 2 months ago
I am a Muslim and I also want to hug them .....and of course it's not a crime.
YS. YiShi
'YS. YiShi' 2 months ago
hey为什么你们一直针对k pop的人。你们是马来人当然不要承认自己的错误。诶,他们是韩国人他们不知道马来西亚的规则呀。你们说是k pop自己来的时候没做好准备那么更好笑的是为什么那马来人被选上来的时候明知道自己不能抱那就拒绝呀。自己不要拒绝还怪别人。那马来人最好自己发影片道歉的。
'Aksi1' 2 months ago
If they didn't like it they should've said before hand. Wtf.
SHIN Family
'SHIN Family' 2 months ago
erkk ..trgedik2 kt atas pentas, agak2 ah kau tu Islam bkn kafir nk peluk bgai ..dy tu bkn muhrim ko pun
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