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Nikon D3400 Picture and Video Samples -
Published: 2 years ago By: Cường Marine

By: Cường MarinePublished: 2 years ago

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I've had this new Nikon D3400 with two kit lenses 18-55mm and 70-300mm for a week, I want to share with you a few samples of pictures and videos I tested.

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Video Nation
'Video Nation' 1 day ago
Can you do the video on full zoom captured pics??
nha trang biển xanh phương nguyên
Canh that dep qua. Cuoc song that binh yen
Anastasis Garametsis
'Anastasis Garametsis' 7 months ago
Is it good for videos?
Abhishek Tanic
'Abhishek Tanic' 7 months ago
Venus Diaolivia
'Venus Diaolivia' 9 months ago
Hi! I want to buy this camera but I am not sure. What do you think about D3400? And which do you prefer Canon or Nikon? Canon 1300D or Nikon D3400? I can't buy many lenses but I want to do everthing for myself cause of my ideals , dreams.
Paswa Tv
'Paswa Tv' 9 months ago
great videos and photos. I'm a rookie as well. I'm going to start shooting videos this weekend and see what i can come up with.
'munarong' 10 months ago
Nice! I just bought this camera like a months ago still playing around with it, so far I'm satisfied with it. It's my first DSLR as well by the way.
Nafri irfan
'Nafri irfan' 1 year ago
hi, im a beginner and i've tried searching on how to transfer videos from my nikon d3400 to my phone but i still cannot find out how. help me with this please.
akshay m
'akshay m' 1 year ago
hey can you please tell me that is there any source to connect external audio for these camera although i know there is no microphone jack
Tajinder Singh
'Tajinder Singh' 1 year ago
what place is this ?
Oscar Yezid Jerez Pinto
Hi friend. I would know what is your satisfaction level about this camera. Can I connect some microphone by Bluetooth? Because I see this has not port.
Danial ADH
'Danial ADH' 1 year ago
can u upload night video using this camera.. i wana see low light perfomance on this camera
'Tygerlady99' 1 year ago
Nice. Just bought my Nikon 3400 yesterday. Would have been great if you would have labeled your pictures and videos with your settings.
Al Quds
'Al Quds' 1 year ago
With the lens that this camera comes with, can you make a blurry background when you take a picture and also when doing a video can u blur the background ? I'm trying to find a camera that comes with the lens where the object of a video and pic can blur on both
'Phaoast' 1 year ago
I have a similar video on my channel! Check it out!
Allan Smith
'Allan Smith' 1 year ago
I want to get into photography, point and shoot cameras, GoPro as well as my phone have only so many settings that can be adjusted. I decided with D3400 as its newer version of D3300 which is top rated beginner camera. The only thing I know that D3400 has and D3300 does not is Bluetooth. The camera is easy to use, changing lenses is easy, set up was a breeze. Bluetooth works well, after I take a picture within seconds its automatically uploaded to my phone. So far I have been just practicing takings pictures around the house, my son, car and Christmas lights and I love the way they look. Before purchase I learned about the ISO, shutter speeds, aperture settings which made it easier to learn. Just saw this on Amazon: Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm by Nikon
Eloise D.
'Eloise D.' 1 year ago
It seems impressive! 🙂
Bull Rides
'Bull Rides' 1 year ago
Can u do a review of 70-300mm lens
Graham Scott
'Graham Scott' 2 years ago
could you please do a vidio, but stand 10ft in front of the camera and talk.
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