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'Drugs fix room is like my second home' - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Several countries across Europe supply fix rooms, where drug users can take substances under supervision. There are six such facilities in Denmark. Elliot tells why the fix room he visits in Copenhagen is a like a "second home" to him.

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Draggos Dinca
'Draggos Dinca' 7 months ago
so nice of 'em
Mick Obrien
'Mick Obrien' 12 months ago
I know this wouldn't happen there because they're liberal with drug laws in Europe... But I'd still worry the cops would watch users and bust them the moment they ventured away from the 'safe rooms'. Cops do this with bars here in the States. They often watch patrons leave, and they follow them for a bit and the moment your car weaves... You're screwed. Well, I'd worry about that with drugs, too. Also... I wouldn't like to be known as an 'addict'. I wouldn't want to use in a public place like that. What if someone sees you there? I'd also be afraid there would be video footage from inside such a place, and it could go public... Imagine your family and friends see, 'Hey, Billy, what the hell are you doing in a place like that..' It would be so embarrassing. Basically, if I was crazy enough to inject dope into my veins, I can't imagine I'd care about going to a public use place just for safety sake. If you're so worried about safety, you probably wouldn't inject street junk drugs into your veins. Basically it's like a public anything... gross! It's really just a place where homeless people gather and do their drugs. Otherwise, I can't imagine any other person ever going there to use dope. It seems like a total buzz kill to be in such a drab place with the dirtiest dirtballs of society when you're trying to get high. That place is really like a loser concentrate. The bottom of the barrel of the area would be the only clients. It's the last place I'd want to be. It's like hanging out in a bus terminal with the homeless for fun. Screw that!
'reflux' 1 year ago
They can open a 'fix room' for junkies taking illegal class A drugs in the uk, and they cant even legalise cannabis cafes.
أني أحب كأحب الله
كلوا خراء
'GBOY69GAY' 1 year ago
Hitler Jugend with healthy scout style youth activities, with discipline and order, is just what Denmark, Danish youth and that Danish boy needs today, not drugs and decline life style. Now his pathetic life has no purpose and he is living in narcotic fog with nightmares.
Blazed and Confused
Yea whatever. As long as he stays out of other people's homes to pawn their jewelry for crack money! When governments are finally ready to introduce psychadelic treatments we can get to putting an end to this revolving door of broken hopeless junkies.
'boxertest' 1 year ago
Survival of fittest? Nope, just survival of the wise!
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
*Educate them* about what those childish drug cocktails actually do. *Heroin is twice as good as a respiratory inhibitor as it is a pain killer*, that's why people die going for that ultimate *power buzz* similar to the body's endorphin hormone. Mixing in barbiturates or anything which slows down the message in your brain causes fatalities because a chemically slowed down brain takes longer to make the emergency start when the heroin taker stops breathing. *Get fit to get power buzz endorphins naturally!*
'Christøpher' 1 year ago
How is this possible if the substances are illegal? There would be a line snaked around a city block if this was allowed in the U.S.
David Copeland
'David Copeland' 1 year ago
the philipines do it better hail duterte :)
'xguy' 1 year ago
⛔ Suck the blood out of taxpayers until it gets as bad as the Phillipines, then have execution squads hunt them down❗Make Duterte proud‼️ Automatic weapons are THE remedy to addictions and economic ruin‼️
Kristina Moor
'Kristina Moor' 1 year ago
I watched the entire documentary this morning. This young man's story is so emotional, having a safe environment for things like this is crazy important. A step closer to helping prevent these issues. Bless his heart
Caroline Izminster
The State should be Exeecuting these useless twats, not helping them.
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 year ago
Soylent Green them.
Smiley O
'Smiley O'Reilly' 1 year ago
Hahaha This won't happen when the European country's start to go under bloody Sharia law because the Qu'ran says ''Just Say No ''!!...
Anish Kispotta
'Anish Kispotta' 1 year ago
at least they don't treat them like animals like the USA does
Danny Richie
'Danny Richie' 1 year ago
A much better approach than criminalizing them as laws will never prevent their use which we learned with Al Capone when alcohol was prohibited it just drove the booze business to the Mafia so it should be a health issue above anything else like helping a smoker to quit smoking or an alcoholic to stop drinking.
Abdullah Alshli
'Abdullah Alshli' 1 year ago
Sad :(
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