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Home Alone With Blood #1 - Pipe -
Published: 11 months ago By: BitMassive

By: BitMassivePublished: 11 months ago

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It's Home Alone....with blood!

The Angry Box
'The Angry Box' 3 weeks ago
Also what happened to the guy on he right his face looked... disturbing....
The Angry Box
'The Angry Box' 3 weeks ago
After watching this I have a sick feeling in my stomach.  😡
Akaaraq Hansen
'Akaaraq Hansen' 3 weeks ago
I lost it when his brains splattered
Juan Pablo Duarte
'Juan Pablo Duarte' 4 months ago
That's how it should of been
Bm138 millar
'Bm138 millar' 6 months ago
home alone rated R edition
'SLIMETURNER BRO' 6 months ago
'vantarinitel' 7 months ago
Bahahahahaha awesome
young horror boy
'young horror boy' 8 months ago
'MannKind' 8 months ago
Wow Saw 8 came early
Boston Black
'Boston Black' 9 months ago
Nice tracking. After effects?
hemen Sav
'hemen Sav' 9 months ago
Adam Kalb
'Adam Kalb' 10 months ago
Wow, this Home Alone with Blood is really scary and disturbing. I would rather see Rick Potion #9 without blood. February 9, 2017, 11:27am
'Smourbifle' 11 months ago
great work! so cool :D
Michael Piperni
'Michael Piperni' 11 months ago
I would gladly pay real dollaroos for a feature-length Home Alone in Violence-o-Rama
Marty McFly
'Marty McFly' 11 months ago
I don't know if I like part 1 or 2 better... it's so hard to choose
andile majozi
'andile majozi' 11 months ago
classic now do minions
Jackie McCann
'Jackie McCann' 11 months ago
I've got another Home Alone one you could add blood to! Maybe you could do the scene in the sequel where Marv gets electrocuted? That one could use a bit more blood.
Totally Original Clorox Bleach
Hey thats pretty good!
Ondřej Krejčíř
'Ondřej Krejčíř' 11 months ago
:D:D Gold.
Kishibe Rohan
'Kishibe Rohan' 11 months ago
The new MK stage fatalities are fun!
Sauron Baggins
'Sauron Baggins' 11 months ago
Your channel is going to be big!
'AddysonMedley' 11 months ago
0:19 Marv got Glenn'd
'AlexRejba' 11 months ago
Movie fights brought me here.
Nick GL25
'Nick GL25' 11 months ago
that was home alone 2 but still sick video
Roland Kloka
'Roland Kloka' 11 months ago
movie fights...
I Ruin Everything
'I Ruin Everything' 11 months ago
git gud
lazali johnny
'lazali johnny' 11 months ago
'bantasquad' 11 months ago
I like this
Trackers Official
'Trackers Official' 11 months ago
That's brutal! Love it.
Lucas Paulino
'Lucas Paulino' 11 months ago
criativo and interessante!
'MrHonwe' 11 months ago
...Why is this listed under 'Gaming'?
'lulubeloo' 11 months ago
excellent, i will show this to my little son!
Tim Laning
'Tim Laning' 11 months ago
Oh man, time to make a million bucks. Think you found your schtick, I'd watch my childhood bathed in blood, more videos please.
'RandomMindz' 11 months ago
Marius Tugui
'Marius Tugui' 11 months ago
No really ? A movie (of this kind) is not realistic ?! They lied to us ?! I thought movies are Police Academy, Gremlins, Independence Day are with blood and fake stories too ???? But ok, with such stupid analyzis you have 1mio+ views, congrats.
P. Ness
'P. Ness' 11 months ago
I would pay to see a gore fest as a kids christmas movie.
Steve Leahy
'Steve Leahy' 11 months ago
When saw meets home alone I love it great effects
'dankwrasslin' 11 months ago
Daniela Martinez
'Daniela Martinez' 11 months ago
'KruegerSoul70' 11 months ago
Love it ! The complete movie, pleaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!!!!!
Jordan Does Gaming
'Jordan Does Gaming' 11 months ago
They went full walking dead on our asses with Marv.
'Ziger25' 11 months ago
"merry Christmas"
Star Guardian Ahri
'Star Guardian Ahri' 11 months ago
Jesus christ
Charlie Nax
'Charlie Nax' 11 months ago
nobody escapes outer kevin alive
Patrick Lange
'Patrick Lange' 11 months ago
More like Home Alone if it was real.
'TheAngryCanary' 11 months ago
its even funnier now. WTF is wrong with me?
Garett Pringle
'Garett Pringle' 11 months ago
What software do you think was used to do this?
Unlimit3D G4minG HD
'Unlimit3D G4minG HD' 11 months ago
Patriot of Justice
'Patriot of Justice' 11 months ago
0:19 Buddy, are you still there? I just don't know. It seems like you're trying to speak... but you just took a hell of a hit! I just popped your skull so hard your eyeball just popped out... and it is gross as shit!
'aob9955' 11 months ago
omar ali
'omar ali' 11 months ago
what program did you use for the blood effects?
'Godspeed' 11 months ago
damn marv gets to looking like Abraham after Negan gets done with him
Daniel Williamson
'Daniel Williamson' 11 months ago
Brilliant. I hope you'll do more Home Alone... with blood videos.
'jjopification' 11 months ago
Subscribed. More of that, please.
Doge wow
'Doge wow' 11 months ago
How did this nigga not get charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, multiple counts of battery and multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (self-produced) with intention to cause bodily harm?
kooky ­­
'kooky ­­' 11 months ago
Rooks Double Oh Seven
'Rooks Double Oh Seven' 11 months ago
+BitMassive If you ever do a full cut you should make it a quasi "Ground Hog's Day", with their day restarting each time they die. Or better yet, you could have Kevin still as the main character and have him stop them innocently at first. Slowly, through the insanity of living through the day over and over again, he starts sadistically killing them in creative ways to deal with the tedium.
Patrick D
'Patrick D' 11 months ago
Etc news anyone?
'Carboz' 11 months ago
Best video ever
Bxth Whtly
'Bxth Whtly' 11 months ago
this is bacon
'this is bacon' 11 months ago
Don't know how this got on my recommendations. All I've gotta say, I was not expecting that. Subscribed.
'Niyy' 11 months ago
just... brutal
*Comment Reader*
'*Comment Reader*' 11 months ago
How do you make this?
Chris McQueen
'Chris McQueen' 11 months ago
Grim, but lovely.
UrbEX Pajerico
'UrbEX Pajerico' 11 months ago
FFS lol
'UncleJackOnline' 11 months ago
Abhilash Das
'Abhilash Das' 11 months ago
Merry Christmas
locke cage
'locke cage' 11 months ago
marry christmas and a happy new year
Geno Delmaro
'Geno Delmaro' 11 months ago
Subscribed!.. Can't wait for more
Q Jones
'Q Jones' 11 months ago
So beautiful
Krzepki Wili
'Krzepki Wili' 11 months ago
what programs do you use?
'trufe4' 11 months ago
8BitLucas Gaming
'8BitLucas Gaming' 11 months ago
heheheh... blood
Moved to Another Channel
Merry Christmas
P Ferreira
'P Ferreira' 11 months ago
That's four!
'Hawtli' 11 months ago
Anthony Fallon
'Anthony Fallon' 11 months ago
ONLY JUST SEEN THESE 😂😂😂😬😬😬😬 more more more!!!!!!! Do the paint cans, the Christmas baubles at the window and frozen front door steps.
'VinnDiddy' 11 months ago
Home Alone, directed by Quentin Tarantino.
Rodney Wollam
'Rodney Wollam' 11 months ago
Yasss Queen!
Joshua Marjonen
'Joshua Marjonen' 11 months ago
Very impressive I especially liked the dead eyes right at about 0:20 seconds that was great
'ScreeAT' 11 months ago
Good job, saw hollywood production with realy bad animated blood. this is nice done.
'helsinki' 11 months ago
This is the best thing ever!!
Stop keep changing Your name
hahaha wtf
Removed Coyote68
'Removed Coyote68' 11 months ago
'ericbazinga' 11 months ago
Amazing special effects!
KR Redpearl
'KR Redpearl' 11 months ago
What the heck.....
'TheReprobate' 11 months ago
That was great!
КремлеБот No1
'КремлеБот No1' 11 months ago
Лол Ару!)
A DerpBoosic
'A DerpBoosic' 11 months ago
I subbed! Please do more.
Itz Shadow
'Itz Shadow' 11 months ago
so your telling me this guy with 3k subs did so something this good that bigger YouTubers can't
C North
'C North' 11 months ago
I like how Marv's head is squirting blood like a fountain on the way down lol
'DynamixHD' 11 months ago
Subscribe to my channel and watch my new videos and keep up the good work
'Zephyr' 11 months ago
😱Wow that's grim.
German Vargas
'German Vargas' 11 months ago
Infancia arruinada!! 😵
Lani Clough
'Lani Clough' 11 months ago
top caoireugvuipwjef
Morgan Freeman
'Morgan Freeman' 11 months ago
99% of you WILL read this but the 1% that doesn't, *Merry Christmas 'ya filthy animal.*
L-Dog The Great
'L-Dog The Great' 11 months ago
Kevin's mom and dad are still bad parents!
Олег Волегов
чёто неделька уже прошла а про трампчика нет нихуяна ютубчике в топчике. непорядочек
'GantzIsSloppy' 11 months ago
good lord
Watch 1Yungsea
'Watch 1Yungsea' 11 months ago
That was dark
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