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The Largest Prop in Mythbusters History -
Published: 2 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 2 years ago

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In their farewell season Adam & Jamie take on their biggest ever experiment ever in an attempt to implode a full size tanker car!

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Thom Bird
'Thom Bird' 4 weeks ago
Only half an inch thick?! Thats not enough to stop any penetration. If it had a crash it would implode or explode immediately.
Jeremy Ibu
'Jeremy Ibu' 1 month ago
does anyone watch this with the new people🤔 or did it end with Adam and Jamie for u too
cat daddy
'cat daddy' 3 months ago
It will inplode collapsed under pressure
Literal Cancer
'Literal Cancer' 4 months ago
1/2 inch of steel is thin by armor standards
Anil Kumar Sharma
'Anil Kumar Sharma' 6 months ago
i will help you in this direction because we are khandani Pandit
Anil Kumar Sharma
'Anil Kumar Sharma' 6 months ago
hello discovery channel are you making any programme on Jyotish and compared it with mathematics actual theories and found the coefficient of correlation and rankings methods and all others statistics methods if so you will become most earnings channels of India worldwide
'IkusaTakuma' 6 months ago
"Don't do this at home" well, if that also implies not doing this anywhere, welp, too bad, we all gonna die when the hyperloop comes.
'Pug's World' 9 months ago
So where's the edgy memes about "the largest prop is my (some things)" eh?
Lorena Saucedo-Rodriguez
I have no back yard and there is a lot of metal from a lot of plane crashes when my house wasent built I have an anvil and a forge I have made a lot of swords and dagers and suits of armour so uuuuhhh my hobby is more dangers then this cuz I could lose a finger or life
'Tomm.Catt.99' 9 months ago
I live about 15-20 minutes away from Boardman...and I never knew about this til now... Oh, hey, the Columbia River at 1:11...
Auden The Ice Dragon
'Auden The Ice Dragon' 9 months ago
"Don't try this at home" Me: What?! Do I look like freaking Phineas and Ferb to you????!!!
Heaviside Sama
'Heaviside Sama' 9 months ago
Future Hyperloop !
Ryan Aiton
'Ryan Aiton' 10 months ago
Sooo.... when are they going to space
Dr Headass
'Dr Headass' 11 months ago
i hope that new guy with dreads makes the cut to replace the savage dude
'Kazooie' 11 months ago
Did anyone else read the title as "The Largest Poop in Muthbusters History"?
'49DRmc' 12 months ago
When they tell you not to try it at home it means try it at home.
'DaebakMonkey' 12 months ago
Ah! It's not Ar-e-gon!!! It's Or-e-gon! One of those pet peeves native Oregonians have.
'GDI' 12 months ago
You can't get a greater pressure difference than 1 atm, maximum. That's not enough to crush something as sturdy as a tanker, which is specifically designed to handle it (albeit from the opposite direction, but still).
Tim diersing
'Tim diersing' 12 months ago
Candi Soda
'Candi Soda' 12 months ago
Where's the video where they drop a big cement on it?
'SovietCoding' 12 months ago
they also used an airbus for testing... y' know.... that's a little bit bigger than a train tank?
'Pekko' 1 year ago
War Thunder players are confused
Christian Dahl
'Christian Dahl' 1 year ago
Cmon ladies, who can resist that?, istop the vid at 3.35 (y)
Elhadji Fall
'Elhadji Fall' 1 year ago
2:30 cringe
Jonas Müller
'Jonas Müller' 1 year ago
Adam Savage is just a damn savage
Bartosz Olszewski
'Bartosz Olszewski' 1 year ago
don't try this at home cuz a full train tank will fit inside my home lul
Tramp Perfect
'Tramp Perfect' 1 year ago
John Doe
'John Doe' 1 year ago
It must have been hard to climb in there for Adam... but wait, what about the cameraman?
Samuel Lacey
'Samuel Lacey' 1 year ago
Speaking of train tracks, have they ever tested MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING?
'Millennial' 1 year ago
"do not try this at home" well... there goes my plans for tomorrow
Mark Buse
'Mark Buse' 1 year ago
The cruise ship used to water-ski was a far larger 'prop'.
Kuroko Tetsuya
'Kuroko Tetsuya' 1 year ago
I always noticed this when CN Train is passing.
Mr Dilrd
'Mr Dilrd' 1 year ago
I did this at home.
Kristal Brown
'Kristal Brown' 1 year ago
"don't try at home" OK its not like I have a fuel tank and train track in my yard I'll just go to a train station like really who would do that even if you had on me: oh hold let me just take my tank somewhere else
'RaginPlayer' 1 year ago
What happens when you put sodium metal in the human body
Noah Barker
'Noah Barker' 1 year ago
I thought they were going to test multi-track drifting
Angelo Abacial
'Angelo Abacial' 2 years ago
"Don't try this at home" suggest me a better place...should i do it in the desert too?
wombat ramshenie
'wombat ramshenie' 2 years ago
"Dont try this at home" Ok, I'll try it outside.
"if you think it's thin, it's half an inch thick" half an in is thin as fuck, even for steel... how the hell does half an inch steel plating on armor cars stop a high power round?!
'Joshinhollywood' 2 years ago
Antonjoseph Lednicky
thought the plane was the biggest prop in mythbuster's history...crashing a 747 into a desert field.
John Baxter
'John Baxter' 2 years ago
Why did they kill this TV show? They should have passed it on to the "next generation of mad scientists" :)! BTW, did the demise of the show have anything to do with that cannon ball that ended up in someone's home awhile back? I live in the SFO area and it was all over the news the day it happened. Glad that no one was hurt but definitely put some brakes on to the activities of the production in general. I followed the show at the time and there was broadcast videos and updates on fashioning this cannon ball out of stone. When they actually fired the cannon ball at a shooting range they thought was safe, the cannon ball actually bounced off the dirt barrier and went right through someones home on the other side of the wall. Thankfully no one was injured and the crew showed up and apologized. Which goes back to my original question. Is that why they killed the show?
Hughes Enterprises
'Hughes Enterprises' 2 years ago
Wouldn't the biggest prop in Mythbusters history being using the Earth to test gravity related myths?
'burdizdawurd1516' 2 years ago
Thus, the phasing out of DOT 111 tanks begins. Although, it might be tedious to do this for all of them.
Timmy Dirtyrat
'Timmy Dirtyrat' 2 years ago
1:03 you hear "GET OUT THE WAY" SMACK screen goes black
'Heldscissors41' 2 years ago
Yay oregon
'DV_laeffy' 2 years ago
Fuck off dutch maersk comercial!!!
'mattloveOHIOST5' 2 years ago
I wonder how much it cost to get it
Chicken Biscuts
'Chicken Biscuts' 2 years ago
"Don't try this at home" Well there go all my plans
'bigmeknurgle' 2 years ago
All these modern memers, and noone mentions "a series of tubes". Lame.
Sir, TotallyCooki
'Sir, TotallyCooki' 2 years ago
But can it crush like a tin can can? can......
Alex Johnson
'Alex Johnson' 2 years ago
Your mum's dildo.
Lyndon Puzon
'Lyndon Puzon' 2 years ago
1:33 Arrow anyone?
Jose Luis Reynoso
'Jose Luis Reynoso' 2 years ago
'xGoodOldSmurfehx' 2 years ago
so sad they stopped making these (at least with Jamie and Adam) :v
'MISINA375' 2 years ago
'Digit' 2 years ago
I live 20 minutes away from Boardman thats insane
'Noxmiles' 2 years ago
where is part 2?!
'DaT BoI' 2 years ago
in 2016 there done gone forever
'Randomnick123' 2 years ago
Large tanks like that can be lethal. I've heard a story where two guys died since one went in a tank, corrosion has consumed all the air from the tank, he passed out and other guy go in and try to save him.. Both died by suffocating..
Blade Mercy
'Blade Mercy' 2 years ago
noooooo !!! i was so excited to see it getting crushed T-T
Gary Dioquino
'Gary Dioquino' 2 years ago
yee i like dem hot walls.
'LBJN _' 2 years ago
you Must Not Seattle the Broadcast 🙅😢😥😟😞
'JuggernautOfWar' 2 years ago
At 0:43 the announcer pronounced Oregon as "erragin". This bothers me as an Oregonian.
Bastila Shan
'Bastila Shan' 2 years ago
Nooooo I don't want Mythbusters to stop!! 😭
'Tetsuron' 2 years ago
Why is part of the gauge in 1:40 blurred out?
f u
'f u' 2 years ago
what about the plane prop
'Capt777harris' 2 years ago
As a fellow SF Bay Area resident, to the two SF Bay Area Stars of this show ... are you out of your FRICKEN MINDS?!?!?
Pretty Lil Emerald
'Pretty Lil Emerald' 2 years ago
the audio is like a 3ds
Zach Turner
'Zach Turner' 2 years ago
So when did they stop testing myths and go to testing things that are already totally confirmed and just pretending they're myths?
Emperor Nafaryus
'Emperor Nafaryus' 2 years ago
He's now wrong. Model trains brings in all the ladies.
'JuLi303' 2 years ago
the german tv Show Galileo already did that years ago
'Solitude' 2 years ago
67 nonsense meters long!
BC Model Railroading
At least Adam sympathizes with us modellers.
J Walker
'J Walker' 2 years ago
hang on wheres the rest!
Captain Smartass
'Captain Smartass' 2 years ago
don't try this at home ok were am I get a train tank car.
David Souza
'David Souza' 2 years ago
This is NOT the biggest thing in MythBusters, the paper episode if you can fold more than 7 times. And the paper they used in it is THE biggest single prop.
'Dracoe' 2 years ago
i'm am the only one who actually owns a fuel tanker?
Daniel Murillo
'Daniel Murillo' 2 years ago
LOL the 1 one good show on discovery is about to end!!!!!!! good luck watching moonshiners, you suck shit discovery, you corporate fucks managed to destroy what was once an amazing channel. O well nothing good lasts forever, it was good while it lasted.
Alvinsland2 and figge plays
Andrew Shriner
'Andrew Shriner' 2 years ago
Myth busters is still on?
That Guy 79
'That Guy 79' 2 years ago
In a tank similar to that I found it makes you an awesome whistler. Star trek theme comes to mind.
Eric Taylor
'Eric Taylor' 2 years ago
3:30 Even a brand new, completely virgin, never been used before tank can asphyxiate you. Not because of gasses that are in the tank, but for what ISN'T in the tank. The walls of a steal tank like this, even brand new, will quickly absorb the oxygen, leaving none to breath. And there would be no warning. The need to breath isn't caused by a lack of oxygen, it is caused by a build up of CO2. Take out the oxygen and the CO2 you will pass out and die while feeling just fine.
'RexRex' 2 years ago
These guys have the world's best job!
Jaime Smallman-Tillery
'nigeria' 2 years ago
The White House includes: Racism of black men
A Communist Raptor
'A Communist Raptor' 2 years ago
those guys are showing very little signs of aga even after a decade , both physicaly and mentaly xD
'FreeSpinn1220' 2 years ago
please try to learn the metric system! >.<"
Magic Moon
'Magic Moon' 2 years ago
can u drive a tireless car on train tracks
Mrinal  Thakur
'Mrinal Thakur' 2 years ago
COLD ROLLED STEEL isn't that from what the outer gate in the ice wall of Game of thrones is made up od
Alex Miota
'Alex Miota' 2 years ago
'Grameme' 2 years ago
I just realized, they use the number 67 a lot
csx68 midwest and western railroad
30k ethenal tanker
Jack Stott
'Jack Stott' 2 years ago
i want to live in a tanker
'Torpedomtb' 2 years ago
Not true, the Boeing 747 was the largest..
connor jones
'connor jones' 2 years ago
bro he's whining about 101 degrees bro where I live it's 103 with 100% humidity 100 days ago year
'UncivilSum' 2 years ago
Okay let's try this again but let's replace the tanker car with Donald Drumpf
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