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15 Strangest Ways People Have Died -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Trending

By: Top TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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Nothing in life is promised except death.
- Kanye West

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15 Strangest Ways People Have Died

Kyaiaia Kyaiaia
'Kyaiaia Kyaiaia' 3 days ago
my god the last one if so fking stupid
Calvin Jacks
'Calvin Jacks' 5 days ago
RIP Basil Brown, He Drank Too Much Carrot Juice
Matthew Reading
'Matthew Reading' 5 days ago
Fuckin poo
Fell!Smol Jammy
'Fell!Smol Jammy' 7 days ago
A Guy Falls Out Of A Window From A Tall Building Into The Eifle Tower And Then Uses His Parachute To Get Down But His Parachute Fails And Falls Into A Puddle Of Poop And Then Washes Himself Off With Carrot Juice And Then Wakes Up To See Himself In His Own Funeral So He Jumps Out Of His Grave And Gets Into His Car And Crashes Into A Video Game Competition But All The Video Games Were Unhealthy So He Had To Go The The Hospital And The Doctor Accidentally Injected Soup Into Him And He Dies.. #SaddestDeathInTheWorld
'Kraken's servent' 1 week ago
but he was right they didn't break utill they hit the ground
otgoo otgoo
'otgoo otgoo' 1 week ago
Thanks help me
Drowning in poop wtf?
Ismael Rodriguez
'Ismael Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
This video was very scary😰 I watched it 4 times so delete this video and never play it again!😡
mobile Master
'mobile Master' 2 weeks ago
I remember when a singer who sings with snakes got bit by one of them.the snakes trainer offered her anti venom but she literally refused saying it will stop the show.she sang for 45 minutes then having seizures then dying.
Addison Eaton
'Addison Eaton' 2 weeks ago
Ok I guess that people thing that a truck hitting you is a good 100 birthday presant
John The Guy Who Likes Cats
These people make me fell less stupid
Robert Corbell
'Robert Corbell' 3 weeks ago
Carrot guy and window guy were on 1000 Ways to Die, you know.
Carl Wroblewski
'Carl Wroblewski' 3 weeks ago
R Decena
'R Decena' 3 weeks ago
the guy that fucked the horse deserved to die
cookies cookies
'cookies cookies' 4 weeks ago
3:10 taking the nope train to fuk dis shit I'm out ville
cookies cookies
'cookies cookies' 4 weeks ago
0:58 I heard of that one
cookies cookies
'cookies cookies' 4 weeks ago
Lily The Fox Girl
'Lily The Fox Girl' 4 weeks ago
That what he get for fapping a poor horse
Bagel Gamez
'Bagel Gamez' 1 month ago
WTF HAVE SEX WITH A HORSE??? I died, too, strangely from laughter.
'srwallstrom' 1 month ago
someone is in my room and i don't thing he means well...omg help me...pls subscrib or do some thing to coment back so i don't feel lonly.
'srwallstrom' 1 month ago
sex with a horse.................................:0!!!!!!!!!!! DIEING IN SHIT!!!!!JUMPING OFF A BUILDING!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'srwallstrom' 1 month ago
wtf did i just walch
StorySwapFellAzzy Dreemurr
2:27 died from shock from her own half death...what?
Ethan Wilson
'Ethan Wilson' 1 month ago
if she put soup in her body just before she did she would clearly see that it orange not red
DIY Forever265
'DIY Forever265' 1 month ago
Coolest Video
Raine Johnson
'Raine Johnson' 2 months ago
Professor YaoiPants
'Professor YaoiPants' 2 months ago
have you heard of the guy that died having sex with a horse? XD
LittleDogLover 123
'LittleDogLover 123' 2 months ago
Why the hell should you even have s*x with a horse?!
chris brude
'chris brude' 2 months ago
WhiteVansMan The Tuber
The horse guy was a moron
Amireche Adel
'Amireche Adel' 2 months ago
wouldn't number 1 die because of the stop and gforce even if he didn't miscalculate?
'II_Nicole' 2 months ago
The 100th Birthday death was sad :( I feel very awful about that one :<
Zaper 11
'Zaper 11' 2 months ago
IIIIIIMMMMMPPPOOOORRRRTTTTTAAAANNNNNTTTTT: forgot who he was but he had a long beard, he tripped over his beard and died
Vanesa Vorpsi
'Vanesa Vorpsi' 2 months ago
To scary.
EpicGam3r TV
'EpicGam3r TV' 2 months ago
don't mind me, I'll just drown myself in turd. THANKS! 💩💩💩💩💩💩
Guavagirl Maldonado
'Guavagirl Maldonado' 2 months ago
Seriously language
Mr. Nobody
'Mr. Nobody' 2 months ago
I'm allergic to cucumbers and paint
Karim Elzein
'Karim Elzein' 2 months ago
Cristina Sanchez
'Cristina Sanchez' 2 months ago
do you know fnaf
Nightcore Charlotte
'Nightcore Charlotte' 2 months ago
The 100th birthday one is so sad :(
The best roblox player ever
Who the fuck has sex with a horse?
Samson Wilkinson
'Samson Wilkinson' 2 months ago
Drouning in poop...
Phillip; Vivian
'Phillip; Vivian' 2 months ago
well, time to drink a few bottles of Viagra
Ally Loves Horses
'Ally Loves Horses' 2 months ago
Javier Alonso
'Javier Alonso' 2 months ago
Did the whale die??? :'(
Oskar Aagaard
'Oskar Aagaard' 2 months ago
4:58 LMAO!! XD
One Punch Man
'One Punch Man' 3 months ago
lina Nguyen
'lina Nguyen' 3 months ago
( - - ) ( - - ) ( - ^ - ) ( °∆°. )
Hi the gamer fan
'Hi the gamer fan' 3 months ago
the birthday one is sad
Midnight Void
'Midnight Void' 3 months ago
VBOSS Gaming
'VBOSS Gaming' 3 months ago
the viddo starts at 0:00. thank me later
Anthony Fritz
'Anthony Fritz' 3 months ago
'ONLY 1 CAT' 3 months ago
Marcus Johnston
'Marcus Johnston' 3 months ago
That's not a whale that's an orca🤣
Lucy The Lamp
'Lucy The Lamp' 3 months ago
I ❤️ this video! It is super 😎 and I am eating 🍜. Who else likes 🍬? 😐 this is so random. I am trying to use lots of emojis for this comment. 😂.
Reactor Engineer
'Reactor Engineer' 3 months ago
What crazy perverted idiot goes on a farm to f**k horses? Are people really that stupid?
Robert Cade
'Robert Cade' 3 months ago
( ._.)
'Tilikum-The-Orca' 3 months ago
Can anyone post a ink to a website with more info on the SeaWorld incident please.
Wisam Muneer
'Wisam Muneer' 3 months ago
mild to men rock ej Arnie Jensen end didn't by cm
HML Lincoln
'HML Lincoln' 3 months ago
check out the video on my channel and sub I'll sub back
'TARUNPREET KAILEY' 3 months ago
That must've been the worst birthday ever
Typical Bmxing
'Typical Bmxing' 3 months ago
There is no such thing as a poop pool
CBMN6 Gaming
'CBMN6 Gaming' 3 months ago
'Declan MCDERMOTT' 3 months ago
What's that music in the background called
'ThaHomieJay' 3 months ago
What a crappy way to die! lol thats funny hahahahahahahahahaha fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeees luuoooooooooooolllsss! just kidding but it was a "crappy" way to die lol.
Dylan Lee
'Dylan Lee' 3 months ago
Frozen Scooter
'Frozen Scooter' 3 months ago
I know right
Khloe Robinson
'Khloe Robinson' 3 months ago
Who has sex with a horse
Finlay TM
'Finlay TM' 3 months ago
70 m of rope I face palm wtf has this world come to
'THE LONE ASSASSIN' 3 months ago
Isabelle Wilson
'Isabelle Wilson' 3 months ago
why would u have SEX WITH A HORSE!!!!?
Kayleigh C
'Kayleigh C' 3 months ago
award right
Hector gutierrez
'Hector gutierrez' 3 months ago
2:02 "lead swag co-op" is a pretty cool name by the captions.
Brandon Roch
'Brandon Roch' 4 months ago
loreli denham
'loreli denham' 4 months ago
oh and shut up
loreli denham
'loreli denham' 4 months ago
don't spoil it
'HockeyAnytime' 4 months ago
What up wolfie
Raphael F
'Raphael F' 4 months ago
Just...died in CRAP
'iiRocky' 4 months ago
Top 10 saddest anime death
V Yeung
'V Yeung' 4 months ago
Miriam Luis
'Miriam Luis' 4 months ago
she died at her funeral REALLY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AraeGamings xYEHH!!!!!!! Ashlynn /
DYING FROM SHIT...LIKE LITTARALY DIEING FROM SHIT LIKE REAL SHIT.. What a shitty way 2 die HHH.....that wasint good.
Craig The Northerner
'Craig The Northerner' 4 months ago
Der-Ronte David
'Der-Ronte David' 4 months ago
stop haveing sex with people
Ayden D
'Ayden D' 4 months ago
that looks sooooooo
Luke Stubbs
'Luke Stubbs' 4 months ago
If you laughed at this, you're going to hell
Angelo Miller
'Angelo Miller' 4 months ago
2:26 i thought that was kinda funny does that makes me a bad person?
Angelo Miller
'Angelo Miller' 4 months ago
Frozen RoseSpeaks
'Frozen RoseSpeaks' 4 months ago
I feel like wat ch in this is karma to dieing later
'NTYo' 4 months ago
If you kill yourself now you wont be able to die from any of this stuff. You're welcome.
'J E S S I C A' 4 months ago
drowning in poop😐
Kerry Riethof
'Kerry Riethof' 4 months ago
Angelina Devilina Avakin Life
If Someone put the Guy himself in sand the worms,snakes and more oh he will die wnd with dehydration
All Day. Everyday.
'All Day. Everyday.' 4 months ago
The 3rd to last person and the last one were retards.
Oscar Gurdian
'Oscar Gurdian' 4 months ago
LOL ITS LIKE THE TITANIC "the windows are unbreakable" they break when someone runs into it
'Pika' 4 months ago
I died of Collage
Gamer Jack
'Gamer Jack' 4 months ago
That's so lol
Randi Thies
'Randi Thies' 4 months ago
pooooooooooop ?
Jonathan Gillam
'Jonathan Gillam' 4 months ago
You have rainbow key
'HondaCivicMaster' 4 months ago
What if some one was running and just died while running
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