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How Can You Instantly Guess Someone's Age? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Is there a way to tell how old someone is without asking? One key indicator is a person's hearing abilities.

UPDATE: The mosquito tone in this video was lost during processing after upload. To check out your ability to hear high frequency "mosquito tones" check out these sites:

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'GeKin' 3 months ago
im 13 and cant hear it...
'PatrolPigeon' 3 months ago
Im 13 and could hear that mosquito thingy XD uhh fck
'MrFreeze' 4 months ago
Im 11 and couldn't here it
Maggie Kerr
'Maggie Kerr' 4 months ago
instant. but first perform this test for me and let me watch you. not very instant
'Spectrum' 7 months ago
26 here, can still hear it. I am using earphones though, I'll try without earphones later, too late now to use speakers lol
'Leo210' 7 months ago
I'm 12 and could not hear it
Mad Kebabs
'Mad Kebabs' 8 months ago
I don't know if this is 100% true but i'm pretty suyre most people cannot hear it as youtube does not allow really high pitch sounds (not sure the exact number.)
Drei Sander
'Drei Sander' 9 months ago
i heard background tone. thanks!
JASS is me
'JASS is me' 9 months ago
I heard it really well.
wikum •_•
'wikum •_•' 10 months ago
Im 13 And i didnt hear shit
'arckmarou' 10 months ago
Im not over 25 and I cant hear it
Steven Truong
'Steven Truong' 10 months ago
'Konic' 10 months ago
I'm 16 and I can't hear it .... so can't always work ... or I might be slightly deaf..
jojo n n n n n n n n n n n
i can't her it lol
Genevieve Dunn
'Genevieve Dunn' 10 months ago
I'm 13 and I could not hear a thing.
Andreanna Sander
'Andreanna Sander' 11 months ago
i didn't hear it and I'm 13.
'Airwipe' 11 months ago
I'm 12 and I couldn't hear it. Lmao
Elliotte Rodriguez
'Elliotte Rodriguez' 11 months ago
'Emma' 11 months ago
'Dogdigmine' 11 months ago
Im only 13 and i did not hear it.
Omar Huerta
'Omar Huerta' 11 months ago
every one but black because black dont crack
isaiah gutierrez
'isaiah gutierrez' 11 months ago
im half death so i cant here it but im 15
'zingadooda' 11 months ago
All of you saying this tone was lost but it is there and it's loud as fuck idc what anyone else is saying, it was playing at random times too even when not testing it on people.
Creepy Guy
'Creepy Guy' 11 months ago
I'm 12 and I can't hear it
'TheToxicGamer' 11 months ago
16 and didn't hear it
'TheRealLycanroc' 11 months ago
I'm 13 and didn't hear it?
Turtle Neck
'Turtle Neck' 11 months ago
I'm under 18 and I didn't hear shit
'Create' 11 months ago
hell yeah, Mark Rober is awesome
Called Mino
'Called Mino' 11 months ago
I couldent here on it and im 11
Eggz Head
'Eggz Head' 11 months ago
I'm 9 and can't hear it
Caolan Mcclean
'Caolan Mcclean' 12 months ago
I'm ten and I couldn't hear it
'MrBaran150' 12 months ago
I am 15 didnt hear it
'JoeGamingHD' 12 months ago
I couldn't here it and I'm 14
SaNe Crimes
'SaNe Crimes' 12 months ago
I'm 15 should I hear it
Kristen Carolan
'Kristen Carolan' 12 months ago
I'm 9 and I can't hear it
merp merpins
'merp merpins' 1 year ago
New macbook pro, I'm 21, and I could not hear said tone and could hear it a year ago.
Gladwin Chu
'Gladwin Chu' 1 year ago
I can't here it and I'm younger than 25
Donnie Brasco
'Donnie Brasco' 1 year ago
loooove old people smell
Card Slasher
'Card Slasher' 1 year ago
It's kind of hard to ear the tone when you're playing loud ass music as well you fucker.
Abby Woods
'Abby Woods' 1 year ago
I'm 14 where that sound?
Cam Cxx
'Cam Cxx' 1 year ago
11 I couldn't hear it
Sebastian Mendoza
'Sebastian Mendoza' 1 year ago
I'm 15 and I couldn't hear it
'BlakeMSP' 1 year ago
I didn't hear it and I'm 12. Bad hearing?
DankDoritos 420
'DankDoritos 420' 1 year ago
what's the ringtone app?
BM Kicks
'BM Kicks' 1 year ago
I'm worried I'm 13 and I didn't hear it.
'GearGrindzGaming' 1 year ago
im 12 and cant hear the mosquito tone and i have good ears
'PorkieTV' 1 year ago
I'm 14 and can't hear it
'Ne0LiT' 1 year ago
can hear the sound pretty clearly ... must be my headphones!
Dave Pimptastic
'Dave Pimptastic' 1 year ago
what about online
'Neighbor' 1 year ago
Everyone under age of 25! If you don't hear the sound it maybe because of the device you are currently using to listen the sound can't produce such sounds Or ur just deaf, ayy lmao g3t r3kt m8
Artist Fox
'Artist Fox' 1 year ago
I'm 7 and I can't hear😕
Andrew Demarest
'Andrew Demarest' 1 year ago
I think I can hear it, but it could just be one of those things where you know the sound from first hand experience and expecting to hear something, you do.
'Jonahthebeast' 1 year ago
I heard nothing and I'm 9
Charlie D
'Charlie D' 1 year ago
Wow, who knew that the definition on instant was to go up to people get them to put headphones on, listen to a noise and see if they can hear it, that can definitely be done in one second...well done...
giuseppe valencia
'giuseppe valencia' 1 year ago
Yeah...NASA scientists
'RED KING' 1 year ago
I'm 13 and I can't hear it
'ydn' 1 year ago
ok at first after watching this video, i was pretty sad that I cant hear it even though im less than 25 years old. 😅but then, I read the comment and the caption. i was relieve.. read the caption and dont worry everyone. 😁
Drone Addict
'Drone Addict' 1 year ago
That's Mark Rober
Commander Toucan
'Commander Toucan' 1 year ago
I. 13 yes old and I did NOT hear it.....why?
'URSkrub' 1 year ago
YouTube can't render or encode that kind of frequency level. So you're false
Our Life
'Our Life' 1 year ago
I'm 11 and I can't hear it
'Toma' 1 year ago
I can't hear this and I'm 10... I also looked on the official page
'GuyWhoPlaysRoblox' 1 year ago
Is the person in the first mark rober?
rhye gian Ariola
'rhye gian Ariola' 1 year ago
I can't hear it but my age is 10
Ryan C
'Ryan C' 1 year ago
I can hear it as long as I blast the sound.
MA Gamings
'MA Gamings' 1 year ago
I couldn't hear it and I'm 15...
StopMotion Productions
Umm I'm less then 25 I didn't hear it
Ryan Thean
'Ryan Thean' 1 year ago
I'm 15 but I can hear 24kHz. That's not human at all. I tested it on myself and I could hear a faint high-pitched sound even at 20kHz.
Dayton Jensen
'Dayton Jensen' 1 year ago
I'm 15 and I can't hear it...
Der Wurst
'Der Wurst' 1 year ago
I'm 14 and I can hear it, it's like a dog whistle, fuck that.
'Foxyboy' 1 year ago
Is that blackpool
haylie21 aj
'haylie21 aj' 1 year ago
I couldn't hear it and I am a kid....
micheal bridge
'micheal bridge' 1 year ago
name isnt accurate just looking at someone is a easier quicker way than this.. they have wrinkles they are old they are short small and well a kid or a teen
'jaxman136' 1 year ago
Youtube cuts off pitches before this mosquito tone, so nobody can hear it
Dolphin dude99
'Dolphin dude99' 1 year ago
I can't hear it and I'm only 12
Amerikan Gamer
'Amerikan Gamer' 1 year ago
I'm 12 and didn't hear it
Jeffrey Lin
'Jeffrey Lin' 1 year ago
Umm I'm 11 I can't hear it
Coffee JT
'Coffee JT' 1 year ago
Good thing people didn't say "about twelve" or else I'll punch them about... twelve times?
Lol Lol
'Lol Lol' 1 year ago
I just heard the mosquito tone on another website and now my ears won't stop ringing
Harper Kelly
'Harper Kelly' 1 year ago
What's up with his pupils thirst all black
Cupcakemuffin X
'Cupcakemuffin X' 1 year ago
The hairs in your ear can loose sound over a long periodaudicaly time.
Theonlyone Obiwan
'Theonlyone Obiwan' 1 year ago
omg, if i want to find out their age in less than a second, i ask them to put on headphones, play the annoying-as-hell sound, and ask them if they could hear it!!
'InstantGaming1' 1 year ago
Fucker on 2:20 already has a watch worth more than any car I'll ever have...
Max Barrass
'Max Barrass' 1 year ago
So you can't guess their age... Lame
Awesome gaming
'Awesome gaming' 1 year ago
'Ariss' 1 year ago
or... you could just ask the person how old they are... but thats to easy
Lyova Oblivin
'Lyova Oblivin' 1 year ago
was born in 2002 apperantly over 25, logic:l
Speedy 9771
'Speedy 9771' 1 year ago
MARK ROBER omg you're amazing!
Nga Le
'Nga Le' 1 year ago
Wait why couldn't i here in the comments alot of young people can't here it but people 20 or oldet can hear it is it supposed to be oppisite?
Greg Collins
'Greg Collins' 1 year ago
How can you know if someone is young? They suck at English - like they misstate a question such as, how can you tell someone's age instead of "how can you tell if someone is older than 25ish".
Ahmafat Gaming
'Ahmafat Gaming' 1 year ago
I hear a real mosquito before then I run
Voodoo Pitbull
'Voodoo Pitbull' 1 year ago
What the heck I can't hear it and I am 13
'stickyglue123' 1 year ago
if i heard it why did it say this in the description: The mosquito tone in this video was lost during processing after upload.
'Fetii27 BABATTRO' 1 year ago
In seconds huh? Instantly huh?
Little Squishers
'Little Squishers' 1 year ago
Lam Ham
'Lam Ham' 1 year ago
.....I'm not going to go up to a person ask them to listen to this ''mosquito tone''. The clickbait is real...
'kennyb0y1597' 1 year ago
Im 16 and i didnt hear anything
Princess Crystalwriter
I couldn't hear it, and I'm under 15
'Jurr' 1 year ago
Im less than 25 and i didnt hear it..
heybar cervantes
'heybar cervantes' 1 year ago
I'm 12 and I can't hear it
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