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Testing Weird Kitchen Gadgets feat. iJustine -
Published: 1 year ago By: blogilates

By: blogilatesPublished: 1 year ago

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I've been wanting to test weird kitchen gadgets FOREVER!!! And so I finally invited over my good friend Justine (aka iJustine) to see if these awkward gadgets are more of a gag gift or an actual invention that adds value to your culinary needs. Here are the odd cooking tools we are using today:

1. Yolk Pig:
2. Mango Cutter:
3. Zeelpeel:
4. Watermelon Slicer:
5. Twirling Spaghetti Fork:

Watch our Dizzy Challenge:

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Amber Oleksiuk
'Amber Oleksiuk' 6 days ago
I have one of the mango slicer thing but for apples and I think it works really good
Malissa Suggs
'Malissa Suggs' 1 week ago
Two types of people when food is good The on that shakes their head and the one that nods their head
Pinkie Pie
'Pinkie Pie' 3 weeks ago
Alanna Gallo
'Alanna Gallo' 3 weeks ago
A lot of these gadgets are actually made for people, usually older people, who can no longer handle a knife safely or who don't have good coordination.
Gymcheer Vlogs
'Gymcheer Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
Omg that nade me laugh when justine said ‘“turn down your fork mam table 4”
MLP Crazy Liza
'MLP Crazy Liza' 4 weeks ago
If you cut a mango like Cassie did you don't pull a square off and eat it, instead you just bite it off
Lanz R
'Lanz R' 4 weeks ago
You're not using Watermelon slicer right! Watch Crazyrussianhacker's kitchen gadgets video!
Ria Bagha
'Ria Bagha' 1 month ago
The yoke pig 100%😂😆
Mark Albino
'Mark Albino' 2 months ago
Try not to cry😥😥😪😫😖😨😧
rad fam
'rad fam' 2 months ago
Joanie Lodge
'Joanie Lodge' 2 months ago
Do any smoothie trivia challenge with IJustine
Leonel Breceda
'Leonel Breceda' 2 months ago
my girlfriend Cassey!.. : D.... Hola mamis.... : x xoxoxo ; ) : *
Anneliese the Goblin King
Now I want watermelon
Sabra Medlin
'Sabra Medlin' 2 months ago
Yoke pig
Kashia Her
'Kashia Her' 3 months ago
your oppose to peel the mango then cut around the seed
Leen Bakhsh
'Leen Bakhsh' 3 months ago
When I was younger I used the twirling spaghetti fork and I loved it I used to think it was so cool😂
Skylar Rae
'Skylar Rae' 3 months ago
DIY Madeline
'DIY Madeline' 3 months ago
All pink 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love
Fatima Altaee
'Fatima Altaee' 3 months ago
I think my comment got drowned
Jessica Ericksen
'Jessica Ericksen' 3 months ago
I would get the yoke pig for sure!
Joshua Li
'Joshua Li' 4 months ago
you guys are doing it wrong thats y u say its not worth it
Nia Foy
'Nia Foy' 4 months ago
You used the watermelon cutter the wrong way round
Peter Hills
'Peter Hills' 4 months ago
We can tell that blogilates really likes blue by her backround
Fritz Bowerman
'Fritz Bowerman' 4 months ago
U rock
Christina Simonie Tziella
you use wrong the watermelon cutter
Emily Clauze
'Emily Clauze' 4 months ago
I love pigs
Amy Williams
'Amy Williams' 4 months ago
You should look up how to cut a mango there are some very good ideas
Mohammad Yunus
'Mohammad Yunus' 5 months ago
You know that you can just use a bottle for the egg right?
Shane Stokely
'Shane Stokely' 5 months ago
water Mellon cutter
princess courtney
'princess courtney' 5 months ago
Guys my 10th tooth has came out can I get 10 likes
Phil Nolan
'Phil Nolan' 5 months ago
The yolk pig thing has been done for a long time with soda bottles, which are basically free.
Abby The Precious!
'Abby The Precious!' 5 months ago
we who live in the Caribbean can tell you that you surely have NEVER tasted a really good mango! Trust me.
Bunny Girl
'Bunny Girl' 5 months ago
I have the watermelon cutter my grandma got it from my mom
Amaya Threats
'Amaya Threats' 5 months ago
Taylor Miller
'Taylor Miller' 5 months ago
Woah! That's a cool yoke pig....😗😗
Taylor Miller
'Taylor Miller' 5 months ago
Woah! That's a cool yoke pig....😗😗
Vishijita Balaji
'Vishijita Balaji' 5 months ago
Yoke pig is so satisfying
nickers O
'nickers O'mally' 5 months ago
Night Fury 356
'Night Fury 356' 5 months ago
how lazy do you need to buy and use that
Bobby Chalasani
'Bobby Chalasani' 5 months ago
Do one ☝️ with Ro
Kayla. S
'Kayla. S' 5 months ago
Don't get a yolk pig just use a water bottle
Bella Petro
'Bella Petro' 5 months ago
Do more testing cooking gadgets
Izzy Exley
'Izzy Exley' 6 months ago
The only one I would get is the yoak pig.
Alondra Gonzalez
'Alondra Gonzalez' 6 months ago
the watermelon one
kooky cookie
'kooky cookie' 6 months ago
do the smoothie challenge with ijustin plz who agrees?
MTB latvia
'MTB latvia' 6 months ago
you can do it wuth a bottle
Emma Jewel
'Emma Jewel' 6 months ago
And omgosh I've got the same tool box hehe
Emma Jewel
'Emma Jewel' 6 months ago
The yolk pig is so satisfying.
'MillieD' 6 months ago
LOL, turn down your fork.... Lol
Chris Citroen
'Chris Citroen' 6 months ago
opportunity average god win screen hit shooting establishment adolescent.
'Blazer5000' 6 months ago
That yolk pig tho 🐷
pritzi せんせい
'pritzi せんせい' 6 months ago
Justine cut the mango so wrong it makes me twich
'BakingFlare123' 6 months ago
You should do one with a cook or foodie, like Rosanna!
WolfGirl 2004
'WolfGirl 2004' 6 months ago
U should try with lele
Kawaii Luna
'Kawaii Luna' 6 months ago
I dont no, Melbye gigy🐖
Happy Happy
'Happy Happy' 6 months ago
I'm watching this with an empty stomach. Thanks foe making me hungrier
nathan hernandez
'nathan hernandez' 6 months ago
I love you I Justine
'L M' 7 months ago
I feel like Justine has mom hands
Sqicky Pickle
'Sqicky Pickle' 7 months ago
Love ijustine and you
Peyton White
'Peyton White' 7 months ago
You're supposed to cut the watermelon in slices and then use the watermelon slicer takes the green part off
Inaya Gibbs
'Inaya Gibbs' 7 months ago
I would use the spaghetti twirler
silvia castro
'silvia castro' 7 months ago
I love u ijustine
Sydlicious And Friends
You can just decorate an empty water bottle like a pig and BAM yolk pig
Nicki Mouse
'Nicki Mouse' 7 months ago
my mom has purple tools
Nicki Mouse
'Nicki Mouse' 7 months ago
my mom cuts mangos like that to eat it like that she cuts it lengthwise then width wide
Anna Mcilwraith
'Anna Mcilwraith' 7 months ago
You could use the fork of roasting marshmallows 😆
Night Fall
'Night Fall' 7 months ago
Imagine bringing the spaghetti twirl to a fancy restaurant!
Lola Rose
'Lola Rose' 7 months ago
yay cat
'TG C' 7 months ago
Rosanna your almost at 9Million sub.
Littlebumdlebee 101
'Littlebumdlebee 101' 7 months ago
Every time iJustine is with ro she's like dich the scissors I'm going for the knife she tried sissors
Unicorn Rainbows
'Unicorn Rainbows' 7 months ago
I think Justine was using the watermelon thing wrong. No hate love you guys
Savanna Young
'Savanna Young' 7 months ago
works as a mixer
Aurora Garcia
'Aurora Garcia' 8 months ago
Instead of a yolk pig 🐷 you could use an empty water bottle to duck it up
Trash Videos & vlogs
'Trash Videos & vlogs' 8 months ago
The shape of the mango slicer tho
Leslie Reaves
'Leslie Reaves' 8 months ago
Y'all are crazy!! Lol
Mia Garcia
'Mia Garcia' 8 months ago
the pig one
rainbow unicorn
'rainbow unicorn' 8 months ago
she should've done it with Rosanna pansino
Lady O
'Lady O' 8 months ago
the pig and the watermelon slicer is my favorite
Caitlin Miller
'Caitlin Miller' 8 months ago
Justine u used the watermelon slicer wrong
Emandems 08
'Emandems 08' 8 months ago
iJustine lol
Raphael James Tingson
Sharp knife anyone?
Marissa Gonzalez
'Marissa Gonzalez' 8 months ago
Yoke pig
Mikala Tenny
'Mikala Tenny' 8 months ago
Pls make more videos together I love you
Zandro Agrave
'Zandro Agrave' 8 months ago
why is that the mango in your country is different from the mango in the Philippines??
Kawaii Cat100
'Kawaii Cat100' 8 months ago
i love the pigs
Joy Kamara
'Joy Kamara' 8 months ago
I like you Cassey
Claire Martin
'Claire Martin' 8 months ago
My dad uses the mango cutter all the time. You were just using it wrong
'TheMysticalPumpkin' 8 months ago
please give me 8 likes im turning eight tomarrow
Puddy Player
'Puddy Player' 8 months ago
'Raev' 8 months ago
do you take into account being a bimbo while using the watermelon slicer?
Kaylee Grantham
'Kaylee Grantham' 8 months ago
I would buy the yoke. Pig
ANN Marie Robinson
'ANN Marie Robinson' 8 months ago
lol you guys weren't using the watermelon slicer right you were supposed to flip it the other way
Aliyah Magee
'Aliyah Magee' 8 months ago
I would buy the fork what you call it
mammy _xox
'mammy _xox' 8 months ago
Do you think the yolk pig is the best gadget then like
Satya Sampath
'Satya Sampath' 8 months ago
i have the watermelon slicer and it works really well
Sparkling Sapphires
'Sparkling Sapphires' 8 months ago
you can use a water battle to seperat egg and yok
Chloe McDermitt
'Chloe McDermitt' 8 months ago
Livie _gymnastics
'Livie _gymnastics' 8 months ago
The pig
itz_just_Olive XD
'itz_just_Olive XD' 8 months ago
I have the same tool box
Marco Morel
'Marco Morel' 8 months ago
At 5:14 ijustine drops the fork
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