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Everything Wrong With Kong: Skull Island -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

2, 580, 279 views

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Well, this is a movie that happened. A promising cast, but sins galore. Oh, the sins!

Thursday: More 2017 action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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SuperFnafLogan !
'SuperFnafLogan !' 10 hours ago
1:31, Agreed, and I think your AWESOME CinemaSins!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Dmitri Kozlowsky
'Dmitri Kozlowsky' 1 day ago
Just about every shot where there is a closeup on hottie Brie Larson, both her face and her chest are in the shot. Must have been in her contract. Face is not enough. Must have face and chest.
Dmitri Kozlowsky
'Dmitri Kozlowsky' 1 day ago
No mention of "Heart Of Darkness". Conrad, Morlow. C'mon. Also. ID tags without rubber silencers, gimi a break.
Ethan Zydel
'Ethan Zydel' 2 days ago
He didnt randomly wake up..he was playing dead lol. Upmost respect for you though,i love these😂
Koda Lapoint
'Koda Lapoint' 2 days ago
10:00 a movie like that would be interesting, possibly more interesting than this movie.
Watsa Matter
'Watsa Matter' 2 days ago
You may have missed that there was 13 choppers in the air and only showed 6 that were ever seen on the ships deck including the chinook on the ships bow platform.This is such a dumbed down movie. Definitely not for the intelligent.
Cat Beale
'Cat Beale' 2 days ago
10 sins removed for Tom hiddleson... Yeah, just Tom hiddleson in general
'kirbster3678' 3 days ago
I have lost Faith in Cinema Sins after watching this
Baze Stacon
'Baze Stacon' 3 days ago
14:41 fuck i laughed so hard
9:56 ABSOLUTELY, THATS THE SAME I SAID WHEN I WATCH IT. We want to see the cool story where the cool japanese and the cool american guy turn into friends.
Blaze king 360
'Blaze king 360' 5 days ago
Sins you forgot 2 more sin also the skull crawler looks like a copy right from the game temple run and when king had the lady in the hand he punched the big one without crushing her.
Jake Bryant
'Jake Bryant' 6 days ago
Sins or not I still enjoyed the film though this vid is fun to watch
'Theicemanleaveth' 6 days ago
Ok, about Sin 62: This *is* John C. Reilly, so I think that's a perfectly valid explanation
City Wither
'City Wither' 6 days ago
I swear to God a sin should've been added for Kong ripping out the Big One's tongue.
Thomas Gondeck
'Thomas Gondeck' 6 days ago
Wait, if you take things literally like you said while sinning the Kong-SLJ face-off visual art thing, then wouldn't Captain Obvious a few moments later in the video be fine since that's what someone would actually say?
I enjoyed this movie us I think it should have just been a bunch of military soldiers(just all the the soldiers featured in the film.) stuck on this island trying to find a way out
'CERC1983' 2 weeks ago
You forgot the amount of helicopters that launched from The ship somehow multiplied
'Dobe' 2 weeks ago
the movie was set before Lost
'BUBBA DECBEF' 2 weeks ago
They should’ve had ice cube’s son star in this movie too, NWA vs Kong
I operate as root
'I operate as root' 2 weeks ago
Kong should not be standing? When you increase the size of an object, its mass increases by the square of the increase in size. So Kong's skeleton and muscles should hardly be able to help him stand up (and that too using all his strength), much less flail around, destroy things and show the precision he does.
Ninja Nelson
'Ninja Nelson' 2 weeks ago
U missed a sin. If the gas was flammable, ain't the flame thrower would set the whole area to ashes?😕
'YouEsLoco' 2 weeks ago
Peter Jackson's version is by far superior to this crap
'Mgkman13' 2 weeks ago
I don't think Toby Kebbell was Kong. I thought it was Terry Notary
'Buzzard' 2 weeks ago
Great video but I sincerely disagree with the title
'Kong' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who thinks cinema sins, bad lip readings at the end of the vids are on par with the bad lip reading vids, kong screaming like Godzilla literally maid me die of laughter
Doug Brett-Matthewson
May I sin a sin?  It's because I'm an asshole.  Aurora *borealis* specifically means the *northern* lights... I believe we're given to understand that Skull Island is in the South Pacific, or at best around the equator.  You want aurora australis, or, for full a-hole discouragement, just say 'aurora'.
dragon Buzzz
'dragon Buzzz' 2 weeks ago
10:27 common lets go get a picinic basket
Arvin Asadi
'Arvin Asadi' 2 weeks ago
Also, that skull creature should have killed them. At 13:41, the lighter shouldn't have ignited the flammable ground. BECAUSE THE FIRE GOES AWAY WHEN YOU RELEASE THE TRIGGER!!! But this movie needs a female hero so movie doesn't seem sexist.
Lisa Hood
'Lisa Hood' 2 weeks ago
To be honest the flick was a really good
Refreshed Broccoli
'Refreshed Broccoli' 2 weeks ago
You should have taken sins of for the end credits scene it’s better than any marvel movie
Sheigh Williamson
'Sheigh Williamson' 2 weeks ago
This movie is not as good as the original king Kong
Li Lin
'Li Lin' 2 weeks ago
My brother is named Elijah
Pvzfan Boi
'Pvzfan Boi' 2 weeks ago
At 31 sins there’s a nod to Jurassic park.
'EsLocoSoldado' 2 weeks ago
Still better than the 2005 version and I liked that it took place in a new decade. Also Mother longlegs are creepy AF.
'Steel' 2 weeks ago
You didn't remove sins for the Fatality on the big monster thing...? Wow, man, harsh.
craig savidge
'craig savidge' 2 weeks ago
Defending the movie a little since that one guy was S.A.S trained he absolutely would be able too fight with a gas mask on but yeah taking it back off was dumb and was just for a sexy shot :') loved the movie also love cinemasins
Yordis Moran
'Yordis Moran' 2 weeks ago
Why didn't the whole gas filled place explode in flames when the flamethrower wizards used them
Harvey Shepherd
'Harvey Shepherd' 2 weeks ago
right has anyone noticed how the map looks like a face or kongs face?..
'guinness77100' 2 weeks ago
The movie isn't about perfection. Just roll with it and enjoy the ride...
Anna Johnson
'Anna Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or do those monsters look like they're from Temple Run?
'GeoKorf' 2 weeks ago
Died, thank you!
'Ronteque' 2 weeks ago
"Camera operator gets a shot of hank walking inside his own house".. I died at this.
'corgidog' 2 weeks ago
I cannot believe you missed this, when you see the ONLY boat they have there are only 4 helicopters but as soon as you see the helicopters flying into the storm there's like 16 of them.
william lydon
'william lydon' 2 weeks ago
Bummed you didn't point out how during the launch scene, the ship's deck has *FIVE* helicopters on it, max. But in the next shoot, a dozen are suddenly in the air...
'TrexGaming' 2 weeks ago
ok so in this universe Godzilla comes out in 2014 and this movie takes place in the 70's and monarch already knows about gz so if they know about a 400 ft aquatic lizard that can breath plasma how do they not already know about a 100 ft ape that walks out on an island in the open. Now before anyone replies he cant be seen 1 the island is huge and 2 the island is huge also randas character back story eludes me
celestial vallax
'celestial vallax' 3 weeks ago
This film should do the noble thing and die
Rogue Pilot
'Rogue Pilot' 3 weeks ago
*Adrien Brody cameo at **0:47*
'Deathboy17' 3 weeks ago
Omg it's fucking Sully from Monsters Inc.
Theo Noble
'Theo Noble' 3 weeks ago
I loved this movie. Fuck off
G Krafka
'G Krafka' 3 weeks ago
At 1:44 - Iowa pride! Woohoo!
Widow Maker
'Widow Maker' 3 weeks ago
Did anyone notice that there were only a total of 6 helicopters on the ship but when they took off there were more than 10
Brota Jkay
'Brota Jkay' 3 weeks ago
Well.... this was MUCH MORE Enjoyable then the Actual movie !!!
Pavel Vokáč
'Pavel Vokáč' 3 weeks ago
Everything Kong with Wrong: Skull island
'ImpastaSauce' 3 weeks ago
Guys when they ad a sin for saying the movie title I think you need to realize it’s a joke 😂
A Certain Chen
'A Certain Chen' 3 weeks ago
Heh yeah you're right. When I went to China, I saw posters everywhere for Skull Island. Interestingly enough, they had no Chinese dub, only Chinese subtitles.
Jeremiah Mack
'Jeremiah Mack' 3 weeks ago
Yeah brie Larson acting sucked in this movie.
Matty River
'Matty River' 3 weeks ago
5:16 he went to the Prometheus School of Getting Crushed by Things
landt smith
'landt smith' 3 weeks ago
It’s definately isla nublar’s chain cousin
Snake Eyes
'Snake Eyes' 3 weeks ago
U should say why the f***they needed to go through the storm instead of going over the storm
James Fernandes
'James Fernandes' 3 weeks ago
You should add a sin for this old mans almost 30 - year - year - old son still living at his moms house.
jack cole
'jack cole' 3 weeks ago
Can we talk about the number of helicopter on the boat and the number of helicopter in the air...
Ryan Martin
'Ryan Martin' 3 weeks ago
16:01 gernades would have exploded three times over before they finally do
Toxic Shooter
'Toxic Shooter' 3 weeks ago
Why when there are mutant creatures why the fuck are there mutant spiders Fuck spiders
Jim Fitzsimons
'Jim Fitzsimons' 3 weeks ago
They forgot to give a sin for the photographer NEVER taking a picture of Kong!
ema nekaf
'ema nekaf' 3 weeks ago
People take CinemaSins to seriously. Do they ACTUALLY think the creators lie awake in bed at night, cackling, murmuring about the overuse of narration in recent films? (Wait, scratch that. They probably do.)
Devonte Moericke
'Devonte Moericke' 3 weeks ago
hey bitch... where have u made money with movies
'Wacks' 3 weeks ago
I was watching this movie in the theater and when the guy got smashed when he ran to the left I instantly thought of CinemaSins and how he would react. Lol.
Aiii Donkey
'Aiii Donkey' 3 weeks ago
13:11 when u can’t afford a tank
Paradox the Great
'Paradox the Great' 3 weeks ago
Mentions Des Moines, Iowa. Everyone from Iowa watching this freaks out internally at being mentioned.
Beryl Rosenberg
'Beryl Rosenberg' 3 weeks ago
Loved the mashup of music and lines at the end! Hilarious!
'Craftmine_dtt' 3 weeks ago
'Crazed' 3 weeks ago
The giant monster universe is gonna be a fucking sick universe
'Tommykey07' 3 weeks ago
You need to sin Wild Things!
Blain Willis
'Blain Willis' 4 weeks ago
Superintendent Chalmers: “Good lord, what is happening in there?!?” Principal Skinner: “Aurora Borealis.” S.C: 18:24
Aidan Parke
'Aidan Parke' 4 weeks ago
I watched this movie. Waste of 2 1/2 hours. Could have played video games. Nope. Watched this.
Captain Marvelous
'Captain Marvelous' 4 weeks ago
Don't Kong and Godzilla share a universe?
William Holmes
'William Holmes' 4 weeks ago
Sin for Tom Hiddleston dressed like 2017 Tom Hiddleston and acting like Tom Hiddleston in a Vietnam era movie.
Jaden Bentley
'Jaden Bentley' 4 weeks ago
I got another sin why are they wasting there time doing this during the Vietnam war
'Nugget' 4 weeks ago
Who else thinks the Skullcrawlers look like the monkey things from the Temple Run games
ABkerzz YT
'ABkerzz YT' 4 weeks ago
johnny B from Housotn
five helicopters on deck. then out of the blue, there were a dozen?
'12yearsfromnow' 4 weeks ago
I actually liked this movie. It was fun to watch and better than i expected
Amber Mitchell
'Amber Mitchell' 4 weeks ago
Really Titanic😂🤣🤣🤣
Amber Mitchell
'Amber Mitchell' 4 weeks ago
Lol love the ending
Professor OzW33d
'Professor OzW33d' 4 weeks ago
Look guys. This is all SATIRE. Nobody reads the description anymore, but CinemaSins doesn’t hate everything. They even sinned movies they enjoyed.
Nobe Flores
'Nobe Flores' 4 weeks ago
I wonder what would this channel do if there were no more movies, must be nice knowing that you dont have to do shit but wait for a movie to come out nd point out shit that no one cares about
Ssstashkin 1
'Ssstashkin 1' 4 weeks ago
american soldiers using AK47 :DD.
Skip Yo
'Skip Yo' 4 weeks ago
I don't know how this guy doesn't know why their bombing the island, did pay attention in science class and the beginning of the movie
Because Russia
'Because Russia' 4 weeks ago
Did no-one notice that the flare gun did more damage then the mini-gun?
Mason J. Smith
'Mason J. Smith' 4 weeks ago
While I’ve loved this channel since the very first day I’ve found it, the Game Of Thrones after scene in this was literally perfect. 10 sins off for an amazing scene in another amazing show. P.S. I fucking love this channel!
Sarah P
'Sarah P' 4 weeks ago
Sarah P
'Sarah P' 4 weeks ago
Just watched that movie... it is so cringey... They just make all wrong decisions that they could My advice to everyone here: DONT go watch it. It is not worth the money!
Tristina Millz
'Tristina Millz' 4 weeks ago
make a everything wrong with the lure
Just saying there are 4 helicopters/ 7 on the ship now there is about 20 in the air! Did you see that?!
Chloee The Gamer
'Chloee The Gamer' 1 month ago
This Movie will always have a place in my heart and will always make me sort of sentimental, i know that sounds strange but the thing is earlier this year, my family found out my grandpa had Cancer, before he died me and my brother went to the movies with him to see this Movie, going to see this movie with my grandpa was one of the last memories i had with my grandpa. R.I.P. Pappaw
The Great
'The Great' 1 month ago
This movie is great god dam it!!!!!
'LC' 1 month ago
So this is where stupid people go for movie reviews. Huh. Y'all not even real critics or experienced in film. Why are you so big?
'FishFossils' 1 month ago
Massive sin missed, US soldier is walking around with a fucking AK
'LinkMarioSamus' 1 month ago
Okay, now do a Vietnam War film sometime. I'm sure you'll enjoy finding sins in something like Platoon. BTW am I the only one who wishes that CinemaSins tackled more classics? To me there's no real point in sinning every big movie that comes out, though I understand those are what's most relevant and will get views. To me though, why go looking for sins in Jumanji when you could be doing it for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory instead?
Isaiah Rivera
'Isaiah Rivera' 1 month ago
Its almost impossible to watch one of these videos without hearing him say ex machina
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