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Everything Wrong With Kong: Skull Island -
Published: 8 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 8 months ago

2, 866, 172 views

53, 891 Likes   3, 371 Dislikes

Well, this is a movie that happened. A promising cast, but sins galore. Oh, the sins!

Thursday: More 2017 action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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thegeekmeister 69
'thegeekmeister 69' 16 hours ago
Don't take this the wrong way but your voice is really freaking soothing
'Alposchannel' 20 hours ago
What about the NASA nerd they killed twice? The one that said, "You are not a scientist." And was killed by a pterodactyl-like thing, and then something else later? Or, it's a lesser sin, but that there was absolutely nothing 70's looking about Tom Hiddleston.
Zak Kaufman
'Zak Kaufman' 2 days ago
I'm a Kong fan That's why I'm here
chavers justin
'chavers justin' 2 days ago
TTTTHHHHEEEE CCCCCCC HHHHHHH 555555555 33333333 YOU FUCKKKKKKSSSSS. CH-53 is so fucking anachronistic it makes this movie garbage
sgt Hale107
'sgt Hale107' 2 days ago
Heard about the Twitter Drama, and I now know that, that whoever directed this piece of shit(forgot their name, cause they're a forgettable person) is a fucking dumbass. What? Did you REALLY think that EVERYONE in the WORLD was going to like your bullshit film? FUCK NO! We have a right to talk shit about it, if we want to! DEAL WITH IT!
Lars Dexter Engvik
My question is, why would an American soldier be issued a Soviet rifle?
'novae99' 2 days ago
Quoting Pulp Fiction, but there's no EWW Pulp Fiction?
Pavel Adamek
'Pavel Adamek' 2 days ago
Why the hell would you drop bombs that cause fire into a rainforest, where it can cause widespread fires, rendering the mission impossible? Would not a nerve gas be enough as it can dissipate within minutes?
'Gabe's Gaming' 4 days ago
TacoGaming HD
'TacoGaming HD' 5 days ago
Overuse of explosions
streaming box
'streaming box' 5 days ago
Lol my namew cole Hes dead now :)
Cameron Luer
'Cameron Luer' 5 days ago
This is not close to the peter Jackson masterpiece
Dominic Nguyen
'Dominic Nguyen' 5 days ago
OMG OMG do you know that The scientist film dude that died from a camera works for Monarch and he specialises on Massive Unidentified Telestrial Organisms (Muto) like in Godzilla??
'TheLordOfTheLegos' 6 days ago
This movie was garbage
Farmer Jack
'Farmer Jack' 6 days ago
Mostly I didn't like this movie. But I would have forgiven most of the issues I had with it if Kong hadn't finished the big monster by ripping it's tongue out. I mean, what, is it's tongue directly attached to it's heart or something?
Jayden Lockton
'Jayden Lockton' 6 days ago
The guy at 6:00 would be good at cinema sins
Marija Ujlaki
'Marija Ujlaki' 6 days ago
7:15 - US Army Soldiers use a gun similar to a ak 47,ak 74, an 94 but the US Army NEVER in its history used a weapon even similar? Explain?
noji 98
'noji 98' 7 days ago
“Hold on to your butts” Jurassic Park reference +1
'Thoraskin' 7 days ago
There's nothing wrong with this movie.
Emily Richards
'Emily Richards' 7 days ago
Tbh I only watched this movie for tom hiddleston
Ryan King
'Ryan King' 1 week ago
"Guages! Levers! Soldier! Excitment!!" Had me dying hahaha
Dan playsunturned
'Dan playsunturned' 1 week ago
1Wait....... Hold on he has a GRENADE LAUCHER! the guy who got killed in 16:04 He could of used it against the big one instead of holding 2 grenades out
'Drakoriyan' 1 week ago
12:05 You really aren't gonna mention how the dude had his ARM ripped off before letting go of the briefcase? Or was it attached to him, I forget....
Austin Woods
'Austin Woods' 1 week ago
That political era joke is brilliant btw.
Austin Woods
'Austin Woods' 1 week ago
Who knew this movie would be cool! Now I'm gonna check it out. Great vid guys. Wish I'd caught this in a theater.
'Mas_Aco' 1 week ago
I sin this video for the add at the start.
who can will kill
'who can will kill' 1 week ago
"Massive unidentified terrestrial organisms" MUTO... GODZILLA....ANYONE... GODZILLA VS KING KONG
Elaine Ma
'Elaine Ma' 1 week ago
Dynamosaurus Arkus
12:25 Jurassic world all over again. Hero about to get killed by villain. Then something else helping the hero that is down.
S. B.
'S. B.' 1 week ago
18:25 Steamed Kong anyone?
brian 2
'brian 2' 1 week ago
2:21 cod zombies monkey bomb
'lucas' 1 week ago
The biggest problem I have with this movie and proof that im a nerd is that in order to actually measure the vibrations from the bombs youd need sensors on the ground sensing the vibrations. And theyd need to be all over the island. So they would have definetly found something crazy well before they even bothered bombing.
Aiden Potato
'Aiden Potato' 1 week ago
Haha he even mentioned Jurassic Park about Dinos wich aren’t skull crawlers or apes and in a Park with less people
luis molina
'luis molina' 1 week ago
Why do you think there's something wrong with every movie
Derpy_Plays 1798
'Derpy_Plays 1798' 1 week ago
You always make me laugh, keep it up👍
'RadioactiveRat' 2 weeks ago
I think the only cool thing about the movie was the skull Crawlers
'Ra TA' 2 weeks ago
movies made for China, as jurassic world is for the indian market, and they had Gunpei eaten by the skullies to please the chinese? and the talentless jing tian never gets dirty and always seem to be coming out from a photoshoot
wiking ray
'wiking ray' 2 weeks ago
5:07 lul
'woof' 2 weeks ago
what does that sentence part at the end of the video mean
Valynia V
'Valynia V' 2 weeks ago
the titanic scene at the end i died
Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost
Dude, I'd have authorized the decision to kill ALL the monsters
'Rifeen' 2 weeks ago
"are we sure this movie isn't actual isla nublar" considering monarch is in *both* of these i think it is.
Edel Byrne
'Edel Byrne' 2 weeks ago
someone in this movie is an Nathan drake fan
montae williams
'montae williams' 2 weeks ago
Its not that deep
OCD Stig
'OCD Stig' 2 weeks ago
Why didn't you use Boats N' Hoes at the end?...I mean John C. Reilly was on a fucking boat!...
Jonah Kiel
'Jonah Kiel' 2 weeks ago
Don't apes throw their poo? Why doesn't Kong throw a Kong size turd at them?
'needforsuv' 2 weeks ago
you forgot that the ship had MORE helis that really possible up to 16 give or take
Crash Boy
'Crash Boy' 2 weeks ago
Spoiler! When I was watching it, when John Goodman’s character got killed it pissed me off cos he’s one of my fav actors
Titanium Zane
'Titanium Zane' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only person who thought of Dodongos after seeing the Skullcrawlers? 'Cause those things are DEFINITELY a reference to Dodongos. Both have two legs, and are lizard-like
Francis Virens
'Francis Virens' 3 weeks ago
That ecosystem is so not feasible. If there's such enormous predators then there should be rhino sized mice for them to eat. Etc
'Tanner' 3 weeks ago
is that the voice from mosters inc?
'END ME' 3 weeks ago
"Is that a monkey?" "Shocking twist its you" Im dead
moeez ahmed
'moeez ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Itz_I Dragoon01
'Itz_I Dragoon01' 3 weeks ago
23 sins at 2:30 on top right
Ben L
'Ben L' 3 weeks ago
You missed the fact that 4 or so helicopters launch off the boat but then magically like 10 appear
sierra lafrenier
'sierra lafrenier' 3 weeks ago
7:33 no fuck that kill it kill it with fire.
'WorldReligion' 3 weeks ago
"Private McBabyface" 😂😝👏🏻 gotta love CinemaSins.
Arkose Lamekose
'Arkose Lamekose' 3 weeks ago
8:21 Jing Wei saved both movies,god damn that chick is hot.
'xXJUSTCLOWNINXx' 3 weeks ago
The director and a lot of people need to realize the sins do not measaure if a movie is good or not calm down... I enjoyed this movie...I enjoyed the sins...even then opinion is opinion everyone has one .
'BadAtGames' 4 weeks ago
Little know fact that you forgot to sin. It actually takes two pulls when you cock a .50 cal MG
Jason AZ
'Jason AZ' 4 weeks ago
We didn’t evolve from apes CinemaSins
Darrian Woods
'Darrian Woods' 4 weeks ago
don't understand the Ex Machina reference can anyone explain?
Tommy SenSen
'Tommy SenSen' 4 weeks ago
Let’s face it, the 77th sin made sense. When I watched this movie for the first time, I could tell why the soldier started talking was so the movie could explain why he has an AK instead of an m16.
Sonia Santos Santos
'Sonia Santos Santos' 4 weeks ago
Im gonna cry oh to late 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sonia Santos Santos
'Sonia Santos Santos' 4 weeks ago
Jurassic park or world or both gah 🐲🐲🐲🐲
M.I.B. Productions
'M.I.B. Productions' 4 weeks ago
So we're all gonna ignore the fact that Kong is basically fighting the monsters from temple run?
Janelle Haines
'Janelle Haines' 1 month ago
I’m just here for Toby Kebbell
Carr Buckets
'Carr Buckets' 1 month ago
Brie Larson looks so damn gooood
Dark Star
'Dark Star' 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure the ants they're talking about are the spider monster from earlier. That was my understanding watching that scene, anyway.
Christopher Balch
'Christopher Balch' 1 month ago
Loved the Inglorious Basterds outtake! It slayed me bc as soon as Toby Kebbell began speaking in this movie, I literally said out loud "Hey Lt Aldo Raine called, he wants his terrible KY accent back." Sorry to hear director is unfamiliar with Youtube and didn't care for your sincere review of his indie-film...
Joshua Johnson
'Joshua Johnson' 1 month ago
"Non trained civilian hitting a moving target" Dude... it's head is the size of a small house. Anyone could make that shot.
Prentiss Robinson
'Prentiss Robinson' 1 month ago
Regular ass seagulls are regular ass
Splendid Dwarf
'Splendid Dwarf' 1 month ago
18:04 wtf hahahahahahaha
'Sgt.Crawler1116' 1 month ago
Not saying this movie is any Citizen Kane, but it was fun as hell. Love giant-fighting movies, can't wait for the rest of this Universe
'flmbyz' 1 month ago
Everything Wrong with Jordan Voght-Roberts. Just ask anyone who worked on his first movie. Colossal prick who thinks he’s Terrence Malick.
Elijah Baker
'Elijah Baker' 1 month ago
Why does the US soldier have an AK in the movie instead of an M16
Handsome Jack
'Handsome Jack' 1 month ago
The giant spider is Kumonga from showa series Godzilla confirmed
Mitchell Druckemiller
"Billy Mitchell always has a plan." Fucking perfect.
Sweg Mastah
'Sweg Mastah' 1 month ago
I'm glad his friend didn't go to the prometheus school of running away from thimgs
'ArtVillano' 1 month ago
If you like this movie, you should admit yourself to a sanitarium
Michael Gaming101
'Michael Gaming101' 1 month ago
When was this movie made
'KaidanTONiO' 1 month ago
11:10 AURORA BOREALIS?! At this time of night, at this time of year, in this part of the planet, localized ENTIRELY above this island?!
Christopher Blackburn
"Run to the side you idiot."
Ethan Stephenson
'Ethan Stephenson' 1 month ago
'MovieNerd_EP' 1 month ago
If you're ready to release a movie about one of the most iconic characters in cinema history to millions of people you have to also be ready to deal with the fact that people will make fun of it! In this case its not even that mean. I think all the drama is kinda bullshit
Unseen Gamer
'Unseen Gamer' 1 month ago
I want a sequel.
Hari kiran
'Hari kiran' 1 month ago
Kong with Godzilla roar is 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
'StrafeKinq' 1 month ago
The bombs were to test for vibrations to calculate the surface density
'blackjaguar324' 1 month ago
I can't believe you didn't sin the part where Kong was pulling out the skullcrawlers tongue with the same hand that he was holding Mason with. He could've crushed her.
Torque Jones
'Torque Jones' 1 month ago
the biggest sin of this movie was having a dumbass for a director lol
Ganga Adhikari
'Ganga Adhikari' 1 month ago
if king kong or other monsters are real then?
'Miley0211' 1 month ago
A dick is the opposite of your ass
Gold Pheniox
'Gold Pheniox' 1 month ago
Cinemasins enjoys shit posting *ding*
Redcoat The Regular
'Redcoat The Regular' 1 month ago
18:31 Yes!
Vexman Hex
'Vexman Hex' 1 month ago
0:57 Where we landing boys?
andile majozi
'andile majozi' 1 month ago
anything with samuel l jackson is awesome
Shashank Parsewar
'Shashank Parsewar' 1 month ago
Jeremy called us lovely people, 1 like given <3
Anthony Manzanarez
'Anthony Manzanarez' 1 month ago
"The twist is... Its actually YOU"😂😂
'ARESKPROTON YT' 1 month ago
And 1 fact u didn't know: Kong is defending viet nam and I appreciate it
'ARESKPROTON YT' 1 month ago
Saigon at that time DONT HAVE CAR
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