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Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever -
Published: 6 months ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 6 months ago

18, 987, 202 views

94, 459 Likes   9, 161 Dislikes

Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever.I hope you enjoyed this Zach King Magic Vines Compilation!
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Ex5 Ex5
'Ex5 Ex5' 2 hours ago
Jaylah Miller
'Jaylah Miller' 9 hours ago
This editing is amazing
Jaylah Miller
'Jaylah Miller' 10 hours ago
7:37 Ted in the background 🙈😍
this is a really nice video....I love magic....I love you man
Flex Flex King !
'Flex Flex King !' 15 hours ago
Bien la vidéo de.
Cecilia Abigail Rojas Ramírez
megusto el de pokemon
Marcus Munk
'Marcus Munk' 1 day ago
plz is not magic...
Swarnav Das
'Swarnav Das' 1 day ago
views 534667744433
!!!!! I love this video make awesome
Daybo Franklin
'Daybo Franklin' 1 day ago
edit magic on ->
Zuja Ayy
'Zuja Ayy' 1 day ago
AZE Club
'AZE Club' 2 days ago
What happend with top 10??
Bhagya Bhagi
'Bhagya Bhagi' 2 days ago
super b guys
Abid Raza
'Abid Raza' 2 days ago
'PALOK COCO' 2 days ago
Music 8:10 minit??
Jose Magallon
'Jose Magallon' 3 days ago
Is it real. 💷 to 💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💷💷💶
Jose Magallon
'Jose Magallon' 3 days ago
💷 to 💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶
Mico Room2
'Mico Room2' 3 days ago
grazy dog camera editing tric.this not magic
Rangga Gaga
'Rangga Gaga' 3 days ago
Editor videos modern.
'仲維張' 3 days ago
爛斃了 都是特效
Anuj kumar
'Anuj kumar' 3 days ago
How to do this magic with computers or ???
'Dynamo' 3 days ago
'HanaMae' 3 days ago
when people in the comment section can't be just happy, and enjoy his skills. lol he is pretty good and funny
'TheFluorke' 4 days ago
Tiffany Edwards
'Tiffany Edwards' 4 days ago
can you make a video of how you do all of this magic so we can do it and trick are parents
Dalia Novak
'Dalia Novak' 4 days ago
Ha ha Cool
Unique -BILTT
'Unique -BILTT' 4 days ago
'Beautyplus' 4 days ago
for some reason this video make me happy 😁
'FNAF FAN' 4 days ago
did everybody see Ted 7:36
Leslie Barreras
'Leslie Barreras' 4 days ago
como haces eso 😮😮😮
LPS MoonPaws
'LPS MoonPaws' 4 days ago
who else tried these and then relies after 10,000,000 times it doesn't work.
'GalaxyKing' 5 days ago
These ain't magic tricks they're just good editing
benjagamer44 intros y mas
alguien havla español
Jeff Minlal Mate
'Jeff Minlal Mate' 5 days ago
Sahen Wijesinghe
'Sahen Wijesinghe' 5 days ago
Jamie Wallace
'Jamie Wallace' 5 days ago
360 Plush gamer
'360 Plush gamer' 5 days ago
Iopirala Wrynn
'Iopirala Wrynn' 5 days ago
I have officially been mindfucked
Shama Jackson
'Shama Jackson' 5 days ago
How to you do magic and are you a wizard
laure brizard
'laure brizard' 6 days ago
rana dilawar
'rana dilawar' 6 days ago
very big joker
Beisser 77
'Beisser 77' 6 days ago
haha very very amazing männnnn :D:D like it ! from Germania Collogne
me who do I make the recording
Manu Patel
'Manu Patel' 6 days ago
How did you do these tricks
Danny Cruz
'Danny Cruz' 6 days ago
Stupid cgi
'ImOnQuack' 7 days ago
i can see when you cut the clips and it doesn't look realistic
'ArashGamingYT' 7 days ago
Just to tell you u put the Rubix cube twice!
vio iobashvili
'vio iobashvili' 7 days ago
Monu Sharma
'Monu Sharma' 1 week ago
veri funny but Hindi translated
sergio aguro
'sergio aguro' 1 week ago
4 -40 he is most
'panchoskilla' 1 week ago
amazing videos editor
nycolas gabriel
'nycolas gabriel' 1 week ago
Frank Scott
'Frank Scott' 1 week ago
'회복' 1 week ago
마술아니고 편집기술이네
Samuel axb
'Samuel axb' 1 week ago
big band
'big band' 1 week ago
CG กราฟฟิก
Sanjay Kumar
'Sanjay Kumar' 1 week ago
Kien Quach
'Kien Quach' 1 week ago
How do you do tht!! $$$
Tomi Biersack
'Tomi Biersack' 1 week ago
It's after effects no magic.
alejandra vazquez colin ema suicida
bjjjjjjjjjj wow 😂😂😂✌
Гена Палик
ты где так научился
Mirko Secany
'Mirko Secany' 1 week ago
Je to hrozne mam nervi
leandro mota
'leandro mota' 1 week ago
oh my god he is d+
SHA Boss
'SHA Boss' 1 week ago
You are just awesome man!!!
Vince Alfaro
'Vince Alfaro' 1 week ago
Not magic , lame .
Hun Samnang Awesome Tricks
wow amazing videos
Blendo Anacleto
'Blendo Anacleto' 1 week ago
OMG Me pergunto como ele faz essas coisas?? OMG
'GAZA' 1 week ago
this is more than 10 magic tricks...who agree?
Malcolm X
'Malcolm X' 1 week ago
fucking camera tricks
nadia romero
'nadia romero' 1 week ago
on peut avoir les explications #traduction en anglais
Keluarga Petualang
is sou kool
Donzell johnson
'Donzell johnson' 1 week ago check me the movement
Ana Lilia Moreno
'Ana Lilia Moreno' 1 week ago
yo quisiera que el fuera mi papa
Yashveer Mahant
'Yashveer Mahant' 2 weeks ago
Gary Mountcastle
'Gary Mountcastle' 2 weeks ago
wow can you teach my daughter's​
Mohamad Ikram
'Mohamad Ikram' 2 weeks ago
what software to do this?
juanfe st
'juanfe st' 2 weeks ago
this not magic is optic ilusión
haytamki gaming
'haytamki gaming' 2 weeks ago
Fake af
Selff Agyekum
'Selff Agyekum' 2 weeks ago
is this real
Crazy Hacker
'Crazy Hacker' 2 weeks ago
crazy magic's
Irfan Ahmed
'Irfan Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
I want to know how do you foing
Ricky Ward
'Ricky Ward' 2 weeks ago
Fer miamigos
'Fer miamigos' 2 weeks ago
como le haces
'VISHAL KUMAR' 2 weeks ago
unbelievable magic that i have seen ever wow that's amazing superb
Edith57 Uscanga
'Edith57 Uscanga' 2 weeks ago
i LOVE your videos
'SkaterGee' 2 weeks ago
Can you make more videos
Princess Savannah
'Princess Savannah' 2 weeks ago
How did you do that
Shama Rafiq
'Shama Rafiq' 2 weeks ago
how do you do that zach king
Shama Rafiq
'Shama Rafiq' 2 weeks ago
I try magic ang tricks but they never work so how did you do those tricks
Adriano Oliveira
'Adriano Oliveira' 2 weeks ago
algum Br aquui
Asim Isik
'Asim Isik' 2 weeks ago
idte idye
Basant Maged Diab
'Basant Maged Diab' 2 weeks ago
Andrea F
'Andrea F' 2 weeks ago
Fantastic! you are my idol... very funny
Roos Vandermeulen
'Roos Vandermeulen' 2 weeks ago
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