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Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever -
Published: 5 months ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 5 months ago

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Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever.I hope you enjoyed this Zach King Magic Vines Compilation!
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afifa khan
'afifa khan' 8 hours ago
Woah technology
'kim' 16 hours ago
Marta Cobos Garcia
E todo mentira y aaseis efecto enpesialle
Vannessa Campos
'Vannessa Campos' 1 day ago
todo esto es mentira edicion por supuesto
Moon Wolf Kor
'Moon Wolf Kor' 2 days ago
tried tolet paper dod not work XP
Бах т Мамур
Margot “Chef” Ducos
i absolutely love it
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Faith Gilberti
'Faith Gilberti' 2 days ago
can you show me magic
Capunk Lorenzo
'Capunk Lorenzo' 3 days ago
Wow. Cool...!!
Cadence Durflinger
'SBI AGENT Jon' 3 days ago
Fake 100%
Anson Lau
'Anson Lau' 3 days ago
hah 15:00 i see HONG KONG TAI WAI
Hà Vi
'Hà Vi' 3 days ago
luis medrano
'luis medrano' 3 days ago
Very cool stuff!
Scott Landry
'Scott Landry' 3 days ago
Scott Landry
'Scott Landry' 3 days ago
How you do this😱
'HAMZULLO ISOEV' 3 days ago
Bea Mogg
'Bea Mogg' 3 days ago
i love this so much and i watch it everyday and i now this is fach
roy sam
'roy sam' 3 days ago
you are super
Josselin Mourbrun
'Josselin Mourbrun' 3 days ago
CES acroiable
Thamara Batista
'Thamara Batista' 3 days ago
Love Uu's startups teny
Funny Vines
'Funny Vines' 3 days ago
watch funny videos here
'DCCD Gt' 3 days ago
omg omg
'IttoOgami665' 4 days ago
Sports Etc
'Sports Etc' 4 days ago
My fave was the one with Rhett and link!
Jean Elano
'Jean Elano' 4 days ago
Sweet /\///\/_//\
'Sweet /\///\/_//\' 4 days ago
2:53 I want to believe
Glenn Stockley
'Glenn Stockley' 5 days ago
false advertising
Inocencia Rodriguez
Hola yhhghhyh
Mats Harkonnen
'Mats Harkonnen' 6 days ago
good cameraman and amazing cutter ! ;)
Fhfcfhh Chfgfgg
'Fhfcfhh Chfgfgg' 6 days ago
Raffi Akbar
'Raffi Akbar' 6 days ago
amzing editing
yes officer all i wanted was to see top 10 magic tricks and then boom just like that 17 minuets of my life were gone re-watching some great editing
Genial !!!!!
Colette Carroll
'Colette Carroll' 1 week ago
That can't be real
Eh Po
'Eh Po' 1 week ago
Ataria Butt
'Ataria Butt' 1 week ago
amazing.... 😇
Maricar Paduada
'Maricar Paduada' 1 week ago
john angelo 12 Villasor
akash khan
'akash khan' 1 week ago
its fak fuck you
Dominic Cimanes
'Dominic Cimanes' 1 week ago
that a simple tricks
arturo martinez
'arturo martinez' 1 week ago
magos demoníacos.
'눈누난나' 1 week ago
Carlos Henrique
'Carlos Henrique' 1 week ago
'H3V' 1 week ago
dude, it's not real magic you just only editing 😐
Anuradha Desai
'Anuradha Desai' 1 week ago
waw i want to be a magician
Bhat Aadil
'Bhat Aadil' 1 week ago
mind blowing
'JUMA FORAZI' 1 week ago
Cringe 100%
sunnydeyali official
dude dont cal this special effect magic! you have no talent
Aadhil Mohammed
'Aadhil Mohammed' 1 week ago
Jinjinieily Gt
'Jinjinieily Gt' 1 week ago
I was to dumb I just did the toothbrush one now I just made a mest lel 😂😂
Olivia Plaza
'Olivia Plaza' 1 week ago
I WANT THAT KITTY!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Nelbi Ambrocio
'Nelbi Ambrocio' 1 week ago
You are so very funny and cool
David Cohen
'David Cohen' 1 week ago
That's not how you play golf dummy
Anuran Deb
'Anuran Deb' 1 week ago
i think all r edit...
Anuran Deb
'Anuran Deb' 1 week ago
is it reall... as he doing..
Octavio Mendieta
'Octavio Mendieta' 1 week ago
omg 😱
Tristan hugo
'Tristan hugo' 1 week ago
Vera Kafer
'Vera Kafer' 1 week ago
What that talking Ted?
Dylan Nix
'Dylan Nix' 1 week ago
yo what's up😎🤔
Abdel Boutrif
'Abdel Boutrif' 1 week ago
James Ready
'James Ready' 1 week ago
Haider Ali
'Haider Ali' 1 week ago
watch my video n subcribe pls
'たいさん' 1 week ago
7:53 What music?
'Obliviate248' 1 week ago
Please change the title from "magic tricks" to "special effects" or "edits" or whatever.
Carolina Martínez Astorga
alguien habla español????
Junior games e documentários
ttuque co. camera até eu viro um criss angel
Miranda Ledezma
'Miranda Ledezma' 1 week ago
Manon Rots
'Manon Rots' 1 week ago
Mohammed Hussain
'Mohammed Hussain' 1 week ago
What the crap
Aldo Lover
'Aldo Lover' 1 week ago
luar BIASA...
Subas kumar
'Subas kumar' 1 week ago
Jacob Mellott
'Jacob Mellott' 1 week ago
you are so fake and you can't even do your own magic tricks by yourself probably have somebody to help you and your stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid and don't hear about your videos I can't believe I started to watch these things because you are a stupid person.
Md Siraj
'Md Siraj' 1 week ago
Dann Corexy
'Dann Corexy' 2 weeks ago
I wish I could do magic
Ramin Sayed
'Ramin Sayed' 2 weeks ago
Zach King's magic tricks are amazing if you agree with me
yasra khan
'yasra khan' 2 weeks ago
so nice
Gael Herrera
'Gael Herrera' 2 weeks ago
that fake WTF😝
Jen Jen
'Jen Jen' 2 weeks ago
He just does some cool special affects
Agaaz Rock
'Agaaz Rock' 2 weeks ago
:) nice videos great I subscribed you Plz subscribe m
Anis Mia
'Anis Mia' 2 weeks ago
Grosse Chiasse
'Grosse Chiasse' 2 weeks ago
Smelly farts turn me on.
polly k
'polly k' 2 weeks ago
'Legoukko' 2 weeks ago
it's not cold in Finland
Leilinha Calheira
'Leilinha Calheira' 2 weeks ago
Oh my God
Dina Hadiman
'Dina Hadiman' 2 weeks ago
'CHINH HUYNH' 2 weeks ago
cong nghệ hay thật
David Adeyemi
'David Adeyemi' 2 weeks ago
magic or no magic is it fucking interesting
Kenzy Samir
'Kenzy Samir' 2 weeks ago
drag me down 1 direction yes I love them
S AraFat
'S AraFat' 2 weeks ago
really awesome
Jaroslava Mušuková
ty vole
Clayton matheus
'Clayton matheus' 2 weeks ago
full edição
Razya Moosavi
'Razya Moosavi' 2 weeks ago
they are amazing but there fake
Breanna Joudrie
'Breanna Joudrie' 2 weeks ago
that was so cool
Anjolie Flores Alvarez
can you please make me a cat or a dog
'colin041998' 2 weeks ago
Editing isn't magic. Still impressive though.
Hila Neuberger
'Hila Neuberger' 2 weeks ago
אני את הילה אני אוהבת אותך
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