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Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever -
Published: 2 years ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 2 years ago

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Top 10 magic tricks 2016 - Most amazing magic trick ever.
In this channel We post Zach King and All people do magic the same him.
I hope you enjoyed this Zach King Magic Vines Compilation!
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Funny Vines
'Funny Vines' 1 year ago
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Luckyme Hotspice
'Luckyme Hotspice' 9 hours ago
Is that real magic Zach
Debora Morosan
'Debora Morosan' 1 day ago
Y love you
Acil Zahra
'Acil Zahra' 1 day ago
burng kacer
'곰돌빵TV' 2 days ago
한국인 찾습니다
Honor Animations
'Honor Animations' 2 days ago
11:20 As soon as the phone hits the ground, its actually a cardboard
Aaron Joseph
'Aaron Joseph' 2 days ago
boring, anything done with computer and editing is lame
Carolien de Vaan
'Carolien de Vaan' 2 days ago
Warning! Don't do this at home. Please don't go around breaking into vending machines, setting fire to laptops, breaking tv's, stealing cars, putting candy in your phone and/or laptop, setting fire to your money or putting waffles in your CD-player... Or making illegal money Or jumping in trash cans. I have to edit this every minute.
lps çilekTV
'lps çilekTV' 2 days ago
Laetitia Planchard
Comment tu fais sa ?
Denise Hernandez
'Denise Hernandez' 2 days ago
No magic
Alie Kriofske Mainella
Sami Kussard
'Sami Kussard' 2 days ago
How do you do the magic
Are you mad this is the magic of zach king
uyyala subbarao
'uyyala subbarao' 2 days ago
Hi bro superb
Dead-Eyed Peach
'Dead-Eyed Peach' 2 days ago
1:41, thats when he puts in the title, “No MacBooks were harmed in the making of this video”
My little Princess girl channel
Sorry dinner is over but a pickatchu oh yeah 2:24 yay pickatchu
Suraj Parkash
'Suraj Parkash' 2 days ago
Friends for ever
'Friends for ever' 2 days ago
how did u do
'김예은' 2 days ago
'김미송' 2 days ago
Princess Omg
'Princess Omg' 2 days ago
The Indonesia HD
'The Indonesia HD' 2 days ago
I wnt zach king go to my meet and greet
Colette Kiely
'Colette Kiely' 2 days ago
How did you.....?
'MZNA ZBEDI' 2 days ago
So cool
Karamel TV
'Karamel TV' 3 days ago
Wat da Fak is Magic?
Karamel TV
'Karamel TV' 3 days ago
Wii is pakkorn
Mariya Qureshi
'Mariya Qureshi' 3 days ago
Amazing editing
Cristina Villalobos
Wowww! Cómo lo hace
Bitterscroll -
'Bitterscroll -' 3 days ago
He destroyed the house just to catch a pikachue
Akansha SIngH
'Akansha SIngH' 3 days ago
Hey nice yr and I like ur magic very nice
Josue Caepoio
'Josue Caepoio' 3 days ago
Como lo haces
Ava’s Creativity
6:12 Lordy lord how many apps does he have.?
johnny smith
'johnny smith' 3 days ago
Alexander Tovar
'Alexander Tovar' 3 days ago
mundo da santo
'mundo da santo' 3 days ago
Eu queria fazer isso
'이재권' 3 days ago
'R O B B I E' 3 days ago
'Cool'...BUT... found it boring after a while !!!!!!!!!
Ayan Rashid
'Ayan Rashid' 3 days ago
Not even real
Davion Mclaurin
'Davion Mclaurin' 3 days ago
3:31 tell me why ted in the background
Andrea Knight
'Andrea Knight' 3 days ago
what the fuck
'Spaki11' 3 days ago
magic tricks??? You mean special effects!
'Aldo' 3 days ago
That is fack
'JRORTIZ5 Ortiz' 3 days ago
ohh I like Zack king's videos
darkness fun roblox madness atatTtTtat
Um when he said this is how you change your shirt color I kinda tried it.... XD
Ainy Loh
'Ainy Loh' 3 days ago
What day you go swimming Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Saturday or sunday😰
Abbey Williams
'Abbey Williams' 3 days ago
Yes is latia
sans undertale
'sans undertale' 3 days ago
It's fack
Shane Cullen
'Shane Cullen' 3 days ago
How do you dothat
Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton
Sims be like: 0:07
reyna alvarado
'reyna alvarado' 3 days ago
Asif Kazmi
'Asif Kazmi' 3 days ago
He is so cute
BlossomRoseyPetal - Roblox and more
How is this funny?
Саша Саша
'Саша Саша' 3 days ago
Syria Alonso
'Syria Alonso' 3 days ago
'EVA BAZAR' 3 days ago
How do you do that stuff
Kaylee Pantoja
'Kaylee Pantoja' 3 days ago
Shaina glynne
'Shaina glynne' 3 days ago
Fuckin boring but well try keep editing..
Madhu d Srinivas
'Madhu d Srinivas' 3 days ago
200% not a magic tricks just a video editing 👌🏻😂
Selvira Dedic
'Selvira Dedic' 3 days ago
kako je dobar bleble 💐
Kat Davice
'Kat Davice' 3 days ago
It is just editing
Kat Davice
'Kat Davice' 3 days ago
It is just editing
Sloth Narwhal Vlog
6:36 Good mystical morning!
Fin Morgan
'Fin Morgan' 3 days ago
I LOVE you Zack
Olivia Garcia
'Olivia Garcia' 3 days ago
how did you fly with the cardboard boxes
Estelle Gbenahou
'Estelle Gbenahou' 3 days ago
I know the secrets behind zach his girlfriend os named rachel king his magic item is his blue snapback or just somthing blue and his family is magic his sister turns imvisable the mom can turn stuff into object his dad can rewind time and the moms magic item is her ring his dads magic item is his watch and the sis is her gkasses his best friends aron and the bully when he was in middle school was tricia
Zy Alvarez
'Zy Alvarez' 3 days ago
Its my birthday tomorrow , can you subscribe to my youtube channel as your gift ?? 🙏 Thankyou! Godbless 😊😊
Mikhan Kabulova
'Mikhan Kabulova' 3 days ago
Omg guys you are just amazing video editer. Not everyone can do this type of hard working. For example, I also edit videos and most of the people who i know, but as i said you guys just are Master of editing without doubt
J Flygar
'J Flygar' 3 days ago
OMG at 3:03 that is the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍
مسلمة وافتخر
Oh my God. ......!!!!!!!!♡
tweety carmona
'tweety carmona' 3 days ago
panu b nya ginawa yan magaya nga hehe
Monkey Luffy
'Monkey Luffy' 3 days ago
Max Franz Gaming
'Max Franz Gaming' 3 days ago
0:30 I think thats a green screen
adnan halilkovic
'adnan halilkovic' 3 days ago
Animals is so coll
Rose Van Poeteren
'Rose Van Poeteren' 3 days ago
It’s all fake
Yusuf Karacabay
'Yusuf Karacabay' 3 days ago
Bence. Çok. Komedi
Coptus XD
'Coptus XD' 4 days ago
Gameplay -
'Gameplay -' 4 days ago
Nice editing
Gameplay -
'Gameplay -' 4 days ago
Pavithran Akshaya
'Pavithran Akshaya' 4 days ago
magic 😮
Fransiska Amelia
'Fransiska Amelia' 4 days ago
Om enang beneran
C crafts with Claire
C crafts with Claire
Nooooooo not the gummy bear song
C crafts with Claire
'totalwayne1' 4 days ago
I'm pretty well turned on!
Nevenka Pajovic
'Nevenka Pajovic' 4 days ago
Nevenka Pajovic
'Nevenka Pajovic' 4 days ago
Nevenka Pajovic
'Nevenka Pajovic' 4 days ago
Nevenka Pajovic
'Nevenka Pajovic' 4 days ago
Nevenka Pajovic
'Nevenka Pajovic' 4 days ago
Oanh Đặng Thị
Mình đa phát hiên môt bí mât
Rema Almasalmah
'Rema Almasalmah' 4 days ago
Omar Ali Sher
'Omar Ali Sher' 4 days ago
Magic for those who don't understands but tricks for those who understands
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