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Everything Wrong With Scream 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 4 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 4 months ago

1, 277, 444 views

26, 174 Likes   633 Dislikes

It's October, which means we sin more horror films than usual, and for giggles we went back to Scream 2. And it's basically a museum-worthy example of how to sin your way through a sequel.

Next Week: sins of a sucky 2017 "action" film, & sins of a classic horror sequel.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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socialy awkward potato
I really want a scream 5 but i hope someone can do justice for wes craven for it and make it a good movie
Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost
what's the problem with apples ????
Dylan Jamieson
'Dylan Jamieson' 5 days ago
Again you've missed one thing I was positive you'd point out and sin. When CiCi is lifted to be thrown by Ghostface, you can see a guys head pop up for a split second or so.
Sean Wilson
'Sean Wilson' 5 days ago
5:37 he said Goatface.
Jojo Means
'Jojo Means' 6 days ago
Who's watching this while watching scream XD
Jojo Means
'Jojo Means' 6 days ago
I fell scream 5 will come but Sidney looks older a little even in scream 4
Jojo Means
'Jojo Means' 6 days ago
Rip randy and billy mother just came out of no where with gale weathers and scream 3 and scream 4 are just...
'Transcendant' 1 week ago
Anyone else think that old guy at 9:26 is a discount Liam Neeson or is Liam Neeson a discount him?
Lex Wolf
'Lex Wolf' 1 week ago
Did cinema sins do scream 3 and 4 yet?
Neo Edition
'Neo Edition' 1 week ago
SCREAM is an awesome Franchise 😍
Octo kitty Kat
'Octo kitty Kat' 2 weeks ago
i dont know about anyone else but i enter a room really quietly and then scream or his at the first person i see
chacheezie M
'chacheezie M' 2 weeks ago
Do scream 3
Raul Jaimes
'Raul Jaimes' 2 weeks ago
Whats with you and apples.
'gordonboase' 2 weeks ago
0:20 OMG! They actually used the work "racist" correctly! This almost never happens...I,I don't know what to say.
Jordan Charles
'Jordan Charles' 2 weeks ago
Mickey was left handed Debbie was Right
Φαίδων Πανταζάτος
God how do u think all these stuff?
antoine levine
'antoine levine' 3 weeks ago
They dead ass wrong for killing both black ppl in the beginning lol
'gor9027' 3 weeks ago
Jeremy has got to get around to Scream 3 and Scream 4 at some point. Those movies are ripe for sinning with their parody elements being emphasized too much.
'BROKENCM1994' 3 weeks ago
"Out of the car you fucker!" "JUST SHOOT HIS ASS!!!!!!!" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Oisín Stewart
'Oisín Stewart' 3 weeks ago
Maureen: BITCH HANG UP THE GOD DAMN PHONE! Maureen would be excellent at cinema sins
Internal Blackout
'Internal Blackout' 3 weeks ago
I love how u kill the killer "ghost face" lmao
Rev Wolf
'Rev Wolf' 3 weeks ago
I don't know work what's funnier- this theater crowd is a bigger bag of dicks than a bag of dicks or cruel intentions for Daphne the vampire slayer.
Brandon Simon
'Brandon Simon' 3 weeks ago
Lmao “Who enters a room like this!?”
Slime Girl
'Slime Girl' 3 weeks ago
Hey you should do an everything wrong with scary movie 1 ,scary movie 2,scary movie 3,and scary movie 4 . They're comedy parodies of scary movies
'cricketbiz23' 3 weeks ago
goatface ? 5:38
Second Hand Quality
'Second Hand Quality' 3 weeks ago
I know what my asshole likes
Ryan Murphy
'Ryan Murphy' 3 weeks ago
Awesome now do please do 3 and 4 when you get the chance loved this sin video
Kim Kallbrier
'Kim Kallbrier' 3 weeks ago
Another sin, the size of the small and medium drink and popcorn are ridiculous! Those are huge!
tyrer can
'tyrer can' 3 weeks ago
2000 was the only Year-
Hey It
'Hey It's Lily' 3 weeks ago
19:22 made me die of laughter. There’s nothing better than horror movie crossovers.
DeAsha ReNae
'DeAsha ReNae' 3 weeks ago
Hey, you should really sin scream 3 its so many thing wrong with it
'Cheesecake' 3 weeks ago
That laugh at 10:56
DJ Donnie G
'DJ Donnie G' 3 weeks ago
See they finally got that sin counter fixed
Carrissa Campbell
'Carrissa Campbell' 4 weeks ago
I was just wondering is there one of these for the Heather's movie?? Bc I looked it up on here and I didn't see it... Lol
Nicholas Prathaftakis
do scream 3
Ty Thompson
'Ty Thompson' 4 weeks ago
smokey fat hobo
Rachael Magerl
'Rachael Magerl' 4 weeks ago
Tom Cruise sang "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" in Top Gun, not "I Think I Love You". Don't know how they screwed that up.
RageOpinions 21
'RageOpinions 21' 4 weeks ago
'GodOfWar221' 4 weeks ago
I think it's also fair to note. That the theater that the premiere is hosted in, is called the Rialto. Which is the same theater that is featured in the Are You Afraid Of The Dark episode: Midnight Madness
Austin Boudreaux
'Austin Boudreaux' 1 month ago
5:38 ... HE SAID GOATFACE Edit: 11:09 Sarcastic guy from the Simpsons impression much?
'ScorchtheHawk' 1 month ago
Sin counter! You’re back!! Hooooow?
Sam Lemke
'Sam Lemke' 1 month ago
It's weird to think that Cottan Weary and Creepy Mickey now have successful careers as awesome TV badasses.
Sara Moreira
'Sara Moreira' 1 month ago
" the guy on the other end of the line has cruel intention for daphne the vampire slayer, and a simpy irresistible grudge because he knows what she did last summer " hahaha i see what you did there
James Richards
'James Richards' 1 month ago
killer knew about the bf because cee cee thought he was on the phone at first
Alexandria Smith
'Alexandria Smith' 1 month ago
can you do scream 3 and 4
'allthewaygay' 1 month ago
That wasn't racist lol
'voguesthetic' 1 month ago
bitch hang the phone up and star sixty nine his ass, damn
'Spaustin' 1 month ago
"some dumb ass white movie about some dumbass white girl" is not racist. do you really have to bring reverse racism into this?
Braydon Noteboom
'Braydon Noteboom' 1 month ago
Do a Scream 3 & 4 Cinemasins plss!!!
Skylar Scott
'Skylar Scott' 1 month ago
Sidney should have died.
Sam Johar
'Sam Johar' 1 month ago
How'd they get the sin counter back?
Corey Lee Jester
'Corey Lee Jester' 1 month ago
fun fact: In regards to the "Get away from her you bitch" Aliens quote. When filmed, they knew they got it wrong, but apparently the scene was flowing too well so they just kept it in the final cut. But I'll never know why they didn't just reshoot it. I get that it flowed, but it takes away Randy's identity as a real movie buff.
'J' 1 month ago
ladies and gentlemen, it's officially 20 years old!still one of my favorite sequelsI was 7 when it came out
Mason Daly
the sin counter is alive!
OMFG976! Nda818
'OMFG976! Nda818' 1 month ago
Was anyone else super excited about Jada Pinkett Smith getting killed first? I know I sure was.. She bugs the fuck out of me!
Michelle Holmes
'Michelle Holmes' 1 month ago
I Think Sidney is Pretty
Sophia Sasu
'Sophia Sasu' 1 month ago
Do scream 3 PLZ!!
'Kydd_Wycked' 1 month ago
So the Sin Counter is fixed?
'whitezombified' 1 month ago
Ian Cleverly
'Ian Cleverly' 2 months ago
The 'We Hate Movies' podcast on this film was brilliant #Ivegotitbytheway
S. Harvey
'S. Harvey' 2 months ago
Perfect song ending for this movie if set in 2017: "All My Friends Are Dead" by Lil Uzi 😂
Zara Masters
'Zara Masters' 2 months ago
why did sin counter 2.0 go away?
Lisa Cotton
'Lisa Cotton' 2 months ago
Please do scream 3
'Xboy21' 2 months ago
The original Sin counter is back :D yay
Douglas Mcfadden
'Douglas Mcfadden' 2 months ago
'SXC V' 2 months ago
I think Omar told Jada to be quiet because of the stereotype of black people bein loud in movies 😅😅😅😅
'Hershey11' 2 months ago
What does Cinemasins have against guys eating apples and calling them assholes? lol
Pulse NightclubShooter
Do Chips
chetato GAMING
'chetato GAMING' 2 months ago
Spider-Man homecoming
Kyara Velasquez
'Kyara Velasquez' 2 months ago
why is the original sin counter back??
The Arch
'The Arch' 2 months ago
So the 2.0 arc just ends?
'Agent1W' 2 months ago
4:23 No sins for the Jack Nicholson psycho look he had right there, or minus a sin?
'Ludaz' 2 months ago
2 less sins than the first one, improvement!
Homestuck Trash
'Homestuck Trash' 2 months ago
fuck i hated these movies as a kid,yeah,i was in a group home for less than a year i think,i don't know! I cant remember much I was like three! but anyway,those food poisoning feeding sacks a shit let a three year old watch scream (I thought,as i heard them talk about it,they said screen,as in,the tv screen and visualized a tv screen,boy was i wrong) i have a single reaccuring dream about the movie,but it's all about hiding and fear,never saw scream's classic ghost face mask.
Its 1945
'Its 1945' 2 months ago
Gremlins 2 1990
Joseph Agar
'Joseph Agar' 2 months ago
Ok, I know that you won’t do IT (2017 Horror Film about a demonic clown), but here’s a good cliché, when Pennywise says “Here, take it...” say “Roll credits...”
'LordKiken' 2 months ago
why isnt this movie sin counter 2.0 anymore?
'popmans9999' 2 months ago
Do Scream 3 and 4
'Ghostface879' 2 months ago
Scream 2 was my favorite one of the series
Gamer 4 Life
'Gamer 4 Life' 2 months ago
No one gonna realize the old sin counter is back
the war ITA
'the war ITA' 2 months ago
Hello, sins? Old sin counter fixed. Understandable, have a great day.
Afr0 Plays
'Afr0 Plays' 2 months ago
Can we Gerald’s game it’s on Netflix
'Monsterkillinggamer' 2 months ago
Sin 23: Yes. Yes they do. They are sad. 3:48 btw
John / DDFusion
'John / DDFusion' 2 months ago
Hey, the sin counter lives.
Erin Wilcox
'Erin Wilcox' 2 months ago
I saw all scream movies there dume but ill watch aging
Beverly Sutphin
'Beverly Sutphin' 2 months ago
Could someone tell me do Americans really waste that much water? Like turn the shower on and let the water run like that before getting in? Damn disgrace.
Ben Gjerde
'Ben Gjerde' 2 months ago
im still a sucker for the scream movies
'guss' 2 months ago
Ha ha, Owen Wilson's hair.
'CALL ME MAREC' 2 months ago
R.I.P Wes Craven
Wah Wah
'Wah Wah' 2 months ago
So the movie sin counter is revived?
Alex Reppert
'Alex Reppert' 2 months ago
Finish the scream series please.
Jose Ruvalcaba
'Jose Ruvalcaba' 2 months ago
Lmmfaaooo!!! It isn't as it seems but I love everything u discover & how u explain it!!!
'CommieMatt' 2 months ago
"WHO ENTERS THE ROOM LIKE THIS?!" Me: *Sheepishly raises hand* Me Sir!
Jonny B
'Jonny B' 2 months ago
It was a great idea for a movie originally. The fucking money they made off the Halloween masks alone. God, I still have that "smell" of those plastic masks in my head from my childhood.
'loganboi' 2 months ago
*OMG THE SINN COUNTER SURVIVED* it just had a heart attack but then got rushed to the hospital I don't know if it's right or not? Is it I don't know!
anderson frazier
'anderson frazier' 2 months ago
Kiara Chavez
'Kiara Chavez' 2 months ago
Do a video for the jeepers creepers movies!! :)
'DieHardNYGiantsFan' 2 months ago
19:13 what movie is that
TheAnton 101
'TheAnton 101' 2 months ago
The bathroom stall I agree but the other part he missed is why is the stalls made of foam
'HotRod' 2 months ago
10:57 that laugh tho 💗💖😂😂
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