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Everything Wrong With Scream 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 7 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 7 months ago

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It's October, which means we sin more horror films than usual, and for giggles we went back to Scream 2. And it's basically a museum-worthy example of how to sin your way through a sequel.

Next Week: sins of a sucky 2017 "action" film, & sins of a classic horror sequel.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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David Granger
'David Granger' 15 hours ago
Can you do Scream 3 and 4 please?
'MrParkerman6' 17 hours ago
It was Mickey with the cops, he has a scar on his forehead when he unmasks from the accident.
Emmanuel Romeo
'Emmanuel Romeo' 1 day ago
How come we never got Scream 3 or 4
Declan Corey
'Declan Corey' 1 day ago
You should've added 100 sins just for Randy's death alone.
Eugenia Geneva
'Eugenia Geneva' 3 days ago
I still love Tymothy Olyphant... no matter what!!!!
Eugenia Geneva
'Eugenia Geneva' 3 days ago
The killer is the only one knowingly following the horror movie cliches on purpose, and yet.... hmmmm... you get this finished product everytime?
Eugenia Geneva
'Eugenia Geneva' 3 days ago
Your sinning movie theaters is exactly the same as me sinning restaurants! My family and friends hate eating out with a restaurant critic and maniac! Lol
Eugenia Geneva
'Eugenia Geneva' 3 days ago
Please do A QUIET PLACE AND UNFRIENDED, EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and obviously I love horror! Lol
Nikki Blair
'Nikki Blair' 6 days ago
Ok screem ya
'SNAPLocket' 6 days ago
I'm suprised you never covered any of the Taratino movies.
CallaLily 1
'CallaLily 1' 1 week ago
Yo bro that "movie nerd kid" is one of the survivors in the first movie
Gary Maxion
'Gary Maxion' 1 week ago
5:38. Jeremy, did you say "Goatface?" I think you did.
'TheDeadCobra' 1 week ago
Funny He was injured and survived why did he gotten up screamed and let them kill him and not escape to kill again
giles leigh
'giles leigh' 2 weeks ago
14:43 Not a mistake. Cop cars specially have reinforced and toughened glass in the back seat windows exactly to stop criminals from kicking out the glass.
Jdawg Theballhog
'Jdawg Theballhog' 2 weeks ago
Do you have nothing better to do in your life then correct the simplest mistakes in movies. Get a life dude, I’d like to see you try make a mistake free movie. You FAGGOT
Nomi Plume
'Nomi Plume' 2 weeks ago
0:58 this movie was based on a real life event?
Brandon gaming TV
'Brandon gaming TV' 2 weeks ago
Finally the sin counter is fixed..... YES!
Larissa Oakley
'Larissa Oakley' 2 weeks ago
Continually hypnotized by Courtney Cox's beauty through all of these movies so it's hard for me to even care or notice any sins.
Declan Corey
'Declan Corey' 2 weeks ago
We need an EWW for Scream 3. It needs it.
Jeb Voorhees
'Jeb Voorhees' 2 weeks ago
Jada Pinket Smith and her punchable face just had to make an appearance in this after the massive success of the film's predecessor. Thankfully it was in the worst film and worst part in the series. She was great in the Tales From The Crypt movie though.
Waspy Wasp
'Waspy Wasp' 3 weeks ago
x0,75 You sound like you're drunk
Lori Wolfcat
'Lori Wolfcat' 3 weeks ago
Another Sin is not doing another one for Scream 4. Scream 4 screams all sorts of mistakes. Scream 4 is a mistake in itself.
Calvin S
'Calvin S' 3 weeks ago
Haliyma The Prophet
'Haliyma The Prophet' 3 weeks ago
3:48 One eyebrow is thinner than the other.
Friday The 13th Game Guide
Luke willson is the name of a ex seahawk te
'LEGOMAN 2' 3 weeks ago
i guess they were *scream* ing to have a sequel
Bon-Bon Want to have some fun!
10:16 is that a fnaf phone guy joke or something?
'Meatloaf49' 3 weeks ago
11:05 remember those’s old terminal computers
Nino Schibetta
'Nino Schibetta' 3 weeks ago
Stu is alive and is in 3 doing the work with Roman and makes an actual appearance in 2 in the back ground when Sydney is talking to those girls and randy comes in
david kangas
'david kangas' 3 weeks ago
Have you considered writing a screen play, sarcastically?
Donald Newton
'Donald Newton' 3 weeks ago
You gotta do Scream 3. Please, do it! Either Tuesday or Thursday. Okay maybe next Tuesday if not this coming Tuesday. Just please do it soon.
Middle Age Dumb Ass Oldman
This franchise is Iconic.
Ryan LeMay
'Ryan LeMay' 4 weeks ago
still a sin, but the reason CiCi says the hard on for Cameron line to Mickey even though he didn't bring up Aliens was because this scene was a reshoot and in the old version Mickey was the one who brought up Aliens. maybe it should be two scenes for no one catching that during the reshoot! haha
Frosty the Snowman
'Frosty the Snowman' 4 weeks ago
Aidan S
'Aidan S' 4 weeks ago
Glad you fixed the sins counter
'Kleopatra_B' 1 month ago
FtCrystalFlower Star
Killer kills the killer cuz appearntly science
lil_boy do stuff for fun
Sometimes I laugh when he realizes stuff and makes fun of it
CRMDoodle Bump
'CRMDoodle Bump' 1 month ago
Just saying the original sin counter has been revived from the dead from the fast 8 episode!!
'Türkiye'yi Sevmek' 1 month ago
That's Monica Geller !!!!
Mads Clausen
'Mads Clausen' 1 month ago
'lilobubbleoo' 1 month ago
I haven’t watched scream. Is that Monica from friends??
Alllison Combs
'Alllison Combs' 1 month ago
you should do one for scream 3 and 4 frfr
Zorro del Demonio
'Zorro del Demonio' 1 month ago
But the fraternity girl WAS the killer. Just not this movie's killer XD. Also, she was my primary suspect all the film. The fact she wasn't should be a sin off.
Ignatius/Nate/Datboidownthestreet Peterson
Gotta love that inglorious bastards refrencr
Bonnie Howell
'Bonnie Howell' 1 month ago
'action802' 1 month ago
Do scream 3 and 4. I enjoyed this one
Dj Danny
'Dj Danny' 1 month ago
The movie sin counter has been revived!
Joesephine Glitter
'Joesephine Glitter' 1 month ago
I swear that he said “Goatface” at 5:38
'rylansato' 1 month ago
Looking back it seems that the clip shown for Stab was the film trying to toss hints at the audience at the identity of the killer.
'mrdanthemanboi9' 2 months ago
Eating an apple makes you a asshole?
'NekuCloudHyugaLagoon' 2 months ago
These movies still SUCK!!!😠
Andressa Cristina
'Andressa Cristina' 2 months ago
OMG! Thank God you put subs in this video. Cuz you speak really REALLY fast hahaha. I'm Brazilian, so it was difficult to understand what you were talking fast like this hahaha
'ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE' 2 months ago
Besides the fact that this movie sucks Wang Chung tonight
AM Fleming
'AM Fleming' 2 months ago
Can you do one for Scream 3?
Curtis Fisher
'Curtis Fisher' 2 months ago
I was the medic who loaded Dewey In the rig while the extra helped and funny thing I show cased my indie film at the Rialto theatre in South Pasadena 10 years later never realized that
Isabella Marino
'Isabella Marino' 2 months ago
Do Scream 3 and 4!!!!!
'HAZUZ' 2 months ago
You should really do cinema sins on inglorious bastards
jason nuch
'jason nuch' 2 months ago
Dewey is one of the killers from the original movie
AdamFord 152
'AdamFord 152' 2 months ago
We're looking for the killer, who MIGHT BE ON THIS VERY TAPE!!! Let's fuck!! XD XD OMG!!!
Ghost man
'Ghost man' 2 months ago
can you do scream 3
Caitlin Brewer
'Caitlin Brewer' 2 months ago
OMG, Mrs. Loomis is Jackie from Roseanne!
'VideogamemasterVGM' 2 months ago
OMG I wished cotton died in this movie, he sucked ass
Brandon Mendez
'Brandon Mendez' 2 months ago
Hot ham water
Timothy Nichols
'Timothy Nichols' 2 months ago
The cops didn't stop at a traffic light, they were 'Deteoured" by the killer, with a road block
'elohemlil' 2 months ago
Christian Hafer
'Christian Hafer' 2 months ago
Why were these movies so popular? There seems to be a lot of mistakes and continuity things wrong with it.
RockBeauty :3
'RockBeauty :3' 2 months ago
Let's be honest, people tend to dislike sequels. For instant Friday vs Next Friday. Next Friday had lower ratings than the first and third one.
matthew mann
'matthew mann' 2 months ago
This one is the best of the series no doubt
Punk Rock Jesus
'Punk Rock Jesus' 2 months ago
Do American Fucking Pie
Punk Rock Jesus
'Punk Rock Jesus' 2 months ago
Do American Pie!!!
'WHITESTRIPE99' 2 months ago
YES! The Sin Counter has been repaired! I bet Jeremy paid Dell Conagher a pretty penny for that.
'LittleGrandpaSimpson' 2 months ago
A sin for Cinema Sins for not making a Sheldon's Mom joke.
jo j
'jo j' 2 months ago
“That’s racist” stahp omg
Piguilipe YT
'Piguilipe YT' 2 months ago
Welcome back Movie Sin Counter.
'Mask' 2 months ago
pleas make a video on Funny Games US
chad wizzle
'chad wizzle' 2 months ago
Haha oh shit scary movie really nailed these huh?
Miranda Pålsson
'Miranda Pålsson' 2 months ago
OMG!!! This is a movie, in movies everything doesn't have to be realistic! I love Scream!!! And you can actually look through the ghost face mask!
'XXXINTURLUDE !?' 2 months ago
I love this guy
'epark0314' 2 months ago
LOL I was driving listening to this and I could have crashed my car at 10:15 😂
Marko Maksimović
'Marko Maksimović' 2 months ago
Scream 3 cmonn
Joey Pellegrino
'Joey Pellegrino' 2 months ago
some of ur statements are wrong. like if killings is woodsborough is based on movies. why not ask the movie guy for advice
Random Reactions
'Random Reactions' 2 months ago
I love the scream movies.
Shane Shank
'Shane Shank' 2 months ago
The fact that Randy got the ALIENS quote wrong, really pisses me off. He is supposed to be the incredibly gifted movie trivia guy, and even most laymen would know that line from memory. Were the writers just idiots, or did something get mixed up on set. It really irks me!
StojanHD ™
'StojanHD ™' 2 months ago
Why does Cotton expect Sidney to like and trust him, when he f****d her mother even when her dad was in the picture. I mean F***
StojanHD ™
'StojanHD ™' 2 months ago
11:12 LOL so much cursing
StojanHD ™
'StojanHD ™' 2 months ago
8:15 Look at their expressions
StojanHD ™
'StojanHD ™' 2 months ago
Cici's mistake was that she just didn't run out the door when Ghostface bumped into the table. Obviously she had the time to open the front door. Turn of the alarm and quickly run outside. I mean come on.
StojanHD ™
'StojanHD ™' 2 months ago
Cruel Intentions for Daphne the Vampire Slayer, and a Simply Irresistible Grudge because he knows What She Did Last Summer. LOL
Merkadioe Ibrahim
'Merkadioe Ibrahim' 2 months ago
Cinema Sins slaughtered this flick 😂
Joe C
'Joe C' 2 months ago
Will u do scream 3 please
Melvin Crews
'Melvin Crews' 3 months ago
Please do Scream 3 please
Tony Palu
'Tony Palu' 3 months ago
Heh this came out on my birthday
concerned viewer
'concerned viewer' 3 months ago
Has anyone else watched too many friends and can only see gale weather's as Monica? Only me, ok....
Wuvin It
'Wuvin It' 3 months ago
Movie Villains: They have the Protagonist right where they want them and are about to kill them. Oh, but wait! I have to monologue for about 10 minutes so the Protagonist can escape for someone else breaks them free!
Chapeau Argentina
'Chapeau Argentina' 3 months ago
In the car Hallie hops in and she's on our left and Sidney had to take the right side of it. Next shot, they're backwards... Another #SIN!
Zack McKague
'Zack McKague' 3 months ago
Also, how the fuck old was Liev Schreiber in this film?
Zack McKague
'Zack McKague' 3 months ago
Sarah Michelle Gellar is always a win
Danny Irish Greene
'Danny Irish Greene' 3 months ago
DO Everything wrong with Cinema Sins!One cliche..
Paul Little
'Paul Little' 3 months ago
Everything was wrong with this movie
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