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Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) -
Published: 1 month ago By: LastWeekTonight

By: LastWeekTonightPublished: 1 month ago

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Mike Pence is much more unlikable than his pet rabbit who stars in a new children's book created by the Pence family and in a better children's book created by us. To purchase our book, visit:

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Mary Mullane
'Mary Mullane' 2 hours ago
The book finally came today. LOVE IT!!!! 🐇
flattop grill connoisseur
shoutout to your legal team for putting up with this shit on a weekly basis
Samantha Horvath
'Samantha Horvath' 5 hours ago
6:47 a lot gay people adopt and raise kids
Ken Burton
'Ken Burton' 6 hours ago
Mr. Oliver - STFU - You are an A.S.S.H.O.L.E.
prince joopie
'prince joopie' 10 hours ago
Pence is over a full year younger than my dad, who, like me, is so far left-leaning I’m surprised he’s not left handed.
'apostate001' 23 hours ago
Pence promotes the Bible. He has been advocating a lie for decades.
Bob Miller
'Bob Miller' 1 day ago
ISIS: "Allah demands that we kill all gays!" Normal Muslim: "Allah ain't say that...."
RAYMANfrom Ubisoft
Try to fuck laugh
'bayernfan1992' 1 day ago
I just found the book in a german bookstore, after it was already sold out on Amazon. Thanks for distributing it world wide. I love it :) :)
Sidney Mathre
'Sidney Mathre' 1 day ago
I bought that book
Brian Holmes
'Brian Holmes' 1 day ago
They make fun of Pence for saying that Jesus tells him things. Just remember: “The Lord told me to fight until we achieve peace” -MARTIN LUTHER KING
'acgonzales7' 1 day ago
I ordered Marlon Bundo from Amazon immediately after watching this episode, but it's been on back order ever since. Any idea when it will be available again?
'Ayenate' Lawson' 1 day ago
Honestly, the more anti gay someone is the more I suspect them of being in the closet. The more homophobic they act the more I wonder if they're just afraid of their own desires. I could be wrong. It's one thing to be confused by it, or to reject the idea internally. But passionately trying to rid the world of gayness or bullying people by calling them gay...? 🤔
Zachary Cutts
'Zachary Cutts' 2 days ago
Not saying Pence doesn't have his sins and doesn't cover lies. But I will say God declares homosexuality a sin. That doesn't mean that it's a worse sin than many other sins or that we should hate homosexuals. God has a specific purpose for marriage.
Sandie Brown
'Sandie Brown' 2 days ago
Ashen weasel! Love it
Karen Rittenhouse
'Karen Rittenhouse' 3 days ago
I finally received my copy of Marlon Bundo and it is fabulous. If you don't have it, get it! It is so sweet and adorably illustrated as well as written. I highly recommend this book.
'vidaett' 3 days ago
Pence for president!
david padilla
'david padilla' 3 days ago
Repent of sins. Plead the blood of christ. Live holy. Pray. Turn away from evil.
Mark Youneva
'Mark Youneva' 3 days ago
I think anchors should be able to scream, "answer the fkn question! answer the fkn question? Will you answer the fkn question or not????!!!" p.s. Pence is Super Gay (nothing wrong with it just pointing out his hyprocrisy like other closeted especially republican family-values politicians who were found out)
Codycarmean Carmena
Your shows suck
'Gargie396' 3 days ago
How much gay porn do you think James Dobson has saved?
'DavidVT23' 3 days ago
According to Richard Pryor's wife, Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor had sex. Just saying.
jackspedicy 2
'jackspedicy 2' 3 days ago
I’m an atheist but... I’m pretty sure the Bible does say that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of god. You can’t really deny that. You also, in my opinion, cannot support LGBTQ+ without disagreeing with a part of the Bible.
Chris Rivera
'Chris Rivera' 3 days ago
I'm just laughing at all the adults that will actually go out to buy this book
I am german and love good cabaret. Take it with a grain of salt of course. I like this show very much. Annoy Mike Pence in a really dickish way.^^
'niceguy217' 4 days ago
Just want to let people know that the book (John's better version that is) is back in stock, and available now at amazon
He did buy that jock strap from Cinderella Man!!!!
Neon Narcotics
'Neon Narcotics' 4 days ago
I like the book and I’m all for the lgbt community but the book is supposed to be for kids? You realize a friendship and a relationship are two different things and I don’t think young kids will understand that concept.
Ike Sharp
'Ike Sharp' 4 days ago
Have the book displayed in our front room
Carol R
'Carol R' 4 days ago
I'm going to buy the book and donate it to my local library.
'ishtar0077' 4 days ago
He will be President 2019
'ccggenius12' 4 days ago
I mean, they've got one thing right, treatment is possible. We've got evidence to suggest there is a genetic component, and research into modifying genetics IS coming along quite nicely. It's just a matter of time and ethics. That being said, admitting to ANY of that would (correctly) imply that if there is a God, gay people ARE as he made them. I for one, look forward to(and simultaneously dread) the series of mental hoops they'll have to jump through to rationalize it.
Tammy Tsang
'Tammy Tsang' 4 days ago
So the Americans elected 2 idiots into the office, HOW FUN!
Chriss Hill
'Chriss Hill' 4 days ago
hey asshole you are totally wrong as usual. go back to school and take your crooked left wing buddies with you.
'RUSOSRB007' 5 days ago
Agree or not, right or not, if you open your own shop you have every right to serve or not serve whoever the fuck you want. Thats actually a very simple part of capitalism. I will risk not making money off of you for whatever reason but I have the right to do it.
'DrNazoo1983' 5 days ago
The writer of John Oliver's book is Jill Twìss, one of LWT's writers, better known as... Janice in accounting!! Looks like she collected _all the f*cks_ she never gave in these years and gave them all away for this project!
Easy S
'Easy S' 5 days ago
John is amazing because instead of just whining about things, he does some inspiring, and at the same time hilarious shit to make a difference, he creates mascots to advertise for a cause, E.X Jeff the diseased lung, and writes hilarious books to piss off Mike pence. This is the true beauty of his show
Easy S
'Easy S' 5 days ago
I find it truly inspiring that within weeks, Oliver's book is WAY more popular that Mike's book. Amazing, I would love to hear his review of this book
'ch3burashka' 5 days ago
Ashen Weasel is my favorite Metal Gear boss.
Larry Schlutt
'Larry Schlutt' 5 days ago
I think john suffers from small cocks.. he sees someone with balls and has to rag on him to Make him feel better because he has small cocks.. what a shmuck
Alan Smithee
'Alan Smithee' 5 days ago
Loved this video except for the swipe at Cosby. I can think of a dozen positive things he's done, but I get it, he made his bed. 😞
Ágnes Lévai
'Ágnes Lévai' 5 days ago
marlon bundo is def a pun on marlon brando, a known bisexual man. Mike Pence played himself
'mah5191' 5 days ago
When you hear Mike pence talking about any Trump tweet, just imagine the Harlem Globetrotters theme playing.
Vaughn Burnett
'Vaughn Burnett' 5 days ago
Propaganda to make your children gay
Vaughn Burnett
'Vaughn Burnett' 5 days ago
This is just fucking mindless garbage. I really did think Oliver was funny and right in some cases until I actually started paying attention to politics. Now I realize he is just a hack that chops stuff up and feeds his bought ass views to the watcher
Robert Vaughn
'Robert Vaughn' 6 days ago
I like this show but I can't stand the gay to say fuck you John, a kids can be gay. You people who push homosexuality on children are the worst kind of evil, naive lost souls.
'Bob SCHMENGLE' 6 days ago
I Oliver the Britt schmuck still on the air.. A British version of Bill Marr with an annoying Britt accent! Oil F the monarchy! We fought a.bloody war not to have to worry about lot! You are Britt Turd!
'Agnessa92' 6 days ago
beautiful trolling <3
Riku Aotsuki
'Riku Aotsuki' 6 days ago
Badger looking like he's wearing a suit... and I immediately think of Boozy Badger.
'Ancap2112' 6 days ago
0:50 Within the FIRST minute he already goes full libtard. Really, being against murdering babies is "extreme"? And what do you define as "gay rights"? Because the only bill Pence supported on this was to protect religious freedom, nice doublespeak there Oliver
Tiffany Fan
'Tiffany Fan' 6 days ago
Its sold out right now #4 most sold on Amazon!!!
london mockett
'london mockett' 7 days ago
Pence doesn’t just want to make being gay illegal he wants it to be unconstitutional that’s fucking crazy that goes against the greatest Americans value freedom!! It’s crazy how all these politicians the call them self patriots want to make America less free that’s the opposite of what America should be America should be free for everyone regardless of race religion sexuality but if your one of the shit head dicks like pence and trump get the fuck out go back to hell your fuck face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Potato Peeler
'Potato Peeler' 7 days ago
coors beer is anti-gay.
Answer the Damm question pence!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Bundy714' 1 week ago
Weird seeing Pence talk like a normal person, rather than using that fake squinty eyed, seemingly constipated, I'm so religious that I'm in pain look, that he uses now. Gosh I hate that hypocritical act. Or maybe he's just a huge Clint Eastwood fan?
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 1 week ago
Just checked today, April 12, 2018. The better book is a Best Seller on Amazon and has about 5,000 reviews. The regular one has only 400, which is LESS THAN TEN PERCENT. That tells you something, doesn't it? Good job guys, we REALLY irritated Mike Pence with this book campaign. I may have to purchase one myself, even though children's books and gay stories are not my cup of tea, personally. Maybe I'll donate it to my sister's school?
david hulkower
'david hulkower' 1 week ago
just for the record my rabbit doesn't like pence and thinks the marlo bundo should leave rabbit is the ex waster bunny
'grandeurlies' 1 week ago
Pence actually makes turnip look normal and that’s a statment
Cris M
'Cris M' 1 week ago
Did marlon bundo did better than pence?
'LazerMax2000' 1 week ago
PeterFied FM
'PeterFied FM' 1 week ago
All of this is awful, this is how feminism killed the west.
Marco Rijpstra
'Marco Rijpstra' 1 week ago
The book is even for sale in Europe, just bought it :)
John Henderson
'John Henderson' 1 week ago
Archenemies George Stephenapolous 😂😂😂
'MrBuckaroo2014' 1 week ago
"Jesus aint say dat!'
IAN 4000
'IAN 4000' 1 week ago
"He thinks Jesus tells him to say things. I'm like, 'Jesus ain't say that.' " That was perfect, lmao.
'swavage415' 1 week ago
what a wanker
'jwithJ' 1 week ago
No, Trump is far far worse than Pence. That's why we have Trump because of shows like this.
CrackDaddyFrank •_•
Okay, I want to buy a book about a gay rabbit in a bow tie. I also wanna piss off Mike pence.
Weston Murdock
'Weston Murdock' 1 week ago
My roommate just got the Marlon Bundo book today. Needless to say, I immediately read it, and I think I just found my new favorite children's book.
caroline candy
'caroline candy' 1 week ago
i need it NOW
'10animallover10' 1 week ago
Marlon Bundo for President! ~
Joe Gallop
'Joe Gallop' 1 week ago
im against women in the military bc men are morons
Jeffrey Cody
'Jeffrey Cody' 1 week ago
I happen to believe in conversion therapy........ for assholes. And though they may have many deep seated tendencies to be assholes and conversion therapy may not work, I believe some may be converted and certainly it’s worth a try. I also believe Mike Pence would be a perfect candidate for the procedure and it can’t happen soon enough.
'viviyos17' 1 week ago
I loved how angry John looked at 4:10 Pence's tone is clearly BS and degrading
Sammy Sam
'Sammy Sam' 2 weeks ago
Mike Pence = Sky Cake Enough said
I. Wynn
'I. Wynn' 2 weeks ago
Lol omorasa is satanic! Yet another hypocrite idiot pretending she is so Christian and kind!
Phil Jarklinson
'Phil Jarklinson' 2 weeks ago
As much as I like John Oliver and appreciate his insights, I didn't like the gay rabbit book Idea. The left is constantly pushing the gay agenda to the point where it's in our faces all the time. Give it a freaking rest.
'bomizen' 2 weeks ago
Thank god that the book is available on Google Play, otherwise I wouldn't have a way to read it (no Amazon account) It's a lovely book, the pictures are so beautiful and for some reason it restores some of the hope I have for the humanity.
'djvectrex' 2 weeks ago
Love it!!! I will be purchasing a few copies, such a great thing John Oliver!!! Keep it up and way to stick it that old scumbag dinosaur!!
Chris Grady
'Chris Grady' 2 weeks ago
The man is a menace and dangerous. Unbelievable that anyone could support this maniac.
Lucia Comnes
'Lucia Comnes' 2 weeks ago
Best laugh I have had in months. Brilliant! I am buying the book
Linny B
'Linny B' 2 weeks ago
I wouldn't be surprised at all if Pence turns out to be a deeply closeted gay man.
'TH3 FIXXX3R' 2 weeks ago
You would love to slow ride Trumps dick wouldn't you? You little British fuck boy.
'Cookie' 2 weeks ago
They should sale Marlon Bundo's bow tie too. Is so cute.
Chef Pie
'Chef Pie' 2 weeks ago
There are people out there that read a book written by Mike Pence about Mike Pence.
Anonymous375 BrGo
'Anonymous375 BrGo' 2 weeks ago
Congrats a politicizing something apolitical
DragoN 3 FTW
'DragoN 3 FTW' 2 weeks ago
Pence is better option for president of USA than that tv reality charlatan Trump.
'JokersSerious' 2 weeks ago
i bet that's the exact reason he was chosen for VP. it's a good way to ensure ppl think twice before losing you, if you remind them they will end up with much worse
'LittleLioness' 2 weeks ago
Why is a random comedian a better person than the vice president of the United States
'89aneesh' 2 weeks ago
women in military is a fucking bad idea she compromises safety of her colleagues in a combat situation for example a woman cannot carry a wounded male soldier
Colton Gatrell
'Colton Gatrell' 2 weeks ago
I like mike pence he seems cool
CaryLeonard10 DOUGAROO7
I'm a big fan John Oliver your the man keep up the good work
'Shelly' 2 weeks ago
This is so beautiful :')
Axel Fernandes
'Axel Fernandes' 2 weeks ago
I cant believe any of this is real or not . Is anything real any more ? :(
Kylo Wren
'Kylo Wren' 2 weeks ago
now let us condemn Pence and his homophobic and xenophobic outlook on people.
Jennifer Meritt
'Jennifer Meritt' 2 weeks ago
Pence's brother is now running for office here in Indiana. Makes me sick
Scott Mçkày
'Scott Mçkày' 2 weeks ago
Write a campaign check NOW. You welched last time. In case you forgot, it's Trump/Pence 2020 campaign. I'm sure they'll accept it, even though you're not even a U.S. citizen. Thanks. MAGA 2020. P.S. You're only funny on the YouTube videos of you making an even bigger idiot of yourself before the blessed events of 2016.
Eddie Golliher
'Eddie Golliher' 2 weeks ago
That is epic!
Enrique Gonzalez
'Enrique Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
I’d like to see this comedian, which is quite funny and all, go in an interview against Mike Pence or any other politician he has called stupid. He’d probably won’t stand a chance. The only reason he talks politics in a comedy show is for money; he doesn’t care. Ffs he’s English, he couldn’t care less about the US
Madame Reader
'Madame Reader' 2 weeks ago
I liked the idea of the book but common Oliver this piece was weak journalism. It was a bunch of old clips with not new info. Also, the jokes were lame. I guess all the energy was put in the marlon bundo book which I bought and love.
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