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Life As A Pet Mortician -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

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"Losing a pet is just the same as losing a human relative."

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Paws Pet Cremation

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Can they embalm dogs and also do they have the type of caskets for people but smaller and for pets?
Loreena B
'Loreena B' 5 months ago
why did i watch this while my cat is cuddling with me 😭
'pimenel' 6 months ago
I loved my Cleopatra. I was a strong person throughout the process of putting her down and digging her hole to bury her in, but when it came time to putting the dirt on her, that was absolutely the most painful time I had in my life. I didn't realize I could cry like that just by picking up the dirt to bury her with. Every handful was tons of realization that she was no longer there.
Candice Huffstetler
'Candice Huffstetler' 6 months ago
Omg I should not have watched this 😭😭 My family had to put our 16-year-old cat to sleep back in late January because of kidney failure, and we chose to have him cremated. Literally bawling
Afrah A
'Afrah A' 6 months ago
-Yay- _Yay_ _-Yay-_ *Yay* *-Yay-* *_Yay_* *_-Yay-_* (I don't know any more so if you know any more please tell me)
'Skyler' 7 months ago
The "subscribe for more wonderful things" doesn't quite feel right on this kind of video.
Flower Cutie
'Flower Cutie' 7 months ago
Ugh I cried YYyYyyy poor animals 😓😫😭😥
'Momi's Beautyland' 8 months ago
I can tell she is very compassionate and loves her job.
a gatling pea
'a gatling pea' 8 months ago
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 9 months ago
I'm hugging my cat as hard as I can now 😩😩😩
Leah Spinelli
'Leah Spinelli' 9 months ago
I didn't notice the "pet" in the title. So I clicked on the video and I was like "oh this should be interesting" and then I saw it was a pet one and I was like "oh no I can't watch this it would be too sad" :(
google noodle
'google noodle' 9 months ago
'SugarDad' 9 months ago
Oh hell no.. Ill bury Hershey and Cookie instead X'(
Nora Nelson
'Nora Nelson' 10 months ago
I'm gonna cRy I have a cat named Gypsy no
LPS Angel collie
'LPS Angel collie' 10 months ago
while watching this i was facing my yard and my 3 pets that died my cat Oddball she was very sweet died from sickness after she climbed in my neighbors rusty car and got something bad in her lungs another one of my cats died from oldness which was Tabbitha / Tabby and my dog Sysko died from oldness to and i started thinking about them and i cried :'(
Hopelessme Down
'Hopelessme Down' 10 months ago
I could NEVVVEERR do this. I would cry too much.
'Lady.Whatever' 10 months ago
It must really smell in the ugh
'Lauren' 11 months ago
Well this fucked me up. I'm going to love my dog right now (even if he doesn't accept it)
'MultiSuperllama' 11 months ago
It will kill me when my dog dies
'cometnova' 11 months ago
This video makes me sad, because my beloved kitten, Luna, was cremated yesterday. I miss her so much.
Emily H.
'Emily H.' 11 months ago
I would hate doing this job because I love animals so much
'yagirlchaka' 11 months ago
why did I watch this when I just lost my dog Christmas eve 😭
'Itsyaboymj' 11 months ago
moonlight k
'moonlight k' 11 months ago
she was about to lose it😢😢
Supergirly Sofia
'Supergirly Sofia' 11 months ago
that's just sad man.....
Andrew Howden
'Andrew Howden' 11 months ago
I lost my girl to cancer,but she has been cemated a is with her dad,who I think play's with my girl at night keeping me awake....I hope so 😸😽
Kiki Kira
'Kiki Kira' 11 months ago
wow wtf why did you have to show the pet being put into the chamber..:(
Presley Ortiz
'Presley Ortiz' 11 months ago
None Of Your Business
'None Of Your Business' 11 months ago
I saw the fire and I paused cause it was too much to handle
Pryncezzz Shrek
'Pryncezzz Shrek' 11 months ago
I had several cats cremated after they passed. They also come with me when I move. A pet is a member of the family, and the loss can be/is devastating.
'ThreeSixty___' 11 months ago
were even bro
Real Trump It is
'Real Trump It is' 11 months ago
This video did make me sad
Jane Raj
'Jane Raj' 11 months ago
this is soo hard to watch ): my dog dies last may and was cremated this is do depressing
sophie b
'sophie b' 11 months ago
who would want this job? :,( omg
Frank Medina
'Frank Medina' 11 months ago
wow! a lot of crazies in here. I keep seeing over the top emotional comments. you people seem so disconnected from human life that you are literally feeling overly depressed about this. be happy it's not a relative, now that's DEPRESSING..... and expensive.
Brinna Villa
'Brinna Villa' 11 months ago
Got My Cat Cremated There. I Loved The Experience. I Got Her Ashes As Well As A Small Piece Of Fur Clippings In Her Urn. And A Paw Print As Well. ❤️
Cameron Crews
'Cameron Crews' 11 months ago
i was bawling my eyes out
a420 llama
'a420 llama' 11 months ago
I worked at a grave yard and when we burned the bodies they'd smell like burnt marshmallows..... wandering what animals smell like
'ToastAndJellyfish' 11 months ago
I had to have my beloved cat put to sleep yesterday, after having her with me for 15 years. Hardest day of my life and I haven't really stopped crying yet. Don't expect to for a good long while, either. Just shoving her in the ground has never, ever been an option for me. I chose to have her privately cremated like this, so that we can remain together. They came and picked her up, and will bring the urn with her ashes back when everything is done, so that I don't have to worry about any of that on top of everything else I'm going through.
Faith derpozoid
'Faith derpozoid' 11 months ago
This is a horrible idea isn't it like the pets are burning in hell when they get cremated
Nucking Futs
'Nucking Futs' 11 months ago
omg that scared me when he was putting the paw in the frame and the animals name was bear beacause my dogs name is bear...
Azurda Azurda
'Azurda Azurda' 11 months ago
Ok good things but gross
Jenn Reichenbach
'Jenn Reichenbach' 11 months ago
Professor Rosenstock
'Professor Rosenstock' 11 months ago
I thought you would just put the body in there and it would come out as ash.
elisa breaban
'elisa breaban' 11 months ago
Am I the only ones who felt like she was about to burst into tears the whole time? lol
Alexandra Tejada
'Alexandra Tejada' 11 months ago
I cremated my pet almost two years ago, he lost the battle with cancer but he was stronger than anyone I've ever known<3 R.I.P to my little baby Max<3 I made a very respectful shrine to honour him, and have him safely tucked in my closet so he won't be disturbed by my tornado of a family<3 I wish to burry his shrine soon, because I believe he deserves to fully rest in peace, not in a closet, but for now, I'm just glad I can still go to him if I ever feel sad<3 I light a little candle and vent to him, just like I did when he was alive and even though I can't feel him physically, I can emotionally, it's like his light is still there<3
'graybull06' 11 months ago
enough to make me cry
Ziggy Horror
'Ziggy Horror' 11 months ago
I lost 4 realatives to cancer in 2016, including my dog aka, my best friend. all but my cousin got cremated and its so hard to watch things like this
Nadine Bakker
'Nadine Bakker' 11 months ago
Her "gotta look like im really sad face" is SO funny
tawnee boyd
'tawnee boyd' 11 months ago
I just lost my cat of nearly eleven years three days ago. Whilst I do have a yard where i was able to bury my fur baby, I know that's not the case with everyone. So I'm glad there are people out there like this who care & are willing to do this for people who don't have places to bury their pets. I hate when people say they are just 'animals', like they don't matter or are less significant in your life because they aren't humans. Pets are family, you bond with them & care for them, & losing them can be as difficult as losing a relative.
hasan munir
'hasan munir' 11 months ago
reminds me of pet cemetery
Sadistic Ninja
'Sadistic Ninja' 11 months ago
Why cremation?Like why?It sucks
'carikboo' 11 months ago
I wish they had posted a warning that they were going to show that cat... I didn't want to see that and think of that being my pets.
Gretch Figueroa
'Gretch Figueroa' 11 months ago
Sherlock Holmes
'Sherlock Holmes' 11 months ago
This is so sad ):.But did you know that most of the seasoning powber in instant noodles are made of these bones?(I'm not accusing them )
xJordiie N
'xJordiie N' 11 months ago
It haunts me how the animals were once alive and well but now their just ashes...
'sarah17808' 11 months ago
I'm so sad now 😢
Meghan Odom
'Meghan Odom' 11 months ago
changed the thumbnail... i see you buzzfeed
'jnbg61584' 11 months ago
this video got too real for me, too deep. There's also a movie out soon called A Dog's Purpose, gets me every time. I've had cats all my life, but same thing applies
Jade Rich
'Jade Rich' 11 months ago
when our puppy died we got him cremated by himself and it was so nice to bring him home even though he wasn't physically there anymore there is something so comforting about having him here i couldn't imagine having him mass cremated i commend the people that do these jobs it must be hard
'Asdfs' 11 months ago
I went crying all along the video. Cant handle it.
Care bear 0223
'Care bear 0223' 11 months ago
They changed the thumbnail
Jessica Asakura
'Jessica Asakura' 11 months ago
Wish we could have done this for my cat Tigger...
charlotte purnell
'charlotte purnell' 11 months ago
my dog did last night thankyo for educateing me
asdfghjk l
'asdfghjk l' 11 months ago
What she said towards the end, about it feeling like losing a relative, is so important. People who don't have pets or dont love animals are pretty much ignorant about it.
Emma McIntee
'Emma McIntee' 11 months ago
I shouldn't have watched this, my 16 y/o dog died yesterday 💔😭
strawberry oats
'strawberry oats' 11 months ago
"Losing a pet is just the same as losing a human relative" Sure, but dogs. dogs. its not the same, its even worse. dogs are the purest animals in the world and do not deserve to die
Matthew Bryan
'Matthew Bryan' 11 months ago
The wat her face was trying (and failing) to pull off "upset and concerned" was just really really funny to me.
Katelyn Bailey
'Katelyn Bailey' 11 months ago
literally holding my dogs crying...... thanks buzzfeed
Emma Lee
'Emma Lee' 11 months ago
I had to put down my black lab in June because he had gotten cancer and couldn't step on his leg. Hardest day of my life. On Christmas we went and put roses on his grave.
Bearrel _
'Bearrel _' 11 months ago
She looks like she's going to cry but she's holding it in
'thesinsofourpast' 11 months ago
i would do this (work here) but i would just be sad all the time
Marco Rodriguez
'Marco Rodriguez' 11 months ago
I cried when my dawgg died! so sad! But it feels good
Not Cliff Burton
'Not Cliff Burton' 11 months ago
I think I found my dream job. But I want to do this while the animal is alive.
'xXShiroXx' 11 months ago
I need to work there ;n;
Bipolar And Me
'Bipolar And Me' 11 months ago
Basically every pet in Britain is cremated.
Tamara S.N.
'Tamara S.N.' 11 months ago
Randomness And Weirdos
'Randomness And Weirdos' 11 months ago
Missing my bubba tiger, I know he's waiting at the rainbow bridge
liz O.
'liz O.' 11 months ago
I couldn't imagine my little baby dying (Talking about my dog) I treat him like an actually baby
Tera Winters
'Tera Winters' 11 months ago
When my dog dies, honestly it will be like losing a child. She's gotten me through so much over the years and the thought of losing her alone is enough to make me cry. I can't imagine my life without her, and so very few people understand just how painful it is to be so close to a pet and lose them
'BadLactose' 11 months ago
Did anyone else think about the Sodder Children Mystery video when she mentioned that the bones are the only part left behind after cremation?
Adi Navarro
'Adi Navarro' 11 months ago
So much respect for her and the people apart of this, I would never be able to do this, but so thankful they do.
Miku Hatsune
'Miku Hatsune' 11 months ago
How did I get here from bodybuilders belly dancing?
Why is YouTube like this?
To be honest I wouldn't mind a job like this.. no i am not mentally healthy
'tessadoesnotbelonghere' 11 months ago
This was honestly super disturbing to me
inglourious basterds
'inglourious basterds' 11 months ago
this whole video made me so emotional, man, i miss my dog
'TRUESEPH' 11 months ago
They got DJ Khaled on oven duty?
Aya Mohamed
'Aya Mohamed' 11 months ago
I don't know if I'm right or wrong but she seems like she hates her job
Snodge Kat
'Snodge Kat' 11 months ago
Cynthia Z
'Cynthia Z' 11 months ago
Guys I'm gonna cry I really don't want my dog to die! I know he's still only a puppy but I love him so much already I can't imagine how I'll feel when he's gone!
The Weird Hippie
'The Weird Hippie' 11 months ago
Of course this shows up after the day my dog died :(
'HelloKatie' 11 months ago
My dog of 14 years died last week and I'm 14 years old. We had a choice or cremation or burial and we chose cremation, it just seemed the nicer option.
Ana CG
'Ana CG' 11 months ago
Losing a pet is a lot harder than losing a human. Especially when you know you were their whole life.
jessica price
'jessica price' 11 months ago
Is anyone else crying
Bree Wolf
'Bree Wolf' 11 months ago
I've lost 3 animals in the last 4 years and all 3 have been cremated. I still have their ashes. I'm really happy places like this exist, it's expensive and takes a month or two to get the ashes back but it's worth the wait.
Nadine Ozeir
'Nadine Ozeir' 11 months ago
this video just made me sad 😢
Anime Trash
'Anime Trash' 11 months ago
Why the hell are people about to cry, do you cry when I tell you the fact that 56 billon farm animals are killed every year. I have had multiple pets die and know how hard it is. This girl is talking about pets you didn't even know, but sure lets not cry about the 56 billon farm animals that we don't know that are being killed every year.
Bailey metzger
'Bailey metzger' 11 months ago
I couldn't ever imagine doing this. I'd probably cry the whole time tbh
Ezra is triggered
'Ezra is triggered' 11 months ago
id work there but id rather be a human mortician
I Am Groot
'I Am Groot' 11 months ago
seriously what did we do to deserve such loyal,loving pets 💜
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