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Amazing Pool Tricks -
Published: 9 years ago By: Robert Laurin

By: Robert LaurinPublished: 9 years ago

2, 369, 271 views

3, 727 Likes   731 Dislikes

cool pool shots

Natan Wåger
'Natan Wåger' 2 weeks ago
Who said it was Amazing, this was only bad.
Zielona Latarnia
'Zielona Latarnia' 4 months ago
it's easy noob
XxAknatercopserxX 04
'XxAknatercopserxX 04' 4 months ago
woow! Really good
Extinct Hart
'Extinct Hart' 5 months ago
I’ve never seen anymore hate than on a single pool/billiards Video. Seriously it’s amazing how many people hate on a single video of pool alone.
Kadon Hayes
'Kadon Hayes' 5 months ago
Everyone stop being a dick to this man he can do whatever the hell he wants, good video man!
Relijinn X
'Relijinn X' 6 months ago
White Trickshots
'White Trickshots' 11 months ago
Check out my account for more tricks!
Abdelmalek Talbi
'Abdelmalek Talbi' 1 year ago
didn't see any real trick those are just stupid tricks plus somme hard shots,who adree with me?
Iulian Craciun
'Iulian Craciun' 1 year ago
Easy tricks
Night Station
'Night Station' 1 year ago
ur awesome bro
ago leo
'ago leo' 1 year ago
your bridge...
'SHANTANU RAJ' 1 year ago
@time 2:13 in the video. How come the balls just move as if sticking to the cue stick kept at the end. seems like they moving aligned to the stationary cue due to some gravity support
'KnickKnack07' 1 year ago
Wow...literally THE most annoying music on YouTube...and that is saying a lot.
Eli Garcia
'Eli Garcia' 1 year ago
Boss Ramses
'Boss Ramses' 1 year ago
that first trick is old as dirt lmao. its a common "hustler shot" lol
'SUSANA GALEANO' 1 year ago
Moe Kazan
'Moe Kazan' 2 years ago
No hate, but just shows you by typing Amazing trick shots , which is not, people tend to have a trigger finger to click on such a video, while the most amazing finals in world champion of pool and snooker barely reach 1 million views.
Robert Laurin
'Robert Laurin' 2 years ago
Love reading the hate comments, I'm sitting here like "this was 7 years ago" :p
Joseph Gardner
'Joseph Gardner' 2 years ago
I say great video. yes the shots aren't anything special however it does give you a great starting point to practice if you want to start getting into trick shots.
'HelpMeHelpYou' 2 years ago
nice scoop jump
Keeshawn Stanley
'Keeshawn Stanley' 2 years ago
do you wat to have sex
Michael Schmidt
'Michael Schmidt' 2 years ago
check out my sexy trick shot on my page...first try too
dogwana bros
'dogwana bros' 2 years ago
change music
'DEIRDRE' 2 years ago
*Never been more satisfied over a purchase online. Amazing quality, fits perfectly like this Billiard t-shirt was made for me! Thanks would recommand to my friends.*
'TFAY' 2 years ago
The only time 240p is ok
Lawson Enosa
'Lawson Enosa' 2 years ago
Worst trickshots I've ever seen
Martyn Le Page
'Martyn Le Page' 2 years ago
These are shit trick shots - give up playing pool dude - you suck!!!
Awesome Universe
'Awesome Universe' 2 years ago
*awesome <3*
Chris Buckland
'Chris Buckland' 2 years ago
How have u got 2 million views on a video that my little brother could do
Tadeáš Král
'Tadeáš Král' 2 years ago
Ricky Pearce
'Ricky Pearce' 2 years ago
Саша Николаенко
Shit! Look how he plays Eugene Stalev!!!
Jonathan Allison
'Jonathan Allison' 2 years ago
That's not how you jump the cue ball.
Lapsem Weaver
'Lapsem Weaver' 2 years ago
Kid, you've clearly been paying attention in math/physics!
john tucker
'john tucker' 2 years ago
I waiting 3 minutes and 16 seconds for the amazing never came...
James Moss
'James Moss' 2 years ago
he left the crab in the bucket wtf did I just hear???
noktu geiistmortt
'noktu geiistmortt' 2 years ago
Hassan Alaradi
'Hassan Alaradi' 2 years ago
yea it sucks
'realestg87' 2 years ago
seen better next....
Abel Salpatera
'Abel Salpatera' 2 years ago
Daniel Feldt
'Daniel Feldt' 2 years ago
Quit the annotations..!
Matthew Perez
'Matthew Perez' 2 years ago
try to do tricks that DONT involve potting the cue ball... that's kinda the point of the game....
'Operello' 2 years ago
weri good!!!!!!!!!!!!
'StaunchCross' 2 years ago
The jumping that he is doing is an illegal to do in a real game of pool
Chris Buckland
'Chris Buckland' 2 years ago
these trick shots a really bad there was not one trick shot that amazed me an those jump shots are illegal and all the others and horrible if u want to watch some good pool trick shots watch @joshstandfield channel
Hamdan Bartawi
'Hamdan Bartawi' 2 years ago
Freakin Nerd! studying pool shots all day... I guess he gets cold feet before jumping in the pool at a slumber party. When his friends tell him "Hey lets go play at the pool" This guy ends up wondering "Why is nobody at the pool I am at?!"
'JULIO BASULTO' 2 years ago
so so...seen better!
Marco Calderon
'Marco Calderon' 2 years ago
this isn't hard the video sucks
Egyptian Beatbox Community
what is the hard of this shots ??
'Daniel' 2 years ago imagine if you are at world club finals and thats the 8
Jonathan Allison
'Jonathan Allison' 2 years ago
I hope you do realize that you're doing illegal jumps.
'sean' 2 years ago
music sucks
Gage Hartsock
'Gage Hartsock' 2 years ago
whats the song name?
'John' 2 years ago
these aren't that amazing
Marvin kuroki
'Marvin kuroki' 2 years ago
You want real skill trick shots look up Florian Kohler
Marvin kuroki
'Marvin kuroki' 2 years ago
What's so special about these shots? Most set up shots. And the masse shots around a triangle or 1 ball across the whole table? That's nothing that's not done in a normal match. I've hit may more harder masse shots than that. From the title was expecting actual trick shots. Nothing special in this video
Diego Lujan
'Diego Lujan' 2 years ago
it is different it called billiards.
Diego Lujan
'Diego Lujan' 2 years ago
I have a mini pool table.
'cranker' 2 years ago
I have a blue table. I want a red table!!
Leo Yip
'Leo Yip' 2 years ago
Tyler Vallandingham
'Tyler Vallandingham' 3 years ago
show off
Javier Banda
'Javier Banda' 3 years ago
wowowowowowowow! o.o
Daniel Clemens
'Daniel Clemens' 3 years ago
people why comment if you do jump shots on my table you cant use your table guess what we dont care
AJ Florenski
'AJ Florenski' 3 years ago
on some of these shot i'm over here like "get the fuck outta here"
Moleraj enterijeri
'Moleraj enterijeri' 3 years ago
pe sma je supr a jako doobro igrA Bili8jar
Michael McWilliams
'Michael McWilliams' 3 years ago
what is the name of this song? it was very catchy
rengin ismail
'rengin ismail' 3 years ago
Zakiya Ellison
'Zakiya Ellison' 3 years ago
What is the name of that song
Alex Rabelo
'Alex Rabelo' 3 years ago
Who's seen better
'Тоха' 3 years ago
Sorry, but 80% of shots are easy
Brandon Young
'Brandon Young' 3 years ago
That poor pool table. Hope you don't mind replacing the felt if you're going to jump balls like that...
atharva s
'atharva s' 3 years ago
1. i dont really think these r trick shots .. 2. ur doin the jump shot all wrong dude.... they can b considered as foul ... can do better bt nt bad
Alvin Moua
'Alvin Moua' 3 years ago
Kudos to the guy for the video. Decent shots, but if I was to based this with his fundamentals, I'd say he's a little off.....Sure, it works, but his bridge hand, his position of the bridge hand on the rail. Just a piece of my two cents. Good video.
Jacob K
'Jacob K' 3 years ago
Funneling a shot with pools sticks doesn't make it a "trick shot". In fact just about anyone who knows how to hold a pool stick can do it. However, I was pretty impressed with the first three shots. I thought they were pretty cool and probably took a few shots to get right.
AshesRulerOf40Legions AllHailMe
O  .O Very much impressed.
Matt McLean
'Matt McLean' 3 years ago
It's Youtube, of course people will hate! Could be a 32 ball combo, sinking every ball and someone would complain the 8 ball didn't go clean lmao. Nice English on them shots and quick cue ups! Have I seen better? Of course! But I bet I, as well as the people hating could not do any better!
Josh Costa
'Josh Costa' 3 years ago
Meh... Most based on setup, and illegal jumps
'XxDJGladiatorxX' 3 years ago
cool wow
Niska Majumdar
'Niska Majumdar' 3 years ago
the song ? please
'Assasinator980' 3 years ago
Not really trick shots
Brennan Ochoa
'Brennan Ochoa' 3 years ago
That v neck soooooooo deep
'wavsunlimited' 3 years ago
Wow dude your pretty good man!  So 9 ball race to 5 for $1k ?
Виталий Волошин
Tabish Ahmad
'Tabish Ahmad' 3 years ago
Mateus Beltrão
'Mateus Beltrão' 3 years ago
Song Please !
'George' 4 years ago
lol if youre 6 and have no arms,
Yiğit Vural
'Yiğit Vural' 4 years ago
very easy. 
007MrBondJamesBond Бонд Джэймс Бонд
Не лузы, а лоханки. Это Вам не русский бильярд.
leonel juarez
'leonel juarez' 4 years ago
Teva Maiti
'Teva Maiti' 4 years ago
a gift of GOD, fantastic
Danny F
'Danny F' 4 years ago
The aim, speed control, and English used in trick shots can also be used in game.
timothy partain
'timothy partain' 4 years ago
I didn't see any real trick's just stupid combos , its ok i got excited the first time i played pool too.
Baqari Darsadze
'Baqari Darsadze' 4 years ago
theese tricks are too easy ;)
Jack Hayes
'Jack Hayes' 4 years ago
Most of these shots have a huge margin for error. Still a good vid though, I bet you're a laugh to play against.
Tomáš Nguyen
'Tomáš Nguyen' 4 years ago
jump like this is foul
'FatPasta' 4 years ago
learn to jump properly
Ginger Scholes
'Ginger Scholes' 4 years ago
Some nice shots. Though the one at 1.15 was impossible to miss.
Sebastian Kulenty
'Sebastian Kulenty' 4 years ago
Nothing amazing
'TheGolden368' 4 years ago
słabe, 90% z nich każdy laik mógłby wykonać
Mouaad Chaouine
'Mouaad Chaouine' 4 years ago
Chkibou zamel
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