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Published: 2 years ago By: TechRiders

By: TechRidersPublished: 2 years ago

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hey guys this video is for everyone i show this video Amazing Paper Tricks
Timestamp & Tricks Name
00:10 - 1. Impossible Paper
01:00 - 2. Morpheus Strip#1
01:37 - 3. Morpheus Strip#2
02:20 - 4. Strong Columns
03:57 - 5. Cry Elephant
04:36 - 6. Paper Magnet
05:00 - 7. Cloned Man
06:39 - 8. Paper Planes
08:03 - 9. Paper Boat
09:15 - 10. Walk-Thru Paper
you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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Song in beginning from FreeSongsToUse here on YouTube.

balakrishina pala
'balakrishina pala' 7 hours ago
Aditya Sawale
'Aditya Sawale' 2 days ago SHAADI LYFF KI BERBADEE Can I get a like please 🙏🙏
Devil boys
'Devil boys' 1 week ago
Manaw Kumar
'Manaw Kumar' 2 weeks ago
G Nagaranii
'G Nagaranii' 2 weeks ago
super excited about magic
Mehraj Mehraj
'Mehraj Mehraj' 2 weeks ago
ASK Channel
'ASK Channel' 2 weeks ago
Where is the best addting app please reply
Roblox Roblox
'Roblox Roblox' 3 weeks ago
Roblox Roblox
'Roblox Roblox' 3 weeks ago
Hahahhahahahhahahah Hahaha u have tiny sissors
joshua maderaso
'joshua maderaso' 3 weeks ago
Fuck it so amizing
Tia Adlakha
'Tia Adlakha' 3 weeks ago
Anchal Hemwani
'Anchal Hemwani' 3 weeks ago
its so boring !🙅 👎
Venugopal Govindasamy
This is not a magic
Tangeti Appala Trinadha Rao
Where is magic
Sujata Rout
'Sujata Rout' 1 month ago
😢I have wasted my 13 minutes
Dadan Mulyana
'Dadan Mulyana' 1 month ago
Raja Roy
'Raja Roy' 1 month ago
yeh koi magic hai
rasel bbillah
'rasel bbillah' 1 month ago
Copied 😆😆😆😃😃
Maruti Ghule
'Maruti Ghule' 1 month ago
Madhab Panda
'Madhab Panda' 1 month ago
I knows this tricks from primary school
'UMER ANSARI' 1 month ago
tu mere hi chela he
sha sha
'sha sha' 1 month ago
l am a happy
sha sha
'sha sha' 1 month ago
l love video semma video
abhishek rajani
'abhishek rajani' 1 month ago
U r a very big copy machine!
sbksandeep Khandekar
Waste 12 min bad video and waste data
Ramu Mukhiya
'Ramu Mukhiya' 1 month ago
best magic tricks
harmeetksmeet Harmeet
There's nothing like magic huhhh😏
nirala Manju
'nirala Manju' 1 month ago
I waste my lot of time because of you foolish person
nirala Manju
'nirala Manju' 1 month ago
Foolish person boat and plane are not magic
nirala Manju
'nirala Manju' 1 month ago
Valtu Bilkul Bakuvas
nirala Manju
'nirala Manju' 1 month ago
Bilkul bakuvas
'LUXURY GAMING !' 1 month ago
Which is this bgm
Warrior Subho YT
'Warrior Subho YT' 1 month ago
'Cyborg' 1 month ago
who watch in 2018 like my comment 💕
Komal Kharbanda
'Komal Kharbanda' 1 month ago
Do you know what is magi
Arati Wani
'Arati Wani' 2 months ago
Bada lenthi hai and i don t think this is magic
Sudharshan Venkat
'Sudharshan Venkat' 2 months ago
Khandi King
'Khandi King' 2 months ago
Raj Si
'Raj Si' 2 months ago
Save trees save earth.
raju das
'raju das' 2 months ago
Faltu bakwas also
Dhana Lakshmi
'Dhana Lakshmi' 2 months ago
It is so nice
raj chaurasiya
'raj chaurasiya' 2 months ago
coppy cat coppy cat
Lokendra Jain
'Lokendra Jain' 2 months ago
first me
'first me' 2 months ago
You cheater
Durgada Hepsibha
'Durgada Hepsibha' 2 months ago
md wahid
'md wahid' 2 months ago
nic cooled
Naman Sen
'Naman Sen' 2 months ago
Venkat Reddy
'Venkat Reddy' 2 months ago
Good well tried
Rajkumar Pramanik
'Rajkumar Pramanik' 2 months ago
art and craft with me
Copied cheaters
Shubhi Srivastav
'Shubhi Srivastav' 2 months ago
ya kya tha don't waste paper ya kaam band kar do bakar ha
Ganesh Bhuin
'Ganesh Bhuin' 2 months ago
very good
Ezhu Malai
'Ezhu Malai' 3 months ago
super magic
Vsj Sj
'Vsj Sj' 3 months ago
Anika Islam
'Anika Islam' 3 months ago
this video is very badddddddddd and this is not a magic 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😔😔😛😛😛😛😛😛
abbasali nayani
'abbasali nayani' 3 months ago
magic trick
Raushan raina
'Raushan raina' 3 months ago
Very bad
Anisa 2007
'Anisa 2007' 3 months ago
Uddhav Grover
'Uddhav Grover' 3 months ago
Md Kaif
'Md Kaif' 3 months ago
This is not magic
Md Kaif
'Md Kaif' 3 months ago
This is not magic
Akshay kattan
'Akshay kattan' 3 months ago
Chandrasekhar R
'Chandrasekhar R' 3 months ago
Worst video ever seen
Prabhakar Prabhakar
'Prabhakar Prabhakar' 3 months ago
Ankit Verma
'Ankit Verma' 3 months ago
I did not understand did in first one you have together posted an
bhoot g
'bhoot g' 3 months ago
Cheeter everyone knows u copied 😤😤😤😤
Subha Shree
'Subha Shree' 3 months ago
What is that possible
Bhavna Khurana
'Bhavna Khurana' 3 months ago
same thing is repating and is so so bad because wasting of paper
Prasanth prasanth
'Prasanth prasanth' 3 months ago
good bro
Suneesh Cv
'Suneesh Cv' 3 months ago
Onnu poyedo
The Dominic Player
'The Dominic Player' 3 months ago
Iwast more than 2 fullscape books it is fake
Ravi Sidhu
'Ravi Sidhu' 3 months ago
Bilal Khan
'Bilal Khan' 3 months ago
Rahhyi Roy
'Rahhyi Roy' 3 months ago
No I will not watch your videos Bloody hell
Divye Jhawar
'Divye Jhawar' 3 months ago
Ek dam ghatiya
Sahil Sharma
'Sahil Sharma' 3 months ago
this is not magic
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Vansh Skm
'Vansh Skm' 3 months ago
Yes these all are copied just saw them some time defore not magic tricks
'NATASHA Jain' 4 months ago
Nice video Port
we are reverse friends
You are copied
Md Jisan
'Md Jisan' 4 months ago
Vmangala Chari
'Vmangala Chari' 4 months ago
I love this
anubhav kalra
'anubhav kalra' 4 months ago
????????????????? waste
kamlesh dhurve
'kamlesh dhurve' 4 months ago
How to paper magnet
Jyothi Aarkay
'Jyothi Aarkay' 4 months ago
Did u have any xerox shop?copied all of them absolutely???☆☆☆
Ariba Khan
'Ariba Khan' 4 months ago
wow, so amazing
jaishankar Shukla
'jaishankar Shukla' 4 months ago
Urban Gear
'Urban Gear' 4 months ago
Piece of shit
karan Soni Keshav Soni
are you mad
Dmitriy V
'Dmitriy V' 4 months ago
Stop being mean he's trying his best
guljeet singh
'guljeet singh' 4 months ago
Rumen Emilov
'Rumen Emilov' 4 months ago
He need more
Abdul Malique
'Abdul Malique' 4 months ago
It is just waste of paper and time 😒😒😒😒
'jp RSKJ' 4 months ago
Nice 1st one awesome
allrounder riya
'allrounder riya' 4 months ago
it is so long
Pankaj Kumar
'Pankaj Kumar' 4 months ago
More than
techno Rx
'techno Rx' 4 months ago
What are you done in no:1 I doesn't understand
Laraib Fatma
'Laraib Fatma' 4 months ago
Niyas Muhammed Muhammed
It's a good
Venkata Ramana K
'Venkata Ramana K' 4 months ago
yes dis is not a magic bt i can say thisz an art
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