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Published: 1 year ago By: TechRiders

By: TechRidersPublished: 1 year ago

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hey guys this video is for everyone i show this video Amazing Paper Tricks
Timestamp & Tricks Name
00:10 - 1. Impossible Paper
01:00 - 2. Morpheus Strip#1
01:37 - 3. Morpheus Strip#2
02:20 - 4. Strong Columns
03:57 - 5. Cry Elephant
04:36 - 6. Paper Magnet
05:00 - 7. Cloned Man
06:39 - 8. Paper Planes
08:03 - 9. Paper Boat
09:15 - 10. Walk-Thru Paper
you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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Song in beginning from FreeSongsToUse here on YouTube.

ratnakar behera
'ratnakar behera' 14 hours ago
Saumya Godbole
'Saumya Godbole' 2 days ago
Sab jhut hair sale Ko like yafhir sub
Roman Rakesh
'Roman Rakesh' 3 days ago
it was nice
Rekha Yadav
'Rekha Yadav' 3 days ago
u r so stupid and boka
Shahabas Sabu
'Shahabas Sabu' 6 days ago
Ab.jjamal Jasim
'Ab.jjamal Jasim' 7 days ago
Anand Parkash
'Anand Parkash' 1 week ago
it is a wastage of paper 😐
Pankaj Basotia
'Pankaj Basotia' 1 week ago
save tree save paper don't wate paper like this edeyete
Vivek Dontha
'Vivek Dontha' 2 weeks ago
funny chanel
'funny chanel' 2 weeks ago
this is not magic
Universal Creators
'Universal Creators' 2 weeks ago
nice work man do it more
Shikha Aggarwal
'Shikha Aggarwal' 2 weeks ago
Makhna Devi
'Makhna Devi' 2 weeks ago
and this is not magic
Imran Pathan
'Imran Pathan' 2 weeks ago
hey the music u have used is very disgusting were😈
Zed Suo Try to kill
'Zed Suo Try to kill' 2 weeks ago
Pranav Deshmukh
'Pranav Deshmukh' 2 weeks ago
what to do with these trucks?????
Naveen Goyal
'Naveen Goyal' 2 weeks ago
Sukhvir Singh
'Sukhvir Singh' 2 weeks ago
yeah sshe Nahi hai
Mohammad Aashik
'Mohammad Aashik' 2 weeks ago
You don't know please come at home to know
Mohammad Aashik
'Mohammad Aashik' 2 weeks ago
Do you khow paper flying boat
Panugoth Rakesh
'Panugoth Rakesh' 2 weeks ago
banni beta very nice
Kuldeep Mishra
'Kuldeep Mishra' 2 weeks ago
What he did in the first one whereas save paper
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 2 weeks ago
or tree
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 2 weeks ago
you only waste water and money
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 2 weeks ago
what mad video is this
Mahnoor Batool
'Mahnoor Batool' 2 weeks ago
ita too boaring
Azhar Azhar
'Azhar Azhar' 2 weeks ago
paagal insan
Vicky Khanna
'Vicky Khanna' 3 weeks ago
so bad face
rinku verma
'rinku verma' 3 weeks ago
nice yaar
suman garai
'suman garai' 3 weeks ago
people like you will destroy the earth
Frida Koliqi
'Frida Koliqi' 1 month ago
saizan a youtuber SAY
our earth will die if foolish man like him just started wasting paper
Taher Shaikh
'Taher Shaikh' 1 month ago
this trick is copied from 8th standard text book (1st trick is copied)
Rajam Vijay
'Rajam Vijay' 1 month ago
Stupod silly magics
Sarmista Bhattacharjee
Are you mad.....faltu
raja laksmi
'raja laksmi' 1 month ago
I like
Subham Gupta
'Subham Gupta' 1 month ago
Subham Gupta
'Subham Gupta' 1 month ago
tmc me l
aman rajpoot
'aman rajpoot' 1 month ago
save paper
Nikesh Nikesh
'Nikesh Nikesh' 1 month ago
12345678 87654321
'12345678 87654321' 2 months ago
its not magic its just a trick
rehman ali solangi
'rehman ali solangi' 2 months ago
rehman ali solangi
Mishaal Jafri
'Mishaal Jafri' 2 months ago
Its so boring
Bhupendra Niral
'Bhupendra Niral' 2 months ago
khati yaar bh
shivani verma
'shivani verma' 2 months ago
This video is dum .I hate this video so much .I waste my net
Marfe Desamito
'Marfe Desamito' 2 months ago
this is so stupid i just wasted my time watching this!
Munib Khan
'Munib Khan' 2 months ago
khota you have waste our time kamenay shila tera liya badnam hoi
P Pandu
'P Pandu' 2 months ago
don,t waste my time
NISHAL Devadiga
'NISHAL Devadiga' 2 months ago
4 one how we know that is 1 kg
Saba Naznin
'Saba Naznin' 2 months ago
wow.your brilliant
tahmina begum
'tahmina begum' 2 months ago
this is not a magic
Jhulz Gain-value
'Jhulz Gain-value' 2 months ago
this is amaizing
Annemagdalene Berroya
that is not a magic papet
Ruksana Mulla
'Ruksana Mulla' 2 months ago
Ruksana Mulla
'Ruksana Mulla' 2 months ago
Ruksana Mulla
'Ruksana Mulla' 2 months ago
are u joking? I can't see any magic
Ruksana Mulla
'Ruksana Mulla' 2 months ago
are u joking? I can't see any magic
Md nadim Nadim
'Md nadim Nadim' 2 months ago
Sach a time waist see
Aryan Bhatia
'Aryan Bhatia' 2 months ago
I subscribed!
Nidhi Mona
'Nidhi Mona' 2 months ago
This was not a magic...
Ravishankar Sharma
'Ravishankar Sharma' 2 months ago
nitu vashisth
'nitu vashisth' 2 months ago
worst paper tricks
nur syasya
'nur syasya' 2 months ago
Ddsfg Hgffgb
'Ddsfg Hgffgb' 2 months ago
Shahana Parwez
'Shahana Parwez' 2 months ago
stupid false
shama neshwaran
'shama neshwaran' 2 months ago
nice but i can mak eeither one
'SAHIL Sodha' 2 months ago
Rupali saini
'Rupali saini' 2 months ago
Very Nice
Rupali saini
'Rupali saini' 2 months ago
Very Nice
Samuelle Sta.Romana
'Samuelle Sta.Romana' 2 months ago
wow amazing
Ranjit Kujur
'Ranjit Kujur' 2 months ago
bachpan se janta hu
Just Dance101
'Just Dance101' 3 months ago
khushi moyal
'khushi moyal' 3 months ago
Rajbir Singh
'Rajbir Singh' 3 months ago
Hema Latha N
'Hema Latha N' 3 months ago
I liked it !!
kaif Ansari
'kaif Ansari' 3 months ago
bilkul bakwas
Tech With Fun
'Tech With Fun' 3 months ago
bakwaas video
'F S' 3 months ago
dont watch if you know every thing
Yogesh Chandorikar
'Yogesh Chandorikar' 3 months ago
Richa Dwivedi
'Richa Dwivedi' 3 months ago
'KING OF KINGS' 3 months ago
you are mental don't know anything these things know all FUCK
Sameer Ahmed Advani
'Sameer Ahmed Advani' 4 months ago
Amazing magical trickes
A.K.K. Galaxy
'A.K.K. Galaxy' 4 months ago
Bijoy Kumar
'Bijoy Kumar' 4 months ago
& u... Channel's name and ur work are not matching, so think about bad comments, these are the guidelines for be good to best.... and never stop keep it up...
Bijoy Kumar
'Bijoy Kumar' 4 months ago
why some workless fellow think it's a copy from X..Y.. z..., B positive just think it may b a practice... and this monkey trying to share his practice with others....
Everything you want
'Everything you want' 4 months ago
Younus Khan
'Younus Khan' 4 months ago
you have copy me if you will be no last longer
'omega2541' 4 months ago
Sofia you Loki hot sexy
Abdul Wassay
'Abdul Wassay' 4 months ago
You are so stupid teachriders. Fuck you.
Vadalur Sundar Ramachandran
very very bad ok please stop this video
chhaya kataria
'chhaya kataria' 4 months ago
I like your video but you do all the things very fast
Sadiq Golandaj
'Sadiq Golandaj' 4 months ago
Tyla Van Zyl
'Tyla Van Zyl' 4 months ago
Devang Chaudhari
'Devang Chaudhari' 4 months ago
you are very good artist
'SANJAY AGAMAMIDI' 4 months ago
Shahzain Khan
'Shahzain Khan' 4 months ago
Jaxon said you are stooped
'THE KING OF POP' 4 months ago
ha what is this. wasteing time
shabbir hussain
'shabbir hussain' 4 months ago
'R2MN_Video_Gallery' 4 months ago
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