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Published: 2 years ago By: TechRiders

By: TechRidersPublished: 2 years ago

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hey guys this video is for everyone i show this video Amazing Paper Tricks
Timestamp & Tricks Name
00:10 - 1. Impossible Paper
01:00 - 2. Morpheus Strip#1
01:37 - 3. Morpheus Strip#2
02:20 - 4. Strong Columns
03:57 - 5. Cry Elephant
04:36 - 6. Paper Magnet
05:00 - 7. Cloned Man
06:39 - 8. Paper Planes
08:03 - 9. Paper Boat
09:15 - 10. Walk-Thru Paper
you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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Song in beginning from FreeSongsToUse here on YouTube.

ashok singh
'ashok singh' 1 day ago
copied from brussup
Lightning queen Queen
Not bad....
Arpit Wasnik
'Arpit Wasnik' 5 days ago
What Is The magic of 1 impossible papee
Neha Supehia
'Neha Supehia' 5 days ago
ooo amazing
Umar Ansari
'Umar Ansari' 5 days ago
Nice video
mahesh gorisi
'mahesh gorisi' 6 days ago
ramarao galla
'ramarao galla' 6 days ago
Good one for children
Prabhakar Shetty
'Prabhakar Shetty' 6 days ago
I meant gud.. 😅
Prabhakar Shetty
'Prabhakar Shetty' 6 days ago
It's guy😊😊
gad songs M
'gad songs M' 6 days ago
so bad
Shubham Dhyani
'Shubham Dhyani' 1 week ago
I hate this
Vaishali Dhomne
'Vaishali Dhomne' 1 week ago
Jubayer Sk
'Jubayer Sk' 2 weeks ago
Very good
Zabi UllaH
'Zabi UllaH' 2 weeks ago
crazy man with your crazy tricks😱
momtaj shaikh
'momtaj shaikh' 2 weeks ago
Don't Waste Paper please.....😒😒 Agree with me then like it....
Wasif Khan
'Wasif Khan' 2 weeks ago
nothing so awesome
'UDIT RAWAT' 2 weeks ago
Pleas call me in 7895922177
'GOURAV PANNU' 3 weeks ago
Dimagi problem aaya you tube pe video bhejne teacriders stupids😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😝
Aarish Pathan
'Aarish Pathan' 3 weeks ago
Get me something wow
the running orc
'the running orc' 3 weeks ago
Can someone tell me the name of music
Bagala Ronald
'Bagala Ronald' 3 weeks ago
Kailash Kumar Maurya
it a nice tricks but l can do it
Waseem Manuels
'Waseem Manuels' 4 weeks ago
It's awesome
gemsgems jemsjems
'gemsgems jemsjems' 4 weeks ago
You dont know parkour
cute baby masuma
'cute baby masuma' 4 weeks ago
I agreed with hirokjyoti 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 save tree save papper don't waste papper 😠😠😠😠😠 tree hai tou barish hai , barish hai tou pani hai , pani hai tou zindagi hai so plez plez like this 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mano Mano
'Mano Mano' 4 weeks ago
lαím dσ чσu knσw hσw much í wαѕtє thє tímє.mч вαttєrч wαѕ dєαd
Nikhil Piwal
'Nikhil Piwal' 1 month ago
sale chutiya kat Raha hai
Nikhil Piwal
'Nikhil Piwal' 1 month ago
sale chutiya kat Raha hai
Nishika Agrawal
'Nishika Agrawal' 1 month ago
can you plz tell me what are u doing
Amit Aggarwal
'Amit Aggarwal' 1 month ago
You are fake fake fake
Monika Sehgal
'Monika Sehgal' 1 month ago
Cool 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦
Deepa Deepa
'Deepa Deepa' 1 month ago
My time only waste
Jashan Singh
'Jashan Singh' 1 month ago
he or she is mental or a stupid
Jashan Singh
'Jashan Singh' 1 month ago
shoot the other comments
Jashan Singh
'Jashan Singh' 1 month ago
wow this is amazing bro
Ketan Xalxo
'Ketan Xalxo' 1 month ago
please simple magic trick
Salma Begum
'Salma Begum' 1 month ago
Sekharbabu Babu
'Sekharbabu Babu' 1 month ago
wow Super
Hanif Ksana
'Hanif Ksana' 2 months ago
It is very bad don't waste your time in this.
Satyaharshik Goday
'Satyaharshik Goday' 2 months ago
it is mad
EzAz Mehdi
'EzAz Mehdi' 2 months ago
no. 6 is just amazing 👏
Devika Bhanu
'Devika Bhanu' 2 months ago
Utpal Dutta
'Utpal Dutta' 2 months ago
Kathir super
'Kathir super' 2 months ago
DJCole Nunez
'DJCole Nunez' 2 months ago
How is this magic
Mubeen Azan
'Mubeen Azan' 2 months ago
No Comments
'No Comments' 2 months ago
This is not a fucking tricks, this is.... Uh, I don't know what is this... Save paper man.
Rushil Mahajan
'Rushil Mahajan' 2 months ago
Bludy loser
ishita sharma
'ishita sharma' 2 months ago
first look at your self and then comment somethings you also can't do like him you can't also make your own video like techriders
Preety Wadhwa
'Preety Wadhwa' 2 months ago
ratnakar behera
'ratnakar behera' 2 months ago
Saumya Godbole
'Saumya Godbole' 2 months ago
Sab jhut hair sale Ko like yafhir sub
Roman Rakesh
'Roman Rakesh' 2 months ago
it was nice
Rekha Yadav
'Rekha Yadav' 2 months ago
u r so stupid and boka
d.gomathy somasundaram
Shahabas Sabu
'Shahabas Sabu' 2 months ago
Ab.jjamal Jasim
'Ab.jjamal Jasim' 2 months ago
Anand Parkash
'Anand Parkash' 2 months ago
it is a wastage of paper 😐
Pankaj Basotia
'Pankaj Basotia' 2 months ago
save tree save paper don't wate paper like this edeyete
Vivek Dontha
'Vivek Dontha' 2 months ago
funny chanel
'funny chanel' 2 months ago
this is not magic
Universal Creators
'Universal Creators' 2 months ago
nice work man do it more
Shikha Aggarwal
'Shikha Aggarwal' 2 months ago
Makhna Devi
'Makhna Devi' 2 months ago
and this is not magic
Imran Pathan
'Imran Pathan' 3 months ago
hey the music u have used is very disgusting were😈
Zed Suo Try to kill
'Zed Suo Try to kill' 3 months ago
Pranav Deshmukh
'Pranav Deshmukh' 3 months ago
what to do with these trucks?????
Naveen Goyal
'Naveen Goyal' 3 months ago
Sukhvir Singh
'Sukhvir Singh' 3 months ago
yeah sshe Nahi hai
Mohammad Aashik
'Mohammad Aashik' 3 months ago
You don't know please come at home to know
Mohammad Aashik
'Mohammad Aashik' 3 months ago
Do you khow paper flying boat
Panugoth Rakesh
'Panugoth Rakesh' 3 months ago
banni beta very nice
Kuldeep Mishra
'Kuldeep Mishra' 3 months ago
What he did in the first one whereas save paper
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 3 months ago
or tree
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 3 months ago
you only waste water and money
Deepa Rohit
'Deepa Rohit' 3 months ago
what mad video is this
Mahnoor Batool
'Mahnoor Batool' 3 months ago
ita too boaring
Azhar Azhar
'Azhar Azhar' 3 months ago
paagal insan
Vicky Khanna
'Vicky Khanna' 3 months ago
so bad face
rinku verma
'rinku verma' 3 months ago
nice yaar
suman garai
'suman garai' 3 months ago
people like you will destroy the earth
Frida Koliqi
'Frida Koliqi' 3 months ago
S.R legend youtuber
'S.R legend youtuber' 3 months ago
our earth will die if foolish man like him just started wasting paper
Taher Shaikh
'Taher Shaikh' 3 months ago
this trick is copied from 8th standard text book (1st trick is copied)
Rajam Vijay
'Rajam Vijay' 3 months ago
Stupod silly magics
Sarmista Bhattacharjee
Are you mad.....faltu
raja laksmi
'raja laksmi' 3 months ago
I like
Subham Gupta
'Subham Gupta' 4 months ago
Subham Gupta
'Subham Gupta' 4 months ago
tmc me l
aman rajpoot
'aman rajpoot' 4 months ago
save paper
Nikesh Nikesh
'Nikesh Nikesh' 4 months ago
12345678 87654321
'12345678 87654321' 4 months ago
its not magic its just a trick
rehman ali solangi
'rehman ali solangi' 4 months ago
rehman ali solangi
Mishaal Jafri
'Mishaal Jafri' 4 months ago
Its so boring
Bhupendra Niral
'Bhupendra Niral' 4 months ago
khati yaar bh
shivani verma
'shivani verma' 4 months ago
This video is dum .I hate this video so much .I waste my net
Marfe Desamito
'Marfe Desamito' 4 months ago
this is so stupid i just wasted my time watching this!
Munib Khan
'Munib Khan' 4 months ago
khota you have waste our time kamenay shila tera liya badnam hoi
P Pandu
'P Pandu' 4 months ago
don,t waste my time
NISHAL Devadiga
'NISHAL Devadiga' 4 months ago
4 one how we know that is 1 kg
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