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Published: 11 months ago By: TechRiders

By: TechRidersPublished: 11 months ago

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hey guys this video is for everyone i show this video Amazing Paper Tricks
Timestamp & Tricks Name
00:10 - 1. Impossible Paper
01:00 - 2. Morpheus Strip#1
01:37 - 3. Morpheus Strip#2
02:20 - 4. Strong Columns
03:57 - 5. Cry Elephant
04:36 - 6. Paper Magnet
05:00 - 7. Cloned Man
06:39 - 8. Paper Planes
08:03 - 9. Paper Boat
09:15 - 10. Walk-Thru Paper
you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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Song in beginning from FreeSongsToUse here on YouTube.

johnny sageer
'johnny sageer' 15 hours ago
sardar gabbar singh
Renuka Ahiwale
'Renuka Ahiwale' 1 day ago
The best Magic triks......... wow
Ali Ameen
'Ali Ameen' 1 day ago
samuel panithi
'samuel panithi' 2 days ago
'J J NISHA7' 2 days ago
poda pakki
Abhinav Yadav
'Abhinav Yadav' 3 days ago
I wonder if there was any new (2016) trick in it !! Bc
Ali Ameen
'Ali Ameen' 3 days ago
Wasim Qazi
'Wasim Qazi' 4 days ago
Sandhyasri Tripuraneni
I am surprise to see it
sabir khan
'sabir khan' 5 days ago
stupid i don't like any magic trick
Gauri Patil
'Gauri Patil' 7 days ago
sooo boring😒😕
Maruthi Maruthi
'Maruthi Maruthi' 1 week ago
ne mokham laga Vundi...
rubaiat hamid
'rubaiat hamid' 1 week ago
So 2016, am i right people?
Syed Adilahmed
'Syed Adilahmed' 1 week ago
hbnbnb mk.
doll princess
'doll princess' 2 weeks ago
Ankit kumar
'Ankit kumar' 2 weeks ago
I am mental
Sakshya Gauhan
'Sakshya Gauhan' 2 weeks ago
they all the so boring trickes
cool machines
'cool machines' 2 weeks ago
Kiran Jo
'Kiran Jo' 2 weeks ago
papet tricks sucks
roman empire yu
'roman empire yu' 2 weeks ago
who doesn't know how to make paper airplane and boats fuck ass bitch
Shopna Zakir
'Shopna Zakir' 2 weeks ago
Dakaliya Ajay
'Dakaliya Ajay' 2 weeks ago
krrish Tripathi
'krrish Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
krrish the Boss very good
krrish Tripathi
'krrish Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
krrish the Bos
krrish Tripathi
'krrish Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
krrish the Boss Has
krrish Tripathi
'krrish Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
krrish the Boss
krrish Tripathi
'krrish Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
krrish the Boss
TheDarkEnder T.
'TheDarkEnder T.' 2 weeks ago
I don't get number 1
YouTube Studio
'YouTube Studio' 3 weeks ago
nice one kid
Jacob Tan
'Jacob Tan' 3 weeks ago
Morpheus? I think this guy watched other YouTube videos and made his own compilation and hear "Morpheus" not "Möbius". Plagiarism?
LongShot501 Minecraft and More
GET IN THE BAG NEBBY!!!😤😤😤👜👜👜 There you go now- WHAT THE FUDGE NEBBY. Pew 🔵 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Ansari Ahmed
'Ansari Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
very bad tricks
alvi ahmed
'alvi ahmed' 3 weeks ago
i know this
Princess Cichon
'Princess Cichon' 3 weeks ago
how to do paper magnet?
smeet bhadani
'smeet bhadani' 3 weeks ago
Very good work kid
amitava maiti
'amitava maiti' 3 weeks ago
very good work.👌👍👏
Priyanka Bagade
'Priyanka Bagade' 3 weeks ago
KL Kumar
'KL Kumar' 3 weeks ago
very good talent kl kumar
'VARSHA YADAV' 3 weeks ago
very nice
BA cousins
'BA cousins' 3 weeks ago
nothing just like shit....!
Karan Verma
'Karan Verma' 3 weeks ago
Add subtitles or get a new microphone in your bull shit!!!!
Mukhammad Latipov
'Mukhammad Latipov' 4 weeks ago
you are black
Seemal Anjoom
'Seemal Anjoom' 4 weeks ago
I knew 1st one
Ryuzaki movies
'Ryuzaki movies' 4 weeks ago
Make those paper magic video that can help others not by making boat or airplane....
ashvin hurchund
'ashvin hurchund' 4 weeks ago
ashvin hurchund
'ashvin hurchund' 4 weeks ago
Rabbana Parveen
'Rabbana Parveen' 4 weeks ago
no need say like this ok iss video me mujhe kuch bhi aisa nhi laga ki tumne aisa kaha dil karra h 2 kass ke gaal PE du
Rabbana Parveen
'Rabbana Parveen' 4 weeks ago
umar shafaq aap apni had me raha karo aur inko nahi Marne ki zaruri aapko h Jo aap apne SE bare insaan ko keh rahe ho uncle please die in your spare time agar aapko ye video pasand nahi aayi to just say it clearly
Jessysam Rajan
'Jessysam Rajan' 4 weeks ago
Zubayer Ibne Shihab
'Zubayer Ibne Shihab' 4 weeks ago
All tricks are copied.....
himanshi narang
'himanshi narang' 4 weeks ago
rubish who don't know to make paper boats and paper planes waist of time....... and the last one what should we do of that
alyssa shane pascual
I know the number 1
art best
'art best' 4 weeks ago
what are you said
Javeed Ghalwade
'Javeed Ghalwade' 1 month ago
mabb magan
I Viral
'I Viral' 1 month ago
nice videos
pal Joshi
'pal Joshi' 1 month ago
Ramdhan Prajapati
'Ramdhan Prajapati' 1 month ago
so boring
Abundio Maquilang
'Abundio Maquilang' 1 month ago
its not paper magic I'm not express
Extreme Gameplay
'Extreme Gameplay' 1 month ago
oh your not TechRax :)
'THE FOURS' 1 month ago
Shireen Shaikh
'Shireen Shaikh' 1 month ago
Totally rubbish even a child knows this
Career on YouTube
'Career on YouTube' 1 month ago
karna kya chata tha be
Harshil Patel
'Harshil Patel' 1 month ago
Exclusive 7
'Exclusive 7' 1 month ago
pankaj kumar baghpat
Amit Jana
'Amit Jana' 1 month ago
Amit Jana
'Amit Jana' 1 month ago
this is shit
aakash ramawat
'aakash ramawat' 1 month ago
faltu bakwaas
aakash ramawat
'aakash ramawat' 1 month ago
bana kya raha hai tu
Akshay Patil
'Akshay Patil' 1 month ago
like it
ShowTime Vlogs
'ShowTime Vlogs' 1 month ago
no3 look like magic nice one
prince patel
'prince patel' 1 month ago
upendra poddar
'upendra poddar' 1 month ago
good for kids
Ayaz Shaikh
'Ayaz Shaikh' 2 months ago
wow uncle apne kagaz ke jahaz bna liye..ab thodi or padhaee kr ke in jahazo ko udana bhi sikh lo...yha pr ap kya kr rhe ho....ap to bahut briliunt mide ho....
RIshant Parmar
'RIshant Parmar' 2 months ago
Christian Macasinag
'Christian Macasinag' 2 months ago
how dare you to put a title like that?
Anne Gelaika Baniqued
making a paper plane and a paper boat is not really an amazing paper trick
Vasvi Saboo
'Vasvi Saboo' 2 months ago
'DARSHITA DAS' 2 months ago
Unexpected though 😂😂😂 no one knew dis all
cs cs
'cs cs' 2 months ago
a good magic
Kika Barajas
'Kika Barajas' 2 months ago
I'm sorry
sampada jha
'sampada jha' 2 months ago
stupid video
jery martir
'jery martir' 2 months ago
Very simple:p
haha Chhanhimi
'haha Chhanhimi' 2 months ago
fuck who
Antti Rantanen
'Antti Rantanen' 2 months ago
Antti Rantanen
'Antti Rantanen' 2 months ago
Juspher Jocson
'Juspher Jocson' 2 months ago
4:34 poor pakalu papito
Anil Shinde
'Anil Shinde' 2 months ago
somoshar somoshar
'somoshar somoshar' 2 months ago
What the hell. Totally waste of time. You showed everything that kids do. Damn...!
NB Creations
'NB Creations' 2 months ago
how to move or rotate letters?
'WINNI WILZIG' 2 months ago
I don't get the first one what does it do
GamingRazor razor
'GamingRazor razor' 2 months ago
Nadia Peśla
'Nadia Peśla' 2 months ago
likes ITS no
john tarrayo
'john tarrayo' 2 months ago
i not like dis video
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