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The Big Bang Theory - Life With A Baby -
Published: 6 months ago By: Justin Davidson

By: Justin DavidsonPublished: 6 months ago

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Bernadette and Howard share their struggles of taking care of Halley.

Season 10 Episode 12, 'The Holiday Summation'.

Gear5Gold Dragoneer
'Gear5Gold Dragoneer' 3 months ago
Raj: "you know in India when my baby brother cried like that the servants in the room just took him far away so we couldn't hear it". 😂 I like Raj he's funny.
dj sona
'dj sona' 4 months ago
Yours is a soothing, humbled voice, Stewart.
Surya Rajbanshi
'Surya Rajbanshi' 5 months ago
the show was good till season 9
Carrie Dodds
'Carrie Dodds' 5 months ago
wish i did not know the political views of the actors playing my favorite people, they no longer my favorite people. dont care to watch anymore actually
moxie girl
'moxie girl' 5 months ago
that baby sounds like howard's mom
Rebecca Rutkiwski
'Rebecca Rutkiwski' 5 months ago
That how my sister rachel cry when she was a baby 😂😂😂😂
Lisstheninjapirate Meow
Bernadette: Everyones a better mom than me! Raj: Don't take it so personally! ... Maybe your baby is just a jerk!
Star Child
'Star Child' 5 months ago
Sheldon a jerk till the end of time
Marcia Schaedler
'Marcia Schaedler' 5 months ago
Why are the characters on this show becoming so annoying? Not likable at all.
'MsLotzaluv' 5 months ago
I've never ever thought Howard was hot but that wink and grin at 2:05 was just sexy. I've replayed it like 5 times, what is wrong with me *sigh*
Snake being
'Snake being' 5 months ago
If this was dark comedy, suffocation would be given into consideration.
cathy Tuttle
'cathy Tuttle' 5 months ago
Stewarts is getting grayer.
Michael Dust
'Michael Dust' 5 months ago
this show lost it
'nirvanafan7895' 5 months ago
2:17 That cry hahahaha!
Antike Rätsel
'Antike Rätsel' 5 months ago
that baby sounds like a gremlin
Ricardo Shilly Shally
This show has officially lost all its charm. This is just cringy
'UltimateJKC1994' 6 months ago
I heard that voice actress Pamela Aldon voices the baby. :)
'MaiCohWolf' 6 months ago
So did Howard's mom reincarnate into the baby? It sure sounds like her....
Amy Mullins
'Amy Mullins' 6 months ago
The show has lost it's magic :(
'toddsmitts' 6 months ago
They don't appreciate Stuart.
LookWhat ICanDo
'LookWhat ICanDo' 6 months ago
I used to like TBBT very much & then I watched Friends !!
xbc83 twice
'xbc83 twice' 6 months ago
am I the only 1 who heard bernadette say took me hours to get HIM down wen in a previous episode they had a GIRL lol
'Ginny855' 6 months ago
The baby's voice is deeper than Bernadette's :D
'crowdpleasa4495' 6 months ago
They replaced the voice of Howard's mom with the voice of the baby.
'TheMoonlight2887' 6 months ago
Are they going to do with Halley the same they did with Deb and NEVER show us her face???? FUCK!!!! >: (
'TheNonfat' 6 months ago
The episode was not fuuny! I think they need to work on the writing, becuas this season and the last one... Not funny. I am a big fan of the show but the humor is going down hill
Laura Gadille
'Laura Gadille' 6 months ago
We will never see the baby
'Ebizzill' 6 months ago
ewwww that baby sounds like howard's mum! ewwww... (may she rip)
Emmy Fowler
'Emmy Fowler' 6 months ago
😂😂😂😂... l do feel bad for the mom!!
'GeekerSqueaker' 6 months ago
I literally HATE the new baby! Why can't they just show a proper baby! We need to be able to see it!!
wayne king
'wayne king' 6 months ago
what the fuck am i watching? modern family?
'London1869' 6 months ago
She needs food stains...oh wait, there they are.
Lexi Love
'Lexi Love' 6 months ago
I like that they are struggling as new parents, most parents do. Not everyone quickly bonds with their baby right away it takes time. Glad Bernadette finally figured out sleeping in the crib with her helps
'IAmTheAce5' 6 months ago
Melissa Rauch is so CUTE!
Kiaria Luna
'Kiaria Luna' 6 months ago
"What have we done?"
Raunac Singh
'Raunac Singh' 6 months ago
big bang is losing its touch they should stop this series now and come up with another idea which is new or something
varun reddy
'varun reddy' 6 months ago
jerk or badmother cant choose any
Dennis Ardakis
'Dennis Ardakis' 6 months ago
It's utter crap that Halley will only be heard and that she cries in a creepy way and sounding like Howard's mother!
'K L' 6 months ago
I don't know why they think its funny to be mean to Stewart. This show use to be cleaver, now its just nasty.
Osbaldo Cruz
'Osbaldo Cruz' 6 months ago
Why do I have the feel that their baby is FAT.
Jennifer Chaplin
'Jennifer Chaplin' 6 months ago
they should never have had a baby. Bernadette didn't want kids
David Aubin
'David Aubin' 6 months ago
0:32 Bernadette: My boobs are empty do you want lasagna? LOL
K Neth
'K Neth' 6 months ago
Typical Chuck Lorre show. Starts out great, then after syndication they jump the shark and things get...predictable.
Vandey Mataram
'Vandey Mataram' 6 months ago
What have they done😱
Jeff Davad
'Jeff Davad' 6 months ago
Well finally The Big Bang Theory "Jumped The Shark".
Blanca Rosales
'Blanca Rosales' 6 months ago
when Bernadette says that reminds me of Phoebe complaining about Emma crying saying this is not good when it comes to have sex with Ross and Rachel saying I'm the worst mother ever hahahaha
'Piinl' 6 months ago
Geez I thought they were just making a joke when they mady the baby cry like that for the first time in the hospital. I can't believe they keep that cry. It's more creepy than funny actually... :v
'msinvincible2000' 6 months ago
they did a really dumb thing with that cry
Ofelia Bautista
'Ofelia Bautista' 6 months ago
Howard: "What's the matter?" Bernadette: "Nothing, these are happy tears." Howard: "Oh good." Bernadette: "No they're not, you bozo!"
Menem Dannoun
'Menem Dannoun' 6 months ago
so as this one
'GeorgeS' 6 months ago
this is going to be another howards mum thing
todd krager
'todd krager' 6 months ago
Melissa Rausch is hot!!
Kuldeep Atodaria
'Kuldeep Atodaria' 6 months ago
Damn. I don't think I could get used to the awful cry.
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