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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 10 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 10 months ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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The Random Family
'The Random Family' 3 hours ago
He set his hand on fire twice
Mohamed Mohamed
'Mohamed Mohamed' 6 hours ago
UGOCHI _0317
'UGOCHI _0317' 7 hours ago
No offense, but for some reason the 7th one really creeped/freaked me out!😂
UGOCHI _0317
'UGOCHI _0317' 7 hours ago
Omg, the third one is so scary! Even tho it doesn't hurt😂
Karthik Satya
'Karthik Satya' 8 hours ago
all of them are exothermic reactions righr
Nicholas Jeremy
'Nicholas Jeremy' 13 hours ago
it's super cool but it seem dangerous
Auf Ali Nazim
'Auf Ali Nazim' 15 hours ago
it's tilde cooooool:)
'JuegaBastianYT' 19 hours ago
i like the 10 one HOW DID HE DID THAT?how did his hands get not burn? please answer me back
Triton Moore
'Triton Moore' 24 hours ago
awesome !!!!!
Malaak Amin
'Malaak Amin' 24 hours ago
The third one I did that in my school and I was the first person to do it it didn't hurt but it did make me jump
Phoebe Davidson
'Phoebe Davidson' 1 day ago
does the fire on the hand hurt?
Co ho Hoang
'Co ho Hoang' 1 day ago
Platinum - ROBLOX and More
Platinum - ROBLOX and More
Please do remember to do all fire experiments indoors or in a forest with lots of trees and grass.
Aidan Collins
'Aidan Collins' 1 day ago
no shit hey did that
'HacksLifestyle' 1 day ago
Thocane Khedepy
'Thocane Khedepy' 2 days ago
'MR CORNISH BOY' 2 days ago
Hey guys this is my second channel check it out
amber arzola
'amber arzola' 2 days ago
The flammable hand sanitizer thing hurts like a mofo 😂BUT WORTH IT
Lena Pepin
'Lena Pepin' 2 days ago
c hiper dangereux !
Dianne Panguito
'Dianne Panguito' 2 days ago
'minibobtail' 3 days ago
Soo he makes the hand sanitizer fire trick look so cool, following the reality where when everyone eles does it they burn the hell out of there hands.
Thomas Arevalo
'Thomas Arevalo' 3 days ago
Cool cool👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
'EXPERIMENTS plus' 3 days ago
I also make Experiments
'EXPERIMENTS plus' 3 days ago
Könnt gerne mal bei mir vorbei schauen, mache auch Experimente 😉
Anne Widjaya
'Anne Widjaya' 3 days ago
that fire is hot i wont too
Ashok Vyas
'Ashok Vyas' 3 days ago
Liwanag sa Dilim
'Liwanag sa Dilim' 3 days ago
The last one is awesome.
Scetchy Pander
'Scetchy Pander' 4 days ago
Troll your stupid vid about airogel it burnt my dads finger wth
LeSuper Man
'LeSuper Man' 4 days ago
LeSuper Man
'LeSuper Man' 4 days ago
that freak me out
Black Røse
'Black Røse' 4 days ago
the first one just sounds like a fart
jhon pena
'jhon pena' 5 days ago
number 9 looks like a heart
'nerdburger234' 5 days ago
I just came to see somebody light their hand on fire and I wasn't disappointed..
Hansxkenshin Bovell
Number 9 = coke solid
'RamblinRob' 5 days ago
I never knew there were so many different ways to start fires.
the cute rabbit
'the cute rabbit' 5 days ago
Lol, so amazing!!
Brenda Bogard
'Brenda Bogard' 5 days ago
Is anyone else scared to die for the hand sanitizer and lighter one??!!
Vikram Singh
'Vikram Singh' 5 days ago
wow amazing tricks lol but poor
Jadini427 Gaming
'Jadini427 Gaming' 6 days ago
I felt pain touching hand sanitizer fire thing
Rose Gaming
'Rose Gaming' 6 days ago
Doesn't that fire hurt?
Nilesh Yadav
'Nilesh Yadav' 6 days ago
ihascookiequake 123
Buillozu Comet
'Buillozu Comet' 6 days ago
I tried to do the one in the thumbnail but it didn't work smfh
dek ayu
'dek ayu' 6 days ago
subcribe and like balek ya mas.. salam persahabatan.. :-)
erkan karaer
'erkan karaer' 6 days ago
'Franceslaw87' 6 days ago
my favorite was flammable handsanitizer
Sarah Ahmed
'Sarah Ahmed' 6 days ago
That was Awsome😱
Leo Boyes
'Leo Boyes' 6 days ago
does it work with soap
'thedrew4you' 6 days ago
These are not experiments. These are demonstrations of chemistry. Experiments are rigorous test carried out in exacting conditions. This is some kid playing with the bottles he found under his mom's sink. Not recommended.
JungKøøkie And YTs
4:48 your making a monster 😂 THE 2ND ONE IS COOL IS IT SAFE FOR YOUR HANDS???
Vanshika Gupta
'Vanshika Gupta' 6 days ago
OMG....can't do at home..
sabavath vijendra
'sabavath vijendra' 6 days ago
hi iam viju
Lito Tuazon
'Lito Tuazon' 6 days ago
lol my friends freek out when they see my super powers flaming hand 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 tnx bro
That Gamer
'That Gamer' 6 days ago
5-12 thats what elephant poops are amirite
james chia
'james chia' 6 days ago
I'm 10 and I can do all this
'DarkestShadeZ' 7 days ago
if i ever become a science teacher for a middle/high school, Im doing these experiment.
pls sub
'pls sub' 7 days ago
number 9 undertale charas face melt
Prime Ultron
'Prime Ultron' 7 days ago
The final trick hurts so bad, how did u keep it on your hand for so long ?
'HSU CHIA CHEN' 7 days ago
Don't you feel hot when there is fire on your hand?
Siti Aishah
'Siti Aishah' 7 days ago
do you hear that drilling sound bfore it explodes
'Soc_gamerYT' 7 days ago
i did number 1 in my school and it blew up in my face
PEWDIEPIE Likes to wear make-up LIKE A BOSS
My favorite one was elephant toothpaste
'ZIOMOR' 1 week ago
i've tried the last one i burned my finger
Jania Buford
'Jania Buford' 1 week ago
this is so cool
Science and Technology by an IITian
just awesome Science is really like magic
Zoe Rayner
'Zoe Rayner' 1 week ago
the 7th was amazing
Achyut shivam
'Achyut shivam' 1 week ago
'Fr3akY' 1 week ago
wow cool
nitesh jha
'nitesh jha' 1 week ago
nitesh jha
'nitesh jha' 1 week ago
Claudia Angelica
'Claudia Angelica' 1 week ago
Wolfie Woulfe
'Wolfie Woulfe' 1 week ago
Do the ones involving the fire on the hands hurt?
Hayden Crook
'Hayden Crook' 1 week ago
how does that not hurt your hands
'snowflake3391' 1 week ago
How does your hand not burn when you touch the fire with the gas experiment?
Jaylen Rahmaan
'Jaylen Rahmaan' 1 week ago
Your awesome dude
Aqrez Gaming
'Aqrez Gaming' 1 week ago
Mohammad Danish
'Mohammad Danish' 1 week ago
what was the liquid name you added to make jet engine in a jar?
Syed Salim Raza
'Syed Salim Raza' 1 week ago
Are we supposed to use only that sanitizer u r using or v can use our own.. Actually i used some other one but my hand got burnt!!
Mistaken Ryan
'Mistaken Ryan' 1 week ago
awesome make more please
Happy Hi
'Happy Hi's' 1 week ago
the snake of torpedo fire one looked like the bowl was pooping
skydoesminecraft Jr.
Does the hand sanitizer flame burn your hand
Marina Platt
'Marina Platt' 1 week ago
great video man :)
Tri Force Gaming
'Tri Force Gaming' 1 week ago
anyone notice that the fire snake looks like king kong
Ede Priske
'Ede Priske' 1 week ago
Wouldn't that fire burn ur hands!? If not please reply and explain XD
Mimi Djohan
'Mimi Djohan' 1 week ago
it is soooooooo cool that it looks like you can hold flame
'桜音サキ' 1 week ago
Marianne Grace Espiritu
I want the fire snake👏
'RenzIsBack' 1 week ago
When a video from youtube tells you: "Dont try this at home kids!" Video: Dont Try this at home kids!! Me: Is it okay at school then???
gaming with rock raj
I scared my mom
Eka Edrianto
'Eka Edrianto' 1 week ago
Aisaac Gathwright
'Aisaac Gathwright' 1 week ago
I just tried the one with hand sanitize and fire... and it was really cool. I wasn't brave enough to do the whole hand but i put it on the tip off my finger and it was still super cool!!
Knock Two
'Knock Two' 1 week ago
strange how it sounds like a race car
'Compins' 1 week ago
The first one is a rotary engine. BRAP BRAP BRAP
cute barbie
'cute barbie' 1 week ago
moms loud house peace
make more videos
'Tricia0617cat' 2 weeks ago
did they add in sounds
Ibrahim Mohammad
'Ibrahim Mohammad' 2 weeks ago
i tried sugar snake
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