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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 1 year ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 1 year ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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'WOOLFrAM' 2 hours ago
it is a pulse jet engine ........
Olaf Adamczyk
'Olaf Adamczyk' 5 hours ago
science bitch!
False Walker
'False Walker' 11 hours ago
Searching for handsanitizer
Black Lives Matter
'Black Lives Matter' 11 hours ago
Ex per in mens: Out of, through and into the mind. Three steps: first you imagine something, than you put that imagination to the test outside of your brain and then the results feed back into your brain.
Death Dude
'Death Dude' 14 hours ago
does ordinary sanitizer does the job?
'Neos4500' 19 hours ago
What's exactly happening with the sugar in 9 ?
Zainab Anjum
'Zainab Anjum' 22 hours ago
Spelling wrong compilation
Jay patel
'Jay patel' 1 day ago
Ye aapke hath me Kya he Jise aap jlate ho
naila sayyed
'naila sayyed' 1 day ago
Coool i love science thx home science
Death Dude
'Death Dude' 1 day ago
does that fire hurt*.lol how did u do that.
'wildfiregaming' 1 day ago
4:35 so THAT'S where the molded in resident evil 7 Came from.
Gaming with Sofia
7:47 was freaking out
Rj Yadav
'Rj Yadav' 1 day ago
isaiah ramirez
'isaiah ramirez' 1 day ago
Jayce Guardipee
'Jayce Guardipee' 2 days ago
What's the tight instrumental used in this video?
Mr Mistix
'Mr Mistix' 2 days ago
N7 looks so fake but so real 0-0
'PADMA KHANDE' 2 days ago
Will the last one would burn ur hand
'Edy_F004' 2 days ago
Last one could be a really good prank to pull on a friend lol
shivlal yadav
'shivlal yadav' 2 days ago
how to write name with hand sanitizer if you want to see this subscribe the sk entertainers
bijaya ra bishna
'bijaya ra bishna' 2 days ago
I have tried all but only one failed awesome guys
Afiqah Effendi
'Afiqah Effendi' 2 days ago
Tak logic lah
Shashvat Patel
'Shashvat Patel' 2 days ago
home science : i wanna ask you that when you perform the last experiment 10 your hand not burn by flame is it really that while performing this activity our hand will not burn
Gursewak Singh
'Gursewak Singh' 2 days ago
Can I try hand fire experiment
Benito Perez
'Benito Perez' 3 days ago
so never drink coke with chloride
Zero The Furry!
'Zero The Furry!' 3 days ago
I was going to say a Science Joke, but it wouldn't have any reaction
Meherun Mitu
'Meherun Mitu' 3 days ago
omggggggggggggg fire..
Itai Sprachman
'Itai Sprachman' 3 days ago
some of these look like satanic rituals but it was awesome nonetheless
Mohamad Anas
'Mohamad Anas' 3 days ago
6:45 I think they make Pepsi this way
Amy Garcia
'Amy Garcia' 3 days ago
Omg the suger
Arma Gedon
'Arma Gedon' 3 days ago
4:28 OMG am i the only that has thought of sand pooping!? I mean it does look like its pooping lul
'enigma1863' 4 days ago
Hes a witch! Turned me into a newt.
Dj Alison
'Dj Alison' 4 days ago
6:44 that looks like blood
Levi Leger
'Levi Leger' 4 days ago
Wtf was that thing coming out of the pot?!? Yuck
Neymar JR
'Neymar JR' 4 days ago
I was impressed by the last one
Huma Lone
'Huma Lone' 4 days ago
At 0:25 did anybody fart lol 😂
'DonaldTrump' 5 days ago
minecraft pe gamer
Is it paiful burning in your hand
Sandra Ross
'Sandra Ross' 6 days ago
Does any of the Fire ones hurt???
Danpranks peps
'Danpranks peps' 6 days ago
5:12 longest demon shit.😂
Erca Yasan
'Erca Yasan' 6 days ago
dose it burn ?
Frank Ellis
'Frank Ellis' 7 days ago
It's Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis
'Frank Ellis' 7 days ago
Yo guys subscribe to my channel I'll have videos coming soon it's. Frank Ellis
Layla Belisle
'Layla Belisle' 7 days ago
That's really cool😀
Marimuthu Raju
'Marimuthu Raju' 1 week ago
Zack Ammar
'Zack Ammar' 1 week ago
Mak kodeng
mahshima sabra prasetyo
I try the last 10 its not work can you explaind what heapend
Kirtito Okumura
'Kirtito Okumura' 1 week ago
#7 how to summon a demon
Sajal Mishra
'Sajal Mishra' 1 week ago
are they safe to try at home
Josiah Plays Roblox
we all knew what that looked like... 3:49 DUH coca cola and pool chlorine coming out a tube
Abhishek Tirunagri
Dosent those flames burn you
Enter Name Here
'Enter Name Here' 1 week ago
#6 works with salt but it's less volitile
Mr. Doppler
'Mr. Doppler' 1 week ago
4:50 It's Rising!
Ami Nilsen
'Ami Nilsen' 1 week ago
He has 666k subs he's the devil of YouTube
Удивительная химия
First experiment called - "Farting jar"
;-; Bleh
';-; Bleh' 1 week ago
Will it hurt if I try? And if I do 10? What hand sanitizer are you using?
'DOCTOR PARTY' 2 weeks ago
4:24 it looks more like a creature coming out of hell
Kek Baba
'Kek Baba' 2 weeks ago
Türkçe yazın loo😠😠😠
syalun pukdee
'syalun pukdee' 2 weeks ago
why do not try this a home😮
Hunter Luke
'Hunter Luke' 2 weeks ago
1:35 did that hurt/burn? I need to know so that I can perform this safely
Dipes Magar
'Dipes Magar' 2 weeks ago
Dipes Magar
'Dipes Magar' 2 weeks ago
What the funny
Madhavi Viradia
'Madhavi Viradia' 2 weeks ago
Hand fire trice is reaply pelase
'greenbamboo2928' 2 weeks ago
He spelled balloon wrong XD
Adriana Silva
'Adriana Silva' 2 weeks ago
O do fogo na mão foi mais fodw
Lps Star bucks
'Lps Star bucks' 2 weeks ago
Juan Carlos Ruiz
'Juan Carlos Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
Esta clooo gracias
Best EDM
'Best EDM' 2 weeks ago
m gonna try with sanitizer for sure😂
Harivansh Saini
'Harivansh Saini' 2 weeks ago
VS Mastah
'VS Mastah' 2 weeks ago
I used hand sanitizer and put it all over my hand and burned it
'Dovahkin4321' 2 weeks ago
Is number 10 dangerous???
Blake  O
'Blake O'Neal' 2 weeks ago
I like the sugar and suffer aside one it looks like a viruse broke out and a living plauge
Cheetahlover Al
'Cheetahlover Al' 2 weeks ago
The last one was so dangerous
Ramadhan Syamsi
'Ramadhan Syamsi' 2 weeks ago
hot is cool
sangeeta vashisth
'sangeeta vashisth' 2 weeks ago
that amazing man
Shanaya Shanaya
'Shanaya Shanaya' 2 weeks ago
buuurr burrr burrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....oh 😵the jar broke💥
'ALISA IFI' 2 weeks ago
cococola and pool chlorine. !!!!
Thoughts From Eugene
Bui Duyen
'Bui Duyen' 2 weeks ago
The third and the last does it hot ?:(
'CRAZY SCIENCE' 2 weeks ago
I tried the sanityzer trick but i failed
'PenguinGamez' 2 weeks ago
PLEASE NOTE!!!! Any of these tricks that use chlorine and produce smoke, the smoke will be harmful if inhaled!
özgür kamalı
'özgür kamalı' 2 weeks ago
can i use beer in first expriment?
Sophia Kosanke
'Sophia Kosanke' 2 weeks ago
the fire snake looked like it was pooping
Sophia Kosanke
'Sophia Kosanke' 2 weeks ago
the jet engine in a jar just sounded like a bunch of farts
ms katie
'ms katie' 2 weeks ago
I wonder if the smoke and or gas from these experiments are deadly or toxin 🤔🤔
Magma Crystal
'Magma Crystal' 2 weeks ago
6:11 It looks like the Venom Symbiote.
Anonymous Anon
'Anonymous Anon' 3 weeks ago
6:56 is strait out of a horror movie lol
Anonymous Anon
'Anonymous Anon' 3 weeks ago
i did the fire hand thing with 2 leather gloves on for safety so fucking cool-I am a 14 year old pyromaniac lol
Concerned Citizen
'Concerned Citizen' 3 weeks ago
How neat
erwin manoj
'erwin manoj' 3 weeks ago
Claudia Fernandez
'Claudia Fernandez' 3 weeks ago
I REALLY WANNA DO THE FIRE ONE BUT I DO KNOW IF I DO I WILL FOR SHURE DIE. girl died one night cause she was stupid to light her hand on fire 😂
Mark Leo
'Mark Leo' 3 weeks ago
The fifht is tossic??
Emma Marie
'Emma Marie' 3 weeks ago
Did number 10 but you? The last one when you out flame on the hand sanitizer?
Dave TheRave
'Dave TheRave' 3 weeks ago
Whoa trippy shit😮
Rafif Zubaid
'Rafif Zubaid' 3 weeks ago
'PUJA PRIYADARSHI' 3 weeks ago
Loved it
'민우임' 3 weeks ago
Tapatio Productions
'Tapatio Productions' 3 weeks ago
Some say the fire never stopped queefing
Byron Atkinson
'Byron Atkinson' 3 weeks ago
you cool
'ALBERTO JORGE' 3 weeks ago
Bom demais
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