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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 1 year ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 1 year ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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The Kawaii Bean
'The Kawaii Bean' 7 hours ago
7:33 for those who came for the thumbnail and the thumbnail only
Tova Jeppsson
'Tova Jeppsson' 8 hours ago
Yan Tindel
'Yan Tindel' 8 hours ago
I got so scared at 1:46 but it was cool
Zobro 34
'Zobro 34' 10 hours ago
Go to 5:48 is like a butt
Kenvin Squirtle
'Kenvin Squirtle' 11 hours ago
6:55 Like a hot coca cola
Panos Fusu
'Panos Fusu' 12 hours ago
about the sixth experiment, does it work with regular chlorine and coca cola?
Kyle Echarri
'Kyle Echarri' 14 hours ago
Arafat Hossain
'Arafat Hossain' 24 hours ago
is it safe to touch those fire which y were touching in this vdo ?
Ope Ope
'Ope Ope' 1 day ago
I wish I could do one of this. but in need the instruments
Simon Bosul
'Simon Bosul' 2 days ago
ciao Simone,sei italiano?
Diamond Noodles
'Diamond Noodles' 3 days ago
Play A Game pl
'Play A Game pl' 3 days ago
Play A Game pl
'Play A Game pl' 3 days ago
best video
Play A Game pl
'Play A Game pl' 3 days ago
best video in the world
Play A Game pl
'Play A Game pl' 3 days ago
best video in the world
Play A Game pl
'Play A Game pl' 3 days ago
best video in the world
Iulia Sanfira
'Iulia Sanfira' 4 days ago
Can someone explain me why soapy water protects from burning?
'MARIAN LAUREL' 4 days ago
i sub the video and like beacuse this is a good experiment and so safty =))))))
rebymarie tinio
'rebymarie tinio' 4 days ago
Put a warning if its dangerous
Kim Kimon
'Kim Kimon' 4 days ago
Number 10 is that hot?
TBNR pup
'TBNR pup' 4 days ago
0:21 we did that and it exploded and it was loud omg
Ramiro Roman
'Ramiro Roman' 4 days ago
Is there a special way to dispose of the aluminum and drain cleaner?
Rahul Wavare
'Rahul Wavare' 5 days ago
the sugar and sulfuric acid one is so cool
Mobile Gamer
'Mobile Gamer' 5 days ago
imagine you looking at the beach for 20 mins seeing a monster come in through your towel
Aishu Pradeep
'Aishu Pradeep' 6 days ago
will our hand burn while doing the butane gas experiment
Hazzel LaMontagne
'Hazzel LaMontagne' 6 days ago
5:02 Opening the gates to hell be like
mankee tv and fishy tv
Como não queimou a mao
BizzareGaming Roblox And More!
on number 3 he look like scorpion from Mortal Kombat
Vernie May Levy
'Vernie May Levy' 6 days ago
Walija Rao
'Walija Rao' 6 days ago
amazing such dangerous experiments 👍👍👍
Brianna Bunker
'Brianna Bunker' 1 week ago
these experiments were lit
akul jaiswal
'akul jaiswal' 1 week ago
Please support this growing channel ..... Thank you .....
'Joshua' 1 week ago
O wow its not click bait
Nithish Kumar
'Nithish Kumar' 1 week ago
so much beautiful
'FIRE TO MINECRAFT' 1 week ago
is the flammable hand sanitizer very extremly hot coz i wanna try it is it 10x hot or 5x hot or 1x hot
Lestari Arion
'Lestari Arion' 1 week ago
Really, Just Use Hand Sanitizer ?? (ending video)
Maggie Logston
'Maggie Logston' 1 week ago
Me: hey mom can I light my hand on fire Mom:wait wha- Me:ok thanks
Greetings from the Philippines! wow, cool science tricks! we can use some of these experiments in our show.- Science Magic Philippines
Oliver Blomster
'Oliver Blomster' 1 week ago
Yo what
Black Hack
'Black Hack' 1 week ago
7:44 omg!!! wow
Angi Shah
'Angi Shah' 1 week ago
It is amazing .....😘😍😇😊
Kanga Koot
'Kanga Koot' 1 week ago
Does the fire hand sanitizer burn???
Miłosz Nowak
'Miłosz Nowak' 1 week ago
ostatnie było fajne
Kian Cupcake
'Kian Cupcake' 1 week ago
Number 3 does it not hurt??
0:24 Me after I have Taco Bell
CR7 fangZ farisbricks
this is so cool
'BikeFight' 1 week ago
Didnt worked for me :(
Jhon Camilo Lozano
rastro de pipi y cuca culo
Lakshmi Kumari
'Lakshmi Kumari' 1 week ago
1:35 does it burn your hand
'Darkness' 1 week ago
Number 10 was the best!
Extreme Challanges
I want a fight spinner give it or I'll delete your channel you fukin bitch
Cookie Kookie
'Cookie Kookie' 2 weeks ago
Don't worry I will not imitate that... cuz I don't have those ingridients
Valena Campbell
'Valena Campbell' 2 weeks ago
does number 6 put a hole through the table
Travis Root
'Travis Root' 2 weeks ago
What was the fuel for the first one? Just alcohol?
Julia Cielecka
'Julia Cielecka' 2 weeks ago
Firdhea 02
'Firdhea 02' 2 weeks ago
0:45 i did not see that coming
Gaurav SAINI
'Gaurav SAINI' 2 weeks ago
this is pure scientist and science expert
Aldi Cayang Dia
'Aldi Cayang Dia' 2 weeks ago
Chevonn Apere
'Chevonn Apere' 2 weeks ago
does the fire even burn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????
Derek Malke
'Derek Malke' 2 weeks ago
Is it hot to touch the fire with hand sanitizer?
Fuyuki Matome
'Fuyuki Matome' 2 weeks ago
Legit Gamer 632
'Legit Gamer 632' 2 weeks ago
That fart sound in the first part though😂🤣
ME Mucraft
'ME Mucraft' 2 weeks ago
the thing I like about this video the beat
Dave da Smupp
'Dave da Smupp' 2 weeks ago
does the flammable hand sanitizer hurt exactly?
Marie Isabel
'Marie Isabel' 2 weeks ago
não queima a mao na mágica do fogo????
Dog Dog
'Dog Dog' 2 weeks ago
Nikolai Reznov
'Nikolai Reznov' 2 weeks ago
isnt the number 10 very hot?
Eun Lim
'Eun Lim' 2 weeks ago
some of these look dangerous😰
nouman qaisar
'nouman qaisar' 2 weeks ago
'Aetherisk' 2 weeks ago
Uzma Khan
'Uzma Khan' 2 weeks ago
wow fire i have tried expirement of fired hands and i done wow amazing anything does'nt happen to my hand wow so amazing wow wow wow
Hannh Gooden
'Hannh Gooden' 2 weeks ago
the fire in hand i just caused a 2 degree burn...
Ashutosh pandey
'Ashutosh pandey' 2 weeks ago
Does flammable Hand Sanitizer require any precaution?
Rogue Master
'Rogue Master' 2 weeks ago
Number 7 looks like a big poop just came out of a butt hole and this person's poop was so big it could not fit in the toilet so he pooped here
Alicia Alcaraz
'Alicia Alcaraz' 2 weeks ago
i'm going to try one but dose it burn up your hans
Aryan Balwani
'Aryan Balwani' 2 weeks ago
someone coppied you home science
'Victor.exe' 2 weeks ago
I used the cola and pool clorine so i could get an A on my volcano project
krishna kumar
'krishna kumar' 2 weeks ago
do more and more videos
Paul Scanlan
'Paul Scanlan' 2 weeks ago
7:27 it looks like the heart of sauron
Mattie Wong
'Mattie Wong' 2 weeks ago
isnt the hand sanitizer hot?
Robinson Technologies
im waiting LearnTo Fun
Team underground
'Team underground' 2 weeks ago
Very exclusive
Saltine American
'Saltine American' 2 weeks ago
some of these shouldnt even be shown.. some are bomb making tips ffs
Saltine American
'Saltine American' 2 weeks ago
wy play music on something like this? cant hear all the cool sounds and the music sucks
'Deimos' 3 weeks ago
but does the first one produces a trust ?
Luis Lara
'Luis Lara' 3 weeks ago
look at my dab boy justin bieber is dead and gay
Mawk Fac
'Mawk Fac' 3 weeks ago
Morgan Howe
'Morgan Howe' 3 weeks ago
The Coca Cola and pool chlorine reacts like that because the pool chlorine is a base and the Coca Cola is an acid
'Python' 3 weeks ago
1:34 this hand is on fireeeeeeee
Squidward Tentacles
'Squidward Tentacles' 3 weeks ago
does the soapy water and gas one burn or even hurt your hand?!
The Pegasister
'The Pegasister' 3 weeks ago
I tried the candle one and it was cool
The Pegasister
'The Pegasister' 3 weeks ago
0:23 That jar was fartin
fleur davril
'fleur davril' 3 weeks ago
Way too dangerous to do those experiment with my friends
Nek I
'Nek I' 3 weeks ago
0:42 whats that smell?! ... ALLAHU........... also is that a bong in 3:31
star wars pelejä suomeksi lisää
i liked sugar and sulfurick because it turned to living it breathed and it looked like monster
Yoshi Gaming YT
'Yoshi Gaming YT' 3 weeks ago
Kaik pereira
'Kaik pereira' 3 weeks ago
como você fez o fogo pegar na sua mão
Blu ShadowWolf
'Blu ShadowWolf' 3 weeks ago
Roses are red violets are blue i came here for the thumbnail and so did you. Also 7: 50 thank me later
IgorRaK TV
'IgorRaK TV' 3 weeks ago
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