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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 2 years ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 2 years ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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Home Science
'Home Science' 4 months ago
Check out my latest video, 3 Amazing Science Experiments
experiment zone
'experiment zone' 10 hours ago
kim kim. nu
'kim kim. nu' 13 hours ago
I love science
kim kim. nu
'kim kim. nu' 13 hours ago
I lovw science
Sampa Dey
'Sampa Dey' 1 day ago
It's amazing
Zoe Marks
'Zoe Marks' 1 day ago
Dev Jangid
'Dev Jangid' 3 days ago
bhai net theek prakar se nahi chal rAha he
Bliss WKC
'Bliss WKC' 3 days ago
'ᄊSunny' 3 days ago
I tried the 'traveling flame' 3 trials but always fail
Jireh A.
'Jireh A.' 4 days ago
7:40 I did that experiment with my boss. He's a pyromaniac so I guess it was fun
Jireh A.
'Jireh A.' 4 days ago
4:35 He summoned SATAN!!!
'AMSR VIDEO' 4 days ago
Very lost
John Playz
'John Playz' 4 days ago
My friend tried this in a tiny shack in our school it did not go well
Tatyhana Sanchez
'Tatyhana Sanchez' 6 days ago
😂 the jar in the first one was like OOF
sunita dilip
'sunita dilip' 6 days ago
You are scientists
Niklas Ruge
'Niklas Ruge' 7 days ago
Subscribe to me! Please! 😍
lil Clock
'lil Clock' 1 week ago
You came for 7:39.
DragonGamer 910
'DragonGamer 910' 1 week ago
WHOA WHOA WHOA DAT IS WHOA ( watch from here) 5:53
Eduards Radionovs
'Eduards Radionovs' 1 week ago
Song name?
Eduards Radionovs
'Eduards Radionovs' 1 week ago
wow, that's so cool! Great video!
Mieke Heerink-Smit
This is so cool
Home Dom
'Home Dom' 1 week ago
The first one was on and my mom came to me and asked if I had a farting problem
Syed Aqeel
'Syed Aqeel' 1 week ago
Fack video
Ashish Kumar
'Ashish Kumar' 1 week ago
Fantastic video
Anand Baskaran
'Anand Baskaran' 1 week ago
Which oil is used in pool chlorine and brake liquid reaction DOT 3 OR DOT 5 PLEASE REPLY
Elijah Simon
'Elijah Simon' 1 week ago
Ashish Kurrey
'Ashish Kurrey' 1 week ago
Subscribe or Die
'Subscribe or Die' 2 weeks ago
Somya Singhal
'Somya Singhal' 2 weeks ago
what a nice expriments that are
harper plays
'harper plays' 2 weeks ago
At 7:19 it's like a dragon egg
Vijay Baviskar
'Vijay Baviskar' 2 weeks ago
Aisha Hasmoro
'Aisha Hasmoro' 2 weeks ago
Lumayan sih
Nerdy Nerd
'Nerdy Nerd' 2 weeks ago
:) Thank you for showing us these great Experiments
Shana Schaefer
'Shana Schaefer' 2 weeks ago
Shana Schaefer
'Shana Schaefer' 2 weeks ago
I hate it🤢🤢
Shana Schaefer
'Shana Schaefer' 2 weeks ago
Robloxian Gamer
'Robloxian Gamer' 2 weeks ago
4:37 hell risses
ثقافة وابداع 63
My first project is to set up a culture and creativity channel. Ask for support and participation
Daniaj Ali
'Daniaj Ali' 2 weeks ago
Great science experiment
Nina Fachrita
'Nina Fachrita' 2 weeks ago
'VAISHALI KAKRAN' 2 weeks ago
Joe Brown
'Joe Brown' 2 weeks ago
I love your videos
hpro 9
'hpro 9' 2 weeks ago
soapy water + gas *farts on soapy water* well that didnot work mabey ill try fire + gas next
'MAURICE FREEMAN' 2 weeks ago
its cool cccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
'MAURICE FREEMAN' 2 weeks ago
its cool
Comfort King Mattress Factory
does the last one hurt
Carrington Hernandez
that video was cool
Vankar Bhana Bhai
'Vankar Bhana Bhai' 3 weeks ago
hedwos he aag vale ma
Denys Bengizu
'Denys Bengizu' 3 weeks ago
u didnt set #9 on fire, so i gave u a dislike :( im very angry... >:(
Mathew Vasquez
'Mathew Vasquez' 3 weeks ago
0:31 thats visible chakra
Sandy Kirk
'Sandy Kirk' 3 weeks ago
I tested each and every one and it is all fakes bitch
Sandy Kirk
'Sandy Kirk' 3 weeks ago
Fake ur a fake asshole
popking101 skrt!!
'popking101 skrt!!' 3 weeks ago
The first one my ringtone now
Manisha Mishra
'Manisha Mishra' 3 weeks ago
Awesome work from aarav vanshika we are proud of you☺️👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
'RampageX' 3 weeks ago
Does the hand sanitizer flame burn?
Fc Akib
'Fc Akib' 3 weeks ago
Snickerdoodle Kinz49
Cool science
Poornima Navale
'Poornima Navale' 3 weeks ago
Does it hurt when u burn ur hand??
Caleb Gillespie
'Caleb Gillespie' 3 weeks ago
soo freak'n awsome dudes
Great value Bleach
'Great value Bleach' 3 weeks ago
1:35 Me: *doing this expirement* My mom: WOW DOES THAT HURT? NOOOOOOO DONT DO THAT. Me:*puts firery hands towards her but not touching her* My mom: *screaming her head off runnning through the door* My dad: WHO BROKE THE EXPENSIVE DOOR!?
KylVincent GL
'KylVincent GL' 3 weeks ago
Is kerosene work for the snake experinents?
Bennet Kudjoe
'Bennet Kudjoe' 3 weeks ago
so cool
Izaal Yew
'Izaal Yew' 3 weeks ago
0:28-0:46 who farted
Guntupalli Ganesh
'Guntupalli Ganesh' 3 weeks ago
'rombaut06' 3 weeks ago
I tried the last experiment and it's too hot to have on my hand. Any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong?
Leanne Clark
'Leanne Clark' 3 weeks ago
Cool video I love them lol
Tommy Cramer
'Tommy Cramer' 4 weeks ago
Does that burn
'ManiPlays_YT' 4 weeks ago
Does that flammable hand sanitizer burn??
يحيى جابر
'يحيى جابر' 4 weeks ago
في عرب ولا اروح☻
*المستشار اليامي* ꪜ
جيش العرب موجودون يا اجانب يا كلاب 🙂😂
احمد عبد
'احمد عبد' 4 weeks ago
I danger
Expose voice channel
Many scientific fact are mentioned in quran u can see my channel
Grant Snow
'Grant Snow' 4 weeks ago
Do the fire ones burn your hands
ايمن زوين
'ايمن زوين' 4 weeks ago
oh it's very cool
'abdullah' 4 weeks ago
Mani Leela
'Mani Leela' 4 weeks ago
1 nice sciene experiment
Acorde Brasileiro
'Acorde Brasileiro' 4 weeks ago
Rehana Idrees
'Rehana Idrees' 4 weeks ago
You can use vinegar for more fast reaction for pumping balloon
Asong anak gosong
'Asong anak gosong' 4 weeks ago
Ahmed  Mansoor
'Ahmed Mansoor' 4 weeks ago
the snake was dope
Kelvin How
'Kelvin How' 4 weeks ago
3:55 is me everynight :')
The Gcer Techno Boyz
On project 8 do you pour water at the end to do the effects???
Mirrah Heath
'Mirrah Heath' 4 weeks ago
Check a looks cello my friend what does sir just woke up so high doing in good night and let's get you a Jake cuzz Jake Jake Paul my favorite L Logan Paul hes not my favorite🤵🤵🤵🤵
Harsh Pugalia
'Harsh Pugalia' 4 weeks ago
'electrickwrecker' 4 weeks ago
Would the flammable hand sanitizer would still carry heat?
Žaidžia buratinas123
Žiaurei geras padaryk dar
'ParanoeX' 1 month ago
im an adult but a kid at heart! bring flowers to my grave
Ilyas Ali
'Ilyas Ali' 1 month ago
The first one sounded like it was farting
Minik og Saliks Kanal
You are so creative
gaurav mishra
'gaurav mishra' 1 month ago
Last one was fake my finger has burned
Cool videos of expriments
Sandeep Sharma
'Sandeep Sharma' 1 month ago
'DEV13Jason' 1 month ago
Lol cool. 👍🏻
F.A.Q frequently asked questions
Hi sir I am making a science channel so plz can you help me plzz
Geetha Gopika nice
'Geetha Gopika nice' 1 month ago
very very like but this is very very safety we want
Wild Meme
'Wild Meme' 1 month ago
Pradeep Sawant
'Pradeep Sawant' 1 month ago
I love it i will do at home
Lorian Hasi
'Lorian Hasi' 1 month ago
allthe best
'allthe best' 1 month ago
its good but hard
Epic Science
'Epic Science' 1 month ago
Be careful with lighted hand sanitizer, it's really hot after few seconds:
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