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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 8 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 8 months ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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Hamza Riaz
'Hamza Riaz' 1 hour ago
Is it safe to use the flame on hands?! In the last experiment.
Iguana :3
'Iguana :3' 3 hours ago
What hand sanitizer do you use?
Alia Abdoune
'Alia Abdoune' 3 hours ago
its verry dangeeeeeeeeeeerouuuuuss
Ramazan Çalıskan
'Ramazan Çalıskan' 4 hours ago
Son deney pek inandirici gelmedi
sudhakar kulkarni
'sudhakar kulkarni' 5 hours ago
very interesting experiment
'FreeKurumemes' 8 hours ago
0/10 for the first one, still can't melt steel beams
Clément Dubet
'Clément Dubet' 9 hours ago
What is the music ? The song looks like "Welcome to pelf village - Dementium"
tigla huff
'tigla huff' 16 hours ago
7:51 ok now i have super power
Sasha T
'Sasha T' 17 hours ago
Where are you hiding prince frenchi?
Iszul Rxz
'Iszul Rxz' 20 hours ago
wahh... that no 7 like somethings came out from another things. like teleports
hamza zaher
'hamza zaher' 21 hours ago
I try'd number 10 it Burned my 🤚 😡😠😢
Fidelis Okali
'Fidelis Okali' 22 hours ago
The black screen is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addyson Christopher
Does the fire hurt
Random Trends
'Random Trends' 1 day ago
Just too good experiment in this video. big liked.
Not Alive
'Not Alive' 1 day ago
If i wanted to try number 3 what gas should i use? or does it even matter?
Squishy World
'Squishy World' 1 day ago
that was cool
Arun Kumar
'Arun Kumar' 1 day ago
amazing video wery nice
Bing Selamet Waldy
are that not hurt your hand
rahul kumar the gamer
these tricks are so easy
hAshM.2000 !!!
'hAshM.2000 !!!' 2 days ago
واو رووعة
Md Anam John
'Md Anam John' 2 days ago
'B3IT' 2 days ago
7 should be called how to open the gates of hell
Keke Lauren
'Keke Lauren' 2 days ago
#9 How demon eggs hatch
Icecreambrownies Forlife
Yo the sugar was like some paranormal activity shit 😂💀
Chihaya Furu
'Chihaya Furu' 2 days ago
The fire snake is like a never ending shit
Jonathan Alvarado Sandoval (386JonAlva)
how do you do that
'GAMER NTL' 2 days ago
pero que mierda estas asiendo?no tiene sentido
Amal Alkubaisi
'Amal Alkubaisi' 2 days ago
Any one muslim
zayen abdulwahed
'zayen abdulwahed' 2 days ago
alwin cyriac
'alwin cyriac' 2 days ago
is the last one is real
'Kashi' 3 days ago
11233455 weruiop
'11233455 weruiop' 3 days ago
Poké Legend
'Poké Legend' 3 days ago
does the flame thing hurt
Funny tube
'Funny tube' 3 days ago
yes i'll try it
pham giaphong
'pham giaphong' 3 days ago
akshay wayase
'akshay wayase' 3 days ago
Xx Iván xX
'Xx Iván xX' 3 days ago
I loved the summoning on the 7th place xD
Legocreator Production
Number nine is how to summon a strange and alive thing with heart
Evans Allison
'Evans Allison' 3 days ago
nice video
Legocreator Production
Number seven is how to summon one more gut
Iries Ghisijawan
'Iries Ghisijawan' 3 days ago
last one tho
Jose Ricardo Loza Morales
tequemo la mano
Jacob Rodriguez
'Jacob Rodriguez' 3 days ago
this guy is really good!
Jessie FireBlade
'Jessie FireBlade' 3 days ago
blown. Away... XD
4:18 and that's how you summon a bigass rock snake from hell
BreaCanDo . . .
'BreaCanDo . . .' 3 days ago
more like farts in a jar 😂
Grant Teuber (BOWMASTER325)
Hope you have a fume hood
Agirlwholovescats flores
Agirlwholovescats flores
And number 7 made me cringe
Agirlwholovescats flores
I TRYED 3 AND 4....
Hopeanuoli Tähdenlento
7 is gross !
Red Room
'Red Room' 3 days ago
very nice i like this channel
Ryan Brightwell
'Ryan Brightwell' 3 days ago
'CandyNightCloud' 3 days ago
I instantly thought of the Blue Exorcist on number 10.
Anbuge Five
'Anbuge Five' 3 days ago
What kind of hand sanitizer did he use?
The last experiment... WOOOOOOOW!!!
Sakshi Shukla
'Sakshi Shukla' 3 days ago
Ya so funny
Rudjennel Sanchez
'Rudjennel Sanchez' 3 days ago
'MrGoblin' 3 days ago
No. 7 should be called How to make your poop long also at number 10 alcohol will do
Rick Fox
'Rick Fox' 4 days ago
#Grantsyoufirepowers XD
Sacapuntas de Metal
7- Fire Snake I call it: Fire anus :v
Luke Heflin
'Luke Heflin' 4 days ago
So all we have so do is light the hand sanitizer on fire? We don't have to do anything to it first?
Sophorn Till the one is
number 8 should be named how to make foam come out of a stupid bottle
mariana Bamouni
'mariana Bamouni' 4 days ago
it doesn't hurt ?
Jose van wersch
'Jose van wersch' 4 days ago
Thank you...
the wildernesss outdoor boys
did the sanitizer hurt ? Because I suddenly have an urge to try that! :)
Projeto Feed
'Projeto Feed' 4 days ago
In this last experiment, do you use alcohol in gel? Sorry for the question, I do not know how to speak fluent English, so I do not know how to translate correctly
dalton cornwall
'dalton cornwall' 4 days ago
I'm totally gonna try number ten
'GlowingEagle' 4 days ago
does the tenth experiment hurt? If I mix it with some water would that help to absorb the heat?
'M3G4Gaming' 4 days ago
I did the fire hands experiment at my school and everyone was like dude are you not burning am like NO IM FIRE MAN FEAR ME !
jarmo rantaniemi
'jarmo rantaniemi' 4 days ago
nice video i like it:) more science
Jay Johnson
'Jay Johnson' 4 days ago
bro can you go bigger
Nunzietto Annunziato
Hamza 1 max
'Hamza 1 max' 4 days ago
I used flammable hand as my project in school (I wish that you may do more experiments). :)$$$$$$$$
Ro vlogs
'Ro vlogs' 4 days ago
i like the hand sanitizer ... does it burn ???
Ekta Singhvi
'Ekta Singhvi' 4 days ago
what dish soap did you use
'TGKTRAG' 4 days ago
10 what sanitizer do u use and can u use any sanitizer?
v illains
'v illains' 5 days ago
Raj Kumar Subedi
'Raj Kumar Subedi' 5 days ago
'xX[MG][RPG]Xx' 5 days ago
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, and so did you
Sasu Saku
'Sasu Saku' 5 days ago
*tries the candle one* its legit
Victor Umahag
'Victor Umahag' 5 days ago
That was AWESOME video
hamzah English
'hamzah English' 5 days ago
For the first one,I thought the water was pooting!!!!!
Random Killer
'Random Killer' 5 days ago
Those fire ones where you put your hand in it, does it burn you?
'RODRY 995' 5 days ago
no hablo inglihs
Angel Cosme
'Angel Cosme' 5 days ago
that was so cool
Chloe GamerGoddess
wow that didnt burn you
'Synek' 5 days ago
Jason Bourne
'Jason Bourne' 5 days ago
what percent of alcohol are you using?
JDPancake - Clash Royale
does the last one hurt
Hackz Domo
'Hackz Domo' 5 days ago
5:49 look at the shape of that lol
Leena Elgabri
'Leena Elgabri' 5 days ago
i can use some of these for my science fair project
Agoston Gergely
'Agoston Gergely' 5 days ago
TO ME IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the 10 th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil Manlet
'Lil Manlet' 5 days ago
what kind of hand sanitiser do you need. I bought some but it didn't work
the recon crew
'the recon crew' 6 days ago
9 looks like an alien popping out of a meteor
Schotttheirishh RobloxGamerTV
i subscribe!!!
Schotttheirishh RobloxGamerTV
so very very cool
13 dimensions
'13 dimensions' 6 days ago
wow 😮
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