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RJ Balaji Trolls Kiran Beedi In Jallikattu Issue -
Published: 8 months ago By: Being Tamilan

By: Being TamilanPublished: 8 months ago

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RJ Balaji Trolls Kiran Beedi In Jallikattu Issue

Vinay Kumar Kumarvinay
RJ balaji is awesome speech
Vinay Kumar Kumarvinay
RJ balaji is awesome speech
Mano Karuppiah
'Mano Karuppiah' 8 months ago
Balakrishnan is sincere..appreciate. As for Kushboo congress banned it with DMK.
Sudhakar Reddy
'Sudhakar Reddy' 8 months ago
Now, we know the reason why Bedi lost the elections in Delhi very badly..... First, Understand the sentiment of the people before you arrive at a conclusion. 3000 or 5000 Years back, there was no supreme court, it all started to save the living atmosphere. Living with bull or cow is not just easy, there is lot of science involved in it and is being followed by your forefathers and we want to continue that. (Important note: we are not demanding for a lavish lifestyle like yours, All we want is to continue our tradition to save our identity). Even Supreme lord if not supreme court cannot stop jallikattu....
Ramalingam Prasadh
'Ramalingam Prasadh' 8 months ago
Kiran Bedi must give a visit to Marina now😆
asaraf ali
'asaraf ali' 8 months ago
Rj balaji u rocking ..
'vnsrinivasa' 8 months ago
Whether one supports or opposes Jallikattu, we all must appreciate the way Tamil people have protested so peacefully for the last few days! Hats off to them! They have set an example for all of us on how to protest peacefully! they make ALL Indians PROUD!!
My Lord
'My Lord' 8 months ago
supreme court's worst decision, supreme court ka bekar nirnay,(#north indian)
Devender singh
'Devender singh' 8 months ago
1st reply to rj balaji he's sayin the things which happen in our country there r many violent acts done to animals stop that then talk abt law
venkat r
'venkat r' 8 months ago
kiran Beedi has to be chopped in 2 pieces .
Rambo Fedras
'Rambo Fedras' 8 months ago
what a bizzare argument from bedi! Oops I think she would have learnt the lesson from Balaji.. they baned jallikattu because there is a element of cruelty involved in that for animal. very big cruelty involved in marriage like dowry, husband beats wife vice versa.. can you ban marriage? there is a massive element of cruelty involved in the school. can you stop schools? there are element of cruelty involved in labour works can they ban all works? I guess insects has life .. don't use mosquito repellent and don't kill any insects. then everyone is murderer in this world. even rice has life
Sathishkumar T
'Sathishkumar T' 8 months ago
RJ Balaji - Superb
Silviya Neveah
'Silviya Neveah' 8 months ago
we don't have state or central government to support us.But we have educated illiterate unaware of our culture can defame us😎😎😎😎😎 தமிழன் டா#isupportjallikattu #dai peta
thunderbird nitro8
'thunderbird nitro8' 8 months ago
a lady sits infront of huge crowd and says... she saw the jallikattu only on tv.... who called her there....
Amogha Iniyavan
'Amogha Iniyavan' 8 months ago
omfg he got all the right points and he did it so neat. xD
poornima rajan
'poornima rajan' 8 months ago
hats off to RJ balaji. To other jallikattu haters, i think you guys are ignorant fools who have no idea about whole concept and merits of jallikattu.if guys know how jallikattu is not only a sport that showcases bravery of the people,but also an emotion that deeply engraved within our farmers for hundreds of years,a things that literally save your asses frm being diseased,bedridden idiots.And u idiots know nothing about banning jallikatu will affect our domestic cows ,our farmers and you idiots just open your freaking mind and dont be ignorant,attention seeking fools.
Nami Simha
'Nami Simha' 8 months ago
hlo the host !! i am not intelligent as much as u sir !! and tht is tamizh naadu spell it correctly sir
Eugin Reejo
'Eugin Reejo' 8 months ago
Pode nayae...
Krishna Rai
'Krishna Rai' 8 months ago
for 200 years u were the slaved of britishers balagi....invite them to rule again
Karthik Kaunder
'Karthik Kaunder' 8 months ago
Rj balaji well said bro...
Ishwarya Mahendran
'Ishwarya Mahendran' 8 months ago
Ada paavi balajiiiiii semma po kakitting 😁😁😁😁😁
Niranjan yadav
'Niranjan yadav' 8 months ago
u have ruined the Bedi
raja sekar
'raja sekar' 8 months ago
super ya
'mercytoday' 8 months ago
The Indian Supreme Court is a joke, if you cannot enforce then your judgement is less valuable than the paper it was written on.
'mercytoday' 8 months ago
Are we suppose to grow out of these behaviors?
_ SrR _
'_ SrR _' 8 months ago
The day they ban pongal should be the day firecrackers and diwali get banned.
Mani. Vannan
'Mani. Vannan' 8 months ago
Great Balaji.
venkat r
'venkat r' 8 months ago
kien bedi ,did u only saw the bull was hurt in jallikattu and did u not notice bull slaughtering house why don't u give support on beef ban. if u r truly consider about bull getting hurt then u should stop using leather and protect the cows and bulls that r to be exported to kerala and other countries .if not u should keep ur mouth shut.
Osama Bin Laden
'Osama Bin Laden' 8 months ago
....stupid south Indian,stinky and filthy....hahahaha😁😁😁😁
Sat Prakash
'Sat Prakash' 8 months ago
Mr.Balaji..proud of you man..i thought you were just a comedian.. you spoke the heart of millions..God bless you!
Ajay Nadar
'Ajay Nadar' 8 months ago
kiran beadi kalla thevudiya, Mapla antha aruvala konda.. entha punda mova pundaiya arupom!
vigneshwar vicky
'vigneshwar vicky' 8 months ago
wow that's an amazing speech namaku ethuku English thala ne mass thala ava Vaila serupadi kudutha yen thalapathy .thala ne mara mass thala I proud of u my dear thalapathy ..... kanda ka*** p*****a Tamil nadu la nadichutu sallikattu na yenna nu keakuthu t*****a p***a
Muthu Gautham
'Muthu Gautham' 8 months ago
fuck off kiran
Siva Nesan
'Siva Nesan' 8 months ago
if u want to love animal first ban non-veg.."animal lover" u show killing of animal is not cruelty but the huging (jallikattu) is cruelty..actuly i from a village and my father is a farmer v have a bull name is sivarayan .i feel it.s my brother .."animal lover" u &u only hurting our feeling and tradition..just go out tamil nadu ..anyway if u want to help bull yeah do it by ban beef..
niranjan ranjan
'niranjan ranjan' 8 months ago
a tight slap to kiran bedi............. and the best reply to the jallikattu opponents
Tharun Ganesh
'Tharun Ganesh' 8 months ago
RJ Balaji...aarivan..patti pol und...Pranthan😂😂
luv liv
'luv liv' 8 months ago
bitches please..u people think that,u all are above the law & can do what ever you guys want..?? if so.,u guys are perfect bitches.. This R J balaji thinks that he is having much knowledge than any one present there..?? he is a fool.,who thinks that, he is more capable than bedi mam.,who is not even having 1 % of bedi mam knowledge & courage.
Ajay Shanny
'Ajay Shanny' 8 months ago
well spoken balaji
'vnsrinivasa' 8 months ago
It is AMAZING here that NONE of the Jallikattu supporters is denying the fact that the bulls are being terrorized, tortured, terrified and traumatized in Jallikattu! Instead they are saying "THEY ill-treat the cows in other places, therefore it is OUR right to terrorize, terrify, touture and traumatize bulls"! What kind of an argument is that? Balaji says the same thing, and these people are applauding him!!
'MARK CARE' 8 months ago
That's such an awesome speech Balaji
Vinoth Vinoth
'Vinoth Vinoth' 8 months ago
salute to u Balaji ...
venkat r
'venkat r' 8 months ago
Kiran Bediya ...nadu kadatthu....
Partiban Roy
'Partiban Roy' 8 months ago
'Rakesh' 8 months ago
*tha nethi adi for kiran bedi!!!
MojoNojo 00ㄥ
'MojoNojo 00ㄥ' 8 months ago
why would she make such a comment.............. when she doesn't know about jallikattu
MojoNojo 00ㄥ
'MojoNojo 00ㄥ' 8 months ago
my whole thoughts about Kiran beedi has I hate her ignorance
Eugin Reejo
'Eugin Reejo' 8 months ago
Rj ur grt man
Jana M
'Jana M' 8 months ago
All idiots , 1. We feed and grow up the bulls with love and care?? We spend lot to take care of him , how will we torcher it? 2. Have you ever seen even a single bull got died in JALLIKATTU..?3. Whose ever is against JALLIKATTU, are you all a pure vegetarian? What is cruelty , are you not ashamed to talk about JALLIKATTU...4. Have you ever dared to ask Muslims why they kill goats for BAKREETH.... it is there culture.... this is tamiliyans culture.... why the hell the other irrelevants get into this It is my place , it is my bull, I know what to do... will you idiots please shut. Banning this is for a political reason but we celebrate this for a social reason... Find something else to do politics don't touch our traditions....
Prakash Ronaldo
'Prakash Ronaldo' 8 months ago
Rj balaji.. is real hero. in tamil people..
Prabagaran P
'Prabagaran P' 8 months ago
amazing ji Balaji
Chalukkian Prem
'Chalukkian Prem' 8 months ago
RJ balaji, the real hero.. Voice of all Tamils..
Jeya Ram
'Jeya Ram' 8 months ago
sema point bro...
'JK Jk' 8 months ago
brave heart balaji.........hat's off
Kumares Sandra
'Kumares Sandra' 8 months ago
From today Im a fan of RJ balaji yenna counter pppaaah semma pechi illaa kiran bedi 0 balaji 100
S.R.P.M sports club
'S.R.P.M sports club' 8 months ago
super Rj. Balaji
Ganesh Subramanian
'Ganesh Subramanian' 8 months ago
Last 18 seconds were pure gold. Also appreciate the efforts of guys like RJ Balaji and Hiphop Tamizha in this cause. For guys asking for ban on Jalikattu just watch the video posted by Hiphop Tamizha and you will understand the importance of it.
rocking hero
'rocking hero' 8 months ago
balaji nice
niranjan kumar
'niranjan kumar' 8 months ago
good points from balaji. i dont say this because i am an tamilian. i say this as a good human
David billa
'David billa' 8 months ago
Spr bro RJ balaji
Arul Velevan
'Arul Velevan' 8 months ago
central government is stupid for baning our traditions.
Harsh Singh
'Harsh Singh' 8 months ago
hahaha awesome Balaji. I'm from north and I support Jallikattu
'ricbhar' 8 months ago
Can he troll Supreme Court which has actually banned this rather than trolling people?
Raju AC
'Raju AC' 8 months ago
What an idiotic women.
ibm tamizhan
'ibm tamizhan' 8 months ago
sema bulb for bjp sombu thooki kiran (k)edi
Samuel Jai
'Samuel Jai' 8 months ago
awesome speech Balaji
anita sara
'anita sara' 8 months ago
sema ADI..... very nice speech... congrats
Pradeep T
'Pradeep T' 8 months ago
Tamilan da
Jayachandran k
'Jayachandran k' 8 months ago
KIRAN BEdi idiot stop eating BEEF First ...or stop eating Chicken and can allow an animal to LIVE
Mudit Rai
'Mudit Rai' 8 months ago
Hello my tamil brothers. Please defy the court order and arrange jallikatu. I will definitely come all the way from Delhi to watch it. Let's remind them that our constitution starts with "we the people of india", not "we the judges of india".
Prem kumar
'Prem kumar' 8 months ago
Mr. Senathipathi should've attended this. He is the most qualified person on this subject. Not these clowns, who only knows Jallikattu by watching outdated videos from YT.
yaa ro
'yaa ro' 8 months ago
Technically speaking hurting another human is against to law ; even hurting yourself that is... killing yourself is against law ; so how can a boxer or wrestler can give permission to others on the name of sports saying "you can kick me , hurt me and in the process if I die in the ring then no one responsible ?" ... don't you think itself contradicts human laws ?? how you can ban jalli kattu alone ?
Salai Rathinamani.C
'Salai Rathinamani.C' 8 months ago
National media does not know truth about Jallikattu! Also stop calling Jallikattu cruelty. Does this Delhi hypocrites know? how many farmers die or injure, when they interact with native cattle breeds or dangers during farming practises like ploughing, attaching Bullocks to Bullock cart fold, mating, livestock keeping, milking.. ?! Tamil culture has bio-cultural events like Jallikattu, eru-thazuval etc,. using bulls, so farm hands can defend or train themselves, so that manage safely when they work with Bullocks, oxen & also select best genetic alpha bulls for Conservation of native cattle breeding,. Also we 95% majority of farmers don't need tractors, it costly to buy & maintain, we can't afford it! we need livestock for agricultural practices, organic fertilizers inputs from native cattle breeds for organic farming etc.. we farmers are genetic custodians of exotic native cattle breeds, also Lord Krishna blessed us & gave our forefathers & developed bio-cultural events like Jallikattu, Manjivartu, Eruzthu kattu, Eru-thazuval, Vada Manjivartu, Eruzthu Vidu thrivizhla, rekhla etc.. to save this breeds & also it's our religious practices, so no one has authority to picture or question our poor farmers has cruel without knowing factual facts. we don't have enough funds or lobby to come Delhi, file cases in SC, rope in high paid lawyers to give us voice in SC, Hence the Jallikattu ban by SC.. Is it right that poor man's voice can't be heard in Highest Judicial System of the Nation? There is bigger picture to Bio-cultural Event Jallikattu. Study it & then make remarks. Jallikattu was banned by false ruse by awbi,peta,mnc sponsored NGO in name of animal rights. More than 6.8 lakh native cattle breeds has been slaughtered & become meat on someone's plate by the SC Jallikattu Ban. SC failed to save or rehabilitate our farmers or native cattle breeds. It is well known in No way these hypocrite animal welfare organizations or Judicial System can't connect with our majestic native cattle breeds like our TN farmers do. Our farmers love, respect, worship Jallikattu bulls as Pasupathi. Jallikattu is cultural heritage of Indian sub- continent. Speak the truth cut the crap. Don't hit our poor farmers stomach & endanger our already endangered native cattle breeds, organic farming. save jallikattu save farmers save bio-diversity. Does kiran bedi know the difference between at least a cow or bull nor between a bull or Bullock.
'LOGES GANESAN' 8 months ago
you are great bro balaji
Reavanth pathmanaban
'Reavanth pathmanaban' 8 months ago
RJ BALAJI Anna super speech anna
sakthi raj
'sakthi raj' 8 months ago
Excellent Balaji Great
haja mujeeb
'haja mujeeb' 8 months ago
super RJ balaji
John Dhinu
'John Dhinu' 8 months ago
kiran bedi a person who doesn't even know the tradition of the state the governs, people like this feel if the tail of the bull is pulled back is cruel but if the same bull gets slaughtered is not cruel? its a breading science... not a cruel game... these people have no knowledge about it and speak non-sense on media...
Hh Krishna
'Hh Krishna' 8 months ago
tamizhan da
Vmrubas Vm
'Vmrubas Vm' 8 months ago
balaji bro super speech TAMILAN DA
Adarsh Reddy
'Adarsh Reddy' 8 months ago
I am from Bangalore. I support jalli kattu. when beef ban is made media stands with Muslims right to eat beef. an animal can be killed to just satisfy hunger but an animal cannot be used for a sport
santhosh kumar k
'santhosh kumar k' 8 months ago
fantastic RJ bro
Samim Mohamed
'Samim Mohamed' 8 months ago
tamilanda meesaiya murugu
'anothervoice' 8 months ago
if he had problems with camels being burdened with"thousands of kilos" , he should have complained against it, rather than using for his own interests, shame one him!
Adarsh Reddy
'Adarsh Reddy' 8 months ago
so killing cows for just fulfilling hunger ?
Shylaja Dinesh
'Shylaja Dinesh' 8 months ago
Jallikattu-- Yes I am a Tamilian. I don't want jallikattu. Yes it is a traditional game. But making harm to a animal gives u happiness??? Those days ppl didn't have entertainment so they established the world has changed. Y can't u ppl adopt to this??? Balaji u r just a rj do u know who is Kiran bedi??? Go and see her achievements. giving counter doesn't make wrongs things rite. Do u ppl know how many families have lost their Father, Husband due to this jallikattu. Pls make changes and adopt to changes.....wise ppl wil think....
gunasekaran venkatesan
whose don't no about Tamil cultural & traditional.....kindly stay away
Pon Madhav
'Pon Madhav' 8 months ago
Kiran bedi pundaa magal
Pon Madhav
'Pon Madhav' 8 months ago
Kiran bedi pundaa magal
Sivan Rajah
'Sivan Rajah' 8 months ago
yup you got balls man....thumbs up for u
Fasil kk
'Fasil kk' 8 months ago
If demonetization has done by Government, then Jallikattu also banned by Government ..Remote control for everything... The entertainment industry, Education Institutions, Reserve Bank, Awards, What to see, What to eat, What to drink, what to wear, How to live, Where to spend money, How to spend. Everything making under control... Based on what a small group thinks right.
Bullet Prakash
'Bullet Prakash' 8 months ago
rj .balaji the great....hat's off to u....iam ur big fan
Sureshkumar Vadivel
'Sureshkumar Vadivel' 8 months ago
Look at the depth of knowledge of a RJ vs. a Governor..
Sureshkumar Vadivel
'Sureshkumar Vadivel' 8 months ago
Kiran Bedi if you want to take a stand on any issue, you should do some research not just from watching a video.. Jallikattu is just not a tradition or a sport of valor, it is an art form of breeding practice.. We know it is science of breeding that saves not only the native breed but also agriculture in each and every step involved.. I am not an educated illiterate to stand against it!!
Wingz Media
'Wingz Media' 8 months ago
RJ Balaji vaalthukall........
Vishnu Balan
'Vishnu Balan' 8 months ago
bravo Balaji. right to the point and they couldn't say shit
Karthik Dm
'Karthik Dm' 8 months ago
super counter punch..
Vinodh Kumar
'Vinodh Kumar' 8 months ago
R J BALAJI that was awesome
Suresh Selvaraj
'Suresh Selvaraj' 8 months ago
Nethi adi
Vijay Vijay
'Vijay Vijay' 8 months ago
im frm malaysia..balaji nee tamilan...
'Thiyagu' 8 months ago
Kiran Bedi... its a leather shoe. Tamizhan da.......
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