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Published: 2 years ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 2 years ago

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Jack Hale
'Jack Hale' 10 hours ago
Every time I watch an old team edge vid with Bryan and his beard I think it is no shave November
FlufflyLam 107
'FlufflyLam 107' 1 day ago
*Someone smells like McDonalds* I died My grave RIP Me Last thing ever said to her *"SOMEONE SMELLS LIKE MCDONALDS"*
devery suina
'devery suina' 1 day ago
J fred you suck dirt
Stephen Slansky
'Stephen Slansky' 2 days ago
matts voice is awesome in either pitch
Catfish Dude Trice
you sounf=d like ginerbread man off of shrek lol and cosmo from fairy oddparewts lolololololol im usin my brothers account lol ive been watiching for like a year or two lolololo l ohh i got a joke for u knock nock --mathiss who there --elle lim --mathaiss lim who limgardinleviosa harrrrrryyyyyyy ppppppppooooooooooottttttttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr lol XD
Bryce Silcox
'Bryce Silcox' 6 days ago
I have a headick
Dylan Johnson
'Dylan Johnson' 1 week ago
I love this game
Hayden Kier (Student)
Who is watching this in 2018 like if you are
'ForeverLoveMyBae' 3 weeks ago
J-Fred looks cute
kanani brito
'kanani brito' 3 weeks ago
Bryan shave your beard 🧔
LittleMissAbigail love
rip headphone users like me
challenge log
'challenge log' 4 weeks ago
What is j-fred doing in the intro????
BlueGalactix 0210
'BlueGalactix 0210' 1 month ago
J-Fred was on his man period today
Geode Network
'Geode Network' 1 month ago
That game was new when my grandmother was young,but I still like it.
Anna Sokolova
'Anna Sokolova' 1 month ago
high pitch voice funny
Raimee Sykes
'Raimee Sykes' 2 months ago
Does anyone else keep playing the part when Matthias screams at J-Fred AND DYING OF LAUGHING
Mega Charliezard
'Mega Charliezard' 2 months ago
Isn't it beautiful how you added "CHALLENGE!!" to the not very challenging game Kerplunk.
Giselle Flores
'Giselle Flores' 2 months ago
My first favorite person is Matt then J-fred then Bryan love you guys so much and did you see matt face when he claped and bryan got his first punishment lol i was dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Todd Rhodes
'Todd Rhodes' 2 months ago
You guys make my life awesome and I never knew Mathias has such a high pitched voice.
Angelo Coronel
'Angelo Coronel' 2 months ago
Oh hi their
Kurt Henke
'Kurt Henke' 2 months ago
When Matthias got the high pitched punishment that is so funny
Holly Kerr
'Holly Kerr' 2 months ago
Mathias sounds better when he talks in a high pitch
'ThatGuyGlenn' 2 months ago
I always wondered what the app was
'ThatGuyGlenn' 2 months ago
Dan the dog Td
'Dan the dog Td' 2 months ago
J-Fred you know Drake
Thea Falch
'Thea Falch' 2 months ago
Den lyse stemmen var iriterenes😡💗
Angela Richardson
'Angela Richardson' 2 months ago
You sound like the marshmellow from annoying orange Mathias
swamii AJ
'swamii AJ' 2 months ago
NhatashaVo RoastingMaster
The reaction of is voice is hilarious 😅😂love your videos
NhatashaVo RoastingMaster
I like that J Fred looks away when he tries throwing a fist and also when he said you stink! Lol so many memorial moments
Chad Parr
'Chad Parr' 2 months ago
Loved it do more krplunk vids
Rowena Koen
'Rowena Koen' 3 months ago
i love the moustache of bryan
Silas Stephens
'Silas Stephens' 3 months ago
J-Fred is my favorite
rosemary chin
'rosemary chin' 3 months ago
rosemary chin
'rosemary chin' 3 months ago
he is very funny!
yo_ johnny
'yo_ johnny' 3 months ago
jkhuyghkukyhkjuk,upjh8mo ij i jjm joiij,mk;kpookmjo.lioloi
Ariana Heverley
'Ariana Heverley' 3 months ago
Matt was so funny!!!!
Mr. Magnetic
'Mr. Magnetic' 3 months ago
Jes Favel
'Jes Favel' 3 months ago
You are a supposed to have the most sticks🙄
Aleathea Ellis
'Aleathea Ellis' 3 months ago
They always have fun. Jfred is hot. 😃
David Martus
'David Martus' 4 months ago
matt sounded like elmo
Rainbow Kitty Cat
'Rainbow Kitty Cat' 4 months ago
Bryan’s mustache is so... no
Mohamad Ghannoum
'Mohamad Ghannoum' 4 months ago
What is the name of the app
'Skyrimmass' 4 months ago
hi i am useing my brufer s ackownt
Jennifer Ballard
'Jennifer Ballard' 4 months ago
I love your channel you allwase make me laugh so thank you so much
Andrea Hermanson
'Andrea Hermanson' 4 months ago
When Bryan ate the marshmallows i was eating marshmallows
Katrina Wade
'Katrina Wade' 4 months ago
I hate marshmallows
Suga’s lost Kookie
'Suga’s lost Kookie' 4 months ago
They have way to much fun recording and editing these videos
Joseph Lansberry
'Joseph Lansberry' 4 months ago
Why is Brian so fat
GamingDemon 12
'GamingDemon 12' 4 months ago
where do you find that wheel of misfortune app?
Justin Muhr
'Justin Muhr' 4 months ago
Worning head phone users
Justin Muhr
'Justin Muhr' 4 months ago
Paige WWE
'Paige WWE' 5 months ago
Can wengie go there
Mightysharko HD
'Mightysharko HD' 5 months ago
Wow I can’t believe j-Fred won
M.D.P. 5280 Locker Krewe
big_pancakez in da houze
rip headphone users thank Matt 😂
GamerDude 91
'GamerDude 91' 5 months ago
My b day
'Melody' 5 months ago
Someone help me I'm crying from Matthias' squeaky voice 😂😂😂
'mons0427' 5 months ago
Matt series i did like you.bc you warent pretend to be à kid but inthis video you are à kid
Kaydence Potter
'Kaydence Potter' 5 months ago
Mathasis is eleryess with talking in his high voice
Kaydence Potter
'Kaydence Potter' 5 months ago
Mathasis is eleryess with talking in his high voice
Red Rocket Gamer
'Red Rocket Gamer' 5 months ago
I use to play this game as a kid
My finger Itches
'My finger Itches' 6 months ago
My finger Itches
'My finger Itches' 6 months ago
ThorChild Mlg
'ThorChild Mlg' 6 months ago
Who came here from the giant version
Paris Rathbun
'Paris Rathbun' 6 months ago
Matthias, if I can play high flute notes quietly, you can talk high quietly.
'KahoTheOkami' 6 months ago
I love the voice Matt did
Cal Caosgii
'Cal Caosgii' 6 months ago
I CAN'T NOT!!!!!
'M M' 6 months ago
Brayan is scottish
BudzoKitteh- -Mr. Music
Who's seen the table flipping challenge and frowned at this table
Bella Luna
'Bella Luna' 6 months ago
Amy Bentley
'Amy Bentley' 6 months ago
how did you get that game?
Waffle- Roblox Adventures
matt: STOP MANSPREADING! XD lmao i cant
Michael Milburn
'Michael Milburn' 7 months ago
Why does he sound like Mr. Mee6😭😭
DanielBG - Gaming
'DanielBG - Gaming' 7 months ago
The thumbnail looks like Bryan has blue hair cause of the light
Aiden Schrock
'Aiden Schrock' 7 months ago
Matt cracks me up
Liz Vids
'Liz Vids' 7 months ago
6:15 - 6:30 I keep replaying!! THIS IS GETTING OLD!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Salty Waffle
'Salty Waffle' 7 months ago
Matt sounds like Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents
Ruben-Miguel Rowbotham
Matt kinda sounded like Mr.poopeybutthole off rick and morty
_ Vivian _
'_ Vivian _' 7 months ago
Omg Bryan I LOVE U AND J FRED no offence matt I love u as well your the best!!!!!
Emily Lo
'Emily Lo' 7 months ago
I played this game in school and it's fun
DukelinFillty 85
'DukelinFillty 85' 7 months ago
Why did Bryan flinch so bad when Matt put his fist up at him???? Not only is Matt built like a pencil, but Bryan is the second strongest in the group
wazzup films sup
'wazzup films sup' 7 months ago
A translation for bryan I think he said if u pull this one ull get marbles
wazzup films sup
'wazzup films sup' 7 months ago
Super spin god
CoCOlie O
'CoCOlie O' 7 months ago
That table it's been through so much games
Orlando Martir
'Orlando Martir' 7 months ago
Yo I legit want that app what's it called
Carlos Rojas
'Carlos Rojas' 7 months ago
He sounds like the pencil in rick and morty
Michael kiepert
'Michael kiepert' 7 months ago
ih team edge
Lizziebelanger 04
'Lizziebelanger 04' 7 months ago
Matt's high voice makes me laugh so hard
Djlonestar1219 Wolfy
'Djlonestar1219 Wolfy' 7 months ago
Matt: I can't not Bryan:no Matt: THIS IS GETTING OLD
jami inexcelso
'jami inexcelso' 7 months ago
who like bryan like if you agree
jami inexcelso
'jami inexcelso' 7 months ago
who like j-fred like if you agree
jami inexcelso
'jami inexcelso' 7 months ago
who like matt like if you agree
0 JayOnTheCourt 0
'0 JayOnTheCourt 0' 8 months ago
5:17 I'm dead
Blue Bats9
'Blue Bats9' 8 months ago
Matthias was funny with the high voice that i peed my undys by asiah
Kacey Oconnor
'Kacey Oconnor' 8 months ago
Aimee Lawson
'Aimee Lawson' 8 months ago
" I can't not!"
Vena Ali
'Vena Ali' 8 months ago
mathisas when u speack high i feel like im def and ded inside😵😵😵😵
'BruhItzSuicune' 8 months ago
First to like my own comment
Daniela Dzonlagic
'Daniela Dzonlagic' 8 months ago
He pulled it on Bryan's side
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