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Science & Technology vs. Religion -
Published: 7 years ago By: Underlings

By: UnderlingsPublished: 7 years ago

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An exploration of how the emerging technologies of the next few decades will negatively impact religion.

WARNING: Contains robotic nudity.
LINKS: (The Law of Accelerating Returns) (The Law of Accelerating Returns)'s_law (Moore’s Law) (future timeline) (the technological singularity) (documentary “The Technocalyps”—this is the first of 18 videos)§ion=dollgallery (sex dolls—note: sexual content) (sex dolls—note: sexual content) (sex, marriage and robots) (sex and robots) (theist concerns about sexbots) (Human Genome Project halfway through) (Human Genome Project completed) (creating the first synthetic life form) (creating synthetic cell membranes) (creating synthetic life) (part of RNA created under comet-like conditions) (abiotic synthesis of RNA in water) (RNA forming without a protein enzyme) (nanotechnology) (nanotechnology) (nanotechnology) (government spending on nanotechnology) (private spending on nanotechnology) (advanced nanotechnology arrival) (religion and intelligence) (virtual reality) and and (do we live in a virtual universe?) (noelplum99’s “The Greatest Argument For God in the World...... Ever!!!”) (my blog on technological advances toward advanced nanotech and the singularity) (rise of atheism in society) (shaky intellectual foundations of absolute faith) (the death of Christianity in the US) (the global rise of secularism) (creationism is fading) (thermodynamics may make life evolving inevitable under the right conditions)
“Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology” by K. Eric Drexler (available for free online at
“The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil
“The Singularity is Near” by Ray Kurzweil

Vikki Bowers
'Vikki Bowers' 3 weeks ago
Most uninformed video ever. Nice try.
'oker59' 4 weeks ago
Christians want to make A.I. Christian -
'oker59' 5 months ago
what I posted to to this idea of using A.I. as a god, "I don't have time to give my thought right now. The type of thinking displayed above reminds me of how people in Europe bring up rascism when people say we need to get rid of the Muslim terrorists. The Muslims terrorists set the precedent. Saying that getting rid of them is racist is nazi. Elon Musk, now Hillary Clinton, saying A.I. is the problem is a twisting and incrowding that A.I. should be used to guard against. Eric Drexler said it right the first time - human abuse of A.I. and nanotechnologies is the bigger danger, than some A.I. or nanotech running amock on their own. The A.I. prophet wannabee above who wants to make A.I. a god and him the loudspeaker is the same danger that every Priest/King ever was - rule by divine right. - O.k. I may have covered some of the essential ground of what's wrong with this A.I evangelist and Elon Musk amongst others. I think I should leave with my Gospel of Truth. http://wwwscientifichumanis... - because the website didn't automatically post this; i'm posting it here, this is the website/article,
Bill j
'Bill j' 5 months ago
Wow, amazing video. Here we are, 7 years in, so I wonder how on-track we are with these predictions. Funny thing is I was watching a "Jeopardy' playoff on YouTube earlier today, and the Moore Law was one of the questions! For awhile now I have been applying this principle to the news about global warming. We are told the planet will get very hot in 100 years or whatever, but they are not factoring in the advancements we will have in combatting it AT THAT TIME. They are doing their calculations on battling it with today's technology. In 100 years they may be able to control the outside temperature with the wave of an arm. Anyway, I see a slight anti-right slant in this video, and that is too bad, but it is what it is. And btw, the women today on dating sites are unreasonable, so sign me up for one of those sexbots! But seriously, this video mentions making duplicates of yourself and putting them on a disk on standby. That won't do anything to help the original though, unless you are able to cut into the duplicate for body parts, or whatever. Great video, so much covered!
'oker59' 6 months ago
I stopped posting a.i./nanotech/quantum computer news on my blog because I was getting china/russian traffic. So, I don't point things out like this. But, one thing you didn't address in this treatment of the affects of nanotech on religion is A.I. In religion, the fear of god is instilled to keep people in line. In the near future, A.I jurors/judges, lie detectors will be able to see who's sinning. With all the mass shootings, it will be virtually impossible to stop people from applying A.I. to human psychology and the court system(note, never trust the government; if you have a problem, go the court system and not some government official - sentaros, the President)
'oker59' 6 months ago
Never seen a creationist with a phd in science? More bits doesn't make someone reason.
'oker59' 7 months ago
Gospel of Truth -
Roedy Green
'Roedy Green' 7 months ago
In future, people who are caught in delusions will be treated, and inoculated to prevent infection by other delusions. These are a subtle form of mental illness that hurt both the person deluded and everyone they come in contact with. The idea of clinging to a religion will be considered as gross as a group of people who deliberately infected themselves with tape worms. Part of increased intelligence is noticing crazy thinking.
Jane Kirkegaard Larsen
James Burke&Stephen King
I think this technology will be available to the 1%ers but the rest of humanity will be living in a "1984"-like nightmare existence.
ricardo machado
'ricardo machado' 10 months ago
the owners of this world, never allow us to access a free life without disease and live forever. also nanotechnology is also a weapon to control free will
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
'Robot nudity' Lol. No such thing. I can't fucking wait for the Future. Fuck Religion.
'Pikachu THE ATHEIST' 12 months ago
Most of this I agree with except for the idea of copying oneself to a computer. Is the copy you, or is the copy a copy of you, but somebody else. This is a philosophical problem that is plaguing many if not most of the major philosophers to say. I personally believe computers will eventually more biological, and biological organisms like human beings will become more computerized. Eventually computers maybe leave the biological form after the end of the sixth paradigm to computronium, and computronization of the earth along all biological life. This is all without the need of copying yourself, and putting the copy of yourself on a silicone hard drive. Plus if you take into play the law of accelerating returns our history over the last you realize that it goes back much then what Ray Ray Kurzweil originally saw in fact it's very likely that it could be traced back to the rock, and stone spear. Every time something new was invented rather it be literature, the printing press, weaponry, or any form of technology there has been a increase or a doubling of general knowledge. And every time there has been a doubling of general knowledge the knowledge has decreased the amount of time in which it takes for general knowledge to double again.
'Kanzu999' 1 year ago
I really hope we will cure aging in my lifetime.
Ty Fletcher
'Ty Fletcher' 1 year ago
Unfortunately, the basis for religion won't fall to scientific advancement. As with today, there will always be gaps in our knowledge for god to hide in and the religious will insist that's where he is. It might lead to the spawning of more scientific religions and/or the death of current religions, but there will always be those that prefer that which makes them happy to that which is real. Facts don't matter to them, and willful ignorance cannot be overcome by any preponderance of evidence, technology, or knowledge.
'LifeLikeSage' 1 year ago
I can't wait to marry my robot waifu
'GanonGhidorah' 2 years ago
I like the near-end of this video when you claim that it's quite possible for us to create virtual worlds, in which our creations might view us as a God, but we would be no more intelligent - and in some cases even LESS intelligent - than our creations would be. It reminds me of a recent video by Darkmatter2525 - perhaps even the inspiration for said video. The Video is "Unexpected God" as a part of his "Power Corrupts" Series. In it, a controlled virtual reality is created, where sapient Robots live in the place of humans. The Robots have formed a religion deeming that their "Creator" is an all-powerful, all-knowing being who must be VASTLY superior to them in every way to have created them. However, the robot the episode focuses on, is then taken to "the source" and is allowed to meet the Creator himself...only to discover that his creator is a human man...The Robot is immediately angered and attacks the human for intruding on the Creator's domain. When the Creator reveals that he IS the creator to the Robot, he rejects him, stating that he as a human couldn't possibly be the creator, because as a human he is VASTLY inferior to robots. I think it all ties in with how the myths could've possibly muddied up the reality - if there ever was one. Say in a hypothetical universe, where God - in any way shape or form - actually existed. Almost every religion on the planet would reject this being as THEIR God, because he would be nothing like the God that they've built-up in their minds.
Eduardo Prats
'Eduardo Prats' 3 years ago
This highly credible stuff since nothing can stop the advancements of science and high technology. Robotics can and will one day replace human labor, and nanotechnology will make it possible money to become obsolete. There is great HOPE for mankind but most of us just cannot see that far yet. Eduardo
'777EaterDeath' 3 years ago
Good video but I am unconvinced that Moore's law or even this new "Law of accelerating returns" is sustainable concept. It just doesn't seem viable that Moore's law will continue throughout perpetuity, and if that's the case anyone's guess is as good as the others for when this bubble will eventually burst. To be honest we sent an astronaut to the moon with the same technology found within a simple everyday calculator. Increased technology doesnt always result in technological breakthrough, if anything it is the breakthrough that proceeds the technology. These are just ideas though, good video overall.
Stuart Main
'Stuart Main' 3 years ago
This guy is a creationist and doesn't know it! All the way through the clip he states 'design, technology, information' etc. I don''t hear any random processes mentioned. It is also ironic that he is suggesting that we will create a robotic offspring that we will like and have a relationship with. Doesn't this parallel God creating us? As for suggesting that we can create better than God, well doesn't he realise that at the time of creation our genome was perfect, but has be degenerating ever since due to mutation. We are devolving, not evolving - we are losing genetic information not gaining it. As for downloading our brains to computers etc - I suggest this man read the bible. This is what God gives us in the way of visions, dreams, prophecy, words of knowledge etc - God is downloading to us his knowledge. Seriously, read the Bible, you will love it! Finally, God is there to be found, if you diliginty seek him. If like this author you chose to mock him he will withdraw, that is why for many athiets they see no evidence, as God has withdrawn himself from them.
David Hoffman
'David Hoffman' 3 years ago
Great video Underlings. While I don't agree with all of your predictions, I appreciate how you've gone out on a limb here. My family and are Christian and they claim they sincerly believe but they never go out on a limb. They always move the goalposts when technology or anything else conflicts with earlier statements. These claims are falsafiable and you must really believe this. This video was the reason I subscribed.
Lee Johnson
'Lee Johnson' 3 years ago
This is a Great Video on Science and Technology. A lot of good stuff in store for humans in the future. About three years ago I wrote a short story where humans were marrying Robots Lovers. That most likely will come in the future, far into the Future.
Lee Johnson
'Lee Johnson' 3 years ago
Atheist have come out of the Closet. Religion is a Blasphemy against Science.
REVIVAL NOW OR BUST ...are you busted for eternity!?!
The God of Abraham  c r e a t e d  the world,  man,  and  s c i e n c e.  Science was gifted to man to bring forth ways to make life better and easier, but after some useful things created by science,  they have been and continue to create weapons of mass destruction,  vehicles and planes for mass destruction, and  c h e m i c a l  ware fare for "population control"  Sadly what God intended for good,  man turned it into evil as he turned the world into the evil of gross sexual perversion,  massive  c o r r u p t i o on   beyond hope,   hateful,  loveless,  adulterating,  violence,  torment, beheading, warring false unbiblical religions,  and whore mongering to name a few.  But now in the "end time prophetic events" being fulfilled rapidly to usher in the return of Jesus Christ for those who believe,  is at the door.   Do you qualify for eternal life,  ...and are you secure in your "eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ"  ...the time is short to His sudden appearing,  you may be forgiven for all sin today simply for the asking!  ...don't wait,  tomorrow may be too late!   Quote of Jesus:  "Except ye are born again (in Him through FAITH not by demand of proof);  ye will not enter the kingdom of God."  John 3:3-5  K J.,   God bless you to this truth!   Revivalist Sonja Grinstead ...
deddy khristanto
'deddy khristanto' 3 years ago
it's viruses
Hamzeh Ghandour
'Hamzeh Ghandour' 3 years ago
You don't even know what you are talking about
Well, this all got a bit too science-fiction-y for me! The major issue I have, though, is whether the law of accelerating returns will really hold up as strongly as you suggest. I tend to think that what may currently be exponential growth will become severely constrained by money and resources, especially with the current state of affairs. Who really knows? Maybe the human race will destroy itself before becoming this technologically advanced, or maybe the technological revolution will come just in time. And from there on it could get very scary.
'zemorph42' 3 years ago
I just got an ad aimed specifically for working scientists, but I'm not a scientist! Edit; The ad was for this:
Muhammad Ali
'Muhammad Ali' 3 years ago
So does anyone know what the types of lifeforms which this video claims were created from off the shelf chemicals? That is quite a bold statement btw.
scandar soren
'scandar soren' 4 years ago
Excellent and illustrative video,we need more of this kind of videos all over the internet sites.This video seems to be designed for all those religious people who still live in a magic world in the 21 century.Though religions despise all kind of sciences,they cannot ignore science is defeating religions,it is only matter of time for religions to disappear.Religions are useless for human beings.Science is the future of mankind.
'VersionBest' 4 years ago
The main advantage religion has that makes it relevant is its size based on a popularity contest literally between many religions; my god is better than your god, I will either kill you or force you to assimilate to demonstrate the love I have for my god, etc. As soon as more people become educated, the numbers will die down and religion will become irrelevant.
Jeffrey Isbell
'Jeffrey Isbell' 4 years ago
You are the clip art master - and i mean that in a good way :) I don't know how many projects Ive edited using the same techniques. But I don't think I've done one as well as any of yours.
Starfall Nova
'Starfall Nova' 4 years ago
Living Robots to be partner with cool, making copies of myself badass, nano making stuff out of nowhere fucking genius!
Ricky Spanish
'Ricky Spanish' 4 years ago
Didja see the movie Transcendence?
Pat Doyle
'Pat Doyle' 4 years ago
There was actually a science fiction story dealing with the whole issue of souls. It postulated a future world in which "corpsickles" were revived, and they were all sociopaths because their souls were gone. I'm not buying it, but it was interesting.
'binjamski' 4 years ago
Makes me want to buy some stocks
'WyreWizard' 4 years ago
Underlings, if you don't mind I would rather now have a flying car or a jet pack.  A 2000 Lexus RX300 is enough for me.
'Ii'whä' 4 years ago
'rdococ' 4 years ago
Hey Christian. In 20 years time we will be as powerful as God, and even send HIM to Hell. How cool would that be?
Puro angolano Luanda
All what u have done in this video, was atacking God....blind people,can't u see the criaction? The beauty ,the life? all things that we can touch and see,there is the signature of God in it....thing about bro , dont let t he ciency take God fron your life
Bobby M
'Bobby M' 4 years ago
Not religious, but most of the predictions made here.. Just seem horribly wrong...
'Shanara99' 4 years ago
How bleak and terrifying this future is. Inmortality is not meant for mortal brains.hundreds of years of memories dragging us down. Or maybe we'd choose to purge our memories every few decades, so we won't be yearning for the older times, when things were better. I already miss the 90s, and the 80s... how dreadful would be missing the 1900s, ot the 2500s. You brought up the nicer points of such a future, Underlings.. but somehow forgot to mention the dark ones. One could live in a fantasy world of their design, surronded by AIs of their design, created to serve and worship them as gods. One could even make themselves forget that they're living in such a world. And humans being humans... lots of people would take that option. After all, any suficiently advanced AI is indistinguible from a real human mind. My only concern is that we could turn like the Midas from the tale, wishing for our own demise, unable to unmake our mistakes.  Science fiction and terror often go hand in hand... maybe because it's easy to imagine ways to missuse, voluntarily or accidentaly, any new technology. Memory backups? But what if someone corrupts or changes one of them, altering your very own being? After all, if your whole memory is in digital storage format, anyone could change it and make you believe that you're a woman, a serial killer, the pope, or virtually anything you want. Criminals could pay for someone to change the memories of a random person, so they would confess of crimes they never commited, despite the fact that they DO remember commiting them. Religious leaders could just create the jesus.exe virus and infect you with christianism... or islamism, or whatever. A virus that would rearrange your memory in such a way that you'd be a fanatic, against your will. Yes, for every marvel you can imagine, I can dream a nightmare. For every hope, dispair. Yet I still long for such a future... My only real fear is that our morality advances at a much slower rate than our technology. 
'AeriosDFY2' 4 years ago
fuck religion
Charles Christopher
'Charles Christopher' 4 years ago
If I live long enough to see these sort of technologies, the first thing I want to do is get the genetic defect which has rendered me incapable of running more than a few blocks before collapsing from oxygen starvation fixed--or simulated in a virtual world. Then I would like to scrub some of the uglier memories I have in my head (a night without drugs or nightmares would be wonderful) and see if I could live like a normal man.
Man from Beyond
'Man from Beyond' 4 years ago
Your film made a good argument for humans who still debate over religion and science. Is good to know there are humans who are aware of the many possibilities and that perhaps one day humans will be able to create their own virtual worlds which they will have power over. Only through science can people be able to see this not religion.  
EvolutionismAnti-Science Lie
Do you remember you told me once that no ancient China record recorded a global flood?  Here are 2 video done by 2 Chinese pastors telling you that not only do the biblical accounts of the Creation, the Fall, the Flood and Noah's Ark, the rainbow after the Flood, the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages have coinciding records in ancient Chinese classics such as Shang Shu 尚书, Shi Jing 诗经, Guo Yu 国语, Huai Nan Zi 淮南子, Shan Hai Jing 山海经, etc., even many traditional Chinese characters (that is, before Mao Zedong the evolutionist changed the characters to simplified forms) have biblical origin such as the characters for righteousness, garden, covet, forbid, ship, etc.  The Chinese history goes back to 2500 B.C. centuries after the Flood, and the Chinese people are the descendants of Shem just as the Jews.  Thus like the Jews, Chinese love their sons more than their daughters 重男轻女.   Youtube doesn't show the links anymore but changes the links to the titles of the vidoes, so just click on the titles for yourself to see.  Now if you truly are after the truth as an open-minded scientist should as you claim yourself to be, go through the documentary "China's Confession" 神州忏悔录 with English subtitle by Pastor Yuan Zhiming 远志明, and the 3-part sermons by Pastor Kong Hee 康希 from Singapore on "God in Ancient China".   Both pastors quoted directly from ancient Chinese classics with translations, and both showed us examples of traditional Chinese characters with biblical origin.  So you are wrong in insisting that there's no Chinese records of a global Flood.  Even the Chinese character for the "ship" or "big boat" 船(Noah's Ark) has a boat 舟 on the left and eight mouths 八口 (Noah's family of eight) on the right showing us that the Chinese knew very well about the Global Flood.  I have been writing these characters myself without knowing they have biblical origin.  1) CHINA CONFESSION 2) God in Ancient China 古代中國人的神 - Part 1 (English & Chinese) 第1部分 (中文 / 英文) Btw, there is not just historical coinciding records for the Genesis accounts in other ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptian, Babylonian (read "The Bible as History"), there is also the fossils.  The fossils are the evidence of the Flood that created huge sedimentation quickly burying all kinds of organisms under the flood.  Look up the fossilization process and see that the best condition to form fossils is under the flood condition.    
'Oldeuboi' 4 years ago
The end of biological death and the beginning of transhumanism. 
'Liamekka' 4 years ago
A lot of people see the good that can come from this advanced technology. I am glad for them. I see all the horror that comes with its abuse. I fear the future.
Alternative Facts
'Alternative Facts' 4 years ago
Yay sexbots! Yay vr games that make sexbots redundant! If this world were a game, how do you win?
'Dexter8x' 4 years ago
How about hover boards? BTW I want my copy to be put in skyrim
Faye S
'Faye S' 4 years ago
What if someone switched my sexbot with a killbot D: /dilemma. On a side note if we had advanced nanotechnology it would probably be very difficult to have "accidents" as we can simply spread nanobots throughout the earth and calculate the future on an atomic level which would allow prediction of the future with 100% accuracy so any killings would be intentional. And why stop there? Perhaps we will be able to make quantumbots and travel through black holes :P. To finally see wtf is behind those things besides super dense mass. Uh I also look forward to living at the bottom of the ocean, hopefully it happens in my life time.
True antitheist2006
'True antitheist2006' 4 years ago
Watching this on my hand held tablet XD.
True antitheist2006
'True antitheist2006' 4 years ago
Science it works bitches.
'kaileric' 4 years ago
There are already people who prefer their computer to real life relationships.
'DoctorNerd' 4 years ago
The only way a society like this could existence is if 1.there was no money (since there'd be no point in having it) 2.the only laws be uploaded into our heads and they would basically be the laws of robotics since they are the only ones that make sense.  3. The powers at be (the super rich and powerful who don't want to loose there money and power) let nano tech that could make anything be available to the public.
Ricky Spanish
'Ricky Spanish' 4 years ago
In 2050, me or one of my copies will 'nudge' you or one of your copies on the telepathic web with the thought: "Holy frittatas Batman!" in English or Chinese, whatever language survives.
Felix chetana
'Felix chetana' 4 years ago
*The truth about life* is so crucial to be understood before technology advances beyond us.  Google: *Truth Contest* and read the top entry titled, The Present 
'whiterabbit75' 4 years ago
@Underlings"No, it's still coming one second per second. ;-)" At least, until we get time machines figured out and practical. :P This was probably your best video yet. I loved how positive and upbeat the picture you painted was. Living forever and marrying your sex-bot. The future looks bright, indeed.
Cami Giulietti
'Cami Giulietti' 4 years ago
At first this seems like something from a science fiction movie but when I looked into the sources in the "show more" part of the video and after doing a little research I am simply amazed at how few people realize that we will experience an age of enlightenment like none we've ever known. These revelations in the fabric of our own reality will destroy the fairy tales of religion. Take that John Lennox and William Lane Craig!   
'Underlings' 4 years ago
No, it's still coming one second per second. ;-)
Frederico Franco
'Frederico Franco' 4 years ago
Perfect ... The future is comming very fast
Eternal Cycles
'Eternal Cycles' 4 years ago
a virtual world would be closer to the religious concept but not to reality. A virtual computer world would allow miracles and no need for evolution from less complex species but rather humans to just pop into existence. We create reality, we are products of the universe, as Carl Sagan said " the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."
'Underlings' 4 years ago
:-) I'm glad you found it so impacting. I highly encourage you to follow the reference links in the description. You'll get much deeper details about the various points I make. Hang on...the future will be a wild ride. ;-)
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
Thanks underlings and best of luck with your research as well.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Unfortunately, you just have to do a lot of studying. I recommend starting with the reference articles I've included in the description bar.
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
Well put indeed. The reason why I asked for you to elaborate is because I personally have trouble explaining things of this of scientific and going beyond the basics of such studies. I strive to learn more and understand our world when all the information needed isn't being taught.
'Norseman' 5 years ago
The reasons for this mutation? Well, it's pretty obvious. Mutations go into genetics. Genetics are transferred from generation to generation (from parent to child), and those who survive until they get children, get to transfer their genetics to the next generation. Simply put: survival of the fittest. The one with superior genetics survives. And obviously, this certain mutation has been so helpful, every vertebrate to this day has it because it helps them survive and live.
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
Interesting that you seem to understand it on a much scientific kind of approach. Explain the reasons for this "mutation", or elaborate.
'Norseman' 5 years ago
You're welcome. However, "Godlike-consciousness which is that of our third eye or a pineal gland" is nothing more than the results of mutation and evolution. The third eye is after all just an eye used to observe the world with one more eye for survivability. The pineal gland is a gland, an organ found in the brain of all vertebrates that produces melatonin, a hormone that allows us to adjust our sleeping patterns and seasonal functions. Back to my first point: all a result of mutation.
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
Ok I see my mistake there @artblanc. I apologize. I found it out to be a conspiracy, not as true as I once learned about. BUT, we do however have godlike-conciousness which is that of our third eye or pineal gland. That seems more prominent to what I ment from before. Thanks for not being the kind of person to displace what I said and argue like most whom do on here. Appreciate it
'Norseman' 5 years ago
There are no such thing as a "God Gene" in our minds. The idea of an all-powerful, all-knowing deity in the sky who allegedly created all of existence and maintains it, is something that is usually seeded into our minds when we are young, most commonly by parents or other religious persons... who also had this idea planted by someone else when they were young.
'Norseman' 5 years ago
Women could have sex with an immensely realistic sex-bot, compiled with perfect partner-symmetry programs and a vast library of sex positions and various modes of speed among other things- with no possible chance of getting pregnant, raped or feel bad about cheating on it later.
'tamaplayer100' 5 years ago
I have been a Christian all my life and never did I believe that a God was present in my life. I learned that we do however have a gene in our minds that is a "God gene". Which is the knowing of God. The indispensable lives we so ALL live today is that of personal beliefs and opinions. If you all out there are just as open to the world as @underlings, then you should know that this world is all about choice. We are CONSUMED by choices of others. We have lost our true reasons to be here. EVOLVE
'Underlings' 5 years ago
One would have to first believe the Christian God exists in order to even think about trying to avoid punishment. No, the real reason we're working toward this future is because it's always been the human dream to be superhuman, to fix the frailties of our inherently inefficient and weak design. We'd much rather that than to simply die and cease to exist. Creating our own futures is motivation enough. Faith has nothing to do with it...just hope and potential.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Yes, men will lead the foray into sexbots...but I don't think women will be far behind. Not only could they have a sexbot who looks the part, but he would be caring, devoted, romantic, helpful, adoring, a great listener, etc. I suspect humor will be the hardest A.I. hurdle to cross, but doubtless it'll happen. Real men won't be able to compete with that, because what men want in women and what women want in men are not exactly the same, generally speaking.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Ah, but there are SO many different religions and even different factions within each religion that they'll never be anything more than a terrorist organization. But I wouldn't worry. See my video on The Conservative Challenge. They're always a step or two behind, but they eventually adopt the more progressive position.
Reidh Beallagh
'Reidh Beallagh' 5 years ago
This vid veers into ridiculous. Immortality? maybe long life, but eventually it will disintegrate and need transplanting which is right back to appliance. And are scientists trying to avoid God's punishment by not having to die? Does that mean they concede the notion that death is from God's will, i.e. that there is a god? And that they might dispense with entertaining notions of God? What kind of God do they think God is? Thats right, We can't know. Therefore Faith Rules, always.
Reidh Beallagh
'Reidh Beallagh' 5 years ago
I want to marry an appliance. Now Nano tech is Hot! It will be best way to cure cancer, and help immuno system in humans.
Reidh Beallagh
'Reidh Beallagh' 5 years ago
Mostly Men. who couldn't get laid with money and a gun, will be using Sexbots.
Reidh Beallagh
'Reidh Beallagh' 5 years ago
yeah, if God hadn't caused that Flood, we would be 100's of years ahead of where we are today! Damn Him.
'Wolfboy2012' 5 years ago
Well that's what religion does to you what am worried is that fundies will be push to the limit where they delcare holy war. Yes a war between the religouse and the secularists in other words becoming world war 3.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Well, fundies are conservative by nature, and conservatives by definition aren't progressive thinkers. Anything new is to be regarded with suspicion. Since it's the nature of the world to keep changing, they tend to become more and more unhappy with the world and society over time.
'Wolfboy2012' 5 years ago
So to them it would be view ina disgusted view. man Fundies whine about everything don't you agree.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Well, my point is that the raw materials for nanotech are trivially easy to acquire: dirt, air, water. Fissile uranium is much, much tougher. And with the self-reproducing nature of nanotech, it would be tough to control a patent on the technology, at least not for long.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
I too have known gamers who fell in love with other player avatars and were married in-game. It's not that unusual. Well, once artificial intelligence is sufficiently advanced that you can't tell the difference between the A.I. and a human (and we're not that far away from that already), then you'll be able to fall in love with a non-human (soulless!) being. If fundies are upset by gay marriage, they definitely won't be happy about A.I. marriage!
German Pepe
'German Pepe' 5 years ago
Materials arent problematic, are they? Patens kind of are a bit. Sillicon isnt hard to get, i still couldnt build a computer from scatch (I mean from scratch. Of course i can put it together and everything). The example of refined uranium isnt that good, im pretty sure if I realy wanted i could get some (given the right budget, lower then those for the clean rooms needed for building a computer from scratch)
'Wolfboy2012' 5 years ago
*Raises his hand* I'm not a shame to say am one of those people. I can imgine the freedom in entering the Video Game World. I mean imagine going to a VG thru a portal meet a female character that you like then get to know her then led to marriage and kids. I mean it could challnge the Religous but in what way?
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Oh, there's no doubt that will happen. There are people even now who fall in love with characters in current online games, so it's not much of a stretch to see that happening with artificially intelligent avatars.
'Wolfboy2012' 5 years ago
With science advancing so much in the next 30 years they could a portal to the Game world. Yes enter a video game and meet the characters of that VG. That should be a challenge since maybe one can fall in love with that character and make babies. Maybe every character in VG world are secularists.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
WRONG! It'll happen at least a decade earlier than 2050! ;-)
Ricky Spanish
'Ricky Spanish' 5 years ago
2050 Some Theist has a video conference debate with a being that counters his every argument and makes him look like a gibbering idiot to a crowd of doubting theists, it's none other then a young man's laptop Artificial Intelligence using Charles Darwins image.
Behold Nature, Ignore NO Sights, Witness Reality
Irreligion in North America is rising. Hi-tech Japan and South Korea are among the most secular countries. Welcome to the 21st century and Information Age.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Ah, but corporations don't rule the world. All it takes is the will of just one government or corporation to acquire the huge advantages of molecular technology to make it likely to happen. The advantages for the one who develops the technology first would be so huge, I doubt there'll be a way to stop it. Even worldwide suppression would be difficult to enforce, since it wouldn't require special materials (like refined uranium).
'Underlings' 5 years ago
There is NOTHING in science that claims God doesn't exist, so that's a straw man fallacy. Unless you can provide ANY evidence Jesus is real, only a fool would believe he is. That's what's so effective about produces actual testable, repeatable RESULTS...unlike religion.
'OnekiKai' 5 years ago
I think crony capitalism and patents are more likely to prevent this future than religion is at this point.
'OnekiKai' 5 years ago
Or...schizophrenia? Multiple personality disorder?
kenny fraser
'kenny fraser' 5 years ago
Funny. All the science of man that claims GOD doesn't exist and they couldn't be more wrong. Everything they assume they know is false and couldn't be further from the Truth. I know this, and yes Im 125% sure of this. The 3 audible Words that changed my outlook, (and everything else), on life 4ever were, "THIS IS GOD." That was the 1st time I heard GOD speak which was last year this month. Here's a warning; Take all trust out of man,(the world) put it in JESUS. He's very, very real!!!
'Underlings' 5 years ago
I avoided all dungeons, of course--that's suicide. I also did all the green quests I could, going to other newbie areas where I could keep doing lower level quests. Grouping is dangerous, too, since others take too many risks not fearing death. I did the only role-playing realm available at the time. I deleted it because that was the plan from the beginning: any death means delete the character. It made death really something to be feared. Changed the whole dynamics of the game.
'Underlings' 5 years ago
Watch the director's final cut movie ever!
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