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Best of Dance Remixes & Club Music Party Dance Mix 2016 (Latest & Top Songs) -
Published: 10 months ago By: Eric Clapman Exclusive

By: Eric Clapman ExclusivePublished: 10 months ago

1, 326, 998 views

5, 737 Likes   339 Dislikes

Best of Dance Remixes & Club Music Party Dance Mix 2016 (Latest & Top Songs)
Mixed By Eric Clapman
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coralie tixxa
'coralie tixxa' 2 weeks ago
hi what is the remix of " coming home" at the 22 minute thanks
'Harlequin' 4 weeks ago
anybody knows the song at 33:58 ?
'Gohanintendo' 4 months ago
song of 54:50?? pls :c
'Dridreamy' 4 months ago
41:18 who sings this french Interpretation of "Keep my cool" ? ..."je suis censé de rester cool".. "ça me rend fou"...
iyada forkon
'iyada forkon' 4 months ago
'DjRicardojdsVEVO' 5 months ago
watching in 2k17
Balazs 1000
'Balazs 1000' 5 months ago
1:00 ??????????
Stefan Arneson
'Stefan Arneson' 5 months ago
41:00 Song name?
Jhonny Laura Cusi
'Jhonny Laura Cusi' 5 months ago
mucho bueno xd
Gemerson Costa
'Gemerson Costa' 5 months ago
number one please...
Milán Babai
'Milán Babai' 5 months ago
music at 7:30?
Cozmin Alex
'Cozmin Alex' 6 months ago
Todor Ahchiev
'Todor Ahchiev' 6 months ago
Music list please
Daniel Stein
'Daniel Stein' 6 months ago
girl 39.01?
Fgdr Jgtg
'Fgdr Jgtg' 6 months ago
04:20 star the song maybe not sure. What song ? plz tell me
Deividas Jankauskas
'Deividas Jankauskas' 7 months ago
54:50 ??
M Gerritsen
'M Gerritsen' 7 months ago
Thanks man, your work is awesome! Listen to it at work daily.
'JNSaunders16' 7 months ago
song from 8:00 to 11:00?
ReasoN QQ
'ReasoN QQ' 7 months ago
great mix !
'정승채' 7 months ago
track rist plz!~~!
'Marzo' 7 months ago
Hello guys, i just started uploading my music and i would really be happy if you guys would take a few minutes and take a look at my tracks :) Thanks!
'huntherrobyn' 7 months ago
What the song at 1:01:08?
Mike GrafixTM
'Mike GrafixTM' 7 months ago
I love it!!!! 👌
Johan Remeš
'Johan Remeš' 7 months ago
01:01:08 doesn't anyone know this song?
'OGÜN' 7 months ago
56:00 LİSTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simariis Sim
'Simariis Sim' 7 months ago
Świetny początek
'darkfalcon59' 7 months ago
song list please
Rahil Patel
'Rahil Patel' 7 months ago
Awesome !! 😉 +1 Like +1 Subscriber +1 Comment 😜
yaser k
'yaser k' 7 months ago
Playlist please
Super M6
'Super M6' 7 months ago
31:40 ?
Caner Ertaş
'Caner Ertaş' 8 months ago
of you best to musıc
'supermaehn8393' 8 months ago
song at 58:00 ?
Nuscher Yesil
'Nuscher Yesil' 8 months ago
oh yeah good music
Bass Killer
'Bass Killer' 8 months ago
Can you guys sub to my channel please
'HaSTe' 8 months ago
love it
'TheOne42' 8 months ago
Amazing Set! Eric as usual!! where can i buy/download this Mix from? :)
'callmedanaful' 8 months ago
Wish the video description whould list the names of each song & timing in the video ;-;
Jayem Javier
'Jayem Javier' 8 months ago
first song plss???
OlimpiaOla Bellaixsia
nice good job :)
emil cirineo
'emil cirineo' 8 months ago
what's the name of the first song?
Amy Yulina70
'Amy Yulina70' 8 months ago
qajghyegg .
Amy Yulina70
'Amy Yulina70' 8 months ago
iyif TV by
'Danicool' 8 months ago
Song at 18:00 please?
Asaph Marrafon
'Asaph Marrafon' 8 months ago
46:00 song?
Беркут Nииис
FUCK you
Костя Гричук
'李偉郁' 8 months ago
song at 7:30 plz
Maynor Sierra
'Maynor Sierra' 9 months ago
It is merjor in electro music events
'TRAU' 9 months ago
Sean Moore
'Sean Moore' 9 months ago
Name of the song with "Addicted When Love is Your Radio. My radiooooo" please
Rohit K
'Rohit K' 9 months ago
song plz at 10.10
Zeus Production
'Zeus Production' 9 months ago
first song pleaz pleaz <3 :D
administracja wseh
'administracja wseh' 9 months ago
55 Love Is the Name [Moto Blanco Remix]
administracja wseh
'administracja wseh' 9 months ago
38 I'm Intoxicated Deepend
Bruno Becker
'Bruno Becker' 9 months ago
cade os brs porra?
Joel reus
'Joel reus' 9 months ago
can i have the list of the songs?
Roman Melnikov
'Roman Melnikov' 9 months ago
Song (rmx) name 10.00, please
Evendims Zorn
'Evendims Zorn' 9 months ago
Song at 40:40?
Ed Thefixer
'Ed Thefixer' 9 months ago
Glad you are back dude.... you were gone for a bit and missed your good mixes!...
Cesar Ccoyccosi mamani
'tweekerhunter' 9 months ago
What is the name of the 3rd girl. she is really cute
DeeJay Dan
'DeeJay Dan' 9 months ago
16:00 Selena Gomez–Kill Em With Kindness (Denis First & Reznikov Remix) 25:00 Chris Marina, Saint Tropez Caps–Superstar (Original Mix) 39:00 Deepend–I'm Intoxicated penultimate : Loona with Tale & Dutch feat. P Moody - On Va Danser (Crystal Rock Remix) last: Geo Da Silva, Dj Gabro & Mr. Sax - Kiss Me
Cabroncete Lover
'Cabroncete Lover' 9 months ago
Like por el bombonazo de rubia del 52:00
DJ Jacob
'DJ Jacob' 9 months ago
Can somebody write the playlist out for me? -_- :(
Alex Novak
'Alex Novak' 9 months ago
5:45 Song ?
Dann Park
'Dann Park' 9 months ago
Song name at 12:45?
'DiTiello' 9 months ago
ohh yeeesss keep moving lmfao magic sound
'LEE HOO HYUN' 9 months ago
17:45....what song ???
CA Nyx
'CA Nyx' 9 months ago
I know it says "party dance mix" but this is quite enjoyably to play low while reading.
William Lindo
'William Lindo' 9 months ago
Como se llama la canción del minuto 22:00
anonymous 12
'anonymous 12' 9 months ago
yayy!! sara sampaio too... and music was awesome of course..!
Paula Andrea Motato Mosquera
Aicu Mael III
'Aicu Mael III' 9 months ago
#Great 👍
'GermanDjProject' 9 months ago
Good one !
Rohit K
'Rohit K' 9 months ago
sia cheap trills but which remix?? at 10.10
Hùng Nguyễn
'Hùng Nguyễn' 9 months ago
what is title of song in 47:30
Carlos Naguil
'Carlos Naguil' 9 months ago
15:06 plss La del silbido snjvnsdjv
Diego Sotillo
'Diego Sotillo' 9 months ago
wtf 7.41 ...
Nasrat Khalaf
'Nasrat Khalaf' 9 months ago
clever mixer
Deutschland Groβ
'Deutschland Groβ' 9 months ago
Where's playlist plz i'm from germany (munch)
Donatas Juknevičius
'Donatas Juknevičius' 9 months ago
44:00 - BBX ft. Tony T & Alba Kras - Crazy
Dj Tension Official
'Dj Tension Official' 9 months ago
Woww! :)
Rafael Anastácio Alves
Which music is played at 15:20 ?
Rafael Anastácio Alves
Which music is played at 6:00 ?
Jakub Olewiński
'Jakub Olewiński' 9 months ago
1:01 song ??
djallal sahli
'djallal sahli' 9 months ago
Joshua ZBB
'Joshua ZBB' 9 months ago
track list!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'fitnes78' 9 months ago
great job!
Vu Huy
'Vu Huy' 9 months ago
nice mix
Rafael Anastácio Alves
Fuckin' awesome!
Arief M. Putra
'Arief M. Putra' 10 months ago
Nice mixer 👌
Balazs 1000
'Balazs 1000' 10 months ago
10:30 Track Name??????????????? PLEASE
Dance Music Hot
'Dance Music Hot' 10 months ago
Akash Das
'Akash Das' 10 months ago
so good .....
Akash Das
'Akash Das' 10 months ago
so good .....
DJ KrisS
'DJ KrisS' 10 months ago
Nice ! :D
Lucas Cavalcante
'Lucas Cavalcante' 10 months ago
Last photo ?
Sem regras
'Sem regras' 10 months ago
Music 15:20?
'JustHouseMusic' 10 months ago
So nice!
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