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Published: 3 months ago By: CliveNBAParody

By: CliveNBAParodyPublished: 3 months ago

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Kevin Durant SHUTS UP Drake for Trash Talking By Hitting Game Winner vs Raptors!!!

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justin sauler
'justin sauler' 10 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂weak af
sweetie tee
'sweetie tee' 20 hours ago
What the fuck is he saying I don’t understand one shit he’s saying
james mcmillan
'james mcmillan' 23 hours ago
hahahah the hell are you sayin nigga?
Truly Blessed
'Truly Blessed' 1 day ago
soyjee baka LMAO tf?
swagg so smooth23
For those who reads comments during or before watching videos..ill save you the headache. Thumbs down and on to the next video
boss queen
'boss queen' 1 day ago
Am i tripping or does he sound like joseline from love and hip hop atlanta...didnt knw she a youtuber bro
Jeff Barksdale
'Jeff Barksdale' 1 day ago
The Smug Entitled Ones.... Big Changes on the Horizon
Dave Williams
'Dave Williams' 1 day ago
😂😂😂 prayed to the 6god that it goes in!!!! Ok I fwy now....
Dave Williams
'Dave Williams' 1 day ago
This man said they don’t call him brick Thompson 😂😂😂👏🏾
Revertino Tse
'Revertino Tse' 2 days ago
Drake. Stick with your day job. The Raptors don t need a megaphone. They got a Mascot already.
'MATT MGS' 2 days ago
That drakes a funny looking cunt
'crankyboiy' 2 days ago
Amulon Leo Zarraga
Fuck drake
Captain Honesty
'Captain Honesty' 2 days ago
Why does the narrator sound like the chihuahua from Taco Bell...?... #YoQuieroTacoBell
Dan Williams
'Dan Williams' 2 days ago
Can someone please edit this guy commentating by putting spaces in between each of the words? I've heard clearer and more precise automation voices ffs!
'Gongic' 3 days ago
Drake should go play fortnite with ninja and his gay friends,cause he is a little bitch
'damagician7775' 3 days ago
Dude your commentary is hilarious, keep it up dude!! good laugh!!
Alpha Maze
'Alpha Maze' 3 days ago
Drake is a pussy.
atiel jairuz
'atiel jairuz' 4 days ago
Look at drake's face
prince farai
'prince farai' 4 days ago
Oscar Tobio
'Oscar Tobio' 4 days ago
Stephen McAllister
Can someone tell me how many completed sentences this man makes in this video?
Avius Legacy
'Avius Legacy' 4 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck drake was talkin shit
rOj cAm
'rOj cAm' 4 days ago
warriors unta makadaog oi.
FaZe Jaguarrr
'FaZe Jaguarrr' 4 days ago
“Me and chef KD” Anyone remember that from More life.... that’s awkward
The LA Gentleman
'The LA Gentleman' 5 days ago
I’m so sorry... but the commentator sounds like Joseline from Love and Hip Hop 😂😂
'HomiedinoboyRBLX' 5 days ago
I know
Ryan Rosales
'Ryan Rosales' 5 days ago
This de is acting like one that say and he makes a dunk and Tere talking
'yurtyybomb' 5 days ago
of course i found this while i was high
Ukn0wnD3d2 ProNoob
Shut up drake
nato _31
'nato _31' 5 days ago
Fuck drake!
Tymeka Penn
'Tymeka Penn' 6 days ago
I don't know why drake did that
Ryan Newman
'Ryan Newman' 6 days ago
Narrator is damn annoying
Daw Za May
'Daw Za May' 6 days ago
My son lkve god pkan by drake 😀😺
'Mr.Brockman' 6 days ago
Why the hell does this dude sound like Kendrick Lamar
Skidrow 247
'Skidrow 247' 6 days ago
O:48 what a complete show off bullshit
Jacob Otto
'Jacob Otto' 6 days ago
Yo this commentary is life
Carmelo Rivera
'Carmelo Rivera' 6 days ago
U stole joselito the puppet style of talking
SHIFdoomSHIFbob 12
baka=idiot....just so u know
Micheal Johnson
'Micheal Johnson' 7 days ago
Your a golden state hater bra
'Booge' 1 week ago
Is that 50 Tyson talking lol?
hey you
'hey you' 1 week ago
The only thing I got from this commentary was I think Drake might have done the half time show at this game?
sajid mahmood
'sajid mahmood' 1 week ago
What the fuck did you jus say
Sub Glory
'Sub Glory' 1 week ago
Curry missed on purpose we all know
'Doc REDZ' 1 week ago
Waisted my time watching this shit!!!
Jake Baker
'Jake Baker' 1 week ago
Terrible, just terrible
bike gopro
'bike gopro' 1 week ago
Kevindurantanddrakwastalkinninatrashimafucki mg retardandidke glish
monica arceo
'monica arceo' 1 week ago
"They call him Klay for a reason, he aint no brick Thompson"
kelly heart
'kelly heart' 1 week ago
O_O Wowie KD is a snake
Dinosaur Bones
'Dinosaur Bones' 1 week ago
Kd is a snake what are you saying
Guilherme Anvers
'Guilherme Anvers' 1 week ago
stephen curry missed 2 free throws in a row?
Y Kh4n
'Y Kh4n' 1 week ago
Slap that drake pussy
'DeLaMan' 1 week ago
My moms dad is called Grampy so when Drake won a grammy I took that shit personal
Hey You
'Hey You' 1 week ago
Drake is getting T H I C C
Mayank Nautiyal
'Mayank Nautiyal' 2 weeks ago
Drake : fucking grannies since his birth
Ftms R
'Ftms R' 2 weeks ago
This nigga is annoying
'PRO HEN' 2 weeks ago
Durant was like," I wipe my ass with your little money Drake"
No Excuses
'No Excuses' 2 weeks ago
Fuck drake he's a bitch
Black Koshinomi
'Black Koshinomi' 2 weeks ago
I hate people who try to be funny but fail miserably at it !
G-Funk & Mafioso Rap
what's in curry's mouth?
Zach Abraham
'Zach Abraham' 2 weeks ago
Ha ha 😀
Abbey Williams
'Abbey Williams' 2 weeks ago
Drake is ugly as shit
Jason Groleau
'Jason Groleau' 2 weeks ago
This is gay
Corey Pitre
'Corey Pitre' 2 weeks ago
Nigga whack af bruh💯
Fresno State Hooper
'Fresno State Hooper' 2 weeks ago
Droopy eyed dumb motherfucker, drake needs to fuck off...stick to his shit music..
cameron hansford madden monster i guess
I hate kd I love okc
Lil bud The rapper
'Lil bud The rapper' 2 weeks ago
Why would someone laugh at 1 of the best rappers of all time
Lil Bshift
'Lil Bshift' 2 weeks ago
Drake god plan
Fahad Yusuf
'Fahad Yusuf' 2 weeks ago
What the fuck am I doing here with This fucking 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
'deedooc' 2 weeks ago
Whats the beat in the background?
'UCE JUICE GAMING' 2 weeks ago
Drake shut the fuk up nobody cares
Dasha And Co.
'Dasha And Co.' 2 weeks ago
Gosh, I miss watching basketball! All the new changes make it weird for me to watch these days.
William Bell
'William Bell' 2 weeks ago
how the did he get the rights to show nba footage and 4,000,000 this guy sounds like he trying keep his parents from hearing him make this video
Roblox Elvir
'Roblox Elvir' 2 weeks ago
Skenny Hardaway
'Skenny Hardaway' 2 weeks ago
Need a new hobby
Toxic Vlogs\Games
'Toxic Vlogs\Games' 2 weeks ago
Gods Plan...
'ItsMeCal:PP' 2 weeks ago
I think what drake did was wrong i mean he made a mistake drake has made a mistake MILLIONS of times
'josh' 2 weeks ago
if a white guy did what drake did he would be called a racist and banned from the arena
Ninja Pigg
'Ninja Pigg' 2 weeks ago
You know they call him Klay they don’t call him no brick Thompson 😂😂
Adam Luna
'Adam Luna' 2 weeks ago
Wtf poor dude for making this video
Kerry Martin
'Kerry Martin' 2 weeks ago
So drake can yell all he wants at the players... get right in the grill of ariza when he's inbounding the ball... but the fan in Charlotte gets thrown out for touching LeBron... smh... 2 sets of rules I guess
Ultimate Warrior
'Ultimate Warrior' 2 weeks ago
Drake look like a real nigga talking shit in the thumbnail wtf😂
sandy gomez
'sandy gomez' 2 weeks ago
All I can say is Ahahahaha to Drake
'adamyaw' 2 weeks ago
I’d like to hear this in English if possible
'secretmuse420' 2 weeks ago
Fuck that Canadian douchenozzle
ferran socosote bechiro
This niggamentor doesn't sleep
'Creezek' 2 weeks ago
That's why Drake is hated and don't get me started about him copying songs...
'masonotp332' 2 weeks ago
im laughing the whole video
Eduardo Ruiz
'Eduardo Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
This nigga has autism
Salim Khalif
'Salim Khalif' 2 weeks ago
Hahah he got ice in his veins he pulls up😂😂😂
gamer toppick
'gamer toppick' 2 weeks ago
Drake and his chewbacca lacca wakka friends just lost some fans
Jared Holmes
'Jared Holmes' 2 weeks ago
Kd ain't no snake! Tf? Clearly you have no clue what snake means
Javen Smith
'Javen Smith' 2 weeks ago
KD should have eaten him
Brayden kaedyn We littt
The title got me it cut it off so I thought it said he hit him I was like ooh gotta watch this😂
Dustin Shaw
'Dustin Shaw' 2 weeks ago
after the Game Drake was like "Just Hold On I'm Going Home"
Beneficial Knowledge
The commentator is talking Trash. Lol
'AJ DA BOSS' 2 weeks ago
Klay choved him
DJ Cats
'DJ Cats' 3 weeks ago
I think Drake was just disappointed in Durant. After all, he's a fan of Kevin...
SituationGanng 300
'SituationGanng 300' 3 weeks ago
Drake courtside wit a cup of OJ 😂😂😂😂 fucking LEGEND
Mike Labonte
'Mike Labonte' 3 weeks ago
Slow the fuck down
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