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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 7 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 7 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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Mr. Afifi
'Mr. Afifi' 38 minutes ago
magnificent engineering
Jusuf Kreso
'Jusuf Kreso' 1 hour ago
The crossbow is straight outta Heavy Metal (1981)
'TheJokerperez' 3 hours ago
You sir are a genius..... and does Daryl Dixon know about this.
Abdulla Alamadi
'Abdulla Alamadi' 4 hours ago
Pls make a more compact version
Eric Alley
'Eric Alley' 5 hours ago
Just the sound of his voice makes me feel 30% less manly in comparison. He's like heavy weapons guy from TF2 come to life. I'm just waiting for him to yell "Who touched Sasha!?"
'Thunderstormworld' 7 hours ago
You can use rc brushless motors and gearing as they are stronger and faster. Any chance for the plans maybe? I'd love to make it in aircraft aluminium 😂
Dimi Gust
'Dimi Gust' 9 hours ago
The sound of the crossbow firing is awesome!
Jim Sherlock
'Jim Sherlock' 9 hours ago
Damn!! That looks like so much fun!! You put a lot of thought into that, as well as time. So, it's not a firearm and not a crossbow. Hey, call it a firebow! Lol
vjeran vlahovic
'vjeran vlahovic' 12 hours ago
Go to real crossbow manufacturer and make a deal...
'Alcaseiver' 12 hours ago
Jesus Joerg youve gotten into shape. :)
gautam kumar mahto
'gautam kumar mahto' 12 hours ago
can you please show how you made it ??
Mark Priesmeyer
'Mark Priesmeyer' 12 hours ago're crazy and it's awesome! Most entertaining channel on YouTube!
James Brandt
'James Brandt' 13 hours ago
I want!
'MUSAIB Wadkar' 13 hours ago
So, this is were Qyburn learned his stuff
'DA WN' 14 hours ago
how bout you flip it to otherside.. and trigger the drill with your thumb. its like gatling gun on tanks.
'medvidekmisa' 15 hours ago
make it lever operated its nice weapon :) like from van helsing but he had it gas operated i think
Tnb Spotter
'Tnb Spotter' 15 hours ago
Love this guy's sinister laugh. Like a cartoon villain.
Pavol Ilovský
'Pavol Ilovský' 15 hours ago
That ha ha ha haaaa on the end was the best!!
Danilo Djurovic
'Danilo Djurovic' 16 hours ago
this guy is a 1 man army
Tuff Gong
'Tuff Gong' 18 hours ago
Ha Ha Never a dull moment with Joerg! Ha Ha Ha
piere pierouu
'piere pierouu' 18 hours ago
Imagine what you can do with John Deere engine hahaha " the guy was like the genius villain who figured out how to destroy the world"
'jethrotu1' 19 hours ago
Abosutley brilliant, he is a genius and a gentleman with the best sense of humerer ever. Can't wait to show this to my children, they love their guns live their slingshots and my 7year old is interested diy, love this guy.
'BlastBunny' 20 hours ago
"Ha ha let me show you its features!!". Best God damn part.
Pjams Mataeo
'Pjams Mataeo' 20 hours ago
gotta love that German first accent
Harith Iznan
'Harith Iznan' 20 hours ago
Y'all can see there's no ads. This man really made videos for fun
Shahzaib Khan
'Shahzaib Khan' 1 day ago
Yea man, how are u not freezing?
'Connor FURBEY' 1 day ago
A weapon to surpass metal gear
Emilio Jaimes
'Emilio Jaimes' 1 day ago
Is good to see that Drax is now in a peaceful life
Jake Scollay
'Jake Scollay' 1 day ago
Works very similarly to an AEG Airsoft gun
David Taylor
'David Taylor' 1 day ago
he's crazy lol
Alex Peris Llobell
Maybe a striper clip for this...
'WILLIAM GOODWIN' 2 days ago
I 💘 this crazy fucker.
DiY BongGuy
'DiY BongGuy' 2 days ago
That's my home defense wepon of choice.
jamie s
'jamie s' 2 days ago
your my hero dude
Ths Vila
'Ths Vila' 2 days ago
insane!!! great!!
Big Bird
'Big Bird' 2 days ago
Awesome brother... Your laugh is contagious 😆😆😆😆🙄
Paul Neilson
'Paul Neilson' 2 days ago
It is similar to the airsoft. Not uncommon for a good idea to be discovered seperately. Oh btw, genius.
marc M
'marc M' 2 days ago
Make me one how much your awesome
- Ulrezaj -
'- Ulrezaj -' 2 days ago
Your voice is BOSS, dude! Love your vids as well. Keep it up!
'MikeKay1978' 2 days ago
This guy got it all. The accent, the equipement and the laughter to become the last monster in a wolfenstein game!
Alexander Kelly
'Alexander Kelly' 2 days ago
Men do not mature..they just get bigger
Trish Davi
'Trish Davi' 2 days ago
A secondary band above the first could utilise more teeth to the drill alternating pull back...Really like your joy.
'ultimaetsolder' 2 days ago
This should be restricted or illegal.
juan pesante
'juan pesante' 2 days ago
Sir you are a genius!
Mateoski Productions
This looks like a WW1 weapon.
Henry Powell
'Henry Powell' 3 days ago
Two thumbs up you are awesome!
Dylan van den broeck
it snowing ?
Lewis Bennett
'Lewis Bennett' 3 days ago
How much would it cost if you made me one and mailed it to me I can supply the drill?
'WRX7182' 4 days ago
that's pretty fuckin cool
18.anime.02 .0
'18.anime.02 .0' 4 days ago
hes so badass he doesn't need winter clothes for winter
WalkonWater Pool Safety Barriers
You crack me up, I wish we could barbecue and shoot stuff.
2nd classCitizen
'2nd classCitizen' 4 days ago
Armin Murić
'Armin Murić' 4 days ago
make a double-barell gun an show you its features
Charles Jones
'Charles Jones' 4 days ago
hands down one of the best channels on YouTube! You're very enjoyable to watch and you always take creativity to a whole other level. We enjoy the shit out of you here in Ft.Benning,GA/Ft.Mitchell,AL,USA! As always looking forward to what you come up with next
Stu Bur
'Stu Bur' 5 days ago
Ready for the vampire apocalypse.
Mr. Right
'Mr. Right' 5 days ago
Paul Dude
'Paul Dude' 5 days ago
He dont need more viewers but am gunna share him on fb lol...
Paul Dude
'Paul Dude' 5 days ago
Haha this guy is epic
DY Hong
'DY Hong' 5 days ago
hahahaha 0:32 hahahaha 0:53 hahahaha 0:57 hahahaha 1:00 hahahaha 2:06 hahahaha 2:48 hahaha 3:31 hahahahaha 3:40 hahahahaha 3:50 me: hahahahahahaha
gary cardenas
'gary cardenas' 5 days ago
matthew stoddart
'matthew stoddart' 5 days ago
Doe's this guy not feel the cold?
Steve Parker
'Steve Parker' 6 days ago
The only man that when your suck in the woods and the zombies attack, you stop to make a weapon like a stick spear, turn around and he's holding a wooden automatic crossbow he's just whittled.😂
'Adam' 6 days ago
If a zobie apocalypse happens im running to this guy
Anthony Banks
'Anthony Banks' 7 days ago
Dude is awesome
'Real_Gaming' 1 week ago
You could be an voice actor
Jakerio/maraakio Channel
Ok have to admit that looks really awesome
Amir Butcher
'Amir Butcher' 1 week ago
Is he the fuckin Cookie Monster or somethin
Inherent Chaos
'Inherent Chaos' 1 week ago
make use of Discharged Amo Casings
'逸致闲情' 1 week ago
B. Chan
'B. Chan' 1 week ago
Numba 1 from Codename: Kids Next Door as an adult
Daniel Lockaby
'Daniel Lockaby' 1 week ago
That's some Van Helsing shit
kyle boudreau
'kyle boudreau' 1 week ago
Make me one
Günther Pommer
'Günther Pommer' 1 week ago
you are insane....great job👍👍
spoop YT
'spoop YT' 1 week ago
probably could use this for home defence
Andres Calamaro
'Andres Calamaro' 1 week ago
Dr Evil !!!!!hahaha
Derek Graham
'Derek Graham' 1 week ago
you could make a double bow just have to mount it vertical and the mag would have to be mounted on an angle
'OrnluWolfjarl' 1 week ago
Did you mean 40 feet? Because that's not 40 meters at all. Unless you are a giant and have a giant's garage.
Reu Luc
'Reu Luc' 2 weeks ago
John Schneider
'John Schneider' 2 weeks ago
That's genius, good job.
'MG™-09286621606' 2 weeks ago
can you redesign the bolt fed to a 90 degree angel so that you can mount a sight to it?
John Long
'John Long' 2 weeks ago
this guy is fun to watch, and he is a genius. . his laugh cracks me up ..
mario the great
'mario the great' 2 weeks ago
great video
'hdrjunkie' 2 weeks ago
Ooo-Kaaayyy! yeah...ummm, i dont know what to say here. I love this thing lol. Dude, you are crazy SOB! I wish you were my neighbor but it looks damn cold where you are. lol
'eqbobyboucher' 2 weeks ago
congrats you just made Dracula shit his pants!
Rahul Wagh
'Rahul Wagh' 2 weeks ago
Kathy Wiseman
'Kathy Wiseman' 2 weeks ago
'z3my4l' 2 weeks ago
Joerg, please show the bolt loading in more detail, how the boots are fed onto the launching pad.
'deplay' 2 weeks ago
in ner apicalypse... egal was du tust, leg dich nicht mit dem typ an
'Koop' 2 weeks ago
Super cool man.
blake dymond
'blake dymond' 2 weeks ago
Chase H.
'Chase H.' 2 weeks ago
He has a voice of a true viking warrior <3
'rexscuz' 2 weeks ago
That is awesome!!!! Another question...why can't you just take the trigger out of the drill, solder longer wires to the connection and move it into the right hand firing position. I know you said it works fine for you but that would make it more comfortable to shoot i think.
'seph1977' 2 weeks ago
that's awesome
Nathan Haynes
'Nathan Haynes' 2 weeks ago
I feel like he wants to be an adventurer like me but he took an arrow to the knee lol
'Mandrake' 2 weeks ago
live action berserk footages
'wkeil1981' 2 weeks ago
Slingshots are illegal in NJ
Chris Calvin
'Chris Calvin' 2 weeks ago
great video
D Mayo
'D Mayo' 2 weeks ago
This is a man.
GameBoyKeondre TV
'GameBoyKeondre TV' 2 weeks ago
this guy would definitely survive a zombie apocalyspe
'NIXovIllusiin' 2 weeks ago
Maybe instead of an adapter,use an angle drill for plumbing. It wouldn't lose any torque.
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