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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 8 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 8 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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We Have Guns In America
the only guy that will live during zombies. they will never hear him coming
Roman Rose
'Roman Rose' 2 days ago
Let's give it Joerg Sprave:German heavy! *applause*
David Farmer
'David Farmer' 3 days ago
The man's incorrigible.
David Farmer
'David Farmer' 3 days ago
Dear God it's to be hoped we never go to war again.
'GV650' 3 days ago
Your ingenuity has no limits. This is 100% badassery at work!
'dickylobster' 3 days ago
Ha Ha Ha !!
Premier Ice Dog
'Premier Ice Dog' 4 days ago
i want one
'dario' 4 days ago
u need to steal pencils from ikea!
Bali Sunset
'Bali Sunset' 4 days ago find a soul gem and enchant it
Luke Bitton
'Luke Bitton' 4 days ago
You could just use the handle section from a second drill and a re wire the trigger to the back
Doom Head
'Doom Head' 5 days ago
This is what happens when math is done right.
Follow NoOne
'Follow NoOne' 7 days ago
Why not add a second band and clip below the gear? That way when the top band is firing, the lower band is cocking.
'Pickpocket' 1 week ago
All Joerg is missing is Havel Armor.
Stephan Brun
'Stephan Brun' 1 week ago
Matthias Wandel did a test of wood gears about a year ago. He concluded that they didn't wear significantly under normal conditions. So I don't think you need the aluminium to protect the gears. Not that it does, alongside the wood.
Dave Bacon
'Dave Bacon' 1 week ago
This is epic!!! XD
'SDWNJ' 1 week ago
Make a full auto ballista with a John Deere engine!
'Roosevelt' 2 weeks ago
dude, you should build the rest of Edgar's tools from final fantasy 6
Petar Bajic
'Petar Bajic' 2 weeks ago
if they could put ed sheeran in Game of Thrones, they can add this guy too, its not too late.
D Hawk
'D Hawk' 2 weeks ago
Is this the rack and pinion one?
Philipp Kuhlmeyer
'Philipp Kuhlmeyer' 2 weeks ago
Van helsing
'BRUDDAH SAM' 2 weeks ago
I watch these videos just to hear you laugh!! thank you for making me smile!!!
Felix Coble
'Felix Coble' 2 weeks ago
You are a genius!
'Battlefield3TK' 2 weeks ago
Gael's crossbow
'itheparrot' 2 weeks ago
A real life xbow!!!
'johnyamahm' 2 weeks ago
Imagine the last thing you hear before you die is that laugh
'130starfish' 2 weeks ago
can you imagine this guy with a belly full of schnapps, and a panzer IV ?
Bryan k
'Bryan k' 2 weeks ago
ambulance girl
'ambulance girl' 2 weeks ago
I want to see the look of the face of the burglar when it dawns on him that he wants to get the hell out of there.
John Candava (Ixalion)
This Guy...THIS GUY!!!...I Like This Guy =D
'Nochilllilbill' 3 weeks ago
It makes me really happy o see how much he is enjoying himself
Andrew Attard
'Andrew Attard' 3 weeks ago
Sooo... Is this for sale on Etsy yet?
Fallen Pastabean
'Fallen Pastabean' 3 weeks ago
Time stamps of this man's awesome evil laughs! 0:31 0:53 0:58 2:05 2:49 3:31 3:40 7:51
Runs with a Fox
'Runs with a Fox' 3 weeks ago
What about a handcrank version? Huge Fan!!!
'MATEJ NUKAC' 3 weeks ago
2:55 nice ritham
Google is Shit
'Google is Shit' 3 weeks ago
"I just don't have the bolts to justify the time and effort" For a second I thought you said "balls" and was going to object. You are one of the ballsiest people I've ever seen.
Boris Chang
'Boris Chang' 3 weeks ago
Holy [email protected]#$ing S&*t!
Major G
'Major G' 3 weeks ago
Your Videos are so cool! 👍
'GreenEggsAndSpam' 3 weeks ago
That sound is so awesome :D
jon lennon
'jon lennon' 3 weeks ago
That is freaking awesome. Great job!
mike farrell
'mike farrell' 4 weeks ago
Where does he get the rubber for the bands?
george mihaita
'george mihaita' 4 weeks ago
Father Grigori, it IS you!
that might be the coolest thing i have ever seen
Somraj Ganguli
'Somraj Ganguli' 4 weeks ago
hello, if i want to purchase it, how can i proceed? plz guide. [email protected] a friend from India
Venomous Ender
'Venomous Ender' 4 weeks ago
Joerg would have no problem surviving a zombie apocalypse
'Sandman556' 4 weeks ago
Dear God. Let Joerg Sprave live for at least another 50 years Thank you
Hama Evan
'Hama Evan' 4 weeks ago
DIY please?
'vidwannabe' 4 weeks ago
Love this! You should sell schematics for this.
Андрей Мартынюк
Super cool device!
Patrik Josefsson
'Patrik Josefsson' 1 month ago
I wonder if you could make a version of this that could have existed in medieval times, maybe powered by stored energy or steam or something, would probably have to be huge and stationary but I can't help to wonder...
Luke Tecpa
'Luke Tecpa' 1 month ago
looooooooooool this guy's laugh is soo epic. gonna record it and set it as my alarm clock.
Puff Splix
'Puff Splix' 1 month ago
dis dude should start selling
'JAKE' 1 month ago
At 2:50 it really sounds like a nice beat
Ion Sorin Porojan
'Ion Sorin Porojan' 1 month ago
Mister Jorge , you are crazy !!! I like crazy ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'JoshuaProtz' 1 month ago
You go from makita drill to john deere engine! I love how you think
Duggy Dugg
'Duggy Dugg' 1 month ago
George you are sick..don't ever change..
Kiran Patil
'Kiran Patil' 1 month ago
Don't leak the technology to anybody... ISIS are spreading their roots all over in the world....
They call me $-money
I can hear the german gestapo boots already. RUN JOERG.
Paffen Päft
'Paffen Päft' 1 month ago
wearing t-shirt on a snowy terrain. awesome.
Billy East
'Billy East' 1 month ago
Where can I get one?
'Lucio' 1 month ago
his laugh is cool
Pugus McGrompus
'Pugus McGrompus' 1 month ago
I love his laugh
The Dutch Texan
'The Dutch Texan' 1 month ago
BWAHAHAHA Why didn't I find this channel sooner?! It's excellent!
David Muthukaden
'David Muthukaden' 1 month ago
Nice one
mike p
'mike p' 1 month ago
Love this, you should sell the plans , I would love to make one . Can't wait to see the full size one. Great job.
Al Codie
'Al Codie' 1 month ago
I love the way this fellow talks . Like a happy Terminator : )
Kristoffer Papica
'Kristoffer Papica' 1 month ago
So cold Ballistic Gelatin freezes solid, still has T-shirt on.
Kristoffer Papica
'Kristoffer Papica' 1 month ago
2:08 Meet the Heavy
Warlen Campos
'Warlen Campos' 1 month ago
Esse alemão não é normal...
Silver Night
'Silver Night' 1 month ago
If this military finds this,you'll be a millionare!Probaly!According to a guy I know the military was looking for a full auto crossbow...
faze sky
'faze sky' 1 month ago
Ist dir nicht kalt? XD Geiles Video ich liebe deinen Kanal!
Game Insane
'Game Insane' 1 month ago
He gives the impression that santa was trapped in Home Depot and the zombie outbreak occurred... And I'm okay with that
'ASTERDOMY' 2 months ago
Springs before and after the slide would surely make the mechanism/action faster maybe even fast enough to use the second speed setting.
'ASTERDOMY' 2 months ago
Is their rules to how you make your home made weapons because I would of thought using electricity is cheating. Or is the only requirement is that it can be made at home.
Chandler stirsman
'Chandler stirsman' 2 months ago
Now we know where gael got his automatic crossbow
rock star
'rock star' 2 months ago
Steven Harris
'Steven Harris' 2 months ago
You Sir, are a master craftsman. A man who an excellent story telling and doing this while you are part of the story. This is an example of the excellence of German engineering. Well done. Steve
Robt Conrad
'Robt Conrad' 2 months ago
Makes me proud of my German heritage! JoergSprave is my new hero.
David Boyea
'David Boyea' 2 months ago
Love this guy
Michael Stevens
'Michael Stevens' 2 months ago
Can you get a set of plans for this Crossbough
Kegan Kirby
'Kegan Kirby' 2 months ago
Use one of those battery powered impacts on that bitch lol
'Flameky24' 2 months ago
You will actually survive the walking dead
De_ Order
'De_ Order' 2 months ago
From 0:00 to 0:57 this whole thing sounds like an ad promoting "rack and pinion" 😂
A Generic Highschooler
i would ask why, but i am not that stupid. after watching 2 videos you should know that why is the wrong question.
Robert Lonis
'Robert Lonis' 2 months ago
dude you make my day every time i watch your videos!!keep doing what you do and ill tune in every time.great craftmanship very clever
'。恵美夫' 2 months ago
'Mr./ProfessorTree' 2 months ago
If there is ever an apocalypse the safest place to be is this guy's house, base.
David Howard
'David Howard' 2 months ago
Try making even a simple crossbow or slingshot here in Australia and the cops would be all over you like a rash. They will be banning wood next... Sigh...
'Search4Truth' 2 months ago
Gotta love those Germans.
Goliath Pug
'Goliath Pug' 2 months ago
this guy has the best voice i have ever heard
'차순찬' 2 months ago
l love your laugh
'Phaenyx' 2 months ago
great job sir
Paraguas Reloj
'Paraguas Reloj' 2 months ago
a modern dokya
Bárry GoGGleS
'Bárry GoGGleS' 2 months ago
Please make a sniper
гремлин игры
And nails can shoot
'Pizzagulper' 2 months ago
Why have I not seen this by now? This is really cool! I do actually like the fact that the drill is on the side, because it would probably make it feel like more of a beast. I imagine that it would feel more like shooting a gun that is mounted to something. Also i like the additions of the metal in the gears. the wearing of the gears was one of my main concerns.
Chris Carreno
'Chris Carreno' 2 months ago
Only communists whine about if it's legal. COMMUNISM demands only the communist government is armed. The COMMUNISTS will outlaw it, because their afraid of people armed with weapons, especially the truth.
Chris Carreno
'Chris Carreno' 2 months ago
'Noobfest' 2 months ago
at 0:53 wtf
colleen bleemer
'colleen bleemer' 2 months ago
that is awesome, Im in love
'ajdajadmjakgajtj' 2 months ago
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