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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 5 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 5 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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'TheWitchfinderGenral' 13 minutes ago
"Ha ha ha ha ha" What an awesome laugh
Contamination of the patient
I'm surprised there's no comments about berserk references lmao
'PaddyRants' 2 days ago
Jeorg you're a genius! DaVinci how do you like those apples? 🕺👀👍
'neggit' 3 days ago
Gotta love our European gun laws haha
'Conman89' 3 days ago
Joerg my friend! This was some grade A ingenuity! I was glad you covered abrasion in the Q&A, I was thinking that after I saw the recoil of the bolt in the action. I'm was contemplating what other types of tools you might use in small size/high torque and thought of a reticulation saw, although I imagine you would need to either gear down to revolutions to provide time for the elastic action to recoil, or use a shorter bolt (and who really wants to do that!).
big stacks
'big stacks' 3 days ago
that is awesome.a first prototype.I can see it know in the future market a compact high grade light weight full auto crossbow.great video
'ap0lmc' 4 days ago
Run Zombies run! Lol
lukeum jones
'lukeum jones' 4 days ago
hey J how about some kind of shoulder strap
qe qe
'qe qe' 5 days ago
IMHO it will be much, much, MUCH more interesting, if you made it without all this this fancy new material and drill. It will be also much more challenging thing dont you think? Anyway really good job. But i still hope to see fully functional middle aged tech lvl auto crossbow.
Creeping Normalcy
'Creeping Normalcy' 6 days ago
Haha... that's so precious!
Rocky Gudiel
'Rocky Gudiel' 6 days ago
wanna know how to make it
Daniel Cannata
'Daniel Cannata' 7 days ago
in 40 years, you will be the PERFECT Santa Claus :D
Wood Glue
'Wood Glue' 7 days ago
german engineering
Colton Williams
'Colton Williams' 1 week ago
The Führer needed you on his weapons development team, maybe the world would be a better place now and Europe wouldn't be dying.
David von Doom
'David von Doom' 1 week ago
Very cool invention Joerg! Ok... now impress me farther, by removing the power-drill component with something they could have make in the medieval age. Maybe a tension spool, that can last the full clip, before loosing energy?
'SaviourV' 1 week ago
This vid reminds me a bit about the chaingun from Unreal Tournament (1999). If not for the problem of not being able to gear up, you could've made it into a variable-speed full-auto crossbow. That would be impressive to watch.
'skovbo65' 1 week ago
That will be perfect to home defense. If i was looking down the business end of that thing i would shit my self and run like hell even though I have osteoarthritis in my left hip and not usually are able to run. Even short walks are painful to me because my hip.
'Gosling' 1 week ago
His laugh is the reason for his 1.7 million subs. It's too epic.
Jacob Staten
'Jacob Staten' 1 week ago
you would be better suited to make a spring charged gun out of pipe with a magazine underneath. Taking the drill apart would help too. From there I would say just focus the motor on pulling the sled back for semi auto fire. It's too bulky otherwise.
werE 101
'werE 101' 1 week ago
'rfmjm368' 1 week ago
I wanna have some beers with you and shoot stuff! LOL  I spend so much time watching your video's they kill me.  do you supply plans for any of these contraptions?  ps its prolly a good thing you live in Germany, if for instance you lived in a place where you could build anything you like you might hurt yourself. lol.
magic creeper
'magic creeper' 2 weeks ago
make one with a replaceable magazine
'Sholtzy' 2 weeks ago
This guy is a madman, in all of the right ways.
Jayne Titchener
'Jayne Titchener' 2 weeks ago
Aneronix -
'Aneronix -' 2 weeks ago
LT Gavin
'LT Gavin' 2 weeks ago
Jake Rooney
'Jake Rooney' 2 weeks ago
I really really want him to make a john deere engine super crossbow now....
'TheSpankeyJ' 2 weeks ago
'zippo6457' 2 weeks ago
a german tony stark!!!!!
Takoda Wolf
'Takoda Wolf' 2 weeks ago
i would love to see a video of you using a john deer for a DIY project of yours. i'm actually trying to make a little project using a big bag of rubber bands i found. and hopefully a wooden 2x4 to start on the project of my own. watching your videos has became routine for me on an hourly basis. eventually my friend and i might try to make homemade black powder for this diy project of mine but probably not get to that part any time soon. lol
Looks Up
'Looks Up' 2 weeks ago
I want one!
'vvd5' 2 weeks ago
Tanveer Singh
'Tanveer Singh' 2 weeks ago
I just Figured out something.......... Is not to make this guy mad!!!!
Chase Napier
'Chase Napier' 2 weeks ago
This is a great video. You are very knowledgeable and informative! Thank you very much!
William Vanniejenhuis
Federico Marci
'Federico Marci' 3 weeks ago
There is the snow but Joel is in TShirt 😂
Don Mac-ee
'Don Mac-ee' 3 weeks ago
Devenschy Dezona
'Devenschy Dezona' 3 weeks ago
is there a way like when the bolts are finish it automatically refill it self like the PKP pecheneg gun
Sektos Eisenherz
'Sektos Eisenherz' 3 weeks ago
you should do the smaug ballista full auto xD PS: love your vids greatings from Austria
Goiti Filip
'Goiti Filip' 3 weeks ago
'1337ontoast' 3 weeks ago
enf folife
'enf folife' 3 weeks ago
every time this guy laughs james bond goes missing :O
fer loves gia mendez
'Stormride008' 3 weeks ago
JoergSprave you just became my favorite person ever
'CptEddyPrice' 3 weeks ago
hahaha love it 1
Bob JR
'Bob JR' 3 weeks ago
can you send me a detailed video on how to make that crossbow
'AlphaFox38' 3 weeks ago
Servatis 117
'Servatis 117' 3 weeks ago
Id love to see jorg come to America and try shooting some real weapons. He'd have an absolute blast (as anyone would)
'CrossBros' 3 weeks ago
I wish it was fully manual
John Bates
'John Bates' 3 weeks ago
Very clever and a really great design. Glad you weren't born 70 years early, otherwise we'd all be speaking German over here 😊😄😀 John, UK
Y Qisq
'Y Qisq' 3 weeks ago
Gregory Sowter
'Gregory Sowter' 3 weeks ago
if there is is ever a zombie apoccilipse im heading for this guys house
Haji al Kidya
'Haji al Kidya' 3 weeks ago
What a freaking riot!
Haji al Kidya
'Haji al Kidya' 3 weeks ago
It's a Sling-shot Gatling Gun! LOL!!!
'SEEROWER' 3 weeks ago
This is so Awesome!!! Nice One Matey!!!💪😄👍
C3C March
'C3C March' 3 weeks ago
How did you learn English so well? Mostly German people don't tend to speak English as well as you do, especially not people from your generation? :)
'DeathWozza' 3 weeks ago
Silver Corvette
'Silver Corvette' 3 weeks ago
Your video makes me grateful to live in a country that allows real guns. I wish there was a way for you to come to the USA and shoot real machine guns (I own four, a Thompson, Uzi, AK47, and M-16)-
John Hlumyk
'John Hlumyk' 3 weeks ago
Okay, that thing kicks ass.
Theatus Ophir
'Theatus Ophir' 3 weeks ago
'wardkdouglas' 3 weeks ago
1:01 I came
Fancy McClean
'Fancy McClean' 3 weeks ago
Fantastic Joerg- your home made weapons are truly amazing. Keep up the good work. You have earned approval from the flaxen haired one. Flaxen Saxon
Dwaine Sterling
'Dwaine Sterling' 3 weeks ago
very cool
'GOBRAGH2' 3 weeks ago
Wow! Very impressive!
'Ispeedymg' 4 weeks ago
*insane eyes as he imagines what he can do with a john deer engine This is why Joerg is the best creator on youtube. We know one day he will get a John Deer engine We know he will make something insane He knows we will watch it I love it
laup senoj
'laup senoj' 4 weeks ago
Love the stuff you create. A man has to be able to protect himself and firearms are not always an option. The things you create are legal and can easy to make from every day items. Keep doing what your doing and I will keep watching.
Opinionated Misogynist
Heavy weapons guy? is that you?
Vince Biano
'Vince Biano' 4 weeks ago
Are you interested in selling the plans?
dislekt 3.0
'dislekt 3.0' 4 weeks ago
I'm Dutch (from Netherlands, little country near germany) and if I find a arrow or just a other deadly object I know who I should blame
'Slice-of-RNDM' 4 weeks ago
i don't know why but you are awesome!
Brian K
'Brian K' 4 weeks ago
this is really cool
Greg Haller
'Greg Haller' 4 weeks ago
6:06 WOAH WOAH please don't point that at me.
'KebabDestroyer' 4 weeks ago
I love how enthusiastic this guy is, his laugh is super infectious.
Alreno Dashyn
'Alreno Dashyn' 4 weeks ago
Tjorb's dad
336 Novi Luminis
'336 Novi Luminis' 4 weeks ago
cool video dude, nicely done
Daniel Dean
'Daniel Dean' 4 weeks ago
helo! Is there a chance to have the weapon diagram? great video!
Hugh Mungus
'Hugh Mungus' 4 weeks ago
you should make one using a chainsaw
'BuzzKill' 4 weeks ago
Great! Finally a real life crossbow that functions like Van Helsing's in the 2004 movie. xD
'WillJeSuis' 4 weeks ago
Can someone explain to me why pump action crossbows weren't a thing in the ancient/medieval world
'Wolvenmoon' 4 weeks ago
Think of all the small game you can get with this home made weapon!
Imo von der Linden
'Imo von der Linden' 4 weeks ago
wie deutsch kann man nur sein XD
John Sovann
'John Sovann' 4 weeks ago
BRAUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edd Z3r0x
'Edd Z3r0x' 4 weeks ago
You Sir are very skilled and your ability to craft is beyond 9000!!!!
'steelnerve' 4 weeks ago
cool !
El Guapo
'El Guapo' 4 weeks ago
LoL! What an absolute genius...and that laugh says more about the man than anything else! Just brilliant!
Filip Golub
'Filip Golub' 4 weeks ago
interest in watching this: 20% video content 80% that awesome laughter
young ronin
'young ronin' 4 weeks ago
This is what happens when you can't buy a real gun.
Rory Norris
'Rory Norris' 4 weeks ago
john deere engine = automatic ballista? XD I love watching your videos, you always end up just as entertained as we are!
Mikko M
'Mikko M' 4 weeks ago
That is so cool!
lerch 2016
'lerch 2016' 4 weeks ago
The ultimate reply to those who think you need a gun to protect your home!
Murry Witzel
'Murry Witzel' 4 weeks ago
Joerg you are an amazing man!
Wofy Thomas
'Wofy Thomas' 4 weeks ago
The way he holds that and laughs reminds me of The Heavy
Jaco Jonker
'Jaco Jonker' 4 weeks ago
wunderlijk Jorge! 󾓨👍
galen snelgrove
'galen snelgrove' 4 weeks ago
show us how to make it
Brother Alaric
'Brother Alaric' 4 weeks ago
I like when You tube suggest that kind of fun things.
leendert starink
'leendert starink' 4 weeks ago
For some reason you remind me of wile e coyote from the cartoons. Always coming up with ridiculously awesome weapons nobody would have ever thought of, but do make alotta sense. The only difference is yours actualy work. Love your video's and creations. Thumbs up from an amateur slingshot builder in the Netherlands!
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