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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 2 weeks ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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J.P. Stone
'J.P. Stone' 58 minutes ago
You belong in some ARNOLD action movies. You got great screen presence!
'JohannesLM' 2 hours ago
'h52WHA' 2 hours ago
wat about adding a cross hair?
veke 3
'veke 3' 3 hours ago
can u test that to zombie Ivan head? that would be cool!
'Thorondil' 4 hours ago
Awesome. Thats basically an airsoft gun, scaled up!
'Hey2Jey' 4 hours ago
german engineers
John Gorrell
'John Gorrell' 5 hours ago
Geniale Idee und geile Vorführung!
Lynn Beynon
'Lynn Beynon' 6 hours ago
Not a word I often use but genius sprung to my mind .
Ultimate Making
'Ultimate Making' 7 hours ago
really nice
Wicked Edge
'Wicked Edge' 7 hours ago
you are an insane German genius! LOL
Basil Ackerman
'Basil Ackerman' 7 hours ago
I love this guy's evil laugh muuhahaaahaaaah
ᛋᛏᛖᚠᚾ ᛋᛁᛚᚹᚪᛁᚾ ᚣ. ᛒᛖᛞᚩᛋ
Came here for the home-designed weapons. Stood for his laughter!
rottenbunnycorpse LP
'rottenbunnycorpse LP' 12 hours ago
John deer? Nur die Pest trägt gelbe felgen!
Buckshott00 __
'Buckshott00 __' 13 hours ago
You made my day guy! Your video keep making me laugh! Keep it up! btw, why not a wormgear to have your drill inline? Shouldn't have too much energy inefficiency
'bumboclat' 16 hours ago
lol du Tier
Johnn Schroeder
'Johnn Schroeder' 18 hours ago
I love it, full auto, and all fun!
Left Turn Audio
'Left Turn Audio' 19 hours ago
Tom Garcia
'Tom Garcia' 21 hours ago
Afandi Rani
'Afandi Rani' 22 hours ago
this guy, superb!
Mikel Azoalos
'Mikel Azoalos' 1 day ago
Omg dat sexy beard!
instead of 90 degree adapter use a gear head off a angle grinder or just use battery powered angle grinder instead of a battery powered drill 220 volt angle grinder head powered by huge battery powered drill
Mikkel Anton Andersen
Your laughter is really enjoyable :D
Forest Lake
'Forest Lake' 1 day ago
Sir, I kneel before thee, as your servant and student :D Damn awesome work !
Daniel Gray
'Daniel Gray' 2 days ago
Just before the annotations came up was shouting "Thats a freaking airsoft gearbox!"
'Cryptosporidium' 2 days ago
@JoergSprave Instead of having the drill sideways wouldn't it be possible to use a pinion drive with gears mounted directly to the drills chuck?
Ivan Ivanov
'Ivan Ivanov' 2 days ago
JoergSprave can you make a leaf spring crossbow whit titanium wire (not like this one more like traditional one ) ???
Val Kleaner
'Val Kleaner' 2 days ago
can you make a petrol powered gun, rifle?
Lucas Rezende
'Lucas Rezende' 2 days ago
@JoergSprave What you can do to have a in-line trigger is instead of using a 90 degree adapter is modifying the drill so that the trigger is separated from it, that would probably void the warranty, but who cares?
'25rsboy' 2 days ago
I love your accent. Where are you from?
'sleestalk' 2 days ago
a jolly fellow and his machinegun crossbow
Manas Santos
'Manas Santos' 2 days ago
impressive! a bolt cannon!
wookie freebud
'wookie freebud' 2 days ago
Bigger? steam power?
max im
'max im' 2 days ago
you just broke german laws. not broke in the sense of breaking a law, but broke as in you destroyed them :D. if you can power this up and make it stronger, it would be more deadly than a 9mm pistol haha
Colin Nazario
'Colin Nazario' 2 days ago
sounds like an air soft gun
Renato Barros
'Renato Barros' 2 days ago
muito bom!!!!! Parabéns pelo trabalho!!!!!!
づんく Dzunku
'づんく Dzunku' 2 days ago
This video is introduced on Japanese web site, RocketNews 24: You'll be famous in Japan too!
Tito Marzari
'Tito Marzari' 2 days ago
Man, this is your master piece!!! I love it!!
'mrkiky' 2 days ago
But you can add a 2nd cycle with an offset set of teeth on the other side of the circle that powers a 2nd sled with an independent magazine. It would make the whole thing bigger and heavier but also more badass and twice the firing capacity. Also if you really want you could just have the motor on the side and move the trigger on the conventional pistol grip, and also put the battery somewhere else. If you really wanted of course, but you'd have to disassemble the drill.
'mrkiky' 2 days ago
Then we shall fight in the shade.
'SleepingGiant' 2 days ago
dat evil laugh
Timothy Pryor
'Timothy Pryor' 2 days ago
You should make zipper clips for loading. Such as all the bolts held together with tape. You load then pull the tape off.
muhahahaha XD
Border Bread
'Border Bread' 2 days ago
Imagine Jorg becoming a final boss of some dungeon. "Jorg, I have come to put an end to your diabolic inventions! No longer will German government bend their laws as you see fit! The Holy Bathtub will be claimed and its blessed waters used for the good of all mankind!" "Hahaha! This is my Hundred-barreled Thrower of Spear Throwers of Decent-Mag-Size. Let me show you it's features."
'lordofjango' 2 days ago
Ok this good for Vampire Killer. Dr Van Helshing should have this one.
Sergeant Methcake
'Sergeant Methcake' 3 days ago
Now all you need is to make it arm mountable, I wanna see Guts' auto crossbow
Yee Macghyee
'Yee Macghyee' 3 days ago
Jesus, videos only maybe a week and a half, maybe two weeks old, and nearly all your subs have seen it, now thats what i call a dedicated fanbase.
naru taki
'naru taki' 3 days ago
cool would like to see how many shots can it fire using a handcrank
Bryan OShaughnessy
Joerg: Very interesting weapon. I wonder what you do with all your old inventions? Do you sell them, or have you expanded your attic to house them all?
OnlyLegendTF2MC COD Gmod & More!
can you make it with a John deer engine?
Bill Cunningham
'Bill Cunningham' 3 days ago
Just to be clear: You, Sir, are bad ass. -Wild Bill
Tyron Biggums
'Tyron Biggums' 3 days ago
Hi Jörg, brauch ich eig. Einen Waffenschein für eine private Schreckschuss?
'retrocube' 3 days ago
love this
Coyote Ridge
'Coyote Ridge' 3 days ago
Sir, you are a genius. Love your channel.
'Brobble' 3 days ago
don't wanna be in front of this that's for sure.
'LOLKING' 3 days ago
I'm i the only one who thinks this looks like it came straight out of Star Wars!?!?! I mean all it needs is a paint job!
Jon Janiszewski
'Jon Janiszewski' 3 days ago
You sir, are the man!
M. W
'M. W' 3 days ago
You, Sir, are a GOD!
fourteen crows
'fourteen crows' 3 days ago
My hero!!!!!!
Richie The Fly
'Richie The Fly' 3 days ago
krass... ziemlich genial! aber zählt das Ding jetzt als Kriegswaffe?
Karen Smith
'Karen Smith' 3 days ago
Great crossbow. Do you have the plans for download. This would be great for my brothers birthday.
Extra 330 s
'Extra 330 s' 3 days ago
Ich finde deine Videos richtig Hammer 🤘👊
Killerbanana Gaming
ho is such a bad ass
'crt ARTJOM' 3 days ago
hi you talk about the firerate of the gun so the way with more thees on the sear is write waht you have to do is you have to put more rubber bands on that the way for the same power is shorter that means also you have to build in a stronger motor in it im a airsoft player and in ouer buissnes this is called a dual sector gear maybe you wanne invest some time to learn more about this DSG and the it is no problem for you to but these upgrades to your construction👍🏼
Extra 330 s
'Extra 330 s' 3 days ago
ich finde es schade das du nicht deutsch redest 😑
Jim Andrews
'Jim Andrews' 3 days ago
I still want one like Van Helsing had with the removable 100 bolt magazines and it is gas operated ,300 BAR Nitrogen most likely regulated down to 10 BAR.
'Zockchster' 3 days ago
Why do you have an extra trigger (activated by the gearbox) instead of the sled (the thing that pulls the rubberbands) and the rubberbands being fixed to each other ?
Madly Fun And Dangerous
thanks man you have really inspired me to create my channel i would really appreciate it if u gave it a look.
'Batrax' 3 days ago
When it's so cold outside that even Joerg Sprave has to wear a coat. After a while.
bluestone best
'bluestone best' 3 days ago
a double crossbow on once ?
deus ex
'deus ex' 3 days ago
Wonder if you could make a double barrelled version.
Guy Ward
'Guy Ward' 3 days ago
Very cool. Thank you for sharing
'BananaBoy' 3 days ago
Motherfucker wears only a shirt in the winter. What a badass
Syauqi Mubarok
'Syauqi Mubarok' 4 days ago
distance away how
Rein Mick
'Rein Mick' 4 days ago
pure genius !
Blake Mackin
'Blake Mackin' 4 days ago
If you use an engine you could make a full auto ballista. <3
Niroj Thapaliya
'Niroj Thapaliya' 4 days ago
i swear to god if you laugh next time"i will find you and i will.....😂😂😂😂
lone tears
'lone tears' 4 days ago
i love his work hes so good at what he does
Lee Renick
'Lee Renick' 4 days ago
completely awesome .
'Oldekline' 4 days ago
That was great, man! good job!
'CEsar' 4 days ago
The power of German engineering.
Sean Dali
'Sean Dali' 4 days ago
Awesome vid!
'DIO CHRISEDO' 4 days ago
Sangar cak
Frater Aeternus
'Frater Aeternus' 4 days ago
BEST YET! So cool
'Nightmareprinny' 4 days ago
Holy-Moley! That's crazy! O.o your like a modern day Archimedes! Have you tested the speed and power behind the bolts in this crossbow?
Boogey Man
'Boogey Man' 4 days ago
This is the guy you would want to befriend in zombie apocalypse 😂
LCN 1985
'LCN 1985' 4 days ago
You probably get this a lot.. but you're so fucking cool, Joerg!
'TheRoQ7' 4 days ago
this dude is so awesome
Tintin VS Aliens
'Tintin VS Aliens' 4 days ago
could you add a second barrel underneath using the same half-cog wheel? Just have it alternate between up and down barrels?
'ölstulle' 4 days ago
geile eine vollautomatische bleistiftkanone! hahahaha das hätte ich in meiner schulzeit gebrauchen können :D ich bin beeindruckt! war bestimmt nicht einfach dieses teil zu entwickeln :)
'TotallyHuman' 4 days ago
So... you made a Zhuge/Attica...
'MalayHeroes' 4 days ago
willie bond
'willie bond' 4 days ago
Temporary student plot sudden thirty yield after money.
Marty Clark
'Marty Clark' 4 days ago
Amazing what a guy BTW
Fabrizio Florio
'Fabrizio Florio' 5 days ago
Ist schon eine sehr geile refindung :D Hat die armbrust viel rückstoss?
Alexander Anastasiou
I like that it's snowing and he is with a t-shirt
Andrius Kamarauskas
lough like Heavy from TF2:D
Paweł Wójciuk
'Paweł Wójciuk' 5 days ago
Use chainsaw engine and clutch
'RonnieSixx' 5 days ago
Man, you got the coolest job in the world.
'lmwrt' 5 days ago
Tucker Smith
'Tucker Smith' 5 days ago
You know, this Q&A made me realize that Joerg is actually really smart. Lol I love this channel.
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