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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 3 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 3 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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'Garfuck' 2 hours ago
Dicka, wie kannst du denn b ei so einem Wetter im T-Shirt unterwegs sein? Da frier ich schon beim zusehen!
Chris Morse
'Chris Morse' 6 hours ago
along the thinking of two piece keyboards and something else I'm forgetting your design, tweaked a few degrees could have you firing comfortably with both arms symmetrical like firing a large mounted gun
Parth Patel
'Parth Patel' 12 hours ago
I love his laugh lmao
Bit Rot
'Bit Rot' 14 hours ago
You could keep the motor mounted in the same position but move just the trigger, its only a switch.
'sotviper' 17 hours ago
eklapsa me soto
Bobby Siecker
'Bobby Siecker' 21 hours ago
That is not a crossbow. For there is no bow anywhere in sight.
Sheldon Moore
'Sheldon Moore' 22 hours ago
Hi is this able to KILL a rabit or deer please test
Michael Biel
'Michael Biel' 1 day ago
I freakin love this guy
'gary851' 1 day ago
MacGyver lives! they took his hairs but hes still there!
R Andre
'R Andre' 1 day ago
I love his enthusiasm
Irish Knight
'Irish Knight' 1 day ago
Like a kid in a candy store. 😂😂😂
'ferds814' 1 day ago
germany. god would i love to live there
Todos Santos
'Todos Santos' 1 day ago
That laugh is priceless.
billy brown
'billy brown' 2 days ago
u know the government is scum when they have to regulate people having even crossbows
D. Chavez
'D. Chavez' 2 days ago
I think it piercing wood is a good enough ballistics test. I can already tell that would probably kill me...
Michael Schmon
'Michael Schmon' 2 days ago
John deer engine??? full auto batiste???? are you completely mad???
'iareBirdie' 2 days ago
you dont need to have that big-ass magazine on top you can just make a silinder mag and it will: A - look beter B - be smaller C - probably be able to change the magazine.
'koliostro13' 2 days ago
i love your laughter man... like a boss...
Pettersony Strawman
This dude is fucking TF2 Heavy :D
'GuvernorDave' 2 days ago
This guy's laugh is fucking great.
Taztorien Glenn
'Taztorien Glenn' 2 days ago
needs to be mounted for accuracy :D but mounted u could increase the mag
Alexander Barrera
'Alexander Barrera' 2 days ago
man how is he not freezing lol
'nodvick' 3 days ago
Renegade Llama
'Renegade Llama' 3 days ago
You accidentally taught me how my AEG works.
Adam Butler
'Adam Butler' 3 days ago
day z dlc weapon right here
John Doe
'John Doe' 3 days ago
This is so German. War machinery at its best, as always.
poenie doedel
'poenie doedel' 3 days ago
I love his laugh
poenie doedel
'poenie doedel' 3 days ago
I love his lauch
twitchy hooligan.
'twitchy hooligan.' 3 days ago
Guns? Bullets? Pfft, fuck off. Rubber bands? PENCILS?! That's the shit right there.
'Piesang' 3 days ago
I don't Sub very often. This is the second video I saw from you. You just got another Sub. Keep up the great videos!
Elvis Ribeiro
'Elvis Ribeiro' 3 days ago
a lot of fucking snow around you and you wearing just a little shirt? What your probleme? hahahhaha
Troy Cunningham
'Troy Cunningham' 3 days ago
put a stock on it for comfort
Brendon Moore
'Brendon Moore' 3 days ago
Every time you point it at me I flinch! I know you are prob just using a camera and tripod, but please don't point it at me.
'xiruko' 3 days ago
Ιασονας Γεωργιοπουλος
may I play with your toy😂😂😂😂
'Anthony' 4 days ago
Crossbow Gatlin Gun!
Juan Carlos Ceron
'Juan Carlos Ceron' 4 days ago
Just take my money :p
'candiduscorvus' 4 days ago
My favorite part of the video is 3:27 "Or imagine what you could do with a John Deere engine! HA HA HA HA!!"
Anonymous Ponyfag
'Anonymous Ponyfag' 4 days ago
Is that even legal?
Nate Traxler
'Nate Traxler' 5 days ago
Holy shit. This guy is the real Father Grigori from Half Life...
Nate Traxler
'Nate Traxler' 5 days ago
OMFG where can I buy this??
Srt8 Creations
'Srt8 Creations' 5 days ago
I love ur videos bro ur a fucken genius keep the bad ass videos coming
'MrSolidFaction' 5 days ago
You look and act like the Heavy from TF2
Tangobot Prime
'Tangobot Prime' 6 days ago
That was the most hearty/terrifying "Let me show you it's features!" I've ever heard in one of his videos haha!
'RowanBows' 7 days ago
damit pisst dir keiner mehr in den vorgarten^^
Daniel Song
'Daniel Song' 7 days ago
new emote hahahahahahahaA
'Maximuss' 7 days ago
0:54 Oh Jesus Christ not again!
ghost townz
'ghost townz' 1 week ago
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!
JustSome Dude
'JustSome Dude' 1 week ago
Make the magizine on the bottom and detachable lol.............then add a crude shotgun style sight
Some kind of Entity
Hearing this guy laugh just makes my day every damn time
'Enry' 1 week ago
You are a crazy genius! I love that passion... and I laugh each time I hear your HAHAHAAA! 😂
Ayden Donley
'Ayden Donley' 1 week ago
He should make one with enter changeable magazines
'GrimGallantry' 1 week ago
Well done man!!
PendleHill Billies
That is impressive.
Jan Schieferdecker
this need exchangeable mags! Or belt feeding mechanism
'BLACKIE16491' 1 week ago
One more step to being Guts ;)
Darth Vader
'Darth Vader' 1 week ago
how is he not cold is snowing when he uploaded this
Crixus The Gaul
'Crixus The Gaul' 1 week ago
I have not been to this channel in a long time but I must say... you are the freakin' man! Every time I come here you have something even better. It is channels like that that make youtube amazing.
Iro Nie
'Iro Nie' 1 week ago
that is so impressive, wow well done mr. sprave
'seandownunder' 1 week ago
practicable.. inventive.. das electro propulsion ..
Michael Wigg
'Michael Wigg' 1 week ago
Ready for the zombie apocalypse
jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen
Best of the best!
Pasi J
'Pasi J' 1 week ago
Cool crossbow! Also I can't help but smile when I hear your laugh. Keep it up.
Bjorn Slot
'Bjorn Slot' 1 week ago
Subscribed since the first video I stumbled upon years ago. Definitely one of my favorite channels.
Space Cat
'Space Cat' 1 week ago
"Let me show you it's features" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Imran Khan
'Imran Khan' 1 week ago
insane man wot a weapon, well done
Mak McQueen
'Mak McQueen' 1 week ago
It's an airsoft gun mechanism. I like it I thought about this too
Peter Wilson
'Peter Wilson' 1 week ago
Outstanding :)
Daniel Valencia
'Daniel Valencia' 2 weeks ago
Hahahaha great video
Flavio Dallagasperina
Clever man! Love it!!!
Tylor Cross
'Tylor Cross' 2 weeks ago
They call him the baba yaga, I once saw him kill two guys with a rubber band.
Jix Motion
'Jix Motion' 2 weeks ago
this guy is dope, like yur laughing though hahahaha. good job man !
Popcorn Chicken
'Popcorn Chicken' 2 weeks ago
Where do i sign up to be a human target for you?
tacticalstuff 101
'tacticalstuff 101' 2 weeks ago
test this on a ZGB ivan zombie head
guillaume LE LOUËT
'guillaume LE LOUËT' 2 weeks ago
your smile is priceless !!
basel pc
'basel pc' 2 weeks ago
i like this man , he makes everything looks so easy , and that laugh is so nice .. thanks
'grego10r' 2 weeks ago
o man your videos make me smile all the time love it
'Felipe' 2 weeks ago
I like seeing your videos, because you do it with such a big smile on your face and you get so visibly excited it makes me excited, hahah. Thanks for that, and keep it up Joerg!
'MattyVlogs123' 2 weeks ago
aaron holder
'aaron holder' 2 weeks ago
It's called a nailgun.
Tiffane Falvey
'Tiffane Falvey' 2 weeks ago
if we could buy the amazing things you make that would be awesome you dont have to but just saying
'TheGamingGod620' 2 weeks ago
He is afraid of no weather or thing.... not even the gods themselves...
'billy_thats_it' 2 weeks ago
I love this guy. He laughs like Thor 🤣🤣🤣
'simon6071' 2 weeks ago
I would like to see Joerg make a full auto crossbow powered by a tank of compressed air.
'Skankhunt42' 2 weeks ago
Joerg your one of the niced people i've ever seen on youtube.Great job :D
Slobodan Ilic
'Slobodan Ilic' 2 weeks ago
Fucking awsom
Redd Rokket
'Redd Rokket' 2 weeks ago
I want to be Joerg when I grow up.
'the13nthpartyboy' 2 weeks ago
We need to band together to ban dangerous weapons like these. No one needs a fully automatic crossbow!
Jebadia Fallen
'Jebadia Fallen' 2 weeks ago
im from Phoenix and this guy just absolutely amazes me.its frozen outside and hes just in a t-shirt. YOURE MY HERO!!!
Christian Figueroa
'Christian Figueroa' 2 weeks ago
Fredrik Carlén
'Fredrik Carlén' 2 weeks ago
Mabye add a laser sight?
They call me Polyglot Jones
How can you NOT love this guy?! "HaHaHa LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES!"
'casanovamm4' 2 weeks ago
Sweet :) Tell me can you try make a sten mk3 ?
yukido asuna
'yukido asuna' 2 weeks ago
if Leonardo da Vinci was still alive, he would be so happy
Tyler Clemens
'Tyler Clemens' 2 weeks ago
Winter's must be long where you live. You have too much free time on your hands.
J_MONEY1000 Gaming
'J_MONEY1000 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
what you need to do is convert the front of your drill so that u can hold it normally and not sideways. it would give you a better grip and as for the ammo you could easily make a plywood magazine for quicker reloading
cody evaristo
'cody evaristo' 2 weeks ago
So glad I live in America with real firearms bump fire stocks
'rosene' 2 weeks ago
u r awesome
Eduardo Cecchini
'Eduardo Cecchini' 2 weeks ago
After this video I have to subscribe to your channel. Great creativity and it is nice to see how you're having fun. And it has always been my dream too!
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