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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 10 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 10 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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Dadang Kurnia
'Dadang Kurnia' 5 minutes ago
hua hahaha... more powerfull than nuke balistic
Mister Alias
'Mister Alias' 1 hour ago
Alex Alford
'Alex Alford' 19 hours ago
Shit looks like we have another terrorist training video on our hands
'Will' 21 hours ago
you're fricking awesome dude!!
Nick Christian
'Nick Christian' 23 hours ago
yoohoo big summa blowout
Paublus Americanus
'Paublus Americanus' 23 hours ago
I liked the caladonian roman fight the best, but this rack and pinion cross bow is awesome, gosh I would hate the receiving end, you would feel like a reverse porcupine.
john doe
'john doe' 1 day ago
So this is the man that will kill Ron Swanson?
Red Daikini
'Red Daikini' 1 day ago
His Majesty King Edgar Figaro would like to place an order, please 😁 (someone had to make a _FFVI_ reference)
Nico Mangold
'Nico Mangold' 1 day ago
He sounds german😅
'asdfdfggfd' 2 days ago
In retrospect this project was the Shark Jumping moment for this channel. It was like, after this device, where is there to go with a slingshot?
Cheli Lombi
'Cheli Lombi' 2 days ago
Ooo yeaahh... That's more like it... You are like older Tony Stark .... Awesome
Munkir Tokage
'Munkir Tokage' 2 days ago
Jw have you shot a full auto before?
Aj Williams
'Aj Williams' 2 days ago
That is crazy 40 meters OR 131 FEET --- and that is to get a guy with a Gun away from you! AND you won't kill him but scare him to death....... hahhahhaha
Chance B
'Chance B' 2 days ago
First video I’m watching of yours, lemme tell you. Sweet!!! Will continue to watch. Could you rebuild that using a hand crank to make it more medieval ?
John Gabriele
'John Gabriele' 2 days ago
Dude this is the first video of yours I have watch... You rock!!!!!
Free Saxon
'Free Saxon' 2 days ago
Great build & fun as well!
Claytrons World
'Claytrons World' 2 days ago
I can barely put together somethin from wal mart 😂
Arnab Biswas
'Arnab Biswas' 2 days ago
crossbow terminator
Arnab Biswas
'Arnab Biswas' 2 days ago
Ven Helsing must be drooling over this
Herb Schrumms
'Herb Schrumms' 2 days ago
Irwan Sigieo
'Irwan Sigieo' 2 days ago
this design... damn so awsome this a super one
Landon Louthian
'Landon Louthian' 2 days ago
You should make some clips with bolts to make reloading faster
Aaron Storey
'Aaron Storey' 2 days ago
Joerg is trying to make the mg42 of crossbows quick someone call the daily mail before he invades Poland and teaches terrorists how to kill police officers
What if you used a circular saw instead of a drill? Then you could build it more like a standard firearm, with an inline grip and trigger.
m h
'm h' 3 days ago
That's badass
'ralphyetmore' 3 days ago
If you wanted to gut the makita, you could wire up the trigger wherever you want, I would imagine. Although, as you demonstrated, it's not really necessary at all. Great demo.
'NGrav' 3 days ago
Damn, this is the best weapon for a school shooting, cheap & easy to make, the base is doable in workshop class, everyone has got daddy's gearbox at home. Rubberbands are something you have since you tried DIY on 2016. Crossbow bolts are also obtainable, unless you are really far from a forest, or you know, don't have any pencils. This is great, can't wait to try this out.
Kyle Ferreira
'Kyle Ferreira' 3 days ago
Coolest thing I've seen all week!
'EvMund' 3 days ago
Let me SHOW you its FEATURES
'TheRedSage' 3 days ago
holy shit, that thing is a beast! This is why the Germans had such cool toys during WW2, they know how to make cool shit!
Abu Noqtah
'Abu Noqtah' 3 days ago
Deadrising any one..?
Tyrion Lannister
'Tyrion Lannister' 3 days ago
"looks like I underestimated the cold", while he stands there in a t-shirt! Awesome channel
Darren Winsett
'Darren Winsett' 3 days ago
Dude that was awesome!
Chris Brezinski
'Chris Brezinski' 3 days ago
Bruh put a jacket on there's snow on the ground
'fireblast133' 3 days ago
Change out the drill for a hand crank and bam, no batteries required.
darmstadt beste
'darmstadt beste' 3 days ago
There is snow and you are wearing a shirt how do you not feel cold?
Sean Ocansey
'Sean Ocansey' 4 days ago
When will someone make an fps game with you and your weapons? 🤔🤔🤔
Dr. Slaughterstein
i want one...
Bonney Worthington
Gun control advocates don't know the power of human ingenuity.
'Suchrealgamergirl' 4 days ago
Please make gas chamber next
john athas
'john athas' 4 days ago
You sir are a beast! Out in the cold winter air with snow all around you, and you are in a t-shirt. Lol!! Awesome crossbow you’ve built. Showing the action of the crossbow in slow motion was awesome. Thank you for sharing!!
mantis taboggin
'mantis taboggin' 4 days ago
He needs to be a video game character on consoles
Sophie Amy
'Sophie Amy' 4 days ago
Wtf this man is so funny!!!
'wheelzwheela' 4 days ago
Didn't this guy get chopped up by a propeller while fighting Dr. Jones?
Jeffrey Aborot
'Jeffrey Aborot' 4 days ago
Whoah! Your invention is amazing! It even has recoil, same with a machine gun. The ala mad-scientist laughter makes it even better :D
'Whitaker's World' 5 days ago
I love your child like enthusiasm.  I hope you never lose it!
Steve Moore
'Steve Moore' 5 days ago
Legal in germany, legel aneywhere, unless you’re liberal LOL
Ross George
'Ross George' 5 days ago
Please email the plans.
fv margot
'fv margot' 5 days ago
He needs to team up with fps Russian
Asher Mickey
'Asher Mickey' 5 days ago
Now load this with long nails.
Tales Of The Blue Eyed Indian
You're having too much fun lmao
Gregory Mandara
'Gregory Mandara' 5 days ago
Dude is a mad genius! Love it!
Noob Cannon Deluxe
I subscribed as soon as I heard him laugh. The content and projects are cool too:)
meme theif
'meme theif' 5 days ago
Do you think you would be a firearms owner? Basically is it a fascination with crossbows & slingshots or just range and plinking in general?
'cncgeneral' 5 days ago
Needs an anti reversal latch!
Iain Ballas
'Iain Ballas' 6 days ago
That tatatatata tho
bob sanders
'bob sanders' 6 days ago
all the deers will be so jealous even a bear will respect you
Arthur Daniel
'Arthur Daniel' 6 days ago
just take my money
Zeon Zaku
'Zeon Zaku' 6 days ago
I liked that you explained the physics and engineering behind your design choices. That was very neat. :D
charles sennett
'charles sennett' 6 days ago
could you use a 90 degree drill? that would give you the feeling of a regular crossbow feel.
Niklas Leet
'Niklas Leet' 6 days ago
I think Far Cry 4 needs to redesign.
'Gamil0ffisial' 6 days ago
Wtf you are a genious
Marcel McLaughlin
'Marcel McLaughlin' 6 days ago
This guy is the truth 💯💯 he will have no problem during a zombie apocalypse
Derek Magruther
'Derek Magruther' 7 days ago
You are so delicious mad I love it. You need to be a bond villain or marvel hero either way
Erick Rosa
'Erick Rosa' 7 days ago
Can I request you make something for me? I will pay you! Im not joking please contact me!
Ryan Rodrigues
'Ryan Rodrigues' 1 week ago
Joerg should be the next Bond villain
Effendy Badaruddin
Love this new Terminator
Escalathor _
'Escalathor _' 1 week ago
Berserk anyone?
Richard J
'Richard J' 1 week ago
Take my money!
Roberto Murillo
'Roberto Murillo' 1 week ago
This guy should be a new character for the walking dead series.
demonocus drumocus
Reminds me of a nail gun
Donovan Miller
'Donovan Miller' 1 week ago
joshua kavanaugh
'joshua kavanaugh' 1 week ago
Super awesome
Kyle McMahon
'Kyle McMahon' 1 week ago
He's out in the freezing cold in a tshirt??
'DreamJuice420' 1 week ago
This dude is totally terrifying and absolutely endearing all at the same time
Alexander doesgames
You could use a saw for a more 'firearm' feel. it'd also make it more streamlined.
'NintodoMan64' 1 week ago
*Rickart approved*
Alberta Mike
'Alberta Mike' 1 week ago
Would love to see this with removable magazines, im sure you could do this quite easily. Reload times would surely be minimal compared to your current configuration, I love your videos please continue to make many more!
'nameless473' 1 week ago
The ting goes skrrap...
'MAMMAsgotTOAST' 1 week ago
What about a pneumatic impact wrench?
Nicholas Weston
'Nicholas Weston' 1 week ago
Why haven’t i seen any of your videos before? This was great. Love the laugh
Gabriel Bawono
'Gabriel Bawono' 1 week ago
Man's not cold
OmicroniX Zerus
'OmicroniX Zerus' 1 week ago
Someone, make a laugh compilation of this guy
'slavemasteral' 1 week ago
Guts from berserk might need to upgrade his crank crossbow
'DELXAC TVV' 1 week ago
Full Otto.
Παναγιωτης Παπαμαυρουδης
I underestimate the cold today (frozen jelly), wears a t shirt..legend!!!
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Reminds me of the auto crossbow in the Heavy Metal cartoon
Amitabha Kusari
'Amitabha Kusari' 1 week ago
Woe be to the barbarians that invades Lord Joerg's castle for he has an army of defenders armed with this marvel of alchemy that rains down bolts after bolts all by itself. A single man armed with these 'Hellfire Crossbows' can put down dozens of would-be conquerors foolhardy enough to enter the domains of The Master Engineer. The few luckiest who would survive the onslaught of this weaponry would recount with horror the mechanical 'bratatatat' sound of this Otherworldly weapon and the diabolical laughter of the Master himself accompanied with words that would haunt these wretched souls all their lives 'LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES'.
Wolcano Gaming
'Wolcano Gaming' 1 week ago
Angry Clown 1990
'Angry Clown 1990' 2 weeks ago
He's like the entire A-Team and MacGyver all rolled into one...
'J CG' 2 weeks ago
The only thing you could do to enhance it would be a hammerhead shark paintjob.
'PoblacionSigay' 2 weeks ago
I think this auto was copied in making airsoft toy gun by using motor and battery.
Niko A.
'Niko A.' 2 weeks ago
Sooo genial
'123mandown' 2 weeks ago
I want to see the John Deere auto crossbow
'RPRIMICI' 2 weeks ago
Why isn't this guy working for NASA? We'd be at Mars by now.
insta boss killer
'insta boss killer' 2 weeks ago
I've been playing the game and got all wepons in 1 day
Ben Chris
'Ben Chris' 2 weeks ago
Can you show how to make this?
david delaney
'david delaney' 2 weeks ago
I absolutely love this guy. Favorite human being ever!
Leshreddur Mitchell
'Leshreddur Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
nils mik
'nils mik' 2 weeks ago
This is awesome
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