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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 2 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 2 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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Norman Roscher
'Norman Roscher' 50 minutes ago
Hallo Jörg! Hast du mal daran gedacht statt des Akkubohrers den Anlasser eines Kfz-Dieselmotors und eine Autobatterie zu verwenden? Dann könntest du das Ganze auch viel stabiler (Metall?) und mit wesentlich stärkeren Gummis auslegen.
'Banshee7248' 4 hours ago
The mechanism is brilliant!
Eric Allard
'Eric Allard' 11 hours ago
there isn't a single thing anyone could say that is negative about this guy he's just so jolly. like a German Santa Claus
Aaron ThePunisher
'Aaron ThePunisher' 16 hours ago
Where in Germany are you from ? I am a Direct Decedent of the For-bearers / Founders of Manderscheid Germany . I hope to one day Visit ? I am an American from Texas . Have you ever been to Manderscheid ?
K O K O・ヘクマティアル
his accent and general mood give me joy in life!
Back Country Preps
'Back Country Preps' 18 hours ago
sweet!!! but what the hell is a Newton meter? haha greetings from San Diego
madaoui merzak
'madaoui merzak' 19 hours ago
'arconreef' 1 day ago
why not use a gasoline powered chainsaw?
'TATERH8TER 80' 1 day ago
i love his laugh
'Fireworxs2012' 2 days ago
You just KNOW this guy has somebody's girlfriend chained to the wall in his basement....
Congo Bongo
'Congo Bongo' 2 days ago
Oh man: you rock big time!!..
Art Wood
'Art Wood' 2 days ago
You should make a "Speed Loader" magazine for it.
Sherab Tod
'Sherab Tod' 3 days ago
love that german accent :D
'Azur' 3 days ago
Bart Somers
'Bart Somers' 3 days ago
Really awesome creation! great video.
Pier-D. Sim.
'Pier-D. Sim.' 3 days ago
1 min through the video. Heard his accent. His laugh. Subscribed.
'G4mmaLotus' 3 days ago
In Germany, you no shoot crossbow, crossbow shoot you, many many time. Gees, if the German army needs to cut down on it's army budget, they can just hire Jeorg to make all their rubber band powered death machines
'TizzmantineUK' 3 days ago
Ah, you kids today with your techno music
samson galactis
'samson galactis' 3 days ago
joerg deserves a nobel prize
Kyle Dang
'Kyle Dang' 4 days ago
brings it to nerd war and wonders why people lay down when he shoots them
'MrDuckbutter1000' 4 days ago
i like to hear him talk all day
'MrPizzaNinja' 4 days ago
Cameron rodway
'Cameron rodway' 4 days ago
I love his Laugh,hahahaha
'rickcoona' 4 days ago
another really fun looking project! --Rick
Po Po
'Po Po' 4 days ago
just watching his vids makes me happy
'grizzlehatchet1' 4 days ago
awesome work! that thing is sweeeeeeet! look out zombie apocalypse im ready for ya!
'MrArcher0' 5 days ago
I have watched this video 5 times straight and had an epiphany! You can actually double your fire rate. God I am excited about this one! The key to the problem was you saying that gravity was too slow...So I went and made the gun an over and under. Gravity doesn't matter due to the rubber bands! (Lol, I say this like it's no big deal) Crazy as it sounds,but one gear can drive two cocking sleds without any more modification to the gear ratio or the sled return time. Just imagine another top unit with a extra gear to change the direction of travel of the second sled from forwards to reverse like the top. The additional gear I think may have to stay in contact with the second sled. I haven't quite got the gearing figured out but it should be possible.
'Demitrium' 5 days ago
I can't imagine the encounter for the poor bastard that tries to rob this man. This man is capable of and ready to turn a John deer tractor into a machine gun.
Kieransf T
'Kieransf T' 5 days ago
now you just need to make a larger mag PS how heavy is it?
Nightmare Bomb1999
This guy, can make a full auto rubber band gun, Me, can't even make a trigger that works properly
'SirToby1076' 6 days ago
Abgefahren :-)
Bad Penny
'Bad Penny' 6 days ago
put a shield over the drill facing your target. If you must give them a broadside; put some armor on.
Alexander Richards
Abhinav Girish
'Abhinav Girish' 6 days ago
Elon Musk on a budget
'Turmoil' 6 days ago
Goes full Heavy at the end. All he'd have to do in the end is yell "CRY SOME MORE!"
Der Meister
'Der Meister' 6 days ago
I imagine how he is killing a crowd of people making his "hahahaha". For real, you're cool!
Drosne Lochmir
'Drosne Lochmir' 6 days ago
This guy takes up Santa's Job and naughty children will exponentially decrease.
Simon Henriksson
'Simon Henriksson' 6 days ago
Crossbow Kelly.
'Sharayde' 6 days ago
Surely you could use a piece of tape, like what you did with the pencils, for a quick reload. You could fire all the shots, and probably reload within 30 seconds.....
Inertia Fox
'Inertia Fox' 7 days ago
Make it slightly bigger and use a weedwacker engine?
'PlanetRift' 1 week ago
Full auto crossbow... yes please :)
bonjimss De guzman
this is the german mcgyver
'WV591' 1 week ago
So brilliant are Germans.
D.A. Jackson
'D.A. Jackson' 1 week ago
diagram to build it?
'Brutalyte616' 1 week ago
*THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH DAKKA!* But this is still immensely satisfying...
'ik4sjov' 1 week ago
PLEASE JOERG! Try making a smaller bullpup version of this for arm mounting! maybe with af curved magasine for smaller overall dimensions!! would be so cool! BTW maybe the powerdrill could be deassembled so that the motor kan be mounted directly and the you could have the batteries in a backpack! Just an idea but DAMN it would be awesome! no matter what you do, I must also say, that I LOVE your work!
'TheGarywilliams' 1 week ago
i like this guy he dose what he wants and has a blast doing it more people need to be this happy
Braxton Scherz
'Braxton Scherz' 1 week ago
Always entertaining! Thanks for posting.
Nikola Lutov
'Nikola Lutov' 2 weeks ago
Oh boy, will you make a great rapist! :D Or at least a serial killer... :D
'Seiron' 2 weeks ago
The German army has changed.
'NotSoDumb' 2 weeks ago
How is it able to force load the breech but still have the bolt loose for shooting?
'jonNH123' 2 weeks ago
AMAZING. thanks for posting! :-)
John Smith
'John Smith' 2 weeks ago
Could you please make homemade paper bombs?
Tony Pfohl
'Tony Pfohl' 2 weeks ago
I love you man
'VirtualSuperSoldier' 2 weeks ago
Use a hand held radial saw where the trigger is at a 90deg angle to the action.
Jo Marie Cinco
'Jo Marie Cinco' 2 weeks ago
Can you replace the electric drill with a high pressure pumpable pneumatic tank? Can you make the magazine into a revolver like cartridge? It would be much more awesome if it was a real crossbow. I mean the limb should store energy to propel those bolts not the rubber. Overall, its a good prototype Mr Joerg
'temmy9' 2 weeks ago
You should try a Cho Ko Nu, the chinese repeater crossbow
Jose O.R Ortiz
'Jose O.R Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
Oberkommandant MacGuffin
Your laugh is magnificent. You remind me of my great-uncle Holger in Denmark. I can just imagine what kind of drinking buddy you'd make.
The Shovster
'The Shovster' 2 weeks ago
Love it, nice to c folks thinking outside of the box! 👍
Guru Murphinda
'Guru Murphinda' 2 weeks ago
JOERG this is FUCKING AWSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'tanayayt' 2 weeks ago
if Daryl Dixon gets this, he will look more bad-ass
samantha ryan
'samantha ryan' 2 weeks ago
Dude you are an inspiration! never stop doing what you are doing
Marcus Gerhold
'Marcus Gerhold' 2 weeks ago
Is there a plan for this awesome slingshot?
'pauldwalker' 2 weeks ago
That's awesome!
YouWereSentToEuropeWith WrongPromises
ich will so ein Teil haben. wieviel kostet das ? ;-)
'CincyNick79' 2 weeks ago
This guy makes me happy.
'russeshe001' 2 weeks ago
You're the most genuinely happy hobbyist I've seen on YouTube, and this was super creative. Props, seriously.
Rusty Shackleford
'Rusty Shackleford' 2 weeks ago
reminder to self ( dont got to war against Germany again)
Freky Chilla
'Freky Chilla' 2 weeks ago
wenn die zombies kommen bringt joerg ihnen die apokalypse! xD makita-akukalypse-crossbow haha just normal in germany ;) joerg du bist oanfach anderst geil xD
'snailmessia' 2 weeks ago
I love this guy :) Would love to see him and Joe Rogan do a podcast where he lives and they go nuts with slingshots
'dirtTdude' 2 weeks ago
does it work on criminal illegal alien trespassers?
'Xanadiel' 2 weeks ago
His laughing is very contagious. I do say that when he shows excitement in his work and he laughs in his success, you can't help but laugh yourself.
Chris Jordan
'Chris Jordan' 2 weeks ago
I love this thing you made! you are a GREAT inventor! Come visit us in Florida some day.
Gabriel Castaneda
'Gabriel Castaneda' 2 weeks ago
This is an awesome build!
'OhWell1962' 2 weeks ago
Hey, Joerg! Have you considered changing your last name to MacGyver? Ehrfürchtige Waffe, mein Freund!
The Tyrannical Turret
now I really want to use a honda clone to power a massive vehicle mounted full auto crossbow.
PyroKiller XD
'PyroKiller XD' 2 weeks ago
who would think the most warming laugh would come from a 50 year old man playing with an automatic crossbow XD it's so nice to see people react like a kid in a candy store even after growing so much, and having so much fun too!
Joshep Rubi
'Joshep Rubi' 2 weeks ago
if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I need u on my team
Robert Pena
'Robert Pena' 2 weeks ago
you are an absolute genius to engineer all these different amazing thing's. you are very intelligent and interesting
'Dave's Skillet' 2 weeks ago
lol holy bat turds I find myself wanting one but with the big motor shooting full size bolts ahhaha
Azathot Film
'Azathot Film' 2 weeks ago
Some may outsmart him. But we have yet to see one who could outsmart a crossbow bolt.
olly killick
'olly killick' 2 weeks ago
What a legend. Seriously love this man. Your creative spirit is an inspiration to us all.
'CidGuerreiro1234' 2 weeks ago
His laugh gives me life.
'ALAN COLLARD' 2 weeks ago
11 out `10
'GOLD BACK' 2 weeks ago
XFuzionX PigX
'XFuzionX PigX' 2 weeks ago
Your like a badass scientist commando
David Estep
'David Estep' 2 weeks ago
Have you exchanged the drill for a crank handle? Maybe with gearing?
FundelBoro Prime.
'FundelBoro Prime.' 2 weeks ago
I expected a couple nuclear throne comments :(
Harold Haroldson
'Harold Haroldson' 2 weeks ago
I watch these for the laugh
'MrDreamcacher' 2 weeks ago
the last days for the Dillon Aero M134
'sdhanedhar' 2 weeks ago
wow its snowing in germany very nice engineering and thank u for idea mr jeogsprave i like ur channel
'sdhanedhar' 2 weeks ago
this guy has attained nirvana now , his purpose is over cos thats what he wanted all his life
Me Me
'Me Me' 2 weeks ago
GREAT Job....Love it.
'OzixiThrill' 2 weeks ago
5:04 - Actually... Instead of turning the drill, you might want to consider turning the trigger or building a mechanical trigger that would push the drill's trigger... Even common sense says that if you can't solve it by putting the drill at an angle, just put the trigger at an angle... You might even consider stripping the drill apart and moving the triggering mechanism to a different area., while maintaining the drill's motor in it's current place... Point is, solutions exist without risking power loss.
'PIRATE NEWS' 2 weeks ago
buhahahahah letter a hahaha number 1 hahaha lmao hahahaha👍
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