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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 1 year ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 1 year ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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'ThumbsHunter' 4 hours ago
couple more years and we will see a full auto crossbow, firing crossbows that fire nuclear war head bolts.
Mike Trevors
'Mike Trevors' 1 day ago
Stands there in the snow with short sleeves.... Yup he's a Viking!
Guy Warner
'Guy Warner' 2 days ago
This is like a step before Chewbacca crossbow.
S Bock
'S Bock' 3 days ago
You HAVE to do it with the even bigger electric drill!
'archicutter' 3 days ago
Joerg ist einfach geil. Gib Ihm ne Sperrholzplatte und er erobert im Alleingang Luxembourg :-)
'GOPI NATH' 5 days ago
Awesome idea 😎😎😎
'Loosecannon16' 1 week ago
What if used a HPA powered piston to rack the slingshot?
Norco 7/325
'Norco 7/325' 1 week ago
First question, where can we buy your products?
'sanic3029' 1 week ago
nobody noticed it but he is literally wearing a t-shirt in snow
mark lambert
'mark lambert' 2 weeks ago
I think its gorgeous there big man
B Baumi
'B Baumi' 2 weeks ago
Deutsch nicht Englisch
Michael Russell
'Michael Russell' 2 weeks ago
Could just run electrical wire to a trigger in the wood grip from the drill to have a traditional trigger system
Fritz Meier
'Fritz Meier' 2 weeks ago
German weapon-developement ist awesome
Darth Sidious
'Darth Sidious' 2 weeks ago
cool, this is the closest crossbow to van helsing's crossbow in terms of function
Thorsten Bauer
'Thorsten Bauer' 2 weeks ago
Wie geil ist das den ?! Würde ich sofort kaufen!
Michael Price
'Michael Price' 2 weeks ago
744 Vampires disliked this.
Manjeet Singh
'Manjeet Singh' 2 weeks ago
Very very very nice
Michael Eadie
'Michael Eadie' 3 weeks ago
Watch this at 1.5 speed
'Palatisan' 3 weeks ago
Hello. I am trying to make a crossbow with a lot of rifling to make a projectile spin very quickly. I am making a crossbow and I need the centrifugal force for a project. Any ideas of some sort of launcher that can spin the projectile? I do not like pressurized gas, but it is an option. Maybe a special fin arrangement?
Michel R. Vilas Boas
The chanal's name colde be "TheVikingSprave". Excelent videos!!!!
Adrian Williams
'Adrian Williams' 3 weeks ago
Crossbows are illegal in my jurisdiction
'T H E S T U F F' 3 weeks ago
could use this guys ideas in a video game...horizon zero dawn
'D N' 3 weeks ago
use a skillsaw instead for a 90 degree. :)
'razorburn645' 3 weeks ago
What an amazing laugh.
'erepsekahs' 3 weeks ago
This man is a genius. Every British household needs everyone in it to own one of these things + 100 bolts, (crossbow arrows), and detailed plans of to build another when they get made illegal and seized.
Shane S
'Shane S' 4 weeks ago
Awsome is the only word that comes to mind. Stay awesome and keep that awesome laugh be too!
'montanaplatinum' 4 weeks ago
So thats what Goldfingers son is up to these days^^
Audi Nugraha
'Audi Nugraha' 4 weeks ago
A magazine mechanism would be more helpful I think :)
Mark Smith
'Mark Smith' 4 weeks ago
I love that laugh
Oto Varovs
'Oto Varovs' 4 weeks ago
John Deer engine 😂
Wood work And gaming
Make a auto crossy turret that shoots large bolts
Brad Miller
'Brad Miller' 4 weeks ago
That is freaking awesome I want one!!!
'Wyvern' 4 weeks ago
Ballistics gelatin frozen solid, outside shooting a crossbow with a t-shirt on. 0_o
God Fire
'God Fire' 4 weeks ago
Here comes the terminator!
Natty Games
'Natty Games' 4 weeks ago
That would be illegal in California Assault weapon xd
'Lolijagung' 4 weeks ago
Kraut Spacecrossbow Magick
'GrumpyOldMan' 4 weeks ago
That T-shirt / snow combination is in itself badass enough.
'4ndr3c3s4r1n0' 4 weeks ago
Joerg is what every man should strive to be. Resorceful, creative and well-spirited. Being buff as hell also doesn't hurt.
HonorB 4Glory
'HonorB 4Glory' 4 weeks ago
I want one for home defense! That's awesome!
'fizucktDafuckuped' 1 month ago
Its' the Happiest Bow man to ever exist! I would like to name the Fooly Auto Crossbow, Porcupine!
Rocket Hutchins
'Rocket Hutchins' 1 month ago
I want one
Source Source
'Source Source' 1 month ago
Salute from India
'ReelFishingNW' 1 month ago
Every time you laugh, it makes me happy. That "Ha ha ha ha" is great! Also, there's actually firearms that have side handles like that, except it would be horizontal not vertical.
Rob M
'Rob M' 1 month ago
this needs to be on ebay in mass production ( buyer supplies own drill )_
Jack Againski
'Jack Againski' 1 month ago
German's are the best engineers....
J. Short
'J. Short' 1 month ago
This guy is too cool. I dig the joy he gets out of it.
'tealvampyre' 1 month ago
I want to play darts with that...!!
Lonnie Dobbins III
'Lonnie Dobbins III' 1 month ago
Love the craftsmanship. DAMN good work.
alllives matter
'alllives matter' 1 month ago
One clever cookie, more power to this viking. Cheers from New zealand.
'brianandzane' 1 month ago
Your creativity is always amazing!
Shake And Bake
'Shake And Bake' 1 month ago
Have any companies tried hiring you? You seem like a really creative engineer
'markmeson' 1 month ago
'rrusselljr67' 1 month ago
You are HILARIOUS!! LOL I couldn't stop laughing, you're laugh is incredibly funny and contagious JoergSprave.
'ByronBanquo' 1 month ago
How The Heavy spends his days on retirement.
'MGTOWIUS' 1 month ago
So that is Slave Knights Gaels Crossbow right there! Well that crossbow should be in some zombie survival game.
Mikey Dudek
'Mikey Dudek' 1 month ago
Does anyone think of Krueger from Archer?
'Diax1324' 1 month ago
Shoot Steve O with this thing
anime man
'anime man' 1 month ago
this would be a good weapon is in the zombie apocalypse but the only down side is the reload speed
Jack Sutherland
'Jack Sutherland' 1 month ago
Super, super cool!!!! Q: Do you think that coil springs would work? That way you could make it more narrow. Also use a direct worm screw drive on the end of the drill allowing it to connect lengthwise like a traditional rifle. (Not a worm screw jack, but have a screw on the drill spindle mating to a worm gear rack on the slide directly.) And lastly, a snail drum mag that feeds from below! Wow! I can't stop! I'm going to make one! So inspiring and genius! Great invention!
Jade Cox
'Jade Cox' 1 month ago
I love this guys laugh. He knows he's an evil genius. Well maybe not actually evil but...he turned a hand drill into a full automatic crossbow! That is some-kind of genius to be sure.
Håkon T.
'Håkon T.' 1 month ago
As an airsofter this gun definitely speaks to me. :D That's an awesome gun.
'AntalopeAUT' 1 month ago
YOU, sir, got a like alone for that awesome laugh, not only for that fullauto crossbow !
John Do
'John Do' 1 month ago
This guy is a maniac!
'icepicjoey' 1 month ago
First video...I'm subscribed
Alexa Wise
'Alexa Wise' 1 month ago
You are absolutely brilliant.
'LordPirateDuck' 1 month ago
"Imagine what you can do with a John Deere engine." This guy is a madman. ... Absolutely love it. XD
Samuele Nimis
'Samuele Nimis' 1 month ago
moe mountain
'moe mountain' 1 month ago
Would like to send you a sample
moe mountain
'moe mountain' 1 month ago
Been following you from the beginning. I own Moe Mountain Hot Sauce. Getting pretty popular in Germany on there Curry wurst
Gino Wild
'Gino Wild' 1 month ago
Das Gesicht eines Einbrechers, nachdem er vom Hausbesitzer mit dem Teil überrascht wurde ... :D
charlie f
'charlie f' 1 month ago
a true son of skyrim
'LKVideos' 1 month ago
Slightly bigger and with powerful bolts, this would have made a perfect defence weapon during sieges ....
Kristján Ingi Jónsson
you need to build yourself a quick reloader
A normal guy
'A normal guy' 1 month ago
Is this for sale? I would gladly buy it any day, especially the latest version, with mags. I think it would be great to see it on sale. The same concept, used for one made out of a light metal and springs or a sturdier component instead of the soft straps should work very good, along with a configuration to facilitate a professional mounting of a drilling machine but in this form is also amazing. My only concern would be its endurance. I haven't found something similar listed. I am interested whether is this classified as a crossbow and pass the laws for one or not.
Danilo Bautista
'Danilo Bautista' 1 month ago
Crazy but talented man
Joseph Tousignant
'Joseph Tousignant' 2 months ago
Hehe,...a whole new take on "Make it Rain"! :-) Love your channel too. Joe T, Ti Rod Tactical
Mr. Fakename
'Mr. Fakename' 2 months ago
That's what I'm talking bout! Very cool, sir. Very cool
Luke Koleas
'Luke Koleas' 2 months ago
Umm subscribed!
'TheTruthHurts732' 2 months ago
Human ingenuity. I love it!
Daria Ioana Hag-Saleh
wonderful job
Jake Ju
'Jake Ju' 2 months ago
Holy moly .What a genius inventor.and it looks so fun
Ben Fielder
'Ben Fielder' 2 months ago
This is the peak male form, you may not like it but, it's true. He has the secrets. Scientists hate him.
'Scott' 2 months ago
With that laugh, this guy needs to be cast as the next villain in a James Bond movie.
arara barara
'arara barara' 2 months ago
This is like the true warrior sounds :)
kc freeman
'kc freeman' 2 months ago
Love his laughs
Mr F
'Mr F' 2 months ago
Awesome and ingenious!
'PASCOE BREWER' 2 months ago
This guy is crazy. I can imagine him falling through ice on a lake and laughing like this..
Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage
I love that thing
Angel Garcia
'Angel Garcia' 2 months ago
Daniel M
'Daniel M' 2 months ago
His laugh made my day
'NaturalPhysx' 2 months ago
Watch out, I hear Democrats coming.
'Novalixir' 2 months ago
I need this man in dead rising 5
'anjairis' 2 months ago
repeater crossbow, fantastic! :D inspiring me to go play warhammer 2 as dark elves with their reaper cross/bolt throwers :P cya!
Atheist Thinking
'Atheist Thinking' 2 months ago
van helsing would be proud 😂😂😂
Spirit of white Christmas
Nice job
Laurence Paterno
'Laurence Paterno' 2 months ago
hey dude... can you design it to you know, to copy the can helsing bow? 😁😁😁 I think some of us wants to see the Van Helsing Automatic Crossbow right? or not?
'chileroyeno' 2 months ago
I think i loooove u!!! No homo
DL Beaven
'DL Beaven' 2 months ago
A flared magazine well would make loading easier, no? You might even be able to fab a bulk loading rail mechanism to fill the magazine in one loading move.
Fran HER
'Fran HER' 2 months ago
Ja ja ja very good arm
'BD Ek' 2 months ago
A laugh of legends. Never stop having fun, Joerg.
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