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Is The "Caspian Sea Monster" A Boat, Or A Plane? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
At the height of the cold war, the CIA is confounded by a powerful new weapon dubbed the Caspian Sea Monster.
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Miles Away
'Miles Away' 1 month ago
And this is why you should go to college kids. These retards make 10 times more a year than you'll make at your local factory. If it hasn't already been moved to China that is.
'4nc13nt' 2 months ago
It's a boat with jet engines that needs a very calm sea to reach decent speeds. Awesome!
AV8R 37
'AV8R 37' 2 months ago
Lol idk what you're tanking about, I can see it in the pic.
jimmy baker
'jimmy baker' 2 months ago
I saw something about this 'Sea Plane' a while back, that the Russians had problems with it and abandoned the project.
John Samer
'John Samer' 3 months ago
question: is the ekranoplan a boat or a plane? answer: no. next question...
Windsurfing Hydrofoil
Ground effect is used in FRPGear's new invented hydrofoil that made the most important development in windsurfing history:
Nathan Barnard
'Nathan Barnard' 3 months ago
Just imagine that a whale or something jumps out the water to catch prey or just for fun which one would win? 😂😂
Peter M
'Peter M' 3 months ago
Poseidon reporting!
Никита Лель
The main dream and plans of the designer was not the military sphere. He wanted to build ports for these machines, throughout the country and the world. This is more than 60 percent more economical than an airplane, the speed is the same as an airplane, the payload in a payload is 2-3 times that of any aircraft. Safety is higher than the aircraft in 4 times. If the USSR were not disorganized, it would be an experienced vehicle all over the world.
Никита Лель
Neither one nor the other, this is a new type of vehicle.
A Dude needs 100,000 subs without video?
I didnt see it wtf
David Joshua Cabang
'David Joshua Cabang' 4 months ago
I dont get what the picture states
Jeff Li
'Jeff Li' 4 months ago
This is just the lun class ekranoplane. Lol all GEVs look kinda funcky
Captain Everything
'Captain Everything' 4 months ago
I must be blind because in the picture I didn't see a darn thing.
ronald fisher
'ronald fisher' 4 months ago
Bisma Oscar
'Bisma Oscar' 4 months ago
See the thumbnail and look the question "is it a boat or a plane?" Yelling in front of the PC, "it's a freaking Ekranoplan" Am i the only one here?
'finlay' 4 months ago
nice russian fear mongering at the end with the fake cgi modern version of the weapon
'Unbekannt' 4 months ago
I still dont see anything on that picture... Am I the only one? xD
Mayank Singh
'Mayank Singh' 4 months ago
i just couldn't find it in the photo shown at the start
'densek510' 4 months ago
'M CS' 4 months ago
so it was a Ploat ??
John Doe
'John Doe' 4 months ago
This show sucks
'S1DEWAYS' 4 months ago
aircraft carrier
Amit Tanzib
'Amit Tanzib' 4 months ago
Time for America to say "Caspian Sea Monster is threat to our freedom let's invade Russia"
'PREPFORIT' 4 months ago
It was to hold trump's ego. - It gets away from him sometimes.
Lokesh Divekar
'Lokesh Divekar' 4 months ago
it is fucking kite big fuck kite don't make it cool
TheSpeeding Turtle
'TheSpeeding Turtle' 4 months ago
Subscribe to me ile subscrribe back just say 123 if you did
'dyegodsp' 4 months ago
Thiessen Yang
'Thiessen Yang' 4 months ago
that is it american made?
'marco' 4 months ago
It can't cross the ocean because of waves
a random letter
'a random letter' 4 months ago
O noes a monster.
'Ase' 4 months ago
i got a fix instead of just sonar radars try motion detection technology boom problem solved
M Wasim pervez Jaan
'M Wasim pervez Jaan' 4 months ago
Why did it fail?
Jack Lahm
'Jack Lahm' 4 months ago
'fondoftheduh' 4 months ago
what is it called? who made it?
Paulius Leonardas
'Paulius Leonardas' 4 months ago
Stoned and pretending to understand everything
Youcant Stopme!
'Youcant Stopme!' 4 months ago
Bull crap this planeship is more "cute" than anything.
Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace
“They” not once does the channel mention who it was
The One true Moi
'The One true Moi' 4 months ago
So.. is something similar being developed now? Was that plane in return the cause of revolution in technology thus turning it obsolete?
Otto Von Bismarck
'Otto Von Bismarck' 4 months ago
aahhh, the Ekranoplan wonder why such radar-evading technologies aren't still developed today?
Zaifiy Sheh
'Zaifiy Sheh' 4 months ago
I wonder who is the first dislike?
Revic .44
'Revic .44' 4 months ago
This is old old news. Pointless.
1 million subs and 51 views. What?
'IsseiTheInukShuk' 4 months ago
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