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Images From Above Reveal An Ancient City In The Middle Of The Ocean -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Remains of an ancient city, rumored to be haunted, litter the pacific island of Pohnpei.
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Chris Big
'Chris Big' 7 hours ago
Where's the city in middle of ocean? All you showed was an old coastal town
Justin Harrold
'Justin Harrold' 10 hours ago
Rob Bleeker
'Rob Bleeker' 20 hours ago
some look like forts
Cherry Poppins
'Cherry Poppins' 7 days ago
cool! love the open minded presentation to these places that are still a mystery. can’t stand when mainstream science acts like they know everything. great video!
F Dannn
'F Dannn' 2 weeks ago
Back in the day the native peoples built a city, big deal we see this many places in the world. Why are humans today so shocked to discover that people in the very distant past also had civilization?
L-ion Hijam
'L-ion Hijam' 2 weeks ago
I wish you'd get a real job
Ronald Paulus
'Ronald Paulus' 3 weeks ago
ugh i hate how yall white people pronounce ´Nan Madol´ butchering our language but thanks for the love
'Jacob' 3 weeks ago
It's an ancient civilization in the middle of the typhoon path, no wonder they didn't last.
Charles Graham
'Charles Graham' 3 weeks ago
Ancient alien human DNA city man. get that shit right. and dont forget to give it a timeline that is humanely impossible to know like 100 million years old. what else? oh yea lets not forget bigfoot ass is there too waiting on humans to come tour their resort LMFAO!!!!!!!
Son of Fire
'Son of Fire' 3 weeks ago
Modol kali
Lola None
'Lola None' 1 month ago
How come this guy never finishes a story?
peace out
'peace out' 2 months ago
minecraft temples
Andrew Bloomfield
'Andrew Bloomfield' 2 months ago
"Why would somebody build a city out in the middle of the ocean?" Um, people who don't wanna have their city, I don't know, invaded? Ancient times were plagued with wars, and honestly, if I were a king living in those times, I would want my city either on an island, or a place pretty secluded, like high on a flat mountain top area. Only way far an army to get there is to have to make its way up, which comes with complications... such as having to deal with the legendary *High Ground* . Defenses are able to be placed strategically, without having to wonder if you'll have enough resources to go around, and if on an island, then hey, a decent navy could go a long way with having a mainland colony to get supplies from.... Not really a mystery, but hey, who knows, perhaps there is still something more to it than that, but my explanation seems to be pretty valid.
shaun grobbelaar
'shaun grobbelaar' 2 months ago
what a lazy video, 2 min to say nothing!
Ricardo Guimaraes Neto
Uncharted <3
cusini arabic
'cusini arabic' 3 months ago
It's for Israeli people, whom known as people without land and they occupied palestine to compensate their lost island
Scepter - Agario
'Scepter - Agario' 3 months ago
Simple answer, *Minecraft*
Jason Gallegos
'Jason Gallegos' 3 months ago
these guys must be amazed by the "Mystery of Hawaii"....
'portalkey' 3 months ago
Lol! Orientalism is obvious with the mention of the distance from the US and Australia when the site is nearer to ancient civilizations in Asia and the islands of the Pacific. *eyeroll*
'Freedog13' 3 months ago
Why do I feel like someone is trying to sell me a used car?
Alessa Dolan
'Alessa Dolan' 4 months ago
Gotta throw the whole earth away
'★F4nT4sY-xMoDz★' 4 months ago
wow why would somebody lock him/herself away from the rest off the world omg how weird... right... you really asking that question? i can think off reasons enough
Soul Moon
'Soul Moon' 4 months ago
Minecraft is real?!!!!!!!
'lol' 4 months ago
Nice try.... dislike
Justice On
'Justice On' 4 months ago
Why is this trending?
'Alexis' 4 months ago
#1 on trending, 160.000 views in 5 days...
Gahmuret Van Begonia
'Gahmuret Van Begonia' 4 months ago
isn't this a bit old news? i thought most people knew about this.
Genvis Muça
'Genvis Muça' 4 months ago
This is it? 2 minutes? Where's the rest?
Bill Fox
'Bill Fox' 4 months ago
The origin of Nan Madol is well known, it hasn't been there very long in archeological terms. This is a non-story.
steve Fowler
'steve Fowler' 4 months ago
Dr. Karen is smoking to why people build structures beside (not in the middle of) the ocean, well I guess we could ask the same thing about Cocoa Beach.
An na
'An na' 4 months ago
That‘y why I‘m studying to become an archeologist. It‘s fascinating
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michael hangclear
'michael hangclear' 4 months ago
what happened to this channels integrity?
Κωνσταντίνος Λαζάρου
It is not quite new reveal
'godsmwc65' 4 months ago
What a joke : This island and its structors have been known , explored , filmed over and over ..... Surely some of you remember this .....
'ramban321' 4 months ago
Send Maxine Waters and Pelosi to tax them and profit from them
Patriot 03
'Patriot 03' 4 months ago
Yea, we discovered this in the 1800s, and know exactly who built it and how old it is.
Martial Apologist
'Martial Apologist' 4 months ago
Um, the place between isn't that eery of a name for what could be an island known to be a halfway stop to something else, like maybe Hawaii.
Tripin S
'Tripin S' 4 months ago
Science Channel : Humans are able to breathe on Earth.
'hdadkins1' 4 months ago
'touchnova' 4 months ago
"The Space In Between" more likely represents the fact that the island city is between several major land masses that the former inhabitants were aware of and/or traveled to and from.
joe bob 47
'joe bob 47' 4 months ago
that was a particularly useless 2 minutes that explained nothing.
'MCPrimetime' 4 months ago
Looks like my early Minecraft builds have made it to tv.
John Wayne
'John Wayne' 4 months ago
Sensationalized archeology.
Scott C
'Scott C' 4 months ago
As seen on Ancient Aliens in 2013....get with it "Science Channel."
'beyondtheprogramming' 4 months ago
From the original show: "Ancient ruins in the middle of the Pacific ocean could be the remnants of a legendary race or dare we say....Atlantis." Now why would anyone build a city in the Pacific Ocean and call it Atlantis?
Faiyaz Rahman
'Faiyaz Rahman' 4 months ago
Kong Iceland? :v
'resqdragon' 4 months ago
So what did I learn?
Rising Above Life
'Rising Above Life' 4 months ago
Nan madol has ancient myths that an advanced race levitated the stones to the site. A lot of legends and fear has been building up around Nan madol, I think the answer to that fear is in this video
'MeJoho' 4 months ago
These are the kind of videos I wanna watch. Just longer of course.
'rand0m0mg' 4 months ago
'DirtyBird760' 4 months ago
why build in the ocean? dinosaurs.
G. Warren
'G. Warren' 4 months ago
Wypepo, I bet they weren’t white!
Dealt Fate
'Dealt Fate' 4 months ago
That absolutely looks like a place to vacation.
'DASH' 4 months ago
Hitler's torture island
Demian Geven
'Demian Geven' 4 months ago
Unsubscribed, I should have done it earlier... To much bullshit, just to much...
Adam Manz
'Adam Manz' 4 months ago
You absolutely blew it with the last line.
'watermelone' 4 months ago
Let's fuck it up. "Why"!!! Moneeey
Dave Plebe
'Dave Plebe' 4 months ago
Maybe before the great flood
Timothy Love
'Timothy Love' 4 months ago
Well I guess we will go and look it up somewhere else since you have no decent information on this video.
'NeWx89' 4 months ago
Jannick H
'Jannick H' 4 months ago
This is not science, its fake news.
Alex Bailey
'Alex Bailey' 4 months ago
Richard Wilson
'Richard Wilson' 4 months ago
Atlantis, dummies.
'55metalmonkey' 4 months ago
Wow this is dumb. They make it sound like Pohnpei is some abandoned island in the middle of nowhere that is hard to get to despite having an international airport, a population of 34,000 just on that one tiny island, several resorts etc, etc. etc.
Dj Mill
'Dj Mill' 4 months ago
0:55 Why would somebody build a city in the middle of the ocean? Me: *cough* You ever heard of Hawaii? *cough*
Alex Smith
'Alex Smith' 4 months ago
"In the middle of the ocean"....just next to this part of Micronesia...on the edge of the Pacific.
'samuél' 4 months ago
Such an interesting little video
Carrie Wright
'Carrie Wright' 4 months ago
Gotta love the weird things ancient cultures did back then
Kevin Columbus
'Kevin Columbus' 4 months ago
'thebahooplamaster' 4 months ago
This world is filled with crazy things...
Unicorns For Life
'Unicorns For Life' 4 months ago
97 islands??!! My gosh
Ariel XD master XD
'Ariel XD master XD' 4 months ago
'Danky' 4 months ago
Potato Majesty
'Potato Majesty' 4 months ago
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