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Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] -
Published: 8 months ago By: Bebe Rexha

By: Bebe RexhaPublished: 8 months ago

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Bebe Rexha - I Got You. From the album All Your Fault: Pt. 1:

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Bebe Rexha
'Bebe Rexha' 7 months ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
'LY ALjaBeR' 39 seconds ago
بيبي ريكسا 😍😍😍
Omar Tawakkol
'Omar Tawakkol' 11 minutes ago
2:06 - 2:35 tribute to emperor palpatines royal guards
taso shalamberidze
'taso shalamberidze' 20 minutes ago
i love you 😍😍😍😍
злоди монстр
'злоди монстр' 24 minutes ago
#Lol 😂😂😂
Julia Margarette bufi Alcera
I taught it was kylie
Gaming guru tutorial
She is damn hot😱
Laura Ithamar
'Laura Ithamar' 4 hours ago
Só eu achei que SUA CARA da Anitta bebeu dessa fonte da ideia do clip!? 🤔
Jose Guevara
'Jose Guevara' 5 hours ago
Te amo baby😍❤😍❤
Gabriela Malagon M
'Gabriela Malagon M' 6 hours ago
Gabriela Malagon M
'Gabriela Malagon M' 6 hours ago
Me encanta la música de i got you de bebe rexhan
'NAN TORRES' 6 hours ago
good one ;)
Adid Faysal
'Adid Faysal' 7 hours ago
super song...?
Diane Brigman
'Diane Brigman' 7 hours ago
bebe is queen!!!!!
Luis Moncada
'Luis Moncada' 8 hours ago
it is stupid 😄😄😄
Dudinha Fariias
'Dudinha Fariias' 9 hours ago
black toon
'black toon' 9 hours ago
Me encanta
thaissa macelli
'thaissa macelli' 10 hours ago
alguém brasileiro ✌😜
Yare Ü Hernandez
'Yare Ü Hernandez' 10 hours ago
Ester maciel alves da silva Alves
Laura Diesner
'Laura Diesner' 11 hours ago
#DirectionerwholovesBebe ❤
уми мегафон
супер 😇класс😉 круть😄 девушка бомба 😗
поиг раим
'поиг раим' 12 hours ago
Anderson Rodrigo
'Anderson Rodrigo' 12 hours ago
Só da tuuuuuuuu 🎶
Fernanda Valente
'Fernanda Valente' 12 hours ago
Só da tu
Ahmet Ali
'Ahmet Ali' 13 hours ago
As bayraklari as❤🔴⚪❤
Natalia Kozłowska
'Natalia Kozłowska' 13 hours ago
2:21- I take shower for you :))
margriet jubithana
'margriet jubithana' 13 hours ago
Very nice
thalita Mariane
'thalita Mariane' 13 hours ago
Só dá tuuuu
Türkler nerdesinizzzz
Dhefany Dias
'Dhefany Dias' 14 hours ago
O meu cu @diogoparodias
'SOFIA JAZMIN ZARATE' 14 hours ago
Linda la música
Josselyn M
'Josselyn M' 15 hours ago
WHERE do I get all of those outfits
Antonella Araque
'Antonella Araque' 15 hours ago
Alessia Lamarina
'Alessia Lamarina' 16 hours ago
E troppo bella sta canzone
'Manal_KSA' 16 hours ago
قيفت تو مي اول نا نا نا ✨💜🙄💜💜
Gülay şeker
'Gülay şeker' 16 hours ago
Love musiccc ı got youuu 🎶🎶🎶
'KNiGhTRiDeR 2' 16 hours ago
IP 5 user
'IP 5 user' 17 hours ago
i love this song. who watching this in august
Ahmed Ismail
'Ahmed Ismail' 18 hours ago
I see a beautiful young Madona right infront of me. you are lovely
Exodus Ranger
'Exodus Ranger' 19 hours ago
Caption this
'BeratHasanErim' 19 hours ago
Türkler burayı da ele geçirelim please
Eli Villarroel
'Eli Villarroel' 19 hours ago
kylie jenner ?
Aun KC
'Aun KC' 20 hours ago
Hoàng Xuân Trung Anh
Hello, i'm from vietnam I like this song
sean the king kangaroo
sean the king kangaroo
i love god
Ari Louis
'Ari Louis' 21 hours ago
This song is so freaking addicting!!! I mean THIS KEEPS RINGING IN MY EARS!
Naga Krauser II
'Naga Krauser II' 22 hours ago
i can see myself coming here on 2030 (if aliens don't abduct us or get killed by our own creation) to hear her powerful racy voice and get lost, i got you #Rexhars
йцукен некуцй
было бы интересно если пускали титры с переводом песни на всех языках мира
sean the king kangaroo
are u a satan
Κωνσταντινος Μπουζουκης
Amazing song the best for me!!!👍❤❤
'LALSING MURMU' 24 hours ago
na na na
sarai isawsome
'sarai isawsome' 1 day ago
Someone tell this girl her music will sell blonde or not. As a matter of fact took me forever to listen just because I thought she was another Britney.
Hussien Adel
'Hussien Adel' 1 day ago
I Love Bebe Rexha 😍
'DatHeroRules' 1 day ago
anyone know this song from fh3?
BTB President
'BTB President' 1 day ago
Anyone else thinking how she is laying on the ground when it must be hot af in that sun
Hind Marokina
'Hind Marokina' 1 day ago
finally!! searched for so long this song and found it. now I GOT YOU !
Nonato Rodrigues
'Nonato Rodrigues' 1 day ago
pelo menos meu registro eu deixo aqui nessa disgrama!
Nonato Rodrigues
'Nonato Rodrigues' 1 day ago
Meyber Fletes
'Meyber Fletes' 1 day ago
Que tenga que hacer es que no me de una de R. tuvo
TheMature Unicorn
Bebe u are an amazing singer and ur really pretty! Luv this song so much!
'lifestyle2' 1 day ago
i love your ass <3
Ebo Maiiorci
'Ebo Maiiorci' 1 day ago
اللي جاي يسمعه يجق لايك 😄
Σταθης Καρβελας
Trampball Gaming volgs
I love you 💕❤️😘
Yasmin Santos
'Yasmin Santos' 1 day ago
bebe rexha linda
Victor Menezes
'Victor Menezes' 1 day ago
dak epal
'dak epal' 1 day ago
am i the only who thinks Bebe Rexha changed a lot? like i didn't recognize her ( except her voice, it's the same)
Leen Maher
'Leen Maher' 1 day ago
Good job
John bet
'John bet' 1 day ago
kosova albania 😍
tony eduardo
'tony eduardo' 1 day ago
Vão ouvir banda favorita arrasou
Julie Vasquez
'Julie Vasquez' 1 day ago
Am in love with this song !
Ponçik Tv
'Ponçik Tv' 1 day ago
Woooooooooooooowwwwww LİKE LİKE LİKE LİKE LİKEEEE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm so confused with the elements.I don't know which scene is showing what element.The only one I know is the fire scene showing the element fire
abobrinha mucha
'abobrinha mucha' 2 days ago
Imagine só a cena, aí vc tá passando no meio do nada, tudo rachado, você vê uma coisa em pé o vento levando o pano, vem em sua direção e de repente começa a dançar, kkkkkkkkk eu hein
Ismail Filiz
'Ismail Filiz' 2 days ago
nilay ı
Ismail Filiz
'Ismail Filiz' 2 days ago
ı got you
Sara Elakkiya
'Sara Elakkiya' 2 days ago
yenny rodrigues
'yenny rodrigues' 2 days ago
Tu sabes ablar en español
Irina Prejbeanu
'Irina Prejbeanu' 2 days ago
Like pleezee
Irina Prejbeanu
'Irina Prejbeanu' 2 days ago
Pls hearth
Irina Prejbeanu
'Irina Prejbeanu' 2 days ago
Șio cute!
Bes Alibaba
'Bes Alibaba' 2 days ago
Oh oh oh, what do we have here? Another queen is born!
Fuat Yts
'Fuat Yts' 2 days ago
Türkler nerdesiniz
Klodian Oruci
'Klodian Oruci' 2 days ago
Klodian Oruci
'Klodian Oruci' 2 days ago
Beautiful song I love you
Ashly Antony
'Ashly Antony' 2 days ago
Awsm......actually its amazing.....well...fyn
FluffyPanda 101
'FluffyPanda 101' 2 days ago
Pll fans: Are you thinking what I am thinking? DAT RED COAT
'GALEXIA' 2 days ago
this is my fav song right now :)
James Howell
'James Howell' 2 days ago
Start liking
James Howell
'James Howell' 2 days ago
Let us get this song to 2 million likes PEOPLES!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!
Merve Taçgün
'Merve Taçgün' 2 days ago
Türkler elleri gorelim
Bunnie Rwt
'Bunnie Rwt' 2 days ago
Bebe Rexha 😘😘
carmen Kelibia
'carmen Kelibia' 2 days ago
Emir Taşdemir
'Emir Taşdemir' 2 days ago
Para olmayınca tek kişi çekmiş yazık 😂
Tolga Sahna
'Tolga Sahna' 2 days ago
Bebe send me heart please
Subasini Devi
'Subasini Devi' 2 days ago
Omg This Song 😍😍😍😍😍 I Just Love It
Fariq Faisal
'Fariq Faisal' 2 days ago
She beautiful n perfect to me :)
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