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Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] -
Published: 6 months ago By: Bebe Rexha

By: Bebe RexhaPublished: 6 months ago

164, 432, 304 views

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Bebe Rexha - I Got You. From the album All Your Fault: Pt. 1:

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Bebe Rexha
'Bebe Rexha' 6 months ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
mason 77
'mason 77' 9 minutes ago
its gay
Yang Arif
'Yang Arif' 17 minutes ago
ah ga yoo bebeh! :-)
Joslin jeevan printo
'Joslin jeevan printo' 29 minutes ago
superb song
Prabha Chandra
'Prabha Chandra' 1 hour ago
v got uuu
German Zaldivar
'German Zaldivar' 1 hour ago
my crush <3
Lucy. Dragneel
'Lucy. Dragneel' 2 hours ago
I searched this like nanana
LIN Junhong
'LIN Junhong' 3 hours ago
I are so pretty
sara jane
'sara jane' 4 hours ago
2.41 that smile <3
Xhonatan Micos
'Xhonatan Micos' 5 hours ago
xXCookie AngelxX
'xXCookie AngelxX' 5 hours ago
Regine Victoria
'Regine Victoria' 7 hours ago
I got you Beberexa 😊😊
Pia Gárate
'Pia Gárate' 7 hours ago
like si les gusta bebé rexha
'KAGAN ALAMINA' 8 hours ago
I love all the outfits
Camila Cortes toledo
i got you , i got you,i got you
Giullyan Gameplay
'Giullyan Gameplay' 9 hours ago
I Got You 🎶🎼
Rafaela Cristina
'Rafaela Cristina' 9 hours ago
Raquel Pires
'Raquel Pires' 10 hours ago
Angie Ponce
'Angie Ponce' 11 hours ago
chida esta esta cansion
Eduarda Barbie
'Eduarda Barbie' 11 hours ago
Andrea Fernandez
'Andrea Fernandez' 11 hours ago
me encanto agradezco a youtube por recomendarme esta cancion
Maria Gabriele
'Maria Gabriele' 11 hours ago
Ana Vitória
'Ana Vitória' 11 hours ago
love bebe rexha
Wani entertainment
'Wani entertainment' 12 hours ago
Let it rain over me Pitbull place copied
Black Queens
'Black Queens' 13 hours ago
Patroa da Rihanna junto com a Beyoncé
Jay Montgom
'Jay Montgom' 13 hours ago
robert bakker
'robert bakker' 13 hours ago
ik hou van dit nummer
Pia Gárate
'Pia Gárate' 13 hours ago
Y LOVE bebé rexha 😐
ghfgh ghfghg
'ghfgh ghfghg' 13 hours ago
zaga yuuuu yazarak aradım amk
A Kee nimo
'A Kee nimo' 13 hours ago
Taş gibi karı ve güzel şarkı..
Plinio segio dos santos alves
linda ela
Yusuf Yalçın
'Yusuf Yalçın' 14 hours ago
youuuu ı got you  a o u uuu na na na
Jazzlyne Avila
'Jazzlyne Avila' 15 hours ago
this is a good song she is good at dancing i love her hat
Genesis Cabrera
'Genesis Cabrera' 15 hours ago
I love bebe rexhas songs
Genesis Cabrera
'Genesis Cabrera' 15 hours ago
I love this song I hear it all day
shawn shawn
'shawn shawn' 15 hours ago
Can't pinch an inch on
jorge miguel condori quillatupa
que hasco me haria vomitar
'balkız' 15 hours ago
Satish Tripathi
'Satish Tripathi' 17 hours ago
Naomi Acosta
'Naomi Acosta' 17 hours ago
I love you bebe rexha
Ve Casva
'Ve Casva' 17 hours ago
super like
Free Days
'Free Days' 17 hours ago
Very good
Yoana  Ivanova
'Yoana Ivanova' 17 hours ago
mnogo e qka
Tatiana Juliana
'Tatiana Juliana' 17 hours ago
Emrah ineci
'Emrah ineci' 18 hours ago
this is tutkey ulen
Simone Williams
'Simone Williams' 18 hours ago
I wish i could give more likes.....I WOULD GIVE 100 LIKES IF I COULD
Debora Estefani
'Debora Estefani' 18 hours ago
meu cu @diogoparodias
Shei Lyuune
'Shei Lyuune' 18 hours ago
idk why she reminds me my auntie lmao
Walker Jøing
'Walker Jøing' 18 hours ago
Buena canción
Rodrigo Jauregui
'Rodrigo Jauregui' 19 hours ago
me eancant esta canción acá yuyuyuy te quiero muncho ☺😊😍😜😘
inacio melo
'inacio melo' 19 hours ago
Ai vemos claramente uma cantora que se garante, até no deserto..
'ubuntuposix' 19 hours ago
what's the catch?
The best Beat
'The best Beat' 19 hours ago
I live this song so fucking much
Dr.Ayoub Gamer3D
'Dr.Ayoub Gamer3D' 19 hours ago
in here she nice girl 0:58
Alvarito Castellanos
'Alvarito Castellanos' 19 hours ago
hola alme
Esmanur Gamer
'Esmanur Gamer' 20 hours ago
Türkler nerdee?🔴⚪
amal elsayed
'amal elsayed' 20 hours ago
you look like kylie jenner
Khadar Keeyow
'Khadar Keeyow' 20 hours ago
wooow cute grile cause I got you
Andrew Wroble
'Andrew Wroble' 20 hours ago
The best song I've ever heard.The part that i like is 0:58
Swaggy Zusky
'Swaggy Zusky' 21 hours ago
she reminds me of Kylie in the looks department
Nounou Bennacer
'Nounou Bennacer' 21 hours ago
libayabriche hadi lrounya li mahboule
bruno ciliuti
'bruno ciliuti' 22 hours ago
Bebe rexha is perfect
El Royce da
'El Royce da' 22 hours ago
oh god! plz help me to fuck this girl😍😍😍. she's​ so sexy
'鄔美亮' 23 hours ago
Кареглазая Мразь
I got you! 🙈
Yool Yan
'Yool Yan' 23 hours ago
Doamne, ce cretina a mai scapat dintre bucile universului !!
Ayşe Güner
'Ayşe Güner' 23 hours ago
türk yok mu 😃
Enkhtuya Dugeree
'Enkhtuya Dugeree' 24 hours ago
I'm not going through a whole day
Emmanuel Muia
'Emmanuel Muia' 24 hours ago
had by shindig by good
Zuzanna Paszkiewicz
'Zuzanna Paszkiewicz' 24 hours ago
'beanzie34' 24 hours ago
i loooooove yooooou
'SMRITI CHOWDHURY' 24 hours ago
its amazing
Hysh Ghuol
'Hysh Ghuol' 1 day ago
Whats with the dessert? Illuminati?
XD Caşalot
'XD Caşalot' 1 day ago
You dic fachiu men eşti o problema
Marija Sevk
'Marija Sevk' 1 day ago
favourite song ❤
Andreea Dinu
'Andreea Dinu' 1 day ago my proffyle
LPS Musicaly
'LPS Musicaly' 1 day ago
il y a des Français ...?
KP Navaneeth Prasannan
Santiago Jimenez
'Santiago Jimenez' 1 day ago
like si vienes de la outro de rubinho :V
Vishal Todkari
'Vishal Todkari' 1 day ago just watch this collab of Bebe Rexha
Clash with Ozzy
'Clash with Ozzy' 1 day ago
She is sexy af
'黑夜Night' 1 day ago
I love Bebe Rexha nae nae nae
Star And Moon
'Star And Moon' 1 day ago
Love this song!
Dharwatie Shastro
bebe rexa love
Dharwatie Shastro
bebe rexa love
yesh wrox
'yesh wrox' 1 day ago
wow the desert seems to be in this year!
ks balaji
'ks balaji' 1 day ago
I fuck u
Esteban Rojas
'Esteban Rojas' 1 day ago
Jaime Vasquez
'Jaime Vasquez' 1 day ago
I love this song so much I see it everyday
teresa ramirez
'teresa ramirez' 1 day ago
Hamayoun Ijaz
'Hamayoun Ijaz' 1 day ago
I got you o you really nice
Javier Arianator
'Javier Arianator' 1 day ago
Que hermosa esta Bebe Rexha 😍😍😍
pablo marroquin
'pablo marroquin' 1 day ago
I'll fuck with you all day long
Kristina Popovic
'Kristina Popovic' 1 day ago
I come as a directioner to see who will be singing with my baby Louis, to make sure he will be ok💙💚💙💚
igotyou beberexha
Oh nana
Miriamcarolina Hernandez
me encanta esa musica
Okan Demir
'Okan Demir' 1 day ago
kütür kütür errrrikk gibi be
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