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Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Bebe Rexha

By: Bebe RexhaPublished: 2 weeks ago

29, 432, 402 views

434, 258 Likes   13, 529 Dislikes

Bebe Rexha - I Got You. Available on:

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glauk ibishaj
'glauk ibishaj' 9 minutes ago
na na na na na 30,M for one week
George Washington
'George Washington' 13 minutes ago
That autotune tho
'yektasharaf' 22 minutes ago
seinshallah hygutfrdeallahu akbar
Isabel Valencia
'Isabel Valencia' 37 minutes ago
He looks like Kylie jenner in blonde version
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I can't stop listening to this song.
Stephanie Vazquez
'Stephanie Vazquez' 1 hour ago
Such a golden star 💓
Tayler Santy Medina
Me encanto y no se por que :v no se sale de mi cabeza
Tayler Santy Medina
Oh yeiii la encontré
sm linda
'sm linda' 1 hour ago
i💓u bb re
Pyro Music
'Pyro Music' 1 hour ago
Great song ✨
David Andrade
'David Andrade' 1 hour ago
She look just like Kylie jenner
Grace Hedge
'Grace Hedge' 1 hour ago
Bebe looks a lot like Kylie Jenner with her blonde hair. I love it so much, Bebe is so fucking beautiful.
Francisco Carlos
'Francisco Carlos' 2 hours ago
avatar a lenda de bebe rexha
'唐静' 2 hours ago
Hi guys, wanna download this MV to ur phone? Google "NullTube" , a tool help u to download vedio and convert it to MP3.
'唐静' 2 hours ago
Hi guys, wanna download this MV to ur phone? Google "NullTube" , a tool help u to download vedio and convert it to MP3.
sm linda
'sm linda' 2 hours ago
Emma Ferreiro
'Emma Ferreiro' 2 hours ago
Collab with Little Mix!!!!
'Elidijon' 2 hours ago
Love it
'scaffold' 2 hours ago
OMG!!! i love so much i feel heterosexual when i listen you. . . .its normal?
Henrique Iwanczuk
'Henrique Iwanczuk' 2 hours ago
lindo clipe
Naxyz Swtor.Vindicta
2 minutes looks like kylie jenner wtf
Ramon Ponce
'Ramon Ponce' 3 hours ago
like si canta hermoso
Dolther HDM
'Dolther HDM' 3 hours ago
Mad Guy
'Mad Guy' 3 hours ago
Seriously, pop Is currently ruling over music using auto tune and is also ruining the legacy of music rock bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC , queen, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith created. Music would be alright without auto tune, auto tune's just killing music
'Elijah' 3 hours ago
Proud to be Serbian. Her family is from Kosovo and Kosovo is Serbia, so she's Serbian <3
'tere' 3 hours ago
great !!!!!!!!!!!!
LunaAmaya _
'LunaAmaya _' 3 hours ago
0:35 she looks like Kylie Jenner? No just me?
'BARXS BARXS' 3 hours ago
great song and she's better than kylie tho!
Duane Cunin
'Duane Cunin' 3 hours ago
A dance hall reggae remix for this song would be amazing!
'zuniiiiiii' 3 hours ago
💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘
ne Tegucigalpa
'ne Tegucigalpa' 3 hours ago
Diego Ciriaco
'Diego Ciriaco' 3 hours ago
Thatz Bebe ! 🦋💚🌼
The Celtic Tiger
'The Celtic Tiger' 3 hours ago
made in kosovo
Eduardo Iten
'Eduardo Iten' 3 hours ago
Musica mt boaa
Liliya ledebeva
'Liliya ledebeva' 4 hours ago
Рихана ты супер красотка твои песни судовольствием слушаю
Renny Chavez
'Renny Chavez' 4 hours ago
Hola a todos siganme en mi canal soy nuevo necesito gente que me apoye en mi canal
María Jesús Losada
A year without rain
Estefani A
'Estefani A' 4 hours ago
one year without rain
'T0ping' 4 hours ago
1:45 XD
'MrSlowburn' 4 hours ago
Did she get fatter ?
'SLAY THE DAY' 4 hours ago
Some people might say her voice is annoying ,but I think her voice is elegant.
Rshad Al Zahrani
'Rshad Al Zahrani' 4 hours ago
Ddddaaaaammnnnn , wanna party 🔥🔥🔥
Vanessa Bernardes
'Vanessa Bernardes' 4 hours ago
Sorry but why sooooooooo Kylie Jenner style? you're beautiful
Badyka Loredan
'Badyka Loredan' 4 hours ago
American girl+albanian name+blonde+best voice+beauty+L♥VE = Bebe Rexha ♥
Ale alcocer
'Ale alcocer' 5 hours ago
me encanto esta cancion!!!! like si hablas español
Kimberly R
'Kimberly R' 5 hours ago
Bebe es hermosa
'ErixN' 5 hours ago
Maybe a little harsh on the vocal effects but cool :D
'Josuel' 5 hours ago
Raydiel 5
'Raydiel 5' 5 hours ago
i love the songs
Leart Emërllahu
'Leart Emërllahu' 5 hours ago
#KOS #ALB #USA :* :D
Christine Gjøse
'Christine Gjøse' 5 hours ago
Does someone know what sunglasses she is wearing? Love them!
Sara S
'Sara S' 6 hours ago
Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa duet would be like Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
trista cabral
'trista cabral' 6 hours ago
HI Bebe REXHA I LOVE YOU also I think this is your best song of all time your awesome<3<3,Trista.
marie julien
'marie julien' 6 hours ago
song is the balm😇😃
'oRYn' 6 hours ago
Kylie is shit compared to this ....
Kitty Power
'Kitty Power' 6 hours ago
Hello The Random Fan That Is Scrolling I Hope U Have A Good Day
'ZaRaNGa' 6 hours ago
Alexa Bliss confirmed ?
Lauren Olsen
'Lauren Olsen' 6 hours ago
Selena Gomez? a year without rain? yup
Dominik komor
'Dominik komor' 6 hours ago
I fuck you you you!!!
saki jamo
'saki jamo' 6 hours ago
Wow she is really pretty
Ervini Vini
'Ervini Vini' 6 hours ago
Albania is proud of a world star like you Bebe Rexha ♡
'Noworldlikethisone' 6 hours ago
Belly dancing makes every woman more sexy...
jack carter
'jack carter' 6 hours ago
Her voice hurts my fucking ears
Greece Beach
'Greece Beach' 6 hours ago
Bebe Rexha I do not know if you'll answer. Where are you from America or from Albania ?
Valeria Torres
'Valeria Torres' 6 hours ago
me gusto
Vandinha Pjl
'Vandinha Pjl' 6 hours ago
Perfect Song😍😍😍
Adriano Paol
'Adriano Paol' 6 hours ago
i love this song and i love her :*
Isaiah Baeza
'Isaiah Baeza' 6 hours ago
low key think she sounds like Selena Gomez
Luz L
'Luz L' 7 hours ago
OMG I love this song💛
ryan per me clash of clansMagsino
bebe i love this song
Lisa UKGirl
'Lisa UKGirl' 7 hours ago
Hey check out my music video :)x
'Rack' 7 hours ago
2:08 Bebe is Thelegend27
Blitz Clash
'Blitz Clash' 7 hours ago
anybody just listened to "no lie" and always gets redirected to here?
dandy mott Oberlin
'dandy mott Oberlin' 7 hours ago
no ass showing, no autotune, no cussing, just talent and beauty, yet there are still people who dislike this, i just wonder how could someone dislike this amazing song
Alex Destierdt
'Alex Destierdt' 7 hours ago
Trop bonne la gadji❤️❤️❤️😍😍
miguel giron
'miguel giron' 7 hours ago
I love you Bebe Rexha
Anif Khanzada
'Anif Khanzada' 7 hours ago
1 of my favorite song, her voice amazing love it
Los Nava
'Los Nava' 7 hours ago
The "i got yoooouu" part sounds a bit like Rihannas u Needed me.. 🙃
'GooDrawingNation' 7 hours ago
She's Perfectiful.
mehrail metry
'mehrail metry' 7 hours ago
الاغنية فوق الروعة مين هنا عربي لايك
Angelina Frerk
'Angelina Frerk' 7 hours ago
This Song is amazing😍
classic chey
'classic chey' 7 hours ago
yaaas she looks sooo good
Vivianna Parks
'Vivianna Parks' 7 hours ago
Who got a 2009 vibe from this?
videos brasil brasil
i love you BEBE REXHA
I hate School
'I hate School' 7 hours ago
13k dislikes ? You monsters
Angelina Jolie
'Angelina Jolie' 7 hours ago
the arab moves tho 😍😍❤
Que seja vídeo
'Que seja vídeo' 7 hours ago
cadê a galera do brasil
'BongoJongo' 8 hours ago
'yamato2301' 8 hours ago
Is she wearing a wig?
'FREEDOM' 8 hours ago
She's like Kylie but with more talent and beauty
Berat Maliqi
'Berat Maliqi' 8 hours ago
another international ALBANIAN SINGER fucking proud.. KOSOVO&ALBANIA everywhereee BEBE REXHA, DUA LIPA, RITA ORA, ERA ISTREFI dont forget your beautiful Albanian roots kiss from Prishtina -Republic of Kosovo
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