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Christian Mercy for Islamic State - BBC Trending -
Published: 2 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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An unlikely message of forgiveness has been shared on social media after Islamic State beheaded 21 Coptic Christian Egyptians in Libya.

A video by a young Christian woman calling for mercy instead of hate has been watched over half a million times. And messages of support and solidarity poured in from Egypt's Christians and Muslims alike.

BBC Trending spoke to Anne Alfred, the young Egyptian singer featured in the video.

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ابراهيم ياسين
crischinty religion of terrorism
ابراهيم ياسين
Christianity did not spread to the sword, and this is evident through the teachings of the Bible that says Jesus did not come to make peace, but a sword in the ground and there are texts of ordering the killing of anyone who violates the Christian religion until he was a child or a woman
Petros Galicci
'Petros Galicci' 2 years ago
I am Catholic, but I dont like this video. I dont believe in forgiving an organized criminal organization whose members keep carrying on beheading innocent men, raping Yazidi slave-women and killing little children for having the wrong religion. May God forgive them, because I cant. In the meantime they must be stopped.
Mi Ri
'Mi Ri' 2 years ago
My message to the people considering joining Isis, I quote this scripture from Jesus Christ from the Book of John 8:7 " He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" KJV. Figure out what this means ! Animals don't believe in giving the accused chance to themselves, witnesses, juries, and judges before taking a life!
Andreas Iversen
'Andreas Iversen' 2 years ago
Kill them all and let God sort out his own.
'HoubaBouba' 2 years ago
The families of the victims have already spoken about their forgiveness towards ISIS and the killers. One lady said that she'd be happy to invite them into her home. Its a shame these interviews aren't translated into English.
'bangfarang' 2 years ago
Long ago, I was a sincere pacifist. I was a Christian and believed that Jesus expected and required me to be one. Now it seems obvious that full forgiveness tells malicious people that what they do is quite all right. One aspect of malice is its lack of a conscience, lack of shame. The malicious, therefore, take pacifism to be a license to brutalize the rest of us. Pacifism’s forgiveness may make pacifists feel precious, but it isn’t the way civilization rose out of the muck and clay. It had to be fought into place because some people ARE malicious.    Islam, too, is forgiving. It forgives, and encourages, malice, whether Muslims see that or not. It must be defeated or the rest of us will be. Muslims won’t have it any other way.
'amorfati88' 2 years ago
Forgiveness is the best possible response for the people (victims) but it is wasted on ISIS. ISIS understands only brutality 
Bruce Moellenhoff
'Bruce Moellenhoff' 2 years ago
Is there a link to the original source video? This has the scent of a government intelligence campaign
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