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DJ Mustard - Ghetto Tales ft. Jay 305, Tee Cee -
Published: 3 years ago By: MustardVEVO

By: MustardVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

3, 224, 967 views

25, 598 Likes   1, 233 Dislikes

DJ Mustard ft. Jay 305 and Tee Cee - Ghetto Tales
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Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ghetto Tales. (C) 2014 Roc Nation Records

nancy Luna
'nancy Luna' 1 day ago
raider vl
Cissalc Beats
'Cissalc Beats' 2 weeks ago
Too Short ft. Eazy E
'G2thedude' 2 weeks ago
Teecee bodied dis track tho rip Eazy e
Emperor Sheev Palpatine
I thought that was Eazy that this song came out in in the 90s
Serdal Güler
'Serdal Güler' 3 weeks ago
Nice Track🇺🇸💪 Peace✌ from Turkey 🇹🇷
Victor Swish
'Victor Swish' 3 weeks ago
Why that dude toss his boys soda at 3:13 lol 😂😂😂😂
Armaney Perdue
'Armaney Perdue' 3 weeks ago
2:56 they in the wrong neighborhood
Kruk One
'Kruk One' 4 weeks ago
This joint so good 🔥
yeezy less
'yeezy less' 1 month ago
lol I used to live down the street from where they're shooting. Specifically around TeeCee's hood
jakobe hockley
'jakobe hockley' 1 month ago
dontfkn tripbitch
'dontfkn tripbitch' 2 months ago
What ever that means
Joe Eaton
'Joe Eaton' 2 months ago
Love the old school sound!!
'ETOLIT' 2 months ago
1:44 that flooww
Xztoxic_endz_24 24
'Xztoxic_endz_24 24' 2 months ago
Bps 5x jungles blood
Taran Cole
'Taran Cole' 2 months ago
Kinda sound like too short
abdirahaman hassan
'abdirahaman hassan' 3 months ago
this my hood for real
Mobark Z
'Mobark Z' 3 months ago
I wont that impala man
Dr.Shame and the woman
This shit be banging 🔥🔥🔥
Rafael Lopez
'Rafael Lopez' 4 months ago
We. Hahudf
Brandon Ruano-Galiacho
Drake should've been in there too
'Capelit0' 5 months ago
trapaholic connection
Dj Mustard are my hero !!!!!!!! keep it you are my best producer
'jessecalabo' 5 months ago Getto tales homie
Apple Love
'Apple Love' 5 months ago
'JUICE' 6 months ago
They was going for that Eazy E type Song
J Bby7
'J Bby7' 6 months ago
Smoker homie tried to sell me his J's!! Lmao 😂That shit always be happening!! 🤣🤣🤣
F Da locc
'F Da locc' 6 months ago
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Alisson Dias
'Alisson Dias' 6 months ago
2:16 wssp nigga
'LBRE3ZY' 6 months ago
2:18 he did him dirty lol
Vercetti rare
'Vercetti rare' 7 months ago
My block is 45000
Vercetti rare
'Vercetti rare' 7 months ago
'LBRE3ZY' 7 months ago
Why yg not in this ?
Rita Edmo
'Rita Edmo' 7 months ago
this Michael Eschief from this profile showing my respect for all of my brother
ryan wilson
'ryan wilson' 7 months ago
tee cee
Jesus Plascencia
'Jesus Plascencia' 8 months ago
hell yeah g's
Shaniqua stewart
'Shaniqua stewart' 8 months ago
mustard on the beat 😂 know Niqua on the Beat My Bro 👀☝💯🏀🔥☎✊💋
Dago211 Bart
'Dago211 Bart' 8 months ago
I swear dj mustard look like a grown ass webster
kik urass
'kik urass' 9 months ago
he should STICK to beats
evan king
'evan king' 9 months ago
jay 305 trying to sound like too short
'TheCompton1963' 9 months ago
1:00 "Aynun-hanen" ...WTF is this?!?!??!?...garbage.
Brodrick Barfield
'Brodrick Barfield' 9 months ago
'FAM BAMBINO' 9 months ago
hot shit....😎
Angie Garcia
'Angie Garcia' 10 months ago
Does anyone know where I can get that same crip sweater he's wearing in the video?
'Will' 10 months ago
sounds like early too short
Miguel Galindo
'Miguel Galindo' 10 months ago
fxc fjv
'fxc fjv' 10 months ago
don't hate because this is basically as good as it gets nowadays, still better than any mainstream rappers Shit
'NO ITS CESAR' 11 months ago
Go to Florence 13 if you think you a real crip
Taylovak Chism
'Taylovak Chism' 11 months ago
DJ mustard killed it
jose Gutierrez
'jose Gutierrez' 11 months ago
what type of chain does the guy is the white shirt have
Laly Mano
'Laly Mano' 11 months ago
Rap is alive. This video is proof
That 209 kid
'That 209 kid' 11 months ago
this shit is wack!!!
Efrain Aguilar
'Efrain Aguilar' 11 months ago
ain't shit on too shorts freaky tales
Daniel Taylor
'Daniel Taylor' 11 months ago
somebody put tiny m up*
Jason Kunze
'Jason Kunze' 11 months ago
i thought this was too short lmao
'Favored' 11 months ago
same beat as don't tell em lol
Manuel Velarde
'Manuel Velarde' 12 months ago
'smilezkir' 12 months ago
first guy trying to hard to be like too short
xX Deno352
'xX Deno352' 12 months ago
'ViN'z BONe'' 1 year ago
Danie Marcos
'Danie Marcos' 1 year ago
In every damn song, this NiGGA playin the same base line note.. Boooom Loookin Assss!!!.. this nigga copyrighted his own bassline
Seb Lowrt
'Seb Lowrt' 1 year ago
if tee fee a blood y is he wearing purple
'W3ST S!DE' 1 year ago
Since when does black rappers now be rolling with them mexican gang cars tf.
'banzpill' 1 year ago
who watchin this in 2017?
Laura Zaragoza
'Laura Zaragoza' 1 year ago
where these foos from ?
Спартак Т
'Спартак Т' 1 year ago
Nolimit JJ
'Nolimit JJ' 1 year ago
Check out "Kiwi" by AG Bankrolls that shit sick 😱🔥
'GrimReefer' 1 year ago
Cali foos wearing tight pants now a days
Amu Mabasa AKA Subliminal Level
"I'm pregnant...ain't nothing handy, I used a condom bitch, I AIN'T THE DADDY" it ain't a Hood story without some broad claiming pregnancy 😂😂😂
Jesus essj
'Jesus essj' 1 year ago
DJ mustard with the dope ass beat 🔥🔥🔥💯
Lashondar Nelson
'Lashondar Nelson' 1 year ago
I Love it!!
T Dawg
'T Dawg' 1 year ago
who's else hates the new plastic 40'oz lol
Jesse Alvarado
'Jesse Alvarado' 1 year ago
WTF is this
Marcus Mitchell
'Marcus Mitchell' 1 year ago
Teecee sound like eazy-e
'StayLit' 1 year ago
Tee Cee killed it
Money Fresh
'Money Fresh' 1 year ago
Damn this joint got that too short feel. Bout time to hear that ol schoolness!!
future focused
'future focused' 1 year ago
this is weak
Kevin Ghost
'Kevin Ghost' 1 year ago
what set tc from
Willie Mendoza
'Willie Mendoza' 1 year ago
Jesus Lopez
'Jesus Lopez' 1 year ago
straight jocking too short
Johnny Franco
'Johnny Franco' 1 year ago
Where can i buy this t-shirt ? @1:24
'TheFATASSline669' 1 year ago
Wannabe mexicans
oh yeah
u by ydhjjdkdkdkdkd
Waleed Abdullah
'Waleed Abdullah' 1 year ago
This song is Under-Rated.
Gerardo Diaz
'Gerardo Diaz' 1 year ago
hoodtales nigga fukk compton that shit more water the fukk down than a soda canthats been open for weeks compton aint craking for shit only watts south central east and west l.a come thru ti the real active side bitces fukk compton
Bush did 911
'Bush did 911' 1 year ago
this is what happened to dragon tales feel old yet
Matt Finch
'Matt Finch' 1 year ago
Denise Williams
'Denise Williams' 1 year ago
This sounds like some too short music I guess
Brianna Lynn
'Brianna Lynn' 1 year ago
love the blueeee on them <$
Thuggish BART
'Thuggish BART' 1 year ago
2:18 bro threw his soda rude ass nigga😠😠
Black Man
'Black Man' 1 year ago
Why does the beginning of the second dude rapping sound almost like Crusing down with my 64 in the beginning?
Branden D
'Branden D' 1 year ago
Tee cee a crip here but a Blood in YGs movie😂😂
Krista Mccullough
'Krista Mccullough' 1 year ago
naaaa6orHoood cuhhh
'jakubolek_' 1 year ago
in the hood ghetto nigga
'TheConneryization' 2 years ago
anyone know how to find or what youd call the pattern on tee cees jumper/sweatshirt
El Chapo
'El Chapo' 2 years ago
Wanna be motherfuckers
westside rollin
'westside rollin' 2 years ago
shit be knockin
Lee Choctaw
'Lee Choctaw' 2 years ago
I know tee cee shooting cause he bout 4 feet tall he'll get washed lol
Michael Cook
'Michael Cook' 2 years ago
Hella Creepy that Tee Cee sound & look similar to Eazy 😫😂
Robert pascascio
'Robert pascascio' 2 years ago
this okayy
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