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Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black -
Published: 11 months ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

20, 650, 503 views

258, 179 Likes   12, 591 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Real Chill. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Nick Lopez
'Nick Lopez' 4 hours ago
Suuuper late
Pammy Hernandez
'Pammy Hernandez' 1 day ago
Ymrl Crudeh
'Ymrl Crudeh' 1 day ago
Kodak killed this shit
'Kevv' 2 days ago
real chill.
'DLP_6IX6' 3 days ago
I’m smoking that kill kill! lol
Aaron Velázquez
'Aaron Velázquez' 4 days ago
Whos watching this with his eyes?
'PLUSH MACHINE' 5 days ago
BEN 10?!
Eduardo Marques
'Eduardo Marques' 5 days ago
otoniel Bv
'otoniel Bv' 1 week ago
me enculo:v
Nathan Garcia
'Nathan Garcia' 1 week ago
fucking bad ass song
Clout Gang
'Clout Gang' 1 week ago
All these christmas lights got me thinking about stranger things
ghetto Cartoon Boss
Kodak part doe
Uriah McCary
'Uriah McCary' 2 weeks ago
What. Nigga you know take pictures in a party wtf 🤔🤔
Marco De La Cruz
'Marco De La Cruz' 2 weeks ago
Who watching in 2017
Malaysia Andrews
'Malaysia Andrews' 2 weeks ago
'YUNGSADYORI' 2 weeks ago
Trash, I don't even like Kodak black, but he had the best verse. Hands down. Only readin I searched the song was cus his verse was in a vid. It sounded fire, so I assumed the whole song was good, lol I assumed VERY wrong..
Matt Spooner
'Matt Spooner' 2 weeks ago
Kodak Black's hair looks like the monster from Stranger Things.
'jazisalienx' 2 weeks ago
I really like this song but hate Kodak
'Donhop' 2 weeks ago
Lil Capri
'Lil Capri' 2 weeks ago
Play at 1.25 speed
Jacob Mathew
'Jacob Mathew' 3 weeks ago
In school my older Bro has a friend that is a girl she said I was cute and hugged me in front of him I looked at him like ‘I might trade a ho’
ryanbr 15
'ryanbr 15' 3 weeks ago
cade os brs que curti a musica?
'DON'T WORRY' 3 weeks ago
I deadass forgot about this song and came back and was like oh shiet 💪
'deathka3' 3 weeks ago
kodak ugly af lol
thegr8one tv
'thegr8one tv' 4 weeks ago
Jaden got game
'Jaden got game' 4 weeks ago
Like my thing if you are watching in 2017
Jaden got game
'Jaden got game' 4 weeks ago
730 Haitian
'730 Haitian' 4 weeks ago
Ppl sleepin on Slim Jimmy bruh
Phantom Gamer RBX
'Phantom Gamer RBX' 4 weeks ago
This song's the real deal, so now I'm real chill
F Type Media
'F Type Media' 4 weeks ago
I feel real chill now... 25/10/2017
Lil king
'Lil king' 4 weeks ago
WHAT THE flip😬
'XPWAVE' 4 weeks ago
Who’s watching in 2018
'o_sophxe' 4 weeks ago
watching this made me feel like i'm on crack
Idibore Ifu
'Idibore Ifu' 1 month ago
does Kodak black even have his bath
Negro Mendoza
'Negro Mendoza' 1 month ago
i came for kodak
Queen Jenner
'Queen Jenner' 1 month ago
Omg this video looks like stranger things
Cryptic Gaming100
'Cryptic Gaming100' 1 month ago
0:36 how fast i beat my meat
Garchomp Gamer
'Garchomp Gamer' 1 month ago
I just noticed this video was made on the day after Christmas
'ATrocity_' 1 month ago
1:58 thank me later
La Trune Wilson
'La Trune Wilson' 1 month ago
Felicia Merisca
'Felicia Merisca' 1 month ago
Kodak hit it 😈😎
Jr Valle
'Jr Valle' 1 month ago
This is the shit
Walter Fernando Muga
Oh shit
Jaba Flacko
'Jaba Flacko' 1 month ago
1:22 First one who did the milly rock💪
'PzeXityixVy' 1 month ago
Kodak fat ass
MuzicMonster Curry
'MuzicMonster Curry' 1 month ago
Rae sremmurd is life!
MuzicMonster Curry
'MuzicMonster Curry' 1 month ago
Rae sremmurd is life!
Adam 101
'Adam 101' 1 month ago
TGF anyone
adam bucek
'adam bucek' 1 month ago
Kodak really looks like suzzane from Orange IS the new black
Fly Boy Too Fresh
'Fly Boy Too Fresh' 1 month ago
the Savage girl
'the Savage girl' 1 month ago
anyone chill
blevho _
'blevho _' 1 month ago
Here is our brand new cinematic music video!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 DO NOT WATCH: OD.HO GANG.
Anna Montesinos Madorell
Dustin Young
'Dustin Young' 1 month ago
this goes hard
Pablo 420
'Pablo 420' 1 month ago
Real chit🔥
CJC X Sn1perr
'CJC X Sn1perr' 1 month ago
I'm just now watching this
Ab AbAb
'Ab AbAb' 1 month ago
Muhammad is the real deal, WHERE IS ALL THE MOE'S IN THE HOUSE ?! 😉
'Scarecrow666' 2 months ago
Kodak just had to ruin it. why would you do that? smh.
Ashley Houston
'Ashley Houston' 2 months ago
Kodak was so much better than he is now
Call of duty Sports kid
My homies a real deal we smokin that kill kill the paper flowin still
Basil Belgrave
'Basil Belgrave' 2 months ago
Slim jxmmi first video without his dreads
Levaughn Combs
'Levaughn Combs' 2 months ago
i just notest that some of his songs are storys and he is telling a little about what just happened
'Smish' 2 months ago
aye does anyone gotta a chill pill I need one so bad 🤒😷🤧
Rosa Parks
'Rosa Parks' 2 months ago
Here because of TGF
C. J. Cortez
'C. J. Cortez' 2 months ago
I can't even cruise because i got a spoiler, hit the store, buy the store, lets not loiter🔥🔥🔥🔥
T serd
'T serd' 2 months ago
He says if u ask me it all spins. As in the question is the earth flat motionless and domed.
Yovani Betancourt
'Yovani Betancourt' 2 months ago
we smocking that kill kill
'TATUM CASSADY' 2 months ago
lol they aren't helping Will out very well. The demigorgen is coming
Zambo Lika
'Zambo Lika' 2 months ago
Dayumm kodak with dem fire bars
Kim Jong-il
'Kim Jong-il' 2 months ago
she shaking it feel real
Sebastian Muñoz
'Sebastian Muñoz' 2 months ago
Who watching this 2073
Moustache 2007
'Moustache 2007' 2 months ago
1:50 Kodak starts rapping
Sandra Holt
'Sandra Holt' 2 months ago
Did kodak stick out the middle finger 😂😂😂
Team Brocoli
'Team Brocoli' 2 months ago
Canción bhien bhergas . apoco no we
Trey Mcintyre
'Trey Mcintyre' 2 months ago
Bruh nothing on t Kodak's success but damn that boy got a ugly mug
sadarius simmons
'sadarius simmons' 2 months ago
kodak you hard
IOmqSosa Clutch
'IOmqSosa Clutch' 2 months ago
Miss Nina
'Miss Nina' 2 months ago
Ifedi Ufondu
'Ifedi Ufondu' 2 months ago
I like this Kodak better
tyler huber
'tyler huber' 2 months ago
I wish i could hang out with them and smoke weed
'JTJLOGIC 7706' 2 months ago
Are they in the house in stranger things
taneil stoudmire
'taneil stoudmire' 2 months ago
slim jimmy is crazy and swae lee is crazy
taneil stoudmire
'taneil stoudmire' 2 months ago
swae lee is crazy
auzsha Mathis
'auzsha Mathis' 2 months ago
Love Kodak
Keiry Ocampo
'Keiry Ocampo' 2 months ago
Lit bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John Torres
'John Torres' 2 months ago
song hit hard only thing is Rae Sremmurd verse kinda whack.
Gabriella Simeonie
'Gabriella Simeonie' 2 months ago
Anterica Whitaker
'Anterica Whitaker' 2 months ago
Levi 439
'Levi 439' 2 months ago
kodak prolly on 7 mollies, just look at his facial expression lol
Joe Holguin
'Joe Holguin' 2 months ago
red x
'red x' 2 months ago
Hell yeah
Lori Edom
'Lori Edom' 2 months ago
This song lit AF.WHo watching in 2017?
Paul Novak
'Paul Novak' 2 months ago
What is the phrase they say in the beginning of the song?
Breanna Marie Nelson
'Breanna Marie Nelson' 3 months ago
Both my favorite artists and now they make a song... life's amazing
Keonte Thomas
'Keonte Thomas' 3 months ago
Caleb baletka
'Caleb baletka' 3 months ago
You look like a bird....
Angel Warx
'Angel Warx' 3 months ago
Kodak Black is a cool song
Michael Anderson Smith
Gold on everything
Jamael Butler
'Jamael Butler' 3 months ago
this song fie
'Conrad' 3 months ago
hardest sim jim verse on srem 2
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