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Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black -
Published: 8 months ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

20, 068, 242 views

251, 692 Likes   12, 438 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Real Chill. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Eco 96
'Eco 96' 22 hours ago
slim jimmy was nice in this song but give it up KODAK WON
Gurilla Vlogz
'Gurilla Vlogz' 2 days ago
This song is slept on hard and Jxmmy snapped damn!!
'Pamela' 3 days ago
'osmano' 4 days ago
*and the shit stay chill*
Zom Addams
'Zom Addams' 4 days ago
At any time I feel like Will's mom gonna come in and be like wtf gonna on
Alma R.
'Alma R.' 5 days ago
Jamar white
'Jamar white' 5 days ago
still my shit
'X V' 6 days ago
it feel real
'Elwiryn' 6 days ago
Rea Srummeds beats are so onpoint every time man
'Kamehameha' 1 week ago
Mauricio Thomas
'Mauricio Thomas' 1 week ago
yo this song is nice it has a great beat to it who agrees
savage agy123
'savage agy123' 1 week ago
Johnnie Miers
'Johnnie Miers' 1 week ago
21 would make this song better
Johnnie Miers
'Johnnie Miers' 1 week ago
Wtf is kill kill lol
mateo guerraa
'mateo guerraa' 1 week ago
like niggo
Kodak black is the best rapper alive -_-
Only here for Kodak
Johnnie Miers
'Johnnie Miers' 1 week ago
This shits lit but kodak needa gtf out of here
savage agy123
'savage agy123' 1 week ago
i like it
Adriano Lake
'Adriano Lake' 2 weeks ago
"Pockets fat uncle Phil 😂😂😂" that part got me weak!
Imperfextion Princess
Who here cause they ain't pay they Apple Music? 😂🙋🏾
Lucas Propst-Milik
'Lucas Propst-Milik' 2 weeks ago
Always wondered what happened to Chris Cross.
Royce Team KILO
'Royce Team KILO' 2 weeks ago
lol chill real
WiCkEd FuTuRe
'WiCkEd FuTuRe' 2 weeks ago
Damn who thought this song was bout to blow up but then it didnt
Nathalie Wright
'Nathalie Wright' 2 weeks ago
I had to keep the fire department on speed dial because this song is so lit
Kams tv
'Kams tv' 2 weeks ago
Swae lees hair looks so coool. ..... -_-
Kams tv
'Kams tv' 2 weeks ago
I didn't know how powerful ugly could be until I seen Kodak black. 😀
'THEMONEYTEAM' 2 weeks ago
need more songs from them like now
PATD YouTube fan
'PATD YouTube fan' 3 weeks ago
I'm white AF and listen to white music like Panic! At The Disco (P!ATD) But damn I like his music especially come get her
'Auxys' 3 weeks ago
In this video Kodak Black looked like the final character you unlock in a video game
I like these 2 guys
'FattzPolo' 3 weeks ago
Is it juss me or does slim jimmy verse remind me of swipey's verse in sick wit it
Inillator FilmZ
'Inillator FilmZ' 3 weeks ago
I wonder how many times they party a week
Noel Lee
'Noel Lee' 3 weeks ago
'' Don't come over here cause you will get crabs here'' 😂😂
Bartek Gazda
'Bartek Gazda' 3 weeks ago
santo antonio do amparo Mg
Eskandy mula
'Eskandy mula' 3 weeks ago
Feel very real@ww I was standing
allison avc
'allison avc' 4 weeks ago
was this filmed on the Stranger Things set
'Tonex' 4 weeks ago
Trina ft. Stephie & Blue Dragon - Take A Chill Pill (Nicki Minaj Diss)
'CHILO' 4 weeks ago
This song is cool This style is bad 👎
Maxxi Akbar
'Maxxi Akbar' 4 weeks ago
What the hell is doing Slim jxmmy? 1:59
'Batata' 4 weeks ago
For real
Masan Pegues
'Masan Pegues' 4 weeks ago
it is cool
'TOPIKK BEATZ' 4 weeks ago
Niggas! 🔥
Candice Sanders
'Candice Sanders' 4 weeks ago
Me my friend love theses guys
Cancerous Content
'Cancerous Content' 1 month ago
kodak legit looks like a roasted piece of bread with butter on top of it
Aron Corcuera
'Aron Corcuera' 1 month ago
july 19, 2017??
DJ Beye
'DJ Beye' 1 month ago
They are litterly my role models... Every morning omw to school, i listen to Rae Sremmurd, and my boi Kodak... They are out their living their lives to the fullest, doing what they want, without having any worries... I Really Hope Kodak stays out of trouble, and doesn't stop making these Hit songs because they are an inspiration or many upcoming Music Artistes including myself, to put out good music... I am a 18 year old rapper, and if you can, all i ask is you go on my channel, and listen to a few of my songs and tell me how i did? That's all i ask. Every listen counts... Thanks
Ivan Zdravkovic
'Ivan Zdravkovic' 1 month ago
Maggie Black
'KING DEAGO' 1 month ago
Only song slim jimmy actually killed his part ‼️🔥
'warrenebuffett' 1 month ago
this was the first time i ever heard and saw kodak and i was so scared of him but now i think he is super cute and nice
'BeatsByTiiBang_SA' 1 month ago
Who's Watching in 2022?
Anthony Hill
'Anthony Hill' 1 month ago
🎊 o. shit
'drew' 1 month ago
Every song by them is good
Nappy Head News NHN
'Nappy Head News NHN' 1 month ago
ear drummers
un masked
'un masked' 1 month ago
love song
Juan Deleon
'Juan Deleon' 1 month ago
if swae lee was my teacher i would help him to fuck up everyone
laquetta James
'laquetta James' 1 month ago
Olivia and I love you too and I love you and I hope you have a great manger at night but I don't know how much longer I can get it to be a surprise for 😎😎
xMasks Offx
'xMasks Offx' 1 month ago
12k people thought the dislike button was the download button
Snoopy Mane
'Snoopy Mane' 1 month ago
Slim Jimmy had the best flo but Kodak had the best verse for lyrics fosho
Conner Rabbe
'Conner Rabbe' 1 month ago
Damn that bass is lit asf...
'TATUM CASSADY' 1 month ago
Lol I'm a freshman in high school and my brother listens to this and I'm obsessed😂 #I'mwhiterthanthelightyouseeewhenyoudie
The giant Troll
'The giant Troll' 1 month ago
I know these niggas had fun making this KODAK
castrinators gaming
'castrinators gaming' 1 month ago
The First Kodak part is the best 🔥
Devonte Carpenter
'Devonte Carpenter' 1 month ago
if wayne , young thug , an Kevin gates got on this beat it'll be kilt
'sarahtplayer123' 1 month ago
about 1:46 in this vid kodak looked at the light like huuuh what is this
'JoJoDolla' 1 month ago
1:46 Kodak like da fuck is did shit
Hamuera Rawhiti
'Hamuera Rawhiti' 1 month ago
KiNgBoi Money
'KiNgBoi Money' 1 month ago
damn Kodak Black Tho!!
'ApFitness' 1 month ago
just did Molly for the first time and I gotta say I thought it would be ass but holy shit it is the real fucking deal. I now am taking that shit at every party I go to. thanks for your time.
Breanna The Panda
'Breanna The Panda' 1 month ago
This is music? Anyone can do this shit? Why dont people listen to decent shit not this shit
coolkid 07
'coolkid 07' 1 month ago
this the boom
'sarahtplayer123' 1 month ago
i love this song but why the lights?
Ani Garcia
'Ani Garcia' 2 months ago
how kodak black wearin da same clothes in dis video as his other video "There he go" smh n aint he a rapper wlf happen there lol
Isaias Costa
'Isaias Costa' 2 months ago
hard trap omfg
Gang Gang
'Gang Gang' 2 months ago
Dis nigga Kodak laying in the Christmas lights and trynna untangle da lights
tekoma ofin
'tekoma ofin' 2 months ago
swae Lee always killin' shit
'MACHI SOINC' 2 months ago
Ruan James
'Ruan James' 2 months ago
TGF anyone?
Just a bit of Fanta
'Just a bit of Fanta' 2 months ago
Oliver Supreme
'Oliver Supreme' 2 months ago
Chris John Iliev
'Chris John Iliev' 2 months ago
authentic hits dot cum made me famous
MikeGaming TV
'MikeGaming TV' 2 months ago
who here see Kodak Black?
'LILYY FLORES' 2 months ago
Wanna meet them 💓💍
Randy Rocket
'Randy Rocket' 2 months ago
at 1:45 Kodak looks like he tryin to fix the lights
Charlie Ruiz
'Charlie Ruiz' 2 months ago
1:28 kodak black tweakin out
Kianna J
'Kianna J' 2 months ago
this song is so good that i can sing this in my sleep
Dawid Kozakiewicz
'Dawid Kozakiewicz' 2 months ago
anyone else here from TGDbro?
Beth Poe
'Beth Poe' 2 months ago
kodak went pretty hard on this one probably one of his best verses
'UseYourBrain' 2 months ago
because I can spin ben they know I will kill bill
'KD THE G' 2 months ago
Kodak be loving them lights so much 😁😁😁😅😅😅😂😂
Kevin Paul
'Kevin Paul' 2 months ago
Now these young figgas are STARS.
'FLiX' 2 months ago
came for rae srem stayed for kodak black
Dylan Jennings04
'Dylan Jennings04' 2 months ago
that song was lit
'town4488' 2 months ago
Kodak is the best if you do like
'nolo' 2 months ago
She shake it!!... it feel real
Tonorreya Goines
'Tonorreya Goines' 2 months ago
Good song bich
Peter Wanjohi
'Peter Wanjohi' 2 months ago
Kodak audio libz on fleek🌋🌋⚡
Redbox Gaming
'Redbox Gaming' 2 months ago
slim Jim is the only reason why I'm here
Kao Gontse
'Kao Gontse' 2 months ago
I'm liking the song
Tomas Sullivan
'Tomas Sullivan' 2 months ago
I've never been a big Kodak fan but he's my favorite part of this song tbh
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