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Published: 1 year ago By: DashieGames

By: DashieGamesPublished: 1 year ago

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Thank yall for tuning in everyday!
Hello Neighbor Animation:
Freestyle Comp 2:

'DashieGames' 1 year ago
Hope y'all have a good ass weekend! If y'all enjoyed the video hit that like button for your boy before I turn super saiyan 😝
Dan Gonsalves
'Dan Gonsalves' 14 hours ago
cracking up at this one! LOL!!
PvZ2fanatic 2018
'PvZ2fanatic 2018' 6 days ago
You don't even know how to play this game.
Danny Moreno
'Danny Moreno' 2 weeks ago
Omg he broke somthing XD dead !!!
Jason Voorhees is Sonic
Dashie is a true Super Saiyan he did the Kamehameha Wave
Cristian Flores
'Cristian Flores' 2 months ago
Yo dashie you make me so happy so yo I'm going to give you some more love 💗💗💗😂😂😂🏅🏅🎖🎖💞💟💓💝💙💘💚💖❣💛❤️
'Vortex20035' 2 months ago
Mohamed Mubarak
'Mohamed Mubarak' 3 months ago
Dashie what the FUC kind of glass broke at the beginning?!?
Ivan Lopez
'Ivan Lopez' 3 months ago
"wtf happened" ..your to funny dash. your work is fantastic.
'nixisawesome' 3 months ago
Thanks for getting my lvl in
Sebastian Abrego
'Sebastian Abrego' 3 months ago
Ok I'll have a good weekend because I love your vids
Soy Josue :D
'Soy Josue :D' 3 months ago
'Q.H.S' 3 months ago
“Dashie, you owe us” Dashie”look motherfucker”
Ok Nick... or should I say diugh!
The Game Zone
'The Game Zone' 3 months ago
Forty Volcano774
'Forty Volcano774' 4 months ago
If ten million fucking fireflies
Ultra Savage
'Ultra Savage' 4 months ago
That force ball/energy ball got me dead
juan camilo mera
'juan camilo mera' 5 months ago
Dashie u dum xd I am the colest
Midnightas - Technical Tutorials
Mate, why the hell would you put down a friend request from Satan?!
'ImaginationGamerXL' 5 months ago
Why does moiz :) look like me in real life?
Treasure Hunter Aaron
DashieGames I really love when you're playing Super Mario Maker it makes me laugh and it's fun when you play it I Subscribed 😃😎😉
'TKO RISING' 6 months ago
Dashie is a Mexican version of John belushi
Jeff Marquez
'Jeff Marquez' 6 months ago
I can never get over that intro..
'ARES GAMING' 6 months ago
treep. get a ball throw IT up COngratulations you trhew up
TKM- KreepyK
'TKM- KreepyK' 6 months ago
Can anybody please give the link to that mario maker remix that dashing played in the video please.
Under Mations
'Under Mations' 7 months ago
Welcome back to soup I PLAY THEM AND RECK THE FUCK OUT This is the reason I subscibed XD
Devin Weyand
'Devin Weyand' 7 months ago
I dont know if you did that
Katie Maige
'Katie Maige' 7 months ago
Dashie if you get Super Mad 😡 Go Super Sayian 3 bro
still rad though
'still rad though' 7 months ago
I want dashie to be my baby boy
Chris Games
'Chris Games' 7 months ago
The level u tink u done before looks like a bunch of past levels in 1
'RoarOtaku' 7 months ago
".....I am waiting for you." XDD Awesome little song Dashie lol.
'GetBodiedGaming' 7 months ago
"ahehehe ahehe yeah get that shit out your system"😂😂😂😂
Joshtoonice 111
'Joshtoonice 111' 7 months ago
'thecrismonking' 7 months ago
Turn on cc for the first 10 seconds Your welcome
'0091pati' 7 months ago
What the fuck is he saying in the intro ? :D
kawaii cupcake
'kawaii cupcake' 7 months ago
Dashie did you know red bull have bull semion in it read the ingredints
shark whalberg
'shark whalberg' 7 months ago
'i'mMasterBaiting' 7 months ago
Who Laugh's every time he say: Original Recipe.😁😯
'ImLyricist' 7 months ago
'TJJohnson' 7 months ago
Dashie:Take a chip *and do all of that he did there*
'MadScientist1001' 8 months ago
dashie.. you awesome.. hope you play more super mario maker.. and i love your "THREEP!"s XD
Brittany. B
'Brittany. B' 8 months ago
Someone tell me what original recipe is from 😂😂
ded boi
'ded boi' 8 months ago
that fuckin intro tho
Buyiswa Mankayi
'Buyiswa Mankayi' 8 months ago
You did
Jared Saucedo
'Jared Saucedo' 8 months ago
"We gotta jump over the platforms like American ninja warriors" "the motherfucker hit my toe" 😂😂 I can't handle this I'm dying
Fernando Chavarria
'Fernando Chavarria' 8 months ago
Ha! What r you doing hahahahahahahahhaha your 😂
Queen Random
'Queen Random' 8 months ago
Ay Dash, I see you with them wheat thins! my favorite!
Queen Random
'Queen Random' 8 months ago
I wonder if Dashie plans his edits or is just really fuckin creative
'BigPepe' 8 months ago
I cant fucking believe my eyes if 10 million fireflies
Super Metal sonic
'Super Metal sonic' 8 months ago
First THRLEEP was the spider alive
'XxFOXIPLAYZxX 0331' 8 months ago
An i the only one who rewinded thw tv edit like a million times XD LEL
Snivy EatsLays
'Snivy EatsLays' 8 months ago
Rage.. .
Snivy EatsLays
'Snivy EatsLays' 8 months ago
Calm Down dashes
The Random Gamer
'The Random Gamer' 8 months ago
i just fot the notification wtf
Aiden Gervais
'Aiden Gervais' 8 months ago
Aidan Briggs
'Aidan Briggs' 8 months ago
9:17 bruh unless this was a livestream which it's not cut his shit out were you eating
Terry Buggs
'Terry Buggs' 8 months ago
Dltb Charles
'Dltb Charles' 9 months ago
Kay HD
'Kay HD' 9 months ago
'Fresh_Gauntlet' 9 months ago
Dashie never fails to put a huge smile on my face. Even just hearing his enthusiasm just makes my day. His unique edits in his videos are so amazing. great videos.
Byron Norris
'Byron Norris' 9 months ago
Logan Perkins
'Logan Perkins' 9 months ago
THREEP! Get Super Mario 3d World and Mario Maker you have now found insanity.
Hamzeh Yousef
'Hamzeh Yousef' 9 months ago
21:30 Xd XD so funny
Zack Darksky
'Zack Darksky' 9 months ago
Out of curiosity, I rewatched your entire series. And no, you have not done that level in the past.
Foster Barnes lit
'Foster Barnes lit' 9 months ago
Thx you tohave a good weekend
Julian Gonzalez
'Julian Gonzalez' 9 months ago
3:36 he just Cursed LOL
Mr Freakin Clean
'Mr Freakin Clean' 9 months ago
You will not believe your eyes as ten million fireflies
datoneguy G
'datoneguy G' 9 months ago
he got the ki
4Fun Bros
'4Fun Bros' 9 months ago
I laugh when dashie use hame ha :DD
Gabriel Rodriguez
'Gabriel Rodriguez' 9 months ago
Dashie!!your mine and mine only lol
Unsafer Owl
'Unsafer Owl' 9 months ago
Dashie I've been a fan for a few years and I dreamt of u playing my Mario course if it's not a prob can u please play it CB7A-0000-0342-18DA also I don't have twitter sooooo
'Jenavieve' Williams' 10 months ago
Mulan Milla
'Mulan Milla' 10 months ago
When he zoomed in on him eating 💀💀💀
Mulan Milla
'Mulan Milla' 10 months ago
When he threw the spider then broke something 😂😂😂
Sergio Pinto
'Sergio Pinto' 10 months ago
Omg dashie should have at least 14M subscribers His the best
the eye
'the eye' 10 months ago
Flambé YT
'Flambé YT' 10 months ago
"Dashie, Dashie"! *Look Mudaphucka* 24:23
'ItsCamcam:P' 10 months ago
stop eating qnd play the fucking game
'XxThePh4ntomxX' 10 months ago
Truly one of the best Super Mario Maker players and definitely one of the funniest
'SuperWadeZKgaming' 10 months ago
fuck yes we are!
GochEm 30
'GochEm 30' 10 months ago
6:37 Dashie: UNLIMITED POWER!!!
Super Derp Man -_-
'Super Derp Man -_-' 10 months ago
Oh nvm he said nik😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Super Derp Man -_-
'Super Derp Man -_-' 10 months ago
SO SRRY But at 2:03 I THOUGHT I heard u say n*gga
Karen Hartfield
'Karen Hartfield' 10 months ago
the donuts eyes closed when he died and the dad said he didnt want any cursing but he cursed like fivetimes to the child wtf
'minireena' 10 months ago
3:35 you see daddy he's a potty mouth
Awesomeboy 1800
'Awesomeboy 1800' 10 months ago
Bruh the mini skit with the kid saying "see he's funny daddy" is so troooo
DragMeToHell 666
'DragMeToHell 666' 10 months ago
So did dashie already did the last level?
Maria perez
'Maria perez' 11 months ago
6:30 I just want Dashie to know how much I appreciate his editing. 😝
The Forgotten Warrior
'The Forgotten Warrior' 11 months ago
was that a real spider!!!
DERP Chief
'DERP Chief' 11 months ago
I think you have bine on that level
Richard Bennett
'Richard Bennett' 11 months ago
3:43 lol
Phillip Kosarev
'Phillip Kosarev' 11 months ago
Dash... I challenge you to play Kaizo Mario World... it's harder than these levels, but I think u can pull thru mah boiii!!!!!!!!!!!
Margaret Hayes
'Margaret Hayes' 11 months ago
I'm so sorry I didn't see it but I still liked it lol 😂 and I hit the button
Kadlot Gaming
'Kadlot Gaming' 11 months ago
Victor Garcia
'Victor Garcia' 11 months ago
Hanna Hope
'Hanna Hope' 11 months ago
I love how when they were watching him on TV the dad said I don't want that in my motherfucking house but he cursed 5 times! 😂😂😂
Sniper Fodder Jetson
'Sniper Fodder Jetson' 11 months ago
man dashie be making these levels harder then they actually are
Khushil Magdani
'Khushil Magdani' 11 months ago
17:25 it was at this moment he realised he fucked up
'Unyt' 12 months ago
I love dashies fail scene XD
Braulio Marin
'Braulio Marin' 12 months ago
I died at the second chip
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