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Baywatch | International Trailer - "Ready" | Paramount Pictures International -
Published: 10 months ago By: Paramount Pictures International

By: Paramount Pictures InternationalPublished: 10 months ago

1, 537, 105 views

3, 999 Likes   569 Dislikes

This is BAYWATCH! Watch the international trailer now.


Connect with "Baywatch" online:

With over 100 years of experience entertaining audiences, Paramount Pictures expands its reach through Paramount Pictures International (PPI). PPI markets and distributes its films globally, enabling viewers all around the world to enjoy titles such as The Godfather, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Paranormal Activity, Transformers, and many more.




Baywatch | International Trailer "Ready" | Paramount Pictures International

Jorg Vasquez
'Jorg Vasquez' 1 month ago
This is bullshit
Ardijan Dodaj
'Ardijan Dodaj' 3 months ago
ow maj gash boj dhis bjyrrfo
Ilyas Wong
'Ilyas Wong' 5 months ago
Some Baywatch Motherfucker.
'aneita' 5 months ago
19:40 *Baywatch - 2017 |f u l l M o v i e | :*
barbara diandra
'barbara diandra' 6 months ago
22:58 Baywatch 2017
Dian Draxler
'Dian Draxler' 6 months ago
*Baywatch (2017) f u l l M o v i e | is Available :*
Peyton Bale
'Peyton Bale' 6 months ago
*Baywatch (2017) - F u l l M o v i e is Available Now* *Click to Watch*
Hunter Longbrake
'Hunter Longbrake' 6 months ago
Anyone know the name of the song.
bum plug
'bum plug' 7 months ago
what is the song called?
Ramon Victor
'Ramon Victor' 7 months ago
What is music?? 0:25 Qual é a música? 0:25
Frala Bruno
'Frala Bruno' 7 months ago
*BAYWATCH (2017) [HD] >>*
Andres Romero
'Andres Romero' 8 months ago
the song what is the name... pls :(
Angel Munoz
'Angel Munoz' 10 months ago
This looks really fucking stupid, but a casual kind of stupid, like it knows what it is. I'll give it a watch.
'GOURABH RIMS' 10 months ago
'Latkar' 10 months ago
Is this a movie or TV show?
tushar tekale
'tushar tekale' 10 months ago
For Priyanka !! 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Jay Dee
'Jay Dee' 10 months ago
pc <3<3
Vedant Joshi
'Vedant Joshi' 10 months ago
PC at 0.25
Burn Baby
'Burn Baby' 10 months ago
Looks pretty cool! Stap pretending you won't go and watch it...
Tech Bloggers
'Tech Bloggers' 10 months ago
Yes I am Ready.. What About You Guys..! :)
raise corporation
'raise corporation' 10 months ago
music at 0.30 secs??
'OmY' 10 months ago
Nobody can replace Pamela Anderson in Baywatch !! not even Priyanka.
Manish Sah
'Manish Sah' 10 months ago
bena hear Wala takla hero
The Blah Project
'The Blah Project' 10 months ago
raushan kumar
'raushan kumar' 10 months ago
Looking at the trailor I guess even the long beard man is also having more screen time than Priyanka
miguel nano
'miguel nano' 10 months ago
what the fuck did i just watch
Rishik Jondhal
'Rishik Jondhal' 10 months ago
pure trailor mai to sirf priyanka hi hai,
Abrar Lampard
'Abrar Lampard' 10 months ago
devendr singh singh
'devendr singh singh' 10 months ago
Bethany Cameron
'Bethany Cameron' 10 months ago
god bless
Bethany Cameron
'Bethany Cameron' 10 months ago
love Rock
Carlos L. Garcia
'Carlos L. Garcia' 10 months ago
bad ass
'ruddinfhd' 10 months ago
Without Pamela anderson, this movie makes no sense!
Josh Dias
'Josh Dias' 10 months ago
Baywatch is the Best moving so hot guys and girls Baywatch is coming this year in 2017
'beanie' 10 months ago
I'm the 500th dislike
NRT 4366
'NRT 4366' 10 months ago
'MAADMAAC' 10 months ago
wtf is this
Santosh subba
'Santosh subba' 10 months ago
one like only for PC
raise corporation
'raise corporation' 10 months ago
I love the back ground music
jose melendez
'jose melendez' 10 months ago
nombre de la cancion ?
Hari Shankar
'Hari Shankar' 10 months ago
aashkie 2
Rick Sanchez C-137
'Rick Sanchez C-137' 10 months ago
Can I watch this whole movie in slow mo?
'ototanase94' 10 months ago
I don't give a shit I'm gonna watch this movie
Tanul sharma
'Tanul sharma' 10 months ago
doesn't matter whichever movie it is, i always called him rock..😂
Tin Paudenović
'Tin Paudenović' 10 months ago
1:01 "You going night night bitch!" Is that a Kevin Hart joke?
uma enterprise
'uma enterprise' 10 months ago
Diamonds 009
'Diamonds 009' 10 months ago
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'sidney' 10 months ago
than Indian whore is just awful
Yamini Raj
'Yamini Raj' 10 months ago
did he just call priyanka M****rf****r
Garima Pandit
'Garima Pandit' 10 months ago
whats the name of song you have given in this video after 0:43 seconds
bunny rockk
'bunny rockk' 10 months ago
did anyone come for priyanka Chopra...?! <3
Adarsh Sharma
'Adarsh Sharma' 10 months ago
Victoria leeds aka priyanka chopra killin.. it
Rohit Verma
'Rohit Verma' 10 months ago
The great Rock
'Gouthâm' 10 months ago
Which is tat song which comes in center
vishal Kบ๓αя ปร
Momin Mohammad Ali
'Momin Mohammad Ali' 10 months ago motton fire ...
Simmi Sharma
'Simmi Sharma' 10 months ago
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'MEHUL MANGLA' 10 months ago
Why the fuck they gave daddario a dumb bimbo kind of role ? She's the HOTTEST of them all !!!!!!! She's like the HOTTEST in hollywood (not in a slutty way) !!!
joy himanshu
'joy himanshu' 10 months ago
guys any one please tell me the soundtrack's name
Prarthana Ravi Kumar
'Prarthana Ravi Kumar' 10 months ago
Zach Efron is like the varun dhawan of Hollywood
Shahrukh Shivani
'Shahrukh Shivani' 10 months ago
Why is Steve Aoki's Delirious featuring in every movie trailer?
'DJ PROMO' 10 months ago
I rather watch David Haselhoff eating a burger drunk for 2 hours than this. Dead serious.
'lukassnakeman' 10 months ago
you ever go night night!!
Stu Roberts
'Stu Roberts' 10 months ago
my god, this looks shit
Hiram Salinas
'Hiram Salinas' 10 months ago
it looks so bad
Aurodeep Kamal
'Aurodeep Kamal' 10 months ago
I never cringed so much
Ajay Negi
'Ajay Negi' 10 months ago
hindi trailer hd more views! surprising!
'zakaria33478' 10 months ago
Dumass show makes a big deal out of nothing, life guards are now the national guard, the police, the antiterroriste unit, and of course the super smart Poeple that maybe need to run this country. What a waist
Reilly Shea
'Reilly Shea' 10 months ago
21 jumpstreet wannabe
pawan khandelwal
'pawan khandelwal' 10 months ago
any one wants part time job...
As long as it's taking itself not that seriously, I'm fine with it
Titty Nipples
'Titty Nipples' 10 months ago
I could beat the rock in a fight
OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero
This movie has no idea what it wants to be. It's like an adolescent college freshman
Daniel Heinlein
'Daniel Heinlein' 10 months ago
This is everything I hate about hollywood. Stupid plot, dumbass over muscled and over sexualized mainly white protagonists, ridiculously bad dialogue, basic A and B hot women, more tits and ass than an actual storyline, hamfisted effects and photography, and maybe the worst sin of all, it's going to make a bajillion dollars because hot girls and six pack abs. Thanks Hollywood.
Sumit Bhatt
'Sumit Bhatt' 10 months ago
Dadaario 😘😍
ankit bhatia
'ankit bhatia' 10 months ago
Priyanka.. U will surely hit the hollywood with ur gorgeous acting.. All the best❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mike D
'Mike D' 10 months ago
God damn, this wants to be 22 Jump Street so bad.
Corey Machado
'Corey Machado' 10 months ago
Meh. I'd watch for Daddario at the very least.
'WANDERLUST FOX' 10 months ago
tanjilur rahman
'tanjilur rahman' 10 months ago
I never watch baywatch tv shows so I don't know what really it is?!
Hasan Cem
'Hasan Cem' 10 months ago
mithun kagayan
'mithun kagayan' 10 months ago
zac ....that perfect
'KFAKWorld' 10 months ago
seyyyye hhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo
Niki Bronson
'Niki Bronson' 10 months ago
'MrPotatoehead69' 10 months ago
They just literally revealed that the girl who buys the bay, is the bad guy....
Ajay Dholpuriya
'Ajay Dholpuriya' 10 months ago
one like for Priyaka Chopra😙😙😙
'TheSydrek' 10 months ago
Oh look they AGAIN are censoring comments, just like every trailer of this that got released.
anonymous Harris
'anonymous Harris' 10 months ago
trying to hand out joints during trumps first day in office, any donations are highly appreciated, let's make this year great Your support would mean a lot to Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!!
Abysmal pillow
'Abysmal pillow' 10 months ago
Hey let's give away the whole plot.
Gaurav Mali
'Gaurav Mali' 10 months ago
Its hot...
Angelo XCX
'Angelo XCX' 10 months ago
This looks fucking cringey garbage please stop
'McMuffin' 10 months ago
All WHITE GIRLS deserve to get BLACKED!😍
'Thorlorn' 10 months ago
dwayne is the best looking member of the cast.
Gerry Blue
'Gerry Blue' 10 months ago
Looks really average...
Artur Hamernik
'Artur Hamernik' 10 months ago
but.. policemans can't have beards
'Goiters' 10 months ago
ahhhh h very NICE.... the rump the buns the posteriro ahhh ..... burrrrpppttt sniff sniff ..... I berry my face into it ...... ahhhhhhh the musk is exquisite .... SNIFF he he he very nice i am ready to burst i cant hold it much longer mmmmmmmm ... spread em wide ladies the beef sniff is here he he he .... BRRPPPPTTTFFF so sweaty so salty i can taste it on my lips ....... very nice i will eat that ass like a n ethiopean in a bufet ha ha!!!!! SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF
Pinstripe Jim
'Pinstripe Jim' 10 months ago
I am going to watch if Hasselhoff and Pam Anderson have a cameo. Oh, and maybe Kelly Slater too. was this filmed in the Bu?
Kamal Hadeir
'Kamal Hadeir' 10 months ago
Hella cringey
Corey Freer
'Corey Freer' 10 months ago
I just got way more excited realizing this was a self reflective comedy
'sparta2662' 10 months ago
I can confirm this is exactly what lifeguards do.
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