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Cam - Burning House -
Published: 2 years ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Burning House is from Cam's album, Untamed. Purchase Untamed here:
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Hannah Gifford
'Hannah Gifford' 4 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that she's wearing a wedding dress? This song is amazing ❤
Rachael Smith
'Rachael Smith' 6 hours ago
Either way,It's a good song!
'sampysr' 8 hours ago
I love this song
Audrey Culp
'Audrey Culp' 9 hours ago
I love the song
Colin Fontenot
'Colin Fontenot' 2 days ago
I always cry and when I do I thank God and thank him for my family Evan if there divorce.
Jena Dugger
'Jena Dugger' 3 days ago
It makes me think of my son I lost recently I dreamed he was in a fire I couldn't get him out so I went with him
Jena Dugger
'Jena Dugger' 3 days ago
I love this song
America Tischer
'America Tischer' 3 days ago
Ha Ngoc
'Ha Ngoc' 3 days ago
Beautiful song
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
Miley Welborn
'Miley Welborn' 3 days ago
StarFish Pisces
'StarFish Pisces' 3 days ago
Can't believe this song is already two years old, still good as day one
Jayy Rowell
'Jayy Rowell' 3 days ago
Listening to this song and reading the comments at the same time are so sad.
Smatha Burton
'Smatha Burton' 4 days ago
About 2 years ago I was n a abusive relationship my husband was a drug addict I had just gave birth to my daughter .... Was trapped I couldnt get out but I did we made it. This song came out at That same time is sing it over an over to my daughter ... In between the bloody noses and broken bones it was my way of telling my daughter it was gonna be ok we were just sleep walking through a nightmare .... Me pcking up the broken glass and m broken heart tryng to make it ok...
Sierra Nielsen 1208450
But I seriously hate all the flames because if I were the lady I wouldn’t go inside the house
Sierra Nielsen 1208450
Me and my mom used to listen to it all the time
Sierra Nielsen 1208450
Sierra Nielsen 1208450
I know right I really love this song that I listen to it all the time
Gabriel Hernandez
'Gabriel Hernandez' 4 days ago
My favorite song
Zoey Maurice
'Zoey Maurice' 5 days ago
Love this song so much ❤️
Melissa Rogers
'Melissa Rogers' 5 days ago
Love it its my fave song
Megan Slonksnis
'Megan Slonksnis' 6 days ago
Is Cam from thebandperry? Oh my gosh...first time hearing her only and she smashed it ❤
margret orozco
'margret orozco' 6 days ago
this song makes me cry
Jamie Hernandez
'Jamie Hernandez' 1 week ago
Love this song.
Kennedy Mey
'Kennedy Mey' 1 week ago
I LOVE this song it makes me cry
Summer Mann
'Summer Mann' 1 week ago
I am gonna sing it for the talent sbow
nicole southernbelle
I love this song so much , it goes deep in my soul
Christopher Ratcliffe
I could take you back and you,I. but people never change. For some reason I am still holding you tight though. Like all things this too shall pass.
Jennifer Sanders
'Jennifer Sanders' 1 week ago
I forgot about Cam... two thumbs up
Steven Bayird
'Steven Bayird' 1 week ago
Cam burning house I fell in love with this song the first time I herd it
'knarfggor' 1 week ago
Has a Led Zeppelin vibe to it.................AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........:)
Benjamin Pierce
'Benjamin Pierce' 1 week ago
Does anyone else hear a Tori Amos influence in this... I sure do
Sarah Cervi
'Sarah Cervi' 1 week ago
love this song
bring ruckus
'bring ruckus' 1 week ago
I wish my gf could sing likes this. Biggest turn on
Charlee Sparks
'Charlee Sparks' 1 week ago
i can hold no you some how in this burning houes
Charlee Sparks
'Charlee Sparks' 1 week ago
im sory i spelt this rong. ive lisened to this song 5000 tims in the last three days cam i luv this song.
Charlee Sparks
'Charlee Sparks' 1 week ago
I luv this song Cam ive 5000 in the last three days
Sherie Dimmick
'Sherie Dimmick' 1 week ago
this song makes me sad
Daniel Rivera
'Daniel Rivera' 1 week ago
I loved this songe
Amanda McCallister
'Amanda McCallister' 2 weeks ago
Amanda McCallister
'Amanda McCallister' 2 weeks ago
I love this song it mad me cry 😭😍
Amadia Sanchez
'Amadia Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
sleep walking....what fucking burning house fucking wierdos in eagle nest . let's make porn freak the fuck out bout DNA and blow it up.....but the tays lived they lived with Jamie and they lived with Vicki they lived with turkeys wolves German Shepard and I and river help fifi and five oh so tight her brother said hold them. them prisoners and fuck those leads and bullshit and whoever bothers u or ur mom. u are immune to their nastiness. Donna selling ur ass again why did u have deos mom in a heroin house snake u owe amadea or who the fuck had her out lil hito u owe me a cig and don't u forget that muther fuckers
Zoey Carlson
'Zoey Carlson' 2 weeks ago
ive been obsessed with this song for 4 years
Reagen Solomon
'Reagen Solomon' 2 weeks ago
* sings * i had a dream about a burning house and you were stuck in side and couldn't get you out lade beside you and pulled you close and we both when up in smoke
'missbeth28' 2 weeks ago
This song hit me hard. I was going thru a divorce after an 18 year relationship. Addiction destroyed my family. But as me and my girls were pulling it back together this song helped. Me and my kids have now found solitude and we are on our way to a happy future. Thank you
Natalie Wetherell
'Natalie Wetherell' 2 weeks ago
I's that real fire?
Anna Houk
'Anna Houk' 2 weeks ago
THis Song brings back too many memories but yet I still can’t stop listening to it. Love it ❤️❤️
Victoria Ashworth
'Victoria Ashworth' 2 weeks ago
I really don't think the video does the song justice
Julianne Smith
'Julianne Smith' 2 weeks ago
this song means so much like i agree with this song so much its so sad
Nikki Lillard
'Nikki Lillard' 2 weeks ago
I love the words. So deep && speaks to my soul.
Brooklyn Lovesyew
'Brooklyn Lovesyew' 2 weeks ago
Love this song
Steven Bayird
'Steven Bayird' 2 weeks ago
All the songs I didn't know who sang them they don't always tell you on the radio but I don't have to get anything else its all on here life gets boring alot when your single but even if you're in a relationship
Anna Parker
'Anna Parker' 2 weeks ago
I cry
Anna Parker
'Anna Parker' 2 weeks ago
Makes me sad
Anna Parker
'Anna Parker' 2 weeks ago
One of my favorite country songs
Dalton Reed
'Dalton Reed' 2 weeks ago
So did i when my father died in a house fire
kenny nulisch
'kenny nulisch' 2 weeks ago
I love you Cam. Love your voice my fav song is mayday but I love this song as well. Thanks for sharing your songs.
kazmane clark
'kazmane clark' 2 weeks ago
Crying cause this is my life
Kris Smith
'Kris Smith' 2 weeks ago
OMG this was my Best Friends song but ever since second grade every time I listen to this song I tear up cause we haven't been good friends since then :(
Melissa Blankenship
'Melissa Blankenship' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Michelle Jeanne
'Michelle Jeanne' 2 weeks ago
Love her voice!❤️
Ivy Liner
'Ivy Liner' 2 weeks ago
This is just like me
t wood
't wood' 2 weeks ago
My ex bf /kid's dad died and I'll always think of him when I hear this song.
Vanessa Azbill
'Vanessa Azbill' 2 weeks ago
Thanks man you can get the it is not right sun glass it was funny that boy is it possible that I could get it to you by the end everything I can to get it for you to that get me one is going to be the one who tried to the to of the day with you brother for life insurance for my knee started to comment you made me talk to you later I love I love her but I didn't get know what to do something to do with my cousin she is not going to store it at the all the hands down the best of it but I think they are you doin today he said the same bed with you on right now and hanging in a little few weeks and ago and I was wondering she is not right for the you you the pie and lmao JJ
Alyssa Brady
'Alyssa Brady' 2 weeks ago
My step sisters mom passed away this is here moms favorite song and I’m just a mess she is so sad and I just am scared for her she’s my world and I can’t lose her
Nijia Johnson
'Nijia Johnson' 2 weeks ago
She's beautiful
Savannah Shelton
'Savannah Shelton' 2 weeks ago
Almost all of you are 12 year olds pls stop saying you can relate. I know I sound rude but honestly.
Justin Patterson
'Justin Patterson' 2 weeks ago
but jaha
'but jaha' 2 weeks ago
My grandma says I sound exactly like cam singing this song
Christina Huntington
i love this song
Marie Lesley
'Marie Lesley' 2 weeks ago
this is true
barb robles
'barb robles' 2 weeks ago
Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana Lana wanna wanna wanna wanna so so wanna easily
Legendailyqueen queen
My sister passed away a couple months ago and she loves this song
'azrielstar1' 2 weeks ago
Kirsten DeMille
'Kirsten DeMille' 2 weeks ago
I don’t like country music, but this song is just really beautiful.
Rebecca Levinson
'Rebecca Levinson' 2 weeks ago
This song was the song reminded of me and the guy that I was just a side fling to...and now we're together 2 years later and going to get married...amazinghowshit worksout
Kiana Hodges
'Kiana Hodges' 2 weeks ago
I made a mistake of leaving the love of my life and thought id never get him back but I did
Jennifer Crowe
'Jennifer Crowe' 3 weeks ago
amy eifel
'amy eifel' 3 weeks ago
I love CAM and Burning House. Saw her twice in Cleveland and she is amazing. Song has memories of a loved one....
Kiran Dimri
'Kiran Dimri' 3 weeks ago
Can listen to this song thousands time without getting bored..
Amelia Hudson
'Amelia Hudson' 3 weeks ago
I love this song. This is my favret song
Bella Belle
'Bella Belle' 3 weeks ago
I love you
Noah Hodges
'Noah Hodges' 3 weeks ago
This is a great song. If you sit and actually listen then you can hear something that may just help.
Rene Davila
'Rene Davila' 3 weeks ago
Who ARE THE 11000 THAT DON'T LIKE THIS????!!!!!##
Andrew G
'Andrew G' 3 weeks ago
Her curls drive me crazy
Love Bird
'Love Bird' 3 weeks ago
i remember hearing this song every morning after chow with 5 different Mexicans claming something else in county for months but had each others back like nothing else mi vida loca i will never forget my brothers the untouchables and whats crazy were still connected !!!
Alisha Richards
'Alisha Richards' 3 weeks ago
love this song
Danielle Walz
'Danielle Walz' 3 weeks ago
Can't change the pain caused with out ever trying. Beat self up to take it away from eels like this...
Rhonda Crumpton crumpton
My uncle was in a car wreck when this song was playing and his girlfriend was in the car wreck and they were injured so he hates this song but I love it
Alice Fulmer
'Alice Fulmer' 3 weeks ago
It takes two and quit blaming each other
Lisa Hagar
'Lisa Hagar' 3 weeks ago
I love your songs
Richard ice man
'Richard ice man' 3 weeks ago
I said till death do us part I tried to save u baby God knows I did as long I still have the dreams of u reaching for me an all I could do was watch it all burn
Richard ice man
'Richard ice man' 3 weeks ago
I miss u so much Sheila
Veronica Beisly
'Veronica Beisly' 3 weeks ago
I miss thim I'm sorry they were dead I can't believe that hapin that's why I keep messing mom and dad I saw their bones it's sad I miss thim
Veronica Beisly
'Veronica Beisly' 3 weeks ago
My dad and mommy died from a fire they saved me from it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Danny D
'Danny D' 3 weeks ago
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