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Cam - Burning House -
Published: 2 years ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

36, 245, 528 views

237, 964 Likes   12, 714 Dislikes

Burning House is from Cam's album, Untamed. Purchase Untamed here:
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'schme' 10 hours ago
this song hits so close to home
Johnny NoseBoop
'Johnny NoseBoop' 16 hours ago
God, I love looking at this chick's face.
Sarah Burks
'Sarah Burks' 19 hours ago
two years still good
Stephanie Aday
'Stephanie Aday' 19 hours ago
Wish I could wake up
'TERESA Leffel' 2 days ago
reminds me husband that past
Katie Smith
'Katie Smith' 2 days ago
I love that 👗
Katie Smith
'Katie Smith' 2 days ago
I love this song
Taylor Swift 15
'Taylor Swift 15' 3 days ago
I love your dress
Taylor Swift 15
'Taylor Swift 15' 3 days ago
I love this song
One cloud martinez
I love this
obviously olivia
'obviously olivia' 3 days ago
She reminds me of a grown up Grace VanderWaal
Nick Seller
'Nick Seller' 3 days ago
I loved this song, but the video dosen't seem accurate, it should have been someone being pulled out of the fire, not someone staying in it!
david ornelas
'david ornelas' 4 days ago
My mom covers this so beautiful!!
Jim Bailey
'Jim Bailey' 4 days ago
What a punch to the heart.  Gave me chills
Samantha Lee
'Samantha Lee' 4 days ago
This song reminds me of my ex husband..
Hailey Shotwell
'Hailey Shotwell' 4 days ago
Watching your music video makes me want to cry no matter how many time I watch it.
Hailey Shotwell
'Hailey Shotwell' 4 days ago
Every time I hear this song it gets stuck in my head for days.
Hailey Shotwell
'Hailey Shotwell' 4 days ago
I love this song.
Dani White
'Dani White' 4 days ago
I wasn't interested in country music that much until I accidentally heard this song and the rest is history... I love it I cry and feel all sorts of beauty
April Odom
'April Odom' 5 days ago
This is my sons favorite song he can ding it word for word. An he has a beautiful voice
'GummyGuy101' 6 days ago
She is old fashioned pretty in this
Tim Robertson
'Tim Robertson' 7 days ago
If this song doesn't touch u way down deep to the very core of ur soul..U just need an attitude adjustment..or ur ticker has stopped & u ain't breathing.....
Megan Whatley
'Megan Whatley' 7 days ago
I have loved this song science day 1🙂🙂
Jesse Ancel
'Jesse Ancel' 7 days ago
Keep up the last of good country though
Jesse Ancel
'Jesse Ancel' 7 days ago
[email protected] your full length commercial
Haylie Journey
'Haylie Journey' 7 days ago
I love this song still sounds like it just came out
Nevaeh Landry
'Nevaeh Landry' 1 week ago
i love. you. so. much
'viva.cious' 1 week ago
Joni Hython
'Joni Hython' 1 week ago
stephany s body got burned over people who hated her for being in love n this song reminds me of her. best person I knew just a lost soul
Joni Hython
'Joni Hython' 1 week ago
rip stephany pytash
Joni Hython
'Joni Hython' 1 week ago
me to
emily davidson
'emily davidson' 1 week ago
The 12k people that disliked literally doesn't care. This song means a lot to me. It brings me and my dead cousin. We listened to this song on the daily and I still listen to it all the time. I love you Jennifer.
J R55
'J R55' 1 week ago
Love this song Sara Pattat
Candace Reed
'Candace Reed' 1 week ago
4th birthay
Bella Adkims
'Bella Adkims' 1 week ago
Bella adkis
Chris Stucky
'Chris Stucky' 1 week ago
She seem to happy singing this song.
Tsenase Donvolic
'Tsenase Donvolic' 1 week ago
I'm an African and I really don't listen to American country music but this song takes my breathe away
Linda Honeycutt
'Linda Honeycutt' 2 weeks ago
One of the best well written country songs ever! Great voice!
'CYGNIUS' 2 weeks ago
The amount of dislikes on this is disappointing.
Old Green Cunt
'Old Green Cunt' 2 weeks ago
This song and "Million Reasons" by Lady Gaga are two of the most beautiful country songs to come out in years.
Morgan Rodriguez
'Morgan Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
I love it so much 💟💟💟💟
Maurico Bailey
'Maurico Bailey' 2 weeks ago
Still Tuned In 2018 It Eases Alot
Wade Rutledge
'Wade Rutledge' 2 weeks ago
this is my first time listening to this in forever and im in love with it again
Mary Smith
'Mary Smith' 2 weeks ago
I just love it I’m going to my talent show
Lucy Hart
'Lucy Hart' 2 weeks ago
i love it and i sing it
Sarah Alvarado
'Sarah Alvarado' 2 weeks ago
barbra ward
'barbra ward' 2 weeks ago
This is to my soul mate charlie , I love you and miss you so much. You are the best person I have ever known...
Ivory Ventrice
'Ivory Ventrice' 2 weeks ago
I dont listen to country music. But i love the soft guitar and the violin at the end. It all just runs smoothly with the lyrics
Alison McDermott
'Alison McDermott' 2 weeks ago
The best song😣😣
Virginia Valles
'Virginia Valles' 2 weeks ago
Love this song
Gisselle Guillen
'Gisselle Guillen' 2 weeks ago
im not actually a country fan, but i always keep coming back to this song. I really love it.
Sharon Reed
'Sharon Reed' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Candleara Martinez
'Candleara Martinez' 2 weeks ago
I love it 😍😫😫😫
Sarah Burks
'Sarah Burks' 2 weeks ago
love love this song so much love it
jayde carter
'jayde carter' 2 weeks ago
This was my besties favorite song. She loved it. We used to listen to it together. She's gone now. RIP Mercedes Jones
Sam Cunningham
'Sam Cunningham' 2 weeks ago
I am so in love with this song. bit hit home so hard for me in my life at this most moment...
Stevie Bobby
'Stevie Bobby' 2 weeks ago
That was a real dream
Stevie Bobby
'Stevie Bobby' 2 weeks ago
Cool crazy fire shadows in fire
macie Mae
'macie Mae' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Pamela Moore
'Pamela Moore' 2 weeks ago
Pamela Moore
'Pamela Moore' 2 weeks ago
Hi I love you and your song
Shane Reynolds
'Shane Reynolds' 2 weeks ago
People do change.thats the true.
macie Mae
'macie Mae' 2 weeks ago
I want to die to this
Michelle Sargent
'Michelle Sargent' 2 weeks ago
Get. Well joe
Aaron Evans
'Aaron Evans' 2 weeks ago
Sara Evans is awsom
Rylee Boehling
'Rylee Boehling' 2 weeks ago
GOD she is beautiful
Jessica Empey
'Jessica Empey' 2 weeks ago
This song makes me sad, but for some reason I can't help but think about Supernatural when I hear it. 😢
Tracy Smith
'Tracy Smith' 2 weeks ago
When I hear this song it makes me think of my Ex boyfriend. Because I love him so much and I wish things could have been different.
Pam Williams
'Pam Williams' 3 weeks ago
Great lyrics
bridget marie
'bridget marie' 3 weeks ago
My daughter Shelby love this song. She can listen to this song over and over again every day this is her favorite song ever and she likes that's my job to so ya
'StaCy' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
'Riss728' 3 weeks ago
I feel like alot of these newer country girls like her maren Morris and Kacy musgraves maddy and tae they are bringing back the old school sound like the Shania Twain faith hill reba years.
'Riss728' 3 weeks ago
Reminds me so much of the hunger games.dong safe and sound with Taylor swift
Eric Diaz
'Eric Diaz' 3 weeks ago
Such an amazing woman!!
Chatnoir 4321
'Chatnoir 4321' 3 weeks ago
My house burned down when I was a baby
Kayla Hurtado
'Kayla Hurtado' 3 weeks ago
Even Erika Jo is good too. We need more girls like this singing country music
ana garcia
'ana garcia' 3 weeks ago
About trying to change people..... Stop trying no matter what you do you well never change know one.... They have to want to change there self....tell then you always be in a dream....
Taylor. Pritchett
'Taylor. Pritchett' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
Levi Petty
'Levi Petty' 3 weeks ago
Mackenzie Engemann07
I love this song made me cry so many times
Connie Donaldson
'Connie Donaldson' 3 weeks ago
The first time I heard this song the burning house I was with my brother Gail I lost him last year of cancer he told me sister don't ever think we will always find each other and this is for you my little sister always remember that I love you I decate this song to my brother Gail Donaldson
Willis Hayes
'Willis Hayes' 3 weeks ago
And it’s makes me going of there memories iv had with my mom
Hannah McIntire
'Hannah McIntire' 3 weeks ago
This song reminds me of my ex boyfriend, Dallas. Dallas and I broke up because he cheated on me, but im glad to say me and my husband Keith have now started a family with 2 beautiful girls!!! Im blessed.
Alyssa Rocks!
'Alyssa Rocks!' 3 weeks ago
Shannon Marie
'Shannon Marie' 3 weeks ago
I could take you back but ppl don't never change 🔥
Bettyann Annamunthodo
Powerful song..
Alex Paul
'Alex Paul' 3 weeks ago
subscribe to bella the cat~dog
Alex Paul
'Alex Paul' 3 weeks ago
im a kid and even i like this song :)
Toni Dennis
'Toni Dennis' 4 weeks ago
She has a smile with this song! Not the right emotion! Emily Ann Roberts from the Voice nailed it with both voice and emotion!
arieona sheppheard
'arieona sheppheard' 4 weeks ago
Kitsune Fuyu
'Kitsune Fuyu' 4 weeks ago
Rip Chance's house. Be should have used the shovel to extinguish the flames.
Jessica Tweedy
'Jessica Tweedy' 4 weeks ago
Ummm ok
Doyle Herrod
'Doyle Herrod' 4 weeks ago
Dream? SMOKE and Embers, tears forever
Alyssa Verdugo
'Alyssa Verdugo' 4 weeks ago
this is such a sad song that every time I here this song I cry
Ronnie Merritt
'Ronnie Merritt' 4 weeks ago
I love this song
Makayla Haven
'Makayla Haven' 4 weeks ago
is that a Real FIRE!!!!!!!!!😱
Maddy Blkwl
'Maddy Blkwl' 4 weeks ago
2018 and I still love this song
Jess. Sera
'Jess. Sera' 4 weeks ago
destiny killion
'destiny killion' 4 weeks ago
I love this song
Landon Arntz
'Landon Arntz' 4 weeks ago
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