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A Lake in Northern Ireland Mysteriously Disappeared -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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Lake Loughareema was there one moment, and gone the next. This mystery is still unsolved.

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M j Ireland
'M j Ireland' 3 months ago
yeah... up the provos . the people army
Leighton Julye
'Leighton Julye' 3 months ago
could this be Nostradamus 40 year5 drought
Lewis Doherty
'Lewis Doherty' 7 months ago
If the ground that drains it is filled with large numbers of small channels, there is likely an aquifer that drains into the lake also made up of a lot of small channels. The "lake" that is missing supposedly accounting for the larger volume of water draining is the aquifers surrounding the lake - it's ground water.
'gos2016' 7 months ago
that there wee layik there had gone dine the rowed
'rkan2' 7 months ago
A lake? That's a fucking pond.
The McZilla
'The McZilla' 7 months ago
that's how bad norn iron is we have managed to stroke a lake lol
Suzanne LeBizarre
'Suzanne LeBizarre' 8 months ago
Fascinating...but from what  have seen over the years, not entirely that strange...with sinkholes, the limestone geology, magma in the earth mantle...etc., etc.
Pedro Rocha
'Pedro Rocha' 8 months ago
jack, did you just steal a lake?
Monique Van de Plas
'Monique Van de Plas' 8 months ago
The stupid music made me unnecessarily scared.
Papi Panther
'Papi Panther' 8 months ago
aliens just cleaning out the gmo and fire hazard chems
'LlamaLife' 8 months ago
Hendrik Jansen
'Hendrik Jansen' 8 months ago
perhaps it was possibly just photoshop?
Theonlyone Obiwan
'Theonlyone Obiwan' 8 months ago
Why do they keep adding squeaky beeping noises when we're looking at datellite
Duggie D
'Duggie D' 8 months ago
Nestlé is bottling it and selling it.
'Redner' 8 months ago
Up the RA
'RP' 8 months ago
every video is a cliffhanger.
Triston Charge
'Triston Charge' 8 months ago
Small Lava Tubes could do it.
Jor-El McLoughlin
'Jor-El McLoughlin' 8 months ago
Guys anyone who studies geography in school could tell you that it's just a Turlough or 'Seasonal Lake'. You're making it sound way more dramatic than it actually is. The water drains away, it comes back.
Sri Nitin
'Sri Nitin' 8 months ago
Esa Mudani
'Esa Mudani' 8 months ago
Jarrod Coburn
'Jarrod Coburn' 8 months ago
juan castellanos
'juan castellanos' 8 months ago
juan castellanos
'juan castellanos' 8 months ago
'The1GamerDude' 8 months ago
Nick Diaz
'Nick Diaz' 8 months ago
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