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Best BACK TO SCHOOL Fails Compilation 2017 | Funny Vine -
Published: 3 months ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 3 months ago

5, 513, 225 views

39, 991 Likes   1, 973 Dislikes

Now that School is back in session, here's a brand new weekly compilation that will get you ready to get back to school featuring funy kids getting owned, stupid stunts, pep rally and talent shows gone wrong, classroom bloopers, epic crashes, accidents, basketball fails and more!

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Bazey Client
'Bazey Client' 41 minutes ago
If you enjoy my videos please subcribe to me.
'LOGAN PASION' 51 minutes ago
8:51 that laugh 😂😂😂😂
Undertale 47509
'Undertale 47509' 2 hours ago
Fabulous Sponge
'Fabulous Sponge' 4 hours ago
my butt is clenching so hard right now *i am scared*
Desiree Villanueva
'Desiree Villanueva' 5 hours ago
She drunk
Antonios Varelas
'Antonios Varelas' 6 hours ago
3:00, what was it she was trying to accomplish?
jeidas vids!
'jeidas vids!' 7 hours ago
I never knew high schoolers were so immature....... Teens suck at staying on ther seets
'TheGamingRealm' 9 hours ago
10:38 I was laughing so hard!
joey berke
'joey berke' 9 hours ago
1:23 when you had enough bullshit for one day
Willian AlejandrO
'Willian AlejandrO' 10 hours ago
1:1:22 dance dance now is that what their saiyng
Willian AlejandrO
'Willian AlejandrO' 10 hours ago
Ugh back tooooo 😅😅😅😅
Nick Gaming
'Nick Gaming' 10 hours ago
0:16 sounds like me spraying with clorox
Kenneth Campos
'Kenneth Campos' 11 hours ago
If you play 0:13 to 0:18 and play it at the speed at 1.5 it sounds like a febreeze bottle
Shabraye Walker
'Shabraye Walker' 11 hours ago
Jolena Lee Anne
'Jolena Lee Anne' 14 hours ago
hiphop Elijah
'hiphop Elijah' 15 hours ago
1:13 instant karma YOU decide to move a kids name down YOU FALL
'ღTypicalTazzyღ' 20 hours ago
0:16 That fucking windex spray bottle laugh
Jennifer Avalos
'Jennifer Avalos' 23 hours ago
The last one made me feel so bad and mad at the same time
Jane The Killer
'Jane The Killer' 24 hours ago
What happened on that last one? So confused
Victoria Lak
'Victoria Lak' 1 day ago
Did anyone even laugh 🤷‍♀️, I didn’t
MarshmelloFan2017 Gumballisdabest
🎵happy birthday to-, this teachers fucked up🎵
Kaptain Madd
'Kaptain Madd' 1 day ago
Vine is dead
Cheryl Peterson
'Cheryl Peterson' 1 day ago
Sounds privet well I would be dam
-Skies -
'-Skies -' 1 day ago
1:25. Oh wow. That hoodie kid is SAVAGE. But he probably gonna get in BIG trouble after dat lol. ;’DD
Ashley Vlogs
'Ashley Vlogs' 1 day ago
1:13- 1:25 Me😂😐
'SILV3Rstarz' 1 day ago
Where are the teachers? *watches video of teacher tripping* Oh. Ok then.
Kristy Jones
'Kristy Jones' 1 day ago
Boi dont like the music they are making,LOL 1:24
mustafa jaara
'mustafa jaara' 1 day ago
these are not back to school fails you can be sigh up for basketball on the first day
Dari Lop
'Dari Lop' 1 day ago
Fun school
Cristal joy
'Cristal joy' 1 day ago
That last one tho..if that was my phone I'd go at him, like bitch gotta pay for that shit.
Samuel Cantillana
11:39 mi profesor me hace eso, y juro que armo el medio escandalo :v
Nola Isales
'Nola Isales' 1 day ago
My friend set an alarm for her birthday, and it went off at 12:00 AM, so she thought it was time for school and she got ready
Alex_ 2017
'Alex_ 2017' 1 day ago
Lol 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wawa Skittletits
'Wawa Skittletits' 2 days ago
Bitch my noodle cup
Jadyn Cruz
'Jadyn Cruz' 2 days ago
ThatOtherGuys Channel
8:51 that’s literally me right there
Panda Nation!! /Chilly kham
Best vine 12:23
Anthony Lopez
'Anthony Lopez' 2 days ago
Is that Roman Atwood’s girl friend
Mr.Coolguy Is the boss
Best vine 3:10. Lol
Chanhtha Vongchanth
Tipsy Candy
'Tipsy Candy' 2 days ago
at 1:25 he push her leg which makes her fall down
Jonathon Graziano
'Jonathon Graziano' 2 days ago
0:16 sounds like a squirt bottle XD
leanna loy
'leanna loy' 2 days ago
leanna loy
'leanna loy' 2 days ago
Coolest teachers ever
thatonesaltycheerio ,
Funny story, sure to get dem likes: I failed my history test today.
Murilo Xavier
'Murilo Xavier' 2 days ago
3:33 wtf?
Look at this gay kid with his gay ass looking ass hear
Derpy Anime
'Derpy Anime' 2 days ago
Crazy how people laugh than to help or ask or if they are ok
PusheenThe Mermaid
11:37 he trying to take a picture with the birthday teacher😡❗️
CottonCandy Llama
'CottonCandy Llama' 2 days ago
0:37 that’s my science class with different students
'Jordin' 2 days ago
This is my loss of faith in humanity
Saniyah brady vlogs
Jared Wilson
'Jared Wilson' 2 days ago
4:32 1 2 3...boom
'lettelauren' 2 days ago
11:42 grumpy shit
Ramstar Hamstar
'Ramstar Hamstar' 2 days ago
“That’s impressive Megan!”
'lettelauren' 2 days ago
1:22 thats what happens when your acting all rowdy and stupid and keep putting your feet on everybody elses desk fucking animal lol
James Howell
'James Howell' 3 days ago
7:06 I woulda smacked her dead straight across her face
unnamed channel
'unnamed channel' 3 days ago
_hello, and welcome to _*_mayhem circus!_*_ (attempts bow) (fails bow) LITERALLY EVERYTHING FAILS_
James Howell
'James Howell' 3 days ago
In lab class, we have those lab stools and I was sitting on the edge of it and I totally fell off of it and landed on my butt right when the teacher was talking to us
Мисейка Ахмедханова
бедные и им больно
Harley Barker
'Harley Barker' 3 days ago
nicole milakovic
'nicole milakovic' 3 days ago
Me and my friends where the only sane people in our school we didn't do stupid shit like our classmates. We were the uncool kids but we didn't care cause the popular ones always talked crap about one another while we were being uncool but still hanging out unlike them. Glad high school is over for me and my sane friends.
Enes Tairoski
'Enes Tairoski' 3 days ago
Omg the last one 😱
Hermione Granger
'Hermione Granger' 3 days ago
high schoolers are idiots
'Fear57' 3 days ago
0:53 Thot fresh from the trash
MoonLight and stuff
9:40 shes on crack
'pearl' 3 days ago
1:25 i would do that in class, im also that one kid who is always stresses and wants to kill everyone
'Sniperattacker14' 3 days ago
I’m confused... why is the girls the idiot ones not the boys, the boys had idiotic ideas to tho
Tristan Joven
'Tristan Joven' 3 days ago
Stupid 4:05
Tristan Joven
'Tristan Joven' 3 days ago
They probably scared the shit out of him at 3:33
weather summer
'weather summer' 3 days ago
BlueberryJello :p
'BlueberryJello :p' 3 days ago
Parent:stay in school kids! *but this is what happens at school.....*
juliana h
'juliana h' 3 days ago
The first vid is my old middle school rip
logan daniel
'logan daniel' 3 days ago
Aditi Bhargava
'Aditi Bhargava' 3 days ago
Anyone see that sly middle at 1: 21
Desire Gaming
'Desire Gaming' 3 days ago
8:30 hwah
Darkplayer 255
'Darkplayer 255' 3 days ago
0:15 spray bottle
adam feder
'adam feder' 3 days ago
0:37 what... the FUCK are you even trying to do you moron? Show off for girls? But still what are you trying to do?
'BrainFreeze' 3 days ago
This is what teachers are for. 😏
A Very Lazy Bum 777
Watches American Ninja Warrior once
Geeky Goo Games
'Geeky Goo Games' 3 days ago
0:15 *insert Windex bottle*
'GassedUpTV' 3 days ago
00:11 Top 10 Anime Battles
Melody Jeanty
'Melody Jeanty' 3 days ago
Olivia Smith
'Olivia Smith' 3 days ago
Melody Jeanty
'Melody Jeanty' 3 days ago
when people try to get attention
Sarah Price
'Sarah Price' 3 days ago
Mah name is batman
Yeah these ppl Where totally embarrassed
Zammy Cool
'Zammy Cool' 3 days ago
Yader Bridges
'Yader Bridges' 3 days ago
LOL, 11:42 had me dying, they left that room mad silent!!
Kawaii Strawberries
1:25 me when someone tries to flirt with me
Taylor Plant
'Taylor Plant' 3 days ago
Sliding into those DMs like
Lani Palm
'Lani Palm' 3 days ago
1:10 all because of him slapping his head ? he did it to him self not his teacher 😂😂😂😂
Jake Paul And Logan Paul Fan
0:10 sliding into those DM’s like...
Luka Ducworth
'Luka Ducworth' 3 days ago
Are they high??
Vickilynn Gilmore
'Vickilynn Gilmore' 3 days ago
'Nintari' 3 days ago
That teacher at the end is the human embodiment of those weird erasers that just smudge the paper.
Random Person in the Comments
The thumbnail looks like me when I get an "F" on my test paper and I'm trying to camoflauge from my parents
'samdui' 3 days ago
Only in murica
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