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Can You Make Crystal Clear Ice with this Gadgets? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 1 year ago

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Clear Ice System -

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Hype Gods
'Hype Gods' 1 week ago
*s u p e l c l e a l*
Trevor AngELo StryderZ
Try use boiled water.
'hola' 2 weeks ago
'Goose' 2 weeks ago
Oh noo, the Kreeshtal strikes again!
Ruele Nelson
'Ruele Nelson' 1 month ago
Khrishtal clear!
Nikitas Giotis
'Nikitas Giotis' 2 months ago
THIS gagdets
Neil Amalfitano
'Neil Amalfitano' 2 months ago
Pour water over it before removing
Backyard Science
'Backyard Science' 3 months ago
how to make CHRISHTAL clear ice with GAJIKS
Mohit Malik
'Mohit Malik' 3 months ago
Retro Stuff!
'Retro Stuff!' 3 months ago
Allot of work for a ice cube
Jim Lahey
'Jim Lahey' 3 months ago
Paarveen Ravindran
'Paarveen Ravindran' 3 months ago
He has done three videos
CJ 23
'CJ 23' 4 months ago
Shaira Jan Ahmad
'Shaira Jan Ahmad' 4 months ago
"There you have it BOOM!" 😂
Kelly Johnson
'Kelly Johnson' 4 months ago
Drops again then ends the clip 😝
Peri clod
'Peri clod' 4 months ago
It's very clear that these are some ice gadgets
'Mindblitz64' 4 months ago
*B O O M* *J U S T L I K E T H A T*
Leyson Leyson
'Leyson Leyson' 5 months ago
Can we have a BOOM! Counter
Keenan Rayne
'Keenan Rayne' 5 months ago
Boom just like that
'あかし' 5 months ago
All we need is some vodka now
'Gojko' 5 months ago
'Travelate' 5 months ago
Boom just like dat all the way
Rory Shumate
'Rory Shumate' 5 months ago
I see yeg
'yogibearstie' 5 months ago
Actually the imperfections make it look more interesting while in a drink.
'FUGLOW' 5 months ago
Instead of filling it with water fill it with gallium
'CosmicFrank' 6 months ago
Do dry ice crystal ball
Legend 711
'Legend 711' 6 months ago
Looks like a beautiful nipple!? Whats her name?
'GadgetGame2017' 6 months ago
Have you tried using the square cube from this gadget in your Japanese Ice Ball maker that you showed in another video? I bet those would come out perfect!
Lord Anthone Acebedo
'Lord Anthone Acebedo' 6 months ago
what happen when you put food coloring
'SLOWMONUTKICK' 6 months ago
he pissed in a glass
TheCrazy HFG
'TheCrazy HFG' 7 months ago
1:59 the saturn is an ice
Pedro Perez
'Pedro Perez' 7 months ago
I have the same sink as him
Nikita Bespalov
'Nikita Bespalov' 7 months ago
как же меня раздражает его тупорылый акцент
Eniz _BoSSam
'Eniz _BoSSam' 7 months ago
Try to start a Fire🤘
Cringe //me
'Cringe //me' 7 months ago
It's all fun and games until this hits you in a snowball fight
Ash Ketchum
'Ash Ketchum' 8 months ago
Hugsy Penguin
'Hugsy Penguin' 8 months ago
2:38 "but that bottom has to be clear as well for it to be perfect"
'MMM' 8 months ago
But can you make Crystal meths???
rashed gamer
'rashed gamer' 8 months ago
I will give you 1 million dollars cash if you count how many times he said imperfection😂😂😂
Aspen Hightower
'Aspen Hightower' 8 months ago
I think his "wows" and "so cools" are sarcastic
kelvie davies
'kelvie davies' 8 months ago
and at 4:02
Kgujfzj Gtghohfzjbf
'Kgujfzj Gtghohfzjbf' 9 months ago
Krištal clear
Kal Kimanai
'Kal Kimanai' 9 months ago
Use boiling water to make ice. Will come out clear.
Viktoria Varbanova
'Viktoria Varbanova' 9 months ago
or you can boil the water or use mineral
pierre awad
'pierre awad' 9 months ago
pierre awad
'pierre awad' 9 months ago
Qu'est-ce qu'il est CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gaming scorpion04
'Gaming scorpion04' 9 months ago
He was going to say nipple but said imperfections
Elijah Sturm
'Elijah Sturm' 9 months ago
Do a video of you listening to the Kalinka Mix. good song good song
Shanda Weeks
'Shanda Weeks' 9 months ago
"this gadgets" nice one
Laura Salvatore
'Laura Salvatore' 10 months ago
hahahaha he broke it😄😅😃
nisha banu
'nisha banu' 10 months ago
Superb wow fun
Sami Martin
'Sami Martin' 11 months ago
did anyone see how many times he said imperfection
Marcus Aploy
'Marcus Aploy' 11 months ago
Cryshtal clear
Keith Ursulum
'Keith Ursulum' 11 months ago
Today I'm gonna put to the test this cryshtal clear ice maker
Latif Lewis
'Latif Lewis' 11 months ago
Suppose to used hot water
buzz bang
'buzz bang' 11 months ago
That cloudy look that you see in ice...that would be the impurities that's naturally in the water, settling to the bottom as the water freezes. That is why it is cloudy at the bottom of the ice, most times.
Would Have
'Would Have' 11 months ago
nate river
'nate river' 11 months ago
make a video on the new technology of drinking water by eating those edible water bubbles
Packi Kittipob
'Packi Kittipob' 11 months ago
2:20 it's ice-so-sphere
Ayrin Wijaya
'Ayrin Wijaya' 11 months ago
'Mummm' 11 months ago
Put boiled water and it will be clear, simple science
Shannon Doe
'Shannon Doe' 11 months ago
WOW, I have Raynauds and my hands r throbbing just watching this
Black Wolf
'Black Wolf' 11 months ago
a guy
'a guy' 11 months ago
Idc if its cloudy i just like the fact that its a perfect circle
Tristan Taylor
'Tristan Taylor' 11 months ago
'FIRA THE SLAV' 11 months ago
I saw the name of the vid like this : how to make crystal... and im thinking that it's gomma be meth xddddd
Dabi Gamez
'Dabi Gamez' 11 months ago
Chrishtal clear lol
William Leach
'William Leach' 12 months ago
everyone go back and read the title of this video
'GlockWiseSB' 12 months ago
fumanchudude goof
'fumanchudude goof' 12 months ago
they're crishtal clear
'shimmer' 12 months ago
it's actually *these* gadgets
Elaina Lopez
'Elaina Lopez' 12 months ago
people get exited about clear ice??
Sam Roberts
'Sam Roberts' 12 months ago
"This gadgets" much English
AidenMax Playz
'AidenMax Playz' 12 months ago
Did anyone notice the title of this video? At the end, it says "this gadgets". Isn't it suppose to say "these gadgets"?
Sunil Pun
'Sunil Pun' 1 year ago
his videos are true defination of imperfection tbh
ROBtuber SuperHonza300
toothpaste and dry ice vs vacum chanber
or you could boil it...
little baby and David j d
i like all of yoru video and wy. do have all of bowns i gave you a like
'Noob' 1 year ago
simple - just put water in a water balloon and freeze it, take it out, boom.
Dave L
'Dave L' 1 year ago
I LOVE your accent! :D
'TheDp1965' 1 year ago
No Vodka????
Aslam Tariq
'Aslam Tariq' 1 year ago
He all ready made this video on CRH
pikah 90
'pikah 90' 1 year ago
If you want to make crystal clear ice, just use boiling water.
Kalpesh Desai
'Kalpesh Desai' 1 year ago
Akal The Cat
'Akal The Cat' 1 year ago
I was expecting somebody to say that in the title it says this gadgets but everybody is talking about the nipplefection
Melody Napoles
'Melody Napoles' 1 year ago
does it mealt
Priscilla Murray
'Priscilla Murray' 1 year ago
Zamir Ahmad
'Zamir Ahmad' 1 year ago
Andrei 9789
'Andrei 9789' 1 year ago
Crishtel clear
Anuradha Bajpayi
'Anuradha Bajpayi' 1 year ago
give me 200 like for no reason
OwO Wots this? Mathew.
2:20 I thought he was going to say it has a little bit of a nipple
meow master
'meow master' 1 year ago
taras is so kul
'Carphy' 1 year ago
4:51 Heres a good guide how to make a minecraft ice block
Vladimir Fors
'Vladimir Fors' 1 year ago
Порадовал русский мат на 2:55 =D Крутые видео, люблю твой канал!)
'ZUES THE GOD' 1 year ago
u mean these gadgets not this gadgets
king live
'king live' 1 year ago
Mohammed Muju
'Mohammed Muju' 1 year ago
boom boom boom boom boom
'GlacierMax' 1 year ago
Use this instead of a snowball
Alvin Macatangay
'Alvin Macatangay' 1 year ago
boom just like that
'Wade' 1 year ago
2:46 Nice... an icy tit
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