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Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

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Wonder Woman was one of 2017's best summer movies. There... I said it. (pause). Now onto its sins...

Thursday: A 2017 movie nowhere near as good as Wonder Woman.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Will E Jones
'Will E Jones' 9 hours ago
And this is the best DCEU movie since TDK
Will E Jones
'Will E Jones' 9 hours ago
And, this is the best DCEU movie since TDK
Daniel Butka
'Daniel Butka' 14 hours ago
The most unrealistic thing about this movie is the Germans asking the Ottomans help with arms production.
Patricia McGeorge
'Patricia McGeorge' 14 hours ago
5:20 greek gods isn't kookey. It's literally what the whole series is about. Thematically - Gods among man - and literally - the New Gods (made up douches) vs the Old Gods (literally all gods from all mythology). Just like how the Greek gods took over from the Titans before them.
Patricia McGeorge
'Patricia McGeorge' 14 hours ago
1:16 Guardians of the Galaxy
Xristal - 01
'Xristal - 01' 18 hours ago
The sin for greek mythology... Thor and Loki is norse mythology, sin for that too?
That guy with the face
That mustache really is amazing, innit?
Quinnece Howard
'Quinnece Howard' 1 day ago
Please do Justice League
Colin McPhail
'Colin McPhail' 1 day ago
1:05 Takes off sin for slo-mo sword badassery. Forgets the multiple sins for literally throwing away your only weapon in the middle of a fight when you need it to fight off the person you were literally just fighting 1:35 Classic forgetting your culture is based off of the fact that you *will* have to fight Ares one day, and that this is *literally* your only purpose Meta-sin at 5:25 Narrator forgets that all the greek gods besides Ares are dead in the exposition 8:52 Narrator loses track of physics and forgets that the damage inflicted on the church by WW would require a "boost" that would literally squash the three amigos Overall pretty good on the part of CinemaSins. Just don't really like the movie on the whole "Let's make up some bullshit about Ancient Greece so we can reinvent Wonder Woman, even though we have a perfectly good story from the original comic that actually kinda complies with the thousands of years of legends" bit
Cod Savage
'Cod Savage' 1 day ago
Some of these cins I don’t know why you called them cins. Their not even bad, this was a great movie.
'keshav' 1 day ago
some of them arent even sins.
'TheTomRize' 2 days ago
this was my first cinema sins video and i liked it. but for future reference, since i liked the movie as well, could you, cinema sins creator, put some kind of reference to other movies at the end? like what movie had the least amount of sins and which had the most? because this was a good movie compared to some of the others released that year, and i dont really have a comparison to what your "movie reviews" normally score. in the grand scheme of things you know. other than that, no complaints
Zac O.
'Zac O.' 2 days ago
You’re going on about Greek gods being in the DCEU, but Norse gods have been in the MCU for years now
Colin Parker
'Colin Parker' 2 days ago
amazing spiderman shows peter parker as a kid
wild starfish
'wild starfish' 2 days ago
found a comment on another video Prussia 1 month ago E.w.w.E.w.w. Wonder woman(Disclaimer, not in order): 1. 3:59 Nazi's probably. Which sucks because the movie got"Nazi German" and "Prussian German" mixed up. 2. 8:35 Nah, It was more of a sharpshooter, German StormTroopers(yes ww1 Germany had Stormtroopers)were heavy infantry. Oh wait. 3. 12:36 Ummm..... because there could be a malfunction with the gas they are shooting. 4. 2:48 Maybe they did and it was just tossed aside as a sailor's tale, or those who entered never survived. 5. 6:45 What was Sexist then versus what is sexist now was different. Not saying it was justified what the did back then, but I'm just stateing things were different. 6. 7:59 Ummm.... no.... It wasn't. 7. 4:30 Whoever wrote this movie was a genius.
'willprogresivo' 3 days ago
How can anyone watch a movie about superhero chicks is beyond me.
Saheed Sydac
'Saheed Sydac' 3 days ago
"This is no Man´s land Diana... CINEMASIN: "WAIT! But she is not a MAN." LOL THAT WAS EPIC kkkkk
Norma Garcia
'Norma Garcia' 3 days ago
You should do fifty shades darker
Brionne Davis
'Brionne Davis' 3 days ago
lol sadly i had to think about the No man's land
'Nicktendo360' 4 days ago
I waited 15 minutes and 8 seconds for a DBZ joke i thought about when watching the movie. nice
telly hooks
'telly hooks' 4 days ago
How is school logo a sin
Joseph Fluharty
'Joseph Fluharty' 4 days ago
How only 99 scenes? This movie was complete trash!
Eleanor Helen Sarah Darcks
they're saying: did you see that? Did you see what she did?
'beccabunny09' 4 days ago
10:44 sorry cinema sins but if Chris spoke that way to me I'd probably faint or throw up from the shock and then do what he asked until my brain rebooted. He's the secod prettiest man in Hollywood after thor.
Itachi R Uchiha
'Itachi R Uchiha' 4 days ago
Mr Cat
'Mr Cat' 4 days ago
Sad that this is the “good DC movie”. What a pile of shit.
Bobcats 122115
'Bobcats 122115' 5 days ago
diana is a roman goddess and zues and ares are greek anyone else relize this
Steven Shelp
'Steven Shelp' 5 days ago
The fight scenes in this movie we're so cringy. I'm surprised so many people praised it
11:03 "That's Dirty Diana!" lmao, that was a good one haha. I was expecting that song at the end lol
'ImaNerdANDaGeek' 5 days ago
1:15 Didn't Thor have a scene of him and Loki as kids? And Guardians of the Galaxy with Quill?
'Jeremyfilms' 5 days ago
Naboo isn't CGI idiot
Max Tory
'Max Tory' 6 days ago
Pretty much every time a german person speaks they just speak english with a german accent, even in a room with only german people.
Anshul Agrawal
'Anshul Agrawal' 6 days ago
Kaa Mee Haa Mee HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Faint366' 6 days ago
Soooo can any chemists help me out? In the movie they say “the gas is a hydrogen so it’s flammable.” But doesn’t it have to have carbon to be flammable? Like, if there’s no carbon you’re putting oxygen and hydrogen into the equation and getting oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon out of it. Where does the carbon come from??
'Faint366' 6 days ago
I love how she says “hades made a weapon more powerful than any other” talking about the gas. Like, this is WW1, right? We’ve still got two atomic bombs to drop on Japan. What’s DC’s explanation for those? It took a god secretly whispering in a psychopath’s ear to make mustard gas but nuclear weapons are just something humans could stumble upon?
'Faint366' 6 days ago
Yes, firing flaming arrows is effective even when firing into the ocean. Someone doesn’t understand that boats were made of wood, or at least hasn’t ever played AC Origins.
Comic Sams
'Comic Sams' 7 days ago
You know the villain is not Ares, but Zeus right?
'Seancarter2010' 7 days ago
Wolverine started at childhood
'CYB3R _W1Z4RD_' 7 days ago
"Go drunk movie, you are home" i died
'Scarface27' 1 week ago
The Wonder Woman logo looks like the Weezer logo Or maybe it's the opposite
Moe the Pagan
'Moe the Pagan' 1 week ago
About your claim of DC movies and childhood. You forgot Marvel also has that. One Hulk movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and at least one Thor movie has childhood expositions.
Kaylee O
'Kaylee O'Donnell' 1 week ago
Dirty Diana reference 💜
'Luna_Galaxy' 1 week ago
So... did WW2 not happen? Because if Ludendorff wasn't alive Hitler wouldn't have gotten into power.
'lee-elvis' 1 week ago
I am flemmish and they said "did you see that, did you see what she did"
ha Steve not Rogers
'TheDeathRooster' 1 week ago
Amazing spider man had a childhood scene
'Rezolute' 1 week ago
I mean dc is not bad at all they are actually a lot better it is just their most recent movies which most weren’t even... fuck it take the point off!
Zachary Schweigman
People actually think this movie was bad, fucking idiots in this world.
'DeathlyCrunch' 1 week ago
Irish guy, you fucking serious...
Sara Png
'Sara Png' 1 week ago
'Cornerpie' 1 week ago
Overusage of the word 'ex machina' throughout the whole Cinemasins franchise. *ding*
Wrong Action
'Wrong Action' 1 week ago
The way greek gods are stated in this video makes it sound like DCEU is crazy to feature gods while MCU has Norse gods.
Indigo Heaven
'Indigo Heaven' 1 week ago
I hate how he critisises the movie even though it's great, he has a YouTube challenge critising great movies!!! He ain't got shit in anyone
The destroyer hits a reef and sinks
Justin Jones
'Justin Jones' 1 week ago
Planes can take of even shorter than 50ft...
Sara Swann
'Sara Swann' 1 week ago
36 I thought the same thing
john santa cruz
'john santa cruz' 1 week ago
It's called Themyscira.
Thomas Cuvelier
'Thomas Cuvelier' 2 weeks ago
"I know you can't speak Flemish, so let me interpret" actual translation: "Did you see that? Did you see what she did?"
'xoxorini' 2 weeks ago
What about the germans being the ultimate evil guys even though this movie plays while WW1 and not WW2
Bente Blokland
'Bente Blokland' 2 weeks ago
I felt really special when the Dutch/Flemish people spoke. I was like fuck yeah I can understand and other people can’t holy shit
Swati Nadia
'Swati Nadia' 2 weeks ago
Does no one in cs grew up in a family? Thats how parents manipulate children by emotions. She wont see her daughter again. The hell she'll come to say goodbye in the middle of the night. Wont you. Cs is just stupid and wrong.
Swati Nadia
'Swati Nadia' 2 weeks ago
Lol.. 47 secs of logo in 2hr movie.. But cs has 5 secs of logo in 15 min video.
'goodoldhits' 2 weeks ago
the flemish people are saying zij heeft ons gered that means she´s saved us
Brian Orr
'Brian Orr' 2 weeks ago
Lol this movie was ridiculous. That ending lightning power....
Cupcake kitten Unicorn girl
i was hoping you would mention that areas is lupin
'mims' 2 weeks ago
legolas will definitely swipe right haha
Joan Mulkin
'Joan Mulkin' 2 weeks ago
Al Del Rey
'Al Del Rey' 2 weeks ago
8:00 So only woman can cross that field. Get it? lol
'equinos111' 2 weeks ago
LOL. A Zionist movies must kill some Nazis. Why in a movie like this. Movie sucks
super kal el
'super kal el' 2 weeks ago
What is wrong with this movie hmmmm well they cast a actress who can't act and have the body of a teenager
Ben Dandelion
'Ben Dandelion' 2 weeks ago
I was pretty sure it was set in WW2...
Fennec Fox
'Fennec Fox' 2 weeks ago
Thank goodness you commented on the plane thing. That is still driving me crazy... He is a pilot, and there were no enemies on board... there was no reason not to land and take care of it in a sensible manner except that the script demanded his sacrifice!
eliza miller
'eliza miller' 2 weeks ago
I’m surprised that he didn’t sin the fact that the blade of the sword would be in between her butt cheeks!!!
Jordi Steel
'Jordi Steel' 2 weeks ago
CinemaSinsSins 7:31 - “The Irish Sniper Guy”, he’s Scottish hence the Kilt.
'PixarAnimator3' 2 weeks ago
Do everything wrong with Hidden Figures, even though I love the movie
Mariela Colon
'Mariela Colon' 2 weeks ago
Um, you do realize that when she activated her metal cuffs, the shield protecting her home was shattered. That’s why those soldiers were able to get in. Actually find some real sins, please?
Md shohan
'Md shohan' 2 weeks ago
Moushka Gaming
'Moushka Gaming' 2 weeks ago
He skipped over the fucking 12 books of bodily pleasure
'Asait' 2 weeks ago
Kamehameha 15:06
Baby Driver
'Baby Driver' 2 weeks ago
Why all the blasphemy?Have you no fear of God?
awa coulibaly
'awa coulibaly' 2 weeks ago
wonder woman is a complete joke stupid and crazy
'JuICyBLiinGeR' 2 weeks ago
If the secretary is getting cast typed to act like Melissa McCarty, then that means Melissa can't act and she's just playing as herself... right? I mean is this the Jim Carry of actors?
'JuICyBLiinGeR' 2 weeks ago
Nitpicking for the sake of sins? Shocking! Her mother was saying goodbye to her daughter as she said there might not be a way for her to return if she leaves. THAT'S HER GREATEST SORROW. Saying goodbye to her fucking daughter. I mean you call yourself "Cinema" but for fucks sake do you even watch what you sin?
Nic Waterfill
'Nic Waterfill' 2 weeks ago
Does no really know how to pronounce Themyscira?
Katy Williams
'Katy Williams' 2 weeks ago
Wonder Women or Pretty Woman?
Lexie Richeson
'Lexie Richeson' 2 weeks ago
I don’t even understand where that poison girl and the general used as a plot twist came from?! Like they were just thrown into the movie to aid the plot. But like wth was that gas that general had that made him as strong as Diana? That doesn’t even make any sense. I’m assuming he’s human but like..? Nothing? No explanation? No backstory?
'Amin' 2 weeks ago
But she's not a ma-Ooooooh. Hahah
Realmatic 35
'Realmatic 35' 2 weeks ago
I'm stumped on finding ANYTHING right with this movie.
'ivandark95' 2 weeks ago
This movie is pure shit one word overrated
Marvelous Moni
'Marvelous Moni' 2 weeks ago
Wonder Woman was such a bad movie, im not wasting anymore money on the shitty dceu
'DEATH HOLLOW' 2 weeks ago
Adriana Reyes
'Adriana Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Everything's wrong; the copied CATFA and Thor. Don't believe? There's a video.
Natalia Janfeshan
'Natalia Janfeshan' 2 weeks ago
I wonder if Diana ever regrets killing Ares. Like, she could've taken his offer and killed all men, and then let the world grow back to what it was before men. Especially by BvS, she's all alone, Men are still killing and fighting and betraying eachother, and clearly she's just going to have to keep fighting in this sad world.
keira chapman
'keira chapman' 2 weeks ago
her name isnt gal-ga-dowt. its literally gal-ga-dot
Joseph Ercanbrack
'Joseph Ercanbrack' 2 weeks ago
Wonder Woman took over 70 years off, and was perfectly fine with not fighting Nazi Germany or Kryptonians.
'Liam's Lenz' 2 weeks ago
15:02 I thought you didn't have a father.
'Noonan1983' 3 weeks ago
A. MA. ZON. Not Amazonian.
'CO GAMING' 3 weeks ago
Don't call steve that
Charles DuBose
'Charles DuBose' 3 weeks ago
Laughed way too hard at the kamehameha
Game Dude
'Game Dude' 3 weeks ago
Aviation Viagra! Dead🤣
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