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Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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Wonder Woman was one of 2017's best summer movies. There... I said it. (pause). Now onto its sins...

Thursday: A 2017 movie nowhere near as good as Wonder Woman.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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you forgot one sin that wonder woman destroyed the god of war in ww1 so what happen in ww2
Eugenia Geneva
'Eugenia Geneva' 11 hours ago
I think the more powerful she gets the easier she is to find. Which makes the island field weaker than ever. Hmmmmm????
Kylo Ren?
'Kylo Ren?' 12 hours ago
5:23 Well, the Norse mythology is in the MCU, so...
Iestyn Langstaff
'Iestyn Langstaff' 18 hours ago
so she's a daughter of zeus
You Tuber
'You Tuber' 21 hours ago
My family and I couldn’t finish this movie as we thought it was horrible!
'LieutenantDan160' 23 hours ago
i died at “You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
matt carnes
'matt carnes' 1 day ago
Women womans first half does that thing were it feels like it takes 40 minutes to explain 20 minutes of story
Gio escalante
'Gio escalante' 1 day ago
anybody else think it's cool how DC follows Greek while Marvel follows Norse mythology?
Samus Coopper
'Samus Coopper' 2 days ago
Go drunk movie your home Ha that killed me xD
Shan Michael
'Shan Michael' 3 days ago
Magellan haha
Diamonds In the Rough
I'm just saying, WW already had lightning powers BEFORE this movie.
Brandee Leonard
'Brandee Leonard' 3 days ago
Sorry I only believe in Percy Jackson greeks Gods
Arthur Tellez
'Arthur Tellez' 3 days ago
i would love to see you at your family get together. what you have no family
Thot Patrol
'Thot Patrol' 3 days ago
I say we let him go! ENTIRE WORLD: NOOOOOO!!!
Andrew Hanson
'Andrew Hanson' 3 days ago
The moana voice over killed me.
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 days ago
14:40. I’m sure that’s Kevin Conroy. But what game/movie/show and scene is that from?
Tim 3156
'Tim 3156' 4 days ago
Sin number 7 I don’t count because it was mentioned that Diana’s Place was called Themiscira
Ise wollocome
'Ise wollocome' 4 days ago
In German a armadillo is called a panzerschwein which means armored pig
Johny Bänger
'Johny Bänger' 4 days ago
Most importantly: Ludendorff, Hindenburg and the rest of the German Army High Command is dead. The Kaiser surrenders. Was there never the November Revolution? Was the Weimar Republic never founded? Was there never a second World War (what would make sense because Ares is dead)?
sam smith
'sam smith' 4 days ago
I agree with some points but not all of them! I think you're over emphasising some points!
Michael Fredgren
'Michael Fredgren' 4 days ago
How about a close quarters fight with the God of War and Diana does not get one bruise, a fat lip, or a skinned knee? Come on. Same problem with Batman vs Superman or Dawn of Justice. Does Diana even bleed during menstruation?
Camille Box
'Camille Box' 5 days ago
Canada an U.S. were the same at that time
Jack Kraken
'Jack Kraken' 5 days ago
You forget that they never bothered with a funeral scene on the Island, Wonder Women just lost her trainer and a number of soldiers but she seemed more interested to go with the mysterious man.
'K' 6 days ago
“Go drunk movie, you’re home.”
Jack Roberts
'Jack Roberts' 6 days ago
Through the entire movie no one fucking cares that she's supernatural, impervious to harm from bullets, doesn't know any thing about society and can fly! No that's fully normal. Also she doesn't know what "German" when she knows the name of the language Also she failed completely. 21 years later Also what are those guns the Germans used on the beach, looked like m1 garands
Austin Woods
'Austin Woods' 6 days ago
Not a robot just wanna say again... Brilliant. And btw, hard to make jokes this far after the film has come out. Great work and for me, these movies aren't worth watching without knowing there will be a CinemaSins video no matter what. If the movie is great, these are great. If the movies suck, these are even better. Win/win at the theater!
Richard Thompson
'Richard Thompson' 6 days ago
They were speaking English for the same reason characters in TV/movies always speak English when they logically shouldn't be: American viewers hate having to deal with more than five consecutive minutes of subtitles.
'TheWhiteKnight' 6 days ago
5:16 Lol, can't wait until you learn this is DC, where all religions are right. For all we know, Lucifer could be wandering around right now screwing with some people to entertain himself.
michael singer
'michael singer' 6 days ago
Of course Trojan condoms support your channel lmao
The Overseer
'The Overseer' 6 days ago
fuck me. super hero movies are so tiring these days
'Comter' 7 days ago
Does anyone know what the music is that plays at 14:02?
Gavin Browning
'Gavin Browning' 7 days ago
No Dunkirk?
Артём Высоцкий
I just assumed that whenever Germans (and German-pretending people) are speaking to each other in accent, they are actually speaking German and the movie translates it for us.
your squating slav friend
I don't like this movie at all
Sophia Martha
'Sophia Martha' 1 week ago
this movie was so corny
'XxTitanBadgerxX' 1 week ago
I Actualy Enjoyed the New Wonder Woman Movie Gal Gadot was Amazing!
Tom Valentino
'Tom Valentino' 1 week ago
Remove sin for the WW score please!
Bun Wick
'Bun Wick' 1 week ago
So wonder woman is a kamehameha user so what
'Kal's Tube' 1 week ago
“Unlimited Power!” -Ares doing his lightning thang
The Reality Check
'The Reality Check' 1 week ago
"No, No." xD
Grim The Ghastly
'Grim The Ghastly' 1 week ago
13:40-13:56 One sin for the power of love.
Fantasticrestofthe day
I was hoping you would take off a sin for the introduction of her theme song.
j pezza
'j pezza' 1 week ago
7.30 he is Scottish not Irish sniper guy
debkamal mullick
'debkamal mullick' 1 week ago
Okay.. I am not a MARVEL FANBOY.. but I have to say that this movie is soo boring and plain dumb as it relies completely on using the audience's nostalgia and love for wonder woman.. this formula has been improvised by marvel years ago.. marvel makes movies about unknown comical superheroes and yet you root for them because it is not about how great or popular the superhero is.. ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU MAKE THE GODDAMN MOVIE... when will DCEU learn??
Godzilla MC
'Godzilla MC' 1 week ago
The 58th sin has an explanation. He is Ares, a god that could find Dyana who is a goddess easily.
martijn draws
'martijn draws' 2 weeks ago
8:57 they sad "did you see that? did you see what she just did" or "hept gij dat gezien? hept gij dat gezien wat zij gedaan heeft?"
Helena AtRandom
'Helena AtRandom' 2 weeks ago
Thoughout the whole movie I was just annoyed at how much they strayed from the comics
Duckzy Duckzy
'Duckzy Duckzy' 2 weeks ago
I realized the bullet was near her area o.0 3:20
Christopher Turner
'Christopher Turner' 2 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure Charlie the sniper is Scottish, not Irish. Ding.
dee mura
'dee mura' 2 weeks ago
I love this movie, but those things you said were true. Great video!!
Raileanu Cristian
'Raileanu Cristian' 2 weeks ago
Really tho, WW killing Ares? A fucking god? gtfo movie.
Dr.Sky. Hatter
'Dr.Sky. Hatter' 2 weeks ago
I bet the guy who does the cinama sins talker a lot in school
Bacon Specialist
'Bacon Specialist' 2 weeks ago
This movie kinda sucked
Jaylon Beatty
'Jaylon Beatty' 2 weeks ago
Dirty Diana
Catastrophe Cause
'Catastrophe Cause' 2 weeks ago
I love how *DC COMICS* is also a sin. lol xD
Jacob Taylor
'Jacob Taylor' 2 weeks ago
“You killed my father, prepare to die” Perfect
'maniacstarfish7' 2 weeks ago
You missed out a scene where wonder woman rejects a guy’s handshake after she smashes the building with the sniper
Luuk Kroone
'Luuk Kroone' 2 weeks ago
9:05 I Can speak Dutch they say things like whats happend?
Jade Eye
'Jade Eye' 2 weeks ago
"so the ship will sail itself then?... is it a Tesla?... like the original Tesla?" we love a good original Tesla joke :D :D
'JM S' 2 weeks ago
The whole cliché on gender equality and strong women, but when she heard "save WOMEN and children first" in the war scene, those ideals went screw themselves. She passed Feminism 101.
Ryan Harris
'Ryan Harris' 2 weeks ago
just saying if your a guy on an island with only women, why would you leave ?
Sleepy Nerd Girl Thing Demon
white rhino
'white rhino' 2 weeks ago
beautiful but horrible actress
future flash
'future flash' 2 weeks ago
7:34 dude he's knows this cause he's a god seriously there was some absolutely don't stuff here as stated in the video but this was pretty self explanatory and we won't be seeing Hades in DCEU cause somehow Ares killed him, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, and as ridiculous as this sounds Zeus it's stupid but that's what they said Sooooooooo edit: 13:46 best part not only was it funny but that was my EXACT reaction lol
lol lmao
'lol lmao' 2 weeks ago
That kamehameha in the end 😂😂
pantelis manasidis
'pantelis manasidis' 2 weeks ago
We have the copyrights if the twelve gods
Jeffrey Salvador
'Jeffrey Salvador' 2 weeks ago
Notice how everyone wears hats in the city lol
Chris Kelly
'Chris Kelly' 2 weeks ago
Morpheus is fighting Neo ——I mean princess Buttercup is fighting Diana lmao😂😂😂
'BFjordsman' 2 weeks ago
You saved the best for last. Kamehameha
Overly strange
'Overly strange' 2 weeks ago
The movie wasn't that bad. I do agree with most of these sins though but when you watch it for the first time it's not that bad. It kind of annoyed me with the slow motion parts cause it's obvious how fake the whole thing is. Also the guys death int eh end was pointless, yes, but that's all he could think of in that moment because he didn't have much time to think of anything else. ALSO ALSO why the hell is she the goddess of love? since when was wonderwomen goddess of love? or am i reading that ending wrong?
'Stardust' 2 weeks ago
Literally the only enjoyable DC movie
'Te'Nia Richardson' 2 weeks ago
"Go drunk movie, your home" lol 😂
Angry Asian Man
'Angry Asian Man' 2 weeks ago
Plus... I’d say, 72 sins for all the times the First World War imperial Germans were portrayed as nazis, the scenes with the gas masks from post-ww1 and ww2, plus the top-mounted scopes on their rifles... I hate this movie with a passion. Too much political correctness, historical errors, and people hating germans.
Benjamin French
'Benjamin French' 2 weeks ago
544 cocane
Ed Eranged
'Ed Eranged' 2 weeks ago
Pitiful female acting, bang on average plot, predictable twist, convenient snowflake female protagonist. IT'S A MASTERPIECE WOMEN ARE STRONG AND INDEPENDENT AND DON'T NEED NO MAN!!1! BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVEEEEER!!!11!!!1!!!!
Masen Holcombe
'Masen Holcombe' 2 weeks ago
That movie was the best
'Chris' 2 weeks ago
You missed THE MOST important and obvious sin . . . the kumbaya seen at the end after Ares dies. Not only too cheesy, but undercuts the whole message that Diana had jyst learned about her own naivety. Sin for CinemaSins
'Bayseek' 2 weeks ago
8:55 he said "Have you seen that? Have you seen what *mumble* *mumble* what they/she did" - probably.
Adelina Amouteru
'Adelina Amouteru' 2 weeks ago
12:28 there is nothing you can do, say or sing, to convince me that movie wasn't going for ' evil panda' when making those masks
Air Em Out
'Air Em Out' 2 weeks ago
There wasn't enough spinning jumps in the movie. If that wasn't annoying after the first 10 times. Note to Hollywood stop making super hero flicks the shits played out you mindless cunts.
'BossEmu77473230' 2 weeks ago
The acting is so bad
Isaac Hampton
'Isaac Hampton' 3 weeks ago
Hey Cinema Sins! Just want to say, your post credit dubs are on point
L Mille
'L Mille' 3 weeks ago
What the guy says in Flemish at 8:55 "have you seen it? Have you seen what she has done?!"
Matthew Benitez
'Matthew Benitez' 3 weeks ago
maybe they didn't put it in German cuz subtitles suck
Daniel Torres
'Daniel Torres' 3 weeks ago
What's that soundtrack at 15:16? Sounds like a Hans Zimmer piece.
Rawhead Rex
'Rawhead Rex' 3 weeks ago
Do not deal with verizon. They will burn you with the fine print.
Qord Fuaintance
'Qord Fuaintance' 3 weeks ago
Just because you say “47 seconds of logos” doesn’t mean you get an extra sin. That is a completely normal amount of logos
Meaty Milk
'Meaty Milk' 3 weeks ago
Why is Professor Lupin helping Wonder Woman and Steve
'Sazam' 3 weeks ago
Not gonna point out the song actually played by one of the characters (the scottish one if i remember correctly) in the background during the scene you show at 9:35 didn't exist yet back during WW1. Can't remember the actual title or the date it was aired but it is worth a sin to me. Also, this movie deserved more sins in my opinion. Also also, good work as always, your sins are always on point.
'jammons2productions' 3 weeks ago
Idk why he’s amazed by the fact Greek gods are in this, they’re in marvel too. Hercules helps fight for earth
'sNOOBie' 3 weeks ago
I've been affected by CinemaSins... I scoff at most movies now a days. As soon as I saw Patrick, I knew it was either him or the secretary that would turn out to be the villain. And I was correct. Most movies today are so fucking predictable, it's hard to enjoy them at times.
David Heaven
'David Heaven' 3 weeks ago
I dare to say that this Movie was very Dull & Overrated. ): I was very disappointed. ^__^ I'm pretty sure that the film had received only good reviews because of the feminist debate in Hollywood and the most good ratings came from many Women who obviously most of them don't have a taste in movies and these women who gave the ratings have never seen an other Comic Superhero movie before (YES, I SAID IT ;)) And I also found out that some people were afraid to give the film a bad rating so they would not be considered outsiders (What i found really ridiculous) But don't get me wrong...I love & respect women and i support equality but i gotta be honest too. Wonder Woman is just another CGI Trash Superhero movie with Popcorn effects. And talking about WomenPower.....there are many other WomenPower Films which are much better than Wonder Woman. For example the Classics as the ''Alien'' parts 1-4 with Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley who is in my opinion the Real Woman heroine ;) or Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 as Sarah Connor or ''Thelma & Louise'' which is a real feminism womenpower movie. Geena Davis in ''Long Kiss Goodnight'' or how bout the HongKong Classic good Cult Action movies from the 80s with Cynthia Rothrock & Michelle Yeoh and etc. Those movies were far ahead of its time and they made Film History. But what the hell was ''Wonder Woman''??? It was just a usual ordinary popcorn Action Comic movie like the other movies today. And Wonder Woman didn't make a Milestone or film history, not it all. Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman. That a Woman directed a Action movie is not new. Kathryn Bigelow made already good action movies as a Director in the 80s and 90s and she won a oscar for directing the film ''Hurt Locker'' ( First Oscar for a Woman Director), so i don't understand the hype that a woman directed Wonder Woman. Also the Woman Penny Marshall is a good director. And now to Gal Gadot: Gal Gadot is pretty, no doubt. But beauty will not save a movie. I could not take Gal Gadot seriously as a Actress ): I wanted to see WONDER WOMAN and not WODER MODEL OR Miss Israel. Anytime when she was talking i grinned in a amusing way about her Acting Skills & ability. I mean..ok...ok....i know...i know...She's not like the Actresses such as Jodie Foster, Hilary Swank, Sigourney Weaver or Meryl Streep so that's why i'll turn a blind eye for Gal Gadot ;) but c'mon... still another actress would have been better than Gal Gadot with a hebrew accent as Wonder Woman, for example Megan Fox with her Blue Eyes?? xD. WARNER BROS. choose Gal Gadot because she is pretty and she wasn't Expensive. And NOW to the Worst thing about the Film ''Wonder Woman''.... The FUCKING BAD SCREENPLAY!!! What the hell was wrong with the Scriptwriters. Was this a joke??? Who were these guys that made the script??? This is again the proof that WARNER BROS. was only interested in the Box-Office takings. This movie was obviously just made for the Economic intent and in the economic sense. As we know the Producers in Hollywood are Businessmen, they care & interested in money first and they did it well. This movie is of course for men & women but actually most for PG 13 kids. And WARNER BROS. knew also that many women will watch the movie because the feminist theme. And they were statistically right. And so the Box Office of Wonder Woman came over $800 Million. So i blame WARNER BROS. for this tacky movie of ''Wonder Woman''. Once again the greed of money destroyed the Quality of a movie. Talking about the Quality, Script, Acting and directing ''Wonder Woman'' is definitely not as good as the adapting Comic movies ''The Dark Night'', ''Sin City'' or ''Dick Tracy''. That's for sure. So FUCK YOU WARNER BROS. for destroying the quality & Screenplay of Wonder Woman. ^___^
mohamed a omar
'mohamed a omar' 3 weeks ago
Fuck you gal gadot you bitch
Siddharth Chauhan
'Siddharth Chauhan' 3 weeks ago
How the hell did the sword debacle near the end go unacknowledged? You oughta give yourself a few sins for missing it.
'Bodhi' 3 weeks ago
The movie was pathetic, terrible acting, and weak storyline. And some Christian themes.... Gotta love HollyCrap to stick it to ya. But wait... another wonder women in the making....part 2 ...what a joke...
'lolbutt124' 3 weeks ago
I have to disagree with you on your sin that they are speaking English in the German party and whatnot. I think it's because actors are terrible at fluently speaking whatever language it is and editors don't want to write everything they are saying. I think they are speaking German but movie is just lazy.
fortnitehighlights 09
I am still alive, I just changed my last name
'Fuschia' 3 weeks ago
Everything Wrong With (*insert Kitchen Nightmares episode* ( --> Amy’s Baking Company)) I think that doing TV shows may be too weird and complex for Cinema Sins but maybe for a special something with Gordon Ramsey could be featured as it would be pretty extraordinary...
Liz Christopher
'Liz Christopher' 3 weeks ago
Gods are immortal, so it doesn’t make any sense that Wonder Woman KILLED Ares
Peter Adams
'Peter Adams' 3 weeks ago
You forgot about mentioning that the book’s mythology is bullshit and wrong
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