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What Is This Giant Stone Pattern in the Ground? -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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Nicknamed The Wheel of Giants, this gigantic stone pattern baffled archaeologists. There are conflicting theories as to what it was used for.

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JayveeAurea Aurea
'JayveeAurea Aurea' 4 months ago
omg! its an alien ship landing sight...😂
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 7 months ago
just hypotheses without any factual basis
Brian Mcbrian
'Brian Mcbrian' 7 months ago
come on circle are fucking easy to make, just 2 piece of wood and a rope, even the most primitive mongrel can make some.....
Tristan Morrow
'Tristan Morrow' 7 months ago ...much ...bullshit.
'Haas' 7 months ago
obvious ufo spaceport, obvious.
'MaximvsDread' 8 months ago
It's a defensable grain store from about 10,000 years ago. Not hard to figure out peoploe. Unless you're looking for aliens' bigfoot or that watch you lost up that hookers backside.
A True Wisconsinite
'A True Wisconsinite' 8 months ago
I want to know where they got all of the stone.
kzu nizam
'kzu nizam' 8 months ago
did thor coming to earth?
Green Polo
'Green Polo' 8 months ago
its some sort of giant stone pattern
Casper Boekel
'Casper Boekel' 8 months ago
Hahahahaha 850.000 subscribers and only 140 likes
Natasha loves Rainbow
I think he wants to say on the ground
'AurumTitanos' 8 months ago
Its the maze, the robot maze
'DamnIN1row' 8 months ago
its the basic foundation of a building fucking noobs
NoobSlyr slayer
'NoobSlyr slayer' 8 months ago
Memorial for atlantis
Some Nobody
'Some Nobody' 8 months ago
It's a small village
'soiledbyhate' 8 months ago
Arnold's Maze
Naman Monga
'Naman Monga' 8 months ago
Bro..i just wanted to know that what would happen if humans prepared a stopwatch that could stop time!!
Mustark Shahreya
'Mustark Shahreya' 8 months ago
white walkers
'Glorywhole' 8 months ago
Pagan Ceremonial structure that coincides with astronomical calendar.
Bryan Le
'Bryan Le' 8 months ago
Attack on titan
'abdul's mind' 8 months ago
well their tha quantum tunnling effect from traveling threw time an space to tha almighty thor dimension
Bilal Akbar
'Bilal Akbar' 8 months ago
the maze
Milan Nedeljkovic
'Milan Nedeljkovic' 8 months ago
Thats me unsubing from your channel!
Daniel Thomas
'Daniel Thomas' 8 months ago
Temple Run IRL
Manoj Sahu
'Manoj Sahu' 8 months ago
I need an alien now to make me understand this.
'Cryptonat' 8 months ago
#StopClickbait - Its a big calendar.
'MillardFillmore' 8 months ago
Stupidest show on the air?
SPINEEATER Nuclearsharkhead
SPINEEATER Nuclearsharkhead
attack on titan..
Blue Toad
'Blue Toad' 8 months ago
Daysi Puente
'Daysi Puente' 8 months ago
2nd place
'Roadhog' 8 months ago
second af
Jacob C
'Jacob C' 8 months ago
first af
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