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What Is This Giant Stone Pattern in the Ground? -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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Nicknamed The Wheel of Giants, this gigantic stone pattern baffled archaeologists. There are conflicting theories as to what it was used for.

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Jayvee Aurea
'Jayvee Aurea' 8 months ago
omg! its an alien ship landing sight...😂
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 11 months ago
just hypotheses without any factual basis
Brian Mcbrian
'Brian Mcbrian' 11 months ago
come on circle are fucking easy to make, just 2 piece of wood and a rope, even the most primitive mongrel can make some.....
Tristan Morrow
'Tristan Morrow' 11 months ago ...much ...bullshit.
'Haas' 11 months ago
obvious ufo spaceport, obvious.
'MaximvsDread' 11 months ago
It's a defensable grain store from about 10,000 years ago. Not hard to figure out peoploe. Unless you're looking for aliens' bigfoot or that watch you lost up that hookers backside.
A True Wisconsinite
'A True Wisconsinite' 11 months ago
I want to know where they got all of the stone.
kzu nizam
'kzu nizam' 11 months ago
did thor coming to earth?
Green Polo
'Green Polo' 11 months ago
its some sort of giant stone pattern
Casper Boekel
'Casper Boekel' 11 months ago
Hahahahaha 850.000 subscribers and only 140 likes
Natasha loves Rainbow
'Natasha loves Rainbow' 11 months ago
I think he wants to say on the ground
'AurumTitanos' 11 months ago
Its the maze, the robot maze
'DamnIN1row' 11 months ago
its the basic foundation of a building fucking noobs
NoobSlyr slayer
'NoobSlyr slayer' 11 months ago
Memorial for atlantis
The Custodian
'The Custodian' 11 months ago
It's a small village
'soiledbyhate' 11 months ago
Arnold's Maze
Naman Monga
'Naman Monga' 11 months ago
Bro..i just wanted to know that what would happen if humans prepared a stopwatch that could stop time!!
Mustark Shahreya
'Mustark Shahreya' 11 months ago
white walkers
'Glorywhole' 11 months ago
Pagan Ceremonial structure that coincides with astronomical calendar.
Bryan Le
'Bryan Le' 11 months ago
Attack on titan
'abdul's mind' 11 months ago
well their tha quantum tunnling effect from traveling threw time an space to tha almighty thor dimension
Bilzagna Gengar
'Bilzagna Gengar' 11 months ago
the maze
Milan Nedeljkovic
'Milan Nedeljkovic' 11 months ago
Thats me unsubing from your channel!
Daniel Thomas
'Daniel Thomas' 11 months ago
Temple Run IRL
Manoj Sahu
'Manoj Sahu' 11 months ago
I need an alien now to make me understand this.
'Cryptonat' 11 months ago
#StopClickbait - Its a big calendar.
'MillardFillmore' 11 months ago
Stupidest show on the air?
'Killado' 11 months ago
'Killado' 11 months ago
attack on titan..
Blue Toad
'Blue Toad' 11 months ago
Daysi Puente
'Daysi Puente' 11 months ago
2nd place
'FlamePepper' 11 months ago
second af
Jacob C
'Jacob C' 11 months ago
first af
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