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Published: 10 months ago By: Guava Juice

By: Guava JuicePublished: 10 months ago

4, 432, 678 views

58, 727 Likes   6, 812 Dislikes

Will this Hatchimal survive the hot knife?!
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Fatt Senpai
'Fatt Senpai' 10 months ago
The kick at 0:11 though was pretty sick xD
Grecia Mendez
'Grecia Mendez' 18 hours ago
His eyes are creepy
Alyssa Cumbicos
'Alyssa Cumbicos' 18 hours ago
Grecia Mendez
'Grecia Mendez' 18 hours ago
I wish I got that one
Alex Bowers
'Alex Bowers' 2 days ago
Blowtorch a hatchable
chief Detzu
'chief Detzu' 4 days ago
Poor bread
Aini Noor
'Aini Noor' 5 days ago
You are an evil bird murderer!!!!!🗡🗡🗡🗡😡😡😈You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!😭😭😢😢 I feel SO SORRY for her. She is innocent!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!😣😣😭😡😡😠
Aini Noor
'Aini Noor' 5 days ago
Poor birdy
Parsa Khamisi
'Parsa Khamisi' 5 days ago
I am so so so mad😡😡😡😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😠😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠of you
Muhd Ikramcr
'Muhd Ikramcr' 5 days ago
That berery never explode
Booboo Thompson
'Booboo Thompson' 6 days ago
I used to love your channel but you just got so violent at this point
melissa retamoza
'melissa retamoza' 6 days ago
call me and duck me
melissa retamoza
'melissa retamoza' 6 days ago
call me and duck me
Aneta Jirásková
'Aneta Jirásková' 6 days ago
He is arsehole!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Madison Rickert
'Madison Rickert' 6 days ago
stop killing hatcnhimals
Am Franquez
'Am Franquez' 7 days ago
Die hatchimal!
Anna Ronafalvy
'Anna Ronafalvy' 7 days ago
You are so mean you are killing it 😱
Ashley Morales
'Ashley Morales' 7 days ago
Ashley Morales
'Ashley Morales' 7 days ago
Camdynn Rasmussen
'Camdynn Rasmussen' 1 week ago
Poor hatch map butter fun nnnnnnnynerrr
Creeper Faceboy
'Creeper Faceboy' 1 week ago
Help I can’t watch it’s to sad 😞
Kirk Campbell
'Kirk Campbell' 1 week ago
Poor thing
Teenie Beanie Boos los
Esintutrible lol
Umyrah Aries
'Umyrah Aries' 1 week ago
if its blue eye the hatchimal is sad if its red is very very agery
Mya Chartier
'Mya Chartier' 1 week ago
I am so sorry but my brother hates you
Sarah D
'Sarah D'cruz' 1 week ago
Zombie hatchimal 💀💀💀
Jessica Alvarez
'Jessica Alvarez' 1 week ago
This video make me sad and poor and IT survive YA BUT AM STILL SAD FOR THAT HATCH I DO NOT NO ALL WHY GUAVA JUICE WHY!!!!! :(
Tenor James Reilly
Poor bread
payton knopp
'payton knopp' 2 weeks ago
U murderer XD
Connie Jones
'Connie Jones' 2 weeks ago
It seems the hatchimal likes it
Lps piggs
'Lps piggs' 2 weeks ago
Its a invinsable hatchimle
Junior Hield
'Junior Hield' 2 weeks ago
I hate you so mach
Suleica Correa
'Suleica Correa' 2 weeks ago
deepfry hatchimal
Russel Henandez
'Russel Henandez' 2 weeks ago
The hatchemal eyes turn into red its Satan toy
Destiny Skeens
'Destiny Skeens' 2 weeks ago
He he he
Jenes Anaksyon
'Jenes Anaksyon' 2 weeks ago
How could you gava juice
mary norford
'mary norford' 2 weeks ago
Roses r red violets r blue I have 5 fingers the middles for u😎😎😎😎😎😎😅😅😅😅
Lizbeth Cardenas
'Lizbeth Cardenas' 2 weeks ago
I love. Your. Videos. 😍😍❤️😋😄😂😂
Frisk Cute
'Frisk Cute' 2 weeks ago
And....I get that one 2
Frisk Cute
'Frisk Cute' 2 weeks ago
I got 2 hatchimal and i would never kill them!
jojo jorene
'jojo jorene' 2 weeks ago
I don't want to call him a noob again;( guava just spend the money >:(
jojo jorene
'jojo jorene' 2 weeks ago
poor penguin you will be miss
'jglvag80' 2 weeks ago
That thang is ugly
geraldini carlos
'geraldini carlos' 2 weeks ago
cut the net no cut its neck
Me and my baby bro For life
Maybe his a zombie
fred alf
'fred alf' 2 weeks ago
no offense but could you please STOP THE ADDS
Bruce Stipanovich
'Bruce Stipanovich' 2 weeks ago
Bruce Stipanovich
'Bruce Stipanovich' 2 weeks ago
Awesome video man
Marlian Duque
'Marlian Duque' 2 weeks ago
Your so ivel
killer clown
'killer clown' 2 weeks ago
yous a 7 0000 degree sord to cut a hatchimal xD
Ayessa Abrera
'Ayessa Abrera' 2 weeks ago
your so fanny
Stephaducky 2000!!!!
it was so cool when the knife got red
Stephaducky 2000!!!!
the bread was on fire
Cailyn Strydom
'Cailyn Strydom' 2 weeks ago
Nacho Data
'Nacho Data' 3 weeks ago
I'm late I have a joke Read More
Rebecca Roderick
'Rebecca Roderick' 3 weeks ago
IiLove you graph for tooth
Renz Sleepy
'Renz Sleepy' 3 weeks ago
She only watch it in youtube
Renz Sleepy
'Renz Sleepy' 3 weeks ago
My baby sister realy like hachimal but i dont have money to buy that thimg
Poor hatchimle
JimBob Billy Joe
'JimBob Billy Joe' 3 weeks ago
I don't knownif you but I could actually feel the hatchimal's pain...
JimBob Billy Joe
'JimBob Billy Joe' 3 weeks ago
Rip hatchimal. Was killed by guava juice the best kicker YouTuber's hot knife...
Angel Demon
'Angel Demon' 3 weeks ago
U HATCHIMAL KILLER AND ABUSER! just kididng it is not real anyways
i love foxy fnaf
'i love foxy fnaf' 3 weeks ago
how do you have the mony to keep on buying those hacthimales wow
Nikki Larsen
'Nikki Larsen' 3 weeks ago
poor thing..
'Eeveechu' 3 weeks ago
R.I.P hatchimal He never died!!!! 😁😁😁 Guava Juice he got rekt by hatchimal
Nickolas Buol
'Nickolas Buol' 3 weeks ago
I'm angry at you all of guava juice and my hatchimals are mad too
Nickolas Buol
'Nickolas Buol' 3 weeks ago
I have three of them
Nickolas Buol
'Nickolas Buol' 3 weeks ago
Mohamed Hassan
'Mohamed Hassan' 3 weeks ago
do it yah beat that hatchimal up beat its body
Mohamed Hassan
'Mohamed Hassan' 3 weeks ago
when will you get sick
mark ellison
'mark ellison' 3 weeks ago
poor hatchimal..
Robin Poolkaine
'Robin Poolkaine' 3 weeks ago
Make video two 1000 degree knife vs hathcimal
لمى بيوتي
'لمى بيوتي' 3 weeks ago
Swagalious SwagGirl
'Swagalious SwagGirl' 3 weeks ago
You are crazy!
old bonnie player
'old bonnie player' 3 weeks ago
You #/#/^#^#/#%@[email protected]&€@£#**$*#££×£*&÷*×£**#*£$*!#?*#&"!!$!#*#&÷;!$£#££#*$*$*#€×&#!!#*#&#&#!#*#€#_&😠😠😠😠😠😠
rdfhCorbin Hinsonjko
'TheGoldenTurtwig' 3 weeks ago
ether boil or put the hatchimal in the oven
Where's the knife Are you chara now? 0w0 "Lets get this knife" LETS GET A KNIFU KUBZ SCOUTS? OwO
'Subiksha GURUNATHAN' 3 weeks ago
Poor little baby hatchmimal🐣🐣🐣
Banana Boy
'Banana Boy' 3 weeks ago
It's cold when it's on fire LOGIC
Jay Gon
'Jay Gon' 3 weeks ago
I hate you rol😠
Jay Gon
'Jay Gon' 3 weeks ago
ROL DON kill a hatchimals 😢 that not cool
Et Burns
'Et Burns' 3 weeks ago
Hello Hi
'Hello Hi' 3 weeks ago
Roi you need Jesus
Cheesecake Crush
'Cheesecake Crush' 3 weeks ago
1000 degree bread baby
Alina loves Unicorns
How dare you.that is a poor little thing and the bread you should it
Mocha the Bunny
'Mocha the Bunny' 4 weeks ago
I love French bread 😢
The Tay Tay Show
'The Tay Tay Show' 4 weeks ago
I love the beginning XD
Drake Ray
'Drake Ray' 4 weeks ago
Drake Ray
'Drake Ray' 4 weeks ago
renzmartin cabuga
'renzmartin cabuga' 4 weeks ago
Sad hacthimal:( like me if real
renzmartin cabuga
'renzmartin cabuga' 4 weeks ago
You angry when cooking like if you
Tom Syrithip
'Tom Syrithip' 4 weeks ago
i really hate hatchimals so much!
Kuba Luty
'Kuba Luty' 4 weeks ago
No one likes hatchimal there creepy af 😱😱
Danielsan Zolik
'Danielsan Zolik' 4 weeks ago
'AUSTIN AGRIMSON' 4 weeks ago
It is not hot enough
Daniel Cruz
'Daniel Cruz' 4 weeks ago
What :/
Funny jak lol
'Funny jak lol' 4 weeks ago
Are you crazy?You are cuting it with a bread?!!!!!!!!!😲🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞
Salina Padilla
'Salina Padilla' 4 weeks ago
pour hathimal😢
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