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Published: 6 months ago By: Guava Juice

By: Guava JuicePublished: 6 months ago

4, 060, 292 views

55, 538 Likes   6, 359 Dislikes

Will this Hatchimal survive the hot knife?!
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Homie Polar Bear
'Homie Polar Bear' 6 months ago
The kick at 0:11 though was pretty sick xD
Savage tiger TV LOL
'Savage tiger TV LOL' 5 hours ago
RIP Hachimal Ded by youtuber for views We will all miss u REST IN PIECE P.S u don't have to like But every one that wants to see this is a preyer for that poor thing
jordan galway
'jordan galway' 9 hours ago
im soo sad i cant watch
Isaiah Woodard
'Isaiah Woodard' 9 hours ago
wtf I will unsubribe
mark anthony sengson
'mark anthony sengson' 15 hours ago
I hate you guava juice kill a hatchimal
Miyah Nelson
'Miyah Nelson' 17 hours ago
arnas gaming gt
'arnas gaming gt' 1 day ago
ur videos is so funny
Antonio Sandoval
'Antonio Sandoval' 1 day ago
you are so mean😡👎😭
Bryson Davis
'Bryson Davis' 2 days ago
u look like your brother
Unique Unicorn
'Unique Unicorn' 2 days ago
DanTDM did this
Denise Larsen
'Denise Larsen' 2 days ago
the hathamal is the evil ones brother
Denise Larsen
'Denise Larsen' 2 days ago
who wants bull barn jolly ranchers full bag (lol gone)
Denise Larsen
'Denise Larsen' 2 days ago
I've never seen him act like this ohhhhh wait he acts like this all the time love ya fam ~ur fan Chloe:3
'Reshvin.k' 2 days ago
Opal Smith
'Opal Smith' 2 days ago
no don't kill the hatchimal
undertaleplayer 799
R.I.P bread crust
Rodney Bruno
'Rodney Bruno' 3 days ago
At 6:19 it said guava juice
Milton Yasno
'Milton Yasno' 3 days ago
i think u just did hat and didnt thik how much time it tuck to make i
Florence Bullock
'Florence Bullock' 3 days ago
Do another gummy food vs real food
Harley Thompson
'Harley Thompson' 3 days ago
Carmen Davis
'Carmen Davis' 3 days ago
you are mean
Mr. Kriptonic
'Mr. Kriptonic' 3 days ago
If u sub ill sub to u
Mr. Kriptonic
'Mr. Kriptonic' 3 days ago
Cut it at 3am bro
MrMatteoG YT
'MrMatteoG YT' 3 days ago
the hatchimal made all sorts of weird noises
Eugelyz Cruz
'Eugelyz Cruz' 3 days ago
you montser
Memow Hunderuk
'Memow Hunderuk' 4 days ago
Hatchamal lives matter too!!
samriddhi singh
'samriddhi singh' 4 days ago
Thats sooooooooooo mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abby Abby
'Abby Abby' 4 days ago
hachimals finally win hachimal killer
Higashi Miyagi
'Higashi Miyagi' 5 days ago
It's just a little baby toy
James Jameson
'James Jameson' 5 days ago
roi is cutting the hatchamal and it was like ahhhhh
NerdBunny Aj,Fnaf,Transforemice
0:48 Roi: Hehehe, this is not a knife, YO BETTER GO TO THE STORE AND GET ME A KNIFE Person: ( shy scraed voice ) ok Roi: GO! well anyways..
NerdBunny Aj,Fnaf,Transforemice
Have you noticed that Roi spends Hundreds of money just to entertain us?? He useing als\most haf is money to entertain us D: 1 like: will help save roi money
Matthew Orr
'Matthew Orr' 6 days ago
listen to the hachamal at 4:44
baka tala
'baka tala' 6 days ago
'KOOL DOGA2334' 6 days ago
0:50 ROI"this is not a knife YOU go to the store and buy me a knife" Seconds later he comes in LOOKING LIKE HE'S KILLING SOMEONE
Kiara Kaipat
'Kiara Kaipat' 6 days ago
Snuggly 9
'Snuggly 9' 7 days ago
They must really hate Hatchimals
purplegirlgaming124 voilet
purplegirlgaming124 voilet
i have that same hatchimal
Samantha Royce
'Samantha Royce' 1 week ago
🔴 eyes😈
Jordan Finney
'Jordan Finney' 1 week ago
Have you been doin 🥋
'ShadowKat' 1 week ago
Throw it off a building. Multiple times. Or throw it in a pool or something like that.
Im dying Inside
'Im dying Inside' 1 week ago
this guy really hates hatchimals
Kennedy Wardlaw
'Kennedy Wardlaw' 1 week ago
That was a very evil hatchimal
James Faith
'James Faith' 1 week ago
so meen
James Faith
'James Faith' 1 week ago
soo meen
Mariana Montecinos
yea sick
rehan akhtar
'rehan akhtar' 1 week ago
roi play roblox dantdm tycoon
rehan akhtar
'rehan akhtar' 1 week ago
roi answer me Im you biggest fan answer
Matilda Martinez
'Matilda Martinez' 1 week ago
Elder Izz2005
'Elder Izz2005' 1 week ago
Roi is angry mood on this video
'Aximillion' 1 week ago
That was really morbid...
Norma Triana
'Norma Triana' 1 week ago
Luis Montero
'Luis Montero' 1 week ago
I love when you throw everything on the floor it was a Larry is I'm laughing my butt off
Alana  T T
'Alana T T' 1 week ago
Leo O
'Leo O' 1 week ago
Phantom hatchimal
Madilyn Coolest name
I hate hatchimal
Rainah G. Lagdameo
'Rainah G. Lagdameo' 2 weeks ago
you are good in tikwando👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻🏃🏼👱👕👖
Exploding Creeper
'Exploding Creeper' 2 weeks ago
Poor hatchimal
John Welsh
'John Welsh' 2 weeks ago
This video is pretty creepy
'TANMAY JOSHI' 2 weeks ago
Potato Lol
'Potato Lol' 2 weeks ago
the hachumol is devil
hector solis
'hector solis' 2 weeks ago
i subscribed
Chelo Enriquez
'Chelo Enriquez' 2 weeks ago
first part is funny
Yurem Ruiz
'Yurem Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
I hate you
aracely Guevara
'aracely Guevara' 2 weeks ago
Jayce Cross
'Jayce Cross' 2 weeks ago
die stupped​ bird🙀😿😨😈
Caleb Salgado
'Caleb Salgado' 2 weeks ago
Poor hatchimal
Stuff Comedy
'Stuff Comedy' 2 weeks ago
1000 degre knife is a meme
'PARTY CLASHERS' 2 weeks ago
nub Roi
'PARTY CLASHERS' 2 weeks ago
why you burn it Roi WTF
sandra c
'sandra c' 2 weeks ago
please stop killing hachamals 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢✔
Nathan Moss
'Nathan Moss' 2 weeks ago
I liked it
Carlos yadialynn stoudt the best of 50th.
I love you in all but you have to kill it love your girlfend
'CAROLINA GAMEZ' 2 weeks ago
'CAROLINA GAMEZ' 2 weeks ago
Morgy Porgy
'Morgy Porgy' 2 weeks ago
Poor hatcnhimal.
Celerino Martinez
'Celerino Martinez' 2 weeks ago
You can smash it with a hammer 🔨 rio
Liew Bota
'Liew Bota' 2 weeks ago
im geting scared of you roi
'ellagraesmom' 2 weeks ago
3:37 it's eyes went crazy 0.0
Nicole Govea
'Nicole Govea' 2 weeks ago
you make me cye
Princess YouTube
'Princess YouTube' 2 weeks ago
Samantha Chacon
'Samantha Chacon' 2 weeks ago
Szick Gusztáv
'Szick Gusztáv' 2 weeks ago
alex atkins
'alex atkins' 2 weeks ago
Sick moves
xXUnisparkle GamerXx :b
btw 6:19 it said "Gggggguavaaa"
xXUnisparkle GamerXx :b
this is guava🍃 he needs a nife🔪 1 like = 1🔪🔥 yay for guava! o wait...he has a nife now...😒
youtube views awsome views
the hachamal said come home with me it's time to play or prey if you don't prey you will die
taiki cho
'taiki cho' 2 weeks ago
I didn't even laugh... hes weird
Nayef Sangkad
'Nayef Sangkad' 2 weeks ago
my youtuber is nayefsangkad nf&a productions
halloween kid 7th severino
lol super sick kick
Mateo Hernandez Jr
'Mateo Hernandez Jr' 2 weeks ago
don't do that to that poor hatchimal 😡😥 really cute
Salty Egg
'Salty Egg' 2 weeks ago
wow guava juice is the best ever
Christian Mendoza
'Christian Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
that was not plastic that was titaniom
Matt Garbers
'Matt Garbers' 2 weeks ago
your evil guava juice 😠😾
Sherry Clark
'Sherry Clark' 2 weeks ago
Who else say Dantdms bid on burning a *hatchamal*?
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