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Published: 1 year ago By: TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTI

By: TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTIPublished: 1 year ago

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8 Advance Robots Animal You NEED To See
5 Advanced Robots Animal You NEED To See

1.BionicANTs | Festo

NO.2- BionicKangaroo | Festo

NO.3 - Techject Inc. | The Robot Dragonfly

NO.4 - AquaPenguin | Festo

NO.5 - BionicOpter | Festo

NO.6 - eMotionButterflies | Festo

NO.7 - SmartBird | Festo

NO.8 - MIT Robotic Cheetah

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'psysonator' 22 hours ago
for the brave new world after ww 3
Kevin C. Davis
'Kevin C. Davis' 1 day ago
Sangue Dolce
'Sangue Dolce' 4 days ago
I don't understand the aim of these creations.. -_-
'dtiydr' 4 days ago
6:32 Put that together with some wallaby's and see what they would do.
Michael Boeder
'Michael Boeder' 5 days ago
Zoids finally real Zoids
'Hexalina' 6 days ago
Ohh well at least when all the animals are extinct we will be able to see the robot version.
'frogbear02' 7 days ago
2:18 did he just say "almost wear resistant"? dunno about you, but i want something that is wear resistant :I
nick atkins
'nick atkins' 1 week ago
BigDog slaps all of these.....
vgfx nw
'vgfx nw' 2 weeks ago
I like the Festo Smartbird !
Gord Bonnar
'Gord Bonnar' 2 weeks ago
Not long until we have dinosaurs again
'Wumbo' 2 weeks ago
your robots are bad
Keith Kinchen
'Keith Kinchen' 3 weeks ago
And now the mass depopulation process begins.
Keith Kinchen
'Keith Kinchen' 3 weeks ago
Why would u produce animal robots. For what purpose.
Henry Ross
'Henry Ross' 3 weeks ago
the music completely disctract from the subject matter
'Diana SUNSHINE Wulf' 3 weeks ago
Don Burrus
'Don Burrus' 3 weeks ago
Replacing cars? Before the 20th century everybody had something called a horse. Imagine that shit, a real animal
Wytze Kylstra
'Wytze Kylstra' 3 weeks ago
get rid of this stupefying music to be taken seriously. Still did not solving the big problems in the world. Play ground for geeks, how would you be when your beloved delivered your first baby feeling like plastic. Good luck with your efforts, I think you turned into a" no through road"
Wytze Kylstra
'Wytze Kylstra' 3 weeks ago
get rid of this stupefying music to be taken seriously. Still did not solving the big problems in the world. Play ground for geeks, how would you be when your beloved delivered your first baby feeling like plastic. Good luck with your efforts, I think you turned into a" no through road"
Dana Bidlake
'Dana Bidlake' 3 weeks ago
its the buzz that creates lift. buzz in the wings
Gary Steele
'Gary Steele' 3 weeks ago
What these dumbasses do NOT realize is, they are all working towards our demise.
isaura dec
'isaura dec' 3 weeks ago
Silverio Suárez McAuliffe
Awesome I´m mesmerized dazzled I just would like to have the opportunity to live another 30 years
'creepyrat1' 3 weeks ago
sharon richards
'sharon richards' 3 weeks ago
Where's the horse in the picture?
Jonathan Pope
'Jonathan Pope' 4 weeks ago
Meh If they had lasers and free will they might be cool. Animals need a danger factor
Pastor Peewee
'Pastor Peewee' 4 weeks ago
What are these going to do for humanity? Especially that ridiculous butterfly
Drayson Roberts
'Drayson Roberts' 4 weeks ago
Didn't see the horse. Did I miss it, or was it just false advertising?
rose castanza
'rose castanza' 4 weeks ago
rose castanza
'rose castanza' 4 weeks ago
'johnaiken86' 4 weeks ago
The dragonflies won't be replacing quad copters for multimedia purposes until the body is stable. They shake way too much.
'ThatPunkGurl' 4 weeks ago
The music is awefull. It sounds like there are two tracks playing constantly.
'8ftbed' 4 weeks ago
clickbait bites you in your piezo!
Megano Raouf
'Megano Raouf' 4 weeks ago
All of this boys , you need to bear in mind that this would never reach the functionality and intelligence of human , so don't make this programed scraps make you forget the one who created this beautiful machine ( your brain ) the supreme managing director of this universe who placed his focus only of your devotion to him in this short amount of period so at least for being thanks full for him chant that glory that he has given you for this great science and innovation , imagine how simple god reveals himself , you would fully respect him and ask him more and more of the innovations and look at this deference where your five senses are out of the reach of your lord , certain completely hate me even for mentioning out our lord glory to him in fact you would discriminate his existence whiles you are being created by him .
'bobdwilliams' 4 weeks ago
reminds me of my first wife.
Mike Marshall
'Mike Marshall' 4 weeks ago
Olivier Tlouzeau
'Olivier Tlouzeau' 4 weeks ago
sympa la vidéo, très intéressant mais la musique ça prends la tête. Sinon bientôt, quand toutes les espèces auront disparues après que l'homme les aie exterminé, avec les insecticides et autres, on pourra les remplacer par des botnimals ! Le monde sera artificiel ! C'est génial. A moins que Dieu fasse tout péter avant ! Ça serait cool, ARMAGGEDON !
Alessia Aikley
'Alessia Aikley' 1 month ago
Can you imagine how useful a colony of robot ants would be? They could be awesome at cleaning things, and fixing tiny problems. Some old item that stopped working, could be repaired by the ants.
Sureymdhra Baboo
'Sureymdhra Baboo' 1 month ago
wow roobott
chris walker
'chris walker' 1 month ago
Faustin Gashakamba
'Faustin Gashakamba' 1 month ago
Robot dragonflies would be very useful (if coupled with wireless charging tech so they stay in the air forever). Robot butterflies looks awesome; they'd make a good decoration!
Andry Lala Rakotonirina
biswari basumatary
'biswari basumatary' 1 month ago
It's imaging invent more and more robots like army solder to
'irishguy13' 1 month ago
I like Festo.
larry Euthanazor
'larry Euthanazor' 1 month ago
horrible music, i don't support this shit lol next time, pay yourself some expliquative narations lol
'BaddaBigBoom' 1 month ago
The voiceover has an interesting "trans-Atlantic" accent.
Zakk Gardner
'Zakk Gardner' 1 month ago
op is a click baiting view monger
Gin A.
'Gin A.' 1 month ago
All these things will need 5G technology...untested on any living things.
Дмитрий Черкасов
вот заняться нечем
Josimar Silva
'Josimar Silva' 1 month ago
essa fomiga nao serve pra nada
Baron Von Trenk
'Baron Von Trenk' 1 month ago
was the music written by a robot too?
Big Nix
'Big Nix' 1 month ago
way to go jackasses. You just invented the things that are going to fucking kill all of us
'rascalferret' 1 month ago
DARPA will weaponized anything...Is that ok with you?
Kayla Swift
'Kayla Swift' 1 month ago
I want a chicken thats a robot and also a dragon robot one that flies
Nafu Canada
'Nafu Canada' 1 month ago
You guys are relay Brilliant.
Robert Smith
'Robert Smith' 1 month ago
Why the soul-less shite muzak? Hate that dance crap.
Marz Whitfield
'Marz Whitfield' 1 month ago
Where is the goddam robohorse .
Abhishek Kumar
'Abhishek Kumar' 1 month ago
good ofter noon abhishek kumar
Hans Welder
'Hans Welder' 1 month ago
What would they do if nature claims copyright :D
Kenneth Wimer
'Kenneth Wimer' 1 month ago
Stop it with the faux thumnail.
Rainer Wahnsinn
'Rainer Wahnsinn' 1 month ago
This video is sponsored by Festo
Doris Rowe
'Doris Rowe' 1 month ago
The amazing grace of these magnificent inventions brings them into the realm of art. Thank you for this video.
Steven Mcdonald
'Steven Mcdonald' 1 month ago
Ok a robot penguin. It's cool and pointless
The Bushwacker
'The Bushwacker' 1 month ago
What a sad world we live in. The most annoying ad is the ad to get rid of ads.
Dary John Mizelle
'Dary John Mizelle' 1 month ago
interesting machines, but why the tinkertoy music?
'McGalcri' 1 month ago
¿Why to use a miniature image not implemented in the video?
j gauthier
'j gauthier' 1 month ago
good topic! why the noise polution in the background? stop musack over voice.
Tahir Shah
'Tahir Shah' 1 month ago
God is great . No one can make like God any thing.but nice to see.good job
Alie Robbins
'Alie Robbins' 1 month ago
Tivaughn Henry
'Tivaughn Henry' 2 months ago
The ant made my skin crawl
'1000101' 2 months ago
Interesting robots, boring video. Robotic horse thumbnail never shown.
'XRY-Nightmare' 2 months ago
*Sponsored by Festo*
Ray Davis
'Ray Davis' 2 months ago
WTF is up with letting deaf people lay down the background music?
Julie Davis
'Julie Davis' 2 months ago
Kanga needs a toe.
Klabauter Ius
'Klabauter Ius' 2 months ago
'Timerss1' 2 months ago
C'est bien, quand on aura tout détruit, ils nous restera nos jouets pour un semblent de vie sur terre ... rassurant ... ou pas.
Sandeep Gupta
'Sandeep Gupta' 2 months ago
Ethan Tiusonco
'Ethan Tiusonco' 2 months ago
Call it trachket ball
Peter Mouck
'Peter Mouck' 2 months ago
yes and the dragon fly once smaller which it already is can be fitted with a shaped charge so swarms of them can be released and bango lots of dead people. That is the reason why the Air force endorsed it.
Angeli Alvares
'Angeli Alvares' 2 months ago
Yes like they are killing all the real living animals with endless deforestation and concrete flats and buildings and bringing in these dead things
Nicole Ackerman
'Nicole Ackerman' 2 months ago
victo Rocha
'victo Rocha' 2 months ago
rapaz isso e fantartico
'Emzeez' 2 months ago
I wanted the horse in the thumbnail 😑
'Thomeeno' 2 months ago
unlike the others "Aquapenguin" looks pretty lame (although i'm a bit affraid of spying micro-insects)
Amit Agarwal
'Amit Agarwal' 2 months ago
Congratulations Jayant.
Red Ops7
'Red Ops7' 2 months ago
Red Ops7
'Red Ops7' 2 months ago
Fat robo cheetah
Red Ops7
'Red Ops7' 2 months ago
At first i thought the penguin was a robo shark😁
Red Ops7
'Red Ops7' 2 months ago
Bionic horse/demon horse?
Meghan Kessinger
'Meghan Kessinger' 2 months ago
Sooooooooo sweet 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐅🐅🐅🐅🐆🐆🐆🐾🐾🐾🐾🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
'unicornslovelattes' 2 months ago
I want those butterflies for a cat toy for exercise it's freakin purrrfect!
Ricardo Sauer
'Ricardo Sauer' 2 months ago
Came here for the horse....
Rory Gibson
'Rory Gibson' 2 months ago
didnt get the horse on the picture and took too long so ended up skipping trough to get 20seconds of each one
'Xerdar36' 2 months ago
Bah who needs zoos we can have zoo full of robots ...
Tomas Sab
'Tomas Sab' 2 months ago
background music should NOT HAVE WORDS... don't you think?
K Kr
'K Kr' 2 months ago
The big difference with a real cheetah is the animal's back flexes as it runs so it gets serious speed. The cheetah robot moves more like a small dog, even if it is built on a large scale.
Graphic Designer
'Graphic Designer' 2 months ago
They should have made the ants casing clear
Artistic Fnaf piløt
'Artistic Fnaf piløt' 2 months ago
Those people's opinion on airplanes and helicopters are just ... Well they hate helicopters
Artistic Fnaf piløt
'Artistic Fnaf piløt' 2 months ago
They need to make FNAF animatronics in real life that would be awesome unless they did what they do in the game
Cindy .A
'Cindy .A' 2 months ago
Festo ones are so good! It looks real
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