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Top Vines of The Gabbie Show / Best Vine Compilation - Vine Age✔ -
Published: 1 year ago By: Vine Age

By: Vine AgePublished: 1 year ago

4, 083, 943 views

23, 473 Likes   1, 616 Dislikes

Ultimate The Gabbie Show Vines. Best vines compilation of September 2016.

haha nono
'haha nono' 3 days ago
Gabbie lied rice gum did not hit you just thew your phone down
M Baltimore
'M Baltimore' 1 week ago
Dude: hey where do you buy those at Payless?! Lol Gabi: i’m so embarrassed to be a same species that you. Why does it matter!?
Sam Ratliff
'Sam Ratliff' 1 week ago
she is skinny af I want a Valentin to
Sam Ratliff
'Sam Ratliff' 1 week ago
I wish I was popular and I wish I was cool
Alina Cruz
'Alina Cruz' 1 week ago
Blood is red Bruises are blue Be my valentine DONT SAY NO as I would say Blood is red Bruises are blue Be my valentine OR I KILL YOU
Lyuba Andreou
'Lyuba Andreou' 1 week ago
You are like the most funny
Serenity Woodberry
'Serenity Woodberry' 2 weeks ago
!m ,
Helen Diaz
'Helen Diaz' 2 weeks ago
I like your videos ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
Tiara Bey
'Tiara Bey' 2 weeks ago
bitch just cause were Black dose not mean black men want ur ass
Layla Amanda
'Layla Amanda' 2 weeks ago
The thumbnail makes me uncomfortable
Zena Sibuyi
'Zena Sibuyi' 3 weeks ago
Brenda crain
'Brenda crain' 3 weeks ago
why you say Damn and shit so much
Teresa Bastida
'Teresa Bastida' 3 weeks ago
I hate gabbie she's discussting
Xavier Lofters
'Xavier Lofters' 3 weeks ago
I am a single black rasta Jamaican man. Looking for married. Just what's app me at 18768127504
Elijah Meise
'Elijah Meise' 3 weeks ago
What's up the sky
KAIsibs Does Gaming
'KAIsibs Does Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Your twerking on vine? You realize there's kids on this app? Be considerate. *Twerks while "I'm the Map" is playing in the backround*
Camron Moffo
'Camron Moffo' 4 weeks ago
andy blae
'andy blae' 1 month ago
A letter to my love on Valentines😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Its Yo Girl Lizzy MSP
Me when I’m walk-in into a black neighborhood girl wat not all black ppl have baby daddy’s and that’s kinda racist
Arsted The Peasent
'Arsted The Peasent' 1 month ago
Kit Kat04
'Kit Kat04' 1 month ago
Patrice Buchanon
'Patrice Buchanon' 1 month ago
amanda ware
'amanda ware' 1 month ago
Noemi Garcia
'Noemi Garcia' 1 month ago
You don't need her you alwrety sound like you have no voice get it couse your enoying so we don't here you
Caitlyn Trejo
'Caitlyn Trejo' 1 month ago
Nicole Bourlier
'Nicole Bourlier' 1 month ago
At 2:30 she said I ate to many French fries today
LilyAnna Gressley
'LilyAnna Gressley' 1 month ago
You're also really funny I love your Vines
LilyAnna Gressley
'LilyAnna Gressley' 1 month ago
We have that exact same remote
Blind Attraction
'Blind Attraction' 1 month ago
She’s so hot
Justin Lovallo
'Justin Lovallo' 1 month ago
I seen Lizza koshy and David is her bf,ps I love your videos
Lawson Young
'Lawson Young' 1 month ago
Jamya Griffin
'Jamya Griffin' 1 month ago
damn shit or ok damn is my favorite thing that Gabbie says
bianca p
'bianca p' 1 month ago
When I saw Jenna and Julian I was like yaaaaaas
Pepper Holgate
'Pepper Holgate' 1 month ago
I think she is of Brookline 99
Shaunecy Favre
'Shaunecy Favre' 1 month ago
risky diallo
'risky diallo' 1 month ago
Subscribe me
Jeanine Russ
'Jeanine Russ' 1 month ago
'Desiree' Knotts' 1 month ago
"has anyone ever told you you should be singer" "yea actually" "that person is not your friend" first off, NOW SHE HAS AMAZING MUSIC 😁 second, i miss Alex :c
Cari Collins
'Cari Collins' 1 month ago
If you don't like Chuck is going to git You
Robin Gormley
'Robin Gormley' 1 month ago
Hahahahaha this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
A Mcgraw
'A Mcgraw' 2 months ago
J Breeze
'J Breeze' 2 months ago
Really gabbie
Elisha Thompson
'Elisha Thompson' 2 months ago
Funny locations
Damian Rios
'Damian Rios' 2 months ago
Mewz a cutez Hartez
'Mewz a cutez Hartez' 2 months ago
There not trash this people are just being mean!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Funny entertainment Producers
4 17 so me
Madison Miller
'Madison Miller' 2 months ago
Was that Jacob Sartorius ? ?????? Singing??????
Sharlye Redmond
'Sharlye Redmond' 2 months ago
I subscribe to your video
laila howard
'laila howard' 2 months ago
Plastic poverty serious lift remaining drum combination seal leaf melt
Silvia Quiroz
'Silvia Quiroz' 2 months ago
Alexandru Fota
'Alexandru Fota' 2 months ago
Jorge Elias
'Jorge Elias' 2 months ago
What the hell
'firelady87' 2 months ago
But the dress is White and Gold 😉😑😑
Karlie Shea
'Karlie Shea' 2 months ago
My name is Karlie
Marudaa Girubenddra
'Marudaa Girubenddra' 2 months ago
The thumbnail is disgusting!
Emily Zaragoza
'Emily Zaragoza' 2 months ago
Gabbie sings good like if u agree
Dana j
'Dana j' 2 months ago
Just kidding
YouTube Lover
'YouTube Lover' 2 months ago
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Jared Mccallum
'Jared Mccallum' 2 months ago
I love gabbie
Abratasas and Paprika
The 3rd one made me die😂😂😂
Christophe Russell
'Christophe Russell' 2 months ago
my name is gabby
Monica Pinon
'Monica Pinon' 2 months ago
You keep repeting
Stella Flett
'Stella Flett' 2 months ago
Epic Gamer 12467999074
I Love mlnckt
basic betch
'basic betch' 2 months ago
*I'm gonna steel all your baby daddys*
Anaelle Guillaume
'Anaelle Guillaume' 2 months ago
Rock regular stone znyetn know contact rather mall perspective purple.
Ella Gilpatrick
'Ella Gilpatrick' 2 months ago
Ik that this is before Liza and David were together and it was for the video but I hate seeing them Gabbie and David together in a dating kind of way 🤢 they should only be friends
kaiakai rose
'kaiakai rose' 2 months ago
there was chantel from lady like and other people from buzzfeed
cutie pickle
'cutie pickle' 2 months ago
that's definitely me when something inappropriate comes on😂😂
Gaby Ponce
'Gaby Ponce' 2 months ago
The thumbnail looked bad :\
maja początek
'maja początek' 2 months ago
Was Gabbie on i carly
Maria Medina
'Maria Medina' 2 months ago
You were wearing a hat
Emma Hoy
'Emma Hoy' 2 months ago
Maria Medina
'Maria Medina' 2 months ago
Gabby I thought I saw you at the airport dec 22
*girl gamer*
'*girl gamer*' 2 months ago
Davan Page
'Davan Page' 2 months ago
Dang she be hot
Lily Andrade
'Lily Andrade' 2 months ago
"eat your breakfast "
'ThatStrangeGirl' 2 months ago
You're twerking on vine? There is kids watching! * twearks on "i am a map" from Dora*
Samantha Mokofisi
'Samantha Mokofisi' 2 months ago
I'm a kid
Zoe Summerhill
'Zoe Summerhill' 2 months ago
2 :37 I like that he said how do you tell if a girl likes you girl: she doesn't
Psycho Gal
'Psycho Gal' 2 months ago
'ItsJustCharlotte' 2 months ago
The dress IS black and blue! What did you guys see?
Sophie Wallace
'Sophie Wallace' 2 months ago
I understand. I feel fat. I in need of a boyfriend. I feel like my life sucks. It’s okay
Hershey Kiss Hannah
'Hershey Kiss Hannah' 2 months ago
Lol the one with her sister was hilarious 😂
Valentina vazquez
'Valentina vazquez' 2 months ago
Gabbie if you want a baby in you do this 1-Fuck 5 days 2-make him put his dick in inside you
Noor Alsheraibi
'Noor Alsheraibi' 2 months ago
Chelsea Couture
'Chelsea Couture' 2 months ago
She is uglier than a pile of poop
'GamingSebaz' 2 months ago
It’s me Samantha sawe
'GamingSebaz' 2 months ago
Hi gabby you followed me on Musically
Kyra Johnson
'Kyra Johnson' 2 months ago
I do that on bad parts on movies I try to avoid them like I have to go pee but I don't
Mia Turner
'Mia Turner' 2 months ago
That last one tho...
Laylay Stewart
'Laylay Stewart' 2 months ago
Don't you black people watch this no offence. And I am😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡 😕😕😕😕😕😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
chica show dog
'chica show dog' 2 months ago
roses are red violets are blue be my valentine if not I'll kill you
'TrueBeats' 2 months ago
Who would love to be the person in the thumbnail?
Patricia Ellis
'Patricia Ellis' 2 months ago
Dragonborn9144 -
'Dragonborn9144 -' 2 months ago
Zane at her cupcake. Aphmau reference???
Alice Grizzle
'Alice Grizzle' 2 months ago
are you drunk
flowergirl11 11
'flowergirl11 11' 2 months ago
How old are you
'CAMAIYA DUENAS' 2 months ago
if you guys dont like gabby then dont bother watching
eneyssa too
'eneyssa too' 2 months ago
I 💜 Gabbie Hanna aahhhh
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