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Top Vines of The Gabbie Show / Best Vine Compilation - Vine Age✔ -
Published: 9 months ago By: Vine Age

By: Vine AgePublished: 9 months ago

2, 605, 024 views

16, 934 Likes   1, 035 Dislikes

Ultimate The Gabbie Show Vines. Best vines compilation of September 2016.

FormalPigzGamez 000
'FormalPigzGamez 000' 5 hours ago
Lydia Marie
'Lydia Marie' 19 hours ago
10:04 Heath 😂😂😂😂
GIB Production
'GIB Production' 2 days ago
24:19 is the funniest for me
Elsa Gomez
'Elsa Gomez' 3 days ago
Fatimah Amat
'Fatimah Amat' 3 days ago
Gabbies awesome! :)
Sandra and Lonna
'Sandra and Lonna' 4 days ago
The Fluff
'The Fluff' 5 days ago
OH MY GOD SHE'S HEAVY she isn't even big but that was really funny
mohammed Ahmed
'mohammed Ahmed' 1 week ago
I'd fuck her until I can't take no more
Layla Calloway
'Layla Calloway' 1 week ago
I have the same wishbone necklace
Sophia 199
'Sophia 199' 1 week ago
Never Ming Liza s there
Sophia 199
'Sophia 199' 1 week ago
Omg I am gonna tell liza that daivid is there
Lia Perez
'Lia Perez' 2 weeks ago
I am in love with Gabby <3
Alyssa Elkins
'Alyssa Elkins' 2 weeks ago ever.i repeat.who ever thinks Gabby is ugly...YOU ARE WRONG!!!GABBY IS A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS!!!
Francesca Nicole Galecio
8:24 is my favorite one
Deb Montgomery
'Deb Montgomery' 2 weeks ago
your vines are not trash! Don't let people tell you that!
'FireNinja' 2 weeks ago
Shots fired
Timothy Broomell
'Timothy Broomell' 2 weeks ago
I wanna fuck her
Orange Cat
'Orange Cat' 3 weeks ago
i meant something else but my keyboard sucks dick
Orange Cat
'Orange Cat' 3 weeks ago
what is gabbies real name is it gabbie or sometherg edle
When Jdjdjddjb
'When Jdjdjddjb' 3 weeks ago
I love when she says OKAY DAMN SHIT
Elisapeta Leafa
'Elisapeta Leafa' 3 weeks ago
The one at 5:05 was my favorite.
madison leibmann
'madison leibmann' 3 weeks ago
Htoo Htoo
'Htoo Htoo' 3 weeks ago
duck out
aglover 12o8
'aglover 12o8' 4 weeks ago
5:43 😂
Nia Haley
'Nia Haley' 4 weeks ago
The background of the last one
Phil Kind
'Phil Kind' 4 weeks ago
4:09 DAMN
Xcccrazy X
'Xcccrazy X' 4 weeks ago
1:13 so gabbi worked at buzzfeed or what
Molly Coleman
'Molly Coleman' 1 month ago
Omg Gabbie is not fat she is perfect just the way she is
Emma Van Den Heuvel
'Emma Van Den Heuvel' 1 month ago
Ft with her friend
Alexis R Britz
'Alexis R Britz' 1 month ago
you have such a pretty voice gabbie
'YFBC' 1 month ago
0:54 is why you came here
Jazmine Torres
'Jazmine Torres' 1 month ago
Man 2:18 is so me
The Queens
'The Queens' 1 month ago
6:23 why does she look like a redhead?
Carla Mccallum
'Carla Mccallum' 1 month ago
5:46 what the heck?
Markus Parish
'Markus Parish' 1 month ago
18:20 was great
fely forever
'fely forever' 1 month ago
Song 0:38 & 0:53??? Please😟😦😣😧
Oliver Bottle Pabich
E. Lewis #11
'E. Lewis #11' 1 month ago
she's so hot
'GirlsGaming231' 1 month ago
Journey with Jules
'Journey with Jules' 1 month ago
13:04 Repeat?
Dalis_lopez 11
'Dalis_lopez 11' 2 months ago
0:15 - 0:19 I'm dying lol tu boca apesta a mierda lol
Pusheen The Cat
'Pusheen The Cat' 2 months ago
Gabby's catch fraise: OK DAMN SHIT OK FUCK SHIT
hyperzombieRS :3
'hyperzombieRS :3' 2 months ago
I died at the twerking one
Marisa Schmaljohann
'Marisa Schmaljohann' 2 months ago
She never gives a shi- when it comes to kids.
CJ Wallace
'CJ Wallace' 2 months ago
I didn't text you back sorry
Ronnalyn Cariaga
'Ronnalyn Cariaga' 2 months ago
Gabby's glow up
chloe wiiliams
'chloe wiiliams' 2 months ago
I like the bit with your daughter.
Santana Reynolds
'Santana Reynolds' 2 months ago
'QuoteZart' 2 months ago
1:19 she pulled a ricegum
'jungle25897' 2 months ago
gabbie you are really good at signings
Its Lima
'Its Lima' 2 months ago
Her vines are shit
Roxanne Rollison
'Roxanne Rollison' 2 months ago
Gabbie : " I really liked it when the force woke up!" IM DEAD!!!!!!!!!
Beckah Meiring
'Beckah Meiring' 2 months ago
some people are saying ur lesbian
Dirk Bester
'Dirk Bester' 2 months ago
I love you
'ToonyTastic!' 2 months ago
' I really liked it when the force woke up' lmaooo
Editing Help
'Editing Help' 2 months ago
14:12 😭😂😂😂
Emily Wilkerson
'Emily Wilkerson' 2 months ago
was that David dobrik
Joshua Bello
'Joshua Bello' 2 months ago
She Twerking On Vine "Im The Map,,The Map Me:More Like Fap Fap Fap
Spooky Memes
'Spooky Memes' 2 months ago
Gabby talks like my teacher and looks like her
Nattalie04 /LT
'Nattalie04 /LT' 2 months ago
6:42 my older sister hahaha
MelanieBiersack HudsonIsHere
7:05 😂
'XxBon123xX' 2 months ago
Blood is red bruises are blue be my valentine or I'll murder you :)
'SplashRBLX' 2 months ago
The last one was the best. 😂😂😂
Kayla Lewis
'Kayla Lewis' 2 months ago
6:19 She was SO pretty....
ashton martin
'ashton martin' 2 months ago
Oh is Lola
'Oh is Lola' 2 months ago
Fuck this cunt
Danna Gonzalez
'Danna Gonzalez' 2 months ago
nice music soljer boy 👌✌
Peta Moon
'Peta Moon' 2 months ago
Roses are red🌹 Violets are blue You came here for the thumnail Didnt yo
Rebecca Herdeman
'Rebecca Herdeman' 2 months ago
be more lazy cuz your smart when you are lazy
chibi latias.
'chibi latias.' 2 months ago
song at 14:25??
Emilio Garcia
'Emilio Garcia' 2 months ago
8:17 she said "I love big asses"
Bailey Mina
'Bailey Mina' 2 months ago
Did gabbie and David date?
zahra valtersen
'zahra valtersen' 2 months ago
3:04 is that amnesia playing in the background im tearing
Its -*ØlÅ*-
'Its -*ØlÅ*-' 2 months ago
5:45 thumbnail
【Li Batatta 】
'【Li Batatta 】' 2 months ago
So me lmao 0:56
Gabby Sandoval
'Gabby Sandoval' 2 months ago
My names gabby but spelled different
Abby Francesca
'Abby Francesca' 2 months ago
Gabbie would make a great mother
Keishey Pitts
'Keishey Pitts' 2 months ago
"Okay, DAMN, SHIT"😣😂
Mrs. Hatfield
'Mrs. Hatfield' 2 months ago
Gabbie is super pretty in my view and NOT Fat
Naomi Linton
'Naomi Linton' 2 months ago
1:01 so relatable
'Tauriel' 2 months ago
1:18 did anyone try to call Gabbie? xD
Ashley Acosta
'Ashley Acosta' 2 months ago
16:10 LURADIY I might have spelled that wrong s
derpy_unicorn xx
'derpy_unicorn xx' 2 months ago
vine is dead *2013*-*2016*
Tess Moscaya
'Tess Moscaya' 2 months ago
Icefroz AJ
'Icefroz AJ' 2 months ago
i like how at 5:05 Liza is the one who said to David and Gabbie; "oh you guys are such a cute couple" and then Liza and David ended up together XD
Zeth Asis
'Zeth Asis' 2 months ago
Luis Tarazona
'Luis Tarazona' 2 months ago
I hate it when people say Gabbie is fat but I think she's super pretty!!!!
cool kid jeff
'cool kid jeff' 2 months ago
7:13 funny
baby unicorns
'baby unicorns' 2 months ago
stupid adds
Maggie Isabell
'Maggie Isabell' 2 months ago
HOW TO TELL YOUR CRUSH U LIKE THEM Roses are red Pickles are green I like your legs And what's in between Credits to Scotty Sire
Isabelle Bryden
'Isabelle Bryden' 2 months ago
Pretty voice😍❤️💋😘😇👍🏻👌🏻✨🤗
'Luna-' 2 months ago
sophia flores
'sophia flores' 2 months ago
she is so sexy
Juliana_JollyRancher 10
Wait is David actually her ex?
Sarah Troutman
'Sarah Troutman' 2 months ago
Wait Gabbie and David use to date! IM SO CONFUSED HALP! Whaaattt!
Haq n
'Haq n' 2 months ago
what are herpes I want to know
Livie Piggie
'Livie Piggie' 3 months ago
When I saw Liza I screamed
princess paul
'princess paul' 3 months ago
she may have a tummy but still look yummy 😋😋😋
#jelly Bae 27
'#jelly Bae 27' 3 months ago
18:22 the girl with dark brown hair looks like Amanda from the next step
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