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Top Vines of The Gabbie Show / Best Vine Compilation - Vine Age✔ -
Published: 5 months ago By: Vine Age

By: Vine AgePublished: 5 months ago

2, 106, 186 views

13, 854 Likes   804 Dislikes

Ultimate The Gabbie Show Vines. Best vines compilation of September 2016.

Andrew Goering
'Andrew Goering' 12 minutes ago
Dat azz tho!
Miriam Grace
'Miriam Grace' 1 hour ago
It is awful when people hate on Gabby she is beautiful and funny so leave her the FUCK alone
Charlotte Parks
'Charlotte Parks' 10 hours ago
When Liza came in an 5:08 and said to David and Gabbie,"you too are such a cute couple" I died
Damaris Ownby
'Damaris Ownby' 20 hours ago
you sing very well
Hugo Gonzales
'Hugo Gonzales' 21 hours ago
Khotta Bogard
'Khotta Bogard' 22 hours ago
accept it, you came looking for 6:20
Sammy Evans
'Sammy Evans' 22 hours ago
Pizza rolls
Brooke Williams
'Brooke Williams' 23 hours ago
Jose Lopez
'Jose Lopez' 1 day ago
I love her videos!!
Bethany Gibson
'Bethany Gibson' 1 day ago
love gabbie's vines!
'DrawingWithLaura' 2 days ago
Blood is red. Bruises are blue be my valentine and if you say no. I will kill you. :)
Ajsa Aj
'Ajsa Aj' 2 days ago
she got a great body
Katie Edwardz
'Katie Edwardz' 2 days ago
William Shaver
'William Shaver' 2 days ago
Who's watching this 2017
Omarys Quezada
'Omarys Quezada' 2 days ago
How many girls has David dated???!!!
alberto ayon
'alberto ayon' 2 days ago
girl do you know where she lives
Indorasa Vege
'Indorasa Vege' 2 days ago
omg why is this happend
Skater Girl
'Skater Girl' 2 days ago
Who was the blonde guy. Was that mark?
Artemis Olympus
'Artemis Olympus' 3 days ago
I ate to many red vines yesterday. You can never eat too many red vines, Herm- Ham- Hermaphrodite? Its Hermione Ronald
Baby AlexXandra
'Baby AlexXandra' 3 days ago
Did anyone see her boob fly out of her shirt at 3:50
kawaii dinosour
'kawaii dinosour' 3 days ago
omg! her hair looks so good at 6:18
kristina parker
'kristina parker' 3 days ago
12:19 gabbie you are not fat
Flower Pikachu
'Flower Pikachu' 3 days ago
17:50 anyone else think of Aphmau and Zane??
'Wiadzuyy' 3 days ago
10:37 shes from buzzfeed
Jeffy Gaming
'Jeffy Gaming' 3 days ago
this video sucks watch SML pls
Caleigh Johnston
'Caleigh Johnston' 3 days ago
Why do they kid about gabby being ugly and fat she's because she's not.
Em ilia Mason
'Em ilia Mason' 3 days ago
The vine at 0:50 😂😂😂😂😂
The Gabbieshow
'The Gabbieshow' 4 days ago
Thank for watching this video
Taylor Kamya
'Taylor Kamya' 4 days ago
Cheyenne Stephens
'Cheyenne Stephens' 4 days ago
"Thank God the Steelers have LeBron James!"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sofia Martinez
'Sofia Martinez' 4 days ago
is David your boyfriend ex best friend or what
Play you
'Play you' 4 days ago
Unicornlover1521 Unicorns
i belive in unicorns
Melinda Henry
'Melinda Henry' 4 days ago
funny vid
The antisocial 1
'The antisocial 1' 5 days ago
That moment when people say this girl fat and im like......................i smash . . She hot af
around 1343 "i dont know what i want..." WHAT SONG IS THAT....I FUCKING KNOW IT I SWEAR...BUT i dont.... ugh
Kiera Shew
'Kiera Shew' 5 days ago
she always says damn snd sh**
TheDiamondOre // Allie
babyem “foxster”
Does she actually have double DD's
Lucy Young
'Lucy Young' 6 days ago
Dat thumbnail....👌
dōTERRA Girl
'dōTERRA Girl' 6 days ago
23:59 just pause and smile! Hope this makes your day!! 😂😂🐳💕😘👑
'MR. CrEePeR' 6 days ago
3:09 lol😂
Dani The Unicorn
'Dani The Unicorn' 6 days ago
Did Gabbie like work for Buzzfeed??
Alex Schuster
'Alex Schuster' 6 days ago
She is funny
Elrubius fans
'Elrubius fans' 6 days ago
secret circle
'secret circle' 7 days ago
why is is OK if black people say the "n" word but it's so bad if white people say it?
Nicole Updyke
'Nicole Updyke' 7 days ago
i subscribed
Jasyona Stone
'Jasyona Stone' 1 week ago
Guess what American girl forever maybe she didn't look at it 
Waterdrago Chase
'Waterdrago Chase' 1 week ago
Stop twerking
Lol_ipop Lolz
'Lol_ipop Lolz' 1 week ago
that thumbnail tho
Aaron bigsister
'Aaron bigsister' 1 week ago
i love 5:16
Nataly D.macias
'Nataly D.macias' 1 week ago
giorgia 2613
'giorgia 2613' 1 week ago
5:05 i love how liza says that considering its her boyfriend shes talking to lmaoo
Katrina Piotrasch
'Katrina Piotrasch' 1 week ago
if gabbie was my mom I would have an amazing life .....I love my mom to
Hailey Neilson
'Hailey Neilson' 1 week ago
who else watched all of video *27:17*
Ashlyn Mathew
'Ashlyn Mathew' 1 week ago
Wait she works at buzzfeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Sad Cipher LM
'A Sad Cipher LM' 1 week ago
5:17 is one of meh fav
#Cupcakes Conley
'#Cupcakes Conley' 1 week ago
love the happy camper ones
Rachel Ouk
'Rachel Ouk' 1 week ago
If she acts like a um...... how do I put this a stripper and she gets mad at her sister
Teagan DeSaunta
'Teagan DeSaunta' 1 week ago
'em&em' 1 week ago
did her and david's date
Hillery Hillery
'Hillery Hillery' 1 week ago
They weren't b and g
Purple Mustache
'Purple Mustache' 1 week ago
roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you
Vanessa Valentina
'Vanessa Valentina' 1 week ago
I died on the wouldn't you like to know one
Ophelia Lupton
'Ophelia Lupton' 1 week ago
Your so pretty I'm so jealous of you. And you've got an amazing voice 😍😍😍
Samantha Vanzura
'Samantha Vanzura' 1 week ago
I just realized I watched all of that.
Keila Chavez
'Keila Chavez' 1 week ago
it funny 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😅😅😅
maisey jade
'maisey jade' 1 week ago
yep dad fucked mommy
Carlen Mac
'Carlen Mac' 2 weeks ago
23:20 So does that mean... no, it can't be. My grandma likes black liquorice.
Antonae Walters Meeker
David is Lizza Kosheys boyfriend
Katicorn Aj
'Katicorn Aj' 2 weeks ago
0:56 So Me Right Their
Alyson Colabello
'Alyson Colabello' 2 weeks ago
gabbie I like u the way you are💘❤💓💛💜💕💝💖💞💗💟💙❣💚💌
Peaches Chocolate
'Peaches Chocolate' 2 weeks ago
I love ❤️ it when she says okay dam shit
Haley Stafford
'Haley Stafford' 2 weeks ago
at 0:56 is so true
Flora The fox
'Flora The fox' 2 weeks ago
Hah, this is me giving relationship advice Me:I think you should ask Friend:and how many relationships have you had? Me: BITCH IM A LESBIAN,I THINK LIKE GUYS! Friend: Geez, chill. This is why you need a boyfriend Me: OH GOD
Derp Derp
'Derp Derp' 2 weeks ago
4:26 😂😂
Meow Face
'Meow Face' 2 weeks ago
Blood is red, Bruises are blue, Be my Valentine, Or I'll kill you
Kakie.and.dimples Xx
Don't u think Liza copied Gabbie of of the impressions
Hallie B.
'Hallie B.' 2 weeks ago
I loved when she was at BuzzFeed
Jared Montgomery
'Jared Montgomery' 2 weeks ago
LOVE 14:30-14:36! It's Shawn Mendes! I also LOVE the vine because its so relatable!
'Joniix' 2 weeks ago
Sam and colby!
Chloe Lee
'Chloe Lee' 2 weeks ago
Dapanda Vlogs
'Dapanda Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Dapanda Vlogs
'Dapanda Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Dapanda Vlogs
'Dapanda Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Logan Gentry
'Logan Gentry' 2 weeks ago
The first one was damn funny Cameron was fuckin hot
angelina zink
'angelina zink' 2 weeks ago
was david her boyfriend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back then because hes with liza now
'Lukidab' 2 weeks ago
is the nigger word in the end???
Alexandra Dinnie
'Alexandra Dinnie' 2 weeks ago
I don't like the vines where gabbie is with prending to be a responsible parent
Chloe Lee
'Chloe Lee' 2 weeks ago
Chloe Lee
'Chloe Lee' 2 weeks ago
0:39 SO ME
The Baiter BOY
'The Baiter BOY' 2 weeks ago
Jazzy Harron
'Jazzy Harron' 2 weeks ago
I have the same phone case!!!!!!
WhatEvenIsMyLifeAnymore IDontEvenKnow
M Boarki
'M Boarki' 2 weeks ago
I loved the get a smoodie
'MinaProGames' 2 weeks ago
I love the cool kids remix
HEIits_ Heynaa
'HEIits_ Heynaa' 2 weeks ago
when gabbie watched aphmau mystreet 😂😂😂
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