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5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! -
Published: 11 months ago By: Top 5s Finest

By: Top 5s FinestPublished: 11 months ago

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5 Mysterious Google Maps Events Caught On Camera By Google Earth!


Trust me on this one: Google Earth is the most unbiased and non-selective photographer in the world. It uses satellites that capture images all over the world. The proof in this is in the unsettling amount of pictures released online. Google Earth will capture footage of animals and humans on both sea and land. The next time you want to do something illegal, especially in public, you had better think twice. We may just be talking about you next. With this being said, brace yourself for the 5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! Lets begin!

1. Huge Sea Creature

If you are a lover of nature, you may want to reconsider your love for the ocean. Google Earth has captured what looks like the biggest shark ever roaming around the docks of the marina. And you know what, it’s mouth is constantly open… like it is waiting to make a kill any time. You may be saying, ‘I like the ocean beach’ or ‘There are so many beautiful sea creatures out there’ or ‘I only venture into the shore and not the deep parts’. Well, if you see the size of this creature, it will make you avoid the beach entirely! I know I would avoid it…Seriously, I am not ready to be anyone’s dinner!

2. Strange Object In The Sky

You have heard of UFO ships in the sky but that is nothing when compared to this weird cloud formation caught on Google Earth in Italy. Search for ‘weird cloud formations’ and you will see the supporting evidence of this strange sighting caught at different angles. While some may dismiss it as a weird cloud formation, there has to be more that meets the eye, especially because Google Earth is involved here. Can you see that pointed pale tower toward the left side of the formation? I mean, I don’t think that freaky thing is a cloud formation….at all!

3. Woman Appears To Get Abducted

Take a close look at this. There is a bald, angry man grabbing onto a woman. The second guy, near the open trunk of the car, appears to be getting ready for a midday abduction. The woman seems to be getting dragged towards the vehicle…against her own will…right? Wrong! What you think is happening in this photo may not really be the case. The major reason why this may not be abduction is that the woman is holding on to a cigarette stick. I have watched a lot of abduction films and victims do not come out holding cigarette sticks! There are many theories that can explain this: the woman may have been taken by surprise, or she is being tickled, and the man in the car is a random passerby.

4. How Did The Cow Cross The Road?

The cow did get to the other side but the reason as to why it would be pulling itself across the road on stumps makes an observer scratch their head. Another puzzling question is why is it crawling toward a bloody scene instead of away from it? A possible reason may be that the other side of the road had more horrors as compared to the one it is crawling towards. Or maybe, just maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eyes on the deadly scene. I advocate that an investigation be launched to find out what happened to this cow! …But we will never know…will we?

5. Pentagram

In an uninhabited, archaeological ruin in Kazakhstan, where cemeteries and burial grounds existed in the Bronze Age settlement, Google Earth took a picture of a pentagram etched into the ground. An experienced archaeologist explained that the pentagram had been formed by Soviet Union members who once used the area as a campground. The archeologist went on to explain that at this time, stars were used as decorations in almost everything: flags, buildings and monuments as a sign of beauty. For all the fans of conspiracy theories out there, the star was not drawn by unknown forces wanting to unleash havoc on Kazakhstan.

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Archie Linke
'Archie Linke' 5 days ago
Looks like another case of "city in the sky" for the cloud formation... Another portal opened up... Maybe... The building looks like a temple to me... Or a church... But, you never know until you get a closer look... Has anyone ever gone up to these areas? I mean, while they're still exposed?
'JUNGO' 5 days ago
I don' know why your shows and others like this is a popular thingbut your show is fuckin' boring fake stuff.what's even worse is narration and no real's like what is your point...
Hiesenberg Walt
'Hiesenberg Walt' 6 days ago
Rae-Ann Gammon
'Rae-Ann Gammon' 7 days ago
a cigarette stick? :)
'1970dcs' 1 week ago
Giant shark no. Look again everyone that is a jet ski. The dark area What they're saying is the mouth is a man standing on a jet ski you can see the rooster tail waterjet coming up out of the water and the long tail is the wake from his starting point look close
Pickle Rick
'Pickle Rick' 1 week ago
Wtf is a cigarette stick
Phillis Smith
'Phillis Smith' 1 week ago
click bait
Julia Brletich
'Julia Brletich' 1 week ago
I believe the all the events but the cloud one. That is totally fake.
Daz Goodwin
'Daz Goodwin' 2 weeks ago
Can I have my 4 mins back please?
Biff Henderson
'Biff Henderson' 2 weeks ago
The shark is a boat with a wake.  The goofy cloud is bad stitching of the images as the left has a building and the right, a top of a tree.  It is presented in the sky when it should be at ground level. The interpretation of the abduction is 100% pure speculation.  The guy is holding an eviction notice and the white thing in her fingers is a James Bond hot oil squirter that she uses in the next frame to escape.
XP Sand
'XP Sand' 2 weeks ago
Number 2 kind of looks like a star destroyer
'merlinsdog' 3 weeks ago
Sharks grow up to 20ft long and those boats are small sail cruisers, around 18ft long! Mystery solved!
Shannon Collins
'Shannon Collins' 3 weeks ago
Sabeer V
'Sabeer V' 4 weeks ago
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'matthewr001' 4 weeks ago
Cigarette STICK?????. really? A STICK??? I'm 60 years old, and a "stick" smoker, and I NEVER heard that one before.
'darpat' 4 weeks ago
Oh....yeah! Maybe he is tickling her??? You stupid ass. Looks like an abduction to me.
'UFO HUNTER' 4 weeks ago
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//Royal //Riot//
'//Royal //Riot//' 4 weeks ago
i wish he actaully put the locations of them
Beau Ryan
'Beau Ryan' 1 month ago
Dare I say a nice abductor or someone who wanted you to think it was not an abduction would let one have a cigarette
chris cooksey
'chris cooksey' 1 month ago
When you showed us the giant Normas shark there was two the number two but one is smaller the one you missed was the one closer to white boats a row of four boats or or five I think five boats so I think you missed one. Well I know you miss one. I mean it's obvious! What are you thinking you're weird. Well I got to go see you peace out dude.
Dennis Keenan
'Dennis Keenan' 1 month ago
Cigarette sticks?!?! Wtf?
Anthony McCarth
'Anthony McCarth' 2 months ago
Cows hit by a truck 🤔 or a spaceship
idboufker lahcen
'idboufker lahcen' 2 months ago the strangest accident ,,car come from nowhere
Kyle Lyon
'Kyle Lyon' 2 months ago
"Cigarette Stick" omfg...
IshTheDemonFish Channel
*object is the centrepiece of the image* "I know, let's put a red circle around it!"
'ҜΣLLIΣ'S ШΩRLD' 2 months ago
Howard Hawley
'Howard Hawley' 2 months ago
Cigarette stick?
Valentine TheWolf
'Valentine TheWolf' 2 months ago
nr2 is walhalla
Allison Carter
'Allison Carter' 2 months ago
Cigarette stick ....
Karin slumanap
'Karin slumanap' 2 months ago
our military created a starship enterprise .
funmod gaming
'funmod gaming' 2 months ago
and no shark looks like that
funmod gaming
'funmod gaming' 2 months ago
that cloud is clearly a photoshop of the challenger explosion
Bruce Sutton
'Bruce Sutton' 2 months ago
ok opening line .... trust me on this one .......... ok the old saying, never trust someone who says trust me
Chris Ham
'Chris Ham' 2 months ago
until next time fuck you
samantha jenkins
'samantha jenkins' 2 months ago
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Gaurav Deora
'Gaurav Deora' 2 months ago
Why no one is talking about this?
Matthew Russell
'Matthew Russell' 2 months ago
1000 comment!!
'talkingpurebollocks' 2 months ago
All of these are explainable! Well, you already know that.
'icare4you123' 2 months ago
You have a perfect voice for narration. Thanks!
'ptschafer' 2 months ago
"Cigarette stick" lmao you dipshit
Tim Arnold
'Tim Arnold' 2 months ago
WTF is a "Cigarette Stick"?
'IVI O' 2 months ago
Why did u blur his face?
Sevanni Black
'Sevanni Black' 2 months ago
He said cigarette stick. Im dying
Hush Whisper
'Hush Whisper' 2 months ago
God is REAL. He left something for Us to find on top of Our Planet. I found it several years ago and that's why I created my YouTube Channel. I'd like to invite anyone reading this, to come see what I found on Google Earth. I can prove to anyone on this Planet, that God is ABSOLUTELY REAL BEYOND ALL DOUBT. Please come see. This is NOT Click Bait. Several times already I've asked several different YouTube channels to come and try and debunk what I found, so far no one has. Please come see and help me share it with others. There's HOPE!
Emily Hufschmidt
'Emily Hufschmidt' 2 months ago
Redriz 100
'Redriz 100' 2 months ago
Yo my brother suck
Nondogmatic Yesh
'Nondogmatic Yesh' 3 months ago
wow couldnt find anything better then those.
Belle A
'Belle A' 3 months ago
You Could BE That Cow hypocrite imbecile, well karma be with you kid, cheerios!
the ghost gamer
'the ghost gamer' 3 months ago
at least show the star with one pointing the top of the screen right now it means devil
phily ***
'phily ***' 3 months ago
2:55 was pretty crazy. Let's invent a name for it. How about... Clouds?
Kyito tu madres pinche sancho
Dear narrator, With all due respect, Your speculation on all these images is that of a 5 year olds. Consider me "un- subscribed", bitch.
Tamic platenburg
'Tamic platenburg' 3 months ago
fuck the sea man i saw too many sharks movies
Saunsiaray Broussard
'Saunsiaray Broussard' 3 months ago
Messages from God
'2011yourlife' 3 months ago
Dont wait till its to late for you, because Jesus Christ loves you very much repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you! the bible says in romans chapter 10 vers 8-13 says if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God and it is by confessing with your mouth that YOU ARE SAVED
Javier Flores
'Javier Flores' 3 months ago
u talk a lot..borng
Viper 19960
'Viper 19960' 3 months ago
Thumbnails remind of a Star Wars ship how retared
Talitha Cumi
'Talitha Cumi' 3 months ago
Some of these could not be taken from outer space. They had to been taken from the road angle
Rostas Antonio
'Rostas Antonio' 3 months ago
If that's a shark I'm a Alien👽👽👽👽👽👽
Sarah Marie
'Sarah Marie' 3 months ago
The "woman" with the bald man who you say is tickling a me, she looks like a teenager who got caught smoking.
Shannon williams
'Shannon williams' 3 months ago
Google doesn't use "satellites", because there are no such thing as "satellites". Everyone knows that Google uses cars & airplanes to photograph the world. Don't believe me. Investigate for yourself.
craig livermore
'craig livermore' 3 months ago
How fucking weird can you possibly be? "Cigarette stick"? Sounds like you're a robot. "Shark with its mouth open"? Sharks don't have a second mouth on their back. Only thing creepy about this video is your skewed view of reality.
Jonathan Russell
'Jonathan Russell' 3 months ago
Cigarette stick? Who the hell says cigarette stick? Is that a canadian thing?
'davidrbecken' 3 months ago
More than meets the eye, not more that meets the eye. 5 most mysterious events ever captured, not 5 mysterious events ever captured. Stick is another name for a cigarette, but you dont use them together. It's a stick, or it's a cigarette.
Sabrina Cooper
'Sabrina Cooper' 3 months ago
Dylan Higgins
'Dylan Higgins' 3 months ago
The Foundation's not doing so hot.
Chiken Vv.
'Chiken Vv.' 3 months ago
Top 5s finest. The cause of the weird sattelite pictures of faroe islands is to rapid weather change and the pictures no taken at the same time, and i also live there. 62*6*48**N. 7*33**W
Jason Shaffer
'Jason Shaffer' 3 months ago
Why are you watching a lot of abduction films?
kooleo17AD G
'kooleo17AD G' 3 months ago
they do edit paint shop pro lol
Choi Sha
'Choi Sha' 3 months ago
FAKE NEWS .....!!
Christopher Kaesemeyer
Cigarette stick
Ben Paine
'Ben Paine' 3 months ago
the 5 dumbest things captured by google earth...............
Enjoy The End of Humanity
What's a cigarette stick? And don't you mean 5 "MOST" mysterious events?
'BOSSDarkJedi' 3 months ago
giant shark his mouth is constantly open?? its a fucking picture....
'BOSSDarkJedi' 3 months ago
the woman with the "cigarette stick" is being "tickled"
Jeffrey Hughes
'Jeffrey Hughes' 3 months ago
A cigarette stick?
Vinita Panwar
'Vinita Panwar' 3 months ago
Not worried about this but the deep web is quite intriguing
Vinita Panwar
'Vinita Panwar' 3 months ago
Since the dawn of Photoshop my friends YouTubers have earned quite a lot of views and mastered the art of photoshop
Arizona Sunflower
'Arizona Sunflower' 3 months ago
That shark is dead, floating belly-up.
Arizona Sunflower
'Arizona Sunflower' 3 months ago
It's a cigarette, not a cigarette "stick"!
Matteo Amabene
'Matteo Amabene' 3 months ago
sarebbe sapere tutto questo anche in lingua italian
'1974UTuber' 3 months ago
Did he say "Cigarette Stick" Who the hell calls it that. This guy must be an alien who doesn't speak earth English.
The Light Ensues
'The Light Ensues' 3 months ago
I hate the cow video :(
Miriam Rehu
'Miriam Rehu' 3 months ago
Cigarette stick wtf... Lol are you 5?
gdesht mounigama
'gdesht mounigama' 3 months ago
Crock of crap. Google Earth is controlled by the govt. It paints out everything that the govt says and it is biased beyond belief. Your first word trust. Not likely sheeple. Wake up ppl you are being lied to by a perp.
'YAH DON' 3 months ago
Let me ask. They use satellites because they told you? Or you seen one. I believe there plans my self and your all fooled.
Albert Mag
'Albert Mag' 3 months ago
if its google earth images taken from satellites why are some of these images taken frome the ground up ?? I call BS and hit the gong ..switch ....
d kenson
'd kenson' 3 months ago
the cow may have been hit by a vehicle
'Bruno_01' 3 months ago
The White House and Pentagon also looks like a pentagram from the sky. And no one cares...
'DodgeDanger' 3 months ago
Cigarette Sticks!
Nolan Neal
'Nolan Neal' 3 months ago
Cigarette stick? 😂
'CREEPYPASTA FAN 666' 3 months ago
'SamTheHorseRider25' 3 months ago
Yet it blurs out an Australian dabbing down his street on a bike
Albert Thurman
'Albert Thurman' 3 months ago
What the HELL is a cigarrette stick? Where the HELL are you from?
'glendale6' 3 months ago
Wasting four million viewers time
Joe Lipari
'Joe Lipari' 3 months ago
great stuff
'ophello' 3 months ago
#2 is fucking stupid. What "bloody scene"? So retarded. "Cigarette stick"? You mean a cigarette? What the FUCK -- this channel is goddamn stupid.
'Coltboys' 3 months ago
2:46 Most likely a tree branch
Joe Kaminski
'Joe Kaminski' 3 months ago
It's a boat!!! Maybe a Grady White or Boston Whaler, single engine, with a blue Bimini top. From the rear, you see the engine turbulence, then the wake, and then the boat. Boom!
'Tarzanitard' 3 months ago
Cigarette Sticks lol
Stagger Lee
'Stagger Lee' 3 months ago
shark looks like a motor boat to me. i mean i can see shark too but yeah its prob small craft like one at top right dock that idled out far enough passed the no wake zone and just started takin off. so long tail is the prop wake and fins boat wake.
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