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5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! -
Published: 2 months ago By: Top 5s Finest

By: Top 5s FinestPublished: 2 months ago

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5 Mysterious Google Maps Events Caught On Camera By Google Earth!


Trust me on this one: Google Earth is the most unbiased and non-selective photographer in the world. It uses satellites that capture images all over the world. The proof in this is in the unsettling amount of pictures released online. Google Earth will capture footage of animals and humans on both sea and land. The next time you want to do something illegal, especially in public, you had better think twice. We may just be talking about you next. With this being said, brace yourself for the 5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! Lets begin!

1. Huge Sea Creature

If you are a lover of nature, you may want to reconsider your love for the ocean. Google Earth has captured what looks like the biggest shark ever roaming around the docks of the marina. And you know what, it’s mouth is constantly open… like it is waiting to make a kill any time. You may be saying, ‘I like the ocean beach’ or ‘There are so many beautiful sea creatures out there’ or ‘I only venture into the shore and not the deep parts’. Well, if you see the size of this creature, it will make you avoid the beach entirely! I know I would avoid it…Seriously, I am not ready to be anyone’s dinner!

2. Strange Object In The Sky

You have heard of UFO ships in the sky but that is nothing when compared to this weird cloud formation caught on Google Earth in Italy. Search for ‘weird cloud formations’ and you will see the supporting evidence of this strange sighting caught at different angles. While some may dismiss it as a weird cloud formation, there has to be more that meets the eye, especially because Google Earth is involved here. Can you see that pointed pale tower toward the left side of the formation? I mean, I don’t think that freaky thing is a cloud formation….at all!

3. Woman Appears To Get Abducted

Take a close look at this. There is a bald, angry man grabbing onto a woman. The second guy, near the open trunk of the car, appears to be getting ready for a midday abduction. The woman seems to be getting dragged towards the vehicle…against her own will…right? Wrong! What you think is happening in this photo may not really be the case. The major reason why this may not be abduction is that the woman is holding on to a cigarette stick. I have watched a lot of abduction films and victims do not come out holding cigarette sticks! There are many theories that can explain this: the woman may have been taken by surprise, or she is being tickled, and the man in the car is a random passerby.

4. How Did The Cow Cross The Road?

The cow did get to the other side but the reason as to why it would be pulling itself across the road on stumps makes an observer scratch their head. Another puzzling question is why is it crawling toward a bloody scene instead of away from it? A possible reason may be that the other side of the road had more horrors as compared to the one it is crawling towards. Or maybe, just maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eyes on the deadly scene. I advocate that an investigation be launched to find out what happened to this cow! …But we will never know…will we?

5. Pentagram

In an uninhabited, archaeological ruin in Kazakhstan, where cemeteries and burial grounds existed in the Bronze Age settlement, Google Earth took a picture of a pentagram etched into the ground. An experienced archaeologist explained that the pentagram had been formed by Soviet Union members who once used the area as a campground. The archeologist went on to explain that at this time, stars were used as decorations in almost everything: flags, buildings and monuments as a sign of beauty. For all the fans of conspiracy theories out there, the star was not drawn by unknown forces wanting to unleash havoc on Kazakhstan.

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Anne D
'Anne D' 14 hours ago
1. Mate, The poor cow had been hit by a car and couldn't walk and was trying to get off the road. Tragic but no mystery. 2. Title is grammatically wrong 3. Cigarette stick? No. No. No. 4. Abduction. Obviously not so why put it in. 5. that shark is average sized for a great white The rest of the vid was shit.
SRV. 123
'SRV. 123' 15 hours ago
What a bullshit video. None of these photos are by google earth satellites. And they are just dumb photos. Nothing mysterious. Who makes this shit.?
'dsamh' 1 day ago
cigarette "stick" wtf is wrong with you?
pink pony
'pink pony' 2 days ago
poor cow.....i wish i had not seen that.
'hibiscusfreak' 3 days ago
"Five Mysterious Events Ever Captured?" What kind of grammar is that? Lol, missing the word "most" maybe?
Robert K
'Robert K' 3 days ago
Cigarette stick? I guess your as young as your voice sounds. That's hilarious! lmao!
Danny Bamburg
'Danny Bamburg' 3 days ago
I will never understand the way youtubers use the word ever. The title should either be 5 MOST Mysterious Events Ever Captured by Google Earth or simply 5 Mysterious Events Captured by Google Earth.
Bri Gregory
'Bri Gregory' 3 days ago
They love those red circles
Yorick Aname
'Yorick Aname' 4 days ago
+Top 5s Finest English comprehension: Your use of the word "ever" in the title... makes ZERO sense, and really makes you sound horrible. I don't know if that's what you're going for, but if so, you nailed it.
'n1ghtb0t' 4 days ago
3:03, that's pretty weird, it looks like a ship from the empire from Star Wars...
'emerald63639' 6 days ago
they are summoning saton the devil
Tony Carr
'Tony Carr' 7 days ago
With regards to the cow crossing the road. That is just red earth found in Australia, it's not blood. The cow may have lost its footing and tripped or been recently hit by a truck.
Riley Raine
'Riley Raine' 1 week ago
No. 3 - Or maybe she was sneezing.
'mtbnzRic' 1 week ago
what a dickhead!
Ryan Shantz
'Ryan Shantz' 1 week ago
Cigarette sticks, tuna fish, Americans are weird. It's Pop, okay...
'scotchpak' 2 weeks ago
this is not a pentagram
Leslie Sanchez
'Leslie Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
sad shit🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄
Leslie Sanchez
'Leslie Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
ziad bastami
'ziad bastami' 2 weeks ago
😶😱😱😱😱 omg
Filthy Pyro
'Filthy Pyro' 3 weeks ago
weird cloud formation? its clearly a meteor
Eduardo Gamer
'Eduardo Gamer' 3 weeks ago
dude the cloud thing the first pic its from the astroid that almost hit us
Julie Stanford
'Julie Stanford' 3 weeks ago
the cloud formation is the star destroyer
'Not-prudent' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette stick? Are you from this planet?
Christhewolfie Gamer
Google is hiding all of this stuff
Chris Scott
'Chris Scott' 3 weeks ago
Loved it (:
Austin Douse
'Austin Douse' 3 weeks ago
that cloud is a star destroyed LMAO
Michael Hoffmann
'Michael Hoffmann' 3 weeks ago
Ab 2:45 min. ich habe ein Video das ähnlich ist
Jamil Black
'Jamil Black' 3 weeks ago
lol looks like star wars
Angel Abreu
'Angel Abreu' 3 weeks ago
this is fake
'sleddy12345' 3 weeks ago
Four minutes of your life you'll never get back
'thetruthhurts79' 3 weeks ago
LOL @ #5. Can anyone say "JET SKI".....
Brian Simonson
'Brian Simonson' 3 weeks ago
Well if the cow, cloud, and kidnapping were really satellite photos that would be pretty impressive.
Jeff Mills
'Jeff Mills' 3 weeks ago
that sucked
'buisyman' 3 weeks ago
I've watched a lot of films and victims do not come out holding cigarette sticks. How retarded is this fool doing the narrating? Movies aren't real, you dolt.
Ned Ryerson
'Ned Ryerson' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette stick? Where in the fuck are you from weirdo?
Sher pakistani
'Sher pakistani' 3 weeks ago
Ну это правда, и я просто использую мой телефон, но 2 минуты назад я использовал отцов моих телефон
TheReal PeterDinklage
"5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth!" Either your missing a word in there or you have one to many. Either way, stupid video.
'ladyjane747' 3 weeks ago
Why is he suggesting these are "mysteries" and then go on to debunk them.  Makes no sense.
'revolutionpm' 3 weeks ago
1:27-Hooved animals find little traction on pavement. The cow has merely fallen. The 'stumps' comment is meant to deepen the mystery. A closer look shows that the cows front legs are bent at the joints, otherwise blood would be everywhere. You are a deceiving little c0
Yogi Beer
'Yogi Beer' 3 weeks ago
Huh? A cigarette stick?
'circusboy90210' 3 weeks ago
cigerette stick lol
'jaytotheell' 3 weeks ago
a cigarette stick?? i have never in my life heard it called that.
Sarah Crain
'Sarah Crain' 3 weeks ago
sounds so not right, come onnnnn
Mark Butler
'Mark Butler' 3 weeks ago
"cigarette stick" hehe
michelle keller
'michelle keller' 3 weeks ago
my fish drowned
Digby Hill
'Digby Hill' 3 weeks ago
wow!! i'm trying to understand WTF that guy is talking about regarding the cows!!???? 1. pulling itself accross on stumps. umm, there not stumps, its on its front knees and dragging its back legs, maybe cause it has been hit by something or its back legs are numb from giving birth recently. 2 one reason is that the other side had more 'whores' on it than the side it was crawling towards. WTF is that about?????!!? 3. ybe, juust maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eye on the deadly prize. WTF!!?? i just dont get that bit, looks like that cow is just standing there.??!!??!! (wtf!!) seriously, what a load of crap, stoner
Dave Carey
'Dave Carey' 3 weeks ago
Mysterious Events suck dicks
RSD Academy
'RSD Academy' 3 weeks ago
No. 1 is a boat and it's wake. These are all over Google Earth.
Game Loot
'Game Loot' 3 weeks ago
Your title makes no sense. It should be "5 Most"... without the most it is not coherent. Or remove the word "ever".
'DPH' 3 weeks ago
"Cigarette Stick"?! Is this narrated by a husky voiced 5 year old?
Tony Bliss
'Tony Bliss' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette Stick? What are you retarded?
Paul Fletcher
'Paul Fletcher' 3 weeks ago
I think you mean "5 MOST Mysterious Events", right?
Karl Woods
'Karl Woods' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette stick? Who the hell calls them sticks?
Annie Gaddis
'Annie Gaddis' 3 weeks ago
#5 looks like a motorboat cut, that's probably healed over. Boats hit large fish and slice them all the time. And since when do sharks swim upside down anyway?
Robert Bennett
'Robert Bennett' 3 weeks ago
Shouldn't it be the 5 Most Mysterious....OR leave out the word "Ever"
'Fallguy1959' 3 weeks ago
I've watched a lot of abduction films ? Okay .
Michael Hansen
'Michael Hansen' 3 weeks ago
they're not satellite images they're taken by airplanes and then put together and it looks like it's a satellite and they call it a satellite image but it's actually taken by airplanes or not that advanced or at least we're not that privileged
porsche -
'porsche -' 3 weeks ago
That was a waste of time. Granted the cloud seems a little mysterious, but looks more like a rocket failure rather than aliens. A cow? Seriously? It's crawling across the road because it's likely been struck by a vehicle and broken it's hind legs. Friends joking around in a door way... Very mysterious. A shark? You do realize this is a marina? It's fairly clear from this picture it's just a boat. What looks like fins is just the wake from the keel and the tail is just the prop wash. The mouth is the canopy on the top of the boat. In all fairness, good try and please try again.
'bagofboom' 3 weeks ago
It's just called a "cigarette". And only a "cigarette". "Cigarette Stick" just made me pause, stop watching, tap the thumbs down button and post this. Smfh..... Cigarette Stick!?!?
'Alby' 3 weeks ago
How about the sea creature in Antarctica?
'AD S' 3 weeks ago
4. That cow was very likely hit by a car or truck and broke her spine, hence she is dragging herself.
'ashton1015' 3 weeks ago
Ocean beach? Cigarette stick? In the words of Jack Donaghy "Why are you speaking like a Persian immigrant?"
Mustang Guy
'Mustang Guy' 3 weeks ago
Yo those mysteries got smoked!
Amadeus Van Kerckhoven
I'm a believer !! I love your scientific take on all that :D (ROFL)
Luis Colon
'Luis Colon' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette sticks???
Brandon Stanton
'Brandon Stanton' 3 weeks ago
What in the hell is a "cigarette stick"??? I have never ever ever heard that said once in my entire life...
Frank Quitely
'Frank Quitely' 3 weeks ago
Owl rides doobie...
'LEXICOGRAFFER' 3 weeks ago
FYI: using "ever" in the title as you do means "mysterious" should be modified by the word "Most". This assumes you want to use the English language correctly....think about it (at least).
Gary Packer
'Gary Packer' 3 weeks ago
Stupid narration, lousy subject.
William Oakes
'William Oakes' 3 weeks ago
thanks to a democrat senate backed obama, and incessant sellouts to big money, the party that had (almost) absolute control in 2008 has managed to lose nearly all, and has lead us to the impossible presidency of a psychotic, delusional thug and lifelong conman, who is now free to play at history. no coup was necessary; the irrestible impulse to tell off everyone was mistaken for independence, and the incessant, paper thin lies have been embraced by fools as too impossible to tell (thank you, american electorate).
Miche Campbell
'Miche Campbell' 3 weeks ago
Don't you mean "Five MOST mysterious events... " etc?
michael godwin
'michael godwin' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette sticks there just called cigarettes man .🤔😂🤣😂🤣ocean beach? Just ocean or beach.!!?.
randall davis
'randall davis' 3 weeks ago
what the hell is a "cigarette stick?"
'KOLBE STEELE' 3 weeks ago
these things r weird
'musicalidea' 3 weeks ago
Who on earth says "cigarette stick"? Clearly the narrator is an American, where no one, perhaps with the exception of this lone individual, says "cigarette stick".
Robson Grant
'Robson Grant' 3 weeks ago
Cigarette STICK? I never heard them be called that before. Anyway, cigarettes should be banned because they are disgusting! Just sayin.
Jaden Sinclair
'Jaden Sinclair' 3 weeks ago
the shark could be also a boat xD
Master Gamer 123
'Master Gamer 123' 3 weeks ago
Sub to me
Jeff Ruth
'Jeff Ruth' 3 weeks ago
just ground beef.....
'badlandskid' 3 weeks ago
That is a cigarette stick in the sky.
PuffballPilot _
'PuffballPilot _' 3 weeks ago
3:12 Makes sense, scientists say that there is millions of sea creatures waiting to be discovered.
Paul Sim
'Paul Sim' 3 weeks ago
What is a cigarette 'stick'?
Ready Temp
'Ready Temp' 3 weeks ago
You make a lot of assumptions on Photoshop pics
Jeff Dillensnyder
'Jeff Dillensnyder' 3 weeks ago
what is a cigarette stick?
Bryce Sy
'Bryce Sy' 3 weeks ago
2:53 That's a Covenant ship.. XD
'cdraaven' 3 weeks ago
i enjoyed watching this while having a cigarette stick and drinking a beer cylinder
Tabatha Creedence
'Tabatha Creedence' 3 weeks ago
"I've watched a lot of abductions, she's holding a cigarette stick so clearly she is not being abducted" wat
Dan Shultz
'Dan Shultz' 3 weeks ago
that image of the flying smoke thing is a bird flying by
Shannon Roberson
'Shannon Roberson' 3 weeks ago
niggers. am I right ?
'altar7' 3 weeks ago
says a lot about the current state of affairs that 700K+ people would subscribe to such crap...
Gregorio Esparza
'Gregorio Esparza' 3 weeks ago
cigarette stick?
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