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5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! -
Published: 4 months ago By: Top 5s Finest

By: Top 5s FinestPublished: 4 months ago

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5 Mysterious Google Maps Events Caught On Camera By Google Earth!


Trust me on this one: Google Earth is the most unbiased and non-selective photographer in the world. It uses satellites that capture images all over the world. The proof in this is in the unsettling amount of pictures released online. Google Earth will capture footage of animals and humans on both sea and land. The next time you want to do something illegal, especially in public, you had better think twice. We may just be talking about you next. With this being said, brace yourself for the 5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! Lets begin!

1. Huge Sea Creature

If you are a lover of nature, you may want to reconsider your love for the ocean. Google Earth has captured what looks like the biggest shark ever roaming around the docks of the marina. And you know what, it’s mouth is constantly open… like it is waiting to make a kill any time. You may be saying, ‘I like the ocean beach’ or ‘There are so many beautiful sea creatures out there’ or ‘I only venture into the shore and not the deep parts’. Well, if you see the size of this creature, it will make you avoid the beach entirely! I know I would avoid it…Seriously, I am not ready to be anyone’s dinner!

2. Strange Object In The Sky

You have heard of UFO ships in the sky but that is nothing when compared to this weird cloud formation caught on Google Earth in Italy. Search for ‘weird cloud formations’ and you will see the supporting evidence of this strange sighting caught at different angles. While some may dismiss it as a weird cloud formation, there has to be more that meets the eye, especially because Google Earth is involved here. Can you see that pointed pale tower toward the left side of the formation? I mean, I don’t think that freaky thing is a cloud formation….at all!

3. Woman Appears To Get Abducted

Take a close look at this. There is a bald, angry man grabbing onto a woman. The second guy, near the open trunk of the car, appears to be getting ready for a midday abduction. The woman seems to be getting dragged towards the vehicle…against her own will…right? Wrong! What you think is happening in this photo may not really be the case. The major reason why this may not be abduction is that the woman is holding on to a cigarette stick. I have watched a lot of abduction films and victims do not come out holding cigarette sticks! There are many theories that can explain this: the woman may have been taken by surprise, or she is being tickled, and the man in the car is a random passerby.

4. How Did The Cow Cross The Road?

The cow did get to the other side but the reason as to why it would be pulling itself across the road on stumps makes an observer scratch their head. Another puzzling question is why is it crawling toward a bloody scene instead of away from it? A possible reason may be that the other side of the road had more horrors as compared to the one it is crawling towards. Or maybe, just maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eyes on the deadly scene. I advocate that an investigation be launched to find out what happened to this cow! …But we will never know…will we?

5. Pentagram

In an uninhabited, archaeological ruin in Kazakhstan, where cemeteries and burial grounds existed in the Bronze Age settlement, Google Earth took a picture of a pentagram etched into the ground. An experienced archaeologist explained that the pentagram had been formed by Soviet Union members who once used the area as a campground. The archeologist went on to explain that at this time, stars were used as decorations in almost everything: flags, buildings and monuments as a sign of beauty. For all the fans of conspiracy theories out there, the star was not drawn by unknown forces wanting to unleash havoc on Kazakhstan.

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David B
'David B' 18 hours ago
Ciigarette stick? What the fuck is a cigarette stick?? Your video sucks.
Jeff C
'Jeff C' 23 hours ago
The trick with the street level views is to change your location slightly, so you can have more context.
Milla Iosia
'Milla Iosia' 23 hours ago
The guy voicing this sucks too many dicks burgers
curt riedl
'curt riedl' 1 day ago
Terrible video.
Marshal Tenner Winter
The pentagram was originally a symbol of protection. christian idiots demonized it because they know their religion is shit and they have to attack others to make themselves feel better about their horrible life choices.
PersonTuber DerpProductions
Robbie Stevenson
'Robbie Stevenson' 2 days ago
Lakeley Magnolia
'Lakeley Magnolia' 4 days ago
Is people so inconsiderate that they would go out of the way to hit a cow? I never would unless I wanted a slab of beef over a slow fire.
Dylan Yang
'Dylan Yang' 4 days ago
LMAOO the google map area in the background is where i live!!
Patrick Hanna
'Patrick Hanna' 4 days ago
What is a Soviet Union member? Is that like a United States member?
melvin onnelind
'melvin onnelind' 5 days ago
that look like a ship from star wars nummber 2
Hawk Intelligence
'Hawk Intelligence' 6 days ago
A cigarette stick.. lmao WHO in the flying fuck says that. The cloud formation wasn't even a cloud formation. It's part of the program used to blur shit.. They took something from the same area and image in order to hide something else. The last one wasn't a shark. It was floating trash. As proven.
Pablo Mendoza
'Pablo Mendoza' 7 days ago
i still like the ocean
Natural Video
'Natural Video' 1 week ago
Beautiful experience...
Ear Wax Candy
'Ear Wax Candy' 1 week ago
I like to sit on the ocean beach and have cigarette sticks.
'ZwxRzyxv' 1 week ago
"cigarette stick" Who dafuq says that?
tenaj abalos
'tenaj abalos' 1 week ago
this is ECCELET
arin arin
'arin arin' 1 week ago
อย่าโกรธนะ.. ช่วยบอกต่อทีว่า ด.ญ.กมลวรรณ สิสุริยาพรม ถูกรถชนตาย หัวขาดลอยตามน้ำไป มีผู้พบเวลาตีสาม วิญญาณบอกให้ส่งให้ครบ 20 คน ไม่เชื่อก็อย่าลบหลู่ มีคนไม่ส่งตายภายหลังตี 3 บอกเลขให้ด้วย 596 ลองเสี่ยงดู (ขอโทษที เปิดอ่านของเค๊าแล้ว ก็ต้องทำตามที่เค๊าขอมาอะนะ)
C. H. A. A. L
'C. H. A. A. L' 2 weeks ago
Dream Time
'Dream Time' 2 weeks ago
US Military-Science-Nasa cooperatives "USMSN" ... that is behind the cloud formations
Kory Paxton
'Kory Paxton' 2 weeks ago
cigarette stick Smh
Fernando Paxeco
'Fernando Paxeco' 2 weeks ago
Na 3 é no Brasil seus gringos burros q nao sabem português!! aeee eh nooiix!!! Pena q de novo mostrou bandidagem aqui 😒
'MultiLuiti' 2 weeks ago
So stupid video
Teon Leal
'Teon Leal' 2 weeks ago
Vanessa Horner
'Vanessa Horner' 2 weeks ago
and when you said there was huge sharks in the ocean there is still megadons in the marina chrench
Donna Pierce
'Donna Pierce' 2 weeks ago
excuse me ..but what will You do after the Christians have been raptured>> OMG don't u know Jesus SAVES all who call on the name of Jesus shall be S A V E D be saved bro!!!!!
Nerd And Geek
'Nerd And Geek' 2 weeks ago
that shark looks dead
fatbarry barry
'fatbarry barry' 2 weeks ago
satalites lolololol high altitude plane*
John Kincaid
'John Kincaid' 2 weeks ago
it's a hollow stick about 5-12" in length that holds a cigarette. popular during the 1st half of the 20th century.
'donepearce' 2 weeks ago
Is English your third language? You say so many things that just don't make any sense as sentences.
Asuhara ッ
'Asuhara ッ' 2 weeks ago
sharks dont swim upside down. THAT actually looks like a giant squid. Possibly dead.
Disent Design
'Disent Design' 2 weeks ago
where can I buy these cigarettes sticks u speak of?
'SE09uk' 2 weeks ago
Hold on why don't you show the place marks or put links up so we can see for ourselves I'd like to know where the shark is
Raj Rajput
'Raj Rajput' 2 weeks ago
I photograph ed my shirts button it looks like UFO all photos are hoax I'll upload it see
Hannah Goodrich
'Hannah Goodrich' 3 weeks ago
where at in Khazakhstan
'WizardPowerz' 3 weeks ago
i love the grammar in the title 10/10
Hasina Shakila
'Hasina Shakila' 3 weeks ago
Nasa is hiding something from us...
Jim Sibben
'Jim Sibben' 3 weeks ago
the shark was a basking shark! totally harmless
'ronadpaugh44' 3 weeks ago
Nuno Henriques
'Nuno Henriques' 4 weeks ago
0:50 dat pentagram reminds me of Bendy and the ink Machine....
Vinícius Borriello
'Vinícius Borriello' 4 weeks ago
No. 3 is simple: Google Street View trolls, like uncountabble others.
sea gull
'sea gull' 4 weeks ago
downvoted, and reported this video and the account for child abuse, all because you said "cigarette stick" like what the fuck
'olemann77' 4 weeks ago
Holy crap.. is every video of yours this stupid? Ive watched 2 now ... so far every 10 "things" has been either incredibly stupid, a lie or plainly wrong.
'welshpete12' 4 weeks ago
The second cloud showed , not the first is a  lenticular  cloud . Although uncommon , they are formed by wind hitting a mountain range . Pushed upward and cooled  forming  these cloud shapes .
'kronblomqqq' 1 month ago
Google uses no satellites.
'21BakDoor21' 1 month ago
You make some of the dumbest videos for real haha
'21BakDoor21' 1 month ago
The one with the cows How in the hell are them the necessary questions? How about, what the hell even happened to start with? What the hell was all the blood on the side of the road?
Papa Stalin
'Papa Stalin' 1 month ago
rip reccomended tab
Mark Talbot
'Mark Talbot' 1 month ago
BBC = IGNORE ; totally uneducational. = Bollox. Utter cobblers. Fiction.
Shay Cnaan
'Shay Cnaan' 1 month ago
its not a shark. its a small boat with a trail of its engine
Michael Clesi
'Michael Clesi' 1 month ago
A Cigarette Stick?!?! LMFAO
Sadiye Tivsiz
'Sadiye Tivsiz' 1 month ago
sorry but this is fake
'heartripper100' 1 month ago
How did you know!? how?? 0:25
'DD826' 1 month ago
you just dont know smokers. The ones I know might.
brittany Devil
'brittany Devil' 1 month ago
google earth? or just the elites goverment watching
Joe DiPietro
'Joe DiPietro' 1 month ago
stupidest video I've ever seen in my life I will be unsubcribeing
Jeoyne Geardela
'Jeoyne Geardela' 1 month ago
Wade Sharp
'Wade Sharp' 1 month ago
That was absolute shit! Lol...Narrator shut the fuck man bla bla not funny👊🏼Boring footage and way off the mark
'bigtutubi' 1 month ago
stupid dumbass video
'Buckblacket' 1 month ago
2:41 Definitely Grand Moff Tarkin's Capital ship!
Kennith Dubroy
'Kennith Dubroy' 1 month ago
makes you wonder.. how does someone who talks like this make good money.. Cigarette stick?
Trip Hazard
'Trip Hazard' 1 month ago
"5 Most Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth" or "5 Mysterious Events Captured By Google Earth". Not "5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth".
Cassandra carson
'Cassandra carson' 1 month ago
oh god i didnʻt realize that
Dan Cho
'Dan Cho' 1 month ago
Number two is an imperial star destroyer
'Donny' 1 month ago
5 " " mysterious things.... what? Most? Lamest?
M.r. Moon
'M.r. Moon' 1 month ago
Many Aliases
'Many Aliases' 1 month ago
I have another explanation , the cow making towards the scene of blood maybe because its young had been killed there.
colton harmon
'colton harmon' 1 month ago
the woman was drunk the guy was just helping her to the car. duh.
'zenzizenzizenzic' 1 month ago
The title of this video should be '5 Most Mysterious Events Ever captured by Google Earth!' or '5 Mysterious Events Captured by Google Earth!' but NOT '5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured by Google Earth!'
blue story
'blue story' 1 month ago
@video owner hi, subhuman, do you know that you can use normal voice.
Roblox Villager
'Roblox Villager' 1 month ago
Mom : Lets go to the beach ( After Son watching this video ) Son : Nahhhh......
Mari Ramone
'Mari Ramone' 2 months ago
ê brasilzão de meu deus ein hahahaa love your videos!
'DCM8828' 2 months ago
Oh, and by the way. When you describe people, you use "number" of people not "amount" of people. Use "amount"for quantities, like water, wheat, sand, etc, that can't be numbered. For god's sake, try to use some decent grammar.
Joel Eldo
'Joel Eldo' 2 months ago
I am not going to the google maps and Yes
Arjay Catacutan
'Arjay Catacutan' 2 months ago
The Last Mysterious Thing In The Video Is Like A Ningen
Elijah Bowen
'Elijah Bowen' 2 months ago
That cloud looks like a Star Destroyer from Star Wars.
Joseluis Sigala
'Joseluis Sigala' 2 months ago
DJ Calvin
'DJ Calvin' 2 months ago
who the fuck are you?
Luna The Demon
'Luna The Demon' 2 months ago
Wtf one of the fucking videos is this fucking nightmare girl eating a a child
Sonal Sharma
'Sonal Sharma' 2 months ago
Nice Video
*Beauty* TheBeast*
'*Beauty* TheBeast*' 2 months ago
cigarette stick...corny motherfucker
'walshy' 2 months ago
Is that shark swimming upside down?
'BritiMapper' 2 months ago
we are being invaded by cloud aliens THEY ARE GOING TO RAIN ON US :O
Ngatu Lui
'Ngatu Lui' 2 months ago
its the deth star
Milliann Johnson
'Milliann Johnson' 2 months ago
I love Satan
pramod rao
'pramod rao' 2 months ago
Was the google earths satellites in opposite building when women was being abducted or tickled ... common conspiracy theorists spare us
treyveon king
'treyveon king' 2 months ago
more whres across the street
'LiL JD' 2 months ago
sandy clunis
'sandy clunis' 2 months ago
i subuscribe
evan lashbroook
'evan lashbroook' 2 months ago
NUMBER ONE IS STUPID.... you mean to tell me that its not the little shark just blown the fuck up,,,
TakenunLs NoLs
'TakenunLs NoLs' 2 months ago
Not a sea monster it the waves after the boat
His Dudeness
'His Dudeness' 2 months ago
In the future this might be used to catch murderers.... i.e, random murders along highway of tears
robert gacurubar
'robert gacurubar' 2 months ago
the cow might have been hit then turned towards opp direction
Kelly T
'Kelly T' 2 months ago
what is a ciggarete stick you fuckstick?
an al
'an al' 2 months ago
stop making videos, terrible picks, terrible narration, and short as hell, along with unnecessary comments. Everyone go check out Top5s, he is much better than this garbage and is much more interesting.
Anita paro
'Anita paro' 2 months ago
il y a quoi d'etrange là???
'bignewshound' 2 months ago
The title of the video makes not sense. At least get your headline right
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