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SUPER MARIO RUN (Teens React: Gaming) -
Published: 1 month ago By: REACT

By: REACTPublished: 1 month ago

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SUPER MARIO RUN played by the teens. Links below.
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Teens play Super Mario Run. Watch to see their reaction!

Play Super Mario Run for iOS and coming soon for Android!:

This episode features the following reactors:
Alberto, age 18
Anna, age 16
Brooklin, age 18
Daniel, age 18
Elle, age 15
Eric, age 19

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REACT GAMMING #182 - SUPER MARIO RUN (Teens React: Gaming)

Ecks Deerino Man
'Ecks Deerino Man' 4 weeks ago
Teens React to IMSCARED
emma !!
'emma !!' 4 weeks ago
III3sth3r III
'III3sth3r III' 4 weeks ago
Teens react to gabe the dog!!
THE KiWi gamer XD
'THE KiWi gamer XD' 4 weeks ago
i love Anna
THE KiWi gamer XD
'THE KiWi gamer XD' 4 weeks ago
i love Anna is so pretty but Mikaela is more beutyfull for me
Ashok Mohan
'Ashok Mohan' 4 weeks ago
Tom clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Andrea Chahwan
'Andrea Chahwan' 4 weeks ago
forza horizon 3 plz
'drkangelcdb' 4 weeks ago
teens react to one life gaming
rachael collins
'rachael collins' 4 weeks ago
play slender the arrival
Rebeca Mercado González
Teens react to Yoshi Island!! with Daniel, my fav <3
Julian Shipp
'Julian Shipp' 4 weeks ago
good news super Mario run is going to be on android you can pre regerster now
'IzzyLovesGaming' 4 weeks ago
teens react/play tattletale!!!!!!
Peter Bryant
'Peter Bryant' 4 weeks ago
Teen's React to Zelda Breath of the Wild
Mariana Vasconcellos
Can you make then react to Presentable Liberty?
Bryan Diaz
'Bryan Diaz' 4 weeks ago
Fire Emblem Heroes next PLS!
Taulant Aliu
'Taulant Aliu' 4 weeks ago
How about teens react to League Of Legends??
'RubixGaming11' 4 weeks ago
The teens should totally play Tattletail!!!!!
Matthew Hodges
'Matthew Hodges' 1 month ago
Elders & Teens should React to Mad Max & Mad World
Mohit Sharma
'Mohit Sharma' 1 month ago
should react to bloodborne
Eva Vnglne
'Eva Vnglne' 1 month ago
You should do teens react to house of slendrina!! 😊😆
'Chanbam' 1 month ago
watch dogs 2
alex Lopez
'alex Lopez' 1 month ago
make part 2
Jasmine Christian
'Jasmine Christian' 1 month ago
Teens react to vr accounting
'Pepergogo' 1 month ago
Teens react to Bioshock Infinite!! Pleaseee!!
Victor gaming
'Victor gaming' 1 month ago
teens play super mario 64
Music LOL
'Music LOL' 1 month ago
Teens react to super mario parkour in real life, And part 2 by Dark Pixel
Albert Johfur
'Albert Johfur' 1 month ago
app games are evill imo. They are all about minimal effort to grab some quick dosh, instead of making a real game for one of the many handheld gaming platforms. Pay ten dollars for something the community does better and for free in Mario Maker! Outrageous.
Jace Beleren
'Jace Beleren' 1 month ago
Or any halo games
Jace Beleren
'Jace Beleren' 1 month ago
They should react to halo 5
saul Guerra
'saul Guerra' 1 month ago
I'd say the not going back thing is a throwback to the original Mario game
Jakub GKala
'Jakub GKala' 1 month ago
sonic runners next
Jo G
'Jo G' 1 month ago
react to the witcher 3 plz
'Ali_Army107' 1 month ago
Teens react to Hello Neighbor!!!!!!!
Prada Sukmawan
'Prada Sukmawan' 1 month ago
Please React : teens play Roadrash Jailbreak game from PS 1.. Thank you
courtneyanne books
'courtneyanne books' 1 month ago
you should do unfair mario game
'fyrestorme123' 1 month ago
a new low for mario games...
Sophia Carmona
'Sophia Carmona' 1 month ago
Just Asking Can U Guys Do Teens React To Hatchimail
'ooze333' 1 month ago
They need to Play Rayman Jungle/Fiesta Run now!
brady_boy 26
'brady_boy 26' 1 month ago
Teens react to super Mario 64
Joel Thomas
'Joel Thomas' 1 month ago
HI there can you please do Teens react the amazing spider man 2 ps4 gameplay
Faded Drxms
'Faded Drxms' 1 month ago
"It's an app. I'm not doing this for a challenge. I'm doing it to do something while I'm on the toilet"
Étoine de Vries
'Étoine de Vries' 1 month ago
Is Alberto related to Tori?
Black Panther aka T
😍 hello Brooklin
'Ganesh' nani' 1 month ago
course cleared! something that i never heard before..
William Clark
'William Clark' 1 month ago
Teens React to Half Life 1/2
'RFSCaveman' 1 month ago
why? this takes out all the fun of classic 2D Mario games
Martin Nguyen
'Martin Nguyen' 1 month ago
Teens react gaming: Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.
Prinsesa guzman
'Prinsesa guzman' 1 month ago
I am the best player on that game
'Treetops97' 1 month ago
"I don't have to do anything. I like this game!"
'teampeeta1997' 1 month ago
youtubers react to techrax
Gabriel Maldonado
'Gabriel Maldonado' 1 month ago
Make the teens play Dragon ball xenoverse 2
Gabriel Maldonado
'Gabriel Maldonado' 1 month ago
Make the teens play Dragon ball xenoverse 2
Gabriel Maldonado
'Gabriel Maldonado' 1 month ago
Make them Play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Gabriel Maldonado
'Gabriel Maldonado' 1 month ago
Make the teens play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
'Hal' 1 month ago
play pvz heroes!!!
CoolRanchKoolAid Adventures
new title: Teens react to trying to prevent Mario from being cock blocked by Bowser
'SnarkyOak' 1 month ago
Do teens react to Michael P!
Gabe. Io
'Gabe. Io' 1 month ago
Teens react to Hello Neighbor:)
Esteban Poveda
'Esteban Poveda' 1 month ago
Please make teens, adults or elders react to the binding of isaac!!!
'Robbie' 1 month ago
react to league of legends
Rosa Martinez
'Rosa Martinez' 1 month ago
Play please
'jokamutta' 1 month ago
I hope u can pirate the rest of the lvls on Android :)
'Duke2006' 1 month ago
NBA 2k17!!!! With the teens!!!
'JAKCY DSOUZA' 1 month ago
all react to "just dance 2017" for PC... :D
Dan tdm
'Dan tdm' 1 month ago
teens react to brandon rogers!!!!!!!
Bernadette Torres
'Bernadette Torres' 1 month ago
Nathania Benita
'Nathania Benita' 1 month ago
Please react to the new TLoZ Breath of the Wild trailer!
Demon Giraffe
'Demon Giraffe' 1 month ago
React to attack on titan season 2 trailer pls!!!!
Jessica Vickers
'Jessica Vickers' 1 month ago
do a NBA 2k 17
'JUSTINATER' 1 month ago
Do Teens React to Shovel Knight!
SUNSHINE 2355800
'SUNSHINE 2355800' 1 month ago
What is this madness?!
Rosalyn Partington
'Rosalyn Partington' 1 month ago
My best is 238 coins on the first level lol
Steven Hernandez
'Steven Hernandez' 1 month ago
yeah si
Steven Hernandez
'Steven Hernandez' 1 month ago
teens react to hello neibor
'Nanite' 1 month ago
Teens play Hyper Light Drifter or Owlboy?
'zeroZyra' 1 month ago
Oh ho noo, I am not capable of tapping the screen multiple times in a row... Hardest game 2016...
Matthew Johnson
'Matthew Johnson' 1 month ago
Bloody Roar or Primal Rage
Otro wey en youtube
'Otro wey en youtube' 1 month ago
cristobal rojero
'cristobal rojero' 1 month ago
Teens React to borderlands 2
cool_ blockz12
'cool_ blockz12' 1 month ago
do a teens react season of hello neighbors
Leo Dasilva
'Leo Dasilva' 1 month ago
'Vemund' 1 month ago
plz do teens react gaming 1v1 in a game
'gravitDan' 1 month ago
Teens React to SiIvaGunner! GRAND DAD
Swagmonster 14
'Swagmonster 14' 1 month ago
Teens React to Fallout 4
Mikj Kaj
'Mikj Kaj' 1 month ago
Super mario galaxy reaction!
Gaming Go!
'Gaming Go!' 1 month ago
you guys should play undertale its a really fun rpg game
Getaneh Wondemaghew
'Getaneh Wondemaghew' 1 month ago
Let teens play splatoon
Connor John
'Connor John' 1 month ago
teens react to legend of Zelda breath of the wild switch presentation trailer please
Jess Sam
'Jess Sam' 1 month ago
Please can they play msp 😂😂😂
ios gamethailandTV
'ios gamethailandTV' 1 month ago
teens react to jojo's bizarre adventure all star battle
Zarie Young
'Zarie Young' 1 month ago
have the teens react to the PPAP guy new Orange Juice vid!
Nikola Josic
'Nikola Josic' 1 month ago
youtubers react to google ad meme next!
'Gooloogongia' 1 month ago
Felicia Franco
'Felicia Franco' 1 month ago
Adults React to: Can you please react to Nuclear Family??? Please!!! Also, please watch their one of their videos: Roommates try Truth Serum for the first time| IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME IF THEY WOULD WATCH THEM
Runners 216
'Runners 216' 1 month ago
hey do teens react to uncharted 4
Davaajargal Bayrtogtokh
clash royale next
Belen Sanchez
'Belen Sanchez' 1 month ago
"i'll just play angry birds for the seventh time" saaaame lol
Aaron Smithan
'Aaron Smithan' 1 month ago
*íf y⎔ü ãrЄ şh0rt 0f gam℮ r℮ş0urc℮ş th℮n try thíŠ pãgЄ thãt íŠ gívíng ãwãy fr℮℮ t0ads & c0ins*
just a girl xoxo
'just a girl xoxo' 1 month ago
who was also anoyed that nobody took the pink coins
Максим Акулов
Teens React to: Command and Conquer: Red Alert (1996)
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