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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 3 months ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 3 months ago

20, 873, 194 views

189, 116 Likes   18, 618 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

Daniel Lopez
'Daniel Lopez' 6 minutes ago
nigga is a clown, these niggas really think they out hea hot as shit. this wave needs to end .
MaddieP_04 28
'MaddieP_04 28' 14 minutes ago
Um I think somebody watched too much anime before coming up with this video idea.
'ThePaigeBen' 16 minutes ago
Does uzi have snapchat?
Placky Placky
'Placky Placky' 25 minutes ago
At 1:08 he kinda looked like a spider to me I don't know why
Jessica  Palmer
'Jessica Palmer' 41 minutes ago
cool video
Jorge Rios
'Jorge Rios' 1 hour ago
'kittygirl635' 1 hour ago
What the fuck was this class on in this video
option man
'option man' 1 hour ago
I like the creativity in the video.
'Sub_Z3r0' 2 hours ago
This sounds like ravioli commercial
'Gascans9736' 2 hours ago
So Uzi's a Weeaboo?
Hiliana Duran
'Hiliana Duran' 2 hours ago
Oh yea
zee cast
'zee cast' 2 hours ago
this song sounds like it could be used in a chef boyarde commercial, like if agree
Emanlaine mongar
'Emanlaine mongar' 2 hours ago
'cjtcabrera' 3 hours ago
yeah! (×100)
sebastian fabiano
'sebastian fabiano' 3 hours ago
wtf was that
Play like a beast Everyday 360
Bro he did not had to do that much Damage Like bruh
Visual Aids
'Visual Aids' 3 hours ago
Is this Chef BoyArDee ravioli?
The_ phenomenal BEAST
Plz like and why the hell this sound like the old ravioli commercial 😂😂
Mark McDaniel
'Mark McDaniel' 3 hours ago
Lil Uzi is so happy all the time
Adriana Huerta
'Adriana Huerta' 4 hours ago
lil uzi is hella cute ... but that's just me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
'aprosexia' 5 hours ago
i made it mine
'Matty' 5 hours ago
ravioli ravioli give me formuoli
mel 374
'mel 374' 5 hours ago
I luv his music !
Mike Mike
'Mike Mike' 5 hours ago
There's.another thing blacks are gonna steal from whites is the hair dye of bright colors and the drawing out of words when singing
'Skizzhward' 6 hours ago
what is this shit ? honestly
leo leo
'leo leo' 6 hours ago
hood 6
'hood 6' 6 hours ago
in Japan we all have the same restroom
Unexpected Guest
'Unexpected Guest' 6 hours ago
and this video is sponsored by ravioli im lovin it
Teodora V
'Teodora V' 6 hours ago
Why is there always a girl with a pink hair in his videos?
Samantha Cheadle
'Samantha Cheadle' 7 hours ago
he tuff
Baz Z
'Baz Z' 7 hours ago
This is his world and you're just living in it Ⓡ✌....2
Maddy Simon
'Maddy Simon' 8 hours ago
Poor Austin
Peanut The Kidnapper
when u watch 2 much anime
'Ruthlessvapors23' 8 hours ago
This nigga using Snapchat filters in his video😂😂
Mina Kan
'Mina Kan' 8 hours ago
Kawaii desu
CrazyCoolSummer12 Gamer
I feel like p's and q's mean princesses and Queens
'ChiTownNekst' 9 hours ago
Uzi been working super hard lately I can't help but vibe with the bro ! LIT LIT LIT
Lacye Steve
'Lacye Steve' 10 hours ago
uzi killing it he different and thats what makes him cool i dont like the same sound all the time
Travis Brudvik-Kuenzi
Were They Really Vaping???
Julian Carter
'Julian Carter' 10 hours ago
what I didn't see that but this a good song
Jordankook Jordanov
'Jordankook Jordanov' 11 hours ago
Lit Kid
'Lit Kid' 11 hours ago
Lil uzi vert killed this song some people don't get what he is saying
'OfficialCODTeam' 12 hours ago
kasim ahmed
'kasim ahmed' 12 hours ago
his hair reminds me of some sort of spider..................
white JAP
'white JAP' 12 hours ago
Ravioli Macker
'Ravioli Macker' 13 hours ago
Can smell the ravioli beef sauce
salami worst
'salami worst' 13 hours ago
snapchat filters getting out of hand
'swaggermania180kfc' 13 hours ago
want no raviloi
RO mo
'RO mo' 13 hours ago
so nobody see the thugger chain huh?
J Urtes
'J Urtes' 13 hours ago
Austin is pissed off somewhere
'none' 15 hours ago
this song makes me want to finally check the asian catagory on pornhub
Justin Brown
'Justin Brown' 16 hours ago
Aye Japanese class lit
Lil Blaine
'Lil Blaine' 17 hours ago
Did anyone else notice his hair color changed at the end or is it just me? I mean I understand why they did that but then why didn't he have purple hair color through the video! BTW I'm not hating lil uzi is like one of the best new rappers ever! I like his music 🎶
Sumen Deardan
'Sumen Deardan' 17 hours ago
This sound slays 😍👅
'Murphskurf' 17 hours ago
Such a nasty nigger
Pinry Pin
'Pinry Pin' 21 hours ago
I bet snapchat was sponsored by this song
'TheKingFabian' 23 hours ago
this shit gave me night mares... 0 to 100 Real quick. 😂💯
ryan hines
'ryan hines' 23 hours ago
the ending was so dope
'KAMO FLAG' 23 hours ago
This is a product of lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Future.
Ty Dix
'Ty Dix' 24 hours ago
Lil chef boyardee
Tri11 Mute
'Tri11 Mute' 1 day ago
I don't like mainstream but fuck with this song
Bryson B
'Bryson B' 1 day ago
Why this nigga got a bird nest on his head
Random Person
'Random Person' 1 day ago
Who else came here from the ravioli commerical?
Tristan Cramer
'Tristan Cramer' 1 day ago
sick video. needs more country boys and some trump support tho
MasterKingG !
'MasterKingG !' 1 day ago
i dont want no ravioli
Phantom Gaming
'Phantom Gaming' 1 day ago
Them eyes tho...
'YRN_Creed' 1 day ago
ooouuu sing it!!...
Taylor Hargett
'Taylor Hargett' 1 day ago
Bruh why this boys eyes so dang big
Jenelle Stephen
'Jenelle Stephen' 1 day ago
The way to all
'g2gaderade' 1 day ago
This nigga really UGLY😰
beast ferrari
'beast ferrari' 1 day ago
ou sing it he anyt get no money ya!🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧🎧🎧🎧💵💰
Uriah Bybee
'Uriah Bybee' 1 day ago
they all look like they popped molly then made this video
Jared Marmolejo
'Jared Marmolejo' 1 day ago
I searched up "lil uzi ravioli song" and then this popped up, lol
Ksha atha
'Ksha atha' 1 day ago
'Snobbymasha' 1 day ago
this remix of the chefboyardee commercial is lit
Jaren Hunter
'Jaren Hunter' 1 day ago
Yo that chick with the blonde pigtails was the same one from "Pick up the Phone" lol
piscegod 2020
'piscegod 2020' 1 day ago
i like tht animation
piscegod 2020
'piscegod 2020' 1 day ago
i guess he like anime
jkropin jem
'jkropin jem' 1 day ago
he always does the odd visuals
Oscar Alonzo
'Oscar Alonzo' 1 day ago
Yeah I watch hentai so what
Vile KyleTV
'Vile KyleTV' 1 day ago
Why is uzi a weeb
Ady Fleeky
'Ady Fleeky' 1 day ago
#when ur life is based on anime
Minecraft2.0 The best minecraft adventures
was he in the girls bathroom?
Alex Westfield
'Alex Westfield' 1 day ago
sounds like a ravioli commercial
'Xeno' 1 day ago
When you watch anime for the first time
Orlando Mallmann
'Orlando Mallmann' 1 day ago
he ain't got no money
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 day ago
Uzi and that girl cute
Autumn Lingard
'Autumn Lingard' 1 day ago
this was made on new year's!!!!😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈
Die rise
'Die rise' 1 day ago
michael townley from gta 5
Angela Barrett
'Angela Barrett' 1 day ago
what type of fake ass naruto shit is this 😂
shit and more crazy shit
lil Uzi music vid is strange asf
Germa-Selassie Extavour
'SOZZYLAND' 1 day ago
i Tooook Yourrr Draws!! i Made emmm Mine!!!
Black Ice
'Black Ice' 1 day ago
raveoli raveoli what's In the pocketoli
niga dank
'niga dank' 2 days ago
Jema rianna
'Jema rianna' 2 days ago
Anyone else thought he wasn't speaking English 😂
Keinna Beaumon
'Keinna Beaumon' 2 days ago
Keinna Beaumon
'Keinna Beaumon' 2 days ago
jugg yonni
'jugg yonni' 2 days ago
I. thought. you were. fine since. I. was 5. and. 6 and now I'm 7. l. love. you. Lil Uzi vert
'IIPrinxePandaTube' 2 days ago
This song could get overplayed like 50 times
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