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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 3 weeks ago

8, 946, 723 views

118, 219 Likes   11, 266 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

Gabe Ellsmore
'Gabe Ellsmore' 18 minutes ago
This nigga just don't giva fuck
'King' 29 minutes ago
what the fuck is on his head?
Keven Elliott
'Keven Elliott' 36 minutes ago
lmao fucking weeb, i love lil uzi doe!
Kendrick White
'Kendrick White' 37 minutes ago
great hook, he ain't got no money yeah
Kho4tic Rag3
'Kho4tic Rag3' 55 minutes ago
Wtf this shit lookin stupid bruh what are they on bruh
epicgamer561 axx
'epicgamer561 axx' 59 minutes ago
uzi went super sayin 2
flavormix jhave
'flavormix jhave' 2 hours ago
snapfilter headass
Big Man Zeb
'Big Man Zeb' 2 hours ago
0:30 blonde on the left? Anyone know her?
Nestor Figueroa
'Nestor Figueroa' 2 hours ago
this video was fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Michael Saucedo Jr
'Michael Saucedo Jr' 2 hours ago
Charlie Wade
'Charlie Wade' 2 hours ago
With the big eyes
Charlie Wade
'Charlie Wade' 2 hours ago
He looks like that snapchat filter 😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Memo De La Rosa
'Memo De La Rosa' 2 hours ago
this nigga ugly af lmao
zonnique pullens
'zonnique pullens' 2 hours ago
Brittany so damn ugly
cherry 27korea
'cherry 27korea' 2 hours ago
1:56 없어 눈썹...?
jaMz^ | Gaming & More!
Lil Uzi isn't gay. Just amazing at fashion.
Tyler Kelly
'Tyler Kelly' 3 hours ago
if you can read this congrats you get a cookie
Akiwen Ewimbi
'Akiwen Ewimbi' 3 hours ago
Leo Lam
'Leo Lam' 3 hours ago
Lyrics: Yayayayaaaaahaaaaahahayaaayaaahahahahahayayqaaaaayayayaaaaayayayaaaaayayaaaaaaahahaaaaayaaaah... Thank me later
Timerino Wasterino
'Timerino Wasterino' 3 hours ago
'EDI IDRIZI' 3 hours ago
uzi the type of guy to play gta and make a song about it
Lilly Hudson
'Lilly Hudson' 3 hours ago
either Uzi likes anime or just wanted atention
Kitty Boy8707
'Kitty Boy8707' 3 hours ago
ooh say it he aint got no money yeah(x4) she got a n**** that was on a music sing had a n**** thought he was going strait to the lead f*** with my my baby i swear that that n**** gonna bleed yeah she liked to buy a ride for mestay on my p's and my q's yeah stay on my q's and my p's (couldnt tell what he said next)bring that girl to the big lead yeah diamond i saw on my teeth yeah (idk) put my girl in a new (idk) like haha now your girl with me oh boy plz like bye bye (idk) ooh say it he aint got no money watch out for my (idk) number one rule dont listen to w***** (idk) more money than your last man of course (idk) ooh sing it he aint got no money yeah stay on my p's and my q's stay on my q's and my p's
Breyana Williams
'Breyana Williams' 3 hours ago
He's just so little and so cute ☺
'MrInsaneFredy' 3 hours ago
Man. Rap today sucks. i dont give a fuck what anybody says. These fools aint spitting no type of dope shit. but that's not even the bad part; they're not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard ass fucking beat to trick dumbasses like you to think you like the shit
Joshua Babel
'Joshua Babel' 4 hours ago
Giant pitch black hole = sams ass
Tyranisha Battle
'Tyranisha Battle' 4 hours ago
a woosie
Tyranisha Battle
'Tyranisha Battle' 4 hours ago
Oshea Rael
'Oshea Rael' 4 hours ago
when they called you lame for watching anime. ..
bob goblin
'bob goblin' 4 hours ago
this wack af
Nissan GTR
'Nissan GTR' 4 hours ago
video weird as hell but the song the most important 🔥🔥
jon marquez
'jon marquez' 4 hours ago
who is the asian from 2:34 - 2:43 ?!?!?!
diamond willams
'diamond willams' 4 hours ago
here because ayeemikeques tv 🙂🙂
Alonso Sanchez
'Alonso Sanchez' 4 hours ago
hes has some girly moves no lie very weird but the video overall is pretty cool i dislike uzi alot but i happen to view this video like 10 times lol
Noah Fusaro
'Noah Fusaro' 4 hours ago
who is the women with the blonde and pink hair
Twodrop Seven
'Twodrop Seven' 4 hours ago UZI I MADE A SONG THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE LIL UZI #LILUZIVERT @liluzivert #rockstarlife 🤘💯
Kenny Logan
'Kenny Logan' 5 hours ago
the ending was dope
'TTheGamer' 5 hours ago
Lil uzi vert is the most creative rapper I have ever seen.
'TheRealBenjamin' 5 hours ago
The only thing I got from this song is vaping is better than smoking
Killer Be
'Killer Be' 5 hours ago
This prod looks like to Rap French "AfroTrap"
Jernee Donald
'Jernee Donald' 5 hours ago
stay on my PS and qs
Nesdesmoon 6
'Nesdesmoon 6' 5 hours ago
tout ke temps je l'écoute 24H sur 24H une tuerie cette musique 🎶🎧🎧🎧🎼🎵🔊󾓦󾓥
Kodak Black
'Kodak Black' 5 hours ago
This song makes me wanna delete all that old Eminem and 2Pac shit
Demarion Nunley
'Demarion Nunley' 6 hours ago
Demarion Nunley
'Demarion Nunley' 6 hours ago
Owen McLoven
'Owen McLoven' 6 hours ago
Irish instruments, Japanese music vid
Stephy 6257
'Stephy 6257' 6 hours ago
somebody hide this lame ass nigga forever!!
'shadow' 6 hours ago
2000 watts
'2000 watts' 6 hours ago
I like the artwork and the concept the songs pretty dope to.
Alejandro “Abuelo” Perez
This shits straight up garbage
Alejandro “Abuelo” Perez
Wtf is this shit, someone get me the dictionary cuz idk wtf his saying.
C&D gaming
'C&D gaming' 6 hours ago
the ending was lit i love ❤. this song
Trajohn Woods
'Trajohn Woods' 6 hours ago
this make me think when I steel my friend girl
Savion “Juhlts” Hyde
Stole the krusty Krab song and made lil uzi vert "rap" to it
'Jared' 7 hours ago
The music video ruined the song
Nadia Campbell
'Nadia Campbell' 7 hours ago
he is so retarded
Pascal D
'Pascal D' 7 hours ago
Uzi San!😂😂💀💀💀bruh the cringe😂
Quintin Hodges
'Quintin Hodges' 7 hours ago
1234567890quib= yfcc hinj jkjfn lhu;og8'l
D.J Drew
'D.J Drew' 8 hours ago
That accordion is the real MVP.......Niggas love accordions :)
'Fiercy' 8 hours ago
Hey guys I'm doing a shoutout series all you have to do is sub and like one of my videos. Just say that you did too enter!
'coolgamer' 8 hours ago
live song I no it now uzi lol
Isabel Monteiro
'Isabel Monteiro' 8 hours ago
Obi Zobi
'Obi Zobi' 8 hours ago
So are y'all ready to admit that Lil Uzi is the creative genius of our generation?
'Naruto129040' 8 hours ago
word bruh Lil Uzi cant be tested bruh that nigga pulls bitches faster than you can get dressed for school bruh
Alvi Kamal
'Alvi Kamal' 8 hours ago
Is lil uzi vert gay? I think he is.
Timtim 0910
'Timtim 0910' 8 hours ago
What da fuck I am having a seasure on this shit😂
unnormalecommentatore diyoutube
but,Ps&qs it's a gta snack😂
The fly Kid
'The fly Kid' 8 hours ago
Dandre Young
'Dandre Young' 9 hours ago
lil uzi vert been wacthing to much anime
Yandere- Chan
'Yandere- Chan' 9 hours ago
He ain't got no money yaaa
Omar Perez
'Omar Perez' 9 hours ago
Lmao wtf?
surpremepr0files tv
'surpremepr0files tv' 9 hours ago
that shit fruity
surpremepr0files tv
'surpremepr0files tv' 10 hours ago
lil Uzi brought this shit to China 😂😂😂 I'm to young anime really he ruien this song
Yolanda Shizhpon
'Yolanda Shizhpon' 10 hours ago
Lil uzi a faggot
That One Bacon Strip
'That One Bacon Strip' 10 hours ago
This is my song!
Mahomed Abdullahi
'Mahomed Abdullahi' 10 hours ago
Ainsley Whitney
'Ainsley Whitney' 10 hours ago
If you don't like him then don't watch his vids, that's just giving him bad ratings, and he's a good rapper
official guy
'official guy' 10 hours ago
He's gay or something tf is on his face 🤔
K.R.I.A Killa Rivers In Action
go watch Killa Rivers In Action on YouTube lmk what you think share
'KINGGG Q' 11 hours ago
nigga ugly asf
Big Bang
'Big Bang' 11 hours ago
HELP ME GUYS! Where can i buy online nike air tech challenge 2 hot lava? I'm italian
MtnDEW mercenary
'MtnDEW mercenary' 11 hours ago
Wtf is this trash
Michai Hovington
'Michai Hovington' 11 hours ago
Who Austin
D.J Drew
'D.J Drew' 11 hours ago
I really like the hook and the beat the rest not so much
'muppet103' 13 hours ago
This shit wack
Nomunzarligt Bolor
'Nomunzarligt Bolor' 13 hours ago
lol they use even snapchat on the music videos
'SENN LTF' 14 hours ago
Clip d'extraterrestres
none of your business yonce
I ain't gonna liie he's good looking 🎶🎵🎤
Zurirz ™️
'Zurirz ™️' 14 hours ago
fucking nigger
Takiah Morris
'Takiah Morris' 14 hours ago
look at that head tho
Takiah Morris
'Takiah Morris' 14 hours ago
he is so ugly
'Grindaarz' 15 hours ago
A Lowkey PSA for all the weebs to know we'd look like fucking accidents of god if we lived in an Anime world
damareyay sharpe
'damareyay sharpe' 16 hours ago
one of the best videos ever
cassidy banks
'cassidy banks' 16 hours ago
bad ass lil boy
'KUDDI _THEGREAT_' 16 hours ago
angel ochoa
'angel ochoa' 17 hours ago
That song is lit
Tampa Marine
'Tampa Marine' 17 hours ago
he's werid
Sheleah Nalita
'Sheleah Nalita' 17 hours ago
I love this 🤷🏽‍♀️💜🌴 Lil Uzi and Brit are different and I like their vibe
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