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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 8 months ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 8 months ago

28, 909, 078 views

259, 031 Likes   22, 327 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

ToBiAsNight Dubstep
'ToBiAsNight Dubstep' 24 minutes ago
4:19 scott pilgrim vs the world parody
Trevon Gabriel
'Trevon Gabriel' 47 minutes ago
me: hello is this the fire dept. fire dept.:lil uzi again me: yep
Dineth K.
'Dineth K.' 1 hour ago
TAlk about mumble rap😂
Neurotic Sos
'Neurotic Sos' 3 hours ago
what the fuck is this gay shit
Bound Along
'Bound Along' 4 hours ago
This makes me want to eat a can of chef boyardi without warming it up
'TatchyCatchy' 4 hours ago
2:58 Brittney's hand. I'm not making any assumptions just saying.
3 phones
'3 phones' 5 hours ago
I know why they made Uzi a giant on the video. because he's short as shit smh
'TheOfficialSynnex' 5 hours ago
I have some terrible news. YOU, HAVE, BUG EYES!
'AnimeRageTM' 6 hours ago
Luigi Aryl
'Luigi Aryl' 10 hours ago
Ain't Ps and Qs a snack in gta ???
Drop Playz2007
'Drop Playz2007' 10 hours ago
Uzi the best
Holy Holzy
'Holy Holzy' 11 hours ago
Name of the anime please
'Sup3r_N0va' 11 hours ago
senji sugioka
'senji sugioka' 11 hours ago
Chef boyardee
'arianna' 12 hours ago
don't watch the anime if you haven't read the manga smh
tonya reid
'tonya reid' 13 hours ago
Uzi my nights bo
'anonaf' 13 hours ago
Would totally watch if it was a actual anime 👀
Samuel Noble
'Samuel Noble' 14 hours ago
I love this song !!?
xX Xx
'xX Xx' 15 hours ago
Kawaii ass nigguh
'dubseedz757' 17 hours ago
I'm going to the Lil Uzi concert in my hometown...Going to get super dabbed out...
'Sargentpickle' 18 hours ago
I always eat the P's n Q's last
Greg  Romo
'Greg Romo' 19 hours ago
ewww sang it
Greg  Romo
'Greg Romo' 19 hours ago
I made her mine
'Techy34' 19 hours ago
Anime Lil Uzi Vert 😑
theminecraftcartgamer 7836
there eyes are so big
Beliz Ozhan
'Beliz Ozhan' 21 hours ago
Lit uzi sucks but
Janeil Foster
'Janeil Foster' 22 hours ago
The teacher ugly as shit!
'subzero_NS1' 23 hours ago
3:51 wonder when the manga coming out and anime
'KingDopeness517' 23 hours ago
Tf Jr
'Tf Jr' 23 hours ago
What anime is this?
Esco Demon
'Esco Demon' 24 hours ago
Where my Everyday Struggle nxggas at? #mumble #rap
Robert Hagan
'Robert Hagan' 1 day ago
bro is that ricegum at 1:14
Mario Cordova
'Mario Cordova' 1 day ago
Man, i wish how i can look like in anime i love anime
'Sollarr' 1 day ago
Uzi's best music video
Takeshi Hinata
'Takeshi Hinata' 1 day ago
Ravioli Commercial
'Lucario' 1 day ago
Can't wait until this song comes out in English
William Sisiliano
so underrated
Dean Graal
'Dean Graal' 1 day ago
Where's nuroto
'Tokyo' 1 day ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that you can get 15% off car insurance if you switch to Geico
'CHRISTIAN' 1 day ago
Everyday Struggle brought me here #mumblerap
Nick Nonya
'Nick Nonya' 1 day ago
5th time ive listened to uzi today xD
'sqrcastic' 1 day ago
the most kawaii nigga you'll ever find
LeTTuce Kacpi
'LeTTuce Kacpi' 1 day ago
Sebastian Chang
'Sebastian Chang' 1 day ago
director: so how we gon shoot this video uzi: u know that country wit the anime
justin smith
'justin smith' 1 day ago
Jet Packinski
'Jet Packinski' 1 day ago
*p's and q's lyrics* yeah i took yoursss salamalaaa i took yourssss salamalaaaa jump in porrrkk swagillaaaa i change a loottt now you gon lie ooh zinga he aint got no money ooh zinga he aint got no money ooh zinga he aint got no money ooh zinga he aint got no money she had a n that was on the moosic scene had a n thot he was going straight to da league fawa my baby i swear that n gon bleed she let that potty rock for me stare on my p's and my q's ya stare on my q's and my p's whatcha gon happen to me ya runnegga to da big league diamonds das all on my teef ya diamonds das all on my teef poogy my girl when i shower ya and i got her a new weave poogy my girl when i shower ya and i got her a new weave lIke HaHa oH wAlE NoW yA GErL wiF Me like aussinwass holding her opp ome boy plz like bai bai aussin hello to loozi 2lazy to finish the rest
River A
'River A' 1 day ago
Uzi the type of guy to smoke his home work and say his grade average is high
Jawad T
'Jawad T' 1 day ago
yo what anime is this?
Zen Ogiyama
'Zen Ogiyama' 2 days ago
what the fuck
'AGL SEFKAVELLY' 2 days ago
yes uzi
'BUYBAPE' 2 days ago
Does every girl have a freaking Upside down cross on there body?
lesur lately
'lesur lately' 2 days ago
Now i have a headache.
Demi Campos
'Demi Campos' 2 days ago
Lil Uzi Vert🔥🔥🔥
'TheDanishGamer18' 2 days ago
Vape nation y'all
Dontrell Carter
'Dontrell Carter' 2 days ago
that nigga bleed
Lichum T Ngullie
'Lichum T Ngullie' 2 days ago
Trying to understand him 😕
Jessie Flaricee
'Jessie Flaricee' 2 days ago
Uzi the type of dude to take anybody girl then best yo as
Msp CookieCutieCookie
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Steal His Girl Steal His Girl Ya Aye dont fall sleepxD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Unforked ツ
'Unforked ツ' 2 days ago
Nice good
'D4NK LIZRD' 2 days ago
Broo I searched Ravioli commercial this came up wtf🤣. You try it
XSL TropicaL
'XSL TropicaL' 2 days ago
i want to see this anime be made ...........NOW
DJ White Fire
'DJ White Fire' 2 days ago
Too mf high for this video lmfao
FaZe- Swish
'FaZe- Swish' 2 days ago
Bra y does lil uzi vert hair look like the jokers girlfriend,s hair
'RustedAway' 2 days ago
Naruto Shippuden new season lookin hella fire!! Props the the animation team! :D
'RustedAway' 2 days ago
Ohhh shit just bussa nut over the occasional "Squakkk" ahahhaa Kill meeeeeeeeee XDDDD
Famous Gamest
'Famous Gamest' 2 days ago
The only anime I like
Sinan49 Slumdog
'Sinan49 Slumdog' 2 days ago
He says oouu satan , say lil uzi vert very fast and tell me then what u heard??
'Brad' 2 days ago
if pepe was human he would be lil uzi
Eric Golden
'Eric Golden' 2 days ago
listen to it at 1.25 speed
Anthony Mihalov
'Anthony Mihalov' 2 days ago
This fool says "watch out for my dogs" and it's just some pussy Asians coughing off a damn cigarette lmao straight homo
'XxkingricoXx' 2 days ago
My fav was the one on snap chat
Justin Terrell
'Justin Terrell' 2 days ago
So lit
Jack Blick
'Jack Blick' 2 days ago
The egg bit "cracked" me up a bit
You Are Weak
'You Are Weak' 2 days ago
uzi the type of nigga to say "what's wrong with her?" when she's blushing
Samuel Dixon
'Samuel Dixon' 2 days ago
home boy please like bye bye ostin
Doug Mosley
'Doug Mosley' 2 days ago
What in the fuck...
Sebastian Craiu
'Sebastian Craiu' 2 days ago
The new Chinese hood buy it today and u will get lil uzi as well:)
'OctoTane' 2 days ago
m u m b l e
mc sammy
'mc sammy' 2 days ago
i feel like Lil uzi vert is more like a signing-er then a rapper
You Know Who It Is
So we don't care that Uzi's in the girls restroom?
Chill Radio
'Chill Radio' 2 days ago
one vert man attack on uzi uzi in the house boku no uzi
Dan Masharipov
'Dan Masharipov' 2 days ago
The manga is so much better
'Matthew' 2 days ago
what is this trash u cant call this shit rap
Jet Glides
'Jet Glides' 2 days ago
'wh0elsE' 2 days ago
1:13 is that Rich Chigga?
dagmar santiago
'dagmar santiago' 3 days ago
i cant stop watching it😅
KingDaKa Gaming
'KingDaKa Gaming' 3 days ago
Lol uzi nigga is top
Kaylen Thomas
'Kaylen Thomas' 3 days ago
he got the stincteam cat logo in this video
Bhadbby Mitrovski
'Bhadbby Mitrovski' 3 days ago
what language iz this sonh
*Lol No*
'*Lol No*' 3 days ago
*this mothafucka is the biggest weeabo i swear to god*
Anderson andre
'Anderson andre' 3 days ago
Lil Uzi Vert is the type of nigga who ran thru the school corridor doing the Naruto run😂 checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM *(AUTHEnTIC* *plays* *DOT* *COM))* and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services??
sakura haruno
'sakura haruno' 3 days ago
Uzi is the type of guy who runs like Naruto with his arms behind
'Kapi' 3 days ago
best vidego i have ever seen XD
Monster Ddoser
'Monster Ddoser' 3 days ago
Big ass eyes
'RalphyV18' 3 days ago
I can't believe this is considered music. This is trash 😒
Lisa Campbell
'Lisa Campbell' 3 days ago
What about trippie reddds song qs and ps
Neurotic Sos
'Neurotic Sos' 3 days ago
beat is waaaack
Panda Pantz
'Panda Pantz' 3 days ago
Sideshow Bob <3
'AugustTiger' 3 days ago
Uzi is anime school girl confirmed
Ryan Bradshaw
'Ryan Bradshaw' 3 days ago
Hold up 🖐🏾 uzi looked over a bathroom stall on a girl 😳 bit risky And wtf he doin in there anyway🤷🏽‍♂️
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