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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 11 months ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 11 months ago

37, 581, 232 views

320, 988 Likes   25, 158 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

HChocolate Bruja
'HChocolate Bruja' 3 hours ago
I wish I was in this video .
'AyyItzWolf' 7 hours ago
Allison Pena
'Allison Pena' 8 hours ago
Any one else think that the song is good but the music video does not make sense like If you agree 👌
Darrian Robinson
'Darrian Robinson' 10 hours ago
Shr got a nigga dat was on the music sing
rich Savage god
'rich Savage god' 13 hours ago
He is a savage straight boonk gang he went in the girls bathroom
'A520' 14 hours ago
Mike from GTA V made that vid
Smacking Sweaties
'Smacking Sweaties' 15 hours ago
Niceee Music
Jacob Zebroski
'Jacob Zebroski' 15 hours ago
Spotify plzz
'Enax' 16 hours ago
was high when I first heard this thinking this was SpongeBob
baker boys
'baker boys' 17 hours ago
Lil uzi vert done a good job and who saw the new song the way life goes
убежище масона
disliked for anime. ВСЕ АНИМЕШНИКИ ПИДОРАСЫ
Wisler Mendoza
'Wisler Mendoza' 19 hours ago
my fav song
- iFedhh
'- iFedhh' 19 hours ago
Almost 1 year later but this shit lit af breh
Samya Faison-roy
'Samya Faison-roy' 20 hours ago
🔊🔊🔊🎧🎵 poping
Satauriiius Sanders
'Satauriiius Sanders' 20 hours ago
Yeeeeaah I tooook wha yoooooorz I maade her miiiiiine
Gui Marques
'Gui Marques' 22 hours ago
Enoe Mejia
'Enoe Mejia' 1 day ago
Fucking sell out get that bitch off this trac\k
Мартин Лютер-Кинг
Че, пацаны, аниме?
yah yah
'yah yah' 1 day ago
laylay y
'laylay y' 1 day ago
Billy The Gamer
'Billy The Gamer' 1 day ago
His hair looks gross
Bruh this a whole show😂 Soo...can we have episode 2?😐
Jamie nearor
'Jamie nearor' 1 day ago
I had to say this but the background kind of sounds like crasty crab remix to me 😶🤔
Jay Dafleet
'Jay Dafleet' 1 day ago
Miss that old snapchat filter tbh
Jesus Molina
'Jesus Molina' 1 day ago
Nigga that crush u have on that girl is a guy
Jesus Molina
'Jesus Molina' 1 day ago
He's the only black male in there lol
Jesus Molina
'Jesus Molina' 1 day ago
When you been to Japan one day
'animovie1' 1 day ago
Marc Figliolina
'Marc Figliolina' 1 day ago
April Fulton Hinkle
Best song ever 👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡
Nivea Brown
'Nivea Brown' 2 days ago
'RangersGamer345' 2 days ago
They look like naruto high school
Yumi Sippi
'Yumi Sippi' 2 days ago
Looking for the Lyrics comment no joke :)
Isaiah Crawford
'Isaiah Crawford' 2 days ago
And at 4:08 he turned into a titan
Isaiah Crawford
'Isaiah Crawford' 2 days ago
And at 4:04 he went super sayian
Isaiah Crawford
'Isaiah Crawford' 2 days ago
At 3:12 the locker lit up what does that mean
Freddy Kreuger
'Freddy Kreuger' 2 days ago
lit af!
ritesh ramoutar
'ritesh ramoutar' 2 days ago
killed it
Adrian Blancarte
'Adrian Blancarte' 2 days ago
If dat game was real I would hella play it And I will read that comic 👍👍👍😂😂
Julian cardiel
'Julian cardiel' 2 days ago
Enough uzi san  2:07
'GuerreroLeBron' 2 days ago
Tiana Grace
'Tiana Grace' 2 days ago
Dis is adorable 😭😓
'Tre'Shawn Trigga' 2 days ago
Chief Boy R D
'kleptooohhyena' 2 days ago
holy fuck this is terrible. video is cool I guess..different..but the song is the epitome of the giant shit I take every morning.
Faze_Rug Reaxtion
'Faze_Rug Reaxtion' 2 days ago
Sup when you gonna be back
Faze_Rug Reaxtion
'Faze_Rug Reaxtion' 2 days ago
Lit uzi I remember when you filmed at my dads house
DeathSec Tv
'DeathSec Tv' 2 days ago
Lil Uzi is my life!!!!
'Mikey' 2 days ago
Lil uzi how does it feel to be wrapped up by robe
BangBang Lemon
'BangBang Lemon' 2 days ago
What anime is this?
Charles Gillespie
'Charles Gillespie' 2 days ago
Y does he have to be evil
'JcTrd' 2 days ago
2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36 2:36
'pugsrul3' 2 days ago
Ive only liked two or three songs the first time hearing them like this one I didn’t like at first but now I love it
'JcTrd' 2 days ago
2:37 2:37 2:37 2:37 2:37 2:37 2:37 2:37
Ashley parker
'Ashley parker' 2 days ago
Ashley parker
'Ashley parker' 2 days ago
Miranda Rom
'Miranda Rom' 2 days ago
the end tho start at 3:56
When u realize he used a Snapchat filter for the big eyes
Sjs Sjs
'Sjs Sjs' 3 days ago
Loved the music video, the music was great too.
Kakashi Hatake
'Kakashi Hatake' 3 days ago
I am the 34,500 who has Commented
'MALAYSIA HUGLEY' 3 days ago
i like it
XxxvilsxxX YT
'XxxvilsxxX YT' 3 days ago
at 2:59 brittany has upside down cross on her she a devil worshiper too....if u know plz tell me
Jacob Hanan
'Jacob Hanan' 3 days ago
So creative
Jacob Hanan
'Jacob Hanan' 3 days ago
Uzis vids the best
A typical Gamer
'A typical Gamer' 3 days ago
the animation got a little cringy for me lol
Aaron In The House
Ravioli ravioli what's in the pocketoli
Jalissa Breeland
'Jalissa Breeland' 3 days ago
this was when his songs were actually good and wasn't forced
RJ Zaxcell
'RJ Zaxcell' 3 days ago
He was so happy
meettherosenfelds 1985
Lil Uzi must have a thing for big eyes lmao
Dandy Monster 79
'Dandy Monster 79' 3 days ago
2018 anyone 😎
Christopher Medina
Who's here in december 2017
Jayden Playz
'Jayden Playz' 3 days ago
When you steal a guys girl in roblox
Kool Aid
'Kool Aid' 3 days ago
This is a great video
Alex Martinez The Promoter
Tf with those big eyes 😅
Chris The Baller
'Chris The Baller' 3 days ago
“He ain’t got no money yah”
Spooky Rattling
'Spooky Rattling' 4 days ago
Tommy Hilfiger
'Tommy Hilfiger' 4 days ago
I fuck with uzi heavy he’s unique af sounds like nobody else
Askia Sabur
'Askia Sabur' 4 days ago
Lol Uzi san lol
Ziad Jamal
'Ziad Jamal' 4 days ago
Who produced this?
'DisarMy' 4 days ago
Honestly my favorite Uzi song, the music video is funny and cool while the song is amazing
'chino0993' 4 days ago
(Shit beat made on Fl studio) "aaaaaaaaaagh yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, okay, lit, lit, yeaah, dogs, skrrt, brrt, yaaaaaah, money" write this shit down every lil "rapper" out there. Shits hot and original like your personalities, guaranteed banger. You're welcome.
RJ Zaxcell
'RJ Zaxcell' 4 days ago
Damn i remember watching this on new years
Combat Boots
'Combat Boots' 4 days ago
remember when you could rap and not look like a raging homosexual? no? neither do i, im just a memellennial. XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Lawrence Sloan
'Lawrence Sloan' 4 days ago
this is my favorite rapper
Big Luke Nj
'Big Luke Nj' 4 days ago
LoyalRacketeer _
'LoyalRacketeer _' 4 days ago
I miss this Uzi 😭😭😭
Tray Seams
'Tray Seams' 4 days ago
You is so ugly
Jordan GT
'Jordan GT' 4 days ago
bye bye Austun
Galaxy Minds
'Galaxy Minds' 4 days ago
"enough Uzi-san!!!"
Dawson Alvarez
'Dawson Alvarez' 5 days ago
I love this song and vid but am I the only one that thinks that the ending looks weird AF
'Genocide' 5 days ago
💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 CLICK MY SONG!! 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Naseem Brunson
'Naseem Brunson' 5 days ago
'Mantis' 5 days ago
have u guys ever noticed the song title is a snack from GTA V
Val Lim
'Val Lim' 5 days ago
I really miss uzi's old shit but i get that he went thru a lot recently and if he wants to make sad shitthen its up to him. Hes the artist here and anyone whos bitchin about hin to start making happy shit again is fuckin stupid.
Bradely  Dowling
'Bradely Dowling' 5 days ago
This wack trash would have NEVER made it 10 Year’s ago, 20 years ago and hopefully not 10 years from now
Mari Juana
'Mari Juana' 5 days ago
who is the girl in 1:53 ?
80 Deka
'80 Deka' 5 days ago
anderson hernandez
Esta canción es genial
Hunter Schmidt
'Hunter Schmidt' 5 days ago
only guy who could make a accordion fire
KingNinja GT
'KingNinja GT' 6 days ago
The sax phone at the start is sexy
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