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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 5 months ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 5 months ago

24, 247, 298 views

217, 752 Likes   20, 218 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

Jack Daniel
'Jack Daniel' 4 hours ago
Im here from the ravioli vid
crecent .m
'crecent .m' 7 hours ago
uzi is so kawai / cute in Japanese I belive
ssgss goku
'ssgss goku' 8 hours ago
chef ravioli remix 🔥🔥
Worldstar Fights
'Worldstar Fights' 8 hours ago
dave Williams
'dave Williams' 10 hours ago
best video outttttt😈😈😈
dave Williams
'dave Williams' 10 hours ago
Lewie Fassett
'Lewie Fassett' 15 hours ago
English Dub?
Pnut Gibson
'Pnut Gibson' 17 hours ago
I have one question was he really in the girls bathroom
Jay Tee
'Jay Tee' 19 hours ago
This nigga actually has some flow when he raps, but too bad he make this shit kinda music. I can't stand this new shit today. it's whack as fuck!
perfectuzi bae
'perfectuzi bae' 19 hours ago
The krusty crab pizza!!!!
'ElectroMan' 20 hours ago
Barber: How do you want your hair? Uzi: You know Sid the Science Kid? Barber: Say no more.
'LeondreVlogs' 20 hours ago
At 1:48 it's kinda gay
Tai Jankowski
'Tai Jankowski' 20 hours ago
Fuck you
'roxxtay' 21 hours ago
Yo DJ Chef Boyardee came THRU ON DIS BEAT
Ninja Legacy__
'Ninja Legacy__' 21 hours ago
attack on nigga
Ninja Legacy__
'Ninja Legacy__' 21 hours ago
cant wait to see this anime on crunchyroll
jo jo
'jo jo' 22 hours ago
fucking niggers
'NonStop_Gamer76' 23 hours ago
I always cringe at the music vid
Ozzy Man Diaz
'Ozzy Man Diaz' 1 day ago
you can dislike uzi but you can't dislike this fucking video holy shit
Malihk Alexander
'Malihk Alexander' 1 day ago
lil uzi vert must be gay loo
Malihk Alexander
'Malihk Alexander' 1 day ago
lil uzi vert must be gay
Malihk Alexander
'Malihk Alexander' 1 day ago
lil uzi vert must be gay
Jayson Jordan
'Jayson Jordan' 1 day ago
this was horrible
Alia a
'Alia a' 1 day ago
xD he watches anime
Alia a
'Alia a' 1 day ago
Uzi,s personality is lit AF
Depression Lemon
'Depression Lemon' 1 day ago
This beat sounds like a Pizzeria commercial in Italy.
Depression Lemon
'Depression Lemon' 1 day ago
Depression Lemon
'Depression Lemon' 1 day ago
0:20 damn that foot tap was FIRE 🔥
Derek Whitney
'Derek Whitney' 1 day ago
oooo satan, he aint go no money 😴😴😴 wake up
Sensation Al
'Sensation Al' 1 day ago
Happy he know my hair struggle this why I wear hair hats An weaves so hard to dye an bleaxh...
Luis Minecrafter
'Luis Minecrafter' 1 day ago
I love the drawings :3
Wilmington Rider Eli
Watch when high
'PIOLIN the BOSS' 1 day ago
chef boyardee ad
Chronic Leaf
'Chronic Leaf' 1 day ago
is dis nigga gay? he got make up on.
Terralaesha Terranick Dugas Fun Channel
lil uzi vety I love you so much
'xXCHOCOLATEXx' 2 days ago
fucking Spaghetti
Angel Ponce
'Angel Ponce' 2 days ago
first week of watching: this is good but not that good: next 5 weeks PS and qs PS and qs PS and qs
'Mad213' 2 days ago
fuckin faggot
Israel Castro
'Israel Castro' 2 days ago
i can not stop listening to this!'
Purity Bliss
'Purity Bliss' 2 days ago
He ain't got no money Yaaa
Brandon M
'Brandon M' 2 days ago
this sounds like a ravioli commercial
Shonte Curry
'Shonte Curry' 2 days ago
I'm 34 and I like him simply because he is weird as all hell. idk he reminds of how I felt when I was younger. hard to explain really!
'XGNTHERYIN' 2 days ago
Why are all these rappers ugly af
Elite Unicorn
'Elite Unicorn' 2 days ago
When you know Uzis been watching anime
Samuii The Doge
'Samuii The Doge' 2 days ago
fucking webb.
Kartz Lewin
'Kartz Lewin' 2 days ago
fat man fooooool
Lizaaa Andrea
'Lizaaa Andrea' 2 days ago
3:08 why is it why favorite part?
Inès lylia
'Inès lylia' 2 days ago
Matt Franks
'Matt Franks' 2 days ago
0:53 Top ten anime betrayals 2006
Money Playz
'Money Playz' 2 days ago
Uzi gotta have good vibes sometimes too like seriously The Perfect LUV Tape had me in my feelings
'bigwalt3898' 2 days ago
live action school anime music video lol, sic asf tho
CW7 Productions
'CW7 Productions' 2 days ago
Song is catchy as hell
mc sammy
'mc sammy' 3 days ago
wtf is his hair in this lol
Declan Tarro
'Declan Tarro' 3 days ago
ravioli commercial
Music Breaker
'Music Breaker' 3 days ago
I like how this includes anime
Jelsee Tamer
'Jelsee Tamer' 3 days ago
Isn't ps and QS a snack in gta 5
'WhenItCounts' 3 days ago
Krusty crab or ravioli?
Veronica Rodriguez
Or beat
Veronica Rodriguez
This flow is like loaty By Kendrick
Los Tacos
'Los Tacos' 3 days ago
the beat is from an italian restaurant
Jovra Smith
'Jovra Smith' 3 days ago
sasha rodriguez
'sasha rodriguez' 3 days ago
I will call you lil uzi vert your the best
Blue fistgamer
'Blue fistgamer' 3 days ago
Lumine usher of the new generation
"this song right here is slick hatin!.....So!"
'AlmightyGamer' 3 days ago
I have the urge to eat raviolis for some strange reason.
Maryam Magh
'Maryam Magh' 3 days ago
i think that uzi is the cutest rapper in the world😍 i love him so much😙😍
crashy JR.
'crashy JR.' 3 days ago
Waiting for the manga.
mike jones
'mike jones' 3 days ago
lil Uzi vert 👍👍👍👍👍👊👋❤
Tyler Whorley
'Tyler Whorley' 3 days ago
donut day yall
TheGamingSquirrel YouTube
uzi I love you man (no homo) but this video was hella cringey man
mike hunt
'mike hunt' 3 days ago
salamander man
New Jersey Police Department
Anybody notice this was like Animé? And the Eyes were Huger than a Gumball.
'U WUT M8?' 3 days ago
wtf is he rapping about?
Malikaa Muhammad
'Malikaa Muhammad' 3 days ago
who knows about him ? I would love to ask him out ,how does one go about that ? there is a couple of them I would love to meet that are rappers and I just don't know how it's done .
Andrew Shephard
'Andrew Shephard' 3 days ago
How is this garbage even rap?
Im So Nu All Leanz
im just wondering why this nigga got a chocker chain on that says thugger on it ..
'ayeeeelarrraayy' 3 days ago
Everyone says this song reminds them of spongebob but it reminds me of an Italian pizzeria
'HUMBLE P DRUMS' 3 days ago
shit trash
'XxXCRAZY_CODYXxX' 4 days ago
uzi that kind of guy that will eat egg with a shell
matt343 :3
'matt343 :3' 4 days ago
Lil uzi to me is the best artist out there. This song made him the best artist
Daija Graves
'Daija Graves' 4 days ago
I told my sister I thought Uzi was kinda cute and she said I was disgusting.
Dylan Browning
'Dylan Browning' 4 days ago
This isnt Rock music...this is confused music...this lil homie needs a dad
VOLS Love Sports
'VOLS Love Sports' 4 days ago
0:34 when you see the hot girl naked.
'CHAISE BENNETT' 4 days ago
I love uzi
'NinAlex77' 4 days ago
James grant
'James grant' 4 days ago
The beat 🔥🔥🔥
jacques polite
'jacques polite' 4 days ago
anime tho
Barry Allen
'Barry Allen' 4 days ago
KFC King1989
'KFC King1989' 4 days ago
They made Lil Uzi look dope in anime version
lup lopes
'lup lopes' 4 days ago
anime :3
Janice Eato-Griffin
Janice Eato-Griffin
TooMuch Jav
'TooMuch Jav' 4 days ago
New song go listen!!🚨
'Flounder' 4 days ago
Fuckboy Instagram Teenagers Anthem 2017
Bike Dude
'Bike Dude' 4 days ago
The internet is crazy I'm from Philly and never heard of this dude ever until he was already famous.
laci Tippett
'laci Tippett' 4 days ago
I don't know why people say uzi is trash he's anything BUT trash! I think it's great that he's not really doing it for views more to just have fun. Him and g eazy are my favorite rappers
Dead nation
'Dead nation' 4 days ago
I feel bad for whoever was watching this high
'•Shiftz•' 4 days ago
Huge boobs
Kilana Griffen
'Kilana Griffen' 4 days ago
dissed her with the egg lmao
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