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Appliance FLIP Challenge!! -
Published: 10 months ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 10 months ago

3, 476, 296 views

47, 261 Likes   1, 141 Dislikes

Just like the Water Bottle Flip Challenge, we're flipping all sorts of Appliances! Even a Barbecue!!
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'JOHN CENA' 10 hours ago
I had a monitor like that and I chucked a baseball at it at like 70 mph and it didn’t leave a mark
Chris Ramirez
'Chris Ramirez' 10 hours ago
flip a mini frige
Sarah Jenkins
'Sarah Jenkins' 11 hours ago
Glass bottle flip
'Xrocks735' 13 hours ago
Bryan was like I'm a fire'n my LAZAR to Matt
Michael Henney
'Michael Henney' 14 hours ago
U should do a giant flip edition
Soccerdragon 06
'Soccerdragon 06' 15 hours ago
Wow! Lol that would get them view tho
pokemon master
'pokemon master' 16 hours ago
joe oh my hell
Tobin Barnes
'Tobin Barnes' 18 hours ago
Flip Bryan please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
erin kelly
'erin kelly' 20 hours ago
Brian try's to cheat every video by saying your cheating & etc.
Hunter Nichols
'Hunter Nichols' 21 hours ago
They shld flip each other
Zoee Thatcher
'Zoee Thatcher' 1 day ago
My name is Zimmer am or biggest Fan
Brady Does Things
'Brady Does Things' 2 days ago
Kids in Africa could of eaten those appliances
Joey Lee
'Joey Lee' 2 days ago
Matt have you ever played death run
Most Savage
'Most Savage' 2 days ago
Do a tv flip challenge
Jennifer Brown
'Jennifer Brown' 3 days ago
flip jresersoo
June Steinhoff
'June Steinhoff' 3 days ago
My name is Jason Gfgsa
June Steinhoff
'June Steinhoff' 3 days ago
I love your videos I like them a lot
Cameron Koivisto
'Cameron Koivisto' 4 days ago
How about flipping eachother off 😂
Steven Youssef
'Steven Youssef' 4 days ago
flip j fred
Owllirious GTA
'Owllirious GTA' 4 days ago
Love all you're vids ^><^
Butterfly Girl
'Butterfly Girl' 4 days ago
I love team edge because even though they are adults the act so young and their also hilarious 😆
Remy The Rat
'Remy The Rat' 5 days ago
People flip people
Wiltedfish 6789
'Wiltedfish 6789' 5 days ago
Do living room flip challenge
Grady Diehl
'Grady Diehl' 7 days ago
Maryam Alsaffar
'Maryam Alsaffar' 7 days ago
I'm a few....million minutes late..WHATEVS
David Holmes
'David Holmes' 1 week ago
I am a big fan of you guys channel can you guys give me a shout out please
Sean Kenjie San Juan
The Upright Is Straight Up.
Tanya Heinly
'Tanya Heinly' 1 week ago
Flip matt
'Tort' 1 week ago
I have that exact same fax machine
Sandra Beyette
'Sandra Beyette' 1 week ago
my tosetr
Decoration flip
connie winkel
'connie winkel' 1 week ago
Hey Bryan
Darren,Thy,and Damon
Flip expensive items
Nicolas Bratcher
'Nicolas Bratcher' 2 weeks ago
Flip hats
Nathan-blogs /games
'Nathan-blogs /games' 2 weeks ago
All the judges on tallies team
Alison Trammell
'Alison Trammell' 2 weeks ago
Buffaloes have four stomachs
Alison Trammell
'Alison Trammell' 2 weeks ago
Dopefreshboy Kian
'Dopefreshboy Kian' 2 weeks ago
They are literally copying dude perfect, but still good channel
Jonathan Romero
'Jonathan Romero' 2 weeks ago
Do a plush flipping video
Luke Poyas
'Luke Poyas' 2 weeks ago
Kids in Africa could have eaten those appliances
Imaginary Toilet Friend
Kids in Africa could've flipped those appliances!
Diamond Explosion
'Diamond Explosion' 2 weeks ago
Brayan sucks
ken kaneki vevo
'ken kaneki vevo' 2 weeks ago
'Claudethegamer15' 2 weeks ago
No joke do a human flip chanllege (do a dummy that looks like a human)
'COOPER STATES' 2 weeks ago
M Chip
'M Chip' 2 weeks ago
Try and flip manaquins
Greet Vanlerberghe
'Greet Vanlerberghe' 2 weeks ago
flip nerf guns
Pro Gamer
'Pro Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Doodle poodle noodle
Jack Wack
'Jack Wack' 2 weeks ago
You are the best
Libranne Guape
'Libranne Guape' 2 weeks ago
And then i realized it was a barbecue cooker😂😂😂
Libranne Guape
'Libranne Guape' 2 weeks ago
J-fred:we have a barbecue we have to flip Me:a barbecue?the food
Lacee Lode
'Lacee Lode' 2 weeks ago
"I took a chance, and I pulled down my pants!"- J-Fred (not in this video.. in giant kerplunk video)
Extreme 21812
'Extreme 21812' 2 weeks ago
Hector Chavez
'Hector Chavez' 2 weeks ago
Andy Trinh
'Andy Trinh' 2 weeks ago
Flip fruit
Zoe rooke
'Zoe rooke' 2 weeks ago
Hi my name is Duncan
Liam Kenny
'Liam Kenny' 2 weeks ago
'Tip' 2 weeks ago
Manakin flip challenge!!!!!!!
'NDZAN23' 2 weeks ago
Shorties should have won 😢
Tommy Pickles
'Tommy Pickles' 2 weeks ago
Kids from Africa need those Appliances =))))) hahahahahah!!!!!
Aaron Bueno
'Aaron Bueno' 2 weeks ago
Ashton Guizar
'Ashton Guizar' 2 weeks ago
y r matt and bryan wearing yeezys
Kameron Lotspeich
'Kameron Lotspeich' 2 weeks ago
Cody Sal
'Cody Sal' 2 weeks ago
Do a back flip
Mona Nobee
'Mona Nobee' 2 weeks ago
You guys are stupid
Matthew Henry
'Matthew Henry' 3 weeks ago
I've been thinking, I need a glass of water., AFZ Films, have one? how about Epic Beast Playz, still?! DOES ANYONE HAVE A GLASS OF WATER?!?!?!?!
Kawaii Cookie
'Kawaii Cookie' 3 weeks ago
Lubna Alsharif
'Lubna Alsharif' 3 weeks ago
I️ am a fan
'TotalTrashMammal' 3 weeks ago
Dodi Omani
'Dodi Omani' 3 weeks ago
How about furniture flip challenge
Lego Sterwursnoob
'Lego Sterwursnoob' 3 weeks ago
The cringe😳
Mathias Nørregaard adelborg
Flip lamps
The World According 2 Lizzie
How about u flip toys!
jaden ha
'jaden ha' 3 weeks ago
what about tv flip
Jan Dhale Elizalde
'Jan Dhale Elizalde' 3 weeks ago
'Nerdruto' 3 weeks ago
j fred + brian = bred
nina jones
'nina jones' 3 weeks ago
matthias is savage
Jeff Nagengast
'Jeff Nagengast' 3 weeks ago
food flip
Janet Garcia
'Janet Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Team Edge is cool
Kaitlyn Fahey
'Kaitlyn Fahey' 3 weeks ago
Yooo Gunners 21 yesh
Ethan Video
'Ethan Video' 3 weeks ago
how about toy filp challenge
Andrew Crawford
'Andrew Crawford' 3 weeks ago
You should do a vector dodgeball
The Golden Railroad
'The Golden Railroad' 3 weeks ago
Flip food
dan cowles
'dan cowles' 3 weeks ago
Jennifer Ardinger
'Jennifer Ardinger' 3 weeks ago
How about you flip toys. p.s I love you guys.
DJ AlphaUno
'DJ AlphaUno' 3 weeks ago
not fair brian
Ethan W
'Ethan W' 3 weeks ago
Ethan W
'Ethan W' 3 weeks ago
Ethan W
'Ethan W' 3 weeks ago
'sheilacid' 3 weeks ago
Dungeons and dragons
Vincent Maher
'Vincent Maher' 3 weeks ago
How about a lunchbox
Vincent Maher
'Vincent Maher' 3 weeks ago
How about a toilet jk
live stream online
'live stream online' 3 weeks ago
7:03 dr trayuarus?
Lanz Potaak
'Lanz Potaak' 3 weeks ago
How about toys flip challenge! Like if you agree
Maria Martinez
'Maria Martinez' 4 weeks ago
Flip gaming systems!!!
Kaido CDN
'Kaido CDN' 4 weeks ago
flip toys
lisa bailey
'lisa bailey' 4 weeks ago
kids in africa could have eaten those appliences!
Sam Dillon
'Sam Dillon' 4 weeks ago
Your the best
Black Night
'Black Night' 4 weeks ago
Plsss flip gunner haashah
Chiara Tanner
'Chiara Tanner' 4 weeks ago
I love you guys
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