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Appliance FLIP Challenge!! -
Published: 6 months ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 6 months ago

2, 834, 095 views

42, 085 Likes   1, 020 Dislikes

Just like the Water Bottle Flip Challenge, we're flipping all sorts of Appliances! Even a Barbecue!!
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Janiyah Padua
'Janiyah Padua' 2 hours ago
You flip metal
Horror Sans
'Horror Sans' 3 hours ago
Kyle Chapman
'Kyle Chapman' 7 hours ago
Flip a nickel
Lightning Awesome
'Lightning Awesome' 7 hours ago
Bye the way team edge they can skip to the end of the video
'TheMiningDeadTeam' 8 hours ago
Gunner is a noob
'zainypie1786' 10 hours ago
I love you all
'XpertGamer' 11 hours ago
Flip eachother
Veronica Pagovich
Hahhahahahha 2:25
brandon the editor or vlogger
phone flipping
Lord Lego
'Lord Lego' 1 day ago
J Fred ran for his life 5:16
jang hyuk Ahn
'jang hyuk Ahn' 1 day ago
Go on a trampoline and flip people
Chris Thompson
'Chris Thompson' 1 day ago
Ride a bike throw a krek
Cutie Gamer
'Cutie Gamer' 2 days ago
gunner is gayXD
BD Challengers
'BD Challengers' 2 days ago
Why couldn't put in markiplier he would have been good at it
Wesley Travis
'Wesley Travis' 2 days ago
Who cares about the kids in Africa I could have used that monitor
Shannon D. Barnwell
flip tvs
Narin Chilingaryan
Flip phones I don't have a flip phone.Get it
YOLOSWAG Video games & more
In the thumbnail Gunner looks like he's gonna wip and nay nay!
'rogeliorod7' 3 days ago
stake of one hundred dollar bills
'Brady.J.gaming' 3 days ago
Do plant flip challenge 😛 Idk
'TURTLES' 3 days ago
At 0:44 Gunner looks like a Cowboy😂
Allyson Ervine
'Allyson Ervine' 3 days ago
Some of them still work
Suzy McDonald
'Suzy McDonald' 3 days ago
Leigh ann Witsken
'Leigh ann Witsken' 4 days ago
You should flip stuffed animals
Barrett Radcliff
'Barrett Radcliff' 4 days ago
ok i have say qolab with dude perfect
'ANA CORREA' 4 days ago
i subscribe and tern on the notification
Wolf Is my name
'Wolf Is my name' 4 days ago
Like uh thought simulated
Sub Bord
'Sub Bord' 4 days ago
Flip fast food
Rei Furukawa
'Rei Furukawa' 4 days ago
Even kids in Beverly Hills never flipped appliances
Izan Indurain Garcia
the flor is lava 🌋
thpy thought
'thpy thought' 5 days ago
I love when you guys do this stuff keep it up
ELITE eagle06
'ELITE eagle06' 5 days ago
Matthias-"it's going to hurt yourselves" 10:31
Micaela McDonald
'Micaela McDonald' 5 days ago
Africa could use those apliants
Lightning Smash
'Lightning Smash' 5 days ago
youre the one who should flip next time hahah XD
'Second' 5 days ago
Now kiss 💋 *matthias shoves bryans and gunners face together* Matthias why are u doing this???
William Angyal
'William Angyal' 5 days ago
your a poo
Layten Hammond
'Layten Hammond' 5 days ago
more challenges plz
Slimey Kiwi
'Slimey Kiwi' 6 days ago
When tallies win a point: WHOOO YEAAAAAAHHHH Shorties: Pro.
'Diamonddestroyerr' 6 days ago
Am i the only one who actually believed that the fax machine actually wrote facts
'MyGuavs' 6 days ago
you are awsome mathias.
Arsh Brar
'Arsh Brar' 6 days ago
Martin van Veldhuizen
flip food
Billy Bratcher
'Billy Bratcher' 6 days ago
'NotTheTrueRowlet' 6 days ago
Next, human flip challenge
QuickyDraw Does Stuff
Aiden Funke
'Aiden Funke' 7 days ago
flip stuffed animals
Amanda Evans
'Amanda Evans' 7 days ago
Yalls videos are awesome
Jared Belmontes
'Jared Belmontes' 1 week ago
you are the best
Jared Belmontes
'Jared Belmontes' 1 week ago
you are the best group in you rube
ADDI roy
'ADDI roy' 1 week ago
flipi a gun
Fluttershys Ponys
'Fluttershys Ponys' 1 week ago
Gunners team is a cheater
Alicia Morales
'Alicia Morales' 1 week ago
I thought gunner was dead
'Neil' 1 week ago
cool vid
Zach TDM
'Zach TDM' 1 week ago
Do a TV FILP challenge
Danial Khan
'Danial Khan' 1 week ago
There's only one problem with your face...I can see it. smh bruh ugly af
Super_girly_ Saylor
Something thought simulated
Gamekid 909
'Gamekid 909' 1 week ago
those poor kids they just food
'LUCA JARDINE' 1 week ago
Hayden Maich
'Hayden Maich' 1 week ago
Ummmmm why is the ply wood red?
Luis Rodriguez
'Luis Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Luis Rodriguez
'Luis Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Flip you
Cristian Sanchez
'Cristian Sanchez' 1 week ago
#teamedge am I right because they have good vieos
Sujay Shetty
'Sujay Shetty' 1 week ago
Play virtual reality game please
Bradley Campbell
'Bradley Campbell' 1 week ago
you guys are flippin amazing at flippin flippen appliances
Kerri Keany
'Kerri Keany' 1 week ago
I like turtles and they came and we all have to be a good girl we are a little bit of the earth we can help us all of us have to this we are the only thing we know is a good
Reece McKissack
'Reece McKissack' 1 week ago
Toilet flip
Stickbot person
'Stickbot person' 1 week ago
flip each other
gustaf sambira
'gustaf sambira' 1 week ago
Gunner is so funny i wanted him to be my older brother (Im not GAY BTW)
Eric Jam
'Eric Jam' 1 week ago
Wth happened to Shortys they should've won
Cassius Whale
'Cassius Whale' 1 week ago
Cassius Whale
'Cassius Whale' 1 week ago
flip PIZZA!!!
Maria Nash
'Maria Nash' 1 week ago
Lip beds
wahizam tewiran
'wahizam tewiran' 1 week ago
You shud flip you're self☺☺☺
Allen Talavera
'Allen Talavera' 1 week ago
I love your videos team edge
'DMLester4537' 1 week ago
Jacob McClendon
'Jacob McClendon' 1 week ago
If you clean a vacuum cleaner does that make you a vacuum cleaner
Alexander Mihalache
This was so flipping awesome
Clyde Sumbry
'Clyde Sumbry' 1 week ago
Flip each other
Leah Nikula
'Leah Nikula' 1 week ago
have you guys ever heard of capping it
Milo milotubehd
'Milo milotubehd' 1 week ago
glad it almost hit brian
Madison Bland
'Madison Bland' 1 week ago
you should flip toys like rc and play houses
fay aka faynay
'fay aka faynay' 2 weeks ago
flip shoes
Julissa Vazquez
'Julissa Vazquez' 2 weeks ago
can you please flip PlayStations
Bruh bruh 2.0
'Bruh bruh 2.0' 2 weeks ago
Do a hat flipping challenge
'DBZ DOKKAN BOY' 2 weeks ago
You guys suck at flipping
Talen Wales
'Talen Wales' 2 weeks ago
Crystal Atwell
'Crystal Atwell' 2 weeks ago
i love you
'MrDoge147' 2 weeks ago
X Squad YouTube5869
'X Squad YouTube5869' 2 weeks ago
Whatever last digit you get is who u r: 0=Matthias 1=Bryan 2=J-Fred 3=Gunner 4=David 5=Connor 6=Cory or Corie 7=Sam 8=Roi 9=Markiplier
Sam Lind
'Sam Lind' 2 weeks ago
5:17 do the bryan
Nisha Tanda
'Nisha Tanda' 2 weeks ago
i like matt
bomb king
'bomb king' 2 weeks ago
more views then subscriber
The Gaming Derpasauras
Kids in Africa could’ve eaten those appliances lol that’s what Jfred said
Jake R.
'Jake R.' 2 weeks ago
a pool table
JMark Pogs Gaming
'JMark Pogs Gaming' 2 weeks ago
pls flip the all food in ur next video
Leah Arnold
'Leah Arnold' 2 weeks ago
flip shoes or a painting
Leah Arnold
'Leah Arnold' 2 weeks ago
hi your so cool
Diallo Amirou
'Diallo Amirou' 2 weeks ago
flip your self
Nexus Lee
'Nexus Lee' 2 weeks ago
Taz Td
'Taz Td' 2 weeks ago
I love gunner he is so funny and please tell him that
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