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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation -
Published: 7 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 7 months ago

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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation
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fahri wibawa
'fahri wibawa' 3 days ago
jualin dong telurnya
Nina Langová
'Nina Langová' 7 days ago
OMG!!! Radioactive egg :P
نونه الحنونه
off Huy hffvj jcrxxxgef 😎
Rqaeshma Bose
'Rqaeshma Bose' 3 weeks ago
nothing was an experiment it was just for fun
Asr Hatm
'Asr Hatm' 3 weeks ago
syafira 4715
'syafira 4715' 3 weeks ago
bisadimakankahwatermelonnya yang nomor 3
Neelam Choudhary
'Neelam Choudhary' 3 weeks ago
Bishal Ghimire
'Bishal Ghimire' 3 weeks ago
Xya k khako
شيماء داود
'شيماء داود' 3 weeks ago
Srinivas Kummarapalli
give me 1 pice
Angelina Anis
'Angelina Anis' 4 weeks ago
wow amazing .... awsome tricks😍😍
Natasya Eka Saputri
'Natasya Eka Saputri' 4 weeks ago
sulap atau trik ni
Allison Govlin
'Allison Govlin' 4 weeks ago
The number 6 looks like vanilla and berry ice - cream coming out of a bottle
Suhana Khan
'Suhana Khan' 4 weeks ago
wow amazing
Bonjour Jess
'Bonjour Jess' 4 weeks ago
the first one isn't actually science experiment,it's a magic trick
Rahul Sharma
'Rahul Sharma' 4 weeks ago
Minati Sahoo
'Minati Sahoo' 4 weeks ago
Ninfa Lagana
'Ninfa Lagana' 4 weeks ago
can i eat the psyllum???
Paz Amé
'Paz Amé' 1 month ago
it's a lie this video
NaGeSh :
'NaGeSh :' 1 month ago
it works bro you are amazing
'MagicPotato' 1 month ago
Mix! *bottle has diarrhea*
Lenore Miller
'Lenore Miller' 1 month ago
I don't see the cube, watermelon or beer ones are actually experiments.
Bitupan Gogoi
'Bitupan Gogoi' 1 month ago
facially 21st 2
Arya Panzade
'Arya Panzade' 1 month ago
arya panzade
Pamela Calderon
'Pamela Calderon' 1 month ago
I don't get how you are doing this stuff
Irgendsoeinmädchen 01
Deepak Kumar
'Deepak Kumar' 1 month ago
hey 7th one
hatsune karen miku yuno
Jada P
'Jada P' 1 month ago
Adrian Gomes
'Adrian Gomes' 1 month ago
no 4 was disgusting
Shariqa Fakhar
'Shariqa Fakhar' 1 month ago
5th one is great..... very nice 👍👍
Saba malik
'Saba malik' 1 month ago
Rohit Rastogi
'Rohit Rastogi' 1 month ago
Banumathi Dhana
'Banumathi Dhana' 1 month ago
A stupid stupid stupid man stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid man to do it
salluri kalyan
'salluri kalyan' 1 month ago
OK nice video superrr 👌👌
Brandon M
'Brandon M' 1 month ago
agradeceria qu estubiera en español pero aun me suscribo es entretenido
Sameer Khan
'Sameer Khan' 1 month ago
'Syed' 1 month ago
it would be so worst
dcia armando tops
'dcia armando tops' 1 month ago
yeah exp caseros tiene canal en ingles wiiiiiii
Aaliyah Harrison
'Aaliyah Harrison' 1 month ago
im the person who always watches hacks and stuff but never does them
Lily Whipp
'Lily Whipp' 1 month ago
I stoped watching after the watermelon experiment😂😂
Janet Guevara Divad
'Janet Guevara Divad' 2 months ago
real egg into jelly egg
Nhiemoon Madrid
'Nhiemoon Madrid' 2 months ago
ang ganda niyan
S K Singh
'S K Singh' 2 months ago
phaltu video
Marija Miletic
'Marija Miletic' 2 months ago
You are realy amazing
Violetta Veliu
'Violetta Veliu' 2 months ago
Vicky Chhabra
'Vicky Chhabra' 2 months ago
'LET'S CREATE' 2 months ago
No.7 is just time wasting
Nama gw Nama
'Nama gw Nama' 2 months ago
1 me know
drawing tutorial
'drawing tutorial' 2 months ago
Anna Schiattarella
'Anna Schiattarella' 2 months ago
io mi chi amo Anna ti dico che sei super bravissimo
thị hường hồ
'thị hường hồ' 2 months ago
Jony 13
'Jony 13' 2 months ago
the number 3 its easy
Priyanshi Takaliang
'Priyanshi Takaliang' 2 months ago
hahaha stick thu toh dkhai hi de raha tha...
Vineeta Swarup
'Vineeta Swarup' 2 months ago
6 looks like shit
Hina Kashif
'Hina Kashif' 2 months ago
the egg experiment Is foolish and it does not works,when we bounce it it breaks up;-(
Najib Iqbal Shoro
'Najib Iqbal Shoro' 2 months ago
Cyndy Woodwin
'Cyndy Woodwin' 2 months ago
It's obvious that the square one is animated, the guy tried to put his hand over it and it went right through
Sanjiv Shah
'Sanjiv Shah' 2 months ago
'sairys0007' 2 months ago
Manisha Parkhad
'Manisha Parkhad' 2 months ago
the 4th experiment is so dirty
lokenath construction
tv best yoyo
'tv best yoyo' 2 months ago
So very good
Pokemania FunnGames
'Pokemania FunnGames' 2 months ago
plz subscribe to me channel
Zoya waseem
'Zoya waseem' 2 months ago
who do this things jerk
Monam Sinha
'Monam Sinha' 2 months ago
it's very tasty
Monam Sinha
'Monam Sinha' 2 months ago
I made the watermelon one
Narendra Kumar
'Narendra Kumar' 2 months ago
eww at 4:20....
Aditri Chattaraj
'Aditri Chattaraj' 2 months ago
Oh my what just happend to me when i wass..... Seeing him eating that gooeee slime
anabia zarina raeen
'anabia zarina raeen' 2 months ago
Aslam Alure
'Aslam Alure' 2 months ago
chutiya pan
Nasyila meila salam
'Nasyila meila salam' 2 months ago
Jamiey Jaquinn
'Jamiey Jaquinn' 2 months ago
was the slime edible?
Kevin Kovács
'Kevin Kovács' 2 months ago
suman chadha
'suman chadha' 2 months ago
mae to yahan par watermelon wala Experiment dekhne aaya tha
Ram Saran
'Ram Saran' 2 months ago
the fourth one was very disgusting
Rabia Qadri
'Rabia Qadri' 2 months ago
i dont like it at all because these experiments are not for our work
Bishikeshan Nag
'Bishikeshan Nag' 2 months ago
yfgbgifrnyf gf birth bttn
Binod Das
'Binod Das' 2 months ago
Justine Atega
'Justine Atega' 2 months ago
It's not science, It's called dumbness and stupidity.
Kelisha Orr
'Kelisha Orr' 2 months ago
he made slime 😂
Sponge Poo2poo11239
'Sponge Poo2poo11239' 2 months ago
0:00 thats fake
jadugar shashank pandey
how you edit your vedio
Ismat Lodi
'Ismat Lodi' 2 months ago
'SUSHMA SINGH' 2 months ago
gross .....
لجين 12341
'لجين 12341' 2 months ago
زتؤمؤزؤ مننتننمص
Rajesh Daby
'Rajesh Daby' 2 months ago
too bad
Harshada Sathale
'Harshada Sathale' 2 months ago
Zidgi kind Make
Dhirendra Singh Singh
6 number is better
Pavan Chinnu
'Pavan Chinnu' 2 months ago
Tukun Karmokar
'Tukun Karmokar' 2 months ago
I love you tukun
Marely Perez
'Marely Perez' 2 months ago
Agario Petridish
'Agario Petridish' 2 months ago
awigler filimi
Ayşenaz Yalabuk
'Ayşenaz Yalabuk' 2 months ago
khan vines
'khan vines' 2 months ago
Krn Salman
'Krn Salman' 2 months ago
u all are absolutely right
Huneras Roblox
'Huneras Roblox' 2 months ago
first is fake
Atharva kulkarni
'Atharva kulkarni' 2 months ago
we are study from this video
Louraine Maghanoy
'Louraine Maghanoy' 2 months ago
the number 5 is amazing
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