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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation -
Published: 2 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 2 months ago

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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation
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'supamush9' 16 hours ago
UV and fluo Light, mylar, plus of your cool experiment, seem you grow your own weed ^^
pedro abuquerque
'pedro abuquerque' 1 day ago
Does anyone know the name of the experiences?
Now Romanatwoods experiment words
Aikoain 0///0
'Aikoain 0///0' 3 days ago
#4 Why don't you put it in the microwave in there for 9 minutes 😂
Shivam Pandit
'Shivam Pandit' 3 days ago
can i eat that gum and slimy thing
Santiago Ramirrz
'Santiago Ramirrz' 3 days ago
mayden y natalia los encontre 7u7
cena john
'cena john' 3 days ago
awesome video, i also did a compilation of 7 amazing science experiments on my channel, check it out!
Agustin Diano
'Agustin Diano' 3 days ago
maden and natalia in english o its a plagiarism of exp caseros
Vornicu Augustin
'Vornicu Augustin' 3 days ago
de la ou ce era aia albastra??? ce fain este
Frank Berkenstam
'Frank Berkenstam' 4 days ago
'moosekfreak' 4 days ago
Why didn't you put watermelon jelly in the watermelon instead of strawberry, extremely disappointed in you, son.
ZombrasYT gamer
'ZombrasYT gamer' 4 days ago
jajajsjaj como cuando le suaves los mismos vídeos pero en inglés V:
Oliver Carr
'Oliver Carr' 4 days ago
Whoa you can make jello in a watermellon skin? Whoa man mind blown holy shit science is the greatest thing in the world when i grow up i want to be a watermellon jello science and i can cure cancer with my watermellon jello sciences school suks i lerant sciense on youtube
Munjee Syed
'Munjee Syed' 5 days ago
Hena Herceglija
'Hena Herceglija' 5 days ago
ne ne ne i ne glupani i glupace pe ometaju na spavanju
'SPECTER101' 5 days ago
Number one is a lie
Gerber Jenkinson
'Gerber Jenkinson' 5 days ago
who looks at a watermelon and thinks ooh this could be a little more Jello
The Space_Council
'The Space_Council' 5 days ago
1st one is an optical illusion not a science experiment
Peter Earp
'Peter Earp' 5 days ago
:P who is gunna give you chemicals that expand rapidly :P
elisa cini
'elisa cini' 5 days ago
sono solo cretinate
Nguyễn Văn Mỹ
Hex Nerve
'Hex Nerve' 6 days ago
link for the "hand crank" vacuum chamber plz
Interesting Me
'Interesting Me' 6 days ago
hey guys nice work
'ByDex23ツ' 6 days ago
Expcaseros experiments...
Ariel Larenas
'Ariel Larenas' 6 days ago
por queusas los videos de excaseros
Robert Wymir
'Robert Wymir' 6 days ago
I thought it Was clickbait
Evo Morales Ayma
'Evo Morales Ayma' 6 days ago
oye esos son los videos de expcaseros deja de acerte que tu los isrte :v
naima hossain
'naima hossain' 6 days ago
I did
Enrik3 Morales
'Enrik3 Morales' 7 days ago
is video is experimentos caseros
Black Mamba
'Black Mamba' 7 days ago
exp caseros ._.
Adriano Díaz Pons
fuck u dont steal content
Alea Straw
'Alea Straw' 1 week ago
Video King
'Video King' 1 week ago
'Maca' 1 week ago
its expcaseros
Yoli Vila
'Yoli Vila' 1 week ago
This video is from other channel.Name: excaseros ...
Craig Locke
'Craig Locke' 1 week ago
can someone tell me how 1 is a SCIENCE experiment
sid emdaboina
'sid emdaboina' 1 week ago
No.6........Barney's shit.
'TheSniperPro' 1 week ago
otro puto video copiado de epxcaseros
Ilinca Stoica
'Ilinca Stoica' 1 week ago
ilinca is you
Ilinca Stoica
'Ilinca Stoica' 1 week ago
ai em 7
Ilinca Stoica
'Ilinca Stoica' 1 week ago
Gabriella Ross
'Gabriella Ross' 1 week ago
Why is it purple
'DanVids' 2 weeks ago
recien me di cuenta que ustedes son los mismos de ExpCaseros😂 Saludos✌
Naini Sharma
'Naini Sharma' 2 weeks ago
I hate the 4th one so...... I don't have words to explain
pratigya Sahani
'pratigya Sahani' 2 weeks ago
It's a great variety of different things and experiment I love it
X Gabe
'X Gabe' 2 weeks ago
Richelle Mahabier
'Richelle Mahabier' 2 weeks ago
Richelle Mahabier
'Richelle Mahabier' 2 weeks ago
ken you not talking
Avrick Mendonca
'Avrick Mendonca' 2 weeks ago
#8 should have done with marshmallows Would have been more fun
Kate Browne
'Kate Browne' 2 weeks ago
I'd love to just shove my hand into that watermelon in number 3!
Nemanja Gajić
'Nemanja Gajić' 2 weeks ago
Whats in life hack number 4? thanks for answer
NextStep Dance Crew
'NextStep Dance Crew' 2 weeks ago
So useless
don't you fucking love that moment when you like a video and then you actually make it 17 k? I mean it hasn't happened to be before but I would like to experience the thrill
Luli Nar
'Luli Nar' 2 weeks ago
JA recien me di cuenta por que le sacaste la vos PARA QUE NO SE DEN CUETA DE QUE NO SOS VOS!!!!!!!!!
Luli Nar
'Luli Nar' 2 weeks ago
suve video echos por TI MISMO no los de otra gente.
Juantobias Sanchez
'Juantobias Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Angela Maza
'Angela Maza' 2 weeks ago
ese vudeo es de Expc
Potus Gaming
'Potus Gaming' 2 weeks ago
shouldn't be that exhausting to pump that last one for me, seeing tthat I do that movement with my hand every day. (and night)
Mark Cross
'Mark Cross' 2 weeks ago
Andrea Marino
'Andrea Marino' 2 weeks ago
2:34 guardate il pacco di gelarina ci sono le scritte in italiano
Rb Gamplay
'Rb Gamplay's' 2 weeks ago
He is coping epxcaseros
hello unicorns
'hello unicorns' 2 weeks ago
Tem algum br aqui?
Igor Gabriž
'Igor Gabriž' 2 weeks ago
Diana kalo Kalo
'Diana kalo Kalo' 2 weeks ago
roi andrei robert
'roi andrei robert' 3 weeks ago
tro cool 😉😉😉
Anas khan
'Anas khan' 3 weeks ago
'WOJCIECH Wrobel' 3 weeks ago
super rzeczy
'Santiago' 3 weeks ago
Stop Stealing Expcaseros you win likes stealing videos
Daniel Rodriguez Carabali
mire t vera ex caseros
Daniel Rodriguez Carabali
maldito deja de estar sobando vídeos que no son tulos honores malparidi y sycritores de en desucribanswn porque eso e se ex casero gonorea
'SSoulHD' 3 weeks ago
You took videos from ExpCaseros(Spanish Channel)
'mikigames7608' 3 weeks ago
CocoMarshmallowCuake ._.
Yo Why'd you took a picture on experiment #6?!?
noobkinggamer TV
'noobkinggamer TV' 3 weeks ago
#1 is obviously animated
Lykaon Lootguy
'Lykaon Lootguy' 3 weeks ago
number six
Lykaon Lootguy
'Lykaon Lootguy' 3 weeks ago
Congratulations your Empty Bottle evolved into Grimer
Marija Vidović
'Marija Vidović' 3 weeks ago
leonardo galupo
'leonardo galupo' 3 weeks ago
number 4 is really gross.....
Bolor Otgonbayar
'Bolor Otgonbayar' 3 weeks ago
7th one is look like beer
Murala Abraham
'Murala Abraham' 3 weeks ago
very nice
Scott Downing
'Scott Downing' 3 weeks ago
I like the 3rd one 😬💩👻💀👽👾🤖😺
Scott Downing
'Scott Downing' 3 weeks ago
when's I first saw the 1st one I already knew by the point I saw it😓
Celeste Borsella
'Celeste Borsella' 3 weeks ago
este video es robado!!
BD Csapat
'BD Csapat' 3 weeks ago
hüje vagy
Shiv Soni
'Shiv Soni' 3 weeks ago
nice trcks
Porkheang Heng
'Porkheang Heng' 3 weeks ago
🙁= jealous
Zeyfil Kikicarslan
'Zeyfil Kikicarslan' 3 weeks ago
bei das erste hapt ihr gepustet
Hena Herceglija
'Hena Herceglija' 3 weeks ago
'SKULL DUDE 658' 3 weeks ago
Hena Herceglija
'Hena Herceglija' 3 weeks ago
jedi govna
Hena Herceglija
'Hena Herceglija' 3 weeks ago
ovo ja nikad ne bi mogla uradit ikad
Carlos R.
'Carlos R.' 4 weeks ago
Pappu Bhai
'Pappu Bhai' 4 weeks ago
Cs P
'Cs P' 4 weeks ago
What's the music called?
Turboahdettu mutsis
'Turboahdettu mutsis' 4 weeks ago
1.26 the fuck did he take
'mario' 4 weeks ago
Luli y Hana
'Luli y Hana' 4 weeks ago
En el 2 lifehack aparece Mayden
Paladin Leeroy
'Paladin Leeroy' 4 weeks ago
I'm no scientist, but pretty sure these aren't science experiments
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