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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation -
Published: 1 year ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 1 year ago

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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation
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Arshon_ ToXiC
'Arshon_ ToXiC' 9 hours ago
I know what your looking for Let me tell you this The watermelon part Is at 2:36
'S AND Z' 15 hours ago
Strawberry jelly in a watermelon?????
Hannah Wilson
'Hannah Wilson' 16 hours ago
6:33 that waz like kinda gross but cool at the same time if dat makes sense
Hannah Wilson
'Hannah Wilson' 16 hours ago
2----> 1:33 3----> 2:33 4----> 3:36 5----> 4:36 6----> 6:00 7----> 7:37 8----> 9:04
Aditya XYZ
'Aditya XYZ' 2 days ago
Man was sexy
sarthak bag
'sarthak bag' 5 days ago
Mostafa Kamal Raz Vines
You watch and share to your Best friends.💜
Federico Leoni
'Federico Leoni' 7 days ago
man the music!! it's soo boring, keeps looping
จักรพงศ์ หนูเอียด
Curtis Mclaughlin
'Curtis Mclaughlin' 1 week ago
Adding strawberry jelly into a watermelon kind of defeats the purpose don't you think? :/
Net Grid
'Net Grid' 2 weeks ago
The trick at 5.03 was shown in national geography in street genius
'DZ HACKER MASTER' 2 weeks ago
100000000000% fake
Sejalsharma Sejalsharma
I love your all amazing experiment
InstallSheild Wizard
Sajid Ansari
'Sajid Ansari' 2 weeks ago
wow no. 6
Rashmi Joshi Deshpande
Watermelon is awesome
Farid Otniel
'Farid Otniel' 2 weeks ago
Mentiroso lo as resubido sin audio de experimentos caseros psdt si no saben español traduscanlo
Mariana Gómez
'Mariana Gómez' 2 weeks ago
Te lo capieste de los expcaseros
Hamza Ijaz
'Hamza Ijaz' 3 weeks ago
1st and some of the others are not science experiment but these are amazing
ShadowMaster 45
'ShadowMaster 45' 3 weeks ago
6:11 thats a teaspoon??
ShadowMaster 45
'ShadowMaster 45' 3 weeks ago
at 1:11 you can see the tooth pick lol
Star of Bengal
'Star of Bengal' 3 weeks ago
2nd you can do it with water and vinegar
m vivek
'm vivek' 3 weeks ago
Superrrrrrrrr mind blowing amazing
Smiley Face
'Smiley Face' 3 weeks ago
This is not a video about scientific experiments. CLICK BAIT!!!!!
Ashok Patil
'Ashok Patil' 3 weeks ago
I can use any substance
'Yasemin' 3 weeks ago
eyüp lcjg8ıfofıbnjfknjvjmvj fj
Neha Tiwari
'Neha Tiwari' 3 weeks ago
Woooooooo amazing hit like
Harshit Gupta
'Harshit Gupta' 3 weeks ago
Nice bro
Kenji Flores
'Kenji Flores' 3 weeks ago
cool experements
بنوته كيوته وتحب التوتۃ
اشعركو بقناتي بليز وشكرا حبايبي ١١
Purushottam Dhadke
'Purushottam Dhadke' 3 weeks ago
Music's annoying but videos good
Soggy Noodle
'Soggy Noodle' 3 weeks ago
It looks like good goo, but I think it will stick to your hands and no come off unless you wash it off. And it looks like it will get everywhere 😕
Soggy Noodle
'Soggy Noodle' 3 weeks ago
I seriously thought that someone just edited a cube inside their hands😆
Lee Hamilton
'Lee Hamilton' 3 weeks ago
the same song, over an over and over
Remus Ang
'Remus Ang' 4 weeks ago
Hi I think the music is very annoying but the part of beer volcano looks like a big poop
ABHIJITH sasikumar
'ABHIJITH sasikumar' 4 weeks ago
OH THE WATERMELON WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Planttation ,
'Planttation ,' 4 weeks ago
ten what!
Sherlyn Castañeda
'Sherlyn Castañeda' 4 weeks ago
I saw the pointie stick
Blessing Manyatshe
'Blessing Manyatshe' 4 weeks ago
Purple turd?
killercode 444
'killercode 444' 4 weeks ago
Number 7 is just dumb
Darth Maul
'Darth Maul' 4 weeks ago
Gummy watermelon.... SCIENCE!
Megan Zhao
'Megan Zhao' 4 weeks ago
Will the ultraviolet egg rot??
World of tanks geek 123 Geeks
The first one is fake paper is not shiny
Martinez Twins
'Martinez Twins' 4 weeks ago
none og these worked for me i did everything they told me
Anime Art Sasson
'Anime Art Sasson' 4 weeks ago
'KAMAL BORO' 4 weeks ago
The first one was not experiment
Rounak Sonkar
'Rounak Sonkar' 4 weeks ago
The water melon was really amazing
Tobis verden
'Tobis verden' 1 month ago
Videolani Dodasi
'Videolani Dodasi' 1 month ago
Lincoln Nepal
'Lincoln Nepal' 1 month ago
we can eat that watermelon or not
Papu Gurumayum
'Papu Gurumayum' 1 month ago
Beverly Caesar
'Beverly Caesar' 1 month ago
Ah can someone tell me how to make a comment
Nur Hossain
'Nur Hossain' 1 month ago
I feel like touching number 6
Bholaram Choudhry
'Bholaram Choudhry' 1 month ago
Sumarmi Munir
'Sumarmi Munir' 1 month ago
!, kue pukes ena
Sheba Nongrum
'Sheba Nongrum' 1 month ago
i like egg one
Azad muhammed
'Azad muhammed' 1 month ago
The watermelon and egg was amazing
Ferhat !!!
'Ferhat !!!' 1 month ago
the stick was visible at 0:11
Kids Device
'Kids Device' 1 month ago
In the video the stick can be seen
Krishna The guru
'Krishna The guru' 1 month ago
Shitty experiments, useless
Samrudhi Patil
'Samrudhi Patil' 1 month ago
I will slap you Shawn butllet
Aido Keego
'Aido Keego' 1 month ago
Aisha Khodadeen
'Aisha Khodadeen' 1 month ago
He was taking photo like asholes
Mukesh Agrwal
'Mukesh Agrwal' 1 month ago
That was boild egg?
rashmi singh
'rashmi singh' 1 month ago
What if we put food coloring on the experiment no 6? If right so yellow and orange! It will be a volcano eruption !!!!!!!!!😂😝😝😝😝😝😎my great idea. I am genius 😎😜
Sameer Gupta
'Sameer Gupta' 1 month ago
I have done all these are fuck and chutiya panti
Nayab Jahan
'Nayab Jahan' 1 month ago
Yes abitha sree
Nayab Jahan
'Nayab Jahan' 1 month ago
Yes abhitha sree
Nayab Jahan
'Nayab Jahan' 1 month ago
Yes abhitaa sree
Nayab Jahan
'Nayab Jahan' 1 month ago
Nayab Jahan
'Nayab Jahan' 1 month ago
Kriti Raman
'Kriti Raman' 2 months ago
Wow....The potassium permanganate one is the best and awesome too....
Deepak Wankhade
'Deepak Wankhade' 2 months ago
Ok 🐯
Vidhi S Gupta
'Vidhi S Gupta' 2 months ago
Rajesh Randive
'Rajesh Randive' 2 months ago
Karthika V S
'Karthika V S' 2 months ago
wow amazing
Monalisha Tikhak
'Monalisha Tikhak' 2 months ago
that watermelon is becoming jelly that is so satisfying 💆💆
Laxminarayan Swamy
'Laxminarayan Swamy' 2 months ago
how d balloons get inflated
Sumaiya Jamal
'Sumaiya Jamal' 2 months ago
What is this 4th experiment?
'SUKANYA MATAKAR' 2 months ago
the 6st one was like a pov💩
özlem çiçek
'özlem çiçek' 2 months ago
bhoopendra singh
'bhoopendra singh' 2 months ago
You are Indian
Alina Qureshi
'Alina Qureshi' 2 months ago
The watermelon is very amazing nice l will try this
Karguvel Raja
'Karguvel Raja' 2 months ago
Mahajan Harish
'Mahajan Harish' 2 months ago
Not not not amazing
Yolanda Block
'Yolanda Block' 2 months ago
suhdi ajjach
'suhdi ajjach' 2 months ago
suhdi ajjach
'suhdi ajjach' 2 months ago
kalau diparani ku hajar dan ku nanti kaburrrrr di bokong silet mambuuuuu
suhdi ajjach
'suhdi ajjach' 2 months ago
no meazing and no like videos soalnya raine keleng wdussss mbeeekkkkk
suhdi ajjach
'suhdi ajjach' 2 months ago
ini video palsu yang orangnya gak jelas joget di tengah jalan kayak anto keweeeeeeeerrrrrr
Leja Horvat
'Leja Horvat' 3 months ago
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Leja Horvat
'Leja Horvat' 3 months ago
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Afreena Afreena
'Afreena Afreena' 3 months ago
wooow superb
Eni Lusi EKLA
'Eni Lusi EKLA' 4 months ago
W.D Gaster
'W.D Gaster' 4 months ago
Bruh how can making jelly in a watermelon be a science experiment your just making food that’s all
Teresa Stubbs
'Teresa Stubbs' 4 months ago
What thee hell Did you see that the bottle erupted that goo
Teresa Stubbs
'Teresa Stubbs' 4 months ago
Watermelon was my favorite
Teresa Stubbs
'Teresa Stubbs' 4 months ago
It was like he Ate slime but a soda Slime
Jon Phai
'Jon Phai' 4 months ago
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