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Published: 6 years ago By: Kapil Joshi

By: Kapil JoshiPublished: 6 years ago

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This Documentary movie got first prize in Documentary movie making competition in session 2010-2011organized in Sophia Convent School, Kalka. Abhishek Bindal, Rahul Vashisht, Rajat Gupta & Sahil Verma have done a wonderful work to complete this movie making project. Basic Software used in this project is Windows movie maker. These students made me very proud.

Gaurav Deora
'Gaurav Deora' 3 weeks ago
You need to watch this
'UnoobableGaming' 2 months ago
I won in 4th place in my fight last week my next fight is in nov wish me luck!!
'UnoobableGaming' 2 months ago
I'm a journalist and my category is Sci -tech it means Science and Technology and
'UnoobableGaming' 2 months ago
really helped me thank you and I subed
mehran haider
'mehran haider' 4 months ago
this shows this is 2017
Jameel Ahmad
'Jameel Ahmad' 6 months ago
sam chan
'sam chan' 2 years ago
I'm sure it's Neil Armstrong.. and not Niel Armstrong.
Ishaan Poddar
'Ishaan Poddar' 4 years ago
can u tell me wich software u used
sahil verma
'sahil verma' 4 years ago
thnk u sir!!!!!!!!1 good work team!!!!!!!!
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